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Pregnancy: Implantation

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Implantation bleeding

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How do I know if I’m having implantation bleeding?

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Implantation bleeding: your most asked questions

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Implantation bleeding, early pregnancy bleeding & spotting: 10 Important facts

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Implantation bleeding vs period: 5 ways to know the difference.

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Implantation bleeding is spotting or slight bleeding just before your normal period is due. This is caused by a fertilized egg implanting in your uterus. The uterine lining is made up of blood and at implantation, a bit of blood is displaced. This means that the blood will leave through your cervix, and thus be seen by the woman.  .

Implantation bleeding is light bleeding from the vagina that happens in some women 10 to 14 days after conceiving a baby. You may think it’s just a light period, but it’s an early sign of. Implantation Bleeding Symptoms.

Implantation bleeding is considered one of the early pregnancy symptoms (at least one of the first easily identifiable signs for a mother). Because implantation bleeding occurs near the time of her next period, many women are confused whether it is a possible pregnancy or a period. Implantation bleeding generally occurs 5 to 6 days after ovulation starts. If you take a pregnancy test and the result is positive, then you should consider that implantation happened around 4 – 5 days earlier and is less likely for spotting to in fact represent implantation bleeding.

If you experience heavy bleeding that isn’t implantation or period related (after a positive pregnancy test, for example), it could be what’s know as first trimester bleeding, a common bleeding. Implantation is one of the most dramatic biological events of your entire pregnancy — conception being the first. But unlike conception, you may not even notice that implantation is happening, although some women experience period-like cramping and a little spotting.

Implantation cramping and light bleeding may be an early sign of pregnancy. It is easy to mistake these symptoms as menstrual cramping or light bleeding. The only way to confirm your pregnancy is through a pregnancy test (serum beta hCG/ urine) (10).

If you notice any spotting, i.e., implantation bleeding, wait for about three days and take a home pregnancy test. The later you take the test, the more are the chances of getting an accurate result as your hCG levels increase. Based on the research I have done, I actually could be experiencing heavy implantation bleeding and not an early AF..

Well what I thought was a 6 day early surprise from AF. As soon as the blastocyst implants, it emits the pregnancy hormone hCG (or human chorionic gonadotropin) into the mother’s bloodstream. The hCG can first be detected in the blood about 3-4 days after implantation, and this is when a positive blood test can confirm a pregnancy.

The urine pregnancy test becomes positive 1-2 days later.

List of related literature:

Implantation bleeding is not a sign that something is wrong.

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About seven days after conception (when you’re three weeks pregnant, counting from the first day of your last menstrual period), you may experience a bit of spotting or very light bleeding as the fertilized embryo first implants itself in the uterine wall (“implantation bleeding”).

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between” by Ann Douglas
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Spotting due to bleeding at the implantation site occurs from the time of implantation (about 6 days after fertilization) until 29 to 35 days after the last menstrual period in many women.

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In early pregnancy the patient may have some light bleeding, called spotting, when the foetus implants itself into the wall of the uterus.

“Assessment Skills for Paramedics” by Amanda Blaber, Graham Harris
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About seven days after conception (when you’re three weeks pregnant, counting from the first day of your last menstrual period), you may experience a bit of light bleeding or spotting as the fertilized embryo first implants itself in the uterine wall (“implantation bleeding”).

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between” by Ann Douglas
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In so-called implantation vaginal bleeding the loss is light and occurs a few days before menstruation would have been due.

“Midwifery: Preparation for Practice” by Sally Pairman, Sally K. Tracy, Carol Thorogood, Jan Pincombe
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Implantation Spotting: Bleeding associated with an embryo implanting into the endometrium inside the uterus around 5-10 days after ovulation.

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Implantation bleeding may be confused with a normal menstrual period, particularly if the woman’s menstrual periods are usually light.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
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Implantation bleeding is a common cause of first trimester vaginal bleeding and is usually a diagnosis made by exclusion.

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FIRST TRIMESTER Implantation bleeding.

“Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2019 E-Book: 5 Books in 1” by Fred F. Ferri
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  • My period was a couple days late, but when I got off I started light bleeding a week later for like two days. I am now 1day late for my period. I’m waiting ����

  • Hi! Hope you can address this: does implantation bleeding (when it occurs) occur the day of implantation itself? Or can there be a days-long delay between implantation and when the spotting actually shows up? Asking as it showed up for me 14 dpo. Thank you.

  • I’ve been having a dark rustic/brown spotting/bleeding for the past 3 days. No strong cramps like I normally do during my period, which is weird unless this is indeed implantation. My period is normally a vivid red, heavy and accompanied by strong intense cramps… There’s a bit more of a flow today but not enough to fill up a pad. I’m going to see how it goes for the rest of the week. If it doesn’t become heavy I plan on testing next week. What’s your opinion about this? Do you think that it’s possibly implantation, due to the not so normal color and flow? ��‍♀️ I just want to make sure that I’m not crazy. Last week I felt a pintch in my belly 6-7DPO my period is “due” tomorrow ��‍♀️

  • I had unprotected intercourse two days before my ovulation day and so I went to get the plan b and took it right away….then 2 weeks before my period starts which was five days after the intercourse I bleed it wasn’t spotting but it was blood like period blood it was red but it lasted for an hour only…then the same day I decided to go get a pregnancy test which came out negative I bought two of them….then the next day again I started bleeding around 1am in the night and the cramp was very painful…and the blood was alot….and it was red and had clots in it even the first day it had clot in it too. I bleed for I think 20 hours….after that it stopped but I’m still having cramp and it’s intense… but I have not seen any blood so far now I’m wondering whether I’m experiencing implantation bleeding or it’s my period or is it the side affect of the plan b that I took I have no idea…I’m waiting for my period that’s supposed to come in 12 days… if I don’t see it then it might mean that I’m pregnant…what do you think of this situation? I’m confused

  • ok i’m just now bleeding regularly after i had sex 24 days ago, but my nexplanon birth control expired the 17th i took a test.. i’m just confused some lady said you can still be pregnant on your period.. i was told to wait a couple more days and take another test

  • So I had my period May 1-6. I’ve been spotting since the 15th and today’s the 20th. It’s sometimes pink & brown sometimes red. My specific day of ovulation is the 19th. My period isn’t due until the 3rd of June. Also there’s no way my period came that early and Ik its not my period cause I haven’t had to wear a tampon or pad thru all this… Could I be pregnant?

  • I started small brown spots on 21 that worked into brown flow same day. The 22 -23 was full flow w/ no pms symptoms or pain. 24th ultrasound at fertility dr to see follicles growth and there were plenty of them and was given Rx of femara/letrozole to stimulate maturation of follicles to ovulate. Also that day had low back pain twinges and no more period. Everyday since then have had low back pain and feel follicles in ovaries. That wasn’t a messed pregnancy was it?

  • Hi girls, I’m 9 weeks pregnant and I have brown discharge for pass 2 weeks now, no light blood or anything, there be days it be just when I wipe it and days on the pad, I don’t have any cramps or anything and had a an early scan the heart was there, just wanna know is this normal?

  • I actually got a positive pregnancy test before I started implantation bleeding, and I checked again yesterday and my test is still positive!? So what do you mean you can’t be pregnant if you started bleeding after a positive test. I’ve been told that you can and implantation bleeding can begin within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy? Someone pls help!

  • Hi. I have started bleeding before 2 days due to period. And I was very nauseous, headache, metallic taste and little vomiting in last week. At this I am very confuse either I am pregnant or not?

  • I started bleeding light on my 11 dpo which was 3 days before my period supposed to come my breast are usual sore but they are not my period is usually heavy I’m anemic but it’s not heavy at all I see some clot very little than normal light cramping and i usually have heavy cramping I bleed with my daughter for 2 months she came out healthy this is my second day of bleeding it’s not heavy but not super light I’ll keep you guys posted

  • My period was due 4th august but i started bleeding on 2nd august. Bleeding to fill up a pad, dark red but no clots. It stopped after 36 hours. Could it be implantation bleeding? My normal periods are for 3-4 days.

  • Shalom,thank you this was helpful,I’m 46 and ovulated 5 days after my period and here I am 7 days spotting pink spotting for two days

  • Implantation spotting occurs when a fertilised egg nestles into the uterine lining. Menstruation normally occurs when the released egg at ovulation doesn’t get fertilised and together with the uterine lining, it exits the body.

    Although it’s not always easy to distinguish one from another, here are some differences between implantation bleeding and periods:


    Implantation bleeding is more likely to be a pinkish-brown. Menstrual bleeding, on the other hand, may be bright red at first, but it’ll darken as you progress through your menstrual cycle.


    Implantation is usually associated with light spotting. Spotting may also appear at the beginning of your period but it should become heavier from day to day.


    Implantation bleeding can last a few hours to 1-3 days while your period lasts 4-7 days.


    Implantation may be accompanied by light and temporary cramping. The pain that comes from your period is usually more intense and can last longer than implantation cramps.


    Blood clots are a natural part of the menstrual blood flow whereas implantation discharge doesn’t have clots.


    Implantation bleeding appears to be associated with light, occasional spots. Unlike implantation, a monthly period begins with light spotting and then gets progressively heavier for a day or two, ending with light bleeding (spotting).


    Implantation bleeding and menstrual bleeding don’t happen at the same time. Implantation bleeding happens earlier than your period. If your body follows a 28-day menstrual cycle, you won’t get your period until after day 28.

    If you’ve had embryo transfer as part of IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) treatment (an assisted conception method), you may be spotting lightly in the days following the transfer. Light bleeding can indicate that implantation is taking place. When the embryo is nestling into the uterine wall, it may agitate blood cells in your lining and cause a small amount of blood to be released from your body.

    Early pregnancy signs may include:

    swollen breasts


    nausea/morning sickness

    mood swings

    sore/tender breasts


    lower back pain

  • M had bleeding before my periods due and cramping was very intense and it was sometime at right left or middle during my periods it never happened.Also the bleeding was 30% as compartive to my periods. And I stopped bleeding on 2nd day but on third day was very lil nd on 4th I saw a brown spotting.Above all my periods are generally irregular most probably it cms late not early based on last period it shud be 22nd but bleeding started from 19th…Plz suggest can it be implantation bleeding?

  • I usually don’t have cramps on my period but I started bleeding today and my cramps aren’t bad but it still gets to me and also when I bleed it’s a lot and then very little, so confused

  • Last month I was spotting. Thought it was my period coming but it never came. My period was due on the 8th never got it. I started spotting again. It was like a brown color is that a sign of implantation bleeding?

  • I got spotting 5 days before my period.
    Now on my 3rd day. I’m praying that this is implantation bleeding. I will update this post nextweek. Lord, I pray for a baby.������

  • My wife missed her period. It’s been 6 days and she is spotting light pink for last 2 days. What’s that indication of?

    We didn’t a test few days ago, it was negative ��.

    If she is pregnant, how long will she be spotting like this?

    We want to wait few more days before testing again

  • I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms and my periods were 2 weeks late, got them just before I could take the test… Should I still go on with the test? Is it possible to be pregnant when u still go on your periods?

  • I’ve been really nauseous lately, tired and dehydrated then today (12 days after ovulation) not to mention I had unprotected sex on ovulation day, but I started cramping out of nowhere! I had light pink watery blood and it comes out every couple hours. I’m not supposed to start until two more days! I’m not sure help!

  • With my son, I had implantation bleeding which started Monday morning and was over by Wed morning. Then nothing till Friday which last a few hours that day light spotting. I have very irregular cycles in the past, its only become every month over the past 2 years. My husband and I are TTC #2. My period this cycle was due on the 8th of May. Normally it ranges from the 7th to the 9th. I wiped on mothers day with a little pink, my period at this point was a few days off. Then only used a pad for Monday/Tuesday. And spotting till Friday. I’ve had cramps, headache, nipples have gotten darker and sensitive. Had a metal taste in my mouth about 6 DPO. Ive taken tests, there all negative

  • 10dpo here. I have had ZERO symptoms (even though my husband says I have had mood swings lol) and I am regular, 28 29 day cycle kinda gal with no spotting in between. I worked out this morning and bam! Splotches of rust colored blood in my panties. At first I was like why is my period here 5-6 days early? Usually there are signs and symptoms that my period is coming as I know my body pretty well. But then I thought about it, could this finally be my BFP?

  • Just tested positive yesterday morning at 12 dpo and this afternoon I had some pink discharge, could that be the implantation bleeding?

  • I got bleeding at almost same time of my only lasted for few minutes..and its started bleeding in 5 th day.can anyone help..what is this implantation bleeding or is happening like this first time in life.i am trying to get pregnant

  • Everything is well explained thank you, I also have gone through this website which helped me a lot do check if needed

  • Im 2 months late… been taking pregnancy test they come out negative but. Took 2 few days ago and they both have a light 2 lines…. so I’m wondering if I’m pregnant or not. Yesterday I started spotting light pink twice a day and today it was light and started to turn red and now back to light pink I’m so confused! Is my period coming?! Or am I pregnant

  • in july it showed 2 periods I got my first one july 3rd and second one for july 26 did not show up my period tracker is saying 8 days late what could it be?

  • Yesterday I was 12 dpo. I went to the bathroom and had a lot of clear cm with light pink streaks of blood. Aunt flow is due tomorrow. Took a test today and it was negative. Usually if I ever spot I start the next time I go to the bathroom. No af so far. Been trying for 8 or 9 months. ���� I hope this is my cycle!

  • I was about 3 days late and I started spotting pink/ reddish but not to fill up a pad but my back does hurt can it be implantation or period?

  • Hi, I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago & it was positive & today my period came. Well I’m not sure if its my period. I need help can someone please help me and then I took a pregnancy just right now and then they gave me a negative I don’t understand that can someone please help me???

  • Omg no way so I’m 11 years old and I got on my period on 1th of july and today is 25th of July and I’m on my period again I’m so scared for my mental health someone please tell me what is the cause!!!���������� please answer me quick I’m scared I told my mom she said she doesn’t know

  • I have a question! I had my period and it stopped and then i started haven’t very light pink when o whipped like 5 days after my period I’ve never done this before idk what too think ��

  • Please answer me. I’m really confused.
    I’m having bleeding but not much, after 8DPO and today is 14DPO and still having spotting continuously. Is that implantation?

  • I don’t know if I’m spotting or it’s my period..I just started. 9 days after my app says I ovulated. Should I still take a test? And if so when?

  • Mam i want to know.. From which part does the implantation bleeding takes place.. Is it the labia majora, minora or the vagina itself.. Please help mam

  • My implantation spotting actually came after my bfp. I got a bfp 6 days before my expected AF. Could this just be from the cervix closing and the baby growing? I’m only 6 weeks

  • My girlfriend just started spotting like 2 days ago kinda pink blood but she haven’t had her period in about a month is she pregnant?

  • My period is 10 days late and yesterday i had brown spotting today some light bleeding and spotting. I have a regular cycle and i usually don’t have brown discharge. I’m so confused at this point and don’t want my heart ripped apart ��

  • Hey ya! I’m here to give some hope to everyone who has not experienced implantation bleeding. I’m 4 weeks pregnant and got my BFP yesterday. I hardly observed any symptom that you could get to know on Google or YouTube. But I certainly got a different feeling that gave me positive hopes of pregnancy. I had mild sore breasts, very very mild cramps, breathlessness, throbing headache then & there, tingling sensation near my belly button, sore belly button sometimes. I ate whatever I felt like throughout the cycle, but the thing which I ate the most are eggs! I had them daily, and sometimes twice a day (even though my body heat is like too much, I was craving for it). All the best everyone! Just don’t loose hope,I got success after 1 year, that too when I was not that serious about conceiving ;):) just don’t over think, have patience and be normal with your routine.

  • My periods are 3 days late…means mere periods 2 July ko any thy pr aj 5 July hy… Spotting hui hy bleeding bh…what should I do? It’s not that heavy

  • My periods was to come on the 19 of May and from then to now I am spotting blood I take a pregnancy test and at is positive today is 12 days of spotting sometimes light brown kinda red sometimes dark red can someone please call me 2927608 I need more information about it

  • Im curious if anyone can answer this. My cycle went off on the. 18 of. August, had sex with bf on 20 and yesterday, 23rd, used the bathroom, wiped and the tissue was light pink. What is that? Im nearly a month from my next cycle. It doesnt seem it would be implantation… Has any moms experienced this?

  • i would like to catch some ideas here….. i was earlier a week ago having symptoms of nusea, vomiting like what i had with my first pregncy 7 yrs ago… but now after my week missed period i had at first brownnish with light yellow on it this morning but as of afternoon i had light pinkish bleeding… is it a implantation or just my period????

  • I’m 9dpo and tonight I had very little light brown tinge w/ sticky cm when I wiped and mild cramping on & off… not usual for me 4 days before my period? Kinda sounds like IB right?

  • I have been having implantation spotting for 9 days now and tested positive for pregnancy test about two months ago I had a miscarriage is it normal to have spotting this long? Has anyone experience what I’m experiencing I’ve been so Nauseous and tired..

  • Hi hope you see this i need some advice… I had some spotting 4 days dpo what does that mean is there a way i can get into contact with you…

  • I had periods for four months (both pregnancies) and didn’t know I was pregnant. My children are now 18 and 12. Scared now because last month my period was shorter than usual, late and painless. This month my period is on time but so light I literally had to turn the toilet paper to the light to see the pinkish color. When my periods come, they come regular and wild from the first day. I still don’t know if I’m pregnant. Would take a pregnancy test but don’t want to see a negative response. Weird really. ��

  • Hello! I am trying to conceive. My cycle is 100% regular. Every 28 days, 7 day menstrual. I ovulate regularly, every month on Cycle day 14. Even with uterine fibroids, my body is like clockwork lol. Anyway My ovulation prediction kits and two ovulation apps says that I ovulated on Monday-Tuesday last week. On the upcoming Saturday, I had reddish brown discharge every time I wiped after urinating (sorry for TMI!), and I had cramping. It only lasted for the day. I had intercourse Sunday morning just to be on the safe side, as I wasn’t sure if it was implantation bleeding OR ovulation bleeding? But my question is this: can you have ovulation bleeding days After you’ve ovulated??? Thanks for your reply.

  • I got a few streaks of light red blood in my mucus today!! I am one week from AF. I am having many of these other symptoms as well. I’m excited to test and find out if I’m pregnant!! ��

  • Is 5 DPO too early for implantation bleeding? Becasue I had very light pink spotting on that day and thought maybe it was implantation spotting.

  • If you experience spotting for about 2 days a 1.5 weeks before your period is due. What are the chances you’ll have a positive pregnancy test?

  • My fiance and I want a baby so very much ��. She missed her period and is now 4 days late. She said she has light bleeding. I understand we don’t know for sure but what would you say this sounds like implantation bleeding? Thank you.

  • I had missed period exactly 10 days. actually my period is on 22nd but today date is 5th I missed periods still.what abt implantation bleeding. it may come after 10 days. and how many days it will come implantation bleeding. please help me.

  • The timeline you’re saying would mean it took 12 days to implant which is my ovulation day I have a 32 day cycle but for one I only had sex on the 17th protected it’s just weird I had spotting all these days but it’s just been watery. I think I worry to much maybe?

  • I’m was 5 days late on my period but today at work I started bleeding wasn’t heavy, no clots I’m trying to be patient and have hope that it’s implantation bleeding. This would be my first pregnancy so fingers crossed ������

  • Last month my period came on the 3rd of June this month I waited and only spotted on july 1-3 today July 6 a little more blood is coming out spotting but with little clots no blood in my pad but when I wipe there’s some, gonna take a pregnancy test hopefully I am!!

  • My period is 28 days like clockwork. This month it came 5 days earlier than expected which would be 11 days after ovulation for me. It started very light pink, and fluctuated between light pink and brown. It wasn’t as heavy as my normal period at all, not enough to fill a pad or tampon. I have been very emotional, crying every other day which is something I never do. Feeling nauseous throughout the day, stuffy nose and my teeth have been hurting but idk. I’m guessing I should take a test just to be sure but don’t want to be disappointed if it’s negative ��

  • When you get your period and the boys and you have sex 111 or do you do you do you just sex with it If you have sex right in your period in buoy yet can you havePregnant then

  • I lost a baby 7 months ago I had just got off the pill haven’t had a period sense now recently I’m on nd off very light bleeding I’m terrified

  • I had spotting one day than it stopped then it was a brown color. The next day spotting and a little blood just watching these videos to figure out what’s going on its been 3 months since I had a period and now this.

  • So I started implantation bleeding a few days after my period but my period was super light like more light than normal and it’s been about a week now is it normal to bleed this long and when can I take a test

  • I’ll update this if I get a positive or negative BUT I’m 4dpo from what my app says and I started spotting then period like bleeding so im not sure if this is late ovulation bleeding, implantation bleeding, or my period is 10 days early

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  • I don’t know man, my “period” was a day early, it’s 4days now and it’s extremely light. I usually have a heavy period with bad pains. But this is different, I took a test after a week of ovulation and it was negative.

  • I noticed last month when I got my period I spotted for a day before it came. Now this month I am spotting and it is 3 days after my period supposed to come and the spotting is really light only show when I wipe sometimes. Me and my husband have been trying for 2 years and I don’t want to get too excited as yet so we are waiting at least a week to see if my period comes before we test.

  • Im 15 dpo
    My period has never done what its doing
    Its like ovulation discharge but pink and red
    Ive had cramps all day not bad ones
    And had weird feelings for few days

  • Hy doctor can u explain this last month I got my period twise and this month I was late to my period but now I’m bleeding but theres some moving in my stomach and I have pain in my left

  • okay girls i need help, so i don’t know if this is my period or implantation. i was suppose to get my period in 6 days. i noticed yesterday that i was spotting with brown. & this usually never happens. it was brown all day & very light. but today (day 2) it was dark redish brownish w a little bit of clots. (i dont normally get clots on my period) & the flow is light-medium. i’m very confused can somebody help me out.

  • I had missed my period for two months straight than I started getting spotting but very light, like only when I wipe. Had sex now I’m bleeding and it’s been over 2 weeks, but the blood is light and very small blood clots. I need help �� anyone please

  • I had brown spotting at what I thought was 10 DPO and that continued for a few days (I normally don’t get any spotting) then I had bright red blood like a period but lighter for one day 14dpo and today 15dpo nothing until 11am and no pad needed and it’s only when I wipe. I’ve never had a period like this in my life so idk what to think

  • I thought that “implantation bleeding” was a sign of successful implantation to watch out during 2WW. Is it possible to be pregnant without any implantation symptoms during the 2WW?

  • I m 8 dpo and 6 day prior my actual period time.. i m having light periods that starts with pink and then become darker or bright red in colour.. not properly visible on pad but there is blood drops.. when should i take home test for it..

  • I started spotting on tissue when wipe on 12dpo 8am, im 15dpo and i still have some spotting on and off since 12dpo,,my period is due tomorrow,,i did test but was neg,,how long can implantation bleeding last? I only be spotting on tissue when wipe, it doesn’t transfer to my clothes or panty liner..can it really last this long?

  • Sir, we gone through IVF but egg not fertilised. egg quality and semen report in nice, our doctor said some semen and doesn’t fertilise, she advised for donar egg, how to proceed further?

  • Can implation bleeding happen at 13 dpo? I had a weird period of like 1 day with no tissue passed & the next day was just spotting then nothing. Maybe implantation? Ill take a test soon

  • Thank you so much for this info. Dr. Calhoun. I have been experiencing light bleeding but nothing on my underwear just visible when I urinate n urine has a little light pink tinge in it and this has been occurring for 4 days and today is fifth day and I stopped or I no longer see any blood in my urine, my period is not due until next week. Many videos say how implantation bleeding usually last 1 to 2 days so I thought I’m must NOT be experiencing implantation bleeding until I saw your video. Also, currently having light or dull lower backache n dull cramps that have not stopped for two weeks now. I’m I experiencing implantation bleeding? Thank you in advance ���� I tried seeing my obgyn but office is closed until after Labor Day but will be visiting next week until then looking FORWARD to your advice.

  • I am pregnant 5weeks but i got experinced spotting almost 4days…do i still pregnant?my spotting is like blood and like a white eggyolk..pls responce my message im so afraid thank u������

  • I took three first response tests and all were positive and the next day around mid-afternoon I had some pink discharge. Could that possibly be implantion bleeding? I tested at 12 dpo and I think I may have implanted around 8 dpo…

  • Directly after implantation I feel pregnancy symptoms before I can get a positive. Sore boobs is number 1!!!! For me personally. I’ll just know I’m pregnant before I can get a positive and if you follow your symptoms and write them down you’ll know it’s happening after the bleeding has started you could very well be pregnant and it just not be picking it up with HCG levels yet. Like she said ��‍♀️�� blood tests can confirm 1-3 days pregnant and urine 9 out of 10 a week! I wouldn’t test as early as 4 days after because then I’d most likely get too light of a faint and assume it’s a indent or evap. So wait a week after suspected implantation save the money.

  • hi, my 1st period occurs last july 7 and i’m experiencing bleeding last july 23 then stop on 24 then the bleedings comes back at july 25 today.. is it or it’s not?

  • I have a few questions. To start off how long does implementation last I started spotting 2 days before my period and continued to a light pink bleeding (not enough for a tampon or a bad) for about five days now I’m experiencing cramps and I’m kinda nauseous a little but no other symptoms past that as of right now. I took a pregnancy test yesterday but came out negative if I’m still bleeding and only four days late is it possible to get a false result or do you think something else is wrong with me!? I’ve never experienced this before and my period is pretty regular.

  • The length is not true because I know people who have had periods up to three months pregnant or they bled for seven days not full bleeding but it was like light spotting

  • I have hypothyroid prob…
    I wasn’t having my period since 3months and now am bleeding for more than 10days
    Ma’am,can u plz clarify my prob?

  • I had my period 3 weeks ago and today i had a lil blood in my urine. Ive been super tired. Craving things. Bitchy and i can not stand certain smells.

  • My period or what i think was my period came around the same dates it does every month. But this time it lasted only like 2 / 3 days. Could i be pregnant?

  • Timestamps:
    1:08 If I don’t get implantation bleeding does that mean I am not pregnant?

    1:29 My bleed is heavy, could it still be implantation bleeding?

    2:00 Did you get implantation bleeding?

    2:36 Can implantation bleeding happen after your period is due?

    3:34 Is it still implantation bleeding when I already have my positive pregnancy test?

    4:07 Can you get a positive pregnancy test while you have spotting before your period?

  • I’m a week late for my period. 5 days ago I experienced excessive gas, peeing every 5 min and very intense nausea (no vomiting) all day sickness. On day 6 I had very strong cramping with very light pink then today day 7 still cramping but not as bad and still light pink off and on but last couple of times I’ve had light pink with brown and red specks. I tested on day 4 and 5 both negative but this was before the bleeding. I did appear to ovulate a couple days ago had white discharge that was sticky. Which I hear ovulation b during pregnancy is rare and if it happens it can cause a double pregnancy resulting in twins.

    Which a friend said she had a vision I’ll have twins, there’s twins on my side and my husbands.

  • M trying to conceive for past few months but It don’t work…but this time my period is 17 Days late I thought that I’m conceiving but today morning some bleeding n clots occur..I don’t know whether this is my period or implantation bleeding…so plz everyone pray for me

  • You should do a video on Plan B and how it affects your period. I had weird bleeding last month. I had taken plan b I’m the beginning of last month then a week later had bleeding but two weeks after that I had heavy bleeding. And this month I’m having weird bleeding as well. I had taken plan b the first of this month and 7 days later I’m having weird bleeding again, some dark brown but also when I get up in the morning I get a dark red bleeding when I go to the bathroom even when I wipe, this has been happening for 3 days now. I use an app to chart my period but I know the plan b can make your period late which my period was suppose to happen the 5th which seemed soon since I had a heavy bleeding on the 19th of last month. I’m not sure about this being implantation bleeding due to the color but the old brown blood is weird plus I’m not needing a tap on but this also happened last month so I’m just interested. Thank you!

  • Please help..
    I didn’t get my period last month of april.
    according to my calendar after 9 days from my ovulation day i had some spotting on the first day i know its just spots and i didn’t experience Dysmenorrhea like i use to have every month so i thought i was getting implantation until the third day i saw more blood then it stops again and now upon checking i saw not my usual flow but still im confused if this is still implantation.

  • I’m so confused, I’ve started spotting from 7dpo and today is 15dpo and still having continuous spotting without clots.
    Could it be an implantation bleeding?

  • Story time, so I had my period the 1st of august till the 7th. The clue app says i ovulate from the 14th to the 20th. My fertile window is the 19th…. i had unprotected sex the 17th and 18th. I was spotting on my ovulation day (19th) and the day after(20). (Cycle is usual 30/31 days) wether is was a 30 day or a 31 day cycle I still had sex on the 17 and 18 there for my fertile window could’ve been the 18 or 19th. Anyone wanna make assumptions and tell me your story to??

  • Help! My period came this month April 7th but only for one day and stopped. I took a pregnancy test and there was a very faint line. I’ve been taking pregnancy tests since then and still getting many tests with faint lines and some without a line but majority of my tests have all had a light line. The darkest line I got was the one that I took yesterday 4/26/2020 but it was still faint. This morning 4/27/2020 I started bleeding light, it was pink. But now it’s dark red but still only light blood. My period isn’t due until the 7th of May. I thought I may have been In my early stages of pregnancy because the faint line keeps appearing and my period stopped after a day this month but now I’m confused. Could this be implantation bleeding? Maybe the line would be fully there on a pregnancy test in next few days? Or is this a miscarriage? I feel like I’m losing my mind and due to covid -19 I can’t seem to get seen by a dr unless I’m dying. Any advice ladies

  • I’m facing brown discharge over my vagina for past 4 days but my pads aren’t filling. Everyday wasting each sanitary pads. Is it possible to have pregnancy? Pls someone reply pls

  • Can implatation bleeding start when your period is due? I started spotting and it was light to mediun for 3 days. I’m normally medium to medium heavy I’m wondering if im prego.

  • My period got delayed for 2days which is not my usual, then I had spotting for 2 days now. Anyone who experienced the same situation?

  • My last period happened last June 16 and I got my period July5. That’s 5 days earlier! I’m regular. You think I’m pregnant? I’m using my boyfriend’s account

  • Im 14 Days Late, Started Having Light Pink Spotting Yesterday �� When Should I Take A Test? �� Im Having Mild Cramps, Swollen Ankles, Gagging When I Smell Something Strong, Fatigue, And Frequent Urination. Any Help?

  • after 3 days of late period today o got light link spotting.. totally confused.. and unable to get doc appointment due to nation lockdown cox of corona virus.. m very worried n scared.. i never get late periods before… can any body help me to clear the confusion plx

  • Plsss help nurse Dani I should have my period on 2nd or 3rd of feb but what I had on 2nd of feb is a brownish spot and it just lasted for couple of hours I can say its an implantation bleeding as its my first time do have that and I know the difference of having my.monthly period because I always experience dysmenorrhea but that spot just gave a a tolerable cramps ob mg lower abdomen and I’m bloated. It did an hpt three times 10th 14th and 15th of feb and it all turned out to big fat I am soooooo confused!as of now I don’t feel any signs of pregnancy what I’m holding is the implantation thingy and I am always bloated.just wanna ask you how many percent do u think I’m.preggy?does that mean I’m not preg as I had three nega results?possdoes implantation bleeding is a 90% yes your preggy??pls help!thanks in advance!

  • Hi mam…I missed my periods on 17 July this month.but on 19th I got red discharge for two days which was not heavy as periods.after that brown discharge for 3 days what does it mean???

  • i have tested yesterday test was positive i got brown clots what should i do i concieve after 7 years plz plz help me my due date was 3rd july and today is 3rd july

  • If I had a negative blood pt 5 dpo at dr office and elevated but not very high progesterone, accompanied by pregnancy symptoms, then a 2.5 day period what did I just go through?

  • last night i started seeing brown mucus and was so happy because according to my FLO app i was one day late (other period calculators said i’m due to have it today) and the next morning i didn’t wake up in a pool of blood like i normally do. it took about an hour and red blood came out and it would drip in the toilet and have blood clots except when i put a pad on nothing would show up. i feel like i’m psyching myself out for now reason but i just would like some advice. i’m so scared and i have no one to talk to about this

  • Time will tell, length of this light brown bleeding that isn’t flowing but only appears when I wipe as of 6:30ish this morning and isn’t accompanied by any pms or full on symptoms of period.

  • For my second pregnancy, I was spotting bright red/rust/ and then some light pink. Sometimes I will see drops of red blood, assuming my af is arriving anytime soon. This has lasted for probably more than 9 days. There was a time we DTD and I would be bleeding like a period! Realizing a few days later I was 7weeks. Everyone is different ����‍♀️

  • Thank you for your videos. You are a big help.
    Im a bit lost. I’ve got on and off for the past 6 days pink watery spotting. I have few other symptoms. Also during this spotting i got a temperature dip from 36.51 to 35.90 to 36.52
    But test is negative. Period is due tomorrow. Any advice?

  • I usually go on my periods around the 6th till the 11th, but since today I thought that finally I am in my periods but I have been bleeding just few drops there and there and light one. Well my breasts are sore, I have headaches, my appetite wow, back pain, fatigue and my boyfriend claims that he has been sleepy recently. Could I be mistaken or am I pregnant or what, please help.

  • My last period was on Dec. 7th. Ive had uprotected sex on Dec 11 and Dec 12. Its currently the 15th. The past two days ive noticed some cramping at random times and light bleeding while using the bathroom along with red tissue, sometimes along with the tissue there is yellow/foggy white/clear mucus that comes with it. He says hes positive about not coming inside me, could this be a factor of precum? Could I be over thinking it being pregnancy?!

  • Hi
    Blood tests show 3 w pregnancy but all of the sudden brownish colour discharge and cramps can it be implantation bleeding after 3 weeks??

  • I did track my ovulation. 12dpo I started bleeding very light and did a pregnancy test, it came up positive but just very light. Next day it was a little bit darker but still very faint. It also tested positive after 5 minutes.
    So I tested again at 14 dpo when my period should start and it tested positive still not super strong but within the 5 minutes. But what I want to say is that I still bleed and test positive and it’s getting up. So I thought I would bleed with an implantation for a couple hours to days. But it’s now 15 dpo and I still bleed very light. So why do you think this is? My tests are getting up still. I guess every body is different. And an implantation bleeding can even be more than 5 days also.

  • I bled on the 20th of my period, it was 10 june and it lastd a day it wasn´t heavy, it was brownish blood. After i just saw spotting for 6days which was on the 11,12,13,14, 15,16 and then on the 17 june i saw my periods, well im not sure if i can call it periods but i mean heavy bleeding with clots. Can that mean im pregnant or could it be an early miscariage?

  • mam i am trying to conceive my predio date is 8novber now from today 2.3o am i am spottimy like white discharge with red colour it’s implation bleeding

  • I’m slightly spotting after ovulating, my period was a little less than 2 weeks ago & unprotected sex about 2 and 4 days ago. This never happens, it only happens when my partner slightly ejaculates in me but never results in pregnancy:/ lets see what happens now lol

  • Hy doctor my last period was on 8 of July but this month I missed it and on 13 of August I had a light bleeding and nothing happen after that. So I thought I would be pregnant and had done a test by a kit but the result was negative so what should I take this? Give me some advice plz.

  • For both of my pregnancies I had first trimester bleeding. It was very similar to the amount I have during a period so I would say pretty heavy for two days and then trickled to nothing within three more days. The bleeding occurred around 5 days after my missed period, and about a couple days after I found out I was pregnant and had been so happy for the positive. The only difference was there was small sticky clots. It was definitely scary even though it happened for both pregnancies, the second time around was still scary. My bleeding occurred before both of my sons were visible on the ultrasound, but my HCG kept going up. My periods are very regular, every 28 days but my miscalculations using those online calculators of when I could take a pregnancy test was way off… I must have ovulated and implanted later making the timing several days off before I got that positive test. Both of my boys are thriving… the entire experience of the first trimester was very confusing and uncertain for me about what was going on. Everything seemed to happen a lot slower than I had assumed they would because I used online calculators and just guessed my ovulation date based off having a regular period date. I really feel if I hadn’t been planning my pregnancy and testing I would have just assumed I had a late period until I started puking a lot around week 6 of my pregnancy and continued on until the second trimester.

  • Please help!! I’m going insane on what’s going on with me. I had my period beginning of this month now it’s 2 weeks later & Ive been bleeding going on day 4, there’s only blood when I urinate. No blood on panties.

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  • I know when my period is coming I get emotional and cramps a week before my period than when I get my period I have bad cramps and heavy periods but this month mhas been so bizarre I had no cramps at all and my period is extremely light just spots and some blood when I wipe but my pad has little spots very unusual…. It’s my fourth day ony “period” I think.

  • Hello ma. I noticed spotting few months back around July. But later I saw my period d next month. Could it be I had a miscarriage? Pls reply

  • I kept going in every 48hrs becauE my HCG went from 76 to 98 then to 176 to 258 and then it went to 315 to 479 and still nothing was showing. I was not spotting or having any pain. But they where still worried of an etopic pregnancy since i had already gone thru one. My husvand and i called it QUITS. I’ve gone thru 6 miscarriage and one etopic im tired and so is my body.

  • My period is due tomorrow (Oct 18th) and I started spotting yesterday evening (16th) it’s very light and pink in color.. Could I be pregnant I wonder?? ��������

  • Hi! I need some advice your videos have been a great help for me but I feel like I need your input so I had AF july 11 till July 15th 2019 and on july 25/19 I had very light pink spotting when I wiped,days go by and nothing now July 31st/19 I had a little bit of brownish pink spotting I’m not due for my next AF till August 8/19 Is this my implantation?

  • Please give me baby dust. I’m having cramps and brown, pink spotting. I was suppose to test in a few days but I think I’m going to wait now. I was having bad cramps and when I went to the bathroom and saw the brown blood I started crying

  • I’m 13 days past ovulation supposed to be on day 3 of my period but I haven’t been bleeding only had dark brown spotting and little bit of pink spotting for first two days now nothing. Wth could this be? Never had it before.

  • This was so informative!! From someone who’s researched this subject over 20 years, there was data that I never heard before in this video.

  • I just watch this vedeo..My period in this month october 2019 is just 2 days and light mild this implantation bleeding? How long do i need to wait for pregnancy test?, thank u

  • I’m trying to have one and it’s been 15 days after and I’m bleeding kinda dark do u think it’s implantation bleeding or am I just on my period?

  • I have recent nipple soreness in only my right breast right now and have been very gassy, which is unusual for me. Possibly early pregnancy?

  • Hi I’m 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant and just today I’ve started rusty/ brown jab discharge and it’s not much but still on. What shall o think of this? Is this Implantation bleed?

  • What if you don’t know when you ovulate because of poly cystic ovarian syndrome? I already had my period this month and my boyfriend and me haven’t used protection and then I’ve been spotting lightly-medium all this week up until yesterday being Saturday

  • What if theres heavy darkish brown blood for the 1st day and then goes light on day 2nd and 3rd. Occupanied by flu, fever, cough, weakness, shivering, stomach ache. I’m confused whether this is a symptom and take a test..

  • My girlfriend had a little bit of blood like spotting in her underwear a few days ago, she’s not due for her period for a week and a half.
    Also she randomly felt really sick at 4 in the morning and her nipples are more tender than usual. Plus she usually has really heavy periods but the last one she had a few weeks back was very very light..

    What’s the chances that in a week and a half her period isn’t going to show?

  • I’ve been spotting light pink to mild red for 4 days. It started out very small, and has been very off and on. Not enough for a tampon or liner. My period was due today. I’ve been having mild back aches, I had mild abdominal cramping the second day of spotting, tummy feels like it’s pulling sometimes, I had leg cramps for 2 days (More of just an achy annoying feeling) last night I woke up just burning up and had to basically strip naked to cool off, I feel like I have been having hot flashes on and off, very mild nausea, not enough to really think it is a pregnancy symptom. I have felt bloated as well. If I am correct, today would put me at 13dpo. I tested this morning and got a BFN. I NEVER spot before a period. Before my period shows up (usually between a week to several days before) my boobs get really tender and I get poopy and have to use the restroom a lot. I am not experiencing any of these normal PMS symptoms. I am going to wait till my period is supposed to be over which would put me at 19dpo to try to test again if I don’t get my period. Been stressed and very nervous about this.

  • My period only lasted for 2 days. First day it started off brown then a few hours later it was heavy. The next day it disappeared. There was still a little bit of brown but that was it. What could this be? I’ve taken 2 pregnancy tests and both are negative. Is it too early to see results? I’ve never had a period like this before and I’m kinda worried that I might be pregnant. If so when do early pregnancy symptoms start within weeks? Thanks kindly ��

  • Period is 2 days late, I’ve been spotting off and on, very small amounts, light brown at first light pink every other bathroom break. I’ve had much much lighter cramps for a short time twice today, lighter cramps than I’ve ever had in my life, they’re usually pretty extreme and I’m usually a heavy bleeder during that time. Right now everything is very light, hoping everything is fine. I can’t wait to test

  • I’m a heavy bleeder and I started bleeding 3 days before my period it’s no where near the amount of blood I get didn’t even fill a tampon light cramping

  • I have a question my last period was Jan 2.
    On the 9th I believe I ovulated had unprotected sex with DH.

    GOT A positive 2 days before my due period which was due jan 26. AF didn’t show so I proceded to get my proof from the clinic which came back negative and I started my period which was Monday Jan 30 and when I put that into my calendar which says my ovulation and fertility days changed to Jan 12.

    When I got the negative the nurse at clinic and my doctor said to test again in a week.

    the first two days of my period were normal thenI started spotting Wednesday night and it keeps getting lighter, like pink discharge,Would this be implantation bleeding I’m really concerned if so when should i take a hpt?

  • I had 2 random little light pink dots of blood when I wiped. I am now 3 days late on my period and nothing? Not even more spotting. This happened 6 days after my ovulation. Is this implantation? I’ve had small twinges of cramps on and off mostly in my left side but now I’m not experiencing any of my normal period Symptoms? Usually my boobs are sore and I am cramping a lot more but I haven’t felt any of that and now I’m 3 days late? I’ve tested but got all negatives. I’m 9Dpo now… can someone please tell me if this has happened to them? Or is this implantation? I hope it is! I don’t want my period!

  • I got a lot of positive pregnancy test then I’m into it bleeding then I took another one in the still say I was pregnant and the doctor even said I was

  • I missed my period for 10 days and yesterday July 20th, I started getting light pink spotting. I tried 2 pregnancy test and they both came negative… I’m going to try one more time in a couple of days. I’m having lower abdominal pain and I feel that I may be pregnant but I am still unsure. I’m really hoping to see a positive soon!

  • I accidentally drink 10 expired birth control pills before I realized it. I then continued taking pills using the new unexpired pack. My period was supposed to start yesterday it did came but the thing is it was not the usual mens I usually have. I think im having spotting or implantation bleeding? It’s very light and it’s my 2nd day now. Can I possibly be pregnant? Other than cramps and headache I dont have any other pregnancy symptoms.

  • Trying for #2 and im freaking out cause ive been trying for a while and so far im 5 days late and having brown discharge and no cramps. Im really hoping this time but we shall see!!!

  • Ok my period was late I got it and it was 2 days of black discharge and no I wasnt charting it’s been a week since the black discharge I have headaches increasing appetite and extremely fatigue but all tests are neg even the blood test now with my daughter I did the exact same thing and non of the test were positive until 6 weeks how possible is this to happen a second time

  • Ok so my period was due July 6th. I usually spot a day before but that didn’t happen. My period also has not shown up and it’s July 10th now. Occasionally when I wipe I see light brown discharge but no period still. I have been having back pain and stomach pain. I’m not really sure if I am pregnant which is why I’m waiting to take a test. Can anyone give me any insight please. |*UPDATE*| I am indeed pregnant. I just turned 7 weeks yesterday ��

  • I’m currently 13dpo…I started spotting today. I have endometriosis so my biggest sign is the blood isnt red and I’m not having excruciating pain. My husband and I have been praying for a child so fingers crossed. Thank you so much for this video!!!!!

  • I have very light bleeding more with cloths on 28th day with brownish blood for whole day. Please tell me why it is happening like this.

  • This question is for any woman here who can help and shed some light on a confused woman… My cycle starts of light and gets much heavier but this cycle has stayed very light will not even soak a light tampon. Could this be implantation bleeding ����

  • I’m watching this currently in the bathroom because i think I’m having implantation bleeding. it started today and I’m 2 days late on my period. it’s a brown color with cervical mucas, and really light flow it has only been 1 swatch of blood so far. I dont know what to do.

  • I just got off Mirena 3 weeks ago. My husband and my self have been trying to convince. I never had a period while on mirena but five days ago I had very light spoting that from my research sounds very much like implantation bleeding. I have been taking my temperature daily and it has been slightly elevated. But have taken a pregnancy test every day sense it happened. Negative every time. I have had some pregnancy like symptoms but they could also just be pms symptoms. Not sure if my body is just trying to get use to not being on birth control any more or not. Would like some other peoples opinions.

  • I had very light spotting for two day this is the week of my cycle so I’m like 2 days late we are scared but very happy we getting married next Wednesday at 12pm yes ppl it’s going down ��������‍��‍��������

  • I have brown discharge b4 5 or 7 days b4 period without cramps… N its not intense…. But clots… I cant say… But i m worried about this discharge

  • Today an 1hr ago i had a light pink clear with cramps and im 9days late on a period. I have taken pregnancy test all of them negative but i always fail those so this Tuesday ill be having my pregnancy blood test i had my first miscarriage 1month 3weeks ago and we trying to get pregnant again so idk if i just wait a little bit longer or get tested???

  • My bf and I had unprotected sex we did not use protection or the withdraw method and I have been feeling odd but my test come out negative in one case I had a faint line am I not testing right? I have an irregular period so I don’t know when to take it.

  • A menstrual cycle it is calculated at 28 days, and the ovulation is at day 14, if the m. cycle is like 32 days, the the ovulation is at day 16??? When and if it stops the menstrual cycle after the implantation of the egg, the first, second or what cycle after implantation???

  • So I know everyone’s bodies are different. I missed my period last month. I jus starting spotting on Sunday. It’s not heavy but it’s mild. But when I pee it’s pink and redish. It’s not like usually when I’ll be in my period it would be dark red. So what should I do? Should I take a test now while I’m bleeding or wait till after??? Plzzz I need help

  • My beta hcg was 500 at 4wks 5 days and 950 after 2days.then I developed spotting and severe cramps. Hcg reduced to 650 in 2 days. No sac found in usg. Suspecting miscarriage now

  • Respected Sir,
    I am 32 yrs old women with a history of first pregnancy.
    I am having mild bleeding since 2 weeks. In USG abdomen, it showed 6 weeks pregnant without fetal pole and heartbeat, Also I have intramural fibroid. But according to my LMP its 9 weeks 3 days. B-HCG level hasn’t doubled in 48 hours but in increasing trend, 5290 uiu/ml.I am scared whether my pregnancy continues or not. Please kindly suggest what should I do now. Bleeding has not stopped even after complete bedrest immediately after it started. I have been following your channel and trying to figure out what’s going wrong on me. Please kindly suggest.
    Thanking You

  • I ovulated 11-12 days after the first day of my menstruated cycle. Then 12 days after I got a positive pregnancy test. Then two days later, I started bleeding. (Day 26 of my cycle) whic is way early considering my men trial cycle is between 30-35 days long) I’ve been bleeding for 5 days now, and the pregnancy test still read positive. I went to the doctors and got labs done, and will again in two days to see what’s happening to those levels. Any thoughts on what this might be?:-/

  • Hi,
    I m having period like cramps and bleeding.. but I tested home preg test, it is showing faint line.. am so confused and worried.. pls help me.. whether this is implantation bleeding or my normal period

  • I’m experiencing now. Omg I seen it in my cervical mucus too I started freaking out. I have a 28 day cycle and i started the light bleeding on day 25. I track all my cycle stuff.

  • I’m 10dpo today and have had on and off spotting since 4dpo. I have PCOS and spotting between cycles is common for me. 8dpo I began feeling dull pains/cramping in the left side of my uterus on and off. Today at 10dpo got a VERY faint positive on a FRER and easy at home strip. Strip was clear negative 9dpo!! Praying it sticks!! With my daughter I had 1 streak mixed with mucus and that was 5.5 years ago ��

  • is it possible if the implementation bleeding after our period delay? my period delay for 5 days and i see some dischaged pink to brown colour.

  • Can someone give me an idea? My ovulation was about 4-5 days ago (also intercourse that day) then now I’m spotting. Pink. I’m only 11 days before my period. What does this mean I’m so confused. Should I be worried?

  • I am on the day which my period is due but have spotting (which I never have). Usually AF just comes out of nowhere! The bleeding is light and stops and comes…very confused as I thought implantation happens a few days before the expected period. I guess I will know in a few days…

  • Hi! Could it be inplantation bleeding if I have get spotting for a week now? And why does i have spotting during my expected period

  • I had a funny feeling in my lower abdomen and after an hour I went to the toilet to find bright red blood ( not too much) and that was it. It didn’t continue and just was one time thing and then got a BFP the next day (11dpo)

  • I m 40 years old aand i have hypothyroidism from 8 years but my periods never be late but last month i got my periods after 19 days i m worried just now i subscribed you, please help me, i m really worried because of covid not able to go to hospital, so please help me,my problem is i m getting spots ilike one or two drops n alternative dys my period will come in 10 dys last month i got my period late by 19 dys, sometimes i saw brown sticky part in urine like stickydicharge…………………i m waiting for my periods, as per last month still 5 days is there to come, plese reply me,

  • My last period date is 17 December and this month 18 &19 January I have light spotting with tiny amount of cloth, is this implantation bleeding..?

  • Hello I’m new here.. little bit confused.. have 26 days cycle and had mild cramps then a string of dark brown discharge on 20th day of my cycle. I thought that periods going to be start but it’s stop and then nothing only light pain in my left side and now it’s also gone.. plz help me

  • Hey ya! I’m here to give some hope to everyone who has not experienced implantation bleeding. I’m 4 weeks pregnant and got my BFP yesterday. I hardly observed any symptom that you could get to know on Google or YouTube. But I certainly got a different feeling that gave me positive hopes of pregnancy. I had mild sore breasts, very very mild cramps, breathlessness, throbing headache then & there, tingling sensation near my belly button, sore belly button sometimes. I ate whatever I felt like throughout the cycle, but the thing which I ate the most are eggs! I had them daily, and sometimes twice a day (even though my body heat is like too much, I was craving for it). All the best everyone! Just don’t loose hope,I got success after 1 year, that too when I was not that serious about conceiving ;):) just don’t over think, have patience and be normal with your routine.

  • I really need help i had sex on my ovulation day unprotected and three days after i started feeling sick it’s been two weeks since I’ve been feeling symptoms of pregnancy yesterday i had terrible back ache and cramps in the night the next morning i had spotting dark brown its been two days im spotting its now light pink and im in pain and most of my symptoms i don’t really feel them anymore just pain and spotting and it was watery also

  • My period was 2days late and on the third day I got some spotting kinda brown and light pink. So I’m kinda confuse if its my period or implantation. I did pregnancy test before the spotting but came back negative.

  • I was 9 days late & the 10th day I got my period but it’s very watery & my cramps wasn’t that bad usually I get horrible cramps for 2 days… pergo or not

  • My period started early the 14th it wasn’t red it was brown and I still have brown spotting today is the 21st… idk what this means can someone help

  • I bled for a day and a half then theb blood went to a dark brown then it slowed down!! Wonder if I’m experiencing implantation bleeding

  • mayI ask please? me and my husband was trying to concieve for the past 4 years. but on our last sex. 1 day after that I have a little bit of blood coming out. I thought that was an implantation bleeding. what can it be? thank you in advance

  • This is what I’m going through i had sex 2 days later my period came it was weird the whole period it was kind of short? And not super heavy 6 days 3 days later planned parenthood gave me a plan b 2 more days later u felt to sharp jolts in my. Uterus as soon as i started to get up and walk i felt a heavy pressure to pee so i went and when i seen the paper after wiping it was a very light pink line. Ever since that night ive had mild deep deep discomfort in the uterus and my lower back i bleed very differently for about 4 or 5 days. It was pinkish orangy paste? Am i pregnant.

  • Hi can someone please answer this as i really need help i been having unprotected sex with my bf before going on the pills after getting on the pills i started to get spotting for 2 minutes the next day i had a heavy bleeding flow and also had a very weirddd pink lump thing which wasn’t even covered in blood and tbe next day after this I’m barely bleeding at all could this mean im pregnant or did i go through a miscarriage i also took a pregnancy test but it came out as negatives help me i really need answers��

  • Dose implematation bleeding come after missed period or before missed period cos am spotting now and am 4 days late but tested negative and my breast is sore

  • Im bleeding and I think I’m pregnant but I’ll bleed then stop then it will go away so I don’t know what happening because I’m 4 days late and then I just started spotting

  • OKAY! So I got off my mirena May 17th got my first period last month but this month I ovulated on July 3rd and I think I had implantation bleeding July 10th it started at 4:00am with light bleeding once only when I wiped then around 5:00pm darker red only when I wiped. With the recent removal of my mirena im not sure about anything anymore. The middle of my back has been hurting for at least a week in half, constipated, breakouts, bloating, cramps like in my Ovaries & I had a cold but only lasted one day…. I’m due for my period in 2-3 days. I’m praying I get a BFP SOON.

  • Hi.
    I bleed for 3 days before exact period. In first day it is light and brown discharge but d nxtday i got heavy till for 3 days. Can period be normal if it is advance in your exact date of period?

  • So my period ended 6-15-20 an today is the 6-29-20 I had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend on the 6-27-20 could this be implantation bleeding?? ������

  • I had my period on the 9th of December it finished on the 13th on the 18th I had unprotected sex and continued having unprotected sex for the next 5 days on the 22nd I started pink spotting and when I whipped it was pink blood then it went to red and it’s a little bit heavy but not as much as my normal period this isn’t period blood. Could this be early pregnancy implantation bleeding?!

  • Could I be pregnant, my period came 7 day earlier and lasted 2 days, day 1 at 1:30am I started out spotting reddish brown blood and later that day it around 10:30am it was bright red heavy and clotting like a normal period with very strong in the beginning and mildly strong cramps for the rest of the night, the following day 2 I start spotting brown-ish red blood again with mild maybe a little more then mild cramping all day. Then the next day no bleeding but the cramps are still there.

  • ok so my ovulation date was Dec 28 2018 and yes I did have sex that day and after and now its Jan 3 2019 I just use the bathroom and im having light spotting my cycle don’t start until another 10 days and today will be 6dpo wth I never had this before I barely even feel any cramps is it possible that it ovulation bleeding then implatation bleeding? anybody please help me

  • I’m day 9 of being late on my period (never been this late), I’m 37. Last night I did start to get bleeding it started with light pink this morning it switched between light pink and brown (starting and stopping) but now it’s switching back and forth between light pink and dark red. Could I still be pregnant? It’s not heavy, my periods are always super heavy.

  • I need an answer ASAP doc. I usually start my period on the 27th but I also have irregular periods, I’ve have an octopic pregnancy before and I had to get my right tube removed. I was told I have low chances of having a baby 2 years after I conceived my daughter she’s now a healthy 2 year old, but as I was saying I usually start my period on the 27th today is the 28 of July I started my period on the 26 with red/brown but dark blood but also looked like clots and like a stringy mucus, it stopped for hours then started up the next day it was the same on and off but it was bright red now I’m bleeding heavy but not as much not enough to cover a pad all day it’s the 28th,10:18pm and I’m getting cramps my bleeding is red/ dark brown and pinkish do you know what might be happening I’m waiting till the weekend to take a test to make sure if I am or not I feel it’s to early. Thank you.

  • I’m not sure if I’m IB or not. I started spotting really light pink 12dpo (5 days before my period) it then has been stopping and starting all day today (13dpo) and has all been light pink. Not got darker at all. What do you think?

  • Is it possible to have implantation bleeding on cycle 11 and 12? I got my period last month June 27-30 and we have been baby dancing right after my period has ended. The other day and yesterday night I saw blood on my undies (light redish-brownish). Im usually 29 days cycle so I was thinking how can it be possible since its too early.

  • this pass week I had heavy bleeding, then it will stop and then I had a light pink color one day then I got a heavy flow, and this last for 7 days. my period is always on time, but this time it was different. I do feel a little tired and a lazy

  • I had my embryo transfer 10 days ago and today I had a little bit spotting and stopped. Could it be implantation? Also my period was supposed to come yesterday.

  • I had unprotected sex on the 9th it’s not the 30th I’ve been feeling sick and have physically thrown up I just felt weird and had a feeling I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test that came back positive yesterday then woke up today with bleeding and I’m not sure what to think x

  • Hi Am sally, I always c my period on the 23 an this month I saw it on the 19 but before I saw it I usually feel fatigue, sleepy all the time an feeling hungry an my nipples pains me for more than 2weeks an something kicking in my tummy an can u please tell me Wat can that indicate

  • I am 5 days late on my period and Now I have light brownish discharge? I had taken test on my due date and so on and they where negative

  • I missed my cycle for 21days and then it came light and then mild red.. what is it? is it normal to miss for so long and then have a period?

  • i had a regular period jan 20 threw 25th i had an appointment at a weight loss clinic which i will be taking medication so i took a pregnancy test on feb 2 which came out positive. today i see pink.. last year i had a etopic in my left tube which had to he removed.. im scared. i have a appointment on monday with the gynecologist.. is this implantation bleeding or something eles

  • Someone help me….so I took a test a week ago and one of them Came back positive. I read it when I took it and it was negative. I came back a few minutes later and it had a blue faint line. I know it’s not an Evap line because it’s blue. My period wasn’t due until Saturday. I got it today. It’s a bright red. I’m getting cramps but only in my lower back and I normally get them in my pelvic region as well. It’s heavy too. I don’t know what to do. I can’t tell what this is.

  • Hey doc,
    My periods are very regular from 25-28 days, but last month it went up to 30 days and this month i was due on the 26th july but i dint get my periods so i tested with my morning urine (bright yellow color)and i think i got a faint line(even my husband saw it) and later after one hour i went to the lab and tested and it said Negative(my urine was transparent in color)then i had a very bad headache and body pain with cramps on and off. 
    Now 4 days after missed period i had light bleeding today morning, from 6AM till 6PM my pad is filled with only little blood(light colored) not even half my pad is full. I am really worried, I dont know if im pregnant or this is just my period.


  • Can someone plesse help me?

    My wife had 2 faint lines on pregnacy test but all negetive on others brands. She was 3 days late missed period but now bleeding… still negetive on different brand tests.

    Is this implantation or late period?

    We are gping to try clomid this month… should we adjust time to start clomid?

  • Yesterday at 9dpo I started spotting was really lite pink today at 10dpo its brighter red I had a little clot (half size of a dime)
    Could I still be pregnant / get a positive test?
    My period not due for a week
    I’m ttc for baby 4

  • This happened to me. I thought I was having a normal period. Than I found out at the beginning of January 2019 that I was 6 weeks pregnant ����

  • On the 19th of this month my boyfriend and I did a few things but not intercourse I am a virgin. I did accidentally get semen on my hands but I wiped it off somewhat well afterwards. About 20-30 minutes later I did touch myself not even thinking but I didnt go inside or anywhere near the opening of my vagina just the way top. As soon as I realized I washed my hands and privates. I’ve done lots of research and I know from one of your videos you say it can only happen if semen is inserted into your vagina by intercourse. I just worry because I did read having spotting can be a sign of pregnancy and today I had a little bit of blood down there but I should be starting my period today or tomorrow and I am having all of my normal symptons before my period. I know spottng can mean many different things. But should I be worried or not? Thank you! Please help.

  • My periods was due on 21st June, on 22nd I got spotting, 23rd was bleeding little lesser than light period but more than spotting. 24th again got spotting. Is that implantation bleeding? Ovulation date was 9th as per the app I use, which has been consistently correct till now. Should I get a pregnancy test done?

  • I’ve never spotted before or after my period. So the day my period comes it was actually spotting. The first day it was discharge and slight blood. The discharge was a little thick. It’s now day 5 and I’m still spotting blood only when wipe. My period usually last only 4 days. So this spotting is longer than my normal period. I’ve had a few cramps but nothing out of the norm.

  • Hey guys I was off my period for ten days and then I started bleeding Monday and I only bled for two days and now I have light pink stuff after I only bleed for two days

  • I need help I’m 18 and I was in a relationship and it ended in May?? So then I had taken a test at the time now after a while I got my period July 1st to July 6th I’m bleeding heavily and cramping my tummy is big

  • Hi. I had a regular cycle on Aug 1st. I had a light brown spotty period on aug 21st. I am not due for another cycle until Aug 28th. Could it just be an early period? I just turned 40

  • It is ok if you are 2 weeks implantation bleeding from dark brown, brown, pink, and red blood and have some white blood in it..???

  • Ok so, I’m a full 7 days past when my period should’ve been due. I’m not bleeding but I see reddish color when I wipe sometimes although it doesn’t come down otherwise. I also feel a weird cramp/tugging down near my belly button and below off to the side. I have been having hot flashes and my breasts are sensitive as well.

    I’ve never been over a day late because my period pretty much runs like clockwork and has done so for the past 14 years with absolutely no deviations of more than one day lol. I feel like I’m pmsing but long term lmfao idk what is going on but I got a bfn on 3 hpt and one negative blood test and my doc says if my period doesn’t start by next week I have to redo the test and possibly get an ultrasound but it’s so difficult waiting for me lol I literally have no patience anymore.

    I’m 25 and I’ve been dealing with infertility for 3 years. Tested negative for PCOS, had an hsg test (tubes are clear) and I’ve had a laparoscopy to rule out endometriosis since I’m a heavy bleeder. I’m healthy and according to doc, everything looks good. I’d usually be flooding a tampon and a pad if I was to be on my period rn so this is so crazy to me that I haven’t started. I really want to believe I’m pregnant! ���� what do you guys think?