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The 7 Best Fertility Apps of 2020 Find the best option for tracking your cycle. By. Sarah Bradley. facebook; Sarah Bradley is a freelance health and parenting writer who has been published in Parents, the Washington Post, and more. The Best Fertility Apps of 2020 Clue Period Tracker, Ovulation. Take the guesswork out of your menstrual cycle with Clue, a period tracker app that uses Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker.

This smart, simple app tracks your period, ovulation, and fertility. Featuring reliable Glow Cycle &. The following are the best fertility apps of 2020.

Rankings 1. Flo Period Tracker. Click here to get the app. While Flo Period Tracker is not exactly free, it is reasonably priced, highly accurate, and feature-rich. The interface is clean and appealing, input is simple and intuitive, and there are lots of articles on topics of interest to most.

25 of the best fertility apps Keeping track of your menstrual cycle — and your fertile days — is essential if you’re trying to get pregnant. So why not get a. Ob-gyns and fertility experts suggest the 11 best period-tracking apps to help you keep up with your flow and cycle, fertility, and PMS symptoms.

73% of African Americans said they did not have. The 7 Best Fertility Apps of 2020. By Sarah Bradley How to Use an Ovulation Calculator to Get Pregnant.

Medically reviewed by Anita Sadaty, MD Week 2 of Your Pregnancy. Medically reviewed by Andrea Chisholm, MD Using Ovulation Test. Last Updated Sep 2020.

The Top 10 Fertility Apps There are so many now, in fact, that it can be hard to choose the best fertility app for your lifestyle. So, here are some questions to consider to help you narrow down your search for the best fertility app. Fertility Apps.

Most fertility apps rely on the concept that the peak fertility window is about 14 days before the next period, Dr. Trukhacheva says. So, with this in mind, these apps would work better for women with regular period cycles than irregular cycles. Trying to conceive? There’s an app for that.

In fact, the fertility app space has never been, well, more fertile. Check out these 10 period and ovulation trackers that could help you get pregnant. It started as a fitness app that grew into a family of apps that can take you from fertility to pregnancy. With this app, you can share your data with your partner and sends you a wealth of knowledge about getting pregnant based on your cycle data.

It also assists women undergoing fertility treatments like IVF and IUI.

List of related literature:

Mobile apps for charting fertility are now available as well.

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The countless apps available for both iOS and Android devices that allow women to track their cycles, predict ovulation days, and help determine when they’re most fertile can simplify matters.

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McAuliffe, a game designer in Seattle, had been using fertility tracking apps in the course of trying to get pregnant.

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Computer and phone applications (apps): Many fertility apps are essentially digital platforms that support a woman’s use of an existing FAB method, such as the symptothermal method, the ovulation method, or the Standard Days method.

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(2) Monitoring one’s own menstrual cycle, fertility window, contraceptive methods usage, and the correlation between these different elements and everyday symptoms in one app. (3) Keeping record of one’s family medical history, medical appointments, analyses, diagnoses, procedures and notes within the same app.

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Various models used for both natu­ral family planning and fertility monitoring are marketed according to the desired sensitivity and software programming.

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Apps for menstrual cycle monitoring and fertility are increasingly popular: Brian Dolan, “Report Finds Pregnancy Apps More Popular Than Fitness Apps,” Mobihealthnews,; Alba, “Does Glow’s App Help Women Conceive?

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Fertility awareness–based methods, natural family

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Kindara is the most sophisticated and comprehensive of these apps.

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Empress 3 This is perfect for fertility spells, specifically for becoming pregnant.

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  • Just downloaded Google Keep! Wow! Thank you for sharing this awesome app with us!!! Also downloaded “Productive” cannot wait to use it too! Thank you! Would love to see what other Apps make your life easier that you recommend. Again, thank you!

  • I’m 11 and I already got my period and it’s hard for me because I get it at the wrong times and when I try to use period apps it says I’m underage so what should I do?

  • I already use google calendar �� and love �� they are all great apps but my favorite is scanner app. I’m a minimalist beginner and I feel this is a great way to organize all your paper clutter. I didn’t know it existed thanks for the tip!

  • Ohh i love it! I guess this will be very nice to use next to my Kindara app. I just started tracking my cycle and charting after quiting taking hormonal birth control. I’m very excited!