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Pregnancy after a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) may be more likely, depending on the cause of your infertility. At least one study found that an HSG with an oil-based contrast did significantly improve pregnancy rates in specific patients.   The subsequent live birth rate was likewise significantly higher. The dye flows through the fallopian tubes and can let doctors get a closer look at such things as blockages or injuries that might be happening inside the body.

Some women believe that you are actually more likely to get pregnant after having an HSG test done. Research has shown that when doctors use an oil based fluid, women are more likely to become pregnant after the procedure. However, when a water based fluid is used, there is no increase in the chances of a pregnancy occurring. With an oil based fluid, couples could see an increase in the chance of becoming pregnant between 29 and 55 percent.

The pregnancy rate after an HSG test is believed to be around 2 to 3 times higher than in women who have not undergone this test before. The test itself is not a treatment for infertility; it is done to merely understand the reasons for infertility. But many women get pregnant after undergoing this test.

There are no specific studies available on what happens with pregnancies right after an HSG. Most doctors probably suggest not to get pregnant in the same cycle, but there is no information on what happens if you do. Apr 10, 2017 at 7:17 AM. An HSG can sometimes help with pregnancy because if there are adhesions somewhere in the tube, the procedure can sometimes move them. However, if there is a true blockage, an HSG remains just diagnostic.

I’ve never seen any reliable evidence about an HSG increasing the risk of miscarriage. While an HSG doesn’t guarantee that an ectopic pregnancy won’t happen again, it never hurts to be as informed as possible when considering becoming pregnant. If you’ve experienced an ectopic. It has been reported that women are more likely to become pregnant after this test, but no one knows why. I conceived the same month as I had my HSG done.

I had the HSG done on CD9, ovulated on CD15 and got pregnant. Also if you had a light line on your OPK, it’s not positive. Once the test line is as dark as the control line, that is positive and you should ovulate 12-48 hours after that. Detailed Answer: Given the semen analysis report, the natural pregnancy chances are there but less.You can try for 3 months and then go ahead with any treatment.

Let me know if.

List of related literature:

Pregnancy can occur after HSG.

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It is possible that the procedure has therapeutic applications as well, perhaps by clearing mucus plugs from the tubes or by stimulation of cervical mucus or tubal ciliary actions, since several authors have reported increased pregnancy rates in the first few months after a HSG.

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• Infertility and recurrent miscarriage: –Studies suggest that SIS may be twice as accurate as HSG and TVUS in diagnosing abnormalities of uterus or fallopian tubes that occur in up to 40% of infertile women and up to 20% of those with recurrent miscarriage.

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HSG is usually carried out in the first 10 days of the menstrual cycle, to avoid disruption of an early pregnancy in the secretory phase of the cycle.

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However, in asymptomatic women having a normal pelvic examination and HSG and no known risk factors for tubal factor infertility, the likelihood that laparoscopy will explain previously unexplained infertility is small, particularly if one does not consider minimal or mild endometriosis a cause of infertility.

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Complications associated with HSG are possible.

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The question whether salpingectomy is beneficial in patients without evident hydrosalpinx but with tubal factor infertility often arises if there is a repeated implantation failure after IVF.

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  • Had mine 4 days ago. Insurance didn’t pay anything, I paid $387. Very painful procedure and serve abdominal pain later that day and the next day. To the point I couldn’t move. It’s 4 days later and I’m still cramping. Anyone else had this? Is it safe to still concieve?

  • I know this is z old video but so glad it here, been trying for 2 years now my husband and I he’s just so sweet, did the HSG yesterday were one of my tubes is block the other was ok but fibroid is there you can only image how I cried hearing this but I believe it possibly and it will happen in the name of Jesus I thank you for sharing

  • me too, I had my HSG test this passed Tuesday, not only did it hurt like hell but it came up with one blocked tube:-( How are you going now?

  • Hey pretty ladies..I am married and we have been trying to convince since last two and half two days ago I had my HSG test and I am hoping that I conceive soon..plz pray for me… Thankyou ❤️

  • I underwent to test.earlier I was worried about this test but later there is no pain at all. Not even like period cramps. I suggest go through this test without fear.

  • Well i got a question and im not seeing it anywhere at all…..
    What you did after HSG… Its painful n im scared to have intercourse…. Scared of pain for sure… I feel burden also inside of me… Didnt you hv it… I ve no reports yet in my hands.. I ve appointment on 21st Jan 2020… And im so scared.. Coz i d k anything yet about what came in my test….. I cried in end of test…. It was hard n i still am taking painkiller…. N did a bit bed rest bit i ve to getup now….
    Please pray for me…. Im so tired of these medications n everything.. Im trying from 6 years…. I wish if this test help me out.. But im scared… I feel like my inner will get apart…..
    And how much days did u hv ur bleeding…. Im actually not having any bleeding at all.. Just a bit of it…. Its been 3 days….

  • Thanks Helena…girl you know i had to weight to feel safe so now im 14 weeks on monday and i saw my lil baby in there full body big feet and all…im happy.

  • How crazy that I just watched your other video from four years ago and here I’m watching the follow up that you just posted a few days ago! Thank you for all the info and transparency. I’ll probably be getting an HSG in 2-3 weeks due to having an ectopic in June. ����

  • I’ve got HSG TEST as well and were able to have 2 kids, one is three years, and another is nine months old! I’m the same generation as you ( ・ᴗ・ )
    In my case, moxibustion and laughing a lot in the period after ovulation seem to work well. Wish the baby to come to you soon!

  • I’m gutted as I had to stop during the test as I was in too much pain but I do have a narrow vagina where a speculum hurts me so think that may be the issue. Thankfully they spoke about getting me back to do the procedure under anaesthetic so I’m much happier. Good luck everyone I’ve spoken to girls who thought this was fine so we’re all different.

  • I had a doctor recommend this test without telling me anything about it, didn’t even give me the mandatory antibiotic for the night before. I haven’t even being diagnosed with infertility, i feel like my dr is jumping the gun so im doing it until i need to.

  • I just did my HSG today. I was really REALLY nervous after reading some painful experience. I will say mine was very uncomfortable and it was painful— but it was bearable. My doctor had to insert it 3 times because the first two times didn’t go where they needed.

    I experienced major cramps. But once it is init’ll be fine! The fluid itself is not painful.

    Best of luck to those who will be doing it! I took 3 200mg ibuprofen an hour ahead. My doc also prescribed me with a medication to help ease my anxiousness (which I don’t know if this did anything to the pain).

  • Watched your video before my HSG done this afternoon and everything went great. Wasn’t that scary like what other said. The pain is bearable, exactly like how Pap smear work at the beginning, that was the most painful part of all for a minute and I felt nothing after that. I took Celebrex 400mg an hour before the test I guess it worked!

  • I JUST had my HSG test done, and it was absolutely nothing like I imagined! I had gotten all worked up from the prior videos and comments I read, so I was a mess! I took 800mg of Ibuprofen one hour prior (as instructed) My Physician came in and told me he was going to use Lidocaine to numb up the cervix, and in two minutes I was looking at the contrast dye flow through my Fallopian tubes!! I didn’t feel ANYTHING! And just like that the procedure was over!! My doctor is great, he said “please go and write reviews and tell others to tell their physicians to use Lidocaine so their experience will be more pleasurable!” And so here I am trying to spread the word!! Slight bleeding and mild cramping afterwards, so you’ll definitely need a sanitary napkin, but nothing horrible like what I had seen!!

  • Im married for 4 years with no kids and just had my HSG test today. I did alot of research n watched videos of how the procedure is done,to get mentally prepared. I did not take any painkillers as im allergic to it. I went into the room n waited for doctor for almost 20mins as he had other cases. The Radiologist was prepping for the procedure n she told me it was 15ml iodine. Btw iodine is Translucent in color. Then came the dr asking me to relax as i looked nervous. He then asked me to carry my legs n spread. There were 2 nurses as well. He then inserted speculum, it was still bearable but only felt alil cold. The most painful part was when dr was cleaning the inner part. I screamed but the radiologist asked me to breath in n out. Dr was also diverting me by having a conversation with me. Next was the iodine injection, the moment he pushed the syringe, i felt terrible period cramps. That took around 5mins plus. Then dr removed the speculum n said its over!!! Thank god! My test results was good as my tubes are clear. I jus sat on the xray bed n relaxed a few mins. The nurse asked me to use sanitary pad jus in case you bleed or discharge. Luckily i didnt bleed but jus spotting. The period cramp lasted for almost 5 hours. I had my lunch,came home n slept off. I woke up having fever. Guess im traumatised with the procedure. But im just glad that its all over. From what i was told even pap smear is better since they only take samples but HSG is painful since the flush iodine inside your uterus. But i do advise women who cant conceive after several years to do this test. Pray for me that i conceive soon. I do recommend you to take painkiller if you can prior to the test.

  • Just had mine done yesterday took motrin so wasn’t so painful as expected they said I should start trying to conceive after 4 days of procedure said I’ll be spotting but after everything was done I didn’t spot at all. Hoping to conceive soon��❤️

  • I just had my HSG test and it was horrible. The Dr. had to do it twice since he couldn’t get in the cervix. Very painful and later that night my abdomen hurt so much I couldn’t move. Not sure if it’s from the test or the antibiotics. I had it yesterday and my abdomen still hurts.

  • I had my HSG yesterday & that pain was so painful. That feeling made me feel like forget pregnant. It felt like I was in labor all over again. But the test was over quickly thank God. my tubes was clear thankfully but had a little trouble with the right side getting the dye through. But finally when through. Today is Saturday & juz been having soreness here & there. After test i felt good, no blood or discharging. But hopefully I will get some baby dust soon!

  • congrats am so late but I did mine today and it kina hurt it was hard  I had to get 2 different cycle ended  2 day’s ago and my period is unbalanced so I don’t even know when to try

  • Just had mine today it was not painful at all! I worked my self up for two weeks reading google. And I’m a very anxious person if I can do it any of you ladies can! Definitely take some advil before the pain is very manageable didn’t feel a thing when the dye passed my tubes were open so not sure if that is why. Good luck everyone <3

  • I had one in the mid-90s. The dye insertion was very uncomfortable. I had Tylenol about an hour before the test, and that helped, but it was still like very bad monthly cramps for about 10 minutes. I had terrible cramping after the test, but my doctor gave me a shot of valium, and I (needless to say) relaxed. My husband drove me home where I slept for a good two hours. I was fine after that. The drainage of blueish liquid for about a day was weird, but not disruptive.

  • It wasn’t that bad at all, it was painful but bearable. I used the one pad they gave me at the doctor, drove myself there and back fine!!! If you can’t handle this you definitely can’t handle birth! Lol You’ll be okay!

  • Worried as your dr said not to have intercourse for 5-7 days after, but that puts one right into their ovulation window? How many tried to conceive after the HSG recovery window and were successful?