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Among children 3 to 17 years old, about 4.4 million have diagnosed anxiety and 1.9 million have diagnosed depression, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Roughly 3 in 4. A new study reveals all these stressors are also having a devastating effect on the nation’s mental health.

The Boston University School of Public Health finds the depression rate among U.S. adults has tripled during the national quarantine. The Boston team reports only 8.5 percent of adults displayed depression symptoms before the pandemic. A survey of Toronto residents forced to quarantine due to the 2003 SARS outbreak revealed that 31% had symptoms of depression and 29% had signs of PTSD.

And in 2015, during the Ebola epidemic. Study: 1 in 5 young adults hospitalized with COVID-19 require ICU Low-dose electrical stimulation helps adults with dyslexia read, study finds Study: Kids with COVID-19, flu hospitalized at same rates. The study, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, found almost one in five children saw their depressive symptoms worsen over the four years.

Depression rate in the US triples during pandemic, study finds A survey before the pandemic involving nearly 5,000 American adults found that 8.5 per cent of them showed signs of depression. Parents are worried. About online learning and coronavirus and too many video games, yes. But more strikingly, they are worried about depression. Children with ADHD, who struggle to regulate emotions and manage stress, are at a higher risk for depression and other mood disorders.

In a pandemic, that risk is aggravated by social isolation. Learn how to recognize the signs of depression. Mixed Impacts on Kids. The impact of quarantine isn’t 100% clear-cut in all kids though.

Kearney says some may be having positives and negatives on different days or. About 1 in 6 parents reported having spanked or slapped their children during the crisis. Eleven percent said they had done this multiple times.

Depression is a different story for single parents, who might not have someone to take care of them and their kids while they heal. Here’s one mom’s story.

List of related literature:

Another study found that 24% of a sample of children and adolescents with ASD (n = 109) met criteria for major depressive disorder (Leyfer et al., 2006).

“Handbook of Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder” by Johnny L. Matson
from Handbook of Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
by Johnny L. Matson
Springer International Publishing, 2016

More recently, Starfield reported that in a seven year longitudinal study of 2,591 children (from primarily white middle-class, two-parent homes), 25.1% were diagnosed as having “psychosocial morbidity” and 17.3% as having “psychosomatic morbidity” (Starfield et al. 1984:825).

“Anthropology and Epidemiology: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Health and Disease” by C. Janes, R. Stall, S.M. Gifford
from Anthropology and Epidemiology: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Health and Disease
by C. Janes, R. Stall, S.M. Gifford
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At least six independent studies have replicated these findings, including studies of children who had experienced maltreatment and/or lack of social support (Grabe et al., 2005; Kaufman et al., 2004).

“Handbook of Depression, Second Edition” by Ian H. Gotlib, Constance L. Hammen
from Handbook of Depression, Second Edition
by Ian H. Gotlib, Constance L. Hammen
Guilford Publications, 2008

Several studies have been conducted to assess prevalence of these disorders in community-dwelling children and adolescents, with depression prevalence estimates ranging from 1% to 3% in prepubertal children and from 3% to 9% in adolescents (Fleming et al, 1989).

“Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics E-Book” by William B. Carey, Allen C. Crocker, Ellen Roy Elias, Heidi M. Feldman, William L. Coleman
from Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics E-Book
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Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

In one longitudinal study, 51% of the children diagnosed with CD attained a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder in adulthood, whereas only 15% of the children in the high-risk sample experienced this outcome without childhood CD (Simonoff et al., 2004).

“Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology” by Michael Lewis, Karen D. Rudolph
from Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology
by Michael Lewis, Karen D. Rudolph
Springer US, 2014

If the annual prevalence of depression is taken to be about 4% and the chances of first-degree relatives with depression is about three times that of the normal population, then 12% of children born to depressed parents will develop depression and 88% will not.

“The Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology: An Evidence Based Practice Approach” by Alan Carr, Muireann McNulty
from The Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology: An Evidence Based Practice Approach
by Alan Carr, Muireann McNulty
Taylor & Francis, 2016

Included in the study were children of parents with panic disorder alone and with both panic disorder and major depression and a control group of children of parents with neither panic disorder nor major depression.

“Social Phobia: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment” by Richard G. Heimberg
from Social Phobia: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment
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Children of depressed parents: Increased psychopathology and early onset of major depression.

“Resilience and Vulnerability: Adaptation in the Context of Childhood Adversities” by Dante Cicchetti, Suniya S. Luthar, Maria Mei-ha Wong, Luthar Suniya S.
from Resilience and Vulnerability: Adaptation in the Context of Childhood Adversities
by Dante Cicchetti, Suniya S. Luthar, et. al.
Cambridge University Press, 2003

One study found as many as 70% of the mothers of cystic fibrotic children to be clinically depressed;” another found only 15% to be clinically depressed, but another 40% were periodically in despair.”

“Family Medicine: Principles and Practice” by J. L. Buckingham, E. P. Donatelle, W. E. Jacott, M. G. Rosen, Robert B. Taylor
from Family Medicine: Principles and Practice
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Blanchard et al. (2006) found that anxiety and depression maybe under-diagnosed in children where 36 percent of parents surveyed indicated concerns over anxiety or depression.

“Child Neuropsychology: Assessment and Interventions for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, 2nd Edition” by Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, Phyllis Anne Teeter Ellison
from Child Neuropsychology: Assessment and Interventions for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, 2nd Edition
by Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, Phyllis Anne Teeter Ellison
Springer US, 2009

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  • A myth my dad keeps saying is that the no touch thermometers cause damage to the brains pineal gland because of the “radiation”

    Ik it’s not true but many people are believing it and refusing to get their temperature checked

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  • Im 9 and I am sad and scared I can’t sleep I feel like I am guilty for not going with my dad sometimes but I KNOW my mom won’t belive me I feel like I should not live thank you for posting this video

  • All of these except #1.
    What makes it worse is that I feel guilty about it because I know that my parents are trying to be great parents.

  • I’m not a professional
    But just atleast wash your hands, wear a mask in public (make sure to wash that too daily), and social distance.

  • How are the people that drink bleach are not dead One time my brothers accidentally sprayed bleach on me and my sister and we just started freaking out that our skin will peel off luckily it didn’t I’m but still shocked how they didn’t die by drinking the bleach

  • OMG PILLOW SALES R CAUSING CORONA VIRUS:O (I’m joking idiots, im making fun of people with no brains who think 5g networks spread it)

  • Actully, as the weizmann institute (of if the biggest in israel, and huge part if the research about the SARS-CoV-2), the virus is actully pretty bad. He tries to get into the ACE2, something that not all cells have and poor way to infact humans. If it was created in a lab, they would have made it better.

    It is good to see people tell accurate things! There are a lot of stupid people (people that keep their wrong opinion even when experts to this topics says diffrent stuff) that share this wrong information.

  • I guess i am bipolar.

    These days I was depressed, and I was eating too much. Then, I woke up really happy, for no reason.

    And everytime I fight with someone, 3 secs later I feel bad, even if it’s a dramatic fight, I try to say sorry.

  • So much to deal with, feel like I’m losing my mind. Light at the end of the tunnel seems unattainable. But two months sober and counting.

  • Thank you so much for the video, I started to suspect myself of being bipolar after struggling with insomnia, but your video has really helped me to know a little better about what bipolar really is

  • This is a good video, but some of the information is incorrect. Well, at least doesn’t match why my Doctor told me. But, informational overall, the graph part wasn’t correct.

  • i feel like my life is meaningless.. sometimes i watch videos on stars and galaxies when depression hit the most.. and i found ths vid.. thank you.

  • Hey America you need to read the book the last president because Barron Trump will be your last and final president before the world ends we are only in the beginning of the end but I had a vision before I read the last president God has shown me beforehand that Ivanka Trump and Barron Trump will be president.

  • I had this in the past but when my dad got with my step mum it got much much better, as for my actual mum…. yea shes still really toxic

  • Idk, if I have bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with depression, and social anxiety last year. When I was 13 I was sent to 2 mental hospitals as well, last year. I take fluoxetine. I’ve been getting mad all of a sudden, these last couple of months.. and whenever I get mad. I feel it in my hands and my teeth grind. one minute I’m either happy angry or sad.. idk if it’s because of the depression meds.. but I’ve been taking it since like December. So I don’t think it’s that. I don’t wanna diagnose myself with bipolar disorder.. I’m so confused.

  • As messed up as I am, I don’t really feel like anything is “wrong”. I love who I am despite the fact that I’m not mentally sound. What I have exactly is questionable because I’ve never once seen a therapist, but I can guarantee that I’m far from normal. Some examples of my problems:
    1. Delusions of grandeur. I often have power trips in my own head of becoming a god, saving people, going on a rampage, etc.
    2. I’ve always felt like I could control storms ever since I was a child. That every time I’m angry or sad or I focus really hard to make a storm happen it does. More realistically it’s because it rains alot where I live but part of me really wants to believe I have some sort of power.
    3. I have a lot of trouble explaining things to people. I go on rants and often can’t get my point across unless I’m typing/writing it out. I lose my train of thought most of the time If I’m speaking to someone in person.
    4. Sometimes I get a bit too obsessed with my interests to the point where I don’t want to try anything new
    5. I’m often irritated and having to hold back my temper. I get so angry that I have insanely childish thoughts of revenge, quitting, being irresponsible, etc. I can hold these emotions back, 98% of the time and I never put any of these bad thoughts into action. But my mind gets so clouded with anger that I can’t think reasonably.
    6. I feel as though I’m fighting with myself. A shallow horrible part of me wants to do awful things and lusts for power. But the real me doesn’t want that. I want stability, and to be content and loved. Not feared and worshipped.

    And I guess I don’t mind the way I am because honestly, the manic delusions I have are pretty fun. It’s a strange sort of high for almost every emotion. And when I’m not having these delusions, I’m just apathetic and zoned out. Reading this now, I realize just how crazy I sound. And if I were put on meds, well that would just leave all of the apathy and none of the fun. So eh, fuck it if I’m crazy I may as well enjoy the good parts about it

  • i have cyclthymia/rapid cycling (i cannot spell) and was diagnosed but my symptoms are getting reallly bad and i need to go back to the doctor because i think i’m getting to bipolar 2 but i’m scared that i’m gonna be blown off because it was already a pain to get my diagnosis

  • My mother has been suffering from bipolar for longer than I can remember. I never could understand why she used to act so savage one day and used to be very kind the other. For the past couple months, I’ve been feeling different, I don’t feel like myself anymore. For a couple days i feel I’m truly alone and give up all hope, the next few days I gain a sudden boost of positivity and self love and lots of optimism. I really, truly wish this is just some hormonal shit and I dont get diagnosed with bipolar because I’ve seen what my mom has to go through and I dont want to go through that hell.

  • I want to know a bipolar disorder patient could continue an emergency and sincere job?? As I am a health science professional suffering bipolar disorder since 2016..
    Some time I am afraid of this… if my manic condition would return!! I am taking mood stabilizer but 2weeks before suddenly I halucinate for 3-4 days..after taking proper sleep I could manage my situation but really afraid of this!!

  • Stop trying to convince your self you are unwell!

    Life is not meant to be a walk in the park.

    Depression, anxiety, happiness, sadness, fear, etc… is what makes us human.

  • Hey this comment is here so you can talk about your depression. Dont be afraid to reply to this I know ima talk about my depression on this

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! If Trump was my daddy, I would be so ashamed I would commit suicide. There isn’t a single thing about him I could emulate.  
    I could never, ever be proud of him as a father. 
    Every single characteristic, physically, mentally, ethically, morally, socially and in every other category pertaining to what a father should be is weak, fake, a lie, an embarrassment and nonexistent. He could never, ever teach me anything good.  
    I would curse the criminal for bringing me into his world of crime, cowardice and stupidity.

  • Every individual with bipolar disorder knows that there’s no keeping track, it’s all a blur. All you know is that there’s something wrong with you. People who don’t from suffer mental illness seem to always be the ones to shove your disorder into a box, and the patient along with it.

  • Can anyone have these symptoms altogether: depression, hallucinations, phobia, short term memory loss, mood swings and social anxiety?

  • This is well explained I have a brother like this but he called me this ���� never have been and never will be amen had this explained in college I wish he went to college for some knowledge he’s so dumb��

  • Kudos for the Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard about Peyadison Initial Principality (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one off product for discovering how to get rid of depression minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years got great success with it.

  • So hear me out this is what happens to me: I’ll feel happy and all joyful then one bad thing happens and I’m all angry and hateful the next day I’m all hyper and motivated then I act all crazy and the final stage is no movement and I feel like killing myself because of how I feel and I hate it so much and having to deal with loosing motivation to do what I love. I get energy all of a sudden and feeling all cheery and happy and talking way to much then I feel like eating and sleeping then the next day I feel like eating nothing at all.

  • my moodswings are insane, sometimes i think i have supernatural powers, i overthink too much, i talk alot. Jesus christ everything makes sense

  • When I was in the mental hospital after trying to commit suicide I met this old man who told me he was bipolar. He was constantly talking to me, really quickly and I don’t even remember what he said. I realized even though I heard about bipolar disorder I didn’t know very much about it. Thank you for this simple but very informative explanation. Very helpful!

  • you can do all you can to diagnose yourself but at the end of the day you must ask yourself “why” humans become this way on behalf of the environment and people they surround themselves with.

  • I have it. It’s hard to live with. In relationships, women would often really like me when they see my good side, but the problem has been once in a relationship and they see the angry traits and complete mood swings, I become really hard to deal with. When I’m manic I feel a mix of euphoria, anger, and over confidence. When I’m depressed I hate myself, I get emotional, I hate sunlight, and I can’t enjoy anything. In both phases I spend money foolishly because manic I just want “maximum pleasure,” and in depressed state I try to fix it by buying things. Also I’ll be doing great at a job but suddenly can lose all interest and literally not care or even think I’m better than the boss and be totally disrespectful. People don’t understand how hard it can be to be honest.

  • i am 22 and was previously diagnosed with bpd and add, but now my therapist is saying that i’m showing signs more relative to bipolar 2. i’m still really confused about the distinctions between all of these and it’s so overwhelming. this video made me aware of a lot though. i was on ssris for a little while when i was making a lot of chaotic decisions, and i didn’t know that ssris could trigger mania, so if i am diagnosed as bipolar, it would just make a lot of things make sense. i just really hope i can get a clear diagnosis this time around because i want to figure out how to live with whatever i have and feel less confused about how to go about treatment and medications. anyway, i hope whoever is reading this is doing well and is being kind to themselves. we got this. ��

  • From personal experience, living with a mother who has bipolar and for years and years hoping i didn’t have this illness (in fear that it would define me) I advise that you do not self diagnose from these videos. They can be misguiding and give people a false idea of self. You should seek the appropriate evaluation. A very selfish thing I’ve seen other family members do is hurt others, act in ways that were selfish and irresponsible and then blame there shitty behavior on a diagnosis, that they clearly did not actually have. Work on yourself, and if you do have bipolar and you have noticed that it’s not something you can bear alonereach out, take your medication and don’t feel crazy if you are diagnosed. It can be scary but I promise it’s better to know and then work through, and work on your own self discovery. Learn your triggers, find new hobbies and when you slip in your maniac episodes do not isolate! Make a conscious decision when you start to feel out of control to seek something that makes you feel comfortable. I hope the best for you who are struggling and feel lost❤️ it can be hard, and the hardest part can be coming to terms but this kind of thing only makes you stronger as a person! It does not define you! XX

  • I wish it just simply disappeared cuz i hate it.i cant believe some people actually want to have this disorder or act like they have it.. no its not cool wtf is wrong with you

  • Finally I was able to beat genital herpes completely with the help of Dr. Ahonle herbal medicine I ordered online, thanks so much Sir?

  • I have been diagnosed with ADHD and Depression, I feel as if I have bipolar disorder. I am destructive when I’m mad, and I have been thinking of suicide
    . ( I have help don’t worry ) Is this bipolar? Or is this ADHD and severe depression?

  • me: dad, l’m depressed
    dad: you know nothing about depression
    mom: yea don’t talk about it, it’s a mental illness
    me: crying in the inside

  • I think i have bipolar 2 cuz i get reallly really sad and when im happy i get very happy but highest ever was me dancing around alot and just very social but when im sad i hate my life and want to die and it doesn’t come like very constant it come sometimes 3 weeks or 2 month or 1month it inconsistent but still match with bipolar 2

  • For 6months of High school this year I was suicidal and as quick as it had come I was fuelled by motivation and had this new found ego to start multiple businesses and learn new trades. And now I feel as if I’m approaching my second depressive stage of the year as the motivation has dried and my appetite lessens. Yet again I’ll wait and my happy alter ego will probably read this in the morning and immediately delete it. Farewell friends

  • People who have bipolar disorder with mania please help me out. Why is it that you don’t seek help? My mom is diagnosed with it and it is crushing me at the moment. She won’t listen to me. I have no idea how I can get her to go to therapy. Please, I am so tired. Any advice greatly appreciated.

  • How can i tell someone im in pain.
    That i have anxiety
    That i have depression
    Cause i cant��
    It just hurts when someone says im so useless that im a disappointment that i a mistake
    I’ve been numb since i was 9 but it still hurts like hell.
    The voices of my anxiety kept saying that i should just die,and i almost commited suicide.
    But….I dont really want to die

  • This is me and I’m sad.
    Because when I’m having Major Depression, it feels like i want to kill myself because i can’t organize my words in english, i was good at english but i can’t speak english now, I don’t even know why, suddenly i started to be thoughtless, I keep on slurring when I’m speaking. But when I’m having Manic episodes, I can organize my words easily because i gained so many confidence, there’s also some time where i feel normal, not sad and also not happy, emotionless i guess. Man i just want to be normal again, to be able to speak english again, i have checked to the Doctor, i told him that it’s hard for me to organize my words, he checked me and he told me I’m just over worried or it is because my brain is lacking at vitamins, acctualy i forgot to tell the other symptons, so… I don’t know yet if I am convinced that I’m overworried just by Neurologist test, ( Checking eyes, checking my ability to count and other ) Welp, i hope i don’t have this though, i hope.

  • I hate it when they say there’s no cure lol They know exactly that brain illnesses come from those junk food that most people eat thats why you never hear them talking about eating healthy