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There’s no question about it: food is important for all aspects of life, and fertility is no exception. Our bodies get the vitamins and minerals we need from our daily diet, and creating a new life­—which is exactly what fertility health is all about—also requires micronutrients. So, what vitamins are important for fertility. The Best Fertility Vitamins & Supplements CO Q-10 Enzyme Vitamin D Selenium Zinc Omega 3 Fish Oil Folic Acid L-Arginine Iron Wheat Grass Royal Jelly Maca Root Myo-inositol. Vitamin B12 A key vitamin to increase your fertility, Vitamin B12 enhances the occurrence of ovulation, being particularly helpful to women not ovulating at all, making it harder to try to.

Increase antioxidants—500-1,000 mg vitamin C, 200 IU vitamin E (*** do not take vitamin E if you are taking baby aspirin), decaf green tea (1 cup per day); consider adding pycnogenol, 40-60 mg twice. What You May Find in Fertility Supplements Antioxidants. Antioxidants are found in most fertility supplements, often as vitamin C. Other common antioxidant Amino Acids.

Amino acids are. The reason behind vitamin D being sometimes called “the sunshine vitamin” is that its synthesis is triggered by sunlight on the skin. But sunshine alone is not enough and majority of women will need to take extra vitamin D to come anywhere close to the level which supports their fertility. Antioxidants like folate and zinc may improve fertility for both men and women.

They deactivate the free radicals in your body, which can damage both sperm and egg cells. One 2012 study. Vitamin C is safe to take in recommended amounts at any time of day. It occurs naturally in a variety of plant products, including orange juice, grapefruit, and lemons.

The body does not store. Look for prenatal vitamins that have: 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid. 400 IU of vitamin D. 200 to 300 milligrams (mg) of calcium. 70 mg of vitamin C. 3 mg of thiamine. 2 mg of riboflavin.

20. This is why, for example, I recommend taking a prenatal vitamin 3 months before ttc and why women should not to travel to Zika countries 3-4 months before ttc. So if you are considering IV.

List of related literature:

The second recommendation is that all women of reproductive age should take 0.4 mg/day of folic acid (the amount available in a typical multivitamin tablet) throughout their reproductive years.

“Medical Genetics E-Book” by Lynn B. Jorde, John C. Carey, Michael J. Bamshad
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All women of childbearing age should take a daily multivitamin for folate supplementation (0.4 mg/ day), because more than half of pregnancies are unplanned, and the greatest benefit is seen when supplements are taken for about 1 mo before conception.

“Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2019 E-Book: 5 Books in 1” by Fred F. Ferri
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A daily multivitamin with at least 0.4 to 1.0 mg of folic acid is recommended for all women who could become pregnant, for 3 months or longer before conception through the first 3 months of pregnancy, to

“Physical Examination and Health Assessment Canadian E-Book” by Carolyn Jarvis, Annette J. Browne, June MacDonald-Jenkins, Marian Luctkar-Flude
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The health of the endometrium is also bolstered by ensuring you consume the following nutrients: omega-3 dietary fats and dietary fiber (discussed in Chapter 10), vitamins C, E, and A (or beta-carotene), and the minerals calcium, selenium, and zinc (detailed in Chapter II).

“Before Your Pregnancy: A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception” by Amy Ogle, Lisa Mazzullo, Mary D'Alton
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In summary, women preparing to conceive should take a prenatal multivitamin supplement and should check this for inclusion of adequate folate (500–1000μg), Vitamin D and iodine.

“Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine E-Book” by Jane Lyttleton
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In 2018, researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial of vitamin C supplements for women with endometriosis who were trying to conceive through IVF.298 The women were randomized to receive either no additional supplement or 1000 mg of vitamin C per day for two months before the IVF cycle.

“It Starts with the Egg: How the Science of Egg Quality Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally, Prevent Miscarriage, and Improve Your Odds in IVF (Second Edition)” by Rebecca Fett
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Look for a vitamin that has at least 400 mcg (micrograms) of folic acid, 1,000 mg of calcium, 30 to 40 mg of iron, plus fertility-boosting nutrients such as zinc and manganese.

“What to Expect Before You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect Before You’re Expecting
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“Because many pregnancies are unplanned, all women who could become pregnant should take a daily multivitamin containing 400 µg (0.4 mg) of folic acid.

“Fundamentals: Perspectives on the Art and Science of Canadian Nursing” by david Gregory, Tracey Stephens, Christy Raymond-Seniuk, Linda Patrick
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Infertile couples should both take supplemental vitamin E and a high-potency multivitamin for several months before trying to conceive.

“User's Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Jack Challem
from User’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements
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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all women of childbearing age take a daily multivitamin that contains 0.4 mg of folic acid and continue the intake of folic acid until the 12th week of pregnancy, when basic neural tube development is completed.

“Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing E-Book” by Gloria Leifer
from Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing E-Book
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  • Hi Doc, l need advice, am frustrated by the way my ivf process is going. Was supposed to start February but was given birth control bc of ovarian cysts, l called when l finished the birth control it was cancelled bc of Coronavirus till May. My Doc did control again said no they can’t start bc of the cysts was given another birth control that was on May, when my menses came out last Mon l went, it was cancelled again bc my hormone was too menses came out last week l went was cancelled again yesterday bc of the cysts till next month again. Pls Doc am worried what should l do bc of these cysts is 2.4cm. Am a woman of 42 years. Please l need advice. My Doc didn’t give me birth control again she only asked me to come next month when my menses come. I menstruate every month. Please l need advice. Is there any medication l can take for these cysts to dissolves. Am just frustrated. Thanks waiting for ur reply.


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  • thank you Dr.this is my big problem 18 years i am merried but i’m not pregnat please help give me more idea or tips how i fast pregnant? see you around

  • I just had blood work done and it showed that I have too much prolactin. So taking Vitex would be beneficial for me, correct?? Because it would raise my dopamine which would lower prolactin.

  • I was ovulating on cd19/20 and having a normal 28 day cycle. I believe I have a short luteal phase and started taking vitex. This video helped confirm a lot of my suspicions. However I’ve been on vitex for two cycles and the second cycle I ovulated on cd 14 which I was thrilled about, but now I’m only 8 dpo and a week before my expected period and I’ve had some light to mild spotting. I know it could be implantation, but I was curious can Vitex cause you to have a shorter cycle?

  • Number one supplement for becoming more fertile and maintaining a pregnancy is definitely wheat germ oil. The following video will go into great detail on the subject.

  • Hi, i have history of low progesterone in previous pregnancy that turned to miscrriage. I an rightnow 11dpo positive. Should i take vitex to boost my progesterone? Will this be helpful during pregnancy as well?

  • Hi doctor, Greetings from singapore. Last year Nov 2019 my report of AMH is on the Low side. I am turning 44 in Dec 2020. I suffered 1 miscarriage on the 8 weeks with no heartbeat on 2019 Jan another chemical pregnancy in Aug 2019. Been actively trying and now is 2020 Aug and I did HSG in July 2020 and my tube is fine and including hubby’s sperms. I have done all the Test like rubella, stds, syphilis, gornorhea ans auto immune. Everything is fine. May I ask should I try natural conception in August or I should just go ahead with IVF? Or what other alternatives I should try… Thanks. What are my chance for ivf… thank you doctor. I enjoyed ur video a lot. Very informative and crispy.
    I have been taking supplements that is FDA approved pharmaceutical grade multivitamins, vitamin c, coenzyme, vitamin D, folate B12, fish oil and also vitamin E for 8 months. Am I doing the right thing what should be my next steps…

  • Thanks for the informative videos.
    What do you suggest about elevit pregnancy supplements.
    Should we take folic acid separately as well though elevit has it already.
    What supplements you recommend for fertility.
    I am also taking CoQ10, melatonin.
    Fish oil too.
    Please advise.

  • Hi there. I just had a natural miscarriage at 6 weeks:(. Would Vitex be a good supplement to take to help get my hormones and period back in line? Also I’ve heard it can increase progestorone which is good to help minimize miscarriage?

  • Can raspberry tea mess with the hormonal system in a negative way too? I started taking coq10, magnesium and raspberry leaf tea and my boils have come back. I have also quit caffeine recently so could it maybe be the physical stress of that causing it? I’m so lost. I worry that if I stop one of the things and it goes away, it could be a red herring and maybe the thing I stopped was harmless

  • Number one supplement for becoming more fertile and maintaining a pregnancy is definitely wheat germ oil. The following video will go into great detail on the subject.

  • Hello, I hope all is well. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS, and I have 2 fibroid tumors. I did do keto for almost a year and my last two ultrasounds displayed no cyst. I am waiting to get scheduled for a myomectomy. I am currently taking prenatal vitamins, evening primrose, milk thistle, and vitex. Do you think vitex will be helpful in my case?

  • i ask..i have a baby 6years old now from now i want to have another baby… My obi gyne said i have dominant follicles in right side is this okay do i have another baby

  • I had no problem hearing you with headphones on. I think the music in the background is low enough where it doesn’t affect. But I do know it varies for most ppl. Overall great advise thanks!

  • kindly go to Google to get more information regarding the pregnant plan “Sοkοpο Wοzz” (Google it) I was able to clear up my infertility concern at forty four years old. I was really excited during my period was delayed. I am now about to experience maternity and parenthood.

  • Fertility Homeopath I have period but my test showed I don’t ovulate at all and of course, I have PCOS I have been taken metformin and levothyroxine is it ok to try vitex, please?

  • Great video!! I took Vitex for maybe 4-5 days in the first part of my cycle and my temps skyrocketed! I suspected it was the Vitex so I stopped taking it. Thanks for the info. ��