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Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, or queer, if you want to have a baby or raise children, you have many options—possibly more options that you’ve imagined! Granted, having babies as a same-sex couple or LGBT individual can be complicated. Why you would choose it: You don’t have strong feelings about carrying a baby or being genetically related to your child. Adoption is a common route to parenthood for LGBTQ parents. It can be a lengthy process, and there are many ways to go about it, including domestic privateor public-agency adoption, adoption from foster, independent.

Common Family Building Options for LGBTQ Singles and Couples Getting Pregnant. If you or a partner plan to carry your child with the help of an egg donor or sperm donor, your doctor will help you understand whether in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI) might be a good family building option for you. Gestational Carriers. If you’re building your family with the help of a.

As you likely know, the process of becoming a parent can be more challenging if you’re LGBTQ than it may be for straight couples. To create a baby, egg and sperm must meet, then implant in the uterine wall—but the anatomy of you and your partner may prevent this process from happening naturally. Family Building Options for Lesbians.

If you are a gay woman hoping to have your own children, you will need to decide whether to use a loved one as a sperm donor or to pursue services from a sperm bank. Next, you will need to choose between artificial insemination or. Having a child and Building your household whenever You Identify as LGBTQ Building your household when you are lesbian, homosexual, or transgender If you Connect with us: 239-596-2677. If you are LGBTQ and are a parent or thinking of starting a family, there’s a good chance adoption is in your life. Whether you adopted or are adopting a child in the more well-known sense, or had or are having a baby with a partner and the child is biologically related to only one of you.

Biological family-building for LGBTQ+ same-sex couples means that only one of the parents provides genes at a time. It is not possible, despite what you may read on “Dr. Google” for both same-sex partners to provide genes that conceive the child. Whether your child has recently come out to you, or you are wondering if they might one day identify as part of the LGBTQ community, you likely have a lot of questions. There is an entire language and subculture that you may not be familiar with.

How to Have a Baby and Build Your Family When You Identify as LGBTQ. Medically reviewed by Leyla Bilali, RN The 7 Best Adoption Agencies of 2020. A Parent’s Guide to the LGBTQ Community.

Medically reviewed by Aron Janssen, MD How.

List of related literature:

However, LGBT families are formed in a variety of ways, for instance the children may be adopted, the biological child of only one spouse, or born via artificial insemination or surrogacy (Gruberg 2013a, b, c).

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Alternatively, single LGB parents, as well as same-gender couples, enter into parenthood through adoption, donor insemination, or surrogacy.

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Some LGBT parents have children from previous heterosexual relationships; other same-sex couples have chosen to have children through a variety of different means, including alternative insemination, surrogacy, foster-parenting, and adoption.

“The Fenway Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health” by Harvey J. Makadon, MD, Kenneth H. Mayer, MD, Jennifer Potter, MD, Hilary Goldhammer, MS
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Children in LGBTQ families may be the offspring of previous heterosexual unions, conceived by one member of a lesbian couple through natural or therapeutic insemination, conceived by a gay couple using a surrogate, or adopted.

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This may be further rigidified by a child’s adoption into an LGBTQ family if the birth family does not think of the gender-variant family as a valid representation of family.

“Seven Core Issues in Adoption and Permanency: A Comprehensive Guide to Promoting Understanding and Healing In Adoption, Foster Care, Kinship Families and Third Party Reproduction” by Sharon Roszia, Allison Davis Maxon, Deborah N. Silverstein, MSW
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Of approximately 65 million children under 18 living with a head of household, 2 percent are adopted children.[16] For LGBT people planning families, 63 percent plan to use reproductive technology, foster care, or adoption services.[17]

“Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials” by D. Kelly Weisberg
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Currently, 14 European countries, as well as Canada, Australia, and much of South America, permit gay and lesbian couples to adopt children (ABC News, 2010; Huffington Post, 2013; International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association­Europe, 2013).

“Lifespan Development: Lives in Context” by Tara L. Kuther
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Children in LGBT families may be the offspring of previous heterosexual unions, conceived by one member of a lesbian couple through natural or therapeutic insemination, conceived by a gay couple using a surrogate, or adopted.

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Another complication may arise if grandparents, out of homophobic beliefs, pursue custody of the child, so that the child is not raised in a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT”) home.

“Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques, and Applications” by Jay Folberg, Ann Milne, Peter Salem
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  • In a previous video, we covered the 7 Ways Alcoholic parents can have on their children, and many of you guys requested videos on the other types of parents. Such as those who gambles, have an addiction etc. We thought we cover it all under the umbrella: Toxic Families. Give it a watch and see if you could relate. Here’s a link to our family playlist:

  • This makes me want to come out of the closet, but i don’t want to. ;-;, I’m a bisexual, but mostly straight person, and I’m a little young. As I’m watching this I always wonder what my parents would think me. So yeah
    . I’m also thinking about becoming transgender but that can wait. For now I’m questioning my sexuality.

  • voice your opinions on here, they leave your posts alone, as long as it conforms with their lefty agenda �� absolute disgrace bringing up a little girl like that. Should be taken off the mother. I bet her dads going up the wall. Let’s hear his side of the story…

  • A tip is to focus on yourself and not on what they say and or do
    I have a father step dad mother and step mom who are all toxic.
    man you would think that all of the people at least one would be helpful.
    although my mother can be kind through the toxic ness

  • Why do I do this….I watch people coming out and then I’m happy crying but also a bit sad cause I haven’t and then I just go to sleep….tf??

  • Don’t knw what to say! My husband who was my bf! His mother is over controlling and manipulating! She never let us to spend time! We fight everyday! She actually never wanted him to get married but she teaches him to cheat n leave me! What should I do

  • Me: *doubting Gods existence and seeking answers

    My family: at least Im not going to Hell!

    Jesus: watchu say? *recues me from depression and anxiety

  • If I told my parents I was gay they would be like —

    Mom: I’m not gonna have grandchildren ��������������oh wait I have another shot ( my lil sis )
    Dad: WELL THATS GREAT YOU CANNOT GET PREGNANT ���������������������������� (super happy his oldest child is never gonna get pregnant)
    Me: that went better than expected ����

  • I was once like you all because of my family trauma but I can guarantee if your parents saw how you really felt in These comments they would feel very very shitty because I know I would smh IF THERE ARE ANY PARENTS HERE WE HAVE TO BREAK THESE CYCLES SMH

  • I only watched to see if any of my children identified with these and they do not thank goodness because I was gonna cry i live to be the best parent I can

  • Me questioning my sexuality everyday not knowing if I like girls or boys or both. Also me being too scared if I am bi to tell my mom or dad bc they think my sister is kinda weird sense she likes both. ��

  • I see where they’re trying to get at, but this is NOT how you raise your child. Even if you don’t believe in gender roles and stereotypes, you shouldn’t force your child to be the same. If the household is meant to be stereotype-free, then you should do things in a non-sterotypical way, like labelling clothes by the type of article and not the preferred gender.
    As a genderfluid myself, I don’t approve of this method.

  • Both the parents being trans should know this is not the way to be raising a child, they should not shove gender roles and leave it at that

  • I came out to my mom in July and she still doesn’t believe me and she won’t let me get rainbow stuff anymore. ����‍♀️ and can’t tell my dad cause he’s homophobic.

  • Okay so… I just need a place to talk without anyone knowing who I am. I rly need some advice to come out eventually to a parent who is kinda/rly homophobic. Plus, I’m worried the ppl I’ve already come out to, will tell others. Even tho I thought they would be trusted. Which they are, but u never know. I’m just sort of lost with this whole thing

  • Ngl, tho I think this has confused her a little bit, their heart is in the right place about this. I think it’s come from personal experience where Claire’s dad felt that he wasn’t fully accepted so wanted to make sure that, in any circumstance, Claire never felt that way because he loves her

  • I wish people see me from the kind of background I come from. And here I am in college at 19yrs old. Still dealing with such things

  • Ps, I’ve had two comments deleted, I guess the channel name ‘Truly’ is ironic? Who’s truths are your videos? Should be called ‘Claptrap’

  • im watching all these coming out videos of these people coming out to their parents and they are so supportive and love them for who they are. on the other hand.. when i came out to my mother as being bisexual, she told me that it was okay. a few weeks later she tells my father and i thought it would be fine. Then i get pulled into my guest room and am interrigated by both my parents about why I feel this way. My father says that it isnt right to like girls and hes saying its just a miss understanding and then my mother says im too young and how would i know who i like. Then my father and mother leave the room arguing about who was the one to blame for making me feel this way when all my life i was told to love and respect people who who they are as a person, not their gender or what they look like. a few years have gone by and i told my parents it was just a phase and that i strictly like guys now, but thats not the case. I now have an amazing girlfriend who i would give the world for. she is my everything and i love her just like my parents loved each other. how could they not understand that. I am forced to hide that i am a lesbian from my parents because they would cut off all contact with the outside world from me and i would be homeschooled and isolated. so i decided not to tell them until I move out. I hope they could accept me one day.

    thats my coming out story. you all are amazing human beings and no matter what anyone says to you. you are VALID and you matter. we are just a great big family and we need to stick together.

  • im the mascot/class clown. It really hurts, my parents constantly shout at me, bring me down, emotionally abuse me. However i really just can’t tell them anything about how im feeling, because im scared that they will get mad at me. I want to die sometimes

  • do you need to buy one of the packs because my sims game is fully updated and I still can’t find that trait even tho I can find all the acsesorriees and home decor like the gay flag

  • Definitely 1 & 3 for me. I’ve always been told I’m very wise and mature but honestly I think it’s because growing up I typically looked after my older sister. My parents were divorced so us being in pre-k and kindergarten we typically would be left alone. I’m also the youngest but most responsible out of us, just for the fact we taught ourselves how to cook on the stove around that age too. Third one, I’m heavily introverted and often found myself going into my own world to cope with my childhood growing up. Instead of books it was toys and tv shows for me. Emotional and mental trauma at such an age really did take a toll on me, now I have severe depression. Doesn’t help when my parents actively showcased favoritism towards my older sister, often ignoring/pushing me away. I’m an adult now but it still hurts.

  • Personally, I am accepting of people who are trans, bi, ace, and other people of the LGBT community. I can understand where people are coming from with those identities, but I don’t understand it when people identify as gender fluid. I’m a woman, but I’m not less of a woman if I dress, act or talk in a way that isn’t stereotypical. I think people can still be men or women and not comply with stereotypes or certain gender roles. I’m not a woman because I have long hair and wear flowers, I’m a woman because of the biological factors that make me so

  • I came out to my best friend at like 14 and she was so unbothered by it that she literally forgot about it for like 4 years���� even right after i came out when she remembered it, i almost lived at her house. I slept there like 5 days a week and we shared a bed all the time. She was so unbothered that she literally slept naked in the same bed as me and didn’t care whatsoever about it! Neither did my parents when i came out at almost 20 and though i knew my mom knew i was bisexual since i was 15, i was not ready to admit it and truly accept myself before them. I was blessed enough that none of my friends cared at all when we were teens. I really wish everyone was as lucky as me because NO ONE deserves to be rejected for something they have no control over. I know a lot of people think it’s wrong or something you choose but i’ve literally known since i was 6. If it wasn’t something i was born as, i wouldn’t have had that feeling before i even knew what it was

  • “You’re unable to truly find yourself within those boxes”…whatta load of crap. If you cannot identify with what you see, there’s a disconnect there that has nothing to do with gender. And this whole agenda of “identifying” as someone/something other than who/what you are is BULLCHIT. Let one of these people who identify as inanimate objects or animals (because they do exist) commit a crime, like not paying taxes, and watch how fast the government will disregard their “identity” to punish and jail them as EXACTLY who they were born as! They have the freedom and privilege to pretend according to their imagination as long as it serves a specific agenda. Otherwise, they are who they were born as. PERIOD.

  • I think my older sister is exactly like the Heroic child and the Lost child.

    -As defined she is heroic, overly responsible, uses academic awards and places to receive love and affection (something all four of us have in common), uses friends and reading as an escape from reality.

    Whereas I’m the Troublemaker child, Class clown child and the Lost child.

    -I’m what they call the bad egg, the black sheep or some would say a bitch. They don’t like me because I tell them what I think without caution which always ends up me telling harsh facts. I go for more logical solutions than the emotional route as to why they think I have a heart of stone. Still I have a heart you know? Those opinions you spit out at me like it’s no big deal still make my chest feel heavy. I normally have a small circle of ’friends’ but I always lead it.
    I’m also the one who usually is making jokes with my dry and harsh humor. I use music, art, reading and the web as an escape, companion and outlet. Lastly, I don’t like confrontations so I’m normally the one who equals out the debates (especially household ones), gives an unbiased opinion for the most part and I try to be more on the sidelines let my feelings go unsaid until I forget about the feelings I had at the issues at hand.

    My younger brother is like the Lost child and Enabler child.

    -His head is always in the clouds, he spaces out very frequently. He tries to words things so it looks look nicer.

    Lastly, my youngest sister is a mix of heroic, trouble maker.
    She likes to be overdramatic and easily cries a lot. She also likes to brag whenever she gets I high grade on a quiz, test, report card, etc. Lastly she makes things a bigger issue than it already it so they end up siding or complimenting her.

  • YOU DIDN’T KNOW THERE WERE DIFFERENT FLAGS FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE IN THE LGBTQ+ COMUNNINTY!!! (I’m just surprised don’t take it personally) ��️‍��

  • I have this “friend”, who is most the ‘Troublemaker’-type. She makes so much drama, mostly where it’s about me. I’m such a good friend (honestly, too good), and I’ve always been there for her in the two years she has been in my class. But she never rensponsed. She once called me ‘a terrible friend’ and said I was ‘praying for attention’. That was so toxic, and so wrong. I’m really trying to be a good friend for everyone, and I’ve never been praying for attention. She gets really angry when I don’t have time for helping her, even though I often ignore my own needs, so that I can help her. When I don’t wanna hang out with her, she says that it is my fault that she is lonely and nobody wanna hang out with her, even though I’m the only one she asked to hang out. And even though all that, she still thinks that I’ll always be there for her when she needs me.
    But I also know that her life is really hard, and she has a lot of problems in her family. She often gets bullied because she get angry very easily, and people think it’s fun.

    What I want to say, is that I don’t know what to do. I wanna tell her we should not be friends anymore, because that’s best for me. But if I do that, I’ll make her life even worse. I’m the only one who has tried to see the good in her, and tried to understand why she acts like she does. I used to believe, that if I am a really good friend and always are there for her, she’ll show her good side. But she haven’t done that for two years.

    I really don’t know what to choose.

    What is best for her, or what is best for me?

    (Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my first language)

  • I think an ally trait would be really cool too, so you know they’ll be supportive if you come out to the person with the ally trait

  • I was watching Mama Jill’s TikTok and I couldn’t help but cry. I mean, tears well up every time, but I just can’t help but feel sad that my parents aren’t supportive, and I know I only have a couple of years until I can move out, but I still crave to be accepted and feel loved. I really wish Mama Jill was my real mama.

  • I have custom traits but when you go to click on ”get to know” it shows in the panel ”unknown trait” lmao after discovering the person trait… their a way to fix that..

  • you can raise your child to express themselves regardless of gender norms ( and honestly, you should.) but this is WAYY different.

  • Me: * Finds this * YEAHAUEKBEANEI
    Sims 4: Sorry you cannot edit the sim’s personality once it has already been confirm-

  • U don’t define yourself based on the clothes you were or the style you have, that it’s not how you feel, but who you actually are.

  • Haha I love the misleading title, clickbate for bigots who come here to see parents “forcing their kid to be trans” but just see a really healthy and rad family

    I just realized my parents haven’t said ‘I love you’ to me in years and I haven’t even come out yet

  • Alot of people are saying that this is not how they should raise their child. We can’t tell someone else to to raise their child. People are also talking about how they said boys clothes and girls clothes. I think they were just saying that so the views would understand it better. I think they are being amazing parents

  • I identify with all of them. Gone thru each type as the years have gone by…. rn I’m the lost child, because I am finally moving out of this toxic home!

  • Oh dammit, let her be a kid! If she wants to be treated as genderless or get surgery to make her that, wait until she’s a teenager. You’re not eliminating the problem, you’re just covering it in the most shallow way possible. Don’t treat your kids like they’re adults. Kids are kids, let her be a cisgender kid. When I have kids, I’ll make sure they have a variety of girly things, boyish things and gender neutral things. But I’ll still raise them with a gender. I’ll raise my daughters as girls and my sons as boys. Nothing’s wrong with that!

  • The parents seem SO OBSESSED with Gender. Especially the mum. I Think because her Partner is trans, she feels the need to prove something to him.

  • I’m gender fluid and I’d never do this to my kid. Just let her be who she is. Kids are smart. If they feel like a different gender, they’ll let you know without prompting.

  • The girl is so depressed
    Her parents are making her act trans and making her like boy clothes let her be a kid and she can decide what she is when she is older

  • I feel like i’m the responsible child… other people always pointed out how i’m so responsible, hard working, and just so mature for my age. Oh well little do they know that i see my family tear apart more and more everyday

  • Listen to the song “Little Game” it describes the whole video; if you’re a girl that likes so called “boy stuff” then it’ll be perfect for you, or a boy that likes so called “girl stuff” and if you’re a hater, the door is that way����

  • I am the lost child,it sucks that it perfectly describe me.even though i have an image for being a ‘good kid’,i feel like sometimes i become a troublemaker too…why is my life like this

  • Im 13. My mom went down a path of drugs and emotional abuse. My dad was in and out of prison and had a porn addiction. I grew up with 2 older brothers who are very aware of my moms past and dont want themselves or myself to go down the same path. My mom had 2 more kids and im the middle child. I find that im the one who is forced to take care of them because im ‘mature’. Whenever i confront my mom about her behavior and alchohol addiction im met with ‘i know im not a good mother but youre so mature’ and ‘it builds character’.
    I dont need to be mature anymore, i dont need more character right now. I just wanna be a normal 13 year old. (Idk if you care but thanks for reading this. ��)

  • I want to be bi but I know my mom and fam wouldn’t support me a bout it on top of that I live in a small town and go to a small public school and my family is really religious!!! Please pray for me ��

  • Im not gender fluid or anything, but i do have a child psy degree and this is just very odd. I agree with not pertetuating stereotypes but it seems very confusing for a child to comprehend this at a young age. There is a stage where they realize what they identify with and that happens on its own regardless of what stereotypes are placed on them. Not having that certainty of what they are, is really difficult for them to understand, especially when they are encouraged not place a label on themselvea by their parents. Also, it seems her mom also recently accepted her fluidity, so there likely was a time when she raised her daughter as a girl. Now with her moms change and new partner, they are trying to not place labels on her. It must be confusing for her being raised one way, and then having to understand this new mindset.

  • Why are you so nice and funny?
    My Pov; i dont know, maybe tryna make someone happy if i cant be happy myself…

    Me; sad all the time without reason
    * have some weird intense pain in body *
    * after telling my parents *
    both parents; PHONE

  • It would actually be kinda cool if certain sims had a trait that was like homophobic or transphobic so if you come out to them they might not like you or something because it would add more realism to the game

  • Tip: Fake a suicide then see how your family manages without you. Keep recordings of what they are doing inside their house. If they are broken and struggling then come back and smash it in their face that you’re important. If they aren’t affected at all leak the vids to police, public and the internet to show that your parents truly are not good parents and deserve to be shamed

  • Raising Claire to be gender fluid? That’s where the line has been crossed. Children are supposed to grow and learn about their bodies themselves. If she wants to be gender fluid, then I may consider. From the looks of it however, she had no choice in the matter. You shouldn’t force something onto a child when they haven’t got a clue of what’s going on. Everything else is okay. The family, the teachings, that’s okay, but please don’t raise them to be something they may not want to be in the future. Next thing you know, the kid’s going to be afraid to admit their either female or male. Just raise her without the gender norms. Let her/him be a kid and discover this on her/his on.

  • When I first came out to my parents, they forced me back in the closet. They told me that I would ruin their family and that God would never accept me. And they forced me to tell my friends that I was out to that I was straight. ( my friends didn’t buy that shit) so i eventually started to accept myself again, and I re-came out to my friends and soon i plan on coming out again to my family.

  • Depressed and monotone. Child is a “poor unfortunate soul”, I can imagine Ursula from the Little mermaid ��‍♀️ singing that chorus in the background with Flotsom and Jetsom, smirking.

  • #1 and #4 are myself and my younger brother and sister are #2…. it’s been over 15 years and we all still struggle with everything….

  • I think it’s okay raising your kid letting them express themself but you have to let them figure out their gender on their and not force them being trans they need to figureit out by themself just let them be a kid