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Pregnancy test evaporation line?! I wasn’t expecting this

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An evaporation line is a line that appears in the results window of a pregnancy test as the urine dries. It can leave a faint, colorless line. If you’re not familiar with evaporation lines, you. The evaporation line on a pregnancy test comes when the urine used in the sample evaporates after a certain amount of time. This is normal and a part of the process but leaves behind a colorless but distinct line.

2  The evaporation line does not show up until after the pregnancy test reading window of time to accurately get your results. An evaporation line is the mark of urine that remains on the pregnancy test after dried. The nuisance of looking like a faint positive pregnancy test results can confuse you.

A false positive pregnancy test result can be an evap line on a pregnancy test. So here is everything discussed in detail about an evap line in a pregnancy test. What Is Evaporation Line on a Pregnancy Test? Pregnancy tests show evaporation lines due to evaporating urine in the pregnancy test window.

There will be a very faint line on a home pregnancy test when the urine on it begins to dry up and vanish. This faint, colorless line can appear on any at-home pregnancy test. Evaporation (Evap) lines are faint lines that show up after a negative pregnancy test dries up, tricking a user into reading a false positive. This simple feature of pregnancy can be cruelly misleading.

Pregnancy tests have a reaction time, which is usually around three to five minutes after they’re taken and when the test is still damp. What is an evap line and how is it different from a positive pregnancy test? An evap line (evaporation line) is a faint line that appears after a negative test has dried. Because tests are typically meant to be read three to five minutes after they are taken, the tests. Filtered: Evaporation line.

Wondering if your test is positive or negative? Post photos of your pregnancy tests and ovulation tests (OPKs) for the community to vote on. Upload your photos, zoom in and use our photo tweaking tools! (invert, greyscale, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue).

An indentation line is a clear line in the result window of test, an evaporation line is a gray line in the result window. Evaps normally happen when you look at a test past the recommended time frame. We never recommend looking at pregnancy tests past 10 minutes. A dye run is when the dye runs across the screen of a pregnancy test and is. An evaporation line is a slight streak that mimics a positive pregnancy test result.

It appears as a second line but does not indicate that you are pregnant. This line appears when you check the result after the stipulated time or when you take the test incorrectly. The test line on a pregnancy test contains an antibody strip that binds to hCG and this is what causes the line to become visible and show a positive result if you are pregnant. An evaporation line is a line caused by the evaporation of urine from the test.

The evaporation line can either highlight the antibody strip and cause it to appear as a.

List of related literature:

Which means that if your test is showing a line, no matter how faint it is – you’re pregnant.

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Q. What if there is only a faint line?

“Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Ari Brown, Michele Hakakha
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Two lines means that you are pregnant.

“Being Property Once Myself: Blackness and the End of Man” by Joshua Bennett
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A line was a line, and that meant I was pregnant.

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Two lines needed to appear to indicate pregnancy.

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Any positive line (or readout) is a positive sign – and a sign that you’re positively pregnant.

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The appearance of a colored line indicates a positive test.

“A Concise Review of Clinical Laboratory Science” by Joel Hubbard
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If a purple line appears near the dipping end of the strip, it shows a postive result.

“Practical Microbiology” by D.K.Maheshwari
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“If there are two lines,” she said, “it’s a positive result, no matter how faint the second line is.”

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• Negative result: No blue vertical line appears, leaving a minus sign in the “Read Result” window along with a blue “Test Complete” line.

“Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing in Ambulatory Care E-Book: A Guide for Health Care Professionals” by Martha (Marti) Garrels
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  • When you tilted the test after dropping water on it (after it dried), I saw a line. I don’t know what that means. My tests were luckily always very clear when I was pregnant. If you have any doubts, I would for sure go to the dr.

  • I got that evaporate line with in 10 mins is it positive or negative?? I’m so confused mam.. Please tell me… 3 or 4 times to test,,same 10 mins to get a line…im pregnant or not!???

  • I took a test 6 days sooner. I thought I seen a faint line so I took it apart nothing there threw it in the box. Decided to check this morning faint pink line does it matter it was left opened it the box all night and not in the test anymore I left it in the package of the test

  • The universe just wants you to have all the babies! No but seriously. Whenever you are ready zero pressure from anyone. Your babes are the cutest and its so fun watching your family grow up! My son loves to watch Cooper:)

  • this happens to me in one time and after that i go to doctor and docter say im not preg and my periods starts and this happens to me again in today in confused �� ����������

  • So I’ve got two positive tests after they’ve fully dried. And I’m almost positive they’re evaps. But this gives me so much hope that I’m crying.

  • This is the same thing that happened to me when I had my chemical pregnancy. That’s the problem with testing so early. If we never tested, we would never even know.

  • I feel like this alll the time now. We are TTC baby #2 and having trouble. Feel like I can’t really talk to anyone about it because NONE of my friends are parents so it’s an internal battle. I hope you are!

  • Willa was so precious talking with her water. I love the age she is right now. I would love to have two or three just like her. I love your family.

  • I took 4 of these and didn’t get any evap lines..until today. I’m 7 days late and had some spotting on days 4 & 5 of being late. I know better than to get excited but it has given me some hope. Gonna keep testing till AF or BFP shows

  • This same exact thing happened to me I did Walmart brand cheap blue dye tests the first one no control line kinda looked positive took the other one later and it was slight positive and I checked the other one again and the control line was there and they both looked faint positive. I took the pink dye test 3 days in a row all negative I stopped taking tests for 2 weeks and then tested again and it was the biggest positive ever and it was with a first response. I went in for a dating ultrasound and I was 7 weeks along so those cheap blue dye test worked for me super early. I hope whatever is meant to happen makes you and your family happy �� good luck girl!

  • I’ve never had any bad luck with those tests. I’ve always had real positives. False positives are super super rare but water probably is a bad way to test it…another way to be sure is if it comes up + w/in the right window time if it shows up AFTER the time window then yeah it’s an evap line

  • Youre better off using first signal. Frers have been known to have false positives lately. Might be a lot of bad batches going around.

  • But honestly your realness especially on this app is like seeing a unicorn �� you never know what’s real or not real but I love your videos ❤

  • Just went through this in August. I did not get a positive til 2 days before my period. Had all the symptoms long before a positive. This will be baby number 4. My first 2 I got really early positives. My third baby same as this one, did not want to show up as an early positive. Did not matter the test. ��‍♀️

  • i took a test today this morning with a blue dye and the line was so faded u can barely see it but i could see it and i left it alone for at least an hour and the line got a bit darker to the point where u didnt have to squint as much and u could see it and it was really really light blue but i dont think it means anything idk.. i’m only 17 and freaking out. i dont wanna be freaking out over nothing and i have one more test but its blue dye and idk if i should trust it

  • is an evaporation line still gray a day later? I took a test that was a faint positive with clear blue and I checked it today and there is a thin blue line that dried even darker…

  • I used those same tests and swore I had a positive test. To the point where I ended up getting in my own head so bad that I ended up 10 days late and wasn’t pregnant. Those tests are bad for false positives and evap lines. I ended up pregnant my next cycle and I’m now 17 weeks. I’m rooting for you though because I was pregnant when you were pregnant with Willa. We were due the same day but my son was born on the 11th. ��

  • My 5th pregnancy that I had (she’s 15 months) is prove the tests can be false! I had all the symptoms and the tests kept coming back negative and then finally I had a small faint line I went and had a dr apt and ultrasound I was 3 weeks on the dot pregnant! Never happened to me before haha

  • Such a cliff hanger! I cant wait until you know for sure or not! Also i love willas pig tails, you must do some witch craft magic or shes literally the best kid. Elora is 2 days younger than willa and REFUSES bows, pony tails or anything for that matter.

  • Well, I thought you were hinting towards pregnancy. Although, you now have a great vlog pointing out how off the cheap brands can be and what a false positive looks like. 😉 I was hoping it was positive though. I was overly excited for you. LoL! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  • So true! The exact same thing happened with my daughter. Negative test after negative test, then with the final test it was stark white negative… I’d left it on the window ledge (to do the crazy woman staring at it hoping to see any kind of line) & had forgotten about it. When i saw it again like a day later there was a faint pinky grey line… shes now a healthy, happy almost 20month old:D also i didnt get my bfp until i was around 3weeks (maybe longer) after my missed period. The lesson to take from it is never lose hope stranger things have happened:)

  • I had the cheapo dip tests from eBay and that’s exactly how light the line was on mine, could barely even see it! It was 4 days before my expected period. Now I’m 34 weeks with a baby girl!

  • These are the first tests I had taken when I was 10dpo with my 10 month old. It looked exactly like your second test… Just saying.

  • It’s just a brand lol. Plenty of women have had accurate tests from the Dolllar Tree. Lol faulty tests can happen with any priced test, but the worst are the blue ones. I wouldn’t waste my money unless I got a pos on a cheap test. Also, you aren’t supposed to read a test for accuracy after like 5 minutes lol or however long it says on the box.. cuz they can show inaccuracies.
    Also it’s funny you mention anxiety cuz that’s EXACTLY why I though I was pregnant this week! Lol I have been feeling WAY too good for my period to be on its way. I usually PMS BAD! But today I started bleeding light with neg pregnancy test ��

  • This literal EXACT same thing happened to me this week! Bought cheap tests after having weird “symptoms” and got pretty clear “positives,” so I started freaking out about having a very unplanned baby #4, but my husband talked me down and we almost even got excited about it, and then I tested the next couple of days with more quality tests and got negatives. Such an emotional roller coaster ����‍♀️

  • Honestly, first response is terrible now. I had a very strong light pink line Sunday. I dipped a second one with the same urine. Not as strong of a line, but still a line. I took another one a few hours later, negative!! I took two on Monday, negative. I took another one yesterday, faint pink positive line!!! Took another one yesterday afternoon, negative!! I will also add that every time I took a first response I also took a.88 cent first signal and all the first signals were negative. This isn’t the first time first response has done this to me! It’s also been giving a lot of other women false positives! The company should be ashamed. They are expensive tests and they should be reliable!

  • Blue dye sucks, and so does First Response! I ALWAYS get indent lines on them, and I’ve heard they’re being recalled for that issue now. Cheapies from Walmart/Dollar Tree/Amazon are the best imo!

  • l love your videos! We have been trying for roughly 9yrs. We start my last clomid cycle next month( I needed a break). Praying for your BFP, and that you get a sticky bean.:)

  • Ooooooooo either way, pulling for ya!! Baby or no Baby….we’re here to watch!!! I believe I watch one of the ones you were referring to lol. Some of the content almost seems like it copy yours sometimes.:)

  • I bought the amazon opks called iproven I think and there are no evaps on them even a week later but I took one this morning and it showed a faint line but I am suspicious of evap because I am only 9dpo and it’s so faint. I don’t want to get my hopes up lol….

  • You’ve gotta get the first response tests!! I had false positives with the evap line on the clear blue types of tests. It will be fine either way!! We are almost due with our “accident” but I know everything happens for a reason! ❤️

  • Yep… Disney is the most magical place on Earth!! Found out I was pregnant with my daughter, shortly after going to Disney World in 2016. Lol

  • This is so real life. Your reaction was normal. I feel like so many of us have been there done that. Those 1st tests were terrible, they really did have color. I feel like sometimes people see evaporation lines and think they are positive tests. The rule of thumb though is there has to be color for it to be positive…and those two had color. Did the other have pink in the faint line? If your period doesn’t come on time in a few days, you should get the one that says pregnant, not pregnant

  • Heather, have you tried the pregnancy test from the dollar tree? The pink ones. My husband and I have been TTCing for over 2 years, in July (the week before I was suppose to start fertility medication) I took a DT test and it had a VFL. Of course I took 10 more the next evening, and they were all a lot darker. I was convinced, as I have had many evaps in the last 2 years, so I done the water trick on all of them and the line stayed. Sadly, by the time I could get bloodwork to confirm, I had started bleeding. It gives me hope that it will happen again someday. Currently in my TWW with cycle #2 of fertility meds. We can do this girl! Praying for you! Love ya!

  • Ohhh I love how real you are Lex seriously!! If you end up being pregnant we will be together and I’d love to watch yours through it!

  • I get line eyes through videos lol…I swear i saw a line…but it’s best to test after missed period…i was lucky and got a faint line on 9dpo and a positive digital on 10dpo, but womens bodies are all different and some may not get a positive til 14-16dpo

  • I will say that even an evap stays after water is added which I confirmed with a test from the doctors as well as on ones I’ve bought one online and at the store.

  • After a year and a half of trying, and deciding that starting our family could wait another year or twoI just got a BFP tonight after work. So overwhelmed

  • My favorite memory of Landon was being a great husband and father to his 2 little girls. May he forever Rest In Peace. Morgan it will happen in Gods timing.

  • Paused at 10:54 after you said “I will have a bajilliion babies”, LOL….just want to say this is the first of your videos I’ve ever seen, so I don’t know your story. That being said, I have always heard that it is nearly impossible to have a false POSITIVE pregnancy test…because if the HCG hormone is there, it’s there. You can test too soon and get a false negative, but a false positive is rare. I hope that this is not bad news, because I do believe you are pregnant. Oh….and I’m 53 years old, so what I have been told in the past may be “old” information.

  • Cheap tests are fine! The 88¢ tests from Walmart get pretty hefty evap lines sometimes but they’re still great! Dollar Tree tests too. But blue dye sucks, blue dye sucks always. Pink tests for life. ��

  • How many DPO were you in this video? I am 9 DPO my equate early responses came up positive right away but the First Response 6 day sooner didn’t. Shouldn’t it have been the other way around? BTW thank you for this video ��

  • Ty! I’ve been thinking this. If the hormone is present, it won’t matter how long ago I saw it, if it’s pick or blue it’s a positive. Chemical pregnancy or not, I’m not insane. I’m not psycho. Thank you again.

  • I’ve literally never gotten a positive test with first response. They’re the worst. I’ve only ever gotten positive with blue dye. And I’m 25 weeks into my second baby. This time I got a positive with clearblue at 9dpo

  • ALSO I have had a couple pregnancy “scares” and every time I found out I wasn’t pregnant, after obsessing over whether or not I saw a line, I was secretly sad. Even though I was not ready for a baby, I was somehow sad that it wasn’t positive. Weird how that works! Lol

  • I personally don’t like the clear blue line tests. I always see an evap line. I like their digital ones but not the regular ones. I also used ones from the dollar store and they never had an evap line. I honestly just think it’s clear blue ones.

  • We have two kids and aren’t planning on a a third but I’m not on bc. Every time I’m a day late I have a midlife crisis where I don’t know if I’m happy or sad or panicking. Mom life is rough

  • Dollar store tests are very accurate. That’s all I’ve ever used, and they’ve never been wrong.

    Congrats if you are!!!!�� I used to think I wanted a bajillion kids too…..then I had my 3rd lol! It’s been a struggle the last 10m, but we’re finally adjusting.

  • Pink dye tests are the best forsure. I always had false positives on blue dye tests. But I will say the cheap ones on Amazon are the same ones they use in the doctor’s office. Its like.50 cents a piece and I got a BFP on 8dpo and a perfect line progression taking them daily to watch it get darker. Clinical guard I think is the brand! They have OPKs too!

  • I would love if you could give me your opinion on this. I’m on my TTC journey I have irregular periods so I’m taking clomid to stimulate ovulation. I’m still in my 1st cycle with clomid I’m CD 37 and I’m 5 days late on my period. I took a pregnancy test (clearblue) the day of my expected period which I didn’t get. First time it was negative so I decided to open the test seen an extra faint line put the test back together and you could see it but it showed as half a line and yes you could see the blue dye. The next day I took another pregnancy test it’s the one similar to first response but it’s CVS brand and it’s blue dye. This time you could see an extra faint line that is blue but if you weren’t looking carefully at the test you couldn’t even tell if there was a line. Tested again 2 days after that and same thing happened. That’s why I need opinions is this Evap line could I be pregnant? I also experience 4 pregnancy symptoms for a week

  • My first response was negative 9 dpo then I came back like 30 minutes later and I saw the most faint line I thought I was crazy but low & behold I have an 8 week old now��

  • My 2nd was born 6weeks before my sons 2nd birthday. And i honestly love the gap. Seriously your familh is going to be amazing still even if the gap between Willa and new bub are closer then youd like. ❤

    share the whole experiance um Lex pretty sure you cant put “doing the deed on youtube �� dont think this is the right website for that

  • I dont know if it is something in the air or what but the exact thing happened to me, all of the pregnancy symptoms but only negative test, I also had my son 4 days before willa was born

  • I took 2 of these today…. im 4 days late and no sign of AF.. i swear i can see the faintest of faint lines on both of them… but they are so faint that i dont know if I want to get my hopes up:/

  • I always say Never underestimate a woman’s intuition. Not too long ago Emily from The Jackson Hive went thru positives and negatives, even doctor’s test negative…then she found out for sure ahe is pregnant with baby #4. So we’ll be here for you all the way. Can’t wait for Fitzgerald baby #3 ❤��������

  • Regarding Willa, the invitae ads seem to be consistently running on BradandRach YouTube videos right now on today’s it’s the first seconds that shows Willa’s doppelganger ��

  • My test is one dark blue and one is really light blue (home pregnancy test two mornings ago… today earlier I went to the hospital and they did blood work and she said that a faded line came out and they did the test again and it came out negative… I took other home pregnancy test and it came out one dark and one light again….. I pray and hope god blesses me with a one healthy baby this year!!! Amen
    Hope for whoever is ttc..may your wishes come true!!!! Xoxo btw thanks for this wonderful video beautiful

  • I have a 6 year old boy, 2 year old girl and a 1 year old boy ���� first 2 were planned and my last was not! I found out when my daughter was only 10 months old… I was SHOOK ����

  • What do you recommend that I do for my little one, he has the same birthday as Willa and he isn’t speaking yet only making noises. We talk to him and read to him every night. He’s the only child but I’m starting to think that he may need intervention ��

  • sorry t hear about the AF. mine came 6 days earlier last cycle. hopefully we get our bfps soon.. check my channel out, I have a TTC video on there.

  • That is EXACT the same test I took with my son. And that is EXACTLY how mine looked!! Took a digital 4 days later and it said pregnant!!! It could be true!! ����

  • Girl… this happened to me all the time when we were trying for our daughter. Don’t feel bad. Early testing is confusing. I hate the “not know for sure” game.

  • I thought I saw a line on all of your tests!!! As soon as you said you were getting back into your diet and workout routine (last video), I was like, she’s going to get pregnant so fast! Same thing happened to me! I started Beachbody and a week later was surprised with Baby #3 on the way. We are usually very calculated about expanding our family too! Prayers for you all as you walk through this journey. XO

  • That’s very true. I have done this many times. I am currently 33 weeks prego now. My girlfriend told me she took a test and it was positive so she’s like “u should take one so we can see if we’re prego together.” I still had 8 days until my period so when I saw that line after 10 minutes I thought it was another evap so I put water on it and it was still there. But super super faint. So I waited and took another one 2 days later and it was there. But it truly works. Baby dust ur way hunny…. Next month is the lucky month����������

  • What up momma your eggo is prego!!! Congratulations momma!!! I’m a mom of 9 and now a mommy to 11 kiddos….crazy busy and blessed momma bear here!!! ����������������������������������������

  • Dont guess about twins or miscarriages, go to the doctor always because even if it is a miscarriage, you need to make sure all baby tissue is out of you

  • Im on cycle day 56 now. Last period was dec15.. My pt yesterday has very faint line after like 2hrs.. And even on the afternoon when my husband arrived from work 5pm, i show it to him and he can see it too.. I took another one today and its negative. And the one from yesterday, the faint line faded ��

  • Okay so haven’t had my period since November 20th and it’s now january and still nothing negative blood test negative pregnancy tests but then 5 hours later it was positive it’s a blue dye test