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How to Check Your Cervical Mucus Start by washing and drying your hands. Find a comfortable position, either by sitting on the toilet, squatting, or standing up and putting one leg up on the Reach one finger inside your vagina; your index or middle finger is probably best. (Be careful not to. Before checking your mucus for fertility, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly. Obtaining a mucus sample requires an internal exam of sorts and clean hands will ensure no infection from any germs present on the hands.

Sit or Squat Comfortably You will need to find a seat similar to the one you use to insert a tampon, or you can squat. After your period stops this is when you need to start checking for cervical secretions. Throughout the day observe what secretions you find. You can observe this in a number of ways and I recommend that you do all of them! Every time you pop to the toilet, observe what mucus you see.

It does involve checking your cervical mucus on at least a daily basis, and being aware of any changes which are occurring. The ways to identify your cervical mucus involve either by looking at the discharge on your underwear or panty liner, or after wiping using toilet paper, or by using your fingers to scoop out some mucus. To check your cervical mucus, do the following: Wash and dry your hands to prevent introducing any bacteria into the vagina. Make sure your fingernails are short so they will not get in the way.

Get into a comfortable position — either with your foot on the toilet, sitting on the toilet seat, or. Although some methods of fertility awareness will encourage you to check internally for cervical mucus (i.e. placing your finger inside your vagina and trying to observe cervical mucus from the source), this method often leads to confusion. Many fertility awareness instructors teach how to check externally for two important reasons. Checking cervical mucus.

Manually. Track your mucus daily by inserting a clean finger or two into your vagina, near the cervix. Remove your finger and note the color and Toilet paper. Check. This is the simplest, easiest, and probably cleanest, way to check your cervical mucus.

Simply look at your toilet paper after wiping. It may take a little inspecting, but as long as you’re ovulating, you’ll see it. (Bring the toilet paper to the light if need be!). You can check your cervical mucus 3 ways: Wipe the opening of your vagina (BEFORE you pee) with white toilet paper or tissue. Check the color and feel of the mucus. Look at the color and texture of the discharge on your underwear.

To check for cervical fluid: After using the bathroom, wipe the area around the vagina to remove any excess pee, which can change the appearance of cervical fluid.

List of related literature:

To check the position and feel of your cervix, insert that finger into your vagina each day or every other day of your cycle, after your period ends.

“What to Expect: Before You're Expecting” by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
from What to Expect: Before You’re Expecting
by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
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Your mucus can be checked daily by touching yourself on the outside or, to be the most accurate, inserting one finger in your vagina to check the cervix.

“Family Practice Guidelines, Third Edition” by Jill C. Cash, Cheryl A. Glass
from Family Practice Guidelines, Third Edition
by Jill C. Cash, Cheryl A. Glass
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Gently rub the cytobrush or the blunt end of an Ayre spatula over the vaginal wall under and lateral to the cervix (Fig. 27.13).

“Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book” by Carolyn Jarvis
from Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book
by Carolyn Jarvis
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A. Your mucus can be checked daily by touching yourself on the outside or, to be the most accurate, inserting one finger in your vagina to check the cervix.

“Adult-Gerontology Practice Guidelines” by Jill C. Cash, MSN, APN, FNP-BC, Cheryl A. Glass, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC
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Gently insert your index or middle finger into your vagina until you feel your cervix.

“8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS: A Proven Program to Reset Your Hormones, Repair Your Metabolism, and Restore Your Fertility” by Fiona McCulloch
from 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS: A Proven Program to Reset Your Hormones, Repair Your Metabolism, and Restore Your Fertility
by Fiona McCulloch
Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2016

To check your cervix, reach into the vaginal canal with your finger.

“The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies” by Randine Lewis
from The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies
by Randine Lewis
Little, Brown, 2008

When you feel your cervix internally – this is your cue to put a foot on the side of your bath or loo and assume the classic ‘this-is-how-you-insert-a-tampon’ pose, or, you know, just squat – you’ll feel changes throughout your menstrual cycle.

“Period Power: Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You” by Maisie Hill
from Period Power: Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You
by Maisie Hill
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019

For cervical specimens, first use a large swab to remove any mucus discharge obscuring the cervical opening.

“Varney's Midwifery” by Tekoa L. King, Mary C. Brucker, Kathryn Osborne, Cecilia M. Jevitt
from Varney’s Midwifery
by Tekoa L. King, Mary C. Brucker, et. al.
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First remove excess mucus from a portion of the cervix, using a cotton ball held in ring forceps or a large cotton-tipped procto-swab.

“Advanced Health Assessment & Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care E-Book” by Joyce E. Dains, Linda Ciofu Baumann, Pamela Scheibel
from Advanced Health Assessment & Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care E-Book
by Joyce E. Dains, Linda Ciofu Baumann, Pamela Scheibel
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If you examine your patient vaginally by gently inserting two fingers of a gloved hand, you’ll notice the cervix is firm, like your nose, when the due date is approaching and soft, like your lips, when it isn’t.

“The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for ANY Disaster” by Joseph Alton, Amy Alton
from The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for ANY Disaster
by Joseph Alton, Amy Alton
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  • Ready to make a baby like I might be missing something but that freaked me out and like I’m only 13 years old so like duh that would freak me out

  • Hi mam, my circle is 32/33 days long. I felt my cervial mucas came to from 15-20 days. is that last tow(19/20) days Am i ovulating??? i have never test ovulation, bt try to track it.

  • I’m 24, I have a 6 year old child, I am ttc baby 2 I have been taking fertile cm and primrose oil as I don’t produce alot of cm:( I hardly ever get the egg whites I do get watery but not loads I’ve been trying for a while now and still no baby �� I dunno what else to try ��

  • My eBook “When Am I Fertile?” you can buy here:
    <3 Feel free to ask me if you have a question... write a comment. Bye bye Anne

  • Can you ovulate without a period? I have this clear stringy stuff all the gets irritating sometimes because I feel nasty..

  • Hi very nicely explained…
    I have this cervical mucus on the 7th day from my 1st day of the period of the month, does that mean I am ovaluating on the very 7th day of my period?
    Also, from the 10th to 12th day of my period my discharge is like cottage cheese… Please explain

  • Whew I had thought I pushed a mucus ball but also does size or thickness mean anything??cause mines not too thick but clear white!!

  • Is ovulation painful? My period is in 8 or 9 days and i feel small pelvic pain in one side… and i have stretchy discharge… is it normal?

  • Hello, first I would to tell that I found ur vid extremely helpful. News info that I haven’t found after 2 months if searching the net abt TTC. My question is that I had extremely stretchy cervical mucus 2 days before my period and temperature rise the next day. So I did the deed on that day again and now I’m 3 days later for my period. Could I have had late ovulation and got pregnant? I tested today and got anoth bfn.

  • At this point I don’t think I’m ovulating regular I’m 29 with one kid trying to conceive an I never seen the egg whites just wet an white or creamy ������‍♀️I just wanna be pregnant already……

  • After ovulation is sticky mucus is gone or not because is been 3 days before ovulation I see sticky mucus but now I don’t see it’s just little white and wateri

  • i am 40 and i want to get pregnant..please tell me what to bf wants me to get pregnant.i hope i still able to bear a child though i am already 40’s

  • Hey friends!�� I’m sending out a loving message to let people know that if you’re commenting on this video for help with your cervical mucus/charts/cycles/specific FAM charting questions about the rules + you’re not a client of mine, I will not be able to offer specific advice on your unique situation, because it leaves me in a vulnerable position + it’s unpaid labor.

    When learning to chart in-depth with me as a client in my #SecondNatureCycles course, clients sign an agreement outlining the extent of the course, the high level of support included, my scope of practice, efficacy rates, etc. Clients also submit a health form, informing me about their unique cycles, previous history of #birthcontrol use, underlying health conditions, etc. I take this info into account during 1-on-1 conversations with clients, so I can offer them high-quality feedback!

    I love offering free support, advocacy + general education but the deeper learning comes with the next step: working with an educator! �� I encourage all charters to seek quality instruction so that they can learn how to interpret their own charts confidently/independently + reach the highest efficacy rate with FAM! (Up to 99.4% when learned with an instructor)

    I love connecting with everyone + answering general questions about FAM. It’s important for me as an act of self-care to communicate this boundary, so thanks for listening with an open heart!��

    While FAM is growing fast on social media, it’s critical to retain healthy boundaries which uphold the efficacy + safety of the practice��

    ����Need help? best way: tap my LINK IN BIO @FAMtasticFertility on INSTAGRAM! I’d love to connect with you on a deeper level to learn where you’re at in your FAM journey, to ask about your needs/goals + to share all the details about my online charting course.

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  • I got my period before and I’m not on my period today and today I found some white transparent blobs,and I was scared until I found this,im so scared rnand I hate discharge because it smells:/ and I have to shower like everyday in order not to smell..

  • How do you extract enough or scoop out enough fluid. I have a super hard time taking it out and am unable to analyse anything. I stop inserting my fingers in when I can no longer put them in more (duh) but I don’t get enough fluid.

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  • I havent started my period yet, i am 14 years old. I have had the white mucus for some time now. Thank you for this video but is it normal to nave the mucus if you havent started having your period yet?

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  • Very empowering! This convinced me not to invest further in those (very pricey!) Clearblue ovulation tests or any other devices. I had previously been too lazy to learn this method, but now I realize that it’s the most sensible (and economical!) way forward if this ttc is going to work for me.

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  • Girls can you help me out, is it normal for your period to be light and short? Im really scared im pregnant but never had sex and i keep scaring myself!

  • Why aren’t moms telling their daughters? My mom wasn’t around to tell me anything either and we didn’t have google back then:) My daughters and sons will have knowledge and be prepared for this thing called life lol God Bless y’all! Jesus loves you! It’s true! He loves you soooo much!

  • Omg this was so helpful I was freaking out because I discharge almost every day and I thought it was an infection an I was too embarrassed to tell my parents so thanks

  • Thank god for this video and the comments im 13 I’ve still not had my period even though all my friends had theirs ages ago. But I was so worried about this I thought it was just me… thanks so much

  • I’av been having this from a young age thought is was a yeast infection even though it wasn’t itchy,tried using yeast infections medication but it didn’t go away.Mine comes every single day and stops when my period comes and continues when it’s over. Usually increase when I eat an egg and as much as I try to restrict myself from eating eggs I can’t.I was shy to tell my mom at first,I later told her I had a yeast infection untill I showed it to her 1 day. That’s when she told me it had something to do with fertility and she also experienced it at my age so it’s normal.

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  • Omg I thought I had something wrong with me I was so scared to see that white stuff but thank you for giving me info I’m so relived thank you

  • Thank you omg, it started today when I went to the bathroom a clear glob was there and I was scared, I thought I had a yeast infection! My period should arrive in 2 days so this helps thank you!!

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  • I’m 29 years old, and this started over a year ago. I’ve went to Dr.s to figure out what this mucus was that comes out of me, and they say it’s normal. I’m not sexually active and I don’t have a UTI or yeast infection. Seeing everyone in the comments say what I’ve been thinking this entire times gives me some relief. Omg!!!

  • I want to begin by saying thanks so much for explaining CM so well and so simple:O) I’ve been tracking my CM for a few months now and on my 10th to 12th day of this months cycle my egg white CM has had a light brown tint. And I’ve been cramping on the right side so I know that I’m ovulating. Thanks again Stephanie:O)

  • I get this colourless and odorless discharge im not sure what its called it does not occur everyday,when i feel it with my hands it feels water..and im not active…is it normal?

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  • Mam my cm is so watery no stickyness but in white coloured but my periods come regularly wat shld I do to increase the cm’s stickyness

  • I am a living testimony of how Dr. Umoru cured me from HPV with his effective herbal medicine which I took. After using different medications no result I am totally free today after using the medications I got from Dr. Umoru you can get more information on Dr Umoru YouTube channel or contact him via email [email protected] com or WhatsApp/call +2348165436638

  • I know this was posted a long time ago but ummm… I have NEVER had my period (I’m 12) and I want to know if it’s normal for me to get discharge…. also can you tell me if it is normal os it a sign of me getting my period???? I’m nervous anxious AND excited at the same time!!

  • Thanks for the help, I was so worried about the discharge I had, I thought I was already having my period! Now, I know what it is.

  • So I have discharge everyday which’s is weird but healthily? Anywho it’s sticky and everything and it worry’s me so how do I resolve this?

  • Every morning I have to change my underwear like I don’t have a unlimited supply of those I’m not gonna do the laundry every single day

  • I discharge this white cervical mucus everyday and it’s only stop when am on period and am 21years as at now but am scared is it normal or not please tell me

  • I have less than 1 teaspoon of discharge everyday. My discharges have been going on for like a week now. Am I having too little discharge?

  • If I’m getting fertile cervical mucus everyday,does this mean I’m ovulating everytime i get it? It has been happening from 6 years,am i ovulating alot or gonna lose eggs early? ��

  • I have the last 2 days thick white and clear mix that strechy is that right before it becomes egg white. I hear girl sway u want to try to wait a bit but this is fun thanks for sharing

  • Is the EWCM also very slippery?! I get so much of the EWCM every month that I either have to wear a panty liner or change my underwear!

  • Thax doctor very much,i know this video is old but I have a question to ask you doctor,this month on 8th I was bathing in the morning and i saw the EWCM and that very morning we bd with my hubby,and we did it just once then we spent two days without baby dancing,is it possible that I might get pregnant and when to check for pregnancy? Thax very much doctor just waiting for the response

  • The wet mucus is also important while having s**…you know what I mean 😉 And it is getting dry while using the the Birth Control Pill, because the wet mucus is not necesary, or? Know I know, because the mucus was dry while taken the Pill… Thank you very much for this video! ��

  • excellent video and very helpful thank you so much. question so if someone doesn’t have a regular normal cycle so its hard for them to figure out when they ovulate they can then use the CF to tell when they are fertile right? so its not just for regular cycles?

  • I really hope I get a response. I’m new to the whole sex thing. I just recently lost my virginity (protected). Had no issues but about 2 weeks after (2 weeks of no sex) I got a yeast infection and took a suppository medication for it. But after a day I was still on and off itching. I have been okay the past few days with no itching at all, except my occasional normal itch here and there. But today I noticed I have a snot like (��) discharge that is kind of milky looking but not super white. I have no itching and no pain. My last period was February 25-29th and I started taking marvelon 28 birth control (first time taking birth control). I have not had any unprotected sex or any sex recently. What the hell is going on down there? ������

  • So I had unprotected sex last february 9 and I took the morning after pill within 12 hours. Also he pulled out and didn’t came inside me. My period came February 15 when it’s supposed to be on February 17. The first 2 days were light bleeding and became heavy the following days like my normal period. The bleeding happened Feb 15-21. What I am confused now if it’s a period that just came early or if it was because of the pill cos I heard some women bleeds a week after taking the pill.
    And stupidly, I had sex again today Feb 24, but now it is protected. He used condom and didn’t came either. I got so scared cos my app says I am in my fertility window now and there’s a medium chance of getting pregnant and my ovulation day is on Feb 26 so I took the morning after pill again.
    Is there a possibility that I will get pregnant? I am thinking so much about this I am so scared.
    Take note that I am not using any birth control either because this was just the first time that I had sex. Please help. Badly need your advice:(

  • Btw for people watching this…there have been other studies done that show regular lubricants did not hinder anyone getting pregnant. There was only one study done with pre-seed but it tested the lubricant directly on the sperm in the microscope. It does not account for the fact that most sperm most likely won’t touch much of the lubricant in actual sexual intercourse.

  • I have been pregnant before but had a miscarriage but I don’t think I’ve ever had that egg white stuff does every girl get it or is everyone’s different?? X I’m 19 ��

  • Could you do a video the difference between ovulation bleeding and the colors and the signs and the difference between implantation bleeding I had sex the 2nd day of my period and the day before it looked like I was ovulating and then on the 19th I had brownish spotting for 3 days

  • How to improve my cervical fluid? Is there any way? Any food that aids the production? I’m 24years old with pcod I don’t produce a lot of cervical fluid like other people in this comment section so I’m getting really worried.

  • I’m 20 turning 21 and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 3 years coming, I noticed I do get fluid mainly white liquidy and some days it’s a lot of clear liquidy where it just makes my underwear wet as if I peed my pants lol, I haven’t witnessed stretchy fluid, am I able to get pregnant if it is not stretchy??? Ps. I do get my period every month and went to the gynecologist and he said everything looked good with my eggs and everything because I thought I had pcos. Also I have got pregnant once and miscarried.

  • I notice I don’t really get the stretchy egg white fluid. It goes from chalky to lotiony to a bit stretchy (stretches maybe an inch then breaks) but still kinda of lotiony looking then back to chalky. Should I be concerned?

  • I learned this in 5th grade and I’m glad they teach this but I came to watch this video because this girl that is 2 years older then me told me that you get that because you don’t clean yourself good

  • How long does EWCM last? I’ve been checking and nothing until tonight when my husband is asleep�� took OPK and it’s negative (about.39) but looks to be rising. I just checked again because I’m curious about how long it lasts and I don’t see any but it was there when I wiped. Enough that I def noticed it. Also, I’m taking guiafinesin (can’t spell it but Mucinex) will that give you ewcm even if you’re not ovulating? It is around the time of ovulation (apps said today but negative OPKs) so I was wondering that too. Sorry for the long message and thank you in advanced ���������� PS/ love your videos btw!

  • Lot of unnecessary talk in the half of the video,time wasted so i suggest u to discuss only relevant stuff not here and there stuff cuz it s just waste of time,lol.

  • I noticed watery stretchy mucus on day 12 and now for 3 days mucus is a stretchy but white colored for almost 3 days its 12-14 days of my cycle am i ovulating or not
    ps i am a pcos patient

  • I have one more question. How would I know when I ovulate?? My cycle goes period-> 2 days sticky-> slippery 26days ->2 days sticky->period. I’m confused??

  • I also don’t need to put my finger in. It just comes out a lot when I go to the toilet or just during the day. During ovulation especially.

  • Hi i just watched your video and it was really amazing but can i ask you a question for the past 2 year i have never really have a stretchy egg white cervical fluid anymore i told my ob about it and she said it’s okay but i don’t really think it’s okay. do you have any clue why im not producingegg white fluids

  • The discharge like thick kind halfwhite greenish what does it mean for few day and then it’s less n gone…like the kind fluid come from nose….

  • What does it mean if you get for like 5 days clear cervical mucous before your menstrual period. I’m supposed to start tomorrow but keep having this cm. I took a pregnancy test and came out positive on Thursday but I got another cheapie test and it came out neg.

  • I guess i dont ovulate anymore, cause Im old! But still have regular períod, 28 or 27 days cycle, and I feel that muddle cramp and i still produce this watery cervical fluid! I dont want to get pregnant! This is my doubt

  • I LOVE the approach you use in teaching us how to track our fertility. Golly, I wish I knew this all when I was in high school! This is useful and empowering information-thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

  • So I have a question me and the husband had a slip up about 3 nights ago before I noticed egg white consistency and before that I had mild cramping is it possible I could get pregnant?

  • Omg such an awesome vid babe. I have a TTC channel and I have 5 children. I’m currently trying for baby no 6 after a miscarriage 7 weeks ago. Cm has been text book however very watery this fertile phase not as slippery like it was in Dec. When I fell preg. I’m hoping I’ve caught it right!? I have 28-29 day cycle we baby danced day 7,9,11 and 13 (hoping the sperm stays put-) I’m in 2 week wait 5DPO and yellowy Cm now. Does this sound good to you….. I think it does to me but good to have an opinion! Xx

  • First of all, this is a LOVELY video and you are such a great spirit full of goodness and a good message for women! Thankyou 😉
    I have 2 questions if you have any time/energy to try and answer them:
    1. I’m 32 years old and have had cycles that are about 24-27 days in length. I’ve been reading information regarding short cycles being linked to a higher rate of miscarriages…is this true? My Follicular phase is 10-12 days. My Luteal phase is about 12 -15 days. And why do I have such short cycles? Am I not ovulating? I bleed for about 4-5 days. Everything seems normal and I am a healthy person overall.
    2. When I’m tracking my cervical fluid in my fertile window, how do I tell the difference between my Husband semen and my cervical fluid. I swear the next day throughout the day, I’ll see wet or jelly like fluid in my underwear and when I smell it, it smells like his semen. So, I get confused on if the fluid is fertile or infertile fluid.
    Thankyou in advance! And be very well!!

  • Hello the best info that i’ve ever had was by using the Bevs Baby Boom (i found it on google) without a doubt the most useful treatment i’ve seen.

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  • Question: how can you tell the difference between your dry days and days when you have the wet, saliva-consistency type of cervical fluid? Because the vagina/cervix usually has moisture all the time, right? So if I pull my finger out and it’s wet, it could be either a dry day or a wet day…right? This is stressing me out ��

  • Hi Mam I am having pcos nw am in treatment taking letrozole tab now am starting till hw long can I take am planing to go abroad next month meet my hubby we r planning to get baby tell me abut tab am starting This month for ovulation my period was 15.8.18 normal flow it will stopped 4 th day before month my cycle will come 32 days after my doctror told egg size is small is it get large after taking letrozole 2.5 mg pls tl me

  • very helpful.:) thank you for making this educational video. going to use some of these tips in my ttc journey that i just started.

  • i think my ability to “ovulate” was disrupted, after a miscarriage 6yrs ago. I was 18 weeks along. I’ve always had and still have very regular cycles. would be weird to think I don’t ovulate though so regular. my mid cycle cm look quite ‘off’ to me as well, used to be clear and very stretchy but now it somewhat stretchy but not really clear. I think it’s too thick for the ability to conceive.

  • Sometimes I get cream discharge, sometimes another discharge which is very very stretchable, somehow clear, am 33yrs and I want to have a baby now��������������

  • After struggling to conceive for 4 years (had 1 miscarriages in between) I was diagnosed with fibroid and block tubes, when I went for scan ealiy February 2015 the scan results show that the fibroid was very huge 8.12cm. after a friend of mine recommended me to this herbal specialist whom helped me out with his herbs. I went for Sean and I was told that the block tubes was confirmed opened and the fibroid was no longer there it was melted out by the herbs I was taking,i managed to conceive my first baby naturally, she is 3 years old by the grace of God I Will be holding my second miracle baby soon, God willing. I’m simply testifying over my breakthrough. What an how I did to conceive after years of struggling.

  • Hi. Thanks for the responses. I just had my period after 12days missed period i have a long cycle of 42days. But it wasnt like this before. I notice the changes 7months now

  • Hi. Thanks for the responses. I just had my period after 12days missed period i have a long cycle of 42days. But it wasnt like this before. I notice the changes 7months now

  • Hi, please i need help as well, i have a very long cycle of 35 to 40days and at times 45 please i need to know what the problem can be and how i can resolve it. i had my period january 20th 2018 uptill know i havent seen it all test negative and i had upprotected sex two days back can i get pregnant?

  • Great info! Thanks for the wonderful examples, too! Quick question: as a PCOS sufferer (currently on a keto lifestyle & ridding my exposure to endocrine disrupters), I’m not entirely sure I ovulate at all. I do see all these differing types of fluid during my cycle, but is it possible to see the egg-white or wet fluid but ovulation not actually occur? Hope that makes sense…. I’m trying to get pregnant & ive been using WINK by Kindara to track my BBT, but I’m learning so much about how our body gives us indicators for peak day! so cool — just didn’t know if it was possible to have all the signs, but the egg never dropping.
    Thanks again for a great video!!

  • I’m TTC, I usually have cervical fluid after ovulation to my luteal phase to my next menstrual cycle.
    I’m noticing that I’m not having any cervical fluid throughout my phase. Can I be pregnant?

  • Hi my name is Melissa I’m 25 years old I have 4 children now the youngest being 2 years old after i had her i made the decision to have a tubal ligation having both tubes removed because I THOUGHT we were done having children now I’m wanting another and the chances of it happening are 1% to none �� BUT just recently I’ve been having discharge on my panties that is clear with white streaks but really thick like gooey mucus as it happens in early pregnancy I stopped tracking my period and all after the surgery because due to the surgery why should I right but now this discharge has caught me by surprise seeing it looks like early pregnancy discharge do you think it could be!?!? Or is it normal I’ve never had it this way before only with my 4 prior pregnancies.

  • Unfortunately the cervical fluid changes sometimes as it passes through the vagina. So some important changes will be missed if internal collection is used. E.G after ovulation progesterone affects the mucus by drying out the cervical mucus as it passes through the vagina. It,may still be stringy at the cervix, but at the vulva it will be much drier, alerting you to when fertility will end. Just let it come naturally to the outside of your body. That way you won’t miss the important change after ovulation occurs that lets you know you are no longer fertile!

  • what does cm look like in early pregnancy? im 3 days late and i have been having alot of stretchy Pale yellow cm & couple days of light spotting

  • I don’t see egg whites it wet with little white stuff and dats the first day of my ovulation I put my longest finger in my vagina and I felt my cervix and it have a open were I feel like my finger tip is in it

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  • Hi,
    This is so far the best video I have seen,
    I have been trying to get pregnant for a year naturally and I have PCOS due to which my cycle is around45 to 50 days
    Can u also do a video on how to use these benificial tips as a PCOS patient as well..
    It is very depressing to see that the 2nd line on the pregnancy test never comes up…!!!
    Thank you very much,

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  • This is good. Everywhere iv read that u get stringy non colour discharge during ovulation and I thought I wasnt ovulating until I got pregnant one month. I always get wipe mucus when I’m ovulating. So it’s good to know

  • Great info, thank you!:) I disagree with one thing though, you absolutely don’t have to stick your finger up there in order to check CM! I’ve noted the most CM is produced when you poop:D For example I checked many times one day with ma fingers and didn’t see anything, but as soon as I pooped there was a big gush of ewcm on the toilet paper! Good luck ladies with hunting that CM!:D

  • Im an 11 year old and i have watery mucus and i still dont get it. I searched up the meaning fertile because at 5:05 he said that is considered fertile and that means being able to reproduce. Someone please help i feel like if i ask my mom shes gonna be like why are you searching this up?
    Edit:nevermind i did my research i am ABLE to get pregnant if i have sex (which isnt happening any time soon)

  • Thanks so much for using Groove’s images of cervical fluid in the thumbnail for this video. We love others helping to spread this important information. However, we’d like to kindly ask that you please link back to our website to give us credit for the images we created and own:) Thank you!

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