How you can Cope Once the Pregnancy Test Is Negative


How to Handle a Negative Pregnancy Test What to do Next | Faith & Fertility

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How to Deal with a Negative Pregnancy Test (or, the Big Fat Negative)

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Late Period but NEGATIVE tests! I TOOK ANOTHER TEST!

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Is it possible for a woman to be pregnant, yet her pregnancy tests are always negative?

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I’ve had positive, faint positive, and negative pregnancy tests. Do HCG levels fluctuate?

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Negative Pregnancy Test: I Think I’m Pregnant But My Pregnancy Test Is Negative?

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Next Steps. Don’t grieve this cycle if it’s not over yet. If there’s still a chance you may be pregnant (see reasons listed above), don’t let one test get to Allow yourself time to feel the sadness.

Holding in the pain just makes it worse. Cry if you need to, and talk about your feelings with. If your period is late, there is a chance that you may be pregnant. If a week goes by and you still haven’t gotten your period, and your pregnancy tests are negative, contact your doctor. An early test: If you took your pregnancy test days before your period was due, there is still a chance you could be pregnant.

Here are my 6 strategies for coping with a negative pregnancy test. 1. Acknowledge what you are feeling. Be honest with yourself. Drill down to the exact emotions you are feeling. Consider their validity – to you 2. Put things in perspective.

3. Refuse to doubt yourself. 4. Look for the Silver. Other, more rare causes of a false negative pregnancy test result include: Too much hCG: This can happen if you are further along in your pregnancy or if you’re carrying twins or triplets.

Occasionally, extremely high levels of hCG prevent home pregnancy tests from being able to properly read the result, and the read ends up being negative. No matter what your pregnancy test says, there is always a chance for a false negative. So, listen to your body and wait a little longer to test again.

Knowing yourself and trusting your relationship with your body is more important than a test result. Grieve your sadness and disappointment that your pregnancy test is negative. Allow yourself to feel the pain, frustration, anger, loneliness and heartbreak of not being pregnant. Turn your heart and soul to God; share the burden and grief with Him.

Put your pain on His shoulders –. If your period is one to two weeks late, and you still are getting negative pregnancy tests, a visit to your gynecologist for a pregnancy blood test is recommended. If your periods are frequently irregular, talk to your doctor about when they’d like you to call.

Your home pregnancy test is negative. If your period doesn’t begin, repeat the test in a few days or one week — especially if you took the test before or shortly after a missed period. You continue to get negative test results, but your period doesn’t begin or you still think you might be pregnant. Check with your health care provider. 7 ways to cope with another negative pregnancy test.

1. Make a plan. “ A lot of patients cope well if they have a plan for the next step,” says Beth Taylor, an OB/GYN and co-director of the 2. Have a network. Tell a select group of supportive people that you’re taking the test and that they need. How to Cope With a Negative Pregnancy Test Let Yourself Mourn – Seeing a negative test can really hurt, especially if you are feeling pressured by age, fertility issues, or other circumstances.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to acknowledge that the pain you are feeling is real and valid and justified.

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Spend the next 24 hours thinking about how you might feel if it turns out positive and how you might feel if it’s negative…

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Every morning, remind yourself that you are pregnant—and not with rejection, failure, disappointments, and defeat.

“Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind” by Joel Osteen
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I know some days you just want to deck the next friend who tells you she’s pregnant, or you want to take that negative pregnancy test and shove it into your doctor’s eye, or just sit home and cry and feel sorry for yourself.

“Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Natural Ways to Improve Your Fertility Now and into Your 40s” by Aimee E. Raupp, MS, LAc
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Realize that you are pregnant with possibility.

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Have your partner hold a negative thought and then retest you.

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I remind myself that when I’m feeling low about my body, it tends to be chemical—often a few days before my period—so I tell myself not to wallow in those feelings, not to allow them to take hold for longer than the hormones keep me there.

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Realize that pregnancy is often an emotional time for a woman because of various hormone changes.

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Remember that negatives can be confusing.

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If you’ve been feeling tired and dragged out since the moment the pregnancy test came back positive, exercise can help to re-energize you.

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Reading the information on coping with a pregnancy loss in Chapter 20 can help you with those emotions.

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  • I took a test Saturday morning and it was a very faint positive and I took one when I got up this morning and it was negative ita really weird I started feeling fatigue last Sunday and then got nauseous to certain things light headed dizzy I didnt think of pregnancy at first till 3 days later when posted about my symptoms on a mommas page on Facebook and one woman saying about that happened to her and she found out she was pregnant

  • there was a faint line on my first test, the next day I tested again hoping it will be darker but it was slightly more faint and the next day I took one again and it was negative. I should be starting my period in 4 days but this is just so frustrating!!! Any advice?

  • I got a faint positive test 1 week after my period then a few hours later a negative my doctors wont do a blood test to tell me what’s going on. What can I do?

  • So I took a test on father’s day and my first test showed completely dark lines saying I’m pregnant, the other 3 was showing but it was very faint, I there for took 2 more fromtest dollar tree brand and those showed up completely positive. I’m having sore breast stomach cramps lower back pain and set an appointment up with my doc. Last period was may 15 and haven’t gotten my period since. Docs say I’m most likely pregnant but I’ve had a false positive before and then ended up having a miscarriage without knowing I’m pregnant and I didn’t have symptoms at all.

  • How do you determine the DPO? If you don’t know when exactly you ovulated? Today is Oct 10 and my period is due Oct 15th, i took a preg test from the dollar store and I got a faint line positive. Could I be pregnant? Just early to test with a strong line? Same thing happened to me last month. I except I tested a day before my period and it was a faint line and then I got my period the next day!

  • can a woman that is 7 months pregnant and still testing negative on pregnant test. they had a partial ultrasound around 12 weeks to 16 weeks along.

  • I Just found out that i’m pregnant but my hcg blod test is negative. I did take a vaginale ultrasound and they did see the pregnancy, it very early. Under 5weeks. So yeah. But my CB test with urine are faint positive in the time frame. I don’t understand a thing, but yeah.

  • My period has been very regular these last couple of months, and this month, today I am now 7 days late from my period. The last time this happened I had taken the plan b pill. But the usual breast pain I get a week before my period hasn’t came or any of the signs of my period. It’s so unusual, and I’m so confused.

  • day before yesterday I went to the doc and it showed positive with one fainted line then they suggested I take blood for accurate results which am still waiting for feedback.. then today I went to our work clinic to test and it came out negative.. now am so confused, but ill have to wait for the blood results for accuracy but its very confusing how a test can go from positive to negative

  • I took a hcg strip pregnancy test ans it came back a faint line positive what do i believe do i believe its positive as it was faint pink line

  • this doesn’t seem accurate. I have read hundreds of comments on multiple threads of women testing negative on the urine test as well as on blood test and yet have still been pregnant. women with a low rising hcg usually test negative up to 2 & half to 3 & half months into pregnancy. Most complaints from these women are that they are sure they are pregnant, their bodies are giving all the symptoms, yet because they can’t provide the doctor with a positive result the gp will not refer them for a scan and speak to the women like they are crazy and it’s all in the head. which further puts women off from going back to the gp and continue testing negative and go on to having a real pregnancy that’s not been detected until near full term. Whilst I understand that doctors cannot just refer patients for treatments not confirmed and just go on the ‘feeling’ that the patient has, theyr also needs to be a wider range of patients care and further tests need to be done to prove or disprove otherwise, as urine and blood tests alone are not always enough. Also ectopic pregnancies often go unnoticed as they too do not show hcg in blood tests in most cases, and can not be detected without an internal scan which means most ectopic pregnancies are often a medical emergency as they are detected once the tubes have already burst. Things need to change!

  • I went to the doctor today. Got a positive on a urine test. Then came home and got 3 negative urine tests. The doctor said there might have been a mix up. I’m waiting for my blood results tomorrow. Has this ever happened to anyone?! I’m over here like wtf!

  • As far as the pregnancy testing goes the ones you buy for a dollar are sometimes duds this is a sales tactics used to sell more test.. I believe this is true with even the higher priced test.. Not knowing if your pregnant due to not having a medical confirmation can be stress full if your going through this stay in prayer and believe God for your miracle. Which ever way it goes God knows best so be strong and just be prepared just in case. I know one sure sign pregnancy is bleeding.

  • I have checked upt I got two positives and I under went the blood it’s also positive it was 450mil u but again in upt it was negative

    I am very confused

    Please every one pray for me and my baby
    I don’t want to disappoint
    Please god give me my baby………….
    I want my baby…….

  • HELP!!!
    So something has been telling me to take a pregnancy test. My next period is supposed to be this upcoming Tuesday 9-24 or Wednesday 9-25. But, I couldn’t wait. So, starting this past Monday 9-16 to Friday 9-20, I’ve taken a pregnancy test at least once a day. All faint positive. On Friday afternoon, I had a wellness physical and the urine pregnancy test came back negative. It broke both mine and my husbands heart. Are we expecting? �� (all of my faint positive lines would appear around the 2-4 minute mark, yes I timed it lol)

  • I Conceived Almost 2 weeks ago. I had a positive test and 2 negatives. Then I went and got a urine test from the doctors. It was negative but I’m not sure if I should wait a week or so to take another test? How accurate are ruined trsts from the dr

  • Totally agree that being relaxed about it will help but with the being said I was always super impatient with all of that. Good luck.

  • I got faint positive under two minutes on topcare bludye test but negative using same day morning urine with cvs digital and first response digital..dont know what to believe,,did it happen to anyone else?i suffer from pcos my period are always irregular,,currently cd59 when i af no cramps or af like symptoms at all..did feel nauseous a few days ago I thought coz of food? Lost taste buds for two days..getting back to taste a lil again..can anyone relate or help in any way would really appreciate thank ♥️