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Ovarian reserve tests can help your doctor determine if you’re likely to respond poorly or better than expected, relative to other women your age. Ovarian reserve testing is done for two primary reasons: diagnosis of the cause for infertility and insight into how your ovaries may respond to. Several tests are used routinely as indirect measures of ovarian reserve, but these tests do not tell us the actual quantity of eggs available. Some common tests that your doctor may order include baseline follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and estradiol levels, anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), and antral follicle counts.

Ovarian reserve testing can’t tell us the chances of getting pregnant right now (or this month) and hormones are one part of fertility. Modern Fertility is focused on helping women understand all of these factors including what ovarian reserve can and cannot help us understand. What ovarian reserve testing can tell us. On the other hand, ovarian reserve testing does have some important uses in fertility medicine.

These tests can tell us when a woman is getting close to menopause; a sustained high level of FSH in the blood or urine, along with a lack of a period, is often used to confirm menopause, and AMH levels are strongly tied to time until menopause. Are ovarian reserve tests actually good predictors of fertility? While AMH tests, like the one I took, are considered the most accurate indicator of ovarian reserve, Dr. Klein points out that they.

Ovarian reserve testing indicates the amount of eggs you have remaining in your ovaries for pregnancy – known as your ovarian reserve. We assess your ovarian reserve by measuring the amount of Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) in your blood. AMH is a substance produced by the follicles – egg sacs which contain all your immature eggs.

However, ovarian reserve tests can assess egg quantity to help predict ovarian response to stimulation (if you decide egg freezing or in vitro fertilization are right for you). It can also indicate conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which may affect your ability. Ovarian reserve tests fail to predict fertility, NIH-funded study suggests Hormones linked to onset of menopause not associated with chances of conception. Tests that estimate ovarian reserve, or the number of a woman’s remaining eggs, before menopause, do not appear to predict short-term chances of conception, according to a National Institutes of Health-funded study of women with no. A woman’s ovarian reserve refers to a woman’s present supply of eggs and this form of testing can evaluate the quality and quantity of eggs a woman currently has in her body.

Ovarian reserve testing at Palm Beach Fertility Center tells us a lot about future fertility and help us to explain your options to you. The term “ovarian reserve” refers to the number and quality of your eggs, also known as oocytes. If you have diminished ovarian reserve, this means that the number and quality of your eggs is lower.

List of related literature:

Ovarian function tests include those to document normal ovulation and those to assess ovarian reserve.

“Women and Health” by Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode
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More sensitive indices such as levels of ovarian hormones, the frequency of ovulation, the size of the follicle before ovulation, and the thickness of the uterine lining show variation with age parallel to age variation in natural fertility (Ellison 1996).

“Human Biology: An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective” by Sara Stinson, Barry Bogin, Dennis H. O'Rourke
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Whereas the results of ovarian reserve testing may vary between cycles, particularly in older women with higher FSH concentrations,” the response to gonadotropin stimulation generally does not.

“Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility” by Leon Speroff, Marc A. Fritz
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Other tests, such as antral follicle counts and day 3 follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels, are also used to estimate the likelihood that a woman will become pregnant.

“Making Parents: The Ontological Choreography of Reproductive Technologies” by Charis Thompson
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An assessment of the ovarian capacity for fertility can be accomplished with some simple tests.

“Encyclopedia of Women's Health” by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
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It predicts ovarian response to FSH stimulation (20).

“Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Techniques Fourth Edition: Volume 2: Clinical Perspectives” by David K. Gardner, Ariel Weissman, Colin M Howles, Zeev Shoham
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Low AFC on days 2 and 3 of the menstrual cycle has a high specificity for predicting low ovarian reserve.111 Early follicular phase FSH is one of the most well-known tests in determining ovarian reserve.

“Abeloff's Clinical Oncology E-Book” by John E. Niederhuber, James O. Armitage, James H Doroshow, Michael B. Kastan, Joel E. Tepper
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The primary tests for the evaluation of ovulatory factor infertility involve looking for evidence of ovulation by tracking the menstrual cycle, measuring the basal body temperature (Fig. 24-1), monitoring the cervical mucus, and measuring the mid-luteal progesterone (days 21 to 23).

“Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology” by Tamara L. Callahan, Aaron B. Caughey
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The diagnosis of PCOS is confirmed from the constellation of oligoovulation or anovulation, androgen excess (clinically or with biochemical confirmation), and typical ovarian morphology on ultrasound.

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The AFC can be quantified by transvaginal ultrasound to assess ovarian reserve but is not useful in determining oocyte quality or predicting pregnancy outcomes with IVF.12 The granulosa cells of ovarian antral follicles produce AMH, and serum levels are a surrogate for the number of developing ovarian

“Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine Cloth” by Robert C. Bast, Jr., Carlo M. Croce, William N. Hait, Waun Ki Hong, Donald W. Kufe, Martine Piccart-Gebart, Raphael E. Pollock, Ralph R. Weichselbaum, Hongyang Wang, James F. Holland
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  • Struggling to conceive 2nd time around, my son is almost two.
    Im lighter by a stone this time and my husband is about a stone heavier (he was very underweight) we eat organic meat now aswell.
    I think I’m going to start tracking my fertility. I don’t want to come across spoilt but it’s a real Shock to the system, because first time we fell pregnant straight away.

  • I’m 47 AMH was 2.86 and I don’t have PCOS. I have 7 children and 10 pregnancies. My last pregnancy ended on 12/11/2019 at 12 weeks subchorionic hemorrhage. I saw my dr yesterday he reiterated I am a fertile older mom and spontaneous pregnancies are definitely a strong possibility. Women in my family have had babies in their late 40’s forever I didn’t know it was a rare occurrence until I began to have losses. My last 4 babies were delivered at 37, 38 and 41.

  • Doctor my age is 34 and in 2017 I was diagnosed with pcod and with healthy diet it stabled. But in 2019 I was diagnosed with low amh 0.08, and I don’t know how could this happen?
    Could you please tell me is that possible? And what could be the reason?
    I have hypothyroidism and taking 50 mcg.
    What are the ways to find out the root cause? Please help me.

  • I am 39 yrs old my amh 0.8, fsh 8.7, estradiol 27 day 4 of my cycle. I have 4 children. Do you think I could get pregnant again naturally?

  • I wish you could change the name of your channel to “Fertility Channel” instead, since you are telling us about improving our fertility

  • My doctor just called me today to confirm what I was suspecting was happening!! I told my mom and my best friend that I feel like the fibroids are disappearing! I can’t feel them anymore when I press around my lower abdominal area!! Today I confirmed that the scan from last week is showing that they have disappeared! The largest one was about 9 cm and that one is gone completely!! And that my uterus is almost all the way back to it’s natural size!! I have been praying for healing! At church during healing prayers I will take them by faith. I didn’t change my diet. I’ve just been living upright and obeying my doctor commands and herbs works with faith and believe!! I highly recommend Dr. Isah Johnson  true that you are a great man for a solution. To everyone trying to cure rid of fibroids. You can contact herbal cure today Dr. Isah Johnson on whatsapp {+2349065613964 } I am so happy today. or email. [email protected] gmail.com:he also has the cure to the following sickness:1. CANCER 2. HERPES 1 AND 2 3. HIV AIDS 4. FIBROID…..5. HPV

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  • Would you consider an AMH of 4.9 high like pcos high (fsh was 9?) Cycles seemingly getting longer though longest one was 32 days. Trying to figure out why I’m having a hard time getting pregnant. I had two miscarriages last year, and I have a healthy 4 yr old little girl whom I had no trouble conceiving. Thanks!

  • I’m new to this channel and I’m kind of alarmed by some of her claims. I just met with my fertility specialist for the first time and I was told that u can’t “improve the quantity” of eggs because when we are born we are born with all the eggs we will ever have…I come here and hear something entirely different. Can someone tell me what her qualifications are? I just don’t want to get my hopes up. My amh is only.01….

  • Hii dear
    First of all God bless you for all ur good work. U r like an angel.
    This is Riki from India.
    I m 31yrs now
    My AMH was 1.8 then & my husband’s(49yrs old) sperm DNA Fragmentation index was 63% for that reason doctor suggested us to go for IVF & we got positive result in the first test after that got negative. Then i was lost nd suffered from excessive depression. But after going through ur video i m very motivated now & can see some rays of hope. I tested my AMH yesterday. Its 1.62 now. Will you pls suggest me whether i should try naturally or go for IVF. Looking forward to your suggestion

  • I’m 43 and low ovarian reserve.. I used doterra capsules which has everything from coq10 to all the vitamins, pomegranate oils etc.. Its a miracle

  • Hello, hope you notice me. Suffered from high fsh and low amh.. period gone for a year �� doctor advised to get a donor egg.. is there any chance for my period to come back without taking synthetic meds? Thank you

  • I did a amh test in December it came out to be 0.02 very low.
    I have on vitamins D and co q10 along with Dhea since December.

    Just done another amh test and they was no numbers.
    Doe that means I have no eggs left������

  • Hi Fleur! I’m 39 and husband and I have been TTC for year and a half now. Recently had HSG and doc said my right tube is blocked and there is a small fibroid in uterine cavity. Also my period is becoming irregular with a shorter cycle and negative OPKs, please help. I’m so confused on what to do next and doc is encouraging a hysterectomy.

  • I had my AMH tested one month before my 30th birthday, 0.03. I was tested again after 1.5 years of dieting, prolonged fasting and a lot of supplements my result was 1.15. I did all on my own, with God’s help of course, but my doctor told me multiple times nothing could be done, the only solution is IVF. I still haven’t gotten my miracle, but my day will come. The whole experience with doctors has been very disheartening and disappointing.

  • I am 32 (nearly 33) my husband was very I’ll and nearly lost his life 12 years ago, after he had treatment he has now become nearly infertile. He has sperm, but low quality, volume and mobility. We were told we could have funded IVF but, now I have been told my AMH level is too low for the funded treatment.�� But, the level they want is 5.4 or above and my level is 2.3 but from research I have done I dont think that this is that low? We have been trying naturally for 7 years and I am devastated that we now may never get the chance to have children. Please help, thank you x

  • There are many factors in increasing fertility. One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the ThePregnancyFact. Com it’s the most helpful remedy i’ve heard of. Check out the interesting info

  • Another question, can my numbers be improved? What do you recommend?, also i wished i had a way to show you my charts! I am charting, and bbt. Is there anyway i can have you take a look at them? Thank you

  • I am 25 years old, my amh is 0.01 and my fsh is 39. Would you recommend trying naturally for a few more months since I made dietary changes and started acupuncture or do you think I am running out of time and need to go to ivf?

  • Me and wife we are at our mid 30`s and just gone through a series of test and her AMH value was 0.81, and the doc says it`s was considered as a LOW value, and he added that we might opt. for DONOR in IVF process in future, My wife was broken when she heard what the doc said, even me i was feeling low. but Thnx to ur video we do have a long way to go. Much love from IMPHAL, MANIPUR

  • Hi we have tried for over an year but My Boy friend is smoking and drinking a lot if Coca Cola maby that is why we can not get pregnant ��i dont smoke or drink alkohol i drink smoothies and eat some vitamines ��

  • Hi friends. I managed to get pregnant following this method: infertilityinwomen. com (Google it)
    It is a natural method that works.

  • Phil I really feel positive after listening to you. I am 41 i have been told i have low Amh. And no point of ivf. But I really want to conceive. I still ovulate and have menstrual cycles. Please can I contact you. Will there be help for me.

  • I have not yet seen anyone to give me an ideal amh for each age group, the info online is very confusing so i stopped looking up this info. Another confusing info, my amh is not too high and i ve pcos. How can egg quality be checked?

  • hello mam, i’m renee and i’m having pcos. recently i have taken the AMH test and it has shown higher value around 10 is there any chance to lower it to get back to optimal range naturally.

  • Thank you so much for this film�� I received results of amh yesterday and I got depressed. My result wt 34 is 1.54 ng/ml… but I did the test on the 22dc. Will do it once again surfing folicular phase��…is 1.54 a very low resault?

  • Hi doctor i m 27 years old
    And my amh is 1.98,prolactin17.89,
    My vitamin D3 is also low.
    What should i do??
    I want to conceive asap

  • My AMH is low very low iam 28 yrs old and my number is 0.22, can this be hard to conceive. Iam also 5ft and weigh 153 can weight be a factor

  • Hi Fleur, thank you for this wonderful video. I am 34 years old. 1.5 years ago (at age 32), my amh was very high at 4.9 ng/ml. I had it rechecked a week ago and it is 2.08 ng/ml. I am devastated and panicking. Does this mean I will enter menopause early? Is there any way it could be inaccurate? I took two morning after pills two months ago, could that still be effecting things? I am so scared. I am single and not ready to have a baby right now but terrified I am quickly running out of time. My FSH is 5 IU/L

  • I love this dr and his educational video.. I discovered this channel today.. I’m about to gired my fertility dr.. lol how come.does she dont explain this things? I didnt know what an AMH or FSH is or even means?

    Thank you for so much light.. add a new subscriber to you channel ��

  • Hello
    I am 37 and my AMH level is 1.35. I am trying to get pregnant whitout success. Is my AMH level so low for me to get pregnant?

  • Hi Marc,my vitamin d test result is 15.7 and my amh is 1.36..m 29..can I be pregnant naturally?thanks for your great help and advice

  • I have tested AMH twice once 0.95 ng/ml. And another time 5 pmol/l. Both times after ovulation had occurred cycle day 17/18 what would that say?

  • i had a blood test for other reasons but because of hormonal imbalance, my doctor tests all kinds of hormone related levels and he told me I had lower than normal AMH. I want to fix it because I want to get pregnant. Hoe do I get my AMH level up?

  • Thank you so much for your videos. You always have encouraging words. Sometimes doctors can make you feel so bad about yourself, quite insensitive. Its nice to hear, all may not be lost, to be hopeful and healthy, and you may just get pregnant. ❤.
    Does high AMH necessarily mean pcos? Skin tag seems to be my only symptom but 3 years ago my AMH was over 4ng/ml…now my doctor basically thinks its a hopeless case. (I’m 40 now)

  • I need your help!! My Obgyn ran some test on me and told me i have poor egg reserves, it will be almost impossible for me to conceive again, I am sending you my numbers and can you please explain it to me?

    AMH 0.052
    LH 8.3
    FSH 13.3
    Estradiol 10.0
    Can i do anything about this? I am 49, 28 days cycles and i get possitives opks and i verify it with my temperature chart

  • just found out yesterday that I got mine at 0.56 and now I’mm so sad, not loosing hope though, the testing was done on LH faze though so I will definetelly repeat it…just in case, hoping it will be higher next time. and YES PLEASE ON FERTILITY TESTING!!! ��

  • Hey! thank you for explainind these AMH levels. I had AMH level test on my 3rd day of periods this Friday, I got result: 2.04 ng/ml. In some resources on the internet said that everything lower 2.2 considered as low ovarian reserve, some resources states that 1-2.5 is normal and up to 3 is a risk of PCOS. It is really strange that we do not have 1 correct source of info. Should I worry I have AMH 2.04 at 34.5 y.o. age or I am fine?

  • What about high AMH? Mine is 20.00.
    How do you lower you AMH?
    Also, my deep gratitude for you channel. It has been incredibly helpful for me. I have lean PCOS

  • Thank you so much for making these videos. You’ve become such a great resource for me and also a source of positivity for me while trying to conceive.

  • Hi, I am a little over 34 years and have been trying to conceive for about 5-6 months but have had no luck. My Husband’s sperm analysis report is Good. My AMH is 1.36, LSH is 2.300 & prolactin is 15.05. For last 03 months my doctor had put me on tab Stimulet(5 days) followed by BHCG injection on follicles maturation. I ovulated properly all 3cycles but no pregnancy. Hence the gynac has asked us to go through HSG test. Post that has recommended IUI if reports are normal and there is no blockage.
    Also, in the 3rd cycle I HV been diagnosed with post wall feudal adenomyosis (2.5cm*2cm). I have had extremely painful periods for years.
    I would like to know what are my chances of conceiving normally or shall I go ahead with IUI. Also what are the complications of adenomyosis & if it could obstruct in conceiving, decline my fertility further and the hurdle the pregnancy term?

  • I just came across your channel yesterday and I love your videos. My FSH is 7.3 and my AMH is 0.181 which i know is very low but it’s not 0. So I will continue trying to conceive naturally until I reach menopause ��

  • Hi
    I’m now 4 days late from my monthly period date and I tested after 2 days with evening urine sample at home and it was negative.
    Should I repeat the test again after few days or can this be a hormonal imbalance since it came negative once?

  • I’m 42. My amh in feb was 2.20, then 2 months later 0.898!
    Per blood test below (and specs ) my results are below=
    Estrogen= 61 (<80)
    Progesterone = 0.27 (<3)
    Fsh= 9.18 (<12)
    LH= 2.6

  • Doctor my AMH is less then 0.08 and my age is 35 and I haven’t got periods since 6 months can I improve my AMH level and get pregnant. Please suggest me some supplements and medicines. Also please tell me how’s my ovarian reserve? Please help me.

  • Advice please! I am trying to conceive. Last June my doctor gave me clomid and it doesnt work I had my period on my 30CD. Then she prescribe me Femara on my CD3. Today, its my CD16 and she told me that I dont ovulate��. I did my test for AMH last night. Awaiting for the result. Anyone have issue like mine. How to ovulate naturally?

  • Yes please add fertility testing to ask for. I’ve had recurring pregnancy loss… 5 miscarriage and they (kaiser) will not do any testing. They did test AMH it came back low after my 2nd and 3rd miscarriage but they didn’t care to inform me till I had other medical issues… the last test came back at.69 and from there they blamed my miscarriages on that.

  • Wrong information here.
    Your egg quantity is also known as your ovarian reserve. It’s not quite the same thing as egg quality.
    Low AMH doesn’t mean low quality.

  • Good day I really need your help, I’m 35 and have been trying for 3 years after stopping my DEPO I started taking when I was 19 and stopped it after 12 years when I was 30 and my husband & I started trying for a baby when I was 33 only last year November after seeing my doctor and getting clomid i fell pregnant and unfortunately long story short, we lost the baby at 7 weeks. I have been on clomid, Femara letrozol. Same story of fertility medication again letrozol and clomid this time again NOTHING HAPPENED after doing as my doctor said I didn’t get pregnant. The other thing is that I was told to continue with folic pills and keep taking progesterone pills and I always take my mult vitamins, I go to the gym, twice a week I eat healthy Please please I’m begging you help me, is there anything wrong with me? Regards Nancy

  • Hi Dr. Boyle. I am 34 years old. 1.5 years ago (at age 32), my amh was very high at 4.9 ng/ml. I had it rechecked a week ago and it is 2.08 ng/ml. I am devastated and panicking. Does this mean I will enter menopause early? Is there any way it could be inaccurate? I took two morning after pills two months ago, could that still be effecting things? I am so scared. I am single and not ready to have a baby right now but terrified I am quickly running out of time. I can’t understand how it fell so low, so fast. My FSH is 5 IU/ML

  • Thank you for the AMH information. I’ve just been through fertility testing and will appreciate a video on the topic.
    Also would be nice to know a bit more about clomid and what are the reasons for it not working third month on the row.
    Bless for your advancing pregnancy and shame I can’t sign for treatment with you. Can you recommend a good practitioner?

  • I love watching and listening to you, I am 46 years old and my AMH is 0.035 ng/ml my obyg says there is no hope of me getting pregnant, I had given up but watching this video has given me a glimmer of hope.
    Pls I would appreciate ur advice on what to do to increase it. I so much long to conceive.

  • Yes please! I am having a very hard time diagnosing my crazy cycles and symptoms, but unsure where/how to get started in the medical system to get some answers.

  • I’m 28, my amh was 0.22 like that of someone in their 40s, I freaked out! My fsh was also 14. Doctor told me to look for a fertility clinic because getting pregnant on my own will be too difficult. We conceived naturally 2 cycles later! Don’t pay attention to the numbers too much ladies!

  • Yes, I would love to hear more about fertility testing. Thanks to you I am now so much into this whole topic fertility and I am craving to learn more about it every day. I already know so much more than all of my friends that are already moms and I am not yet.. but we keep trying and hope so much that we are blessed soon with a big belly ��

  • My AMH was.179, FSH was 13.21, i did have an oophorectomy and tube removal 2 years ago, had a miscarriage last year. Still not pregnant…help! 35 y/o

  • Hi…sir my age 27 my amh level 1.70 and FSH level 8.4…LH level 5.0 prolactine 12.3..can I get pregnant naturally…pls tell me….got married 6yrs before…..pls help me…

  • Has anyone else in the comments went on to get pregnant after seeing or commenting on this video? Update everyone with some hope, spread the good news!:)

  • Mine came back at 28,6 pmol/l =4 ng…periods are regular (25-28 days),i chart and can see a shift at around day 14 plus opk are positive every month at around day 13/14. Trying to conceive for 10 months now (three of them under LOTS of stress from work, close to burnout, then i changed job). Doctor says i could have pcos but i dont understand why she suspects that? She didnt look at the whole picture and just focused on that number:/ i am a bit confused

  • Sorry…this is off topic, if I ovulate a bit late…on day 16-17…what can I do to improve my situation?
    Thank you for your videos…God bless��

  • First of all thank you for your videos and hard work to help us.
    Four or five years ago i was diagnostic with pcos because i started to have a lot of acne at very late age.
    So every doctor i saw told me i have it.
    But this year i started TTC i am now 31, and i started all the tests, i did 2 AMH test one was 0,75 and another one 1,12 so for my doc its impossible i have pcos.
    I tested my fallopian and uterus everything is okay but when i tested my cervical mucus apparently is killing all the sperm…so i need to do intrauterine insémination… i am so desperate and confus… how can i fixe my CM?
    Thank you

  • sir plz can u tell me the best follic acid medicine before getting pregnant i m running 41 m reports are normal bt nw m amh is 2.5

  • Mine was recently tested and waiting for result. I am worried because of two recently anembryonic pregnancies miscarriages. I so scared I will be told I have problems after all my fertility testing.

  • I definitely would love to watch a video abt fertility testing. Im so new to all of this and i don’t even know where to start and what to ask for.

  • Sir pls tell about clear advice for me,my egg can growth,rupture bt not concive?,all test i can taken,there is no issue,seman also normal,my amh level is 0.16 sir its very low,my dr said go for ivf,bt i cant intrested,my age is 30,can i get natural pregnancy pls tell about sir,i was scared,pls give ur suggestion

  • What do you suggest for 40 years old with low amh 0.36 any chance to get pregnant naturaly because ivf can’t afford it any supplements thanks

  • Overall ladies I would suggest not to get stuck on this amh number, it’s a new lab and there’s a lot that’s still unknown about it. Many doctors don’t focus too closely on that number. As dr Aimee calls it and “always meandering hormone”, and “always mean hormone”. Amh is only one piece of information, you have to also get a scan to see how many follicles you also create, and your age. Many other things will show a whole picture. I conceived with an amh of 0.22. Check out dr. Aimee’s channel it’s called “the egg whisperer”. She talks about amh and gives tons of great tips on fertility!

  • Does he ever answer any of our comments just don’t want to be leaving comments and spilling my business if I’m not going to get a reply

  • I’m 43 years old my amh level is 2.17 is that bad? does that make it impossible for me to get pregnant I have nothing else wrong with me besides being 43 my husband has had his semen checked and he is a okay I have no thyroid problems nothing wrong at an hsg because I had a tubal reversal and everything looks nice and clear what else can it possibly be why I can’t get pregnant I’m taking tons of supplements that’s supposed to help me with fertility I’m even on a hundred mg of Clomid

  • My AMH is 1.22 and I’m 30. My doctor told me to go for IVF, I’m freaked out, I want to try naturally, isn’t it possible? Please respond.

  • Great video! Thank you for your time to create it!
    I am 40 and going to get my AMH tested first time. Is that ok to get my AMH tested on day 3 of my cycle?

  • My AMH is 16.1 pmol/l now at age 28. At age 26 it was 28.1pmol/l. Why would it have dropped so quickly over 2 years please? This was a finger prick test. I have had 3 natural pregnancies accidentally in past.

  • Love the video! thank you so much! I’m 38 and was told my AMH is low and that I have eggs of a 42 old year this was heartbreaking to hear when your trying to get pregnant. I will definitely follow your advice and start to take some vitamin D and maybe lose a couple of pounds I’m 5’4 and 153 so maybe 10lbs will help?

  • Dr marc can you please do a video on fertility at 50? For women like myself!. I cannot find any information, or at least any positive ones anywhere online! This is something I guess gets ignored since most women my age are practically done with kids! But what about the ones still trying? Can you please make a video on this? Thank you so much!! You are the best natural fertility doctor here on YouTube! I appreciate all you do ❤️

  • hello i want ask can having still birth make amh low beacuese before my pregnency it was 0.5 but these todays i check it was.0.144 before when first time i check was 0.3 it chnage by change life style it become 0.5 and i got pregnenat can answer me please i want understand

  • I have a question, I have lots of male pattern hair and I have Hair on my chin and jaw line. But no doctor has identified me as PCOS. We are unexplained infertility. Got HSG and other tests done. PLEASE HELP. Does this mean I have PCOS? What other tests I can do?

    Here’s my tests done on Day 2-5

    AMH 4.64
    FSH 5.15
    LH 3.17
    Prolactin 8.7
    TSH 2.43
    DHEA(s) 458
    DHEA 4.94
    Estradiol 27.7

  • I never achieved a pregnancy in my 20s or 30s. I am now 41 and my AMH is 0.5pmol/L.
    2 REs suggested donor eggs but do I have any hope in getting pregnant on my own?

  • Just had a son dat will b one this month after nine years. But have been try since two months ago to get pregnant again though my baby is still breastfeeding. What can i do. Secondly i did ceserian section but i dont want to gp through dat anymore

  • I started CoQ10 after I saw this video. However, my TSH levels rose to 3.5 and I’m allergic to thyroid medicine levothyroxine. Before starting CoQ10, my thyroid was perfect at 2.5. could CoQ10 have affected my thyroid?

  • I’ve frozen my eggs (at 37) after finding out I had a low reserve and now pregnant naturally with my first child (at 39). It turned out to happen quite quickly. So worth keeping in mind reserve only really impacts ivf.

  • I used Modern Fertility for my at home results. I’ll follow-up with my OBGYN, but I initially I wanted to receive the results from the comfort of my home. I’m 39, turning 40 in June.

    AMH: 0.80 (CD3) Conflicting information-Some charts say this is low others say low-normal
    FSH: 11.61 Considered high, paired with low AMH I have Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR)
    Estradiol: 25.5
    FT4: 0.50 (retesting) Considered low
    LH: 7.10 Considered normal
    Prolactin: 52.86 (retesting) Considered high
    TSH: 3.52 (retesting)/Last year 1.06 uIU/ml
    Testosterone, Total: 0.4 Considered normal
    Vitamin D Level last year was 8 ng/mL (currently taking supplements) Read that low levels of Vitamin D can negatively impact AMH level

  • My AMH is 5.7 at age 41, so I’m worried about PCOS. But I also had an ultrasound at the same time and my doctor says my AMH is amazing and my follicles and endometrium look great. Does that mean I can relax and don’t have to worry about PCOS?

  • How can I get this test? I’m taking supplements to assist with higher AMH levels. I would rather test myself instead of the doctor

  • LH, FSH, Progesterone, AMH, Tube block test, iron, thyroid, blood count, hemoglobin, Hcg, all STD tests, AFC ultrasound, ovulation, Uterus measurement, etc. I’m in Canada ���� and the fertility clinics here take it seriously. Plus I’m over 40 ��‍♀️

  • Hello Dr. marc Sklar, my estradiol is 304 on day 3. I am freaking out as I cant go to any doctors and ask what it means. I am 41. I want to have my own baby at some point. I heard on your video that it needs to be between 40-80. am i hopeless?

  • Thanks you sir for the information God bless you. I’m 43 and I been through iui, ivf but taking a brake because of financial reasons. you’re so funny but did she got pregnant �� after those Yams.

  • I just came across your channel! Thanks so much for the info! I am 41, been ttcing for years… never been pregnant. I’ve seen 3 RE’s over the course of 5 years, up until two years ago I had no idea I had endometriosis (stage 4)… yeah I was shocked, didn’t even know what that was at the time… anyways had lap surgery in which the RE said he was able to get most out. I was devastated, yet glad I had some answers to what was wrong with me. So fast forward to now… my recent lab tests and other tests (within last two months) shows the endo doesn’t appear to have came back yet… though still not pregnant. My egg quality is quite low and my reserve is very very low. RE suggested IVF even though it may not work, because my last two ultrasounds only showed 1-2 follicles. Is there any hope for me! Thanks for your time! ��

  • Not sure if you have already made a video on detox sorry couldn’t find it. Could you make a video on how to detox? ( I want to detox from IVF drugs it wasn’t a successful cycle ). I think I have adrenaline imbalance that is causing hormonal issues irregular period, PMS etc. Many thanks

  • So I went to my family Doctor this morning to get all the blood work that you suggested bc I wanted all of that before I speak with you personally. I left there shocked & in tears bc he argued with me that those test are not needed & that I needed to continue to go with my fertility specialist. He told me that he will look at all of the test & research before he agrees to let me get them. So frustrated!!!!!!

  • I can’t just put in words how ur videos help people in fertility..following you past two months started charting n two months now I m pregnant
    May God bless you abundantly lots of love thank you so much u r doing great jobb ����

  • Hi doc I am almost 39 years old with an AMH of 0.43 and FSH 11.17 what supplements can I use and what would be the better brand in them to use.my doctor said there’s not much chance for me with an IVF but I am not giving up hope yet. Thanks for whatever info you could help me with.

  • Hello Dr I am 30, my amh is 0.4 and I have reached premature menopause can my ovarian reserve will be increase with supplements? Can u suggest me what should I do

  • I am working on bringing down my weight. I will follow your advice to increase this. Yes please bring the video on types of fertility tests to ask for.

  • Hello dr what will be the reason if girl age is 40+ and she was 3 time pregnant n suffering from missed abortion, although her husband has also poor quality of sperms, husband took cq10 & many more tablets to improve his quality as well as quantity.please guide me what she has to do for pregnancy?

  • I am 41 fsh is 15, Amh 0.1 my doctor told me IVF successful rate for me is about 5%. But I did it anyway, first cycle I had 2 embryos but rested on day 3. My 2nd cycle is canceled because I had a cyst. Now I am in my new 2nd cycle. I have been taking all that vitamins, but I don’t know if they are effective though (after taking all that I got a cyst) ��

  • In wich day of cycle is best to do this test aka AMH? I have done it 3 months ago after I ovulated (day 17-18) and it came back very low (.54) I was so upset, I repeated the test on day 3 of my cycle and it came back way higher (1.50) which gave me hope so….. which day it it please??
    Thank you!

  • Im 49, i had labs done from my Obgyn and she basically told me it will be almost impossible for me to conceive.
    My labs are Amh 0.052 LH 8.3 FSH 13.3 Estradiol 10.0
    Im taking prenatal vitamins, coq10, iron, vita D3, C, E. Calc fluor 6x after ovulating, maca root. I been eating more fish, chicken breast, kale, broccoli and spinach, im working on the sugars and carbs. Orange juice every day, i hate water but I know its important, i need to work on exercise too.. i got rid off the coffee.. this last month wasn’t successful but i just started trying after my tubal reversal.. do I still have hope? I still got 28 days cycles and regular

  • Mine falls under thyroid issues. Strangely exercise doesn’t help me as much. Last month, I did exercise and my period was a week late.

  • Thank you for this video. Dr,I wish you could answer me. I am really needing your help. I have amh 0.6 fsh normal I am 39 one miscarriage. I can not afford an ivf so I want to conceive naturally. After a lot of researches and watching your videos I start to take ubiquinone 200mg a day omega 3 vitamins e, d, c, acai berry, acid folic and wheetgrass. unfortunatly dhea is not allowed in my country do you think it is enough? Or should I add something else? Is there any supplement you can suggest to replace the role of dhea? The doctors here believes the only way is ivf so I don t have any answer when I ask about this. Thank you

  • I improved my diet and add some suppliments. In my first pregnancy I just add Royal jelly and it worked. But for 2nd I took others as well.

  • Dr Sklar, I have been on kept diet and fasting/doing intermittent fasting for several months. I kinda lost my period. Is it related to the fasting? Thanks you.

  • Hello sir, I am a mild endometriosis patient and I haven’t conceived yet,recently I started gluten free food and after 2months of it I am ovulating naturally,what does it mean? And my Amh is 2.16 4 months back

  • Hi Dr. My thyroid fluctuates sometimes TSH is 5.8 and sometimes 3.48 if I eat healthy it’s good, does this mean I should accept I have thyroid be on levothyroxine. Secondly when TTC should one conceive even if they are busy at work and getting up early in the morning… And standing for 7-8 hours?

  • Sir
    My age 27,1yr back had a miscarriage, then I hv no pregnancy, why?
    I’m trying 7month,amh 1.24 if possible natural pregnancy or go for ivf, I take letrozel tab and ovaries tablets.

  • My wife’s age 30 and her AMH is 0.89!!!!
    Is this result mean Premature Overian Failure? or is it possible to increase the AMH level? We are trying for baby last 4 years.

  • Dr. Marc, thank you so much for these videos.
    Dr. Is DHEA 230, Testosterone 30, LH 17.1, FSH 8.7, TSH 2010, AMH 2.49 normal results for a 41 year old with PCOS TTC?

  • I’m 35 and going to be starting IUI (single mom by choice). I unintentionally got pregnant 1.5 years ago but my partner pressured me to abort. So I assumed I didn’t have fertility problems. Today I learned my FSH is 15.3 and I’m worried that result means I won’t be able to conceive. Please reassure me ������

  • Can AMH be improved with a change of life style and supplements if the possible cause of low ovarian reserve are endometriomas?
    Thank you in advance

  • Hi Dr Sklar, thanks for your videos. I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve since September 2018. I’m just 32, my AMH is 0.8 and I have 6 follicles. I have just finished my first cycle of IvF which was completely unsuccessful (just one egg, not transferred). What can I do to improve my eggs?

  • Hi,Marc thanks for your class i see my dr and my amh level 1.8pml/l and my age is 37. Do you this i can get pregnant with out ivf.

  • Hello ma’am.. I am 29… I also had tested my amh n it was just 0.5 but still I conceived naturally… But still I am scare… That because of having low amh will there be any risk to me, my baby n it’s growth… Please answer me ma’am.. I am quite stressed…

  • Hello Sir, i am watching your videos with great expectations. I am 38 years old and planning pregnancy. In india its a much talked about thing to be mother in this age. But i m positive and your videos gave me strenghth. Thak u from India

  • Hi sir I am 29 year old I have 1 baby but cant get pregnant again my baby is 7 year old now I took clomid I have pcos can I get pregnant throw clomid or nit plz guide me

  • Hi Marc Sklar. I have high Fsh 16iu/l Amh is 3.6pmol/l.
    I am 37. Trying to conceive for 7yrs. How do i find out the root cause of my ovarian reserve? Ive had 2 failed icsi due to low egg quality and count. Plz help ��

  • Hi, I am currently suffering from functional hypothalamic amenorrhea, my FSH is 1.1 LH0.1 and Estradiol is 8.9… am I guaranteed to have a lowwwww AMH level and what should I do to boost it? I am already going ALL IN to recover from HA but am freaking out on the potential fertility impact:( Please help!!!!!

  • My wife has AMH level is 0.10 and her age is 32. what are the ways she can improve AMH to get pregnant. her D vitamin is 15. if we increase the D vitamin will also increase her AMH level. what can we do to improve her health status. kindly suggest what to do in this case. Thanks in advance

  • I am from Turkey. I am an English teacher. I am 37. I have done many tests and my amh is very low. I have gone through many ivf treatments and my egg quality is very bad. I exercise take care of my health and I also take some supplements supplements that you have mentioned in your video. I think they all affect our fertility. But I am not pregnant and I think that they are all help or not the main point. They don’t make me pregnant

  • marc sclar you are an angel. thanks to your videos i now haave a healthy 1 yearold after the doctors said no way i could. i was only 33. they were wrong. you were right. thank you

  • Hello Marc, I recently came to know that I have diminished ovarian reserve…My amh is 0.1 and FSH 19. I am 38 years old trying to conceive and recently my periods became very irregular. Doc says I am going through menopause. Not really sure if there is any way out for my condition. Let me know your opinion please. Thanks

  • I read a couple of studies in this area. Please google them. Following are what I learned from them:

    1. Fasting actually increased the egg count even though we are told that they are finite.

    2. Stem cell therapy reversed menopause in women and they started having regular cycles and were able to ovulate on their own.

    3. Something about injecting blood plasma directly into ovaries revitalized them.

  • I’m 42. My amh 2 months ago was 2.2, this month, 0.868. How can this fluctuate so much? My vitamin d is 52 and previous amh results were around 2… any tips on how to improve it? Also, you dont mention in video all the tests required…. can you please state what tests are needed?

  • Do you think taking a multivitamin can shorten period? I’m 42 and Fro January my period changed it shortened and has been a lot lighter. I did start taking raspberry leaf tea can it and a prenatal? Do you think vitamins can affect a period? It was really heavy before unless periods are supposed to be light and mine was just wrong the entire time? Not sure ��

  • Thank you Dr Sklar for you wonderful videos! For me, it’s vitamin D and yoga. I haven’t been successful yet, but I read there may be a correlation and I’ve noticed a difference in the amount of follicles I produce since my test show I’m no longer Vitamin D deficient.

  • Thank you for watching! What have you done to improve your ovarian reserve? Let me know in the comment section. GET YOUR FERTILITY SCORE �� http://bit.ly/2J3ezR2