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After a failed fertility treatment cycle, you have several options. You may decide to try again using the same treatment. You may choose to try again with a different treatment. Or you may decide not to pursue further treatment.

The path that’s right for you will depend on your particular situation and what you have already tried. The first step after a failed IVF cycle is to pinpoint the exact cause of the same. The issue here is to fix the responsibility, whether it has happened due to the negligence of the fertility clinic or lack of patient compliance or any other reason. The idea is to resolve the issue so.

The first measure to take is to let yourself grieve a bit. It’s okay to feel disappointed and sad. Give yourself a week or so to get through this before you decide what to do next. Many women who have had an failed IVF cycle will be successful on a second or even a third cycle.

After Clomid or speaking with their OB/GYN, the next step is visiting a fertility specialist, but that doesn’t mean jumping right into in vitro fertilization (IVF). Depending on the couples’ diagnoses and age, there are still several steps a fertility specialist might recommend before IVF. After a failed IVF cycle, while you’re figuring out your next move, it’s beneficial to detox from any residual medications, especially the estrogen given during the cycle. Taking the time to do so improves the results of future cycles IVF or natural.

Detoxing is like a reset button for your ovaries and body. The first thing that should happen after a failed IVF attempt is for the IVF specialist physician to review the cycle carefully to possibly learn something from the results of the IVF ovarian stimulation process, or from any issues with egg retrieval, egg quality and/or quantity, fertilization results, embryo development, or problems with the embryo transfer procedure. As a fertility center that has been at the forefront of fertility treatment for the last three decades, we have developed treatment options that no other fertility center can offer to patients with multiple failed IVF cycles.

If you are one of these patients with multiple failed IVF cycles, consider contacting CHR for a second opinion!I just wanted to hear some of your experiences of what the next steps were for the RE after 3 failed cycles of Letrozole. I know she wants to do a semen analysis but are there any other procedures that you experienced after nor conceiving on letrozole. Medically, a cycle begins when the woman is given fertility drugs and the cycle ends when the embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus. However, most couples fail to ask their doctors about what happens after the embryo transfer procedure.

After the embryos are transferred to the woman’s womb, they still have to overcome the final hurdle they need to implant!It is thus safe to say that there some positive news for women wondering if they can get pregnant naturally after failed IVF procedures. Stay relaxed, focus on your health and keep trying as often as you can.

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List of related literature:

Therefore, a two-step procedure (marsupialization and rinsing followed by 3 months’ GnRH agonist therapy and then repeat surgery) should be considered if fertility is to be conserved; otherwise, an oophorectomy may be performed as it is technically easier.

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Treatment with a GnRH agonist for 3–6 months before IVF in women with endometriosis may increase the rate of clinical pregnancy.

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If this fails, therapy can proceed to treatment with injectable gonadotropins (i.e., FSH and luteinizing hormone) to stimulate development of ovarian follicles and ovulation with intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization.

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IVF treatment consists of a series of steps: superovulation, egg recovery, fertilisation and embryo transfer.

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To achieve ovulation of the stimulated follicles, the donor must come into oestrus within a few days after the initiation of the eCG or FSH injections, and this requires induction of luteolysis, as the superovulatory treatment normally is initiated in the midluteal phase of the oestrous cycle.

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The logical next step after CC or gonadotropin/ IUI therapy is still proceeding to IVF.

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In vitro maturation, in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVM-IVF) combined with low dose FSH administration over Metformin pretreatment and frozenthawed cycles should be a routine ART option for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) patients.

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In case of failure of ovulation or to conceive after CC, treatment with exogenous FSH is the next step.

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Once you reach egg retrieval, the supplement has done its work and is no longer needed for that cycle, but some doctors advise patients to continue taking it until they get a positive pregnancy test, because multiple IVF cycles may be needed.

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If not performed before treatment begins, HSG also is recommended for women who fail to conceive after 4–6 therapeutic donor insemination cycles.

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Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • Have you had your b vitamin levels tested? Infertility is strongly linked to methylation pathway vitamin deficiencies such as b6, b9 and b12 and elevated homocysteine levels. The quantity of those vitamins needed tend to be higher for those with impaired methylation. The lower level for b12 is 200 in the USA but the level in the rest of the world is often around 500 or 600 for the lower threshold. Poor methylation and b-vitamin levels are linked with infertility in men and women. I have pcos too and have found my b levels were on the lower end. I started at around 450 for b12 and 15 level for folate in dec 19 test and got it up to 550 for b12 and unfortunately it lowered to 10 for folate in March 20 testing. After upping the quantity of b12, folate and b6 supplements, I finally got a natural period after not having a natural one since June 19 and a progesterone induced on in dec 19 so 3 months after progesterone induced one and around 9 months after last natural cycle. I found out through my genetic reports that my b6 and b12 levels genetically are lower so I had started supplementing with 1mg methylfolate, 2.5mg methylb12 and 50mg b6. For me, I believe taking b6 because of a most likely deficiency really improved my cycle as I had taken b12 and folate for awhile but it wasn’t until I added in b6 that I got a period recently.

  • I didn’t realize how much your kitty looks like my Domino (she died almost 5 years ago). I really hope the next steps lead to a successful transfer. Hugs to you!

  • that is the incredible thing about NaProTechnology that a woman and couple get answers to the cause of the infertility, and that in many cases it can be successfully treated… that is medicine at its best! The road of infertility is difficult and often isolating… NaProTechnology is a much better, healthier and successful approach than IVF… it is definitely less isolating. The Creighton FertilityCare System is the backbone of NaProTechnology and is used to assist in the diagnosis or reproductive disorders… additional information is on my website, where I also teach online women and couples interested in it… http://www.fertilityisnotadisease.com.

  • My doctor cancelled my first cycle because I had one follicle that was growing faster than the others. So the want me to try again after my next period. Praying that the next one works.

  • I saw a phrase the other day and I’m going to adapt it for you

    ‘If a flower bloomed every time you desired your child, you could walk in your garden forever.’

    I truly hope that your persistent hope, desire, and longing for your child will soon come to fruition. That you will be granted the desire of your hearts.

    I do have 2 children but have recently endured 2 early pregnancy losses. Your videos have provided so much: the feeling of not being alone, raw emotions and hope.

    We are all willing everything to work out. Right now you are truly blessed in so many ways and I will be thinking of you every day and willing for this embryo to sustain its life and to know your enduring love.

    I will also order your book and look forward to reading it.

  • Still on a break over here as well �� we had planned to transfer again in May but my embryos are in NY so we definitely cannot go up there right now. Really really sucks.

  • Could you actually list all the different supplements you’ve tried? I’m going down that path cuz I can’t see an RE yet cuz of covid. Well, the office says it’s closed unless you have an emergency ����‍♀️

  • Celeste i havent heard much of your story but i would like to hve a discussion with you if you could message me i was curious about mny things

  • Thanks so much Celeste for continuing to tell you story even in these most challenging times. It makes me feel less alone in this infertility struggle. I know how hard it is to hold onto hope but keep holding on. I hope so much for the arrival of your little dream soon! x

  • Just had a failed ivf. I was devastated the first day, still am of course, but I’m trying to not let myself fall into depression again. I bounced back, keep myself busy, still keep hope, and trust in God. I’m surprised at how well I’ve handled it, but I just know, I cannot lose faith and I can’t allow myself to breakdown! One day my dream will come true and I’ll have that lil baby in my arms. I’ll never stop hoping nor fighting. Rooting and hope the best for you!

  • A brave video and unsurprisingly not as many views as other videos. It is such an intrusive process to go through and such disappointment when it doesn’t work. I would recommend Jodie Day’s book, Rocking The Life Unexpected for help and suggestions for dealing with failed IVF. Thanks Nikki for this video

  • I hv 2 iui cycle,both failed..all reports of mine r normal but my husband’s count at the time of iui was 2 and 2.5 (after process ) respectively..Should we take more iui cycle?

  • I also have PCOS, and I have taken metformin for a year. Im not overweight, and personally do not believe i have IR but my doctor is also convinced. I found 1000MG didnt help, but they have since upped me to 1500mg a day, and It has actually made a difference! She was hesitant to put me on a higher dosage, as I am a normal bmi, and only 155 pounds, But i truly think the increase made a difference. Maybe an option to think about? i know its not for everyone. LOVE watching you

  • Metformin works really well for classical PCOS but looking at you I think you have sub set type 2 PCOS, which is harder to treat actually. Best of luck.

  • I was really hoping to come in here and see a BFP after your trigger shot video. I’m sorry girl. I COMPLETELY understand I too have PCOS. TTC for many years. I take metformin, Letrezol, steroids and I just did a trigger shot Friday. I had 2 growing follicles…so I’m hoping it worked. The TWW is the WORSTTTTTT!!!!

  • thanks for this… Our fail was in may, since then I just can not talk about it… I should be going again with second transfer in the next few days hopefully… Im going for my 10 days scan on thursday, so hoping We will be ready to follow with transfer soon. Its hard, really hard, but we belive it is going to happen this time;) Your boys are soooo cute <3

  • I was so upset the first time it failed,then angry the second time. The third time I do believe they had implanted as I felt very sick at certain smells from about day 8,but ended up spotting before my period started. But mentally and physically I couldn’t do it again. I have a lot of gynae pains and all the drugs had me in agony. But you are so right about keeping calm. Loving the twin journey. In fact if it had worked first or second time for you,you wouldn’t have these gorgeous boys now. Same if it had worked for me I wouldn’t have Harry. The only thing that use to make me mad was when people would say everything happens for a reason ��I wanted to punch them as all I ever wanted was to be a mummy. When I was going through it there was no social media or anyone to talk about it,very lonely and anxious at the time. But I have me cheeky monkey now and I’m so grateful for him,even if he does push my buttons at times ����. You are looking fantastic. Xx

  • The ERA has worked for me Celeste! I was pre receptive and needed an extra day of progesterone. I’m finally pregnant and 7 weeks along and crossing my fingers and toes this baby sticks! I’m feeling pretty good otherwise. I think you are making the right choice! Good luck! I don’t believe in GOD but I’m saying incantations for you and sending the best energy I can for you! Big hugs! It’s gonna happen for you!

  • Hey Kelsie! I was wondering if you would tell me who your previous and current servility doctors are/were? I am currently going through secondary infertility, and have had three failed letrozole cycles and two failed IUIs. I’m wondering if I should look into another clinic. Thanks!

  • A fantastic video. There would be so many individuals that would be wondering that why there IUI got failed. Though I never had IUI. But hopefully, this would help my friend.

  • I know you said dont ask but… you ever take more than 1000mg metformin? I hear you on the long cycles. I only had three periods in the year I was ttc. I got pregnant my first month with 1500 mg metformin. I had done 1000 mg for 4 months before that. I know you’ve been through a lot more than me and I’m sending you all the prayers, baby dust, good vibes ������

  • I did iui on 8th….now i have stomach pain……and something different feeling in my stomach……is that positive or negative symptoms

  • The journey is so hard! Especially when you don’t know how long it will take. Fellow PCOS and infertility warrior here. It took me 8 years (about 5 of that actively trying), many medicated cycles, iui and 4 IVF transfers. The ERA biopsy showed I needed a day 21 transfer instead of day 20. The first transfer after that stuck! Currently 26 weeks along. Best wishes for your journey!!

  • I have been thinking of you & have been wondering what’s next for you & Tim, Until I came across your channel infertility is something that’s never come up in my life, Now I’m very invested in your journey to baby & have never wanted something so badly for someone, Hang in there I’m So positive for you that you will get your happy ever after, Sending you lots of love from the UK ����

  • I love how patient you are. I’m going through the same thing but unfortunately we cant have a serrogate in NY. I wish you the best of luck! ��

  • I have 8 failed iui attempts..I am still not ready for ivf since it is not less invasive..am i being stubborn? Is it ok to do multiple iui attempts on natural cycle.. my husband and I are perfectly fine, dealing with unexplained fertility issue.please advise doc???

  • Hello… it’s very nice to know about your information given I am also undergoing in treatment of iui I have done 3iui nd it’s unsuccessful so what is the behind reason for this like how I can increase the chance of success.. what you suggest for this

  • I have pcod… for me 2 IUI’s failed.. for me HSG also done… hsg report is fine.. tubes are normal(open).. what is the reasons for failure..??

  • Hey. How are you doing? Thank you so much for uploading this. The doctor is so nice and so good. She explained everything so well. Glad to see that people are now considering the problems from IVF. And they are now overcoming it.

  • Thanks, doctor. For everything. For telling us all about its failures and greatness. It’s really very good. I hope everything will be alright. We must not take tension. It’s really going to be great.

  • I would advise you to make more embryos during time of waiting for the transfer. And it is really expensive process in Australia. You should have come to Ukraine or Russia, it would be cheaper. Didn’t you think about egg donor?

  • Hello. Thank you so much for this beautiful video. It was so informative. You guys are doing a splendid job here. It’s so important to make these videos. People get to learn so much. Keep up the lovely work.

  • Hello I came across your channel yesterday and my heart goes out to you. I understand wanting to have a baby with your spouse. It took my husband and I 7 years to conceive our one and only. I don’t ovulate every month. I took fertility blend for women and my husband took fertility blend for men its supplements. I pray that you conceive one day soon ��

  • I have been following your journey for a while and I am happy to see you and Tim staying hopeful and positive.
    We just recently had a transfer and it was successful for us because we did ERA and Receptivadx biopsy tests. Our result was helpful due to pre-receptive by 5 hours from our transfer time. I truly believe this time your guys will be holding a baby by April/May 2021 if everything is on schedule. I pray for your guys. ������

  • Thank you so much. I just had my 1st ivf failed recently and i feel devasted i have blocked tubes. After watching this vidoe i feel so much better and feel positive. I just keep asking myself what did i do wrong. We will try again soon i just keep healthy and positive. Thank you again.:)

  • After 6 years of unsuccessful trying to conceive naturally I went for IVF and today I received an negative result �� And I don’t feel that it could help me to take too anyone about it. I just give it up it didn’t meant to be for me.

  • Thanks for sharing! I just stumbled on your page looking for Ava bracelet reviews. We found out last week that our IVF cycle was unsuccessful. Like you, I am taking a step back and wanted to see what my body does on its own. Thanks for your your review on Ava and Ovusense. I’ll be thinking of you guys!

  • I have a really hard time dealing with pregnancy announcement myself. It’s really hard. I’m not a good person like you, I just can’t share the happiness with them. I only feel sadness and heartbreak every time someone get pregnant. I feel like a horrible person bacause of it.

  • I know you are feeling uncertainty about what to do next, but at least you now have a plan in place. A plan in place means HOPE ❤️. Continued prayers for all of you!!

  • Thank you so much Nikki! It’s not an easy subject to talk about but really appreciate you sharing your experiences. We are about to start our third round of IVF after a miscarriage last time. �� But as you said your journey give people like me hope. You’re an inspiration love and hugs X ����

  • Hi Kelsie! We recently switched REs as well. Our new office offers and encourages acupuncture. I had never considered it as an infertility tx before. As you had said, you’ve done it all! What are your thoughts on acupuncture?

  • I am currently a gestational carrier and 3dpt. I did an ERA back in march since my IPs only have 1 embryo left. It is surprising your GC didn’t have an SHGIts pretty standard here in the US. This is our first and only transfer and my beta is on the 6th. Sending positive vibes!

  • Hello, Dr. Gupta. This is a fantastic video. Please make more of these. I have learned a lot from it. I’m sure people from poorer background value this information, a lot more. Consultation fees are sky-rocketing these days. Help people out, keep up the lovely work!

  • This video is so informative. I love your videos, but I hate metformin I’m sorry but I do I had such bad side effects. I was put on 1000 mg a day I hope it works for you. I had to stop mine years ago. Stay positive hun you’re amazing��.

  • Hello this really help me a lot after a failed IVF. Thank you for all the positive advise and kind words. Really hoping for the best and try another cycle.

  • My pal and her spouse have been wanting to have a child for 3 years. Their counsellors told them on most cases where their problem was unknown. She discovered this guide with following the directions in the plan for two months, they to be expectant. You can learn about this tip more by getting to Google. I remembered its name is Sofia Goρazna
    all the best

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  • Tal vez no entiendas mi comentario, no hablo ni escribo bien el Inglés, pero te entiendo en tus videos y te sigo desde hace 3 años, paso por lo mismo que tu pero desde el otro lado del océano, IFV fallidas y el dolor de cada mes de tantas y tantas pruebas negativas, llevo 10 años buscando mi segundo embarazo y ha sido doloroso, frustrante, cansado, muy difícil y muy muy costoso. Tanto costoso que no puedo seguir costeando otra transferencia y es muy triste. Puedo imaginar lo que estas viviendo y solo quiero que sepas que no estas sola y te mando un gran abrazo en la distancia.

  • I found out I had pcos and nothing would help until I change my diet… I stop eating so many carbs. I switch milk to almond milk. I had 2 failed IUI and and then 2 failed IVF.. 1 miscarriage and on my 3 round IVF I finally had a successful pregnancy.never ever give up. I know what you’re going thru and I encourage you to change your diet it will help.. I did everything you can name of..also stress as much as people say don’t worry about it you do.. but try to be calm and patient god has its ways. I pray for you it will all be worth it sending some love ��

  • Keeping you, Tim, and Liv in my prayers. I so look up to you, Celeste. I have never known a more gentle, yet strong soul as you. I am blessed to know you through your story and social media. Will so earnestly be praying for your take-home baby to come in this next transfer ��

  • Hi im very sad right now.. i have a failed ivf.. yesterday heard the news..and the nurse said that my hcg level is too low.. its below 1..do you know why this happened.. we did ivf/icsi ��

  • Hey guys, sending love from Wales, UK. A friend of mine (lady in her late 30s/early 40s) has 2 children, one of them is in my daughters class. That beautiful girl was conceived after years of infertility and EIGHT failed IVF rounds. The younger child was conceived after 4 failed rounds I believe. I can completely understand if you feel like you have lost hope and I don’t feel like I could expect you to be full of hope at this stage. I myself have lost 2 pregnancies in a row and I am currently on my 4th pregnancy at 12 weeks and I’m absolutely terrified. Since I have come across your channel I have thought about you every day, and I really look forward to seeing you get your baby ❤️ your book is beautiful by the way, we will definitely be purchasing it. Sending you all the best wishes xxx

  • All the very best with future testing and transfer �� ���� you’re doing everything that you can!! Take very good care of yourselves and each other xoxo

  • Hi guys.
    I had my 3 Failed ivf cycle.I can’t explain how sad i am.we r trying since 7 years for baby.
    Please everybody pray for me God give me baby..m sooo sad.
    I think i jus need prayers.������

  • Im going through my first IVF cycle, just got my pgs results back after waiting 2 weeks and now my FET is cancelled it was set for early April �� been trying for 3 &1/2 years so get your feelings of needing a break, or getting excited about next steps just to be let down, we will get our babies ���� stay positive hun

  • It’s insane how expensive all of this is. Apart from all the psychological stress that you’re experiencing you’re faced with this enormous sum… I feel so sorry you have to go through this. I just had my fourth failed cycle and I feel your heartbreak. I know this feeling of being tired and not sure how to go on. Hoping it will all turn out well for you and all of your efforts won’t be in vain. Lots of love ❤

  • You have been on my mind so much in the past few weeks. Just like some others have posted, it’s amazing to be so invested in someone’s life that I don’t know personally. Just know there are so many of us, around the world, that are holding your hand through this, and praying and pulling for you both….because unfortunately, it’s all we really can do. My heart hurts for you and Kelsie and I want so badly for you both to be expecting your rainbow babies together (and yet so far apart).

  • Fellow PCOS Chick here! Love your videos. I feel you on the super long cycle, 87cds. The hormonal funk is real! Do you alter your diet when you are on metformin? Or do you have a pretty regular/health TTC type of meal plan you follow? I’m on metformin and cannot get my diet to a place that I don’t have the sh*ts �� are you on regular release or extended? Do you feel like there is a difference in how you feel on one vs the other?

    Much love ❤️

  • I’m so sorry that your PCOS is still causing issues. Crossing my fingers and toes and praying that you will still get to see the new RE in September.
    AFM: Hubby’s lab work that was ordered by his urologist all came back normal except for his testosterone. The urologist wants to prescribe him some medication at a higher dosage to help boost his sperm count before we try fertility treatments. We were supposed to go back next week, but due to all the COVID-19 shit that has been going on our appointment has been rescheduled for May. Now I’m praying we won’t have to reschedule again, but a lot can change in 1.5 months so it’s possible we might still be able to go. I was/am just so excited that there is something for us to try before we jumped straight to IVF or donor sperm. It just all a matter of “When can we start without COVID-19 being a threat?”

  • Who the hell dislikes this…

    Praying for you guys. I’m so sorry you have to endure this pain, and have endured it for so long.. you guys are so deserving and amazing. So so sorry. Love to you. ��

  • I went to the OB hoping they would put me on Metformin, but she didn’t not want to because my A1C was completely normal. She did put me on provera because I was on cycle day 62, she knew I wanted to get pregnant so she placed me on Letrozole. Ultimately I did get pregnant, it took three cycles. However it made me feel so sick and not myself, so I did some research and it’s a medication also used as a chemotherapy for breast cancer. After this pregnancy I definitely want to try a different approach to try to control my PCOS. Originally I thought I wanted the medication, but like you said it’s only a band-aid it does not treat the root of it.

  • Thank you for the update. My heart love and prayers are with you all. I completely understand your feelings & thought process. Praying for a positive outcome.

  • When I first had my doctor do tests,he said they were all fine. Then when I saw an RE, she looked at the old tests and said I clearly have pcos. She redid all the tests and then said “��huh. Your tests are completely normal now…I dont think you have pcos actually”. I’ve learned that my body goes literally nuts after hormone therapy of any kind. I had 28 day cycles my entire life prior to the pill, so over 10 years. Birth control for 11 months= no ovulation and crazy cycles for 14 months, letrozole = 45 day cycles for 5 months after stopping letrozole

    Not giving advice. Just saying I applaud you for getting a second opinion because I truly believe some REs just toss treatments at you and they do not try to find the reason why you’re struggling to conceive!

  • Sounds a lot more positive this time around and more controlled. Don’t worry about what day the embryos were transferred there is no right or wrong! I had day 4 embryo transfer and it was right for us. Everyone is different! Grade 4AA is amazing! I personally didn’t find out what grade our embryo was as I didn’t want to focus on that info as a previous failed Ivf I found out and it was a grade 2 C and from the very moment I found out I was negative about it!
    You have done everything in your power. Sending lots of love and strength to you xx

  • Have you heard of CCRM in Colorado? They have amazing results. I know a few people who have flown in from other states and countries and had success.

  • If you happen to be an infertile partners, please consider this guide. The results that western medicine gave me was aggravating However, my conception was a success after getting a healthy diet and considering scheduled acupuncture remedies for a couple of months. Viewing my one year old girl wandering before me makes me ecstatic. You can learn about this guide more by getting to Google. I think name of this guide is Sofia Goρazna
    take care

  • My Miss 5 now believes you’re Dr Dolittle because you spoke to your cat and they replied. Hope that gave you a smile during this trying time. I hope you and Tim are keeping well. Thinking of you as always.

  • I’m hoping and praying for you! You are so brave. I just ordered the book and can’t wait for it. My little dream is 20 years old and watching your journey reminds me to be so grateful for him!

  • I met my husband really late in life. We both understood we shouldn’t drag out our time with children. I always understand that to conceive a child in my age is rather difficult. And after numerous failed attempts to conceive naturally we decided to see a fertility expert. The specialist suggested to try the IVF procedure. And as a result, I had 5 failed rounds of IVF. It was so difficult to get over it. My husband and I even thought about adoption. But this procedure is really long and emotionally draining in our country. I started to chat online with women who also struggle from infertility. One day one lady shared her plans about surrogacy procedure in Ukraine. I became also interested in Ukrainian surrogacy. I was surprised but the cost of this procedure was affordable for us in comparison with the price of European clinics. We made a request to the biotexcom clinic. So, now we are waiting for a reply. I hope that this clinic will help us to solve our problem. Because we are dreaming to have a little baby.

  • Just getting caught up! have you tried… �������� just kidding! “I’VE TRIED IT” making my lol! Hoping your cycle comes soon girl! Sending love!

  • Continuing to pray for you! I don’t think anyone ever prepares you for the extreme amount of patience needed to battle infertility. I always felt like it was a HUGE waiting period in between each cycle. And once you do become pregnant it’s yet another waiting period of 9 more months to meet your baby. So much waiting for such a precious gift. Try not to worry about the day 6 embryo. I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my very last embryo frozen on DAY 7! Those littles frozen on day 6 and day 7 are fighters! I’m hoping these next few months go by fast for you and you can transfer that perfect sticky little embaby before you know it ❤️

  • I happened to find your channel while trying to find videos on sonohysterograms (thanks for making it). We tried for 10 years and my specialist file is as thick as a phone book. I’ve been taking a Norwegian spruce tree extract that has a high concentration of Lignans (antioxidant) that really helps with inflammation and has really helped regulated my cycle (I have pcos). Let me know if you’d like more literature on it.

  • Hi Kelsie,
    I stumbled across your channel after my daughter lost her first baby back in October and then just watched all of your videos. I just want you to know that I’m praying for you all the time and I hope that you will get your rainbow baby someday. ������

  • Will the ERA include testing her NK cells? Mine did, but I know not all do. Mine showed that we had got the timing wrong but it also showed that my NK cells were a little nervous and possibly attacking the embryo. I was put on low dosage steroids to calm them down. Tests also showed my progesterone was way too low despite the increased progesterone that I was on so we had to massively ramp that up. Both cycles since ERA finally resulted in pregnancy after all my previous failures. Regretfully both ultimately ended in miscarriage, but I have refused PGS testing so potentially it was the embryos. I do also know how you feel about your friends pregnancy announcement. My close friend go pregnant around the same time I suffered my first miscarriage I would have been just a month ahead of her. We were both so excited when I got pregnant on my next transfer I was just 10 weeks behind her almost to the day. I subsequently miscarried and her pregnancy is doing really well. Watching her pregnancy progress when mine didnt is really difficult. I would have been 12 weeks now. I have also had to mute a facebook friend whose due date is the same as my first pregnancy and I just cant watch it. All we can ever do is focus on the next treatment plan and hope and pray that the next one will be the one. I keep everything crossed for you, for me and for everyone still waiting for their baby that it will happen soon xxx

  • I’m so proud of you for moving forward. I thought you had given up from your last video. You are meant to be a mom.
    Never give him.

  • I would definitely recommend having a test or 2 done to make sure that there is no scar tissue etc. in Liv’s uterus. When I was a gestational surrogate,our fertility doctor did a very thorough ultrasound of my uterus and found a fibroid with a very rich blood supply that I didn’t even know I had! I had surgery to remove it 6 months before transfer. It put transfer off a bit longer but leaving it could have caused significant issues with what turned out to be a successful transfer and healthy pregnancy. Sending positive vibes and prayers. Stay strong.

  • Thank you, Celeste, from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story.
    I also saw the preview of your book. It’s so adorable! It captures the very deepest emotions I’ve been feeling all those 6 years. I cried… It makes me feel I’m not alone on this journey (although many times seems so)…
    in one of your videos you shared Dr Beer’s book, which I have bought. After my 3rd miscarriage I was digging deep for answers… I was able to locate a clinic near me that does the testing, got the results, offered a treatment… it has empowered me with the right information and questions to ask the doctors.
    I hope we will get the positive results soon �������� baby dust.
    You’re a ⭐️. Keep going.

  • I’m in the process of becoming a surrogate for friends of mine here in New Zealand. Am following along on your journey and �� for you all x

  • Thank you for this video! I’m in the same boat. I just had my 3rd ivf failed… I really hoped this one will work. Everything was great! Even my dr told me that chances to gp are high. All bloodwork even AMH came back GREAT! Because of that, he said he had no problem trying with my own eggs. Don’t understand why failure again… Well, actually I think it’s because of my age. I’m 45, will turn 46 soon. I’m too old to try with my own eggs… It breaks my heart. But I’m not going to give up! I’m about to start mitochondrial donation. My chances are pretty high with it. I think I fit perfectly… 40+, multiple failed IVFs, wants to become a mother more than anything else! Wish me luck!

  • Naww I’m so sorry that this transfer didn’t work out! Big hugs to you hun. It’s a weird feeling having those close to you fall naturally isn’t it? You want to/are happy for them but at the same time you are so hurt that they got what you have longed for with no effort at all. It is emotionally draining! As with the finances you said it yourself you need to TRY everything so that you can know you have done everything in your power to make this happen and I KNOW it will happen, it’s just a matter of when. And when it does ( coming from one who tried for 6+ years also) the injections, the money, the tears, the heartache everything that this journey has thrown at you will be nothing compared to the unconditional love you will get and clearly give to this little miracle on the way! Everything crossed lovely!!! <3

  • I have PCOS most of my life, got married 14 years ago when I was 24, we started trying to have kids right away but no luck. My husband also have low spwrm count. After lots of meds and infertility treatments we had our first IVF when I was 30. It failed (one embryo), after couple of months we had second frozen IVF from our remaining 2 embryos and it worked. Only after 12 weeks baby A’s heart stopped beating but baby B continue growing and we had our baby boy right on time and he weighted almost 10 pounds. Then after 5 years started again with treatments to another baby, tried with 3 IUI’s but unfortunately women with PCOS and my husbands low sperm count would never work. But as an optimistic wanted to try. After that our Dr. suggested IVF again and we had 6 frozen embryos from the retrieval. Implanted 1 frozen and I got pregnant with my little princess. She is now almost 10 months old and love of our lives especially her brother. I just wanted to let you know, do not be discouraged, everything is possible. I thought I would never have kids, since my PCOS is one of the worst kinds and my husbands history. Good luck and be positive

  • This video finds me at the perfect time. I have been on fertility treatment for about 2,5 years. My first and only pregnancy thus far ended with losing my twins to water broken at 13 weeks and ever since it hasnt worked again. Now just finishing my first IVF cycle which failed. I’m gutted, but your video helped to comfort and be less pessimistic about the road ahead. Maybe it can work out after all. Thank you

  • Hey. It is a nice video. it tells alot about the failures. Many women are facing it. They don’t know the reason. But sometimes it is not suitable for anyone. I was one of them. Well, I have a baby now. I have no more worries in my life.

  • Hello ma’am,
    I have dove IUI on November 30. I have tested my beta hcg in 19th December. The level was 89.9. After 10 days later i repeated beta hcg test and it was only 2 and ultrasound also done. There is no any sign of pregnancy. Is this miscarriage or other happening with me?? Please suggest me

  • I’m doing a GC journey too. Won’t go into my journey, but with so many fails of pgt embryos like you, I’d suggest changing the actual dna. At 29 with double the amount of follicles than other women, I got a fucking donor for eggs. LOL. The irony. Proven donor. Proven GC. If it doesn’t work it’s my husband, period. The ERA has no evidence based research behind it. Change the variables. Keep throwing things at it, but it’s important to keep changing things up if you want a different outcome. Is she building a thick enough lining? Is it triliminear? That’s all that matters. Progesterone just needs to be 20mg. Change variables.

  • Do you have horrible side effects from the Metformin? I also have PCOS and my husband and I have been TTC for almost 6 years now will no luck at all, we have no biological children yet. My doctor did give me a prescription for Metformin, but I’m scared to death to start taking it because all I’ve seen is horror stories about the side effects ��

  • Dear Nikki, this is an incredible important and powerful video for so many of us. I have a grown up baby now BUT I have added to my positive attitude in listening to you. Delighted for you and hubby in becoming parents to two lovely little ones. It’s just great and so hopeful for others going along the IVF path. Well done and thank you again. Xx hugs Karen xx

  • Celeste, I heard that the lipoidal flush that Dr LB did was the key factor that helped her get Sonia Kruger pregnant after her many tries.

    I also did it prior to my final transfer and got pregnant on my last PGS tested embryo. I had 3 to begin with.

    Unfortunately in this game it really is to do with luck but getting all the tests/procedures done really increases our odds. And hand on our hearts we can say we tried everything.

    I’ve spent enough on fertility treatments that I could have bought a house, but it’s all worth it in the end. In a few months you will forget about the hardships and focus only on your miracle. Just keep positive bc those vibes will help the embryo feel at home.

  • I am SO emotionally invested in you and your familys story Celeste and have been since you started YT ��♥️��♥️��♥️ I’m wishing and hoping you and Tim get the chance to be parents ♥️♥️♥️

  • Aww Celeste I just want to hug you, your so strong and I’m so sorry that your thoughts have to always be thinking about the next step to have your baby in your arms, so many feelings you must feel every minute of everyday. Know that we are all here for you and we all sincerely love you. Thank you for sharing your journey despite the heartache your courage is so admirable.

  • Hey Celeste, have you promoted your book to IVF clinics? They should give it as a gift to every IVF baby born. What a beautiful gift xx

  • Thank you for your book, I love reading it to our 8 month old little dream and she loves looking at the beautiful illustrations. I truly hope you will one day read this to your own little dream. Also, thanks for your honesty on pregnancy announcements, I always felt after my miscarriages like everyone was announcing their wonderful news and would feel so upset and then guilty for those feelings, infertility and miscarriage is a difficult and lonely journey. Wishing you and Tim all the best in this journey

  • I was so upset for you in the last video but nothing could be done. I am so happy that you are going for all the test possible prior to trying again for your surrogate to carry a baby for you. I know you have spent a lot of money while trying different routes to having your own baby and if the worst outcome does happen you will know that you have tried every possible route but lets hope that this time it will work for you I am sure it will so I will keep everything possible crossed and pray for you that this time you will have success it will be very hard for you when your friend does have her baby as it being so near to what would have been your baby date, but keep your chin up and it will happen for you soon. My little miracle of a grandson turned 2 this week and his mum was clutching the last straws of ever having a baby and it did happen so try to look on the positive side love to you and Tim xxxxx

  • Hi, How are you? This is a very good video. I loved to watch it. Many infertile women are confused. When they failed to conceive, they became depressed. They want to know the reason. This video will help them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love your videos �� and best of luck with your next RE. Haha I totally relate when you said “before you’re about to say have you tried….” yes I have lol. I always get asked “have you tried just relaxing” ������‍♀️!! I’m documenting my 3rd round of letrozole ����

  • Really hoping you get the answers you need so this next transfer is the one. It’s good to have a plan to work towards but it must be so difficult to keep going, your strength is admirable!

  • So happy to hear about your steps moving forward u can not put a price on things we do to start a family I believe and wish you and Tim all the luck in the world your book little dream is so lovely it makes me cry every time I view it in u tube

  • Im so glad you are providing an update. I honestly thought you would be taking a longer break from Social Media to clear your head.

    My heart is with you. This journey is so difficult. Im starting again myself.

    Yeah i found a close friend of mine is expecting too and that always stings.

    Please keep up hope and faith. ��������

  • But provera doesn’t do anything for your cykle and it’s not true progesteron aka. that stuff only messes with your hormones even more. Nothing good ever comes from provera… ��

  • Sending hugs to you both right now! I have been with you from the beginning and have huge hope that things will work out for you both. You to deserve it!

  • Not to be a “keyboard warrior” but you can actually take up to 2000mg of metformin daily in divided doses (1000mg twice daily) if okayed by your provider. ��‍♀️
    Best of luck in your ttc journey!

  • How r u madam..?pls help me and I will thankful to u if u ans my question..my semen analysis report says sperm motility…progressives..12.48 and total motility…16.33.
    Pls pls tell me now what should I do and this report is okay..?������

  • Hi Kelsie! I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 months after my ectopic pregnancy back in 2017. I was prescribed metformin too and took it for 8 months until I decided to stop. I took spirulina and Maca with 8oz orange juice for 6 months and noticed my cycle regulate from 48 cycle day to now 31-34 days. I stop spirulina for a while and started with the celery juicing, so far my cycle is quite normal. I encouraged you to do research on the sprirulina, maca and celery juicing. I’m sure you probably already had but hopefully what works for me may work for you too. P.S I made the husband take the juices I was and I am taking too. Wish you all the best ��

  • I have been following you for a long time now, and your videos have been very useful and entertaining, especially coming up on a year of TTC myself with one ectopic to show for it �� just wanted to say THANK YOU for documenting your journey!

  • Hi Kelsie! I’ve gone through 3 failed clomid/femara cycles, 5 failed IUIs, 3 egg retrievals, 3 failed transfers and a total of 3 miscarriages. I was about to start my last and final transfer but everything has been put on hold because of the current situation. To be honest, I’m actually glad everything has been put on hold. My body needed a break so I can totally relate!! I’m going to spend the next few weeks/months (I live in LA so no end in sight yet) focusing on myself, reading more books, doing more yoga and enjoying the simple things in life. I look up to you and your perseverance. I’m sending you lots of hugs and love as we focus on improving our mental health after all the trauma we have endured. God gives his toughest battles to His strongest soldiers ❤

  • Am here to thank God for using Dr Efe to help me.. I was married for over 6years without having a child my husband almost Abadoned me until I met a lady sharing a testimony of how Dr Efe helped her with herbal medicines then I also contacted him he also send me his herbal products then I took it for 1month am so happy am a mother today..This doesn’t mean you should not serve God
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  • The dosage of metformin shouldn’t be less than 2000mg per day (1000mg in the morning and 1000mg in the evening). It just won’t work for PCOS if it is less.

  • Have you tried infolic sachets twice a day? Really good stuff and a low GI diet. Both recommended for me and hormones have been much more stable

  • Celeste can I give you the contact information about the doctor who treated me. I was in same positions as you, but he did find the cause and now I have twins babies. Please contact him, he is very knowledgeable and 60 years of experience. You will be amazed after after to him

  • Hi Kelsie,
    I feel you on the metformin. I took it religiously too without any effect. My egg retrieval was postponed indefinitely because of corona virus. Thank you for thinking of us PCOS-ers during our TTC journey.

  • I think this is an excellent planhaving more control over her cycle and hormones will bring the success we are all playing for! I’m in the US, SHG is done ALL the time, I haven’t really heard of “natural” cycles and not checking progesterone around the clock… a uterine scratch is a good option too. I think you should keep pushing for more and more control over the cycle! I also want to suggest getting your friend on acupunctureit does wonders for the lining and blood flow! Fingers crossed! And good luck this time around!

  • Don’t falter. With determination and staying the course you will succeed. You haven’t come this far to stop now. It’s going to happen. End of story. Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Get ready for a baby. With love, Bossy Boots.��

  • I’m glad you’re back. I hope you get some answers and have time for some healing before another round.
    As always, thank you for sharing your journey. ��

  • I feel you! I have PCOS and have been ttc for many years. I too have had a frustrating time with the Ava and found your video about Ovusense intriguing. I am seriously considering selling my Ava and giving the Ovusense a try. I know how frustrating it can be to have people make suggestions, but after watching a few of your videos, I wanted to let you know about someone I stumbled upon who is known for helping women who struggle with conceiving naturally. Her name is Gabriela Rosa. She is a fertility specialist from Australia and has had huge success with her patients. Her personal struggles with infertility and how she overcame it naturally truly speaks for her abilities. My husband and I have been following her and have been implementing many of her strategies. I have seen a HUGE change in my cycle. She has a lemon drink that works magic…just saying. She just released another book a few months ago called Fertility Breakthrough. Here is a link to her website https://naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com/ If this information could be your pivotal point in any way, girl I would kick myself for not sharing. She offers a free challenge a few times a year, which is a great way to get to know her and her heart for women like us. Baby dust to you!!

  • PCOS can be very stressful, but do they checked also your thyroid, TSH level?
    If it’s high, or too low, it’s very hard to impossible to get pregnant, so PCOS and thyroid are the things that should be looked closely together.
    Also a lot of good reviews from natural remedies, like acupunture, do you guys tried that?
    At least it’s safe to try again, because all those meds are may be helpful at some point, but so exhausted and stressful for the body…While waiting for the appointment, it’s worth a try, to boost ovulation natural, all the luck to both of you!!!

  • Totally invested in your story. Liv is a saint for putting herself through a failed cycle and then another 3m of hormones and testing to come! I wonder also like others what her thoughts are on all this as originally i guess she hoped the first cycle would have worked.

  • Aw. You will have your own due date. You will not share it. You deserve that after all you have been through. ��. You are doing amazing.

  • I hope this transfer works!!! It sounds like you are doing EVERYTHING you can. You are so strong and I love that you keep on going and trying. You will get your baby. Thank you for the update:)

  • Ok this is kind of a random question but I just love you and your channel. What program and equipment do you use to make your videos? I’m praying for you girl:)

  • I was TTC for 2 years, and found out early March that I am pregnant after our 3rd IUI. While I’m excited to be pregnant, I am scared to be in my 1st trimester during these uncertain times. Positive vibes from this community will be appreciated!

  • Would love to know how Liv feels about trying again? Does she ever worry about the risks of surrogacy and all the additional hormones?

  • Oh my goodness CD 90?! I’m on CD 42 right now.. had my ER Feb 15. My body is all kinds of messed up right now. I think switching RE’s was a good decision and I’m hoping you have much much better luck with this one. Keep trying girl <3 My FET is currently on hold due to COVID, but glad I got the ER out of the way right before this all started. Best of luck to us both!

  • Girl I’m on 2000mg Metformin a day paired with 2000mg of Myo Inositol (1000mg twice a day for each) this shit SUCCKKSSS. But I love following you and hearing your story, I wish the world for you. ❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m sorry if this is to much, but, how many tries do you and your surrogate have for transfer? As many as you wish or however many she want? I’m sorry to ask, but I’m so interested in becoming a surrogate. I wish you and Tim so so so [email protected]

  • Before my first pregnancy after my long ivf history, I went thru all of those tests. But when I attemped for my next pregnancy for a sibling, none of them were necssary because I already had a successful pregnancy. I’m confused why your GS/friend would need those tests? Has she had polyps? Afterall she has carried multiple times. Timing is important (era) because ivf isn’t like a natural pregnancy (ie sex multiple times a month.) So that is helpful.
    Just food for thought. I know the desire to control the process. But curious why that would be necessary. She can clearly get pregnant & carry to term.
    Sending you baby dust!!!

  • Nice one! Happy I came across your channel! Go and take a look at followsm. c o m!!! It will help you get your videos higher in the search results!!!

  • Hi Nikki. I’m currently almost 14 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby and although I’m incredibly lucky to have conceived both of my babies naturally I feel a lot of this advice could be said to someone following a miscarriage too. It could be the hormones but when you said “dreams do come true” I instantly burst into tears. I’ve got a long way to go with my pregnancy but I feel positive that my rainbow baby WILL be in my arms next May. I’m a big believer in mindfulness, it’s an incredible tool and it’s helping me through my anxiety following my loss. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us xx

  • You should try doing the keto diet. I have PCOS and hypothyroidism and have been told to be on metformin and thyroid medication but they didn’t help me and only thing that would regulate my period before was birth control. Now my period comes like clock work which has never happened. There are a lot of Facebook groups too with women who have successfully gotten pregnant doing keto. I feel better than I ever have energy levels focus levels, clearer skin, so many benefits! Wish I would have been doing this years ago!

  • I’m with you in the PCOS anovulatory place, we stopped treatments in September and I had a fluke period in December but nothing since. I’ve considered metformin but it intimidates me.

    I wish you the best of luck on your journey and �� this COVID19 stuff dies down long before your appointment!

  • Thank you you have given me hope that this can work for me as well. I’m the same as you I’ve had two failed frozen cycles. Next year I’m going to start another frozen cycle. I’ve got 3 Frosties left. Last year was a difficult year as I run a restaurant but it’s true what you say about stress. I have cut down my hours and ready for the next cycle. I have found that you learn a great deal about your strength and the relationship you have with your partner etc. I am a similar age to you so you give me hope. Congratulations on your beautiful boys they are lucky to have a mummy like you xxx

  • Prayers for you love! Praying transfer #2 works ♥️ you deserve this! ������ i understand your pain. I have had 5 miscarriages & praying my next pregnancy will be full term. Never give up, your baby is coming Celeste ♥️

  • I just came across your video after getting my 2nd Fet has failed as it was my last embryo. Thank You for giving me the hope on keep going as I’m not giving up.

  • My wife iui has been done on 15th march,also her last month period was 2nd march. But she has an little bit blood discharge on 30th march. Can u please explain what does that mean

  • I’ve been thinking of you and Tim lately, I’m so glad to hear you guys have another plan in place. I’ll send out those positive thoughts, vibes and prayers your guys way! I don’t know of another couple that deserves this more then you guys do.

  • Idk of you have tried keto but I felt it really helped get my hormones under control and it made me start having periods regularly and I was only having 3 a year

  • Congratulations on the new house I have been TTC for 3 years and I have PCOS we have done 5 failed clomid cycles 3 failed letozole cycles they added 2500mg of metformin plus clomid and IUI I am now 5 weeks pregnant fingers crossed

  • All love here… My love, you seem tired. I truly wish you peace and relaxation during this break. I can only imagine the fustration and all the emotions. Im here for you! I will keep you and your beautiful family in my thoughts and prayers! Stay strong! Love always.

  • I wish doctors would let all the ladies, that have struggled through years of infertility and loss, handle the research. Just for once. Us bitches would get it figured out. And the reluctancy of some REs to even consider something unconventional is annoying. I mean, nothing else is working. You mentioned bedside manner….The 2 REs I’ve had were like that too. I think they are just so brainy they lack emotion. Not that they’re rude, they just don’t deliver the warm fuzzy feelings. Continued ���� ����

  • So glad you’re doing the ERA and having progesterone levels checked. Don’t worry about the day 6 thing. My friend’s little boy was a day 6 graded DC! He’s perfect! Best of luck xx

  • I think you are making the right decision to have the testing done. I recently came to the realisation that I can do all the right things at the right time, I can sow the seeds, but in the end it’s God who makes it life grow. I know God sees you and He loves you. I pray you will get your rainbow I hope and believe for it with you.

  • It’s scary. The mind and heart race with fear and love. Try it all, when baby is placed in your arms, you’ll know he/she was the one, the one chosen. It’s worth it all.

  • After having baby after struggling with infertility and PCOS my cycles did not return (shocker ��) so after several months I tried to go back on metformin and I could not tolerate it this time around! It made me super nauseous. So I actually stopped taking everything except my Synthroid. No vitamins. No diet changes. (I’m on the idgaf diet ��) My cycles randomly started happening on their own a few months ago, about every 35-40 days. It’s super weird! I’ve also been super stressed which makes even less sense! ��‍♀️

  • Great advice ��I went through 2 full fresh ivf/icsi cycles one was abandoned due to no fertilisation and I got pregnant on the 3rd transfer with frozen embryos, my twins are 8 months old and I still look at them and I can’t believe they are mine, after trying for 10 years with unexplained infertility I got my miracles in the end but I must say I put up a good fight and I never thought of giving up. To the ladies going through failed cycles Please don’t give up. It can take a few tries for it to work for some people. There is light at the end of the tunnel. X

  • After devastating transfers of 2 embryos, (both on natural cycles), we opted for an ERA and a medicated transfer cycle. Come to find, I was post-receptive by about 1.5 days. After 6 years of never getting a positive pregnancy test, we are now 9 months pregnant with our last embryo. I pray �� you get the answers you need to make this work! And yes, even if the results show she is receptive, it’s one question you can take out of the equation. God bless you both.

  • My new doctor put me on 7 days 500, 7 days 1000, 7 days 1500, now 1700 and I still have not had a cycle day 61 ����‍♀️����‍♀️ it has made me sick though

  • Good luck guys! don’t worry about day 6 frozen embryo, my final successful PGS-tested FET after 8 failed transfers was with a grade 2 (B) day 6 embryo. My son is now 4 months and perfectly healthy.

  • I am a ivf patient, you are putting alot of pressure on your poor person offering this opportunity.

    You should be more thankful and show that.

    I hope you don’t expect this poor person to do cycle after cycle, she has her own family which are clearly struggling.

    Be more greatful and thankful

  • Your so positive and strong.. I really admire your courage and patience I am sure god will bless you with your rainbow baby soon❤️. Lots of love from India.

  • I also have pcos and I’m anovulatory I’ve always had irregular cycles. Before my first iui i started taking vitamin d. I read that vitamin d helps with regulating cycles and I was very excited that after a month of taking it my cycle was regular literally 28 days ����

  • Kelsie you are a light in this infertility world.

    I am 3 years TTC, i have pcos and going sperm donor, 3failed IUIs we paused since December and we will go to IVFs next because I am resisting treatment apparently. I kinda stopped looking at anything fertility related except for your channel for now.

    I can’t thank you enough for putting yourself out there and share that journey with us all, you’ve been an example for me, so thank you for being you!

    I wish all the best and send you lots of love!

  • I hope the change of docs will help. Sometimes a new set of eyes is magical.

    I have PCOS as well but I bleed continously. Still no ovulation but I have been on my period since Thanksgiving. I started Metformin 2 weeks ago…hoping there’s a change soon!

  • I have PCOS and we are on a break as well, after MC #3 back in July and closing in on 3.5 years TTC. Monday was cycle day one after 201 day cycle. Since we are on a break we had decided no meds at all and finally my cycle restarted on its own but to say I was frustrated for a few months is an understatement lol.

  • Thanks so much for the update♥️ praying for you guys! I love your channel,you have given me so much hope and made me feel like keeping on fighting for our miracle… we have only been ttc for 1 1/2 years now,we started going to our re in January. We did all the testing they asked and went back for our consultation,and they told us we need to do ivf…wow that was a hard blow,but now we wait for more testing before we can move on to ivf.everything is cancelled because of covid 19… ❤️&����

  • Celeste I just want to reach across space and time and hug you and cry with you. We’ve been travelling the road of infertility as well but I think we’ve reached the end ��. I really believe your positivity will get you that rainbow. Your strength continues to blow me away, you’re my hero!

  • Why this’s so hard to conceive? I’m so tired… Life sure is unfair at times, isn’t it? I had an ectopic pregnancy, I lost my right tube. Then had a mc on 3rd month. Then decided to go for IVF. Well, all 3 cycles failed… I’m so sad and can’t stop crying… I have some hope as there are some options left. I’m now thinking about mitochondrial replacement therapy. I’ll have to go abroad as a clinic I’m interested in is in Ukraine. As soon as the pandemic is over, I’ll start the treatment. Best of luck to all.

  • I have been following your journey for a long time and have been thinking of you all since your last video a couple of weeks ago. Thank-you so much for putting your story out there, it takes so much courage and I admire how gracefully you have dealt with disappointment and bad luck. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for the next transfer and sending lots of love your way

  • Metformin did nothing for me as well, what brought my period back after not having it for 6 months was the supplements black cohosh, dong quai, and Presley tea. I took it for 4 days and my period came, I drank 4 cups of Presley tea a day and took the supplements as directed on the bottles.

  • Hi dear, I’ve been watching your story for a while now, and I wonder how old is your surogate? I’m asking just because I’m quite old and already had some bad experience with the transfer, even it was a donner egg.

  • In America they do uterine scratches which is suppose to help more for embryos to attach aswell can look to see if they do that here I just had my embryo transfer an I ended up falling pregnant but that was the next thing I was gonna ask to do I my embryo didn’t stick this time

  • Yeah my hsg got cancelled, but they’re still going ahead with iui. It makes me nervous, but worst case scenario if I have an undiagnosed blockage is that it doesn’t work. If I do nothing same result so why not I guess?

  • So excited for you to try another route and do whatever you feel is best for you. Been following you for 4 years now and I can’t tell you how closely I’ve followed your story I know the appointment is far away but I’m wishing you all the best when that time comes and lots of peace of mind in the mean time! XO