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WHAT IT’S LIKE BEING A SURROGATE | Answering FAQ about Surrogacy | Harmony

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Damaged Babies & Broken Hearts: Ukraine’s commercial surrogacy industry | Foreign Correspondent

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Surrogacy 101 An Overview for Surrogate Mothers

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Surrogacy may be used to help build a family when a woman cannot carry a pregnancy herself. A gestational carrier carries a pregnancy with the original intention of giving the baby to the parent or. Surrogacy 101.

Surrogacy is complicated. It’s a legal and medical process, but it’s also a social and emotional one. It’s a unique partnership between hopeful parents and surrogates— a collaborative effort between them and their legal, medical and surrogacy.

If you are in the fact finding stage, read on as we debunk common surrogacy myths and break down the facts. Surrogacy Myth: Surrogacy is only for the wealthy or celebrities. Busted: This myth exists because the cost of surrogacy is almost indeterminable. Surrogate.

Any woman considering becoming a surrogate will have many questions about surrogacy. It’s important that she receive the answers she needs before starting. How To Be A Surrogate Mother Navigation. 7 Surprising Facts about Gestational Surrogacy. If you are considering surrogacy as a way to help intended parents achieve their dreams of having children, it’s likely that you already know a lot about how the surrogacy process in Colorado works.

From matching with a couple or individual to negotiating surrogacy. Surrogacy means something different to each person it touches. For intended parents, it is the chance to finally complete their family and realize their dreams of parenthood. For surrogates, it is the chance of a lifetime to give. We offer assistance to intended parents who want to have children through gestational surrogacy and to women – just like you – who want to become gestational carriers.

To help you get started, here are some interesting facts about gestational surrogacy. Gestational Surrogacy is Common and Effective; There are two different types of surrogacy. Surrogacy 101: Get the Facts All about becoming parents via surrogacy, including the costs and the process, from finding and selecting a gestational carrier through having the baby. Surrogacy is a beautiful gift you can give to someone you know or a stranger.

However, it is also a highly involved process, medically and physically invasive, and emotionally trying. It’s not uncommon for women to back out at the last minute, causing tremendous financial loss to the intended parents and great emotional pain. Get the latest breaking news from The Facts.

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List of related literature:

If you are interested in the surrogacy laws in your state, an interactive map can be found at www.

“Our Sexuality” by Robert L. Crooks, Karla Baur, Laura Widman
from Our Sexuality
by Robert L. Crooks, Karla Baur, Laura Widman
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The 2002 UPA continued the presumption that a woman who gave birth to a child was the mother of the child, unless the child was conceived as part of a gestational surrogacy contract authorized and approved under state law.

“Health Care Law and Ethics” by Mark A. Hall, David Orentlicher, Mary Anne Bobinski, Nicholas Bagley, I. Glenn Cohen
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To make surrogacy more available and affordable, some states, such as New York,31 are considering amending their surrogacy laws to allow for compensated surrogacy.

“Introduction to Law for Paralegals: A Critical Thinking Approach” by Katherine A. Currier, Thomas E. Eimermann
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gestational surrogacy,14 an arrangement in which the pregnant woman carries a child who is biologically unrelated to herself, as well as the first recorded live birth of IVF octuplets, and numerous births for women over fifty years of age.

“The Ethics of Invention: Technology and the Human Future” by Sheila Jasanoff
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Why would a woman choose surrogacy over other options like adoption?

“A World Full of Women” by Martha C. Ward, Monica D. Edelstein
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The process is incredibly convoluted: there are egg donor agencies and surrogacy agencies, and there are tricky legal processes involved, especially if you live abroad.

“Me: Elton John Official Autobiography” by Elton John
from Me: Elton John Official Autobiography
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This includes storing sperm and embryos for a 6-month quarantine period, as well as taking account of the range of factors associated with the welfare of the child (see pages 319–323) for both the intended parents and the surrogate mother and her partner because either couple could eventually be caring for the child.

“Medical Ethics Today: The BMA's Handbook of Ethics and Law” by British Medical Association
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What do I understand of surrogacy?

“Wombs in Labor: Transnational Commercial Surrogacy in India” by Amrita Pande
from Wombs in Labor: Transnational Commercial Surrogacy in India
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However, the costs ($50 000 to as much as $100 000) can be prohibitive, which limits access to surrogacy for all but those with the money to cover the agency and legal fees, as well as the surrogate’s fees and medical expenses.

“The Fenway Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health” by Harvey J. Makadon, MD, Kenneth H. Mayer, MD, Jennifer Potter, MD, Hilary Goldhammer, MS
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Surrogacy is ethically complicated because it involves a second woman.

“Parenting: A Dynamic Perspective” by George W. Holden
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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 (877) 492-3666

Bibliography: oktay_bibliography

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  • I really respect surrogates. they give others happiness. They make other’s dream come true. IDK how they manage all this. Doing such a big thing for someone else. Going through all the pain for someone else.

  • My younger sister had the baby boy with the surrogacy method.Her surrogate mother is very nice and co-operative.She is really a lovely lady.My sister is very lucky that she has founded this surrogate mother.I really appreciated all the surrogates.They are doing great work for all the intended parents.Thanks for this video.Keep updating us.

  • I love how they took time to make a bigoted condition for adoption but then left the welfare of mothers and children at others mercy.

  • Surrogacy clinics are illegal in Ukrain. They are exist because of corruption in the government and extremely poverty of Ukrainian population. Think very good before using Ukrainian women as surrogate mother. God will punish everyone who does any harm to these babies.

  • seems that those who used a surrogate left her as if she was a damaged hand bag that didn’t fit what they paid for. very upsetting, why pay to bring an innocent child if you won’t look after the child knowing your 61 and its thats probably why the pregnancy didn’t go well? I mean this is so selfish should have left it alone and now its for the child to suffer in this world

  • I think a lot of people start with that.I am glad that you made the decision.I am happy there are so many people like you.They really help out people like us.I am also going for surrogacy.By that I mean hiring a surrogate mother.Yes, you are right it really is a great way to give back.To your community and to the people.

  • I really like the concept of surrogacy. Really want to thank the person who invented it. It’s so convenient and reliable. When a surrogate does this selfless deed, it makes me want to respect her a lot. I wish people keep on getting benefit from this. I wish people stay happy and satisfied. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

  • I mam recently I had sex with my girlfriend and I noticed that she was lactating. She said it’s normal for her. What should be the reason? She is a divorcee but she said she had no sex relations with her husband.

  • Childless couples are more like children with a “We want, we want “at any cost..A life is not a commodity to be bought.Ukraine wasn’t always so poor…It was the bread basket of the USSR.Now it’s selling itself out…I find the whole thing awful….This world is bad enough with puppy dealers These baby dealers are the pitz.As for the American cple who dumped Brigitte words fail me.

  • “This baby is incurable”

    Dear parents, your ignorance is incurable. That’s your child and you must treat her right no matter her health condition was.

  • Girl I’m new just watched your labor and delivery video on surragocy..been binge watching your vids since!.You are A REAL HEAVENGLY ANGEL..u really are..u gave the gift of life to someone a precious child!!..GIRL U ARE AMAZING…U may not feel that ur amazing for doing it but YOU TRULY ARE!!!..

  • This breaks my heart to watch. I honestly wish that my husband and I were in a place where we could adopt Bridget if given the chance. ��

  • ohhh i have a question. will you stay in contact with the parents and or baby? will they send pics? updates? and if they do will you share anything here

  • This is awful, so the little angel wasn’t born perfect so the parents dumped her like a sack of garbage, HOW could anyone be so cruel, this is heartbreaking.

  • Hello all! How are you guys? So that was quite a nice video. Surrogates are such great women, don’t you think. We had our surrogacy at Biotexcom. You all must have heard of it. Our surrogate is the most wonderful woman I ever met. I am still in contact with her. She visited us once since birth of my daughter.

  • Very well video. I think it’s very beautiful. This overview is really good. I wish it could be really helpful for all of us. Thanks allot for making this video. It’s really helpful for us. These women. My salute to them. They are really good people. May God bless them.

  • Do agencies do monthly payments or do we need to pay the whole balance at once or do we put a deposit and the payments how does all of this work? ��

  • Hi there! I think it’s wonderful what surrogates do. Coming from a person like me who has no chances of pregnancy, it means a lot. This video was very interesting. Thank you for sharing it. It’s great what work you do. We really need more like you. Keep it up! Wishing you the best.

  • Surrogacy is mostly used by elite women to avoid pregnancy to focuss on “career” and maintain figures… Feminists here can whine all they want but it’s the fact… Bloody feminists are the ones who encourage this as well as most of them are elite.. Or else kindly explain why rich women don’t become surrogate??

  • Hey there. This is a great video. It’s really beautiful what these women do. It’s selfless and great. They put their lives at risk. Surrogacy is a blessing by science. Its a great choice for infertile people.

  • Surrogacy is most common method for having a baby for women like me.
    Surrogates are wonderful women who give beautiful charms to women like us.
    surrogacy is the most common method or way of having a child.
    i was also very stressed during my first marriage as i had many complications while getting pregnant.
    I conceived for three times but always resulted in miscarriage.
    I’m 43 years old now.
    Now i am married again and me and my husband are thinking of having of having a baby.
    I guess keeping in aspects like me a woman should probably go for surrogacy method to have a baby..
    We are looking for a good clinic to support us and guide us through the whole process.
    BioTexCom is a good clinic with very good reputation. MAy be you can have a look at it.
    We researched about a number of clinics over the web and found many good clinics as well.
    You should also do research about surrogacy related clinics as well over the web and look for the best clinic.
    Surrogacy is the safe and the most good method of having a baby for women like us.
    Wish you a very good luck.

  • Mmmm. I thought Michaels parents had “done their research”. Even anecdotally people know that Eastern European healthcare is pretty dire. The environment is polluted. The people are malnourished from years of war and deprivation. Yet they looked at the website and clinic blurb and thought “ okay, good”. Please. It’s taking advantage of poor women, in the worst possible way. It also highlights how Americans are becoming devoid of basic morals and human feelings.

  • Did this little girl ever get a home? I would absolutely LOVE to adopt her and I know there are so many family who would love her to the moon and back.. every child deserves a loving family to be apart of..

  • Surogacy can be a beautiful thing. And can be awfully damaging thing. It all depends on people.

    In my opinion, biological parents should not be allowed to easily leave the baby if she is born not the way they expected. It should be dealt in exactly the same way as if the biological mother gave birth herself.

    Nobody guaranties a picture perfect baby to anyone when they are pregnant.

    Also the company executed this so wrong. How could they impregnate a woman, who had high risk for preterm birth to begin, with twins? They absolutely don’t care about the surogate mothers’ health.

  • I’m Ukrainian and I am so surprised to see that. Never knew we had this issue. By the way our healthcare is free and we still largely don’t have a consept of health insuarence so that state of hospital is our normal.

  • Little kiss red head is gonna sit there and cry about the little girl and how much she loves her, her SHE WONT TAKE HER IN? Save the fake tears for something else.

  • I do not understand that parents leave children because of their difficulties. That is not acceptable. If you want to have children, you MUST accept the very real possibility that there will be problems. ESPECIALLY if you are using an overseas surrogate. If your outlook on having children is so limited, you really shouldn’t be having children. I try not to be so preachy about these kinds of things but it is not right to leave a child, no matter what, if you decided to have one. It is a different matter if you were pregnant and gave the child up for adoption because you had no means to care for the child. But if you FORMALLY COMMISSION THE BIRTH OF A CHILD FOR YOURSELVES AND DO NOT TAKE THE CHILD IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS, EVEN AS A BABY? You are not worthy to be parents of the healthiest children alive. Disgusting.

  • A Ukrainian article from May of this year says that Bridget still lives in Solnyshko childrens home. It also said Marina, her friends and some Australians had put together the money for Bridget to go to a rehabilitation center to improve her walking, and she was supposed to go there in April, but that was cancelled due to covid so they don’t know when she’ll get to go. And, Marina has also attempted to contact Bridget’s biological parents, but they ignore her. What’s worse is some people write that Irmgard Pagan and Matthew Etnyre hired ANOTHER Ukrainian woman to carry twins for them some time ago. I hope that’s not true and that they did not get ANY babies.

  • it’s great to help others. a woman especially a mother can understand the pain of another woman. its very great and motivating video for those who want to help others. Due to some medical complications, I cannot conceive a child. At first, I was so depressed, but then I came to know that I can be a mother. It was the happiest moment of my life. I felt like I gave birth to a child. so my husband and I went to a clinic in Ukraine. They provided us the best surrogate mother of our own choice. It’s been 8 months. Now I am waiting for my child.

  • Imagine doing ALL of this to get a kid, when you could have just adopted one that was already in the world and needed someone to love it.

  • How amazing to see other peoples love can give to this Angel than gettin love and care from her very own mother��Not every parents wanted to be a parents��

  • At 15:22 that little girl flipped off the camera. That’s something I would have done as a child. On a more serious note, I feel badly for the children who are born with challenging medical conditions and are then abandoned by the family that commissioned their conception to begin with. Maybe it’s me, but it seems morally wrong to pay someone to carry your baby, but then leave the baby went they aren’t born “healthy”.

  • wether ‘poor’ or ‘rich’, pregnant women has to have or needs to have prenatal care which includes nutrition and check-ups etc. So, it sounds ridiculous to those people who have the service of surrogacy and not taking care of the wellness of the person carrying child but just waiting for the birth of the baby??? what kind of people or couples are those.
    That American man abandoning his child, man! your the genetics quality of your sperm contributed that your kid became that way plus if you didn’t take care for prenatal care the more, and then have the big guts to abandon, you must be jailed in u.s man!

  • If her parents are American, she should at least be sent to America so that she can get care. The American parents should be charged for child abandonment

  • Bridget is an innocent baby! She didn’t asked to be born. Shame on those American parents who clearly abandon this sweet girl. Someone needs to be held accountable! This child desperately need some form of treatment. Kudos for nurse helping her with some form of PT and OT therapy.

  • This concept is very trending now a days. And many women want to learn about this process in detail. You have provided the good information regarding this. I am very much impressed from the way you have guided and provided the information. Thanks for sharing this informative video with every one.

  • Hello ma’am
    I did not give breast feed to my baby from starting, always gave her formula milk. Now my baby is running 4 months.Can I start breastfeed again?I fed my baby a breastfeed for 4days up to 3ml on starting period.pls reply mam

  • I feel so sorry for the little girl Bridget. The lady seems to really love her. I wonder if she could adopt her. Give any baby a chance. I am pleased the baby boy got adopted.

  • Maybe focus on your mental and physical health (change your diet the keto diet works for PCOS, get to a healthy weight, etc.) and finances first and THEN try for a baby?
    I don’t get people who just can’t come to terms or just work on their infertility or other valid reasons they obviously have to actually NOT have children (faulty genes, cancer or mental health history, insufficient financial situation, etc).
    What’s wrong with adoption? A human being is a human being.
    Why bring another one who will most likely suffer with those kinds of parents anyway into existence?

    Most of those people are narcissists. Those are known to be very unhealthy in relationships and have no real concept of love.

    There should be a mandatory exam/license for people to be allowed to get children. If there are still orphans out there, I see no reason to keep people breeding.

    Sorry for this long rant and eventual grammar mistakes (English is my third language).

  • Everyone is talking about the bad parents and rightfully so. But we need to call out companies like BioTexCom and it’s Directors and staff. This is terrible and inhumane of them.

  • This sort of trade needs to be globally banned. I’m sorry that it would mean some ppl couldn’t have biological children, but sometimes things being possible doesn’t mean they are right. This practice is not right. Having children is not a human right, using women like this is abuse, abondoning children is criminal, this entire practice needs to be globsöly banned.

  • The concept of surrogacy is new to me but found really interesting. The world is finding every possible way for everything whether it is of having babies or being able to conceive.i am glad they could share their emotions about how they feel.i have also seen such videos that portray emotional stages they went through.good luck with your work and more

  • Thanks for this amazing video. I have a lot of respect for surrogates. They help others and bring happiness to their worlds. Keeping a child in their wombs for 9 months for someone else is not an easy task. They are doing an amazing work. May all surrogate mothers get the fruit of their deeds. I wish them all good luck!

  • This immoral business shall be banned. Please people stop using my country as chip incubators. My country already suffer enough. This needs to be stopped.

  • How can they be so heartless to leave the child. They could at least take her to US so she can have a passport and she would have the chance to be adopted by other people.

  • Do subscribe our Channel and for more informative content and daily tips download BabyChakra India’s No.1 Pregnancy and Parenting App

  • Bridget parents are monsters!! I hope they never get the chance to have kids biologically or through adoption! These assholes don’t deserve to be parent’s!

  • Don’t outsource surrogacy to save a buck. If you can’t afford an local surrogate and can’t pay hospital bills, then you shouldn’t have a kid. Babies never come easy and any place that promises easy cheap fast babies is a red flag for abuse and exploitation.

  • The owner of the surrogacy agency is the dodgiest guy I’ve ever seen. How can anyone sign up with them? The Ukrainian government should crack down on these agencies and make any surrogate couple take responsibility for children born of surrogacy. Thank goodness my parents immigrated from Ukraine 30 years ago and took me out of a country with corrupt government, who live like kings while the rest have nothing to eat ��

  • I’m disgusted that our society has reached a point where it looks to women for bodies or body parts it can rent. I’m disgusted that we are supposed to celebrate these celebrity couples where the baby apparently sprung from nowhere and behave as if this is completely normal. There’s a reason why these people go to these countries they are cheaper, poorer where the women are more desperate. I don’t see middleclass women risking their lives to do this.

  • Hey. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have to say I really respect the surrogate mother. You all are doing a great job. Giving someone a baby is a huge deal. You make this happen. Thank you so much. I also found this video very informative. Keep it up you guys.

  • Please don’t go for surrogacy in Ukraine, don’t pay the devil (I mean these heartless people who make money on other person’s suffering). This is clearly an unethical business and the benefits for surrogate moms are thin. These people have no responsibility and are indifferent to outcomes only to their profit. I am from Ukraine and I know how poor common people are esp. in the regions not mentioning those struck by war in the east. They are easily fooled by these ‘firms’ and are taken advantage. The ending made me cry. This person is so kind hearted and I am sure she would adopt the girl but she can’t.

  • I want a baby at any cost! ( I don’t) what happens if that baby is not the perfect baby (learning difficulties, physical disability’s) do you keep the receipt so you can return it?

  • Americans really don’t know much about post soviet countries…yeah we have a lot of problems especially with medicine. Cause our polificians care only about thdmselves

  • Harmony,I wish in 1982 this was more acceptable as i would have a child. You are one beautiful, special young lady. You are making another’s wish come true. God bless you. Much love.

  • Honestly, I expected a real mystery solved in the program, dark secrets opened. I didn’t find it shocking at all. People want a baby, not any baby to raise and love, but to buy one that has at least half of their genes. If the purchase is unsatisfactory they abandon it. This is not real parenthood in the first place

  • I can’t understand this sick obsession of having your biological child just because, and going in to depths and bank problems for having a child! whoever supports this craziness does not acknowledge and analyze what these people are doing!! you need to have closion in a sane way for you not become obsessed over a child. that is not normal and even applies to ivf!! Everyone else is calling them “miracle babies” but that is not true;how can a big depth in your bank, destroying your psychical and mental health over a baby for more than a second is ok to begin with?!

  • I’m so disgusted with Bridget’s biological family. A child with disabilities is still a human being, and she was still their baby. Now they couldn’t care less what happens to her, while this woman Marina is desperate to give this child a normal life.

  • It’s really an amazing profession…I really find these women to be amazing at all…They are really doing a great job seriously! Last year my cousin sister had her surrogacy procedure at a repro center in Ukraine. They center got her a surrogate mother! She was really so cooperative…Anyway! Wish her all the best!

  • Jebote! Bivse zemlje Sovjetskog Saveza Ukrajina Su jos veci horor nego sto sam mislila! Znala sam za eksploziju! Znala sam kakve posledice je ostavila! Znala sam za siromastvo i kanibalizam! Znala sam da nemaju zdravstveno! Zakon bi trebao da stiti bar novorodjencad ako vec ne stiti odrasle!!!

    ps. Ovo je kao zaradjivanje na silovanju i prodaji rasnih pasa! Zakoni koji stite ljude i pse se nigde nepostuju! Potraznja mora da se prekine da bi se prekinula proizvodnja!!!

  • oh this video made me so upset! Bridget did not ask to come into this world, she deserves to be treated with love and not to be rejected!

  • found much informative.surrogacy has always remain taboo.A social awareness must be made as to what really it is. what is the reason for people selecting this? such videos must often be posted as if this would be the best way to spread awareness among people.

  • Well, you cannot blame the clinic for Bridget’s fate. Yes, she is ill, but the clinic didn’t force parents to abandon her. There are a lot of reasons for Down syndrome. I am so sorry for her ��

  • This is so wrong, I mean anybody who gets pregnant doesn’t have the certainty that the baby will be 100% healthy or “normal”. I mean isn’t that part of human imperfection? As not only surrogates babies can be born with a disability. It’s so disgusting to see that the baby is not suitable for their parents. So I guess if the biological mother would have to birth her she will give her up for adoption as it was not the baby she expected. Feel so bad for Bridget.

  • Stop surrogacy. End of story. This world is population overload. If you can’t have kids it’s sadly not meant to be. Adopt or foster. Don’t put the innocent children through this pain

  • How do you figure out what agency to use? If you apply to be a surrogate do you even get a choice on intended parents? I’m considering it but doing research first.

  • Oh my gosh! she said ukranians live in poverty, but what about Americans? I know that majority Americans live in rental apartment, in credit cards debt and in tight rules and law on everything. Shes not mentioning that is she? I lived in America and I know how cost of living is rediculous and it’s getting worse.

  • How low can you go, publicly shaming a couple who knew that they simply could not take care of a developmentally disabled baby. Awful awful reporting!

  • Hi harmony,thanks for bring an awesome person,I am interested in using surrogate, however we are in uk,which agency are you in or which agency can you recommend? Please help,thanks

  • I have been watching your Surrogate series and I love it!!! I have one request. Can you be more sensitive to how you talk about certain things? Within the past hour I have watched multiple videos where you describe mentally unstable people as being “crazy”. To you that word may not carry much weight but for some it does. Just because someone is considered mentally ill does not make them crazy “crazy”. The term “crazy” is a VERY offensive term. Just because someone struggles with some mental health issues (that most times they cannot control) do not make them crazy. Multiple people have depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, etc. But it doesn’t make them “crazy”. We are all humans fighting our own battles. We all deserve respect. Again I love your videos but can you PLEASE be more sensitive to things as such!

  • What angers me is that if a woman was moving to another country and planning to get pregnant and give birth, she’d surely check out the standard of healthcare for herself for before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth. No such care taken for the surrogate or newborn here.

  • Вы мало упомянули о том, КОГО втягивают в суррогатное материнство. А в Украине в это часто втягивают девочек выходцев из детских приютов. Откуда у них будет здоровье выносить того ребенка?

  • Do you have to report your surrogacy compensation? Will you be reporting it? I’m also in California and very curious about that part. I’m also beginning my surrogacy journey

  • Legit psych evaluation is a make or break �� people think surrogacy/IVF is an easy process… it’s long and hard..
    Wish you all the best with your journey
    Embryo transfer day tomorrow ��can’t wait for my IPs to get an early Christmas prezzie ��

  • ❤️You’re FREAKING AWESOME ❤️ and so beautiful!! Lol…pooping is healthy! Being a surrogate shows that you have a kind and loving spirit! You’re definitely one in a million!!

  • Thanks for making this video! I’m actually in the middle of completing the legal contract! My process has actually been long, I started my application end of May! Most of the time took up matching with IPs. I’m so nervous and scared!! I actually have a boyfriend so I’m nervous how that’s going to be for us but his been very supportive.. I know this might be a personal question but since u mentioned they pay you $40k how much did they actually pay you a month? & when did you officially start getting paid? Immediately after confirming pregnancy?And how many months were you when you stopped working? Did you quit or went on maternity leave? Thanks in advance! Hoping to go to you when having any questions since I don’t know any other surrogate moms.