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3 Tips For Checking Your Cervix 1. Your Cervix Can Be Dilated for 3 weeks Before Giving Birth. If you’re hoping to get an early heads-up about when 2. Sometimes Your Cervix Won’t Close Completely. Having children can affect the way your cervix feels, so what you felt 3. Look.

If you are comfortable checking your cervical position, here are some simple guidelines to follow: Always wash your hands thoroughly before starting to avoid infection. Check your cervix once after menses. You only need to check once a day. Check. Guide To Finding Your Cervix Begin at a time when your cervix is likely to be low and more easily reached (for example before or after menstruation).

Wash your hands nicely, including underneath your fingernails. Squat on the floor, or lift one leg up onto the toilet seat or side of the tub. The cervix changes its position throughout the day, so it’s important to set a specific schedule to check your cervix position and stick to it daily. One advice is to check your cervix in the afternoon or before your bedtime as the cervix usually feels lower (and easier to access) at.

First, wash your hands well and trim your nails. Next, get into position. Sitting on the toilet or squatting or standing with one leg on the edge of the bathtub are good positions. Use the same position each time you check your cervix. Method of checking cervix position is similar to checking cervical mucus.

After checking the position, you can draw out the mucus and examine it between your fingers. Mucus may not be enough during quite a few cervical checks. Just note whatever you observe in your log.

It is not easy to determine the cervical position in the first go. You need to practice it every day: feel the cervical position and note down the changes. Changes in the cervical position are also associated with the changes in the cervical mucus. Next, we tell you about the role of the cervical mucus in determining the position of the cervix.

How to check your cervix It’s possible to check the position and firmness of your cervix at home. You can do this by inserting a finger into your vagina to feel for the cervix. Your middle finger. The cervix is basically the “end” of your vaginal canal no matter its position in your body. Use a gentle touch to feel for your cervix.

Pressing or poking it with your fingers can lead to bleeding. Recognize that one finger may easily slip into the middle of your cervix if it is dilating. Step 1. You may need some practice to check your cervical position. You should try checking the cervix after a shower or Step 2. Make sure to wash your hands using soap and water before checking the cervix.

It is an important step to prevent.

List of related literature:

To check the position and feel of your cervix, insert that finger into your vagina each day or every other day of your cycle, after your period ends.

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To check your cervix, reach into the vaginal canal with your finger.

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Gently insert your index or middle finger into your vagina until you feel your cervix.

“8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS: A Proven Program to Reset Your Hormones, Repair Your Metabolism, and Restore Your Fertility” by Fiona McCulloch
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Move the cervix gently side to side between two fingers to assess for cervical motion tenderness.

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You can monitor the changes in your cervix by checking it at the same time of day and noting its position, feel, and the size of the os (e.g., can you insert the tip of your finger into it?).

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Locate the cervix with the palmar surface of your fingers, feel its end, and run your fingers around its circumference to feel the fornices.

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When you feel your cervix internally – this is your cue to put a foot on the side of your bath or loo and assume the classic ‘this-is-how-you-insert-a-tampon’ pose, or, you know, just squat – you’ll feel changes throughout your menstrual cycle.

“Period Power: Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You” by Maisie Hill
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You can monitor the changes in your cervix by checking it at the same time each day and noting its position, feel, and the size of the os (the opening in the cervix) (for example, can you insert the tip of your finger into it?).

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between” by Ann Douglas
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Slide a finger into your vagina until you touch your cervix.

“Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility” by Jill Blakeway, Sami S. David
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Insert your index finger into the vagina and locate the cervix.

“Health Assessment for Nursing Practice E-Book” by Susan Fickertt Wilson, Jean Foret Giddens
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  • ok this a slightly irrelevant question but what happens to the cervix in sex because surely the vaginal canal is a lot smaller than a dick?

  • I am so confused I put my finger in.. I thought I felt it..
    Then I tried again and put my finger in from a different angle.. and I couldn’t reach it. Tried middle finger… at the tip of my finger the cervix felt harder.. so not sure if it was it… because it didn’t really feel like a bump..

    This is really confusing for me��

    I bought an Organicup and ordered a Mini. It works fine so far. But I almost lost it when I pushed it further. Not sure if I should buy a cup that is a bit taller.

  • I really am excited about this method, but feeling more and more worried. I just went to my doctor today, to end my birth control prescription. She pretty much laughed at me and then said “Do you want to get pregnant?” I’m 18. I definitely do not want to get pregnant. She kept trying to insist on an IUD, a patch, or trying a sixth new pill. I’m really excited FAM, I just got the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” today and I like it but it’s still not making me feel anymore confident about the risks of pregnancy. It’s really hard to feel confident when the doctor yelled out at me on my walk out the office “Hope you don’t get pregnant!” I’m all registered for you FAM course online, I’m really hoping that will give me some reassurance as I really don’t like the Pill and feel like it has been forced on me for the past couple of years. I really feel like you’ve helped open my eyes about something I’ve always felt wasn’t right for me, thank you so much and keep up the amazing content!!

  • I’m so glad I watched this. I always thought I had a high cervix until I watched this and learned I’m supposed to measure near or in my period. I measured again today on my period and it’s much lower than usual. Now I’m off to shop for my first cup!

  • Labor and delivery nurse here! I feel like it would be very difficult to check your own cervix/reach it? I know nurses who have checked their own cervix during labor but only when they were already 4-5 cm and low. Really cool though how the cervix changes throughout our cycle!

  • I really want to try using a menstrual cup, I tried finding my curving and I couldn’t feel anything. Also is it supposed to hurt when I try and find it?

  • I recently started my menstrual cup journey and it started off with an ad on IG. I saw a sale for the June Cup, so I figured what the heck, let’s go for it, and purchased the small cup, but I find it very uncomfortable to insert and hard to get out. During insertion, it feels as if I have to force it inside and once it’s in, it like my vagina swallowed it whole and I can’t find it in there. When I want to take it out, I have to squeeze it out of me as if I’m going to poop until I feel it lower itself and then I’m able to remove it, but that causes a lot of stress for me and I’m sure I’m not doing this correctly. I just finished my period, so I have a couple weeks to go until I can measure my cervix, but would this experience alone mean that my cervix is high?

  • I’ve given birth, but I’m VERY sensitive down there. I chose a larger softer cup, but I’m having trouble figuring out what’s what in my own body to measure n such. Any tips

  • Is it possible to find your cervix when u haven’t gotten your period yet because i haven’t gotten my period yet but i kinda wanna use a cup

  • I measured my cervix and bought the Lily cup compact and it is a perfect match for my vagina:) Thank you for this video which helped me choose the right cup

  • I don’t know if this will help anyone. I tried standing up but I felt like I was digging for a lost treasure never to be found. Well I then say down and felt something was like oh I think I found it! While still touching my cervix I stood up and measured.

  • I hope they’re still answering questions because I can’t find an answer anywhere.
    When I first measured my cervix, it was at about a medium length (day1,2 of my period) and my organi cup fit perfectly. But on day 3, my cup just wouldn’t form a seal so I did some checking, and my cervix is difficult to reach and I think im pushing the cup past it. But this didnt happen in my last period cycle. Im so confused. It also might be a little tilted but its a new development.
    My questions are:
    1. Does your cervix shift places so dramatically during your period cycle
    2. How do I make sure my cup seals. I goes in and opens completely but comes out completely when I tug on the little stick that sticks out

  • I’ve started using menstrual cups and mine keeps leaking even though it’s not full! I felt around this morning to see if I could find my service and there was something just as I reached into my vagina to see where my servix was, it felt quite spongy and sort of like what they’re describing the servix to be, only thing is it’s quite low, so I don’t think that’s my cervix, when I reached deeper I felt something that might have been my cervix but I’m not sure but that was deeper in my vagina �� without having an exray of my insides there’s no way of me knowing what is and isn’t my cervix! Some people say your g spot is not that far from the inside of Ur vagina, is the g spot different to the cervix?? Some one help! Its my first time using cups and am using pads aswell incase I leak and I just wanna be able to use my cup already! �� Xxx

  • hello, I have in the passed used disposable cups. My problem when I was using them before was I have a difficult time reaching it and taking it out.

  • What kind of pain do other people feel? I’m scared, but I wanna try it so bad. My period is very clotty and have to change pads every 1hr, never inserted anything in there before. I got my duo saalt cups yesterday and I didn’t expect the rim to be so thick and big, scaring me more lol

  • This is a great video. I did a small questionnaire on intimina page that helped me a lot in choosing the right cup. But this is really useful as well.

  • are you able to use something other then your finger because i don’t want to feel the inside of me and i’m probably not going to have a boyfriend when i do the measuring because i’m 12 right now so ya.

  • Hi:) you’re saying that cervical examination can’t be used alone but the sensiplan method allows for it to be used with bbt without the use of cervical mucus and states that both and equally as effective and don’t need to be used together. Is there any reason you advised against it?

  • Can my finger pass through my cervix? Because I’ve had my whole finger up there and i still cant find my cervix.. i’m worried i actually got past it and that my finger’s actually inside it

  • oh my god the other day i felt it and was so scared i thought i was dying because iv never felt it before but im pmsing so it makes sense it’s shorter right now ily thx

  • Thank you so much for this incredibly informative video. I have been using discs and have had to use pads on my heaviest days. I can better look for an alternative. You are awesome!

  • Question I’m trying to use a ziggy disc, I’m finding it hard to tell if it’s in bc it doesn’t have the cup, pointy shape that makes it easier for the typical cups. I can’t tell if it’s in correctly! Can you please do a video on that???? ��

  • I’m on the contraceptive pill and there is a lump at the very end of my vaginal canal about a finger deep in, it hurts when I press down hard on it, is this my cervix or something I should worry about

  • Here I am, a sexually active female and a cup user, and the idea of putting a finger inside of my vagina to reach that thing freaks me out so baldly. I’m scared y’all.

  • We need people like you in schools. I was told how to track my periods and what happens but they don’t go into details about what your lady bits are. Because I have been on birth control for so long that I forgot how to track my cycle. I had to have friends help me how to figure out how to track myself again and so far it seems promising. One of the ladies also suggested I get to know my vagina a little more… so that lead me here!

    Thank you for this, it has been very educational and helpful!

  • So I’m so glad I found this video. was just checking things out and freaked the heck out. Even though I measured before I guess I only felt the tip of my cervix. I’m on my period now but at the middle which for me means a day or 2 with little to no flow. Now I know my cervix was lower. At first I thought maybe something was wrong but I’ve never checked during the middle of my period before. Thanks for the videos

  • I am considering the FAM… I have been taking hormonal bc for 6 years now. I have no idea what my period is like without it. But for the past year I have had consistent acne. My acne only clears when I’m taking the week of sugar pills. Does anyone know a reason for this? I haven’t found any answers yet. I also just ordered the taking control of your fertility book!

  • Is it possible to that it is so low like 20mm? I measure it before and during my menstruation and it feels the same. I mean the location lol. Is it possible that the cervix don’t move at all? Or maybe it’s not a cervix that I’m touching? Send help pleaseee. Thanks!

  • Is the cup safe for someone with an uterine fibroid? I apologise if this is a silly question, maybe it has nothing to do with it, but i just want to be sure it wont affect the health of my uterus.
    Thank you!

  • This video is very helpful. 1st time i used the cup my vijayjay just sucked that cup right up and i started to freak out. I know it cant get lost up in there but it just felt like it went into the abyss and it was lost forever ��. But now seeing that my vagina isnt as long as i thought it was ill will give it another go..

  • I’m on the contraceptive pill and there is a lump at the very end of my vaginal canal about a finger deep in, it hurts when I press down hard on it, is this my cervix or something I should worry about

  • What about this…. Bicornuate uterus with duplication of Cervix?? I know one of the Cervix is way back cause my gynecologist can see it but can’t reach it. Can I still use a cup??

  • i feel something inside my vagina,or between my vagina.. is this my cervix?it is round and i’ve try to pull it nervous because i really dont know what cervix look like..its is lower when im set on a toilet… Can anybody reply to this plzzz…watching here from Philippines

  • I have tried everything and cannot find my cervix. I’ve watched every video to find your cervix and I don’t have a clue where it is. I think I feel it one knuckle in, but that is less than an inch? And then I think I find it two knuckles in as well. I have no idea. I used my cup with few leaks my first cycle but this cycle (second with the cup), I am leaking constantly with a 1/4 to 1/2 full cup. Can your cervix go from a higher cervix to a crazy low cervix within one cycle? Even with the leaks, this is better than my experience with tampons and I am just really trying to improve to no leaks!

    Please help if anybody has tips.

  • I happen to be a virgin, and the thought of putting something that looks so big is sort of troublesome. What do i do? Is my being a virgin going to make it difficult for me?

  • I’m using menstrual cup from last 11months…but now I’m feeling that my vagina is getting loose and the cup does not hold its place and because of this it leaks every time……what should i do?

  • I couldn’t reach my cervix with my longest finger I’m going to assume it’s high. When I was pregnant the doc said it was high and extremely posterior. Any recommendations for a cup for that

  • can someone help me, I measured my cervix on the fourth day of my period and couldn’t locate it (I have long fingers)! I assume this means I have a high cervix, but should I wait to measure again on the first day of my next period, just to be sure? I was planning on buying the lily cup original, but I know that our cervix tends to move during our cycle, and the lily cup is very long, therefore it would be uncomfortable to use if my cervix isn’t as high. what do you guys think?

  • This is my first time trying, and thank you for your videos. The stem is so painfully stabbing me. I tried trimming it, but it wasn’t helpful. What do you do about the stem? I couldn’t stand it for more than 10 min and now I’m in a dull aching pain (giving up for the day).
    All advice very welcome. Thank you!

  • Thank you thank you this is a huge help to me I never knew any of this. I’ve had periods for almost 2 decades now. YouTube is a blessing when doing research.

  • Well I’m curious to know…does using menstrual cup affects virginity?? ������…. I mean the cup goes deep.. So yeah… Can anyone explain?������

  • Today is my day 1 on my period but I can’t find my cervix should I measure again on a later day. If I have a high cervix what could go wrong by getting a normal cup such as lena?

  • So I use my middle finger to find my cervix but I still can’t feel it so �� I feel so lost.

    But besides that I’m teaching myself how to use my cup and I got it inserted but the top was suctioned and the base was dented. I tried rotating it and everything but the dent at the base wouldn’t open up

  • Is their anyway we can purchase one of those clear female anatomy models? If so, where? It would be very useful in teaching young girls.

  • I’ve always used pads and have never really explored that area, but I always leak at night using pads and it’s really annoying, so I was thinking about switching to cups. I‘ve just never stuck anything up there, I wouldn’t even know where to look �� mega nervous

  • I am so frustrated! I cannot get my nixit in right and I also can’t seem to reach my cervix. I don’t know if that’s why I cant get it in right. I’m damn near fisting myself trying to get this nixit to stay in ��

  • OK ladies, first: Thank you! Second, I should have a “higher than average” cervix by this measurement. It’s my 1st day with a cup and it’s painful lying down. I was wondering if it should be higher positioned, but it’s just as far I can reach to place it anyways. Any tips?

  • Help!! I’m on my period, and I decided to measure. If I can barely reach it in a sitting position (like on the toilet) and my finger is 3 inches long, is that my cervix that i feel? I’m not sure because my finger isn’t long enough to go in any farther. Does this mean I have a high cervix?

  • When you bought the cup but you haven’t watched this? Goodness. I am still confuse how to find that stuff hahaha. Thanks for the guide tho

  • Are there really people who can only go up to the first knuckle? How do they get anything inside of them???

    Not shaming, just genuinely interested/confused.

  • can I still conceive if my cervix is connected to my wall and it is tilted? my doctor said I can still conceive but my husband and I been trying for about 3 months now and nothing is happening. what should I do

  • While measuring cervix length to decide for cup one need to take measurement in standing or squat position in which we wear cup kindly guide

  • But when you put a tampon in, you’re supposed to push it a fingerlength in? How is that possible if the cervix is only at about half a finger in? I don’t get it

  • Say you just got off your period and you guys are saying that the cervix usually rides lower on your period. Can you just make an assumption based off just getting off your period? I have only like one cycle left of pads left and I don’t wanna buy more if I want to switch to a cup. Please help!

  • Soooo, I’m a fluffy girl and I’m struggling with getting enough of my finger into my vagina to reach the cervix. I don’t have anyone I’d wanna ask for assistance either.

    Are there any alternatives to using a finger?

  • Hello, I have a question about the size cup to get. I had the pixie cup large but that was hurting and I couldn’t get it in and when I did I really felt it there. So I order a small and it leaks all the time. I try to make sure the cup is opened and suctioned and I think it is. Do you think I should try the large again? Because I have tried different methods to make sure the cup is suctioned by I am still getting leakage. There is no in between size for the large and small so I’m lost. I’m new to cups and I’m really hoping it works for me

  • dr i just want to know during checking the diameter of cervix we insert two fingers only…or we insert four fingers in traingle shape..?
    and after pushing the cervix with fingers we also rotate our fingers clockwise to check the diameter?

  • I bought
    Taking control of your fertility
    Because of you and wow!!! I am so mind blown to many things
    Thank you for taking the time to educate all of us
    I am 26 years old and just about a week ago found out really what a menstrual cycle is.
    All I was taught was that I could get pregnant!
    The book says its best to start charting on your first day of your menstrual cycle but I’ve already started doing BBT and what not,
    I’m so excited!!! Thank you for this video as well because I am in the process of figuring out how to check my cervix so I’m glad your video is the first one I ran into!

  • Here I am, a sexually active female and a cup user, and the idea of putting a finger inside of my vagina to reach that thing freaks me out so baldly. I’m scared y’all.

  • Gah, I can’t believe I just measured myself!! Ha ha. Anyhoo, my pointer finger was really stretching to reach my cervix, which also felt kinda to the side and not very centered. (i have had three kids so maybe its a little wonky?) I couldn’t get a measurement should I just assume higher cervix? Or use my middle finger?

  • I hate the fact that she makes a gross looking face when she said shove your finger up your vagina. It shouldn’t be shameful or gross, this is an educational moment…