Why Some Personal Lubricants Aren’t Fertility Friendly


Sex Lubricants & Fertility, Key Facts You Must Know By Dr C

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Pre-Seed personal lubricant fertility-friendly

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Does lubricant affect chances of pregnancy?

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What lubricant should I use when I’m trying to conceive? | Natural Lubricants for Fertility

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Pre-Seed was the least harmful to sperm, with only a small (but still significant) decrease in sperm movement. KY lubricants were the most harmful to sperm movement, with KY Tingling reducing sperm movement to almost nothing after 60 minutes. Astroglide. Most of the general lubricants are not friendly with the vaginal natural-lube—that’ how the regular lube is killing the sperms always when it contacts with vaginal fluids. If the spermicide continues, the women can be lost their pregnancy.

In this instance, the pregnancy-friendly lube can ensure the maximum safety for fertilizing the sperms. To avoid this, couples can use lubricants. If you do use a lubricant while trying to become pregnant, choose one that’s been shown in studies to be safe and sperm-friendly, because some types can affect the sperm’s quality. These are usually labelled ‘fertility friendly’ lubricants and can be safely used when trying to conceive.

Some lubricants can damage sperm because they are not of the right pH or are not isotonic, which means they can dehydrate sperm and stop them from swimming properly. They may also contain. Unfortunately, the sorts of lube used to enhance a couple’s sex life are not conducive to conception. These personal products found in the drug store often contain a pH balance and consistency that does not support conception.

Many couples who are facing infertility need to use lubricants. One reason, the stress of having sexual intercourse on a “schedule” can lower sexual desire, which in turn can lead to a woman’s body producing less natural lubricant. Also, some fertility drugs can interfere with natural lubrication. Standard lubricants have a pH of between 4 and 5.5, which is overly acidic for the sperm to survive and perform.

On the other hand, lubes specifically designed for couples trying to conceive have an alkaline pH, which is sperm and fertility friendly. Always read the ingredients of lubricants before buying. Note that many “fertility lubricants” contain parabens, which have been linked to endocrine disruption. Dr.

What’s the deal with Lube and fertility friendly lube? Most lubricants make it more difficult for couples to become pregnant. These commercially available lubricants are often too acidic and can damage the sperm. This makes trying to conceive. However, it is important to know that lubricant should not be used as a form of contraception.

Using lubricants that were not designed for fertility can mean you’re hurting your chances of conceiving naturally. Some popular retail lubes can significantly disrupt sperm motility and vitality, leaving sperm immobile or killing off a majority of sperm cells after exposure to the lube.

List of related literature:

Take 2 capsules each of DIM and 13C or 150 mg daily for several months before you and your partner begin trying to conceive.

“Brighton Baby: a Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child: The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception” by Roy Dittmann
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Infertile couples should both take supplemental vitamin E and a high-potency multivitamin for several months before trying to conceive.

“User's Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Jack Challem
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We recommend that all women take 400 micrograms of folic acid before trying to conceive, and 600 to

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Even if you’re eating plenty of foods high in folic acid, it’s still recommended that you take a pregnancy supplement containing 400 mcg of the vitamin, preferably beginning two months before you try to conceive.

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• To increase chances of conception, have intercourse every other day starting a few days before ovulation.

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I figured that monitoring these two signs of ovulation could help me discover the best time to conceive.

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For more information on vitamin supplements while you’re trying to conceive, see page 60.

“What to Expect: Before You're Expecting” by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
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Thus we recommend couples trying for a baby should plan to be active together every other day starting about 6 days before ovulation is expected (cycle day 8) until 2 to 3 days after ovulation has happened (cycle day 18).

“Conn's Current Therapy 2010 E-Book: Expert Consult” by Edward T. Bope, Robert E. Rakel, Rick D. Kellerman
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All couples being managed expectantly, as well as those seeking preconception counseling before attempting to conceive, should be educated about the timing of ovulation and the fertile period from 5 days before ovulation to the day of ovulation (see later discussion).

Why Some Personal Lubricants Aren't Fertility Friendly
from Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of the Adult Patient
by Allan H. Goroll, Albert G. Mulley
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Why Some Personal Lubricants Aren't Fertility Friendly

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    I followed the method for 3 months and finally got pregnant.

  • Excellent sir. Recently my wife use lax 2% gel. But the pregnency got affected. it became molar/pearl pregnency. I suspected it might be happened due to lubricant ����

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  • I just got some. I’m praying it works. I just went through a miscarriage with my first after trying for YEARS and being convinced I couldn’t have babies. ��

  • Really didn’t think this would work for me, and maybe it was just chancebut I am 33, was TTC for 11 months and used this 2 times during my fertile window followed by holding it in with a menstrual cup for a few hours.. NOT SEXY but I am 3 weeks and 4 days pregnant! Please don’t expect it to magically work if you aren’t tracking your cycles. It will give a boost though for sperm! I used the app GLO to track my cycles as well as OPKs from amazon. Best of luck and don’t give up loves!!! ����

  • The main thing I have against this product is that it is quite expensive for the little amount the tube contains. For those of us with irregular periods (I’m talking up to 3-5 months without periods), we can’t target our TTC effort toward the unknown ovulation time, and it’s hard on the bank to buy one of these every couple of weeks.

  • been trying for months and months but heard about this, this month and I wanted to give it a try cause I seen a lot of positives.. bought it yesterday.. & I’m Currently in my fertile week!! Baby danced yesterday and planning on baby dancing up until my ovulation and a day after �� wish me luck!!

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  • I had a miscarriage 2016 and haven’t been able to get pregnant thank u for the information I will be buying this tomorrow and see how it goes I want a family so bad me and my man

  • Been trying for 5 years �� I am now taking prenatals and I ordered storks tea. I definitely will be trying pre-seed now! Thanks for the video ‼️��

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  • I just bought this stuff A week ago I hope and pray it works I been trying to get pregnant and nothing is work hopefully this will works for me

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  • Me and my husband used pre seed about 2 days ago right off my period and baby danced the following 3 days and I will be ovulating next week and plan on using this again wish me baby dust ��

  • I’m prone to yeast infections and use coconut oil daily as a preventative measure which is really useful and haven’t had an infection in 3 months. I’ve found recently it’s a hit and miss if I have ewcm. How would I use coconut oil to replace the ewcm? I guess I’d need an applicator or some sort?

  • Used this for the first time today, then found your video after. It wasn’t any trouble or interruption getting it inserted before intercourse-it recommends doing it before or right before then lying down on your back. I won’t know for sure if this alone works, since tomorrow i I would be getting a trigger shot for ovulation �� but it seems to be a great tool for many, especially high acidic bodies, like mine, and those TTC, like us for two years ��

  • Used pre-seed for the first time Tuesday night. Used about 1 to 2g. No issues but maybe a little too much. No issues Wednesday but today this afternoon I’m having burning pain when I urinate. Anyone experience this after using pre-seed??