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There is no definitive time or age to have a baby. Everyone is different. Some people feel psychologically well-prepared to have a baby in their early 20s, while others do not. The best age to have a baby, according to ob-gyns.

Your twenties may be the best age for you to have a baby. Women are most fertile and have the best chance of getting pregnant in their 20s. This is the time when you have the highest number of good quality eggs available and your pregnancy risks are.

In fact, the best age to have a baby will differ from person to person. Biologically, you are most fertile in your 20s and 30s, and it will be much harder to have babies at 40 or older. But you also need to be emotionally, mentally, and financially prepared to take on the challenge of becoming a parent. Based on the data, the biological ideal age to have a baby is in your early 20s, and no later than 40. Of course, having a baby after age 40 can be done, as Halle Berry showed us when she gave birth at age 47.

Just know the chances of complications are much higher, as are the chances of spending tens of thousands of dollars with no success. “According to all of the epidemiological data we have, there is a sort of sweet spot between your early 20s and age 34,” notes Eastabrook, who is also an assistant professor at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University. The problems with waiting till after 35.

While having a first baby at age 34 might be fine, this other study suggests, what’s even more fine is to have a last baby before age 35. In your 20s, the stats are on your side. As a healthy, fertile woman in your mid 20s, you have about a 33 percent chance of getting pregnant each cycle if you have sex a day or two before ovulation.

At age 30, your chance is about 20 percent each cycle. Experts say the best time to get pregnant is between your late 20s and early 30s. This age range is associated with the best outcomes for both you.

“Studies have suggested that intervals shorter than 18 months are associated with increased risk to the infant—including preterm birth, low birth weight, small size for their gestational age, and.

List of related literature:

The perfect age for conceiving a child, for giving birth…

“Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible: Flawed Women Loved by a Flawless God” by Liz Curtis Higgs
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Although they become sexually active and marry at about the same age as menarche or even before, Hadza women give birth for the first time at age 19 on average; researchers usually attribute this gap to “adolescent subfecundity,” a period when young women are less than fully fertile.

“The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause” by Susan Mattern
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The best age for pregnancy and undue pressures.

“Dimensions of Human Behavior: The Changing Life Course” by Elizabeth D. Hutchison
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Assuming that females begin to ovulate at about age 15 and menopause can occur in the late 30s and early 40s, females are capable of having children for only about 35 percent of their lives.

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Babies born to mothers over thirty-five now outnumber those born to teen moms, and the average age for first-time motherhood is twenty-five, with about one-third of first-time moms over thirty.

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First-time mothers older than 35 years of age select the “right time” for pregnancy; this time is influenced by their awareness of the increasing possibility of infertility or of genetic defects in infants of older women.

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A healthy pregnancy THE RIGHT AGE TO BE PREGNANT There is no ‘right age’ for a woman to be pregnant, although there are some physical factors involved.

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Alternatively, some women age 35 years or older may wish to seek infertility care after only 6 months of failing to become pregnant because fertility wanes with increasing age.

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The optimum age for women to bear children is between 20 and 35 years of age, according to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG2011); this partly reflects the steep decline in women’s ability to produce offspring, observed after age 35 (Menken et al. 1986; see Figure 5.15).

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Whilst able to conceive much earlier, women typically avoid the risks (to both mother and child) associated with teenage pregnancy (Jolly et al., 2000; Chen et al., 2008) by giving birth to a first child in their mid to late 20s.

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  • mam meri frst delivry UTI ki wjah se khrab ho gyi thi…mera 9th mnth tha…to 2nd delivry tym to aisa kuch hone k chances nhi hai na…plz tell me…mujhe dobara cnceive krne se dar lgne lgga hai

  • Mem iam iam 32 my husband is 41 2016 I merred but problem is I hv fids & olso I hv medicine from 20 years iam teking my tablets I conceive with doctor olso but my Neuro linguistic Dr sed I hv teke my medicine long life but mem I trying from long time for bby but no results plz reply me there is any problem from my medicine bt I can’t stop my medicine oftr I will fall down

  • I feel its important for people to have their own mind! Don’t look for society approval to tell you when you should have your own child.. So many ppl are afraid to have children in there 20s because we are programmed to think we are going to fail and struggle in life, the truth is you will never not struggle or fail because it is apart of life and apart of GROWTH, so learn to listen to your own intuition not others! ����

  • If I have 10 dogs and I only have enough food to feed 10 dogs should I get an 11th dog obviously not why don’t we focus on feeding the people that are already here instead of creating more people

  • Never. Adopt and stop gambling with innocent kids life to fill YOUR selfish wants.
    Dont forget to tell your kids that one day they’ll have to be buried or cremated cuz they dont have a choice.

  • I wanna have a kid in my 30s cause its sad to see your child have autism or any other things and i think when ur 30 ur more mature and ye thats for me yall do u

  • I love this women’s views and how she’s real about how she feels. I definitely relate im 29 and almost 28 weeks pregnant. Still I don’t feel ready I can’t imagine how it feels to be 15 and pregnant tho

  • The truth is birthing a baby into the American system is birthing a baby into corporate control and corruption, predation and bullyism. Be smart, don’t reproduce.

  • ASAPSCI: “Even among young men in the western world, sperm counts have dropped over 50% in the last 40 years.”

    Me: “oh shit!”

    ASAPSCI: (on the whiteboard) “oh shit!”

  • Here’s everyone in the comments who have parents who either conceived them really young or really old and how they turned out just fine, and my mom was literally just like the more normal age to have a kid (29 when she got pregnant, 30 when she gave birth) and my dad was 34.

  • Get married young and have your kids young.

    This modern culture is causing our birth rates to decline and leaving a lot of women alone and infertile.

  • ha my parents were in their 20s when they had their kids and i have schizophrenia and my brother had cancer

    also my aunt and uncle had their kids when they were in their 20s and one child has autism and the other has down syndrome

    the statistics on older parents more likely to have children with illnesses/learning difficulties/defects is bullshit

  • I want to be a dad by the age of 25 currently 22

    I pray to god to be blessed with a healthy baby:’)
    Being a dad with the love of your life is the most amazing gift god gave us all♥️

  • Still, no one wants to have kids when you cant financially support your children. The best time is usually in the 30s. I dont want to still paying for my mortgage after i turn 60.

  • this documentary is one of my favourite videos to watch, I have seen it so many times and I love the documentary presenter and I think its really interesting. ��

  • Stop overthinking. Does it feel right? If yes, take a good look at your living and relationship situation. Then decide. But if you want kids stop waiting until you are 30. It is stupid. There is no perfect timing, it will not simply be perfect just because you have a job, a car, an education, a beautiful home, bla bla bla. Poor families can also be great, while rich families also can be horrible… If you want a kid, go make one. And get your shit together before the babie comes. You have 9 months to get ready in.:)

  • Having kids is definitely not for everybody and neither is marriage. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have get married and have kids? Hell no. Just because you’re friends and family members got married, that doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing. It’s like someone saying if they jump off a bridge would you do it too. I say live you’re life free and the way you want to and not by what others think or say about it. Getting married and having kids is the peer pressure of adulthood.

  • And… no definite answer given for any of the factors. If you want a better answer: in terms of the baby’s health, the best is for the mother to be 26. But also, the older the mother the better for her, and I read that at 30+ years is when the child has higher odds of being intelligent. So I’d say late 20s to early 30s is the best age.

  • No cuz im now 17 and 6 months and 6 days pregnant and its not that bad for me like just a couple more months till birth im not scard but i am scard….just stay strong all the pregnant teens out there!!!!!!

  • Why would people call and harass a pregnant teenager and not the boy? They were trying to be responsible, it’s not their fault the condom broke. And then the boy tries to utterly dodge responsibility, and people go after the girl? They’re shaming the wrong person.

  • First she said, that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen

    Two seconds later that is the most nuttiest thing I have ever seen.


  • @ 4:14 wow the bill and Melinda gates foundation funded this video??

    Let’s not forget bill gates supports depopulation!! He doesn’t want you or anyone else to make babies!!!

    He prefers to poison us all with his funding of vaccines… even tho he has no health qualifications at all!

  • The most common cause of a c-section is inducing labor. If the woman’s uterus is not ready, it won’t go into labor just because you or the doc want it to!…yet I’ve given birth to late babies twice one was 6 days late and one was 10 days late, and the babies were fine! Doctors need to calm down! It really has to do with a woman’s cycle: if she has a 35 day cycle, for example, her babies will be “late”, whereas if she has a 28 day cycle, they’ll be just about on time. If her cycle is usually less than 28 days, the baby will be “early”.

  • I absolutely relate to laura. My mother was 42 when finding out she was pregnant with me and she also thought whatever happens happens. It was her last chance of having a child before never being able to and honestly, she said it’s a thousand times scarier when you’re older especially as my father was a bit older than her. The child could die at any moment.

    But what I must say to Laura is that my mum faced the same problems when I was like 5 all the kids would ask whether she was my grandma. But I would shrug it off. It doesn’t bother me. I think I’m gifted by having older parents because they are more experienced in this complex world and they understand all your worries and needs a lot more.

  • My mom had my siblings when she was 20-23 and then me when she was 43, I was actually going to have a fraternal twin but my mom unfortunately lost him, she says it was easier having and raising me than my siblings because she was in a better state of mind, better place, had more patience and was more mature, and it also helped that she looks younger than she is in age, but I think everyone has different, valid opinions in timing

  • my mom had me at 40 and I’ve never heard of there being a higher risk of downsyndrome with a child the older you are that quite surprised me tbh and my mom gave birth to me at 42 weeks I never knew any of that stuff about the risks to the child and mom at that age that kinda shocked me tbh

  • It’s sad the career mom felt like a baby machine and that she wouldn’t be good anymore after 4/5 years they don’t even want a kid they legit plan to give the baby to a nanny

  • I cried through this whole video, by the end I was balling. I married my high school sweetheart at 22. 8 months later at 23 I found out I’m pregnant. I’ll be 24 when I give birth and I don’t think there’s a more perfect time in my life, personally, to be a mom. I can hardly wait for my baby to come! I’m not far enough along to find out if it’s a boy or girl and it’s driving me up the crazy! I can’t imagine waiting till birth.

  • my parents got married 2 years after they finished high school on there wedding day they bonked and my perents met in middle school

  • IMO you’re ready when you can pay for the child yourself….without having to rely on the government or family for housing or money…..20 a month….what a joke!!!!

  • Having a baby when I finished university and my husband had a stable career, not to mention a retired mother who was happy to live with us and help out in the first few weeks made it “the right time”. I honestly don’t know how people have a baby while still in university and not having family around to help.

  • i would like to see this a part 2 to this… when is the right time to have your last child…. and how many for each mama is her prefect number lol…. and show all the different types of families… and unplanned last ones etc….

  • Honestly the whole cat speech made me feel a lot better about me getting pregnant when I’m older. That is, if I don’t have horrible health problems and end up needing a hysterectomy. My family has a history of horrible health problems. I can always adopt though!!

  • In my opinion I think at 28:33 and beyond that point should be censored, not bc I think anything is wrong with it i personally wouldn’t have shown the women’s breast like it was nothing. And there could be ppl out there sexualizing birth so I think for those reasons they should be censored. But if any of y’all come at me for saying that then idk what ur doing bc I’m speaking my opinion, I’m not saying anything wrong, Ppl might disagree but I don’t bc it’s MY OPINION. So leave me alone and worry about ur self.

  • Sophia is so pretty and I am waiting until marriage to make love too �� I respect Mothers so much. You all went through unimaginable pain for your sons and daughters. I salute you all! ��������

  • Hahaha I wish I had mine at 12 or 13 that would have been nice. Nooo I had to have my time of the month at the age of 9 almost 10 years old

  • The main thing with the cat birth is that they have a higher pelvis to body ratio than humans because of the whole 4 legs thing, so it’s usually easier for them

  • 20 a month and a tin of milk shows just how stupid she is and it will be another kid brought up by hand outs by the government, but at least she will get a flat out of it

  • At age 30 I’d hope to own my own place and be able to afford essentials, that doesn’t seem very attainable in this economy though.

  • Well I’m living with my bf. We are working, he said he don’t want children because they make noise. Truth is he don’t want me to have his baby…. So I guess I’ll wait for another boyfriend��

  • is it OK to have kids at 18 years?… I’m in a serious relationship but we havent had sex cos im scared to remain pregnant even if we could use condoms to prevent…

  • There’s a lot of discussion here about when it’s the right time to have children, only taking into account the woman. I’m turning 24, but I don’t just ask myself “am I ready? Am I financially secure? Am I responsible enough?” because the answer to those questions for ME is “Yes” or “Almost,” but when I ask myself the same questions about my significant other, the answer is a resounding “NO.” People forget that childrearing is a mutual act, and both partners need to be on the sane level. No offense to my boyfriend, but he’s not “daddy” material as it stands currently.

  • I’m 3yrs old i had my first child at 19 i married my high school, college sweetheart. My husband and i was rooted in the church so yes that makes a difference. We brought our first home at 20. by 23 i had three wonderful kids and was a stay/work from home school going mom. I’m grateful I had them young because I was full of energy for park time and play dates. Growing up in Chicago I had no where near the life my kids had considering my husband and I mom’s had us at 16. But did a great job raising us. As I said I am 38yrs old been married 19yrs In my second home my 20 yr old son is in his 2nd year of college full scholarship deans list… straight A student. My oldest daughter in her senior yr of high school with offers already to become a veterinarian. My youngest is very smart and can’t wait her turn. My husband and I….yes still young now gets to travel when ever we want. So I say if your married do it before 25. If not married wait to many single mom’s struggle at young ages vs older settled ages…I love this topic ladies and good luck to you guys. And demographics has nothing to do with it. As I stated our parents had us young..struggled and didn’t have much but we were just fine. But I don’t suggest 16. I say be married and financially secure

  • I had my first biological child at 21 and my second at 43. So I can see if from a much different perspective. I did my traveling when I was in my early to mid 20’s so I could get it out of the way. I figured I would rather be able to travel and have energy rather than be older have more money and be more tired. I am very glad I made that choice. I see now I have a lot more patience than I did when I was 21 and even though 43 is a bit late and OMG I get so tired some times. I have things to offer my child that a younger person would not have to offer. On the other hand, I also had things to offer my older child that I either do not have to offer now or I am too tired to do them most of the time. Neither of my pregnancies were planned actually my youngest child was a complete shock and should never have even been possible. Things happen for a reason and you just go with the flow and in the end it will all work out.