How you can Help Kids Who Fear so much Dying From Coronavirus


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Instead, use an honest, kid-friendly approach when kids express a fear of death—whether they’re afraid of dying themselves or they think you might suddenly pass away. If your child has started expressing fears of death, especially in response to the coronavirus. Start by having real, but age-appropriate, talks about COVID-19 with kids.

Ask questions to find out what they know or think they know. Correct anything that is untrue or out of proportion. Explain that a virus or pandemic is wide-spread, but it doesn’t mean everyone will get sick.

In the end, if your child is struggling with fears about the coronavirus, Lapointe says it helps to “make room for the fear and all the emotions that come with it,” by actively listening to them. Let’s face it: Raising kids is one of the toughest jobs out there—and child-rearing in the time of the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has made it exponentially more challenging. The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to disrupt our lives. After months of shut down or scaled back non-essential businesses and services and strongly suggested social distancing, mask wearing in public spaces, and self-quarantine if you have been exposed to coronavirus, most states have opened up public spaces and businesses, and the unknown of back-to-school upon us.

Be present and available when your child talks about death. Put down your phone. Stop unloading the dishwasher.

Behave as if your child’s thoughts or worries on this topic matter to you. For example, support from family and community, or feeling connected, and having access to in-person or virtual counseling or therapy can help with suicidal thoughts and behavior, particularly during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Many children feel afraid of the coronavirus but won’t let on about that because they’re embarrassed.

Young boys may appear unconcerned; they don’t want to look like “wimps,” so they. The people at risk from COVID-19 are clearly defined and should be protected with targeted measures. Children are not susceptible to it nor do they transmit the virus.

However, COVID-19 can be deadly for older and vulnerable people so it’s important to protect. How to Help Children during Coronavirus Lockdown Ask how they are managing the stress. Listen carefully and compassionately Spend time with your children in.

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Some disease investigations in diarrheic kids have actively screened for the presence of coronavirus as an etiologic agent.

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  • No one is safe from the virus or any disease. How it affects people is a wide variety of factors, most importanly, the immune system. People of younger ages can still get affected.

  • God saved the child from radical feminists. It’s better to die at 5 rather than ending in lockup under fake rape/molestation charges by some feminists.

  • New Zealand ���� has only one death from covid19 in my city Gisborne of over 40,000 people we only have one confirmed case of covid19 which is a man in his 50’s who returned from the United States ���� and went into immediate self isolation now in hospital in a stable condition

  • The President just bought 29 million doses of hydroxychloroquine. The TV News and the Press will have to go back to bashing him over Russia. Hydroxychloroquine’s mechanism of action appears to be how it acts as a strong zinc ionophore (i.e. pushing extra zinc into the intracellular space) and allowing that zinc to inhibit the enzyme that the virus is using to replicate.

    1hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days

    2azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days

    3zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

    You need the zinc because it does the work all HCQs does is help the zinc get across the lipid barrier of the cell wall.

    If you get a prescription for HCQs without zinc sulfate, ask for it. If not forthcoming, then buy some. If not available, try zinc lozenges. Unfortunately, Dr Oz copied the formula of a doctor in France who dropped the zinc. He also gave legal permission for anyone in the country to buy the drug with a prescription.

    A few Democrat governors have stopped patients from getting this drug. The governor of Nevada was the worst. The governor of Michican caved in when she saw how many voters were dying. Governor Cuomo would not let doctors prescribe the drug to outpatients. No wonder so many New Yorkers wound up in the hospital. That was the only place they could get the drug until now.

    Curing That Bioweapon (Covid-19)

    Yes. I do believe that the coronavirus is a bioweapon made in the US. The Deep State probably would like to release 2 or 3 more weaponized viruses but this sort of n=blew up in their faces. We know who they are and what they did. The coronavirus is designed to kill Asians. It has Crisper splicing marks. And it has strands of the HIV virus. The Chinese stole it from a lab in Calgary.

  • I’m 12 and I just watched the apocalypse move 2012 and I thought what would I do on that situation I just keep on thinking that I’m gonna die if there’s a situation I can’t control

  • Be healthy

    That’s why I only eat cabbage now

    I read all the comments it’s true she died of a heart attack litterally read caleb YOUniverses comment

  • RIP Chloe. Please stay at home coz people are spreading the Virus. Maintain 3 metre distance. Please think about urself n others. Love to British❤ people from Sam India

  • I live on the streets without home and food, please help me.
    sir I am worried about home and food, I am homeless please help me. I am a disabled person Muhammad Shafi A / C No: 1908104023516 Canara Bank, India, Kerala

  • I think it is because of the fact that children have not yet undergone the physiological effects of a high saturated fat diet. The coronavirus COVID-19 differs from previous versions primarily by the method of binding to the type-2 alveolar pneumocytes. COVID-19’s spike glycoprotein binds to the ACE2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) in human beings. The ACE2 is present in higher prevalence in people with Arterial-Hypertension, Heart-Failure, and Diabetes.

    The common theme between those three things is they are greatly influenced by diet. A diet consisting of high amounts of saturated fats contributes to all three conditions. Saturated fat in high amounts will increase the bad cholesterol or LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins), a condition called hyperlipidemia. In the case of heart attacks and stroke, cholesterol in the blood becomes plaque. Specifically soft plaque. You have specialized immune cells which consume this plaque. They’re called foam cells. When they become engorged with plaque they look like suds, hence the name foam cells. You only have a limited number of these foam cells. So once they’re full, that’s it. If the diet causing the cholesterol continues, the soft plaque becomes hard. plaque. Foam cells can accumulate and become a necrotic (poisonous dead cell mass) center of a nodule mass on the wall of an artery. These nodules can rupture sometimes due to the presence of hard calcified plaque which is almost like tine shards. Once these toxic containing nodules open and spill their poisonous content. The body’s response is to quickly seal the pathway in order to prevent the poisonous substance from spreading. In this case it is the body’s own defense response that causes the myocardial infarction (heart-attack). If it happens in the brain its a stroke. Sometimes the blockage is caused by an embolism. This is where instead of spilling the poisonous content into the blood, an actual piece of the plaque or a blood-clot causes the heart attack or stroke.

    The fact that the body has immune cells which interpret the plaque as a foreign invader in indication that the consumption of saturated-fatty foods isn’t something we should be doing. Saturated-fat is found almost exclusively in animal based products like meats, cheese/milk, and eggs.

  • Americans! It is the Native American and Syrians you are most sorry for!The harm you have done to the Native American and the Syrians must be paid back sooner or later!

  • Yep this is true because people who are getting the coronavirus are older people and they are dying because their immune system is weaker than our immune system

  • Everyone is corona virus strands in them.. they are harmless.. everyone will test positive. All health officials are testing everyone before death like cancer patients or extremely sick people.. and because they are positive for corona (which all people are amongst other virus’s in us) they will say cause of death covid… look it up people do your research and stop thinking this virus is deadly.. it’s not.. the world has shut down within weeks and the economy is on the verge of collapse.. look
    At the bigger picture it’s got nothing to do with the virus.. the virus creates fear Zz and fear makes you listen and act like obedient citizens.. and the idiots in power enforce the new laws as per the psychos that create them!! Time to wake up
    Now before it’s too late



  • We need to all pull together at this time. The old lady next door to me gives me her full pension every month, in exchange I get her a few bags of pasta now and then.

  • Chloe and this man are the exception to the rule. Stop lying. Very, very, very few young people are dying from this. Middle aged too. 3 people are too few to make a proper statistical analysis. Quarantine mainly old people. That’s the solution. Lying mainstream media again.

  • That was just three months ago… and three months ago I just started playing Minecraft and now I’ve built a plantation and waterway to fend of mods

  • In China, young children are dying too bcuz of the Covid-19 virus. They placed 3 children bodies in the same body bag to burn last week. So young children are also dying all over the world too. A new born died in NY yesterday.

  • I bet she was a liberal SJW who hugged a Chinese person and thought it was racist to say the coronavirus came from China.
    And I bet she had TDS.


  • Sad to hear news like this we hope they have a speedy recovery. We interviewed this person infected with coronavirus, hopefully he gets better soon too.

  • Surah Al-Fatihah is also called Al-Kafiyatu As-Syafiyah, Al-Kafiyah which means adequate and As-Syafiah which means healing, then in the letter there is a cure for various types of liver and body diseases.

    Feel the awesomeness of surah al fatihah

  • THEYVE JUST FOUND THE CURE ITS IVERMECTIN a common lice and worm anti parasite treatment!! ���� well done Australian scientists ����

  • So lets shutdown the world economy and for certain kill everyone’s future. Or we just do our best and maintain a society while ppl suffer. Because ppl have always suffered, since before coronavirus. But that didnt stop the world before. This is a psyop gov. war against the poor.

  • Sky is Fake news. The facts: An NHS source tells the Guardian that ‘the coroner’s move “raised eyebrows” at the hospital because [Middleton] had not tested positive for the disease’.

  • Perfect timing. My 5 year old is expressing his fear of death. Good common sense tips which I’m actually using so I’m glad I’m using my gut to explain death to him ����❤️

  • Well done
    New Zealand, only two death’s among 4 million people, well done.
    William Percival New Zealand Gardenia Band ���� Kia Orana

  • The face of the girl looks so weird and it makes me feel that something is not good around this matter, she is beautiful but her face looked to be painted by an artist or something like those cases of anxiety valley or whatever it’s called where shows some pictures of take faces that could make the people who are watching then feel unaware

  • This is a war that young people can fight here and “WIN”.. millennium generation has a chance show what they’re made of!! By doing their part too, It’s up to “them” to win this war against the virus and show the Chinese that no one is going to throw us into the corona river and messes with us….. ����..

  • Italy with it’s kissing both cheeks!! Make sure both sides got coronavirus!!! When u put respect over science and religion over reality!!!!

  • Never will understand why innocent babies who have never had a chance to sin… Get this end of the stick. Its sad. But it isn’t for US to understand. Only GOD knows his reasons and purposes. RIH sweet angel. I believe your in a better place. Shining down on us ALL.

  • So so sad & RIP poor girl a shame for everybody who has lost there lives & who will lose there lives to this disease, besides the point? Wet markets or man made disease who ever has caused it they’ve got a lot to answer for!!!

  • Anyone can die of anything…it is a virus, and yes it’s unfortunate people are dying, but please be more accurate about the MAJORITY of ages/unhealthy who die from it. It’s mostly smokers, cancer/ill and older people who die.

  • Letter 1 C 3rd letter of alphabet
    Letter 2 O 15th letter of alphabet
    Letter 3 R 18th letter of alphabet
    Letter 4 O 15th letter of alphabet
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    Letter 6 A 1st letter of alphabet
    6 Letters (3+15+18+15+14+1=66
    So we have this satanic number 666
    We’ve been lied to since we we’re born NOW IS OUR CHANCE TO CLAIM OUR RIGHTS BACK!!!!!

  • I’m glad she wasn’t too scared about the fact that going to heaven would mean being away from her parents for a while considering her young age.

  • Have they made comparisons between children who get the virus, and AIDs patients who get the virus? If infections and mortality in both groups are low. Thats your answer. Strong immune system does more damage when infected with coronavirus

  • The ice we skate is gettin’ pretty thin,

    The water’s gettin’ warm so ya might as well swim.

    My world’s on fire, how ’bout yours,

    That’s the way I like it ’cause I never get bored.

  • No matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone defends. Just so you
    know, there’s no way you’re right or what you think is right.
    One way or another, the button was pressed.
    In the coming years, if there are no forces to disrupt the system, if the people do not form their own units and do not support established units, the tick will be accepted!!!
    You’ll be up to 1,000 years of slavery and DEATH. That mask you’re wearing on your nose will become a slave ring on your nose in a close time frame.
    This isn’t going to be coronarus. When corona is over, there will be another outbreak that will destroy poor peoples and our people. They also have to get out and they need this. The capital class that holds the money and doesn’t like us!

    You’re either going to teach you to resist now and resist others, or you’re going to be gone!
    Why don’t you understand?
    Isn’t it working for you to understand?
    The Nation of this business, the state, the Race, the Flag is gone. There’s no such thing!!!

    The population of the mass holding the money in the world, holding the technology at hand, holding the energies at hand is 3.5 MILLION!!!
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    Önümüzdeki yıllarda eğer sistemi bozacak, bozabılecek güçler çıkmazsa, halk kendi birimlerini kurmazsa ve kurulan birimlere destek vermezse kendı sonunu kabullenmiş olacak!!!
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    CORONAVİRÜS ile kalmayacak bu olay. corona bittiğinde zavallı halkları ve insanlarımızı yok edecek baska bir salgın çıkacak. çıkmak da zorunda onlar için bu gerekli. parayı ellerinde tutan ve bizleri sevmeyen sermayeder sınıf yani!
    ya şimdi direnmeyi ve başkalarına da direnmeyi ögreteceksin ya da YOK OLACAKSIN!
    neden Anlamıyorsunuz?
    Anlamak işinize gelmıyor mu?
    Bu işin Milleti, devleti, Irk,Bayrağı kalmadı. öyle bir sey yok!!!
    Dünya’da parayı elinde tutan,teknoloji’yi elınde tutan,enerjileri elınde tutan kitle’nin Nüfusu 3,5 MİLYON!!!
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    ARTIK 8 Milyarlık insan kitlesine ihtiyaçları kalmadı. onlar agırlık yapıyor:(
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    sadece onlar ve yarattıkları Robot işçileri olacak Dünya’da!!!SEN Mİ?
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    Dünya’da 450-500 milyon insan kalana dek,

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  • That was just three months ago… and three months ago I just started playing Minecraft and now I’ve built a plantation and waterway to fend of mods

  • They made us, like muppets ‘clap for the nhs’. The nhs are pulling the wool over our eyes. The common factor of the people dying is compromised immune systems. So why then aren’t cigarettes and alcohol banned? Why aren’t multivitamin pills being offered free to every person stating related symptoms??

  • Get out of the Homeless shelter for the sake of your life and Health a curfew would not ever help them get out of the dirty city Shelters are not safe and not clean dirty bathroom stall and people who cluttering up with coronavirus in your face what next close all homeless Shelters in USA for good reason is coronavirus and get the people out of the dirty shelter and off the streets homeless sleeping on the streets and trains not going to be helpful cold and coronavirus end up getting sick and dying homeless situation must end now how is the homeless population supposed to self quarantine from the streets and coronavirus and in a dirty shelter that people who been living together in Shelters for years coronavirus get out dirty shelter staff needs to stay away not exposing themselves to the people and coronavirus and other diseases and viruses what next coming up close all homeless Shelters and get out the Shelters for good reason is coronavirus and people safety and Health is at risk

  • Well, till this moment all the time they said: feed your child with this suppliment, such a diet in case to PROVIDE, DEFEND AND MAKE THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM BETTER, it is basic biology,, young human beings’s cell recovery is quicker, faster, but the immune system gets stronger with time, years. Everybody knows that children do get sick quicker, and they are more harmful.

    So this COVID, is such a kid-friendly type of virus, really:) fantastic! BTS ARE ART is right,,,and this guy in the news today not even his eyes are allright…

  • Is she still alive because she would be 9 or 10 now, my age! Please tell her she will be safe wherever she is, heaven or the HOSPITAL.

  • not “only” but extremely low degree or ( we did not know her underlying diagnosis )

  • Absolute BULLSHIT!! She died of a heart attack,wasn’t tested in hospital so no post mortem done as it was natural causes. Her family just spread around that it was COVID for some reason.
    Maybe she was in drugs or who knows but in wasn’t COVID

  • Nope. The msm is lying. They are in such a hurry to report deaths, but they verify nothing.
    Here’s one example and there will be dozens more.

  • Covid 19 are for the sinners only, not for children. The higher the ages, the higher of sinning, the higher of death mortality. The most who died were God non-believers or atheist. Not believing or worshiping God is an ultimate sin.

  • The media is quick to say “perfectly healthy” young people are dying of the virus only to find out the person had co-morbidities or metabolic syndrome. Poor journalism.