How you can Freeze Your Eggs for Elective Fertility Upkeep


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Egg freezing—along with the thaw and fertilization process—can be a part of conventional IVF treatment, an egg donor IVF cycle, as well as part of medically-necessitated fertility preservation. The advice given to infertile patients on how to choose a fertility clinic is similar to those looking for elective egg freezing. The first visit to the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) will involve a physical exam, including a transvaginal ultrasound as well as bloodwork to see if you are a good candidate to freeze your eggs.

Once the results of all of your testing is back and you’re given the “green light”, you can embark on your egg freezing cycle. An egg freezing cycle requires a woman to undergo the stimulation of her ovaries through the use of fertility medications for about 2 weeks so that IRMS can harvest as many mature eggs as possible. Preparation and timing for this cycle is usually determined by the last normal menstrual period of the patient. What is egg freezing?

Freezing your eggs is a way to extend your fertility by harvesting and banking eggs to use when you’re older. This relatively new type of assisted reproductive technology, known to doctors as oocyte cryopreservation, has the potential to give women more options for having children later in life.Since the first baby conceived with a frozen egg was born in 1986, an. Elective egg freezing may help. When a woman freezes her eggs they will be preserved at the same quality as when they were retrieved possibly giving her a greater chance of success when she tries to conceive at a later age.

This is why REACH has developed an Egg Freezing Fertility Preservation process that includes all of the steps. At CCRM, we freeze and thaw eggs, and then fertilize them with in vitro fertilization (IVF) when you are ready to have a baby. This is all performed under one roof and on your timeline. As a leader in fertility treatment for more than 30 years, CCRM can help you preserve your fertility now and will be there when you want to conceive later. Egg freezing is an essential element in fertility preservation, and in 2012 became an established fertility treatment thanks to breakthroughs in the freezing and thawing process.

We moved from a slow freeze protocol to fast freeze, or vitrification, along with industry leaders in reproductive medicine. Elective Egg Freezing With CRM’s streamlined approach, we have created a Fertility Preservation program that offers the Fertility Preservation experience and pricing that is customized and convenient for your particular needs. 6 hours ago · Why would you consider fertility preservation? · You can preserve your eggs, sperms or embryos when medical issues and their treatment methods threaten to cause damage to the reproductive organs.

How Elective Fertility Preservation Works If you would like to discuss elective fertility preservation, Dr. Rispler can explain the process in more detail during a consultation. Egg freezing involves a process similar to a regular in vitro cycle, including ovarian stimulation, ultrasounds and blood work to monitor progress and egg retrieval.

List of related literature:

Consider a 36-year-old woman (the average age for an IVF patient) who undergoes an IVF cycle and freezes extra eggs or embryos from that cycle.

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Many reproductive physicians suggest saving and freezing some eggs for follow-up IVF procedures.

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Enter vitrification, a kind of “flash freezing” technique many fertility clinics now use to preserve eggs for later use.

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Eggs can either be stored (social egg freezing for women wishing to use them at a later date), fertilized, and re-implanted as a fresh cycle, or fertilized and stored as frozen embryos for future use if the ‘fresh cycle is unsuccessful.”

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If a woman freezes her eggs at the age of 25, she is unlikely to be prematurely infertile at the age of 35, and hence her eggs would have to be disposed of before she is likely to want to use them in treatment.

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This would suggest that methods of IVF that minimize embryos in storage, such as natural IVF, minimal stimulation IVF, or egg freezing as opposed to embryo freezing, are ethically preferable.

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Because the IVF procedure often produces more embryos than can safely be transferred to the uterus of the woman from whom the egg came, embryo freezing has been developed so that surplus embryos can be frozen and stored until they are needed.

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Many strategies have been devised to pursue fertility preservation, some well-established, such as embryo freezing (which is not always an option; e.g., unmarried women or young prepubertal girls); others, such as egg freezing and ovarian tissue freezing, still experimental.

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These options include egg extraction and freezing, sperm banking, surrogacy, and artificial insemination.

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Identifying a consistent and reliable method for freezing eggs, unlike sperm, was a challenge.

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