How you can Cope Once the Pregnancy Test Is Negative


How to Handle a Negative Pregnancy Test What to do Next | Faith & Fertility

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How to Deal with a Negative Pregnancy Test (or, the Big Fat Negative)

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Late Period but NEGATIVE tests! I TOOK ANOTHER TEST!

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Is it possible for a woman to be pregnant, yet her pregnancy tests are always negative?

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I’ve had positive, faint positive, and negative pregnancy tests. Do HCG levels fluctuate?

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Negative Pregnancy Test: I Think I’m Pregnant But My Pregnancy Test Is Negative?

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Next Steps. Don’t grieve this cycle if it’s not over yet. If there’s still a chance you may be pregnant (see reasons listed above), don’t let one test get to Allow yourself time to feel the sadness.

Holding in the pain just makes it worse. Cry if you need to, and talk about your feelings with. If your period is late, there is a chance that you may be pregnant. If a week goes by and you still haven’t gotten your period, and your pregnancy tests are negative, contact your doctor. An early test: If you took your pregnancy test days before your period was due, there is still a chance you could be pregnant.

Here are my 6 strategies for coping with a negative pregnancy test. 1. Acknowledge what you are feeling. Be honest with yourself. Drill down to the exact emotions you are feeling. Consider their validity – to you 2. Put things in perspective.

3. Refuse to doubt yourself. 4. Look for the Silver. Other, more rare causes of a false negative pregnancy test result include: Too much hCG: This can happen if you are further along in your pregnancy or if you’re carrying twins or triplets.

Occasionally, extremely high levels of hCG prevent home pregnancy tests from being able to properly read the result, and the read ends up being negative. No matter what your pregnancy test says, there is always a chance for a false negative. So, listen to your body and wait a little longer to test again.

Knowing yourself and trusting your relationship with your body is more important than a test result. Grieve your sadness and disappointment that your pregnancy test is negative. Allow yourself to feel the pain, frustration, anger, loneliness and heartbreak of not being pregnant. Turn your heart and soul to God; share the burden and grief with Him.

Put your pain on His shoulders –. If your period is one to two weeks late, and you still are getting negative pregnancy tests, a visit to your gynecologist for a pregnancy blood test is recommended. If your periods are frequently irregular, talk to your doctor about when they’d like you to call.

Your home pregnancy test is negative. If your period doesn’t begin, repeat the test in a few days or one week — especially if you took the test before or shortly after a missed period. You continue to get negative test results, but your period doesn’t begin or you still think you might be pregnant. Check with your health care provider. 7 ways to cope with another negative pregnancy test.

1. Make a plan. “ A lot of patients cope well if they have a plan for the next step,” says Beth Taylor, an OB/GYN and co-director of the 2. Have a network. Tell a select group of supportive people that you’re taking the test and that they need. How to Cope With a Negative Pregnancy Test Let Yourself Mourn – Seeing a negative test can really hurt, especially if you are feeling pressured by age, fertility issues, or other circumstances.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to acknowledge that the pain you are feeling is real and valid and justified.

List of related literature:

Spend the next 24 hours thinking about how you might feel if it turns out positive and how you might feel if it’s negative…

“An Invitation to Health” by Dianne Hales
from An Invitation to Health
by Dianne Hales
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Every morning, remind yourself that you are pregnant—and not with rejection, failure, disappointments, and defeat.

“Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind” by Joel Osteen
from Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind
by Joel Osteen
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I know some days you just want to deck the next friend who tells you she’s pregnant, or you want to take that negative pregnancy test and shove it into your doctor’s eye, or just sit home and cry and feel sorry for yourself.

“Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Natural Ways to Improve Your Fertility Now and into Your 40s” by Aimee E. Raupp, MS, LAc
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Realize that you are pregnant with possibility.

“Our Best Life Together: A Daily Devotional for Couples” by Joel Osteen, Victoria Osteen
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Have your partner hold a negative thought and then retest you.

“Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality” by Donna Eden, David Feinstein
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I remind myself that when I’m feeling low about my body, it tends to be chemical—often a few days before my period—so I tell myself not to wallow in those feelings, not to allow them to take hold for longer than the hormones keep me there.

“The Girl's Guide: Getting the hang of your whole complicated, unpredictable, impossibly amazing life” by Melissa Kirsch
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Realize that pregnancy is often an emotional time for a woman because of various hormone changes.

“Spiritual Midwifery” by Ina May Gaskin
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Remember that negatives can be confusing.

“FOCUS on College Success” by Constance Staley
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If you’ve been feeling tired and dragged out since the moment the pregnancy test came back positive, exercise can help to re-energize you.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between” by Ann Douglas
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Reading the information on coping with a pregnancy loss in Chapter 20 can help you with those emotions.

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  • I took a test Saturday morning and it was a very faint positive and I took one when I got up this morning and it was negative ita really weird I started feeling fatigue last Sunday and then got nauseous to certain things light headed dizzy I didnt think of pregnancy at first till 3 days later when posted about my symptoms on a mommas page on Facebook and one woman saying about that happened to her and she found out she was pregnant

  • there was a faint line on my first test, the next day I tested again hoping it will be darker but it was slightly more faint and the next day I took one again and it was negative. I should be starting my period in 4 days but this is just so frustrating!!! Any advice?

  • I got a faint positive test 1 week after my period then a few hours later a negative my doctors wont do a blood test to tell me what’s going on. What can I do?

  • So I took a test on father’s day and my first test showed completely dark lines saying I’m pregnant, the other 3 was showing but it was very faint, I there for took 2 more fromtest dollar tree brand and those showed up completely positive. I’m having sore breast stomach cramps lower back pain and set an appointment up with my doc. Last period was may 15 and haven’t gotten my period since. Docs say I’m most likely pregnant but I’ve had a false positive before and then ended up having a miscarriage without knowing I’m pregnant and I didn’t have symptoms at all.

  • How do you determine the DPO? If you don’t know when exactly you ovulated? Today is Oct 10 and my period is due Oct 15th, i took a preg test from the dollar store and I got a faint line positive. Could I be pregnant? Just early to test with a strong line? Same thing happened to me last month. I except I tested a day before my period and it was a faint line and then I got my period the next day!

  • can a woman that is 7 months pregnant and still testing negative on pregnant test. they had a partial ultrasound around 12 weeks to 16 weeks along.

  • I Just found out that i’m pregnant but my hcg blod test is negative. I did take a vaginale ultrasound and they did see the pregnancy, it very early. Under 5weeks. So yeah. But my CB test with urine are faint positive in the time frame. I don’t understand a thing, but yeah.

  • My period has been very regular these last couple of months, and this month, today I am now 7 days late from my period. The last time this happened I had taken the plan b pill. But the usual breast pain I get a week before my period hasn’t came or any of the signs of my period. It’s so unusual, and I’m so confused.

  • day before yesterday I went to the doc and it showed positive with one fainted line then they suggested I take blood for accurate results which am still waiting for feedback.. then today I went to our work clinic to test and it came out negative.. now am so confused, but ill have to wait for the blood results for accuracy but its very confusing how a test can go from positive to negative

  • I took a hcg strip pregnancy test ans it came back a faint line positive what do i believe do i believe its positive as it was faint pink line

  • this doesn’t seem accurate. I have read hundreds of comments on multiple threads of women testing negative on the urine test as well as on blood test and yet have still been pregnant. women with a low rising hcg usually test negative up to 2 & half to 3 & half months into pregnancy. Most complaints from these women are that they are sure they are pregnant, their bodies are giving all the symptoms, yet because they can’t provide the doctor with a positive result the gp will not refer them for a scan and speak to the women like they are crazy and it’s all in the head. which further puts women off from going back to the gp and continue testing negative and go on to having a real pregnancy that’s not been detected until near full term. Whilst I understand that doctors cannot just refer patients for treatments not confirmed and just go on the ‘feeling’ that the patient has, theyr also needs to be a wider range of patients care and further tests need to be done to prove or disprove otherwise, as urine and blood tests alone are not always enough. Also ectopic pregnancies often go unnoticed as they too do not show hcg in blood tests in most cases, and can not be detected without an internal scan which means most ectopic pregnancies are often a medical emergency as they are detected once the tubes have already burst. Things need to change!

  • I went to the doctor today. Got a positive on a urine test. Then came home and got 3 negative urine tests. The doctor said there might have been a mix up. I’m waiting for my blood results tomorrow. Has this ever happened to anyone?! I’m over here like wtf!

  • As far as the pregnancy testing goes the ones you buy for a dollar are sometimes duds this is a sales tactics used to sell more test.. I believe this is true with even the higher priced test.. Not knowing if your pregnant due to not having a medical confirmation can be stress full if your going through this stay in prayer and believe God for your miracle. Which ever way it goes God knows best so be strong and just be prepared just in case. I know one sure sign pregnancy is bleeding.

  • I have checked upt I got two positives and I under went the blood it’s also positive it was 450mil u but again in upt it was negative

    I am very confused

    Please every one pray for me and my baby
    I don’t want to disappoint
    Please god give me my baby………….
    I want my baby…….

  • HELP!!!
    So something has been telling me to take a pregnancy test. My next period is supposed to be this upcoming Tuesday 9-24 or Wednesday 9-25. But, I couldn’t wait. So, starting this past Monday 9-16 to Friday 9-20, I’ve taken a pregnancy test at least once a day. All faint positive. On Friday afternoon, I had a wellness physical and the urine pregnancy test came back negative. It broke both mine and my husbands heart. Are we expecting? �� (all of my faint positive lines would appear around the 2-4 minute mark, yes I timed it lol)

  • I Conceived Almost 2 weeks ago. I had a positive test and 2 negatives. Then I went and got a urine test from the doctors. It was negative but I’m not sure if I should wait a week or so to take another test? How accurate are ruined trsts from the dr

  • Totally agree that being relaxed about it will help but with the being said I was always super impatient with all of that. Good luck.

  • I got faint positive under two minutes on topcare bludye test but negative using same day morning urine with cvs digital and first response digital..dont know what to believe,,did it happen to anyone else?i suffer from pcos my period are always irregular,,currently cd59 when i af no cramps or af like symptoms at all..did feel nauseous a few days ago I thought coz of food? Lost taste buds for two days..getting back to taste a lil again..can anyone relate or help in any way would really appreciate thank ♥️

  • This is how mine has been…
    Day 1: first morning urine faint positive, 2:00pm darker than FMU, 6:30pm darker than 2:15pm.
    Day 2: first morning urine significantly lighter than 6:30pm from previous day.
    Day 3: first morning urine the same as day 2, 3:15pm darker than 6:30pm urine from Day 1.
    Day 4: 12:30pm a tad bit lighter than Day 3’s first morning urine.

    I don’t understand why my first morning urine seems to be more diluted than my afternoon urine???

  • To be technical…. If you’re later than when your normal period would come, it means you either ovulated late, you didn’t ovulate at all or you had a chemical or failed pregnancy.

  • Please answer me. Last Tuesday early in the morning i took a pregnancy test and it’s positive so i took again the next day and it says faint positive so i wait for 2 days and it’s negative �� what should i do? Am i pregnant? I’m 1 week delayed

  • I watched a video with a girl saying she took four pregnancy test at home, went to the hospital and they did a test, and they were all negative but her blood work showed that she was pregnant. The doctors thought she was a couple weeks but when they did the ultrasound she was 2 months.

  • I had two negative test results. Then I waited 8 days after I took my second pregnancy test and I got a really dark line. Ok waited a few extra minutes and then I fell asleep I woke up and my test results were positive. I have a very faint second line. I bought two more of the same test that was $1 at the grocery store. My boyfriend and I thinks my test results might be wrong and I want to test again to get a double confirmation. I think the result in test is right but I’ll test in the morning and go from there.

  • I drink ALOT of water, and my test line came up extremely light, but the day before was almost as dark as the control window, again, I do drink ALOT of water, so could it be that the reason the test line can be lighter, and if it continues to be lighter does that definitely mean you’ll miscarry

  • We’ve been trying for 5 months, it’s the 6th now. Sucks really! I probably had a chemical pregnancy back in December, but after that nothing. My period was also late then for like 9days, then I had a 1 day period and then I had 28day cycle and started my normal period.

  • I got a very very dark ovulation test, but then the same day I took a pregnancy test I got a very very faint line. I’m just wondering if I could be pregnant or am I just going crazy for thinking so?

  • Got a negative serum test and no baby on ultrasound in the ER for bleeding and they told me I was just having my period and that I could have miscarried and did not know it… when I went to follow up with Doc at the clinic she told me about the possibility of a stealth pregnancy since I’m having all these symptoms including aversions to my FAVORITE FOODS. God only knows what is going on so trust your gut and continue to pray!

  • hello i miss my period thn i went to see the dr he did hcg test n it shows positive thn he said com for sonography test but it does show anything wht is mean by tht is it i m not pregrant

  • hey me an my boyfren was tring for the last 3 month den i miss my period so i took another test di nxt month on the day my period was to cme n it show negative ik dont know wat to do plz help me

  • My friend sister in law who claims to be pregnant without pregnancy hormones in her blood and urine. Turned out she had an std that made her believe she was pregnant. I hope it did not effect her furture.

  • good day! i have a question pls help me to answer this coz im totally curious.first i have miscarriage last may 23 and then i got possitive pt on june and i got bleeding and back to negative pt another possitive test on july then got bleeding again and back to negative pt my god! i really dont know what really happening to me now i take a test again while on my period its possitive faint result.pls help me thanks and god bless you

  • My period is 10 days late and my pregnancy tests are saying negative. I had a light bleeding the day before yesterday I’m so confused

  • I missed my period and I spotted for maybe 1-2 days then I got my period, or what I believe is my period. I took 3 tests on different days and two were positive and one negative(on the day I got my period). Idk if its my actual period or not.

  • They don’t know everything I lost a child I even had a blood pregnancy test that came back negative and a week later I found out I was going to miscarriage because of a surgery that was performed due to pre-cancerous cells in my uterus right after the blood test. I knew I was pregnant but the blood tests said I wasn’t I lost a child because of it. I once had a lab technician years after I lost my child say they think they can tell everything by blood test that person obviously must’ve known situation where bloodwork didn’t show nothing and something happened just like in my situation. I tried to sue the doctor the lawyer told me good luck he still an OB/GYN today and all he could tell me at the time was I was sorry obviously from reading down through this there have been many women that have had negative blood test although they were pregnant something needs to be done about it women have lost children because of it. My piece of advice to any and all women go with your guts. If you just know you’re pregnant no matter what those test say don’t do anything that would put you were the child in jeopardy because it’s possible really possible that you are pregnant

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  • 1rst day of missed period and a negative test, i have low cramps from a week now i really. Don’t know what to do, guess I’ll have to wait

  • I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms a lot like headaches,frequent urinating,diarrhea,nausea,painful boobs and a lot of cramping that come and goes but I’ve failed 5 pregnancy tests and my period should be due any day from now

  • Currently in that situation. I am now 6 days late with my period and when I went to the doctor yesterday to get a test done (cuz my home tests were either negative or very hard to tell if it was negative or a faint positive) and the doctor said I wasn’t pregnant. Granted this was after I had drank 2 bottles of water so my pee was very diluted. My periods have been very regular so being 6 days late is not normal for me but I can’t seem to get any answers

  • It has been 6 weeks since my last period. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative.
    My period is always on time. I had a miscarriage in March, that time I happened to find out I was pregnant because I had to go to the ER and they did a blood test.
    Other than the months I was pregnant and while I was on birth control 2 years ago I have never missed my period.
    Should I wait another week?

  • hi i have a question pls help me answer it.. huhuhu i take pt this morning and had a faint line but why is it moving and stop and moving again until it lost.. huhuhu i thought its positive

  • Has anything changed in your life lately? Stress? Activity? Less sleep? Diet? Breastfeeding? Alot of things can change your cycles. Any new vitamins or supplements? Do you bbt chart?

  • I had a positive tests last month, then I started to bleed for about 5 days. Took a test during the bleeding and it was negative. Then about a week and a half later (this weekend) I had 3 positive test. Last night I tested got 2 negative line tests and 1 positive digital. This morning I had 1 negative line test and 1 negative digital. I got my blood drawn today! I need to know why these tests keep going pregnant to not pregnant and I need to know why I had that bleeding. I assumed I had a chemical pregnancy last month and I think I’m going through another one this month. It would be a major blessing to figure out I’ve been pregnant this whole time! I can’t wait for my HCG levels to come back and hopefully if they do come back negative.. I’ll know for sure I’m prob just going through another chemical. Of course if I start to bleed again. So far no blood this month. Lots of pregnant and not pregnant tests. I’m going insane

  • I became irregular since I stop birth control for almost two years and now Four months missed period and I took already pregnancy test and transvaginal ultrasound and became negative results.. what will I do? It is possible that im pregnant?

  • I am 19 days late my boobs are sore I get nauseous and I get negative test.. I am never missed a period just when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter plz lmk what to do.. and if I am pregnant I’ll be 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant

  • It’s been 10 weeks since my last period and I have no period and nothing but negative tests. I do have PCOS, I am overweight and I do have a thyroid issue. The longest I have went without a period is 8 weeks so I’m a little weirded out about the 10 week mark for the first time. I am currently trying to get pregnant and the last time I had a insemination was almost 12 weeks ago. If I don’t get my period this month I guess I will go and get blood work done. Has anyone every heard of anything like this or have experienced what I am going through. I’m hoping theirs hope for me!

  • I had a miscarroage last March and my dear husband and I are trying to concieve again.This cycle makes me confuse I’m one day late with my period and still getting negative pregnancy test.In my previous pregnancy I had a positive test at 16 Days past ovulation( which is 1 day after missed period).Right now all I feel is cramping twinges and some gas accompanied with sound in my lower abdomen,extremely tired,nauseous,shortness of breath and very hungry.And I have no idea what is going on in my system right now.

  • Both times I took minimum 6 tests over a few weeks and then went to the doctor who made me take another piss test when i was asking for a blood test, even then the test came negative and (second pregnancy) the doctor didn’t think the blood test was necessary because “Its 99%” that the piss test was correct! I managed to get a blood test and got a positive. I went to get an ultrasound and i was 10 weeks pregnant, so apparently when i went to the doctor who insisted i wasn’t pregnant I was already 8-9 weeks pregnant!
    The only reason I thought I was pregnant the first time was because my grandmother and mother both always got extremely sick the first trimester every time they where pregnant and I was basically bedridden like my gran had been when she had her 5 kids.

  • id had two faint line positive test and yesterday i went to the doctors n theres came out negative i took another one last night and it came out positive now im spotting

  • Hi, I had period in September 28. I test two times with gap but pregnancy result is negative. I have a PCOS. AM I pregnant or not. Very very few time i missed my period. Once a year I have high period as well. Please must reply me.

  • I’ve been reading everything in the comments because this video seemed a bit off… I had my last period December 11th and it’s the 20th of January with symptoms of my period but no blood. Should I be worried?

  • Dec 2 is my last period and now Jan 17, still I didn’t get my period and I have pcod, I having irregular periods, gap is 5 to 7 days.. but it’s more than that. So I had tested urine, it’s negative and also beta HCG test then also negative, only 0.1 HCG is there. I have no symptoms. Is there any chance to pregnant? Pls reply me

  • Well after reading all these comments I’m even more anxious now because I’m over a week late and I had unprotected sex within my fertile window and now my tests are all saying negative. What if I’m still pregnant?

  • I had been doing the test and It always came out negative and now I am almost 2months but no period. Guys any advice? I feel like I’m pregnant but my pt test are all negative. should I go to the doctor and have some ultrasound?

  • I did the so called salt pregnancy test and it said pregnant for rut I seen on here but I took 2 real test both but I been feeling pregnant????

  • I’m currently testing negative on urine and blood test but I am pregnant I can feel it and my stomach is growing and it’s blatant now I’m slim built & having done my calculations I’m around 4 months. I still bleed monthly but it isn’t like a period it last 3 days… my periods last 6-7 days. Doctor yourself please because some of these doctors are ignorant…

  • I’m a week late and I did a pregnancy test the first day of missed period and it was negative, I don’t have any simptons (not oms not pregnancy) so I’m soo confused

  • I have a quarry actually I am really confuse regarding test. After 10 days of missing out my period i had a test and within 2 minutes results showed two line one was faint line. But after passing one more week I checked again but result showed negative. So m very confuse whether m expecting or not

  • I am 10 weeks late had 8 negative results. But I have so many pregnancy sign’s did a clear blue test this morning but also negative. I have one child she 5 already I feel like I’m pregnant but why the negative

  • Going through the same thing right now should have gotten my period September 4th and it is now a September 15th. A few days ago I had pink discharge ONLY when I wiped but it was only twice and after that nothing no blood no period. I get my period every month never have I ever missed, I feel different I get nauseous in the morning. doctors have told me they highly doubt I am as the test is negative but I guess all I can do is wait and pray that god has blessed me with a baby.
    P.s I will check back in to let you all know since I know there’s many of you going through the same

  • hi I miss my period one month know and I had a blood test results but its negative, and my tommy is crowing and early morning I have abdominal cramps and during the night my breast starts to discharge a liquid but like I said my blood test results is Negative, any answer out there please. Thank you.

  • All you assholes come to the video disproving what the woman says on the video and then you disappear and not update on whether or not you gave birth. So annoying! So you had no hcg, you were pregnant…and then what?!!

  • I am late on my period, I have some strange symptoms like feeling very sleepy or nauseous. But I keep getting negative test results. I did take the morning after pill but that was before my last period and I don’t know if it has affected this period. I also sadly had an abortion last July 2019, so I don’t know if that could also affect future pregnancies. I am going to the doctor next week if I don’t have my period.

  • My first daughter I felt like I was pregnant took test after test all negative until after 3 months I went to the Dr thinking I had flu but they’re test said positive. My second daughter I didn’t even think I was pregnant still had my periods but my husband was having weird cravings and I had horrible heartburn a friend made me take a test i thought maybe I caught my pregnancy early nope I was 15 weeks! Having the same thing happening now and my Dr looks at me like I’m crazy because I have an IUD they did a scan after I had 3 positive tests two months ago and said i wasn’t even tho I was telling the Dr it wouldnt even be 4 weeks then. I’m starting to think I’m just going crazy.

  • Please family am 25weeks pregnant but all my tests are negative and I fill movements in my stomach and sometimes had pains am I still pregnant

  • Mine is a bit complicated,my cycle wer alway 28days n never missed my dates even once n I have a period tracker which I follow n it’s always gives a accurate results.Here is my story,in March 8th I had a miscarriage in my 5weeks pregnancy.After then in April I did a Pregnancy test n it was positive,I was thinking it’s impossible fr me to get pregnant so fast because I was having off n on bleeding due to the miscarriage.But I did decide to go to the hospital n get a scan done n yes the doctor told me the reason y I’m getting a positive in my pregnancy test it’s because I still have some retain products inside n dnt have to worry about it as it will be out naturally.May mth come in n I was testing my pregnancy test n there was a faint line kept on appearing..doubting that, on May 28th I went fr a blood test n thy told me my blood results were 9.7.Told me probably I’m in a early stage of pregnancy n asked me to come bck after 2weeks.I didn’t bother going bck as I was like spotting the same day wen I took the blood test.June month come by n my last period was on the 7th June.Im now 10days missed period.Went to the hospital again last Monday took a blood test n on Wednesday gt my results n before that I had done like 3 pregnancy test all negative n my current blood test also shows I’m not pregnant.The gyne then was telling me that probably my last blood test was 9.7,probably I would have had a chemical pregnancy n did not turn out n it was a miscarriage aswel.The gyne assured me tht I’m not pregnant now n it’s normal to have a delay period as we age.Im 37 now.As I was asking how it is possible then the gyne asked me to wait another 2weeks as myb I would have ovulated later then the date.I did asked fr an ultrasound but the gyne said she is very sure I’m not pregnant now just wait n see till 2weeks n if it is still negative then I’m not pregnant..but I just have this weird feeling that I am pregnant..It’s just my guts says that I’m pregnant.. because I know my body but the waiting period is just freaking me out.

  • that is what happening to me now I feel pregnant my mine and body telling me I’m but I do 6pregnant test and them negative am still having my period it comes pinkish first then get a little red don’t know what going on same thing last month that happens to anyone???? please reply

  • Truth be told the only way to be 100% sure of a pregnancy is via ultrasound. I had this happen to me with all of my pregnancies. I don’t test positive until close to 8-12 weeks. My grandmother was the way and had an apparent period through most of her pregnancies.

  • TMI here but my boyfriend and I had intercourse about four weeks ago, used planned B, assumed things were good..then two and a half weeks ago had intercourse but used pull out method. I have not had a period in six weeks and I am experiencing many early pregnancy symptoms, but i have taken three tests and all say negative. I am so confused!!! Can someone give me insight? Should I assume that I’m not pregnant? Could it be too early? I mean we used preventative both times as well so I am just very confused

  • I went nineteen weeks without knowing before my doctor told me it’s in my head I have tried explaining I have colustrom even they took a urine test I went made an appointment a week later because I still didn’t get my period and this time they did blood work then the blood work was positive then we had an ultrasound then of course after the doctors said I wasn’t pregant it was in my head they blamed me for going nineteen weeks without knowing.

  • Excuse me Mrs. Nurse but you need to stop giving medical “theories” because they are not your “theories” to share especially when you so clearly have NO experience and all you are doing is repeating bullshit from a book or shit you heard from good ole Dr. Moron. Real life is the real teacher so consider taking your cookie cutter ass back to real life 101 instead of listening to Dr. Brainless who has an MD in medical “theories”.

  • I’ve been taking pregnancy tests before I started bleeding and they were all negative so I don’t know if maybe I was taking them too early or what �� but im so confused with my process of trying to conceive lol im so confused I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not this’ll be my first pregnancy so I had read that women who are going through pregnancy for the first time can bleed little heavier then some women who have already gone through pregnancy not sure if its true or not lol but I don’t know for sure but I think I just got done with implantation bleeding but this is my first time so I have no idea my period was suppose to start monday December 30th but on December 29th and 30th and i did bleed pretty heavy on both days but I never saw any clots which I’m grateful for I pray so much nothing is wrong but I only bled for 3 days and now It has completely stopped so I’m thinking of taking a pregnancy test in the morning

  • I don’t know if you’ve looked into this or not, but Premama makes a Birth Control Cleanse that is suppose to help get your body back to normal.
    Prayers and Baby dust to you.��

  • Can somebody answer my question so i had my last period on October 5th and i been having sex…. nov i went a whole month without having a period not it’s December and no period i been to the doctor and took 5 pregnancy tests all of them was negative i have a 5 day period. But i also spotted November the 18th just for a day than it stopped but been hurting a lot at the bottom of my stomach and feeling sick

  • I have a question but that facebook link does not work. I am possibly 3 days late, I don’t really know when my period suppose to come cause I have irregular periods ever since I stopped taking birth control pills. So I had a spotting for a day and a half almost two weeks ago. If I can count it as implantation, then I should have positives by now pregnancy or blood test, but I had only 3 positive pregnancy tests on a super dark urine like an almost dark orange color but otherwise other tests would be negative or squinters that would eventually disappear. I decided to take a blood test assuming my ovulation happened even though opk tests were strangely low this cycle and I took a double dose of letrozole this cycle since one doze last cycle did not work. So if to count 6 days back from spotting, that would be my ovulation date. So then my period would have come this Monday but it didn’t and also blood test taken that day showed negative. I already experienced some pregnancy symptoms like, sometimes light cramps, sometimes nausea, sometimes dizzy, and constipation, and specifically nipple pain. But before nipple pain would be much often, now it is one a day and not always that severe or I maybe got used to it. Anyway if I had chemical, my period would be already here but it is not. What is going on? Am I still have chances of being pregnant?

  • I too facing the same I’m 3 months missed period negative urine test and blood test but I fee like pregnant I believe strongly Im pregnant more than the video comments give me more strength to believe that really such things happens which keep question mark on science

  • I’m currently going through this right now. Today will be day 5 and I have taken 2, one with lines and one with a pregnant vs not pregnant.. they’ve been negative. So now I’m going to wait 2 weeks after my due period and take another one. Nothing is different or changed so idk why I haven’t had my period either!

  • I myself tested negative on blood and urine tests( tried multiple brands) until I was three and a half months along with my son, I got 17 false negatives before I got a positive

  • the most usefull thing in these vidioes are in the comments.all of u share your experiences which help us so much.diffrent women share diffrent experiances which the docters can never understand.every women is diffrent.

  • Ok I know my body very well and it is possible to get a negative on both blood and urine I’m going through this right now I having all symptoms and I was tested yesterday but both tests came up negative

  • Yes it absolutely is possible. It happened to my best friend and her grandmother and her aunt. The grandmother never once got a positive urine test on any of her three children. She found out because she insisted her doctor do a blood test and an ultrasound. My friend only found out a similar way. It’s rare but it’s definitely possible. Also how do you calculate gestational age for women who do not have perfect 28 day cycles and aren’t tracking the cycles to estimate date of ovulation? This video is inaccurate and only based on averages

  • Okay, what are your credentials? I am a RN BSN and the type of information you are providing is the type that should be given by a physician or provider, and each patient is different. It is not in our scope of practice to give in depth education like this in the form of answering questions, its like practicing medicine

  • I havent had a period in 4 month and I keep taking rest like every week and still negative what does this mean. I took a test and it was negative later on I looked at it again and there was a positive I don’t understand I kept looking at it every hour after and nothing and now there’s something?��

  • I have the same problem…I missed my period and on the third day of missing my period I started blotting say 10-15 drops the first day and second day it was 5 drops around then a mixture of white and red… and then by late afternoon it stopped completely.. I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative, still I wanted to confirm with the doctor as my pregnancy symptoms were so clear that I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t pregnant.
    So I went to the hospital and they examined internally but was negative, and they took my blood test which was also of course negative….
    I am sad of course, because I was expecting that I m pregnant because of all the symptoms a pregnant woman will have and since it’s my second baby I was kind of experienced one can say…..

    Any suggestions from intermountainmoms please

  • The doctor told me i was going to have a miscarriage but took a pregancy test again and it still shows im postive what should i do

  • Please help me I am trying to get pregnant I don’t how to talk too about my things…. I have being to get pregnant Since two months

  • Dr’s are always trying to explain something they don’t understand. You all don’t know everything, and science/theories can’t explain all things. You can’t take someone’s experience away from them. It happens!

  • Lol she knows only the full form of HCG as she always stress that and says only those 2 weeks after the missed period if it’s positive it is positive if after 2 weeks of missed period it says negative means it’s negative this is what she says always and she knows only that.

  • I took a dollar tree pregnancy test but i guess i added more urine drops than was said to do. Can i get a false result for added more urine drops than was said to do?

  • Hi
    My last period is july and now is nov
    I tes pt.but its negative I try 15times but still negative
    I went to the obgyne and she give medicine
    Folic acid and metformn and menstrual medecine
    And she told me I take menstrual tablet for 10 days and now I already taken 7x she told me if after 10 days I still did not get menstruation..I will observ for 7days more and get ultrasound to check if I have a bby..if I am worried if she will told me that im not pregnant

  • I am going to tell you guys a secret. If you think you are pregnant and you are two months or so into your believed pregnancy. You can buy HCG online. Just search it into google. Now, its expensive about 65.00 but you only need one. Open the package draw out water insert it into HCG vial. Pull out about 5 units of water and hcg mix and take it with you when you go to doctor for a urine pregnancy test. When they tell you your pregnant tell them you would like an ultra sound because you have had bleeding. If the ultrasound comes back with no pregnancy just say you might have lost it. If it comes back positive for a baby than well, congrats! I’m sneaky I know. But it’s what I had to do when I was nine weeks pregnant, Like I knew I was and never getting a positive urine test

  • my wife and i had unprotected sex in august,she saw her period in september. she did not saw any during october and november? a negative pregnancy test. can she be pregnant?

  • I took a pregnancy test 2 days before my period and got a faint line (11 DPO) I took another one on 12 DPO and then got a negative and had brown spotting when I wiped but only the once. I had a really sharp pain in my pelvis area on the right side which I usually experience when I ovulate �� what does this mean?

  • I had a baby 10 months ago tomorrow and have had my period regularly since 5 months pp and now it’s 10 days late and all my test are coming back negative, I don’t know what to think?

  • Im living proof of irregular periods, false negative tests for months and months and had two babies.. A still born at 6 months because they kept telling me it was all in my head so i kept partying and lost my first one. It was my first pregnancy ever and i knew nothing about anything only what they told me which were negatives so i ran with it.. I regret it still til this day…. Then my second child i experienced the same exact thing except this time i decided not to listen due to my first experience. I stayed healthy, ate healthy. Drunk a lot of water, completely stopped doing anything that would cause any harm because of the first situation i been through and now have a healthy 3 year old girl. Everytime im pregnant they tell me everything comes back negative but i stopped listening after my heart was severely broken from my first experience.. They seem to always be wrong with me but i guess its the way my body is set up. So if you think you are pregnant and have any type of symptoms, even though the docs says everything comes back negative, stay cautious and aware. Don’t become a victim to miscarriages and still born because they say negative. I didn’t know any better but i do now.

  • I’ve unsubscribed to this Intermountainmoms channel realizing that these “scientist” are completely illogical idiots who dont realize they are not God who knows ALL things about a woman’s body and reproductive system… there are millions of Pregnancy cases out there that don’t fit the “Norm” of scientific findings…ughhh! smh

  • I took a pregnancy test. First it showed 2 lines but 1 was faded. Then after the faded line disappeared and turned the test to negative

  • This is not accurate. Some women have low levels of hcg to the point that they test negative. I had this happen. I thought I was pregnant and kept going back to my doctor every month and the tests were all negative. I was losing weight, not gaining. This happened all the way up to the day I found out I was pregnant.i finally had a positive test and she sent me for an ultrasound. She was thinking I was about a month along. Nope…the ultrasound showed I was 25 weeks gestation. I ended up have her prematurely at 27 weeks gestation. She spent 4 months in the. NICU. So YES, you can be pregnant even when getting negative tests!!

  • I had sex before 2 months 4 March and periods are late 1 week on 6 April now I am worried about pregnancy is there any chance to pregnant

  • I took a blood test at 3 weeks pregnant and it came back negative, I have also taken a couple dozen HPT and they all came back negative. I went to the doctor and got an ultrasound done, and I am 8 weeks pregnant. Explain that, if blood and HTP are always correct.

  • I haven’t had a period for almost 3 months and i took one test and it came back negative should I take some more just to be sure or could it be from something else?

  • Did you ever figure out why you were so late? I’m in the same position right now. I’m 8 days late and I have persistent mild cramps and a couple other things but I keep testing and it’s still a negative ��


  • I haven’t been on my period since early December. It’s now early February and I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms and I feel pregnant. I’ve taken 3 home tests and all 3 were negative. What should I do?

  • Anyone who thinks they are atleast 7 weeks pregnant and getting negative blood and urine tests please demand for a ultrasound to confirm pregnancy

  • This same exact thing is happening to me. I wasn’t on the pill. Never been this late I had a faint positive on one test yesterday at 7 days late and negative test today 8 days late. I’m so crampy today. I’m so confused.

  • I would go to the doctor and get a blood test. We adopted 3 girls. Then 2 weeks before the adoption I had a weird period. It was like 2 days. I thought I was stressed. Waited until next cycle and period did not come. Took a home pregnancy test and I was pregnant. The key is to calm yourself, forget about it and totally give it to God. I woulf definately go to the doctor and explain your trying for a baby and your late. Tell them you just want to be sure your ok.

  • Thanks for your transparency. I really appreciate the posts about more than just the highs, but also the lows concerning fertility. I also understand how well-intended people giving unsolicited opinions and pity doesn’t help make the journey any easier.

  • She is leaving out another possibility. I am a medical doctor and, while it is rare, there are instances in which urine pregnancy tests and serum beta hcg tests can be negative even when the woman is far enough along in her pregnancy (but not too far) that it ought to be detected. This can be due to what is called a “hook effect” or isoform variations of the hcg hormone. As clinicians, we need to do a better job of understanding the sensitivity and specificity of tests we order to best interpret the results (almost no test is 100% “accurate”). The most valuable lesson I’ve learned over the past few years (after being a patient myself) is that doctors and nurses too often dismiss the patient and lack the humility to concede that they themselves may in fact be wrong. I think this is due in part to the fact that most healthcare providers are overwhelmed with too much work. I was guilty of this myself but I am now motivated to do better. Women, especially pregnant women, deserve better from us.

  • I am so happy I found this video. I am currently almost a week late and have taken 3 tests and they’re all negative. I just want to know if I am pregnant or not because I can just… feel it you know?? My period is NEVER late and we have been trying but yet they’re all negative results. I am so upset over this.

  • Going through the same thing I am 8 days late I took a test when I was 3 days late and take another when I was 5 days late those came back negative my fiance and I have been trying for almost a year-and-a-half want to be your mom so bad and he wants to be a dad like you said it’s in God’s timing

  • okay I’ve. had. one pregnancy test come back with a faint line. saying that it’s positive and then I’ve just taken one. and. it came back negative. but I haven’t been feeling right so. what dose that mean?

  • It can be so hard to figure out your cycle after the pill. I just wanted to suggest looking into a form of NFP like Marquette to help you learn your cycles and know more about your body.

  • I missed period before 2 first cig test is positive wd faint pink.n second is pink..after that 2 hcg test is negative..n then today a very faint pink…wat does it means

  • I got a faint positive test. after 3 days I tried the pregnancy test again. I got negative so I tried on the second one and still negative. So I decided to take the test again tomorrow morning since that’s when the concentration is the strongest and still got a negative test.

    I am 40 days late (my period). I still don’t have my period. But I don’t have many of the obvious symptoms. I don’t have swollen breast. No nausea. Just a little bit dizziness. Little cramps. Other than that, everything is normal.

    I have a period tracker tho and it says that I am already on my 12th week of pregnancy based on the calculations. My tummy looks the same, but I feel that it has hardened a little (I guess, or it’s just psychological).

    I am still not ready to be a mom so it’s frustrating that I still don’t have my period. I got no money to go to an OB:(

    somebody, pls help.

  • Hi I am in taboo at moment I am 25 days late my test come back negative had blood test also come back negative but got all symptoms very confusing

  • I am 5 days late and praying I’m not pregnant. I took 2 tests and they said negative. I’ve been pregnant 3 times before and have never had this problem with the tests.

  • Currently going through this -_took my 5th negative test today, minor minor cramps my last period was December 5th…. UGH that’s TWO cycles… I don’t get it:/

  • I’m 4 days late today & the test was negative. I wouldn’t doubt that I’m pregnant for obvious reasons lol but I’m trying to be as patient as possible.

  • I still have 4 days till my period suppose to come. I’m assuming I took a test on 7 dpo and 9 dpo both negative. I been dealing with cramps since my ovulation day. Idk I still have them. They come and go on both sides it travels to the butt cheeks lol. It’s not my normal cramps it’s not bothering me like that. I’ve been dealing with nausea and vomiting some bloating and lower back pains. Day it’s just pressure little cramping I am nervous when I stressed out cramps got worse. Something keeps telling I am but I’m sure it’s just me wanting so bad because me and my boyfriend been trying ��

  • my period is 22 days late… its unheard of for me to even be late by 5 days last time i was i was pregnant and had high enough leveles of TTC or whatever the hormone is… period is like clockwork!! I dont use any b control im not stressed… im eating good. I dont get it… im sexually active too… all i get is wasted money and negative tests… please tell me what i should do?! OBGYN? a gynecologist? a ultrasound? ( cant do blood test i asked at the ER in hospital..)

  • I am 9 days late today and I am hoping for the best but also trying to manage my expectations. It is frustrating and we have been trying and I totally get it. Good luck girl. I will pray for you.

  • I’m 5 days late with a negative pregnancy test. I feel normal. No sore boobs. No tiredness. Not feeling as hungry that’s all. Maybe a bit of nausea here or there but nothing I would think twice about.

  • I have had 15 positive strip urine test and a clear blue digital that said pregnant 1-2 and to days after it says not pregnant why does that happen

  • I’m 11 days late, took a test and it was negative. Very confusing I’m very emotional and having cravings for dill pickles and plain chips. I’m having alot of abdominal cramps as if my period is about to start with sore nibbles.

  • I’m 11 days late today
    I took a test and had a light negative line
    I might wait to take the 2nd test
    Idk what’s wrong cause I’ve craved salty foods and had headaches and nausea

  • My boyfriend and I have been trying for baby #2 and period is 20 days late and I took the clear blue digital test when I was 17 days late and it said negative although I’ve been peeing wayyyy more throughout the day and feeling nauseous as well. Ugh it sucks not knowing wtf is going on.

  • This helped a lot, I was scared but all my tests were negative. I have been stressing out to the point to where I had an anxiety attack.

  • I’m 5 days late atm and mildly freaking out lol. I took a test on Saturday and it was negative, but my oldest turned 2 a month ago and my youngest is almost 8 months! I would love a positive because I love babies, BUT I know in the practical part of my brain that we really don’t need another baby right now. You’re doing amazing mama!!

  • I came across this video while trying to find a meditation or mindfulness exercise for people who are trying to conceive, and have just had a negative pregnancy test. It’s great that you offer all of this information however sometimes (especially for someone like me who has been trying for 4 years and already knows the answers to all the questions you mention in the video) what we need most is just some emotional support, a meditation, a moment to stop and take a moment for ourselves in the face of another cruel disappointment. Of course for a lot of people what you tell in the video will be new information and much needed, but for those of us who are after emotional support at a difficult moment, it would be great if you could signpost some e.g. meditation exercises in the caption of the video. (It’s incredible that there doesn’t seem to be anything for that purpose on all of YouTube, or maybe I just haven’t been able to find it…) Many thanks.

  • Having the same problem…my period has been 9 days late, and I took a test like 2 weeks ago, and I took another one today but ahhhh I need answers I’m confused…lmao

  • Thank you for this video! I’ve been trying to conceive for the past 3.5 years, and my periods were always a couple days late, but it was about 5-6 days late, and today i got my period. I completely understand your frustration because i feel the same way…

  • Now, im 3 months late,, i did feel like im pregnant, i got cramps, like morning sickness but i checked tons but still negative.. Then last wednesday, i scanned n i hav cyst… ��

  • I took the 5 day sooner result pregnancy test the digital kind
    Took it 5 days before my period and it came positive. I had acouple pregnancy simtoms thas way i took it that early and one simtom that was very hard to deal with was lower back pain and couple cramps.. Now im a regular person my period comes every 28 days and this time on day 28 and knowing im pregnant like that pregnancy test said. Out of nowehere y started bleeding that was yesterday tosay i took a pregnancy test and is negative.. Im confuce and thinking a going through a miscarriage ��.. So now im just going to rest as much as a can and make an appointment tomorrow Monday first thing in the morning.. And this is something that scares me more that my previous period lasted 1 day and that was not normal because in me it last 4 to 6 days so i have thr feeling i might be like 2 months pregnant right now and might be having a miscarriage.. Dont know what to think by now just hoping for the best and hoping is not an ectopic pregnancy o anything like that.. ����

  • For everyone who commented their period was also late. This may be because you ovulated later than usual in your cycle. typically your luteal phase (time after ovulation and before first day of your period) is the same, give or take a day, but a woman can fluctuate when she ovulates. Ovulation day has a lot of reasons to fluctuate stress being one of them. Hope this helps someone:).

  • I’m 11 days late, I have full symptoms but negative tests hoping I get that positive soon Bc I really think I’m pregnant good to know there’s other people

  • my mom was 6 month pregnant with me she kept getting her period and kept getting negative pregnancy test so it is very possible to get a negative and still be pregnant.Also i myself too a million test when i was pregnant with my daughter it took a month and 2 weeks to show i was pregnant

  • Im going through something similar, did you have pregnancy symptoms along with a missed period? Sore breasts, nausea, and HIGH BBT (basal body temperature?

    My husband and I have been trying to concieve (ttc) for months.. then this happens. My cycle is really late, i have high bbt, and really sore breasts.. but im afraid to test. Afraid to get a neg.

  • Ik this is an older post, but someone said the clear blue tests aren’t always efficient at giving accurate results cuz they require high hcg levels, so maybe trying a different brand will work better like first response:)

  • Hey, I totally relate to this video sis… But i just wanna say… Im married… sometimes it takes a while to get pregnant… even after trying, some people don’t get there untill two years after… it’ll happen in time. I’ve been having symptoms also, but i think it’s a mind thing, because a part of us want to be pregnant. Then there’s a whole set of emotions etc…. Also, after taking birth control, it takes some people a whileeeee to have a baby. That’s why i dont believe in taking them, they mess with your body and shift your period. But you are correct! God’s timing is what matters!! Blessings sis!! ❤️

  • That’s right my friend God’s timing is the best I’m confused about my body right now too I’m 3 days late and have gotten native test but I’m not going to stress lol I just subscribed by the way my friend!

  • Hey beautiful I had a very similar situation to you and kept getting negative tests and then I started my (period) and it was also like 3 days where as usually it lasts like 6-7 days… and then I read about it because it was also like spotting and super light and it was actually implantation bleeding.. and I had my son around 22 weeks and 3 days. And unfortunately he has passed away so we’re also trying again… but it’s not easy because I’m scared to take a test and see that negative:(

  • mine are all negative my two tests o took! and i doubt its cause my hcg levels are low cause my first and only pregnancy showed positive in two weeks where i am now id believe, and i got pregnant results on all 7 tests i took!! my first pregnancy! i dont have strrss, i had my regualr period, i dont even wsnt to bbe pregnant, so whats the deal?? i think i had an eptopc or misscarriage like a montj ago too??

  • That’s so frustrating:( sorry! I’m trying and I’ve been getting negatives too. Yes I think it’s best to not stress too much about it!

  • I am a new subscriber and I am late 4 days and pregnancy test came negative and I dont think I am pregnant I just never missed a period before. I think its stress for me. But I love how u said that We need to trust God and Gods timing is always the right timing. Thank you for sharing this. ❤ it was like what I need it.

  • Thank you for this video I’m currently going though this my period is late and it was shocking that it was negative and tugged on my heart strings.

  • good day! i have a question pls help me to answer this coz im totally curious.first i have miscarriage last may 23 and then i got possitive pt on june and i got bleeding and back to negative pt another possitive test on july then got bleeding again and back to negative pt my god! i really dont know what really happening to me now i take a test again while on my period its possitive faint result.pls help me thanks and god bless you

  • Hi sissy! Just wanna ask you something.. What are you feeling right now? Is there any pregnancy symptoms until now? Please do help me sissy! Tiaaa!

  • 6 days before AF I got a faint positive…next day I got two negatives. I’m so confused and frustrated. All I can do is wait 5 days and see if my period comes or test again. Is emotionally exhausting. I had a miscarriage 3 months ago and we really trying hard again

  • I took like 3 or 4 of test and it says I was pregnant I took the crearblue and next day and it says I I wasn’t but I don’t know if Can you get a fake positive test that day cuz to sooon it

  • My period is 13 days late. I’ve taken literally 11 pregnancy tests and they were all negative. Went to hospital and they told me they couldn’t do a blood test or ultrasound because it was “too early” I’m so scared because I do NOT want another child. I’m so stressed

  • Thank you for sharing your journey with us! It’s strange how our bodies work. I hope you can find peace through your journey!! I remember also being stressed and late but 14-16 days is a long time! One way the universe gets your hopes up. I’ll be praying for you Reyven! I know you and your family want this third baby badly!! ��

  • First of all I want to say yes keep trusting in God My husband and I have been going through the same thing I found out I have PCOS your symptoms sounds just like PCOS I have taken so many test and you will have period irregularities and also pregnancy symptoms but there is hope I take vitex and inositol and red raspberry is also great do your research and I will say out of the three inositol is my favorite I have regular cycles now so hopefully the scene is positive pregnancy test Please talk to a professional about insulin resistance that can affect hormones little steps could bring about big results ������ I’m praying ������ for you can’t wait to hear the good news

  • In may or just i had three postive. And now i took on in november same year on the 26 i got three postive and now it neg this happen to me twice already this year.

  • Uhm I took a ton of test that were negative and some faint positives I’m 8 weeks today and 2 days ago I FINALLY got my blazing positive tests. Fyi i took tests after my missed period clearblue was great for my son but baby number 2 wasnt giving any hcg they were like nope.

  • hey love like ur video well i know u dnt know me frm a fare but please try GERITOL tonic im on bby #2.its a very high multi vitamin ive told several women bout this that cldnt conceive and now they are prego.please it really does work TRUST ME!! Sending baby dust ����������

  • I haven’t gotten mine this month and I took 2 tests they both came out negative and now I’m in the hospital to do both a urine test and blood test I’ll keep you guys updated with the results

  • My period is 18 days late I’ve took 5 Pee tests in the past 18 days haven’t been on birth control or used protection since my last period and before and they’re all negative idk what I’m doing wrong plz help what should I do?:( my cycle is always 24 or 28 days

  • So I’m guessing you haven’t tried another pregnancy test. Well my daughter just tun 2 I took a pregnancy 6 days before my period it came out negative but I felt in my heart I was pregnant because I knew how a pregnancy felt. because I have another baby girl who’s 8. So when I took d second test I ended up getting my period so ofcourse negative but my period only lasted 3 days just like u said. But my best friend which is weird has always felt my pregnancy symptoms n she asked hey u sure you not pregnant I was like no I took two pregnancy test last month n I just got my period again today but is just light not heavy so she bought me a pregnancy test n sure enough positive n here is my bby girl

  • I came across this while trying to find a meditation or mindfulness exercise to help with dealing with a negative pregnancy test. (I still find it hard to believe that there aren’t any on all of YouTube, but that’s how it seems to be!) It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but I went to thank you for sharing this video. I can hear the pain in your voice when you talk about all the times you had a negative result, but I can also hear how strong and determined you are, and I admire the transformation you’ve been through to be able to take these difficult moments as a prompt for learning more and doing more. It was very comforting to hear your story and it was good to hear from someone who understands what this feels like. I know this video was shared some yesrs ago, and I hope you now have the family you wanted. ♡

  • Wow, I didn’t think I’d come across this. I don’t handle it so well when I get a negative test. But very inspiring and to hear that I’m not alone is comforting. I know this was posted a few years ago but thank you for it. I think I needed it.