Gestational Size While Pregnant May Affect Childhood IQ, Study Finds


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A study performed in the UK found that babies that were designated as small for gestational age during pregnancy had slightly lower IQs during childhood. The gap in IQ seemed to close as these babies approached adulthood. Small for gestational age is a designation given to a fetus that’s in the 10th percentile or lower.

The adjusted mean differences in verbal IQ from children born large for gestational age were −2.4 (95% CI: −3.5, −1.2) among those born small for gestational age, −1.7 (95% CI: −2.6, −0.8) among the 10th–50th percentile, and −0.8 (95% CI: −1.7, 0.1) among the >50th–90th percentile. “There was an increase in IQ from 37 to 40 weeks. The IQ score was highest at 40 weeks of gestational age,” said Dr. Yang, who works at the Research Institute of Montreal Children. Among boys, the study found, maternal overweight and obesity correlated with IQ scores between 4.6 and almost 9 points lower than those of boys whose mothers weights were in the “normal” range.

Gestational Size During Pregnancy May Affect Childhood IQ, Study Finds Fact checked by Sean Blackburn Sharp Decline in Immunization Rates Warrants Cause for Concern. Compared to children who were appropriate for gestational age (AGA), children who were large for gestational age (LGA) at birth had a 1.66 times (95%CI 1.32–2.10) higher odds of ALL. Similarly, children with a BW≥ 4,000 grams had a 1.5 times (95%CI 1.18–1.89) higher odds for ALL, compared to children who weighed >2,500 grams and <4,000 grams at birth.

A study suggests that treatment with interferon-beta MS therapy during pregnancy does not influence children’s gestational age, birth weight, or head size. Study Finds Potential Link Between Gestational Diabetes and Autism Researchers examined the records of 320,000 children to determine if there’s a. The study looked at data from nearly 700 Edmonton children, and controlled for factors that would affect a child’s development, including family income, parents’ education and gestational.

MRI brain image may help predict intelligence level in children MRI is a common technique used to obtain images of human internal organs and tissues.

List of related literature:

However, this Dutch study is discussed later in this section because it was based on a very large population and did not find intrauterine growth reduction was correlated with adult IQ.

“Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling: Physiological, Performance, Growth, Longevity and Ecological Ramifications” by Thomas T. Samaras, Andrzej Bartke, Christopher David Rollo
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Cognitive scores at school age remain significantly correlated with gestational age and birth weight [37, 111, 112, 116].

“Neonatology: A Practical Approach to Neonatal Diseases” by Giuseppe Buonocore, Rodolfo Bracci, Michael Weindling
from Neonatology: A Practical Approach to Neonatal Diseases
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Although populations of children born before term demonstrate a normal range of IQ scores, the mean IQ score decreases with decreasing birth weight and gestational age categories.

“Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics E-Book” by William B. Carey, Allen C. Crocker, Ellen Roy Elias, Heidi M. Feldman, William L. Coleman
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The results obtained by Der et al. (2006) indicated that young adults who had been breastfed as infants scored about 4 IQ points (more than one-quarter of a standard deviation) higher than did young adults who had not been breastfed as children.

“Individual Differences and Personality” by Michael C. Ashton
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There is evidence that IQ in middle childhood is strongly predictive of IQ at adolescence, suggesting that, on this measure, there is neither increasing gap nor improved catch-up to normal birth weight peers.

“Handbook of Life Course Health Development” by Neal Halfon, Christopher B. Forrest, Richard M. Lerner, Elaine M. Faustman
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Studies published after the 1999 review continued to be somewhat methodologically uneven, but in general, research on stress and preterm birth has improved substantially since 1996 or 1997 in terms of the hypotheses and conceptualizations used, the measures used, sample sizes, and data analyses.

“Preterm Birth: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Understanding Premature Birth and Assuring Healthy Outcomes, Adrienne Stith Butler, Richard E. Behrman
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However, the correlations between the biological mother’s level of education and adoptee’s IQ scores were.04 at age two and.31 at age thirteen, reflecting what was to be a typical finding in later studies: measures of genetic influences upon intelligence rise as children grow older.

“Human Intelligence” by Earl Hunt
from Human Intelligence
by Earl Hunt
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Previous studies had already found that drinking or smoking during pregnancy can cause decreased IQ in children, as can exposure to lead in the womb.

“The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition” by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
from The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition
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In the Bavarian Longitudinal Study there was no relationship between gestational age and IQ at 33 weeks’ gestation or more, but there was a progressive reduction in scores for each week from 32 to 27 weeks (Wolke et al.

“Rennie & Roberton's Textbook of Neonatology E-Book” by Janet M. Rennie
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It is a plausible hypothesis, then, that later IQ is particularly sensitive to nutritional substrates just before or just after birth, and that we are dealing here with a single graded effect of nutrition on intellectual development, though its determinants are of course quite different before and after birth.

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
from Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition
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  • Don’t listen to the quack dr. It reduces IQ in adults also and there are multiple studies. If you want to rebuild the enamel on your teeth, take silica as a supplement. I haven’t drank the tap water in over 10 years, I’m certified to produce drinking water in Ontario and work with water for a living

  • Children’s brains start developing in the womb, and continue to actively develop until the early 20’s. As a doctor I think it might be prudent to avoid ingesting fluoride during this time, until meaningful research has been completed showing fluoride ingestion to be safe. Humans lived on this planet for eons without fluoridated water. Better safe than sorry until we know for sure…

  • I hope they factored in the parents time spent engaging with their children rather then handing them an iPad while the parents go and do other things.

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  • I had fluoride in the water kid had a 132 IQ as tested in Gr 2. It’s hereditary, not dependent on environment altogether, but check the sugar levels of the mothers, and how much garbage they were eating.

  • Hiii.. today is my six week start. Dr. Take my first ultrasound scan today itself.. but the result shows 5weeks3day and have no fetalpole.. she told me to come aftee 2weeks for scaning.. is any chance to positive result.. i m so worried.. pls reply me

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  • Read the book “Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life” by Dr. Russel Blaylock. He exposes the fraudulent science behind the “safety” of fluoride and many other toxic substances we are exposed to daily and how to arm your body’s defenses. I recommend his book “Excitotoxins” also.

  • I wish Joseph A. Schwarcz would explain why Toronto and other cities fluoridate the tap water. Putting any chemicals in our tap water seems like a bad idea and unethical. We already have fluoride in toothpaste. The mothers can avoid the toothpaste but they’re not going filter out the fluoride in the tap water.

  • I am 33 weeks
    I baby is small size size but every time i go for ultrasound they said ur baby is in small size but growing every time we see. Actually my babay has diaphragmatic hernia it found out on 20 weeks ultrasound its Because of gentics. I am so worried about it.

  • What you can prove is that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland just by doing an autopsy of children that have died who were fluoridated. Also if the NHS was responsible, they would repeat the study. The Harvard 2012 study and 4 subsequent studies since have corroborated the neurological damage caused by fluoride. Fluoride is a halogen which bonds with calcium. You catagorically do not want to use this halogen because of its toxicity. Look up the 1974 Poisons Act. There is absolutely zero bodiliy requirement for fluoride in humans and in nature. Mothers breast milk naturally protects the child from fluoride. I’m actually sickened by the fact they spend money on this video with Baizen and not on research to repeat the study. And that this comment is publically hidden. Its totally disingenuous.

  • We’ve known this for decades, and we’re still pouring that poison into our water.

    Fluoride helps keep teeth strong if applied topically,… why is that so hard to understand??

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  • Junk science. Didn’t specify which flouride, small sample, results statistically irrelevant for that age,& study not reproduced. Junk. Fearmongering.

  • I had my 31 weeks scan today & baby is measuring 2 weeks behind. Ultrasound during my 28 weeks detected hypoechogenic inserts of microcalcinates. I am very worried what all this means. Please advise

  • …really…we are gonna bring the fluoride up now, it’s been a thing for a while now but we were conspiracy crazies then ��‍♂️ fluoride is in millions of peoples water and has been for a long time along with your toothpaste and many other things you consume on a daily basis. Overall it does more harm than the intended dental benefits and when ya find out it was used to make internment prisoners docile ya really gotta raise an eyebrow and start to ask…why did we bring all those German and Russian scientist and engineers to america after the world wars….��

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