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Necrozoospermia কি, necrospermia কারন ডায়াগনসিস ও চিকিৎসা

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Unfortunately, there no medical or surgical treatment for this condition. We do not know what causes this necrozoospermia, which is why we cannot treat it. However, we do have a very effective treatment solution for these patients, with a very high success rate!

The best option is TESEICSI testicular sperm extraction with ICSI. Necrozoospermia Treatment: If a person is diagnosed with necrozoospermia then many medicines will be prescribed to it. If necrozoospermia is caused by drug abuse, treatment of drug addiction may be recommended.

Zhongba Hopsital in Lahore treats male infertility problems with the help of Chinese Traditional medicines. Necrozoospermia (Dead sperm disease) refers to the test results in multiple semen examination where sperm are found dead. Normally, more than 70% of the viable sperm excreted in the body are alive within 1 hour. It is found that Vitamin A deficiency has a great impact on sperm motility. What is the clinical manifestation of Necrozoospermia?

Necrospermia (or necrozoospermia) is a condition in which there is a low percentage of live and a very high percentage of immotile spermatozoa in semen.. It can be diagnosed via a semen analysis with vitality staining performed to determine whether the sperm are dead or alive and immotile. The key to the treatment of necrospermia is to treat prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis. At the same time, we should pay attention to other causes and carry out treatment timely, such as surgical treatment for varicocele, using hormone drugs to regulate the endocrine. Secondary necrospermia can be treated once the cause of this condition is found.

The necrozoospermia treatment should be aimed at treating the cause before correcting the abnormality of testicles. Herbal medicine diuretic and the anti-inflammatory pill could also eliminate all signs of necrozoosermia without reoccurring. If no cause is found or no treatment is available, the only option is to carefully select sperm that can be used for ICSI.

If all sperm are dead (necrozoospermia), there is no point in using ejaculated sperm. In this situation, testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) may help. The procedure is preferably done on the day before egg retrieval. What causes necrozoospermia?

Necrozoospermia may be caused by a number of issues including: An infection in the male reproductive tract; Chronic medical conditions and toxin exposures. Anti-sperm antibodies (an inflammatory process where the immune system attacks the sperm cells) Advancing age; Necrozoospermia and False-Diagnosis. If necrozoospermia is caused by drug abuse, treatment of drug addiction may be recommended. The most common treatment for complete necrozoospermia is testicular sperm retrieval with IVF-ICSI.

Also known as TESE-ICSI. TESE-ICSI stands for testicular/epididymal sperm. In cases where the cause for necrozoospermia is found, treatment of that cause is the first step.

For example, if there is an infection, antibiotics may be prescribed. If necrozoospermia is caused by drug abuse, treatment of drug addiction may be recommended.The most common treatment for complete necrozoospermia is testicular sperm retrieval with IVF-ICSI.

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