Pregnancy Test Still Positive If your Lines Are Lighter


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On a pregnancy test, what if 1 line is very light and the other is very dark?

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Pregnancy Test Still Positive If a Line Is Lighter?

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When taking a pregnancy test, any line in the test indication area is considered a positive pregnancy test, even if it is lighter than the control line. The darker line is usually the control line. This is not a sign of a problem with the pregnancy or the pregnancy test, assuming it came up within the time limits of. A dark line or a fainter test line still mean a positive result on a pregnancy test. Some expectant moms with higher hCG levels and a sensitive test may notice a very faint line (or VFL in forum acronym-speak) as early as 8 or 9 days after ovulation.

Other hopeful members post pictures asking about a VVFL, or a VVVVVFL, or well, you get the picture. Squinting. Very Well explained that the positive lines on a pregnancy test can get lighter or darker depending on the concentration of hCG in your urine, which can fluctuate according to how much fluid you. If you read the directions for the test, they will tell you that the second line may appear lighter than the first, but even so, it still indicates a positive pregnancy.

Why Is the Second Line Faint? You may have a low level of hCG in your urine as it may be very early in your pregnancy, or you took it later. A faint positive pregnancy test is when the line that appears on the pregnancy test is very faint.

This is an indication that there isn’t enough hCG in your urine for the pregnancy test to trigger a positive pregnancy result. Every pregnancy test has a rated sensitivity rating measured in mIU/L. The lower this.

Both tests (most recent) still positive, but preggo line is much lighter than was several weeks ago. (still have older test stick). ALL are the same brand test, but bought at different times. If. In the very early days of pregnancy the line intensity can be an indicator of how much HCG is detected, however because tests use different amounts of dye, it really shouldnt be used as a way to view the viability.

Thats being said with my last CP in March i watched the line gradually get lighter and lighter until it was gone. Unfortunately, a faint positive line can also be a sign of a very early miscarriage, sometimes called a chemical pregnancy, which occurs within the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy, often much. Hi ladies as the title says I did ANOTHER hpt this morning and the line is most definitely lighter than it was last week. I have absolutely no reason to keep doing these tests and I know its stupid. I have no MC (miscarriage) symptoms and had an early scan at 6-7 weeks which showed a HB.

Its like I have some some crazy sadistic poas obsession to reassure myself I am still. The color of the line is insignificant. Pregnancy tests can only tell you if you are pregnant.

The darkness of the line is no indication of how pregnant you are or how far along you are. You can use the brand tests, even from the same box and get a lighter or darker line any time.

List of related literature:

Which means that if your test is showing a line, no matter how faint it is—you can be positive that you’re pregnant.

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Which means that if your test is showing a line, no matter how faint it is – you’re pregnant.

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• Positive result: A vertical line in any shade of blue forms a plus sign in the “Read Result” window along with a blue “Test Complete” line.

“Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing in Ambulatory Care E-Book: A Guide for Health Care Professionals” by Martha (Marti) Garrels
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If a purple line appears near the dipping end of the strip, it shows a postive result.

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It is important to note that a faint or uneven line is still a positive result.

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Solid line, Change that occurs in pregnancy.

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The lighter color just meant it was positive but early.

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A line was a line, and that meant I was pregnant.

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I got very faint lines each time… and I miscarried at 5 weeks.

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Sometimes you’ll see a line that glows, sometimes a line that does not.

“The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes” by Donald Hoffman
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  • hi nurse,
    on the 3rd of Jan 2016 I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative but on the 4th I used a first response test which came back with an extremely faint line. I’ve taken a test every morning since and it appears to get darker but still ever so light. I’m not sure when af is due or how long my cycle is. it used to be the last Wednesday of every month but in November last year I missed my period it came ten days late and now I’m not sure when to expect it. my partner normally knows my cycle and told me I’m 4 days late. if I am indeed 4 days late shouldn’t my test line be darker please help me

  • I got a pregnancy test with blood that went I fine out I was pregnant because I make a pregnancy test with urine and come out one line but I got a pregnancy test with blood tests and it was 2 line so they told me I was pregnant

  • Hi… I took a pregnancy test bout week ago or so and there were a very faint line… I thought it were just me but my friend could see it… Took another could quite see anything I then took one a few days ago and couldn’t see nothing until I looked today and there a very yet again faint line it’s hard to make out??

  • Hi so yesterday morning I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, this morning I was throwing the trash and I saw the pregnancy test and it had a fainted line. What does this mean?

  • I took a first response test 6 days before my missed period there was a second very faint line I took 2 more to be sure they all showed the same but now today is the day before my period is do and I’m spotting? What does this mean,can anyone help me?

  • I used a first response pregnancy test one line dark and the other very faint does that mean I am pregnant I also late on my period

  • Hi doctor my lmp was August 9.i missed my period this month so could you pls tell me how many days pregnant I am now and today I checked up I got a faint line.

  • I took two test and both said negative. So I bought a $1 test from the local grocery store and I read online that people had more results with a cheap test than more higher priced test. I took test after 1 minute I got a really dark line before 10 minutes I got a second really really faint light line. Does this mean I am pregnant. My boyfriend and I don’t know what to believe so I will get another test and take it in the morning when I wake up.

  • I took a pregnancy test one day and it showed a very faint line as it was going across the testing screen it then disappeared very shortly into the test I then waited another week and it did the same thing. what the heck is going on? am I pregnant or not?

  • I had 3 pregnancy test 1st one was positive then turned negative the 2nd two was after the first one i waited 4 days took the second one then the 3rd one 4 days after that what does this mean

  • I have an IUD and I took a pregnancy test.. it was negative about a week later I took another and both lines showed up but the test line was faint and control line was dark.. so confused. Am I pregnant or not?

  • Hi nurse:) iam so confussed, my test second line is the same color but very very thin,do you think is an evaporation line that i hear about? Iam 11 dpo….does evaporation line really exist? Can you explain how to see the difference

  • I took 2 pregnancy test at home and they had a faint positive, I went to my doctors and my urine test was negative. I am very confuse!

  • Hi dani I m nandhini i missed period in 10 days but actually I will check in 2 days missed the period 1 line light and and another line is dark after I will check in 9 days c line is dark and another line is faint too see 15 secnds after so I m cnfused i m pragnant or not?

  • I’m dealing with this now, and am extremely stressed. I’m having some mike cramping, so obviously I’m worried. Did you have any cramping on 12 DPO?

  • hi I took 2 pregnancy test came out positive but very faint. it was with a blue dye, one of the test I took in the morning and came out with a positive but I took a digital and a pink dye one and they came out negative

  • My Girlfriend Has done a test today and its the faintest line ever! lol I am really excited with people saying that a line is a line! but do not want to be building my hopes just incase it is negative.

  • what if a women did a test but she accidentally put the whole urine in her pregnancy test is she pregnant or does she have to put exactly 3 drops?

  • I missed my period for 6 days then it came for 2 days stopped and came back but I took a pregnancy test a few days ago and I saw a very faint line then the line disappeared can someone help me plz. I’m having all the symptoms large breast, bloated belly, fatigue, little appetite but they also told me that I had a low blood count and a lot of cervical mucus it watery

  • I took a pregnancy test saturday morning i see. Very faint line then on the afternoon my period came.. What should i do im confused

  • Hi, I have missed my period and now it has passed a week.. I see a faint test line in my home test. Should I see a doctor only after the lines get darker?

  • Ok So i have not been feeling to well the last few day and my cycle is now 3 days late and im never late. i took a pregnancy test yester day but it was really faint on one line i showed my boyfriend who said it would probably have a faint line even when negative  my question is can that be true? Im getting for a digital test to day and gonna take it again 

  • hi i took 5 preganacy tests 1 was first reponse which was 2 lines 1 faint and 1 darkbut the faint 1 is disappeaing and the others where cheap 1 and were negative could the postive be a evap line also im having loads of pregnancy syptoms

  • I tested 2 days regularly there was a faint line but 3rd day faint line disaappeared so what to do i m pregnant or not or i wait for few days plz help me

  • Hey my name is Brianna and im 19 years old and TTC i took a first response pregnacy test and the first line was dark and the second was light than gradually got darker after 5 minutes. I took a second first response and same result does that mean it’s for sure pregnant? I took prenatals while ttc and still am.. my last Period was April, 13,2015 and I had 2 days of spotting on may 4&5 2015 Today is June 16th 2015 would that mean Im 9weeks?

  • I need some help today I took two pregnancy test and the first line popped up bright and the second one was very very faint in that order and they were both like that am I pregnant?

  • I haven’t gone my period since May I’ve been taking pregnancy test & one comes out dark and the other one comes very light. I’m confused

  • I took one home pregnancy test it came out negative with on dark pink line then I took another one it came out positive with one light pink line and one dark pink line and I missed 10 days of my period is I’m pregnant

  • I took a dollar tree test on Monday. Faint line. So I got First response took 3 of them really faint line. Next morning. Took another first response. The line a little darker. Today is Friday. I took an Walmart 88 cent one and the line is still very faint. Today I am supposed to be 14 DPO help!!!

  • One dark line and one light line indicate positive and I have beta hcg level is 12.25 my lmp 24 march 2020 please tell me about my pregnancy

  • Hi!
    I took three test (10,11,12 dpo) and within the 10 minute window it was negative, but an hour to two hours later it was a thin pink line. Could it be i am pregnant?
    On 7dpo i began spotting, so thought maybe af was coming. It went away and a brown discharge occurred. Today (12dpo) i noticed i was spotting again. I wear a menstrual cup and i noticed blood spots in it. Ive been trying for two months now and amxious to know. I know now all i can do is wait if my cycle comes two days from today.

  • And took a pregnancy test today it showed one line but when I put it up to the light it shows two lines does this mean I’m pregnant

  • I have 3 babies, one is 4 months old and I missed my period for a month took 2 pregnancy test and both came outOne dark line and one faint line, I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant again.

  • i should be about 5 weeks prego and i took about 5 test now and all of them either show negative or has very very very faint line that you can only see if you hold it in a certain way, can it be that im just not producing hcg like i should? im really concerned and dont know what to do
    please help!!!

  • Hello Nurce Dani, My wife was 2 days up. we checked and c line was dark while t line was slight light. Doc told it is weekly positive and suggested fertigyn 5000 injection along with folic acid. Does weekly positive pregnancy sustains. is there in problem in pregnancy.Now we had checked after 9 days t line is little darker than previous one.
    pls guide.

  • I’m 6 days Late on my period I tested on the 4th day i was late both pregnancy test came out negative but one of them was darker why is that?

  • Hey there My name is David my wife about two weeks ago she took a pregnancy test and she waited and said negative and then she just put the test down then later it came back with a dark line and a faint line then two days later she took another and the same thing happened but now she has her period she don’t know what to do I am even confused

  • I’ve took three tests in the past 4 days my first one was negative and the other 3 are positive but with a faint line, I took my 3rd one today with my FMU and it’s still coming up faint, I’m either 4 or 2 days late as I can hardly remember when I was last on my period and I only took a test because I’ve been, feeling sick, having headaches, slight cramping and hot flashes and food aversion, I’ve given a urine sample to my doctor and waiting results for this Tuesday I’m worried it will come up negative!

  • I took a pregnancy test like 3 weeks ago it give a fainted positive. that same day I went to the e.r  and they give me a pee test and it came back negative the doctor had told me to wait two weeks to see if my period would come and it never came and she also told me that if it don’t come that I have to make a appointment with my health care provider. so since the doctors test came out negative does that mean I’m not pregnant?

  • thank you for this video Nurse Dani. when I was 17 years old one of my friends is asking me about ”where do babies come from?”, I didn’t explain the rest of it, now I find that question doesn’t bother me

  • Hi, I took about 5 test in a week span and the line if not getting any darker from the first. I’m about 9 days after missed period. Should I be concerned?

  • I took my test and the next day looked at it and it was very light pink

    Am I pregnant?

    Test took until next day to show faint light pink line

  • I took a pregnancy test about a week ago and the result came up with one really strong blue line and then another faint blue line. Is this a positive test? Should I take another to be sure?

  • Awwww hon sorry about the chemical. I’ve had 2 chemicals and like u said the test was only ever really faint then when intested a day or 2 later was so much lighter then negative. You know how it goes.
    I tested like a crazy womon the first few weeks of this pregnancy to make sure there was line progression.
    I’m now 19 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. Ure tests look fantastic sweety great progression. Congratulations

  • today my 35 day of missed period I have pcod.i took yesterday hpt test in evening one line are dark and second is very very means plzzzz reply I m totally confused this this because this first tym to show very light second line are so late to show the kit.plzzz help

  • took a pregnancy test yesterday and only had one line and today i looked the same test and it had a faint line? Can someone help me please

  • sorry using my husbands youtube I took 5 of the same brand pregnancy tests and 2 came out positive but not rate away I waited an hour or so and kept checking them and sure enough they were positive with light second lines but the others were negative could I be pregnant if the test didn’t say positive till after 15 mins or so?

  • I detected a fainted line and tested positive but later said not pregnant afterwards but still seeing fainted lines as well. what should I do?

  • HI ive use the bfp pregnancy and my results was 1 dark line and 1 light line, and that same month ive receive my periods but it was only 4 a 3 days, wat does that mean pls help me

  • Thank you so much. The chemist saw the picture of my Faint line and told me there is no way I could get pregnant. My period are due in 5 days and I was so sick ( nausea, vomiting, migraines, fever, I had a miscarriage in december) that I though that baby was on his way. I am going to the doctor tomorrow. Thank you very much.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I found out im pregnant two days ago with a good line (like your 11dpo) today i tested for line progession about midday after drinking about 1.5L of water this morning and my line was super faint so of course i jump to the conclusion that I am having a chemical pregnancy but your video gives me hope ❤❤

  • Im going through this now i got my bfp on 12dpo it was light but you could see it and on 14dpo it was about the same on 15 about the same so scary i never got a dark dark line yet but i will be testin 5 days after my missed. And thats on sunday today is thru wish me luck ��

  • Itook of rided aid band eraslt y test both test very light line on does im pergenant jw on sound line that ithink 500pm i took

  • Ive taken 3 first response test and they all come out with a very faint line (like 2 of them you have to get in the right lighting to actually see it)
    I also took a cbd and it came out negative am I pregnant or not??

  • hello mam.. i take my pregnancy test one line are dark and the other or very very light i also tested HCG test in that also it shows negative so im pregnant or not..? i still not getting my period….. plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzz reply��

  • Am concerned cause I took a test yesterday it was really bright then when I looked at it the next day it one line was almost gone plus it changed from blue to black wat does that mean

  • Hi dani I m nandhini i missed period in 10 days but actually I will check in 2 days missed the period 1 line light and and another line is dark after I will check in 9 days c line is dark and another line is faint too see 15 secnds after so I m cnfused i m pragnant or not?

  • I took a clear blue digital test. It said not pregnant. But I took it apart to see the hcg test strip and it had a faint blue line and a dark blue controlled line. I don’t know what to go by the not pregnant digital part or the actual hcg strip?

  • Thankyou a Lot. I am Very Happy eventhough She havent gone to the doctor yet. But watching this video, I am sure of the good news. Thankyou again for such a helpful video

  • I had a positive pregnancy test but 4 days later started to bleed kinda like my period except I don’t feel like I am on my period I am not having cramps or pressure. 

  • hy i took several pregnancy test
    all test are weakly postive….
    but i tested befor strying my prriods
    may i pregnant or not?
    please help me

  • Hello! I am through the same situation. Can you please tell me when your period came, was it late thsn normally? Was is heavier? I don t know what to expect.

  • Am so sorry Linny Rose. You are so strong. Delay is not denial. Soon and very soon your miracle baby is on the way. Lots of baby dust. ��������������