Experts Debate Safety of Reopening Schools This Fall


Debate over reopening schools heats up

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With COVID-19 cases surging across the US, parents are divided about whether kids should go back to school or continue to learn virtually.; Experts warn there may be an initial increase in cases once kids return to school. Schools across the country should follow guidelines set forth by the CDC in an attempt to keep students and staff safe. FRIDAY, July 10, 2020 (HealthDay News) Kids should be able to safely return to reopened schools this fall, resuming their studies with little risk that they will contribute to the COVID-19.

for reopening schools. But this push has also made school administrators, parents, and teachers wary of going back to school full time as they fear becoming the site of super spreader events. 2 days ago · Jahana Hayes of Connecticut, a longtime educator and National Teacher of the Year in 2016, highlighted the emotional and mental health drawbacks to reopening schools without a safety plan. The debate over reopening America’s K-12 schools, explained. Solving the school problem is crucial for parents and kids. Here’s what experts say would help.

To be sure, these experts say safety precautions will be necessary to reopen schools. They do not support the unconditional reopening of schools nationally being urged by. To be sure, these experts say safety precautions will be necessary to reopen schools. But they say an assessment of risks versus benefits points to the wisdom of reopening. The latest available data suggests that children are less likely to become infected with the coronavirus and less likely than adults to develop severe cases.

Murtaugh said the Trump team believes that schools can reopen, and reopen safely — despite the lack of guidance for schools districts about what constitutes a safe reopening. School closures have affected over 55 million K–12 students in the U.S. since March as the nation deals with the coronavirus pandemic. Although numerous private schools and. Only two factors will really determine when it’s safe for parts of the US to reopen schools and how they should do so, experts say.

The first is the state of the local coronavirus outbreak itself.

List of related literature:

Safety plans need to be reviewed and revised regularly as the students’ coping skills grow over time.

“The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom: Building Resilience with Compassionate Teaching” by Patricia A. Jennings
from The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom: Building Resilience with Compassionate Teaching
by Patricia A. Jennings
W. W. Norton, 2018

Like other government agencies today, schools are required to manage risk in a way that reduces the threat of accidents and injuries, and these typically occur during sports and physical activities, making the reduction of sport and activity easy to justify.

“Community Health and Wellness: Primary Health Care in Practice” by Anne McMurray, Jill Clendon
from Community Health and Wellness: Primary Health Care in Practice
by Anne McMurray, Jill Clendon
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The results also indicate that school openings may counter the independent negative effects of school closures and thus school district officials should attempt to replace closed schools in a timely fashion.

“Shuttered Schools: Race, Community, and School Closures in American Cities” by Ebony M. Duncan-Shippy
from Shuttered Schools: Race, Community, and School Closures in American Cities
by Ebony M. Duncan-Shippy
Information Age Publishing, Incorporated, 2019

As it becomes more difficult to fund safety at the local level, states and the federal government need to ensure that funding is available to keep the schools safe.

“Keeping Students Safe and Helping Them Thrive: A Collaborative Handbook on School Safety, Mental Health, and Wellness [2 volumes]” by David Osher Ph.D., Matthew J. Mayer, Robert J. Jagers, Kimberly Kendziora, Lacy Wood
from Keeping Students Safe and Helping Them Thrive: A Collaborative Handbook on School Safety, Mental Health, and Wellness [2 volumes]
by David Osher Ph.D., Matthew J. Mayer, et. al.
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Schools should conduct a needs assessment to properly assess their current safety needs and best determine if using SROs is an appropriate response.

“Current Trends and Legal Issues in Special Education” by David F. Bateman, Mitchell L. Yell
from Current Trends and Legal Issues in Special Education
by David F. Bateman, Mitchell L. Yell
SAGE Publications, 2019

Even if such trips are not curtailed (schools cannot easily ‘exit’ from this activity), the climate in which they are undertaken has created a risk management issue both to protect the pupils, the primary risk, but also to protect the school’s name and that of staff, the secondary risk.

“The Risk Management of Everything: Rethinking the Politics of Uncertainty” by Michael Power
from The Risk Management of Everything: Rethinking the Politics of Uncertainty
by Michael Power
Demos, 2004

Schools now face legal action or potentially even being closed down if it is determined that the environment they provide is in any way unsafe or dangerous.

“Battleground: Criminal Justice [2 volumes]” by Gregg Barak
from Battleground: Criminal Justice [2 volumes]
by Gregg Barak
ABC-CLIO, 2007

Many people believe that schools are becoming increasingly more violent, making the risk of intentional injuries an ever-present and growing threat to the safety of students.

“Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Nancy L. Caroline
from Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets
by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Nancy L. Caroline
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2017

Governments continue to impose standardised models of school intervention and improvement even though the evidence suggests that this is counterproductive to schools located in the most vulnerable communities (Harris, Clarke, James, Harris, & Gunraj, 2006).

“Second International Handbook of Educational Change” by Andy Hargreaves, Ann Lieberman, Michael Fullan, David Hopkins
from Second International Handbook of Educational Change
by Andy Hargreaves, Ann Lieberman, et. al.
Springer Netherlands, 2010

Schools are being encouraged to become ‘extended’ schools but in reality for most this will mean possibly longer opening hours and the provision of child care.

“Safeguarding Children and Schools” by Graham Music, Enid Hendry, Louise Laskey, Ken McCulloch, Mary Baginsky, Susan McGinnis, David Miller, Emma Westcott, Brigid Daniel, William Baginsky, Felicity Fletcher-Campbell, Ann Raymond, Abigail Taylor, Lyn Tett, Yvonne Coppard, John Guest, Simon Hackett
from Safeguarding Children and Schools
by Graham Music, Enid Hendry, et. al.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2008

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  • Believe me this is the same debate going on in india about our exams, and the governments puts the exams above the health of students.

  • Playing gta v, going out with my best friends, chilling, doing what i want when i want. It was awesome, now i have to go back to 8 hour prison.

  • Schools are overloaded with students. The only way school has been possible is because of immunizations for measles, pertussis, flu, etc. 
    There is no way school can open without a vaccine for CV-19. Its too catchy, novel.  
    Just chalk up this year as a loss. It’s sad but necessary until there is a vaccine.

  • I wonder what Dr. Mike’s opinion is on schooling for professional/doctoral/graduate schools. I’m a 1st year DPT student in California, and it’s been very complicated trying to get the confirmation to go back on campus for hands-on labs. I feel very unprepared as a future professional, but we just got confirmed for a strict return this coming week. I can only imagine how other graduate students in the heath care field are feeling in these times, because I know I’m having a hard time with it.

  • Does anyone honestly think the party that supports murdering their own newborns care about child education?? The Dem party supports the murder of newborn babies.

  • So the CDC and our government wants our children to be killed just by a stupid decision of going back to school?… Online classes is the solution, don’t be stupid enough to send them back and see death rates rise.

  • Please don’t open schools. My mom is a Teacher of Elementary Kids and she said when the pandemic hit there was no way to control their hygiene enough or even distancing, some things are impossible with kids. I love my mom and I don’t want her getting even a mild form of this.

  • Yeah, I couldn’t go back. I have asthma and my mum also has asthma, smokes, and has autoimmune diseases and I have little siblings. I’m not gonna risk bringing it home to them or getting it myself.

  • school is torture it should never re open and plus we will freaking get coronavirus and yet at my school the have an option to go to the school building.. BRO THATS BAD

  • There is no debate. Parents, students and teachers dont want to go back. Only the Amerikkkan government wants us to go kill ourselves

  • People can go and visit their loved ones in care homes to prevent spreading this deadly virus washable by soap 😉 but kids can go to school, we can go to restaurants and walk around without masks. What a lack of consistency. Kids go back to school, then they’ll pretend that we have a second wave or third (have lost count now!) and then justify the use of a vaccin (full of aluminium, mercury, pig fat, manipulated genomes, etc… acting directly on our DNA) which has not been tested in labs, mammals or humans (it takes about 5 years to go through the 3 phases for a vaccin to be approved) but of course we can’t wait 5 years because…. yyes, of course the amount of deaths which happen to be less than last year’s flu by the way many die every year from the vaccin than the flu itself. Once the vaccin is out, countless deaths will happen and people and Covid will be blamed not the vaccin as they already covered their asses by writing that they will not accept any liability for any secondary effects. Great! All deaths during Covid were automatically labelled as Covid although they may have been cancer due to stopping chemo. Just needed to blow up the numbers to scare us a bit more. When you’re scared, your immune system breaks down and then what? You get sick! Bravo. Ready to become guinea pigs folks for the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation. Bill happens to be an eugenist who believes that the world is overpopulated and then offers to vaccine us? Huh, I think I’ll pass! Oh wait, he’s not even a doctor, hes an informatician. How did he get a licence to be the next doctor of the world, ah yes, I remember, moneeeyyyy…. Countless doctors and lawyers are now talking openly from every part of the word about this myth which is Covid which aim is to make the economy coallapse and rebuild a global economy cashless using a little implant delicately (and for free) put in your arms, soooo convenient! Conspiracy theory, nope, just conspiracy, it’s all out there now.

  • WAIT WAIT WAIT did this women just say schools are going to be a alternative to kids that are in abusive home situations? That a reason to open? So now teachers become social workers, Psychologists, nurses, probation officers, and now babysitters? Lets add up the yearly salaries for all these jobs combined and find a reasonable pay for these people… Oh I also forgot to say they are risking their lives.. 32,000 a year or less? Seriously?

  • I disagree with everything this lady has said! And I’m from up North California by sacramento (yuba city) grades 3-8 should have face masks and distance in the class rooms.but kindergarten 1st n 2nd shouldnt have to worry about it because there smaller and the school here for the younger ones have sinks n soap to wash up in tje classrooms which is good, And the teacher can keep an eye on them also to make sure they wash up and are being safe til they go back home. And its only a half day for the schooling not a full day? What are u suppost to learn virtual with in 3-4 hr? Not much right?ill tell u what my daughter times how long until her classes end and shes out the door playing after her zoom meeting lol i ask her at bedtime how was her class to see if her braim still remebered, well she gave me about 2sentemces them said she forgot because she just wamted to play? Lol and shes a straight A student and on honor roll, loosing touch her education because of this epidemic…. While being in a class helps the brain to memorize what’s needed to be umderstood than during a zoom meeting as too where everyone can here and mosy students not feeling safe to answer incorrectly out loud. or maybe to fully get that one on one help if the student struggles with a subject. I have 3girls from 6th, 2nd, and 3rd graders and I see myself they learn and take in knowledge diffrently. And as far as the littler kids? They dont know how to work tablets and computers and there barely learning there letters so how would that work for younger students? Idk i think the hole thing is confusing as a parent of 3students and a mother dealing with this damn corona virus! She said 4milliom got infected but only 150,000 have passed? Idk about anyone else but ill take 150,000 anyday over 4millions deaths.and if we taking measurments how we are now and people still are getting sick or dying what the hell do we do when it gets worse is the real question!

  • What yall politicans realize that in about 40 years they will be hear you guys not so much by sending them to school yoir basicly killing the human population

  • Also, can you do a video on the effect that facemasks (that teachers are wearing) are having on young children learning and using their faces as a means of expressions (expressing feelings)?

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  • The USA is the only country in the world that closed schools..The other nations have no issues or problems letting kids attend school!

  • I bet a kid will get covid-19 and it will spread like wildfire and thousands to maybe Millions of covid-19 and it might become a epidemic then the parents will get covid-19 etc

    It will get worse so NO MORE SCHOOL

  • You know what i hate the most about the reopening of schools? They had AAAAAAALLL this time to improved the educational system but they did JACKSHIT.

  • I think under the pandemic they should pay the schools as if they have kids in the classrooms and then do an online / video instruction. For parents that just need school as a daycare. Limited seating would be available spacing them out in the gym.

  • Why not make television channels that broadcast the curriculum for the school year? Big cable companies and public access channels can easily do this.

  • Fauci is a fraud. The evidence is overwhelming that kids are unaffected by coronavirus. 14 years and under have seen 12 deaths since Feb 1st. About 200 kids have died of pneumonia and the common flu during the same time period. The fact that we are still locking down children is a crime against humanity and child abuse. This is ridiculous and fauci should be fired because he’s clearly incompetent. Wake up people!

  • Fuccin hell. I’m gonna be royally pissed off if my freshmen year, which is gonna set a precedent for the rest of my life in highschool, is gonna be astronomically more difficult than it would’ve been if it was open.

    Guys, just a little note, at least here in the state of MA, and at least for the highschools, most schools are choosing to do remote learning to protect the health of the TEACHERS, NOT the students. Students for the most part should not be afraid of getting deathly ill from this virus.

  • 3:10 “The science should not stand in the way of this…science is on our side here.”
    So which one is it??!! UNBELIEVABLE. #NoReopenPlan #KeepSchoolsClosed

  • We need a new militia group. NFAP. Not F_ Around Parents. Don’t send kids to school until Trump leaves office. Let’s face it, we are at war in this country. The enemy is in the White House making destructive decisions against the citizens of America. Nobody goes to school when war is in their backyard.

  • If the BS19 was that fatal, every healthcare worker and homeless person would be dropping like flies. Quit with the fearmongering and inflation of the false numbers. Schools just want to stay closed because they are demanding funding until their cities can defund the police and support BLM! The true pandemic here is CHILD Trafficking, folks!!

  • What you failed to mention is that more kids get and have gotten Kawasaki’s disease from their yearly vaccines, chicken pox, the flu, Nora iris, tick bites. Then they have ever and will ever get from COVID 19. You have hear maybe 1 or 2 cases of the millions of people infected right now of actual Kawasaki’s disease in children. Those numbers are going to go up when the influx of vaccines goes into children. That is the number one cause of Kawasaki’s disease. But don’t mention that?

  • Kids wearing masks? I thought they said kids weren’t at risk of Covid? Oh dear… Rather challenging to make clear guidelines for something that doesn’t exist, right? 😉

  • theres a fule vacen and peple stell died every year from flue what make yall thank covid 19 will be any defrent i thank ill pass and the vacen

    FILED: July 23, 2015
    ISSUED: November 20, 2018…/US10130701.pdf


    CREATED BY: The Pirbright Institute is a research institute in Surrey, England, dedicated to the study of infectious diseases of farm animals

    corona [kŏ-ro´nah] (pl. coro´nae, coronas) (L.) crown; in anatomic nomenclature, an eminence or encircling structure that resembles a crown.

  • Don’t forget buses, social distancing so 12 kids per bus. Often the small details get left out, hope schools can hire all these unemployed and have a army of buses ready to go.

  • These guys are insane, they think that only children and teachers would be affected by this decision…
    they don’t talk at all about how children can become transmission vectors between families (many of them having elderly members)
    Children respond well to the virus and very often do not show symptoms but that doesn’t mean they don’t pass it on to other kids and ultimately to their families…

  • I know that all kids in my class won’t social distance they will be careless and I guarantee TEACHERS WILL DIE AFTER GETTENG VIRUS FROM A STUDENT WHO GOT IT FROM ANOTHER STUDENT AND ONCE THEY GET HOME THEY WILL SPREAD TO THIER FAMILY

  • Believe me there are a lot of kid Karen’s out there, they aren’t gonna listen to social distancing or a
    Whatever in school, and ik everybody has said this SCHOOL BATHROOMS ARE HORRIBLE

  • Antibodies don’t confer immunity.

    Ultimately the whole world was brought to its knees by a small group of men with 1 thing in mind. Control and more control

    Death rate of less than 1%

  • I will write legislation placing the propaganda artists, fear mongers, legislative body members, mayor, and governors who have worked tirelessly to destroy our country into hard labor prisons to be worked to literal death.

  • Covid 19 is no joke people, I just lost my grandfather to that today. He was a doctor too. He was the most loving, sincere and bravest person I knew, he was the best doctor I’ve ever met in my life. It feels like covid 19 is not that serious or anything, but believe me, it is. You never realise it until it happens to you or your closed ones. You never know when it affects you, you think “we’ll see what happens when it happens”, but believe me, you won’t be able to, if it affects you, you can do nothing but pray to God. So I beg you all to follow proper rules and regulations and please please be safe.

  • “Its not that hard”, says the economist. Predicting economic downturns is easy, says the teacher. As an educator yes it is that hard. Just planning for a hybrid model has taken up most of my summer. I get why the government wants students back in school but the planning of how that can happen with social distancing is a total nightmare.

  • Kids will get the virus if this happens, which will mean they will spread it to other families. It will literally be chaos because there are millions of children that go to school, millions of families. The fact that you don’t see the symptoms right away and how contagious this virus is just makes this so DANGEROUS. I might be wrong, but tbh it’ll just make things worse. Just do online school. Bruh my mom though I was going crazy a few months ago cuz I was studying corona after school and always talking about it, but look where we are now. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • i am genuinely worried over the fact that children are attempting to regulate my interpersonal relations. it is raising alarm bells

  • What do you think you politicans you can just say Go back to schooland getting teachers at high risk if they get covid will you politicians pay for the helath insurance?

  • Schools should be closed down no need to open back up! These jabroni’s who are ignorant teachers need to take this more seriously. School districts need to take this seriously no kids should be in school they need to stay home all day! Anyone who’s a ignorant parent needs to take this whole Covid-19 thing seriously by any means necessary.

  • Hi Doc. Love the videos. I’m guessing you’re doing this video from your office for this interview as opposed to your normal videos done from your couch. It seems like your office has a lot of echo. Have you thought about getting some sound dampeners in your office for times when you record from there? Keep up the great work!

  • And this morning the news has shared a LEAKED report from the Administrations Secret group studying the Virus. The Report recommended that in At LEAST 11 RED states they need to back off the opening and start shutting down again. Of Course Trump in his infinite wisdom said absolutely not and that he wanted schools open at any cost. Basically he doesn’t care who dies. The GOP though has decided that the convention should be mostly on line at this point. So Political gatherings they will protect???

  • I would be fine if I get COVID because I am not morbidly obese and I am a young teen and also in good shape and it would be a.4 percent chance that I would die from this virus so schools should just open and have sports

  • “Suspicious Police installing 5G towers during start of plannedemic”
    75 years of fake peace

  • We shouldn’t even be doing Online schooling. We are supposed to sit in a computer in a zoom class from 8AM to 3PM every single DAY for weeks and months. And then we are supposed to go back physically after three months when the government just so decides so. We are going die. Everyone is so hard on that “We need school”… no we don’t. Education isn’t just in school, it’s everywhere. They don’t care what students think or the well-being. The virus is only getting worse. Imagine putting rowdy, loud kids full of energy by the thousands across the world in small buildings.

  • At this point fauci doesn’t give a crap anymore because he as well as cdc and who told us ways to prevent spreading of this disease and all people did was complain or didn’t listen.

  • Im scared going to school but also furious, oh and they only care for politics and money… MONEY!!!, Oh who should i blame to kill of my elderly family members by catching coronavirus and spreading it to them?!, and im furious that your supposed to TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS while you eat?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?, im not blaming my mom, im not blaming by teacher, not even the principal, i blame the person who decided to reopen schools!!!!!! and politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, because they care for so much money!!! at this point i lost trust with my family, they want me to go ugh cant wait for one of them to be infected and regret it. also they cant control lice, they cant even have good lunch, and disgusting bathrooms, also they talked nothing about 11-19 year olds just 4-9 year olds, what a crappy country!!! also kids have probably 70-120iq (no offense:( but its just insane the schools are dumber than kids!!!!!!!!!!!!, and cant wait to catch corona for revenge, i wont spread it ill isolate myself no matter what! my cousin (okOK shes 6) but she has asthma and she can get infected, what if i accidently kill my cousin by spreading the virus?! so yeah HORRIBLE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My grandson will not go back to school he was a micro preemie, he has a low resistance,and gets fever seizures, he can catch. Up on his education he cant get another LIFE!!!!!

  • I think the problem is you can’t pinpoint the exact contraction date so we don’t know for sure teachers get COVID from being in school or from being out in the general public. It’s not direct cause and effect (teacher went to work at a school-teacher gets covid) there are so many possibilities in which teachers or anyone for that matter contract it.

  • I have to go back to school in two days, and tbh im not worried about ME catching the virus, im worried about carrying the virus home, giving it to my parents and my sister and then my sister giving it to the seniors at her work. My parents are in their 40s-50s and they are likely to be effected by it more than me

  • Education in the south has already been dumbing down kids since the turn of the century. Now as I watch my nephew deal with this “satelite ” education I see another digression happening. Its just sad but let’s support these kids man seriously

  • I think lower income students see a decline probably because lower income families tend to be lazy and problematic.
    I think higher income families tend to be more responsible and less problematic.
    I think we shouldn’t blame an academic decline on income when it might have a lot to do with the personality traits of the family members. also the fact that higher income families are succeeding just as well with online classes only seems to prove how unnecessary in person public schools can be. just my opinion.

  • I have a 6 year old. At first we got to choose, full virtual or in person. I chose full virtual. Then the school district decided to to full virtual across the board. Yes, it’s been crazy figuring things out trying to start a school year at home but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  • People are sick and dying when this pandemic could be contained within two weeks if everyone would wear a mask or stay in for 2 weeks.
    People we have lost competent top leadership so we must unite and make sound decisions among ourselves for the preservation of our homes, communities, and our country. United We Stand….Divided We Fall!
    America We Need to PRAY and REPENT! The LORD calls us and holds us responsible (see 1 Timothy 2) for those in leadership and authority over us including Presidents, Supreme Court Judges, Congress, Governors, Church leaders, Societal Systems, Local Governments, heads of households, and so on. God calls us as Believers to Pray if we desire to live quiet and peaceful lives in godliness. ALL men/humans are flawed and in desperate need of Salvation. Otherwise we “Pay when we don’t Pray” with social and racial unrest, corruption, injustices, pandemics, plagues, poverty, wars and so on. Believers we are responsible for our plight. WE MUST OBEY GOD’S DIRECTIVE TO PRAY for ALL MEN especially those leading us.
    John 3:16 
    16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  • Why does no one ever talk about how even asymptomatic people can have severe organ damage from covid19? You’re going to cripple a generation with lung damage by keeping schools open, even if kids die less than adults.

    And people like to tout how “under 20s only have a 0.2% death rate!”
    There are roughly 56 million school aged kids in the USA. 56 million * 0.002 is 112,000 dead children. That isn’t even including teachers, half of which are over 50.

    What number of dead children is worth it?

  • What happen to the students who has asthma and catches coronavirius? I have a classmate who had asthma and he catches the virus and he said he was screaming.

  • I don’t have all the references, but America is clearly doing worse than other countries, so why are we forcing schools to open when said other countries who have fewer cases aren’t.

  • Ah yes 5 year olds will reliably not eat their boogers and trade masks for funsies and like strange surfaces this year because they have the capacity to do the cause and effect thinking needed to realize these individual actions could lead to them infecting their loved ones or dying themselves because they’ve magically matured this year compared to how 5 year olds normally act.

  • The bigger problem is that there is a chance that the virus could go under genetic mutation. Which means it’s intensity could increase and reach a level where recovery would impossible.

  • No Vaccine: No School
    Not Being Dead > Emotional Distressed
    What u think wud happen to kids Emotional state when a family member dies from covid 19?

  • The sad reality is here, that no matter how much people write in the comments on a YouTube video with how much we disagree with the governments decisions, nothing will actually change until we take proper action as a united force against them. The time has come to stand up and open your eyes to what is happening here. Everyone must not send their kids back to school regardless of fines that are put in place if you don’t send them. What would you rather have, a fine of £60 or a dead relative that’s has caught covid 19 your child? Sending children back to school is the worst decision possible for our health and safety. If everyone goes along with what the government are telling us, it is without a doubt the results will be catastrophic. Please do not send your kids back to school.

  • If we are so important to the economy, then spend the money to keep us safe. I can fit 16 desks in my classroom if they are 6 feet apart. Let’s be generous and say 20. My current class sizes are maxed out at 33 in all but one of my classes. I need hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray and paper towels and when those are out, they need to be replaced by the school, not my own bank account like every previous year of my career. Plexiglass shield at every desks, masks on every face, custodians CLEANING the rooms every day, not just emptying trash cans because they are responsible for three buildings, more bus drivers and routes to spread the kids out. I don’t want to hear a single complaint about “teachers just need to go back to work like the rest of us” until we are given every single protection that everyone else has been afforded during this time. Imagine telling a grocery clerk they have to pay for their own plexiglass shield or have to stay unpaid after their shift to disinfect the store. THAT is what teachers are being asked to do and it is both unfair and unsafe. You want kids back in school? Write, call, send messenger pigeons to your congress member to get us emergency funding. Otherwise sit down.

  • I am teenager. I don’t even know why I am watching this.
    My school district is being “ safe and not opening fully. The parents and students choose to stay online or blending learning ( onsite). This options are only for Kindergarten -12. Pre-K ( only in one elementary school and separated buildings )
    Online school:
    Primary: will have scheduled zoom including assiagined teachers. With all pull our classes
    Secondary: will have to keep track on google classroom for their assigned teache
    Therapy services is aslo allow online for special needs
    They will have to take test in school zone and not home do to cheats and parents have provided them transportation.

    Blending Learning ( onsite): You have to wear mask if you’re older than 10 years old and don’t have any problems with masks. Face shield isn’t required and dusted scarf are allowed.

    Both of them:
    Semester options
    Test held onsite

    I think… The parents wants to send there school can Blending Learning and those don’t and can’t should go on online school for a semester options by doing Google from. The parents who opt Blending Learning should teach kids into wear mask correct way and parents should bring their own masks and water bottle and tell your kids to take a shower. Online school is for safety of children, parents, and teachers. Then we can resend a from to chose to stay online/ blending or dropped out of Blending Learning/ online School.

    That what my school district is doing it. It’s not going against the president as well not going with president.

  • Trump’s administration needs to stfu! They have obviously never been in a classroom, to see the kids playing tag in the playground, shouting “You’ve got the corona”.

  • As of now US kids ages 5-14 have seen only 14 deaths related to Covid-19. Compare that to flu, drownings and suicides. People die everyday it’s time for this madness to end reopen schools, play sports, let’s get on with our lives.

  • Home schooling is safer i don’t think it’s worth the risk to go back to school and if they start dieing who is gonna be accountable?

  • What a mess.. I work at a head start school and care for a 93 year old mother.. I am putting her at risk.. I have to work at this point.. otherwise I would quit. The schools should remain closed.. bottom line.. peoples lives are at risk.. one year of no school will make zero difference in the children’s life.

  • They want you to send your kids to dwell in an enclosed building with many others for days on end but they are not willing to attend two to three days in the Republican National Convention because it is too dangerous!!!

  • if you even have to contemplate whether or not to reopen schools is an obvious no. When we know its 100% safe don’t let kids go back to school. You people only want money. that’s it.

  • Dont put the children, teachers and school staff at risk by reopening them they could become ill and infect parents when they go home

  • I understand him saying school age children, especially younger students should return to school physically. I can appreciate the science behind it, especially the socialization and psychological aspects, but I feel it’s just like he said: it will be different for every part of the country. We have to give these kids more credit for being able to adapt and thrive in these situations, instead of projecting our anxiety and fears onto them. Thinking that your kid is going to become a hermit or have major developmental issues because they aren’t sitting next to their bugger eating peers is a bit ridiculous. This is of course circumstantional, as Dr.Mike pointed out there are students who depend on their schools for food, day care for their working parents, or special needs cases. Otherwise, have some faith in your kid and invest your time and energy into making them better. There are thousands of kids that have been home schooled their entire lives, save for college, and nothing is wrong with those people! They may be a little quirky and shy or naive about somethings socially, but it can be done with the right tools and resources.

    I agree that schools that are well prepared and have a solid plan and backup plan should be able to reopen in a hybrid state. I disagree with punishing schools, educators and admins financially for NOT wanting to reopen too soon, or who feel overwhelming unprepared is a no for me dawg. Teachers spend more time with children than their families ever will, give them respect, resources, and time to prepare them for a new way of learning. And this includes the nurses and other staff as well! I just wish education was genuinely held to the same degree that this country and our politicians pretend to hold it to. They are all about money and would rather watch people suffer and struggle if it means their wallets will stay padded.

    I feel for these parents and educators and I hope everyone can find a best solution that works for them and keeps everyone involved safe. Have your pods, have in-person class, have virtual class and just stay engaged with your children to see how they are doing and what needs to change to accommodate them.

  • Short answer: No

    Long answer: If schools reopen then COVID-19 cases will increase even more as many more people and children will most likely die from it after being infected. It is clearly not safe to reopen schools right now. We should wait until COVID-19 infections and deaths decreases. So as long as COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise, schools shouldn’t reopen at all. Distance learning hasn’t worked for everyone but it has worked for some people. Regardless, we should continue to do distance learning, social distancing, staying at home as much as possible, and wearing a mask that covers both the nose and mouth every time you leave your house.

  • “Trauma caused by isolation” as an introvert I shall tell that I am the happiest I’ve ever been, I wish this quarantine to continue, even tho in my country its lifted

  • This is what will happen Biden will lose the election
    Schools reopen more
    Democrats will lose
    Their control and Americans will not
    Be held hostage
    For criminals calling
    Themselves Democrat ������


  • Hey DOCTOR MIKE I know this is gonna sound terrible but what’s your opinion on reopening everything and letting covid 19 run through and burning its self out sure there’s going to be a mass amount of loss (of life) but for the future wouldn’t natural vaccination of the immune system benefit us as a species


  • 1:50 Um, teachers will get infected, kids will die, and/or bring the virus back home to their parents and grandparents. Any more questions? #NoReopenPlan #KeepSchoolsClosed

  • Back to school in Russia. Facebook fact checked and confirmed.

  • It’s more economic than political. Yes tRump and his RepubliKKKan cronies care more about the economy than the health and welfare of the citizens. And they consider the economy vital to their election results. Therefore, lives are disposable. VOTE!

  • I’ve seen some parents be like “im sending my kid back to school because im tired of him” which I get being like “oh my child so tiring hahaha” but like people be like I don’t care about he/her safety

  • Red state Americans only care about guns, abortion, and bibles. And now they are reaping what they sow. The pandemic is laying waste to the entire nation because of selfish Red State Americans ��.

  • Homeschool YOUR kid’s �� get with other parents take shifts teacher’s are REALLY not teaching your kid’s anyway. SAVE YOUR CHILD TEACH THEM YOURSELF

  • 84 children died from covid so far all but 19 had some serous medical conditions already. Over 2,000 die at home for various reasons and many more in car accidents. Covid hardly registers compared to many other things. I cant reasonably say I am going to worry about covid it would make sense that if i did I would have to be proportionally be more worried about everything else that occurs more. I will still let them cross the street go in the house eat food etc. I mean 50 times more die in home I would have to install a rubber room and never let them leave the rubber room. A life not worth living is well not worth living there is some risk to everything. In my age group I should be terrified more by cheeseburgers but I still have one every so often and cheeseburgers, pizza, etc are many times more dangerous than covid.

  • KHOU 11 why wouldn’t you put the graph’s link in the description box?����‍♀️ I could go search for this graph but who’s to know if the community that you want to see the graph could even find the right one����‍♀️ you should always put links to what you’re talking about, especially if you did the posting, to direct people to the right places.

  • This is what the press secretary said within 30 seconds of her briefing;
    “Science should not stand in the way of schools reopening”…
    “The science is very clear on this”…
    “The science is on our side here”…
    “Follow the science”… ��

  • teacher who work for head start that are opening should be accommodated from the company to watch their kids who cannot go back to school and are taking Virtual classes. Its only right because they are forcing us to open up.

  • Do what S. Korean schools did. Put regular desk and surround them with plastic dividers around them, plus wearing masks. It worked for them, it can work for us if people choose not to be stupid.

  • All other countries affected by covid are reopening their schools. But when the leftists think it will negatively affect President Trump in the election, they are all in for keeping schools closed. Their hatred for our Great President overrides what is good for you and your family!

  • People only care about their wallets.
    Take COPPA for example. The youtubers didn’t freak our because Kids had rights to speak on social media and have digital opinions. They only cared about their wallets. And once that was done, they left the damage the FTC did just laying there.

    This is also an example. Trump wants money, they want bank, and some people will die, “but it’s a risk they’re willing to take”

  • Yep, we pay sport players more money than we do our TEACHERS, where are the funds going to come from to put up that plexi class, or implement these safe policies….thevonly positive thing about talking about schools reopening during the pandemic is realizing how important are teacher’s and schools really are….Next time parents pay for season tickets to a sports event..remember a protective piece of plexi glass would cost way less.

  • As a current student.. online school is NOT the same as actual physical school. I have fallen behind and earned a grade I have NEVER imagined I would’ve earned this 2nd semester… please PLEASE I want to go back to schools. Schools please reopen!!!!

  • I’m a teachers assistant and dont agree with schools opsning,they are more concerned about money,then teachers and children dying.

  • Im just laughing at CNBCs ability to to research. At 08:36 they talked about Swedish secondary schools reopening after 14th of June without any major measures to prevent COVID-19. As one of those students I can tell you that we had one major changes. We weren’t there! BRAKE…

  • I feel like my school is taking great caution in stopping COVID from getting into our school, and I still see things slip through like people coughing with their masks off and sneezing. Also, the anxiety of being back in school after 5-7 months at home, and all of the extra pressure put on us to take our safety and the safety of others into our hands. Elaborating in the fact that we are told it is our responsibility to stop the spread of COVID in our schools when we had no choice in opening schools again.

  • What do you do?..Back to School…Zero Risk…Palm Beach County got it right!..”Distance Learning”!..It works! It’s effective!
    To Note: Since March, 2020, [PBC] has used [DistanceLlearning] successfully.
    To Add: [Social Interaction], through “Distance Learning,” has not been hampered.
    All for [Zero Risk] & [Distance Learning]!
    Please remember:..PBC “fully employed” [Distance Learning] for Six (6) months prior to August 31st, the Opening Day for Schools!
    Great [Foresight, Preparation & Follow Through] by PBC!.. Our “Kids”, the “Families”, our “Teachers” are “Safe”! “Zero Risk”! Amen.!

  • Honestly. What type of moronic idiot wants schools back open? So the student loses a year of school and delays their entering the slave work force. That’s good, suck it up. Keep all schools closed.

  • ok, What about kids taking the virus home where there is more vulnerable people. It’s not only kids that we need to care about. Everyone should have a choice to decide including teachers,

  • I don’t want to hear a dang word about the flu vaccine being pushed. That’s everyone’s personal decision. But if the kids can go virtual now, I say it’s better than wearing masks and plastic shields on their face etc.

  • We should not bother requesting the goverment for school not reopening.. they will close them again in under a month. They will regret the descision just because of OUR STUPID POLITICAL LEADERS.. a lot of people are gonna die again.

  • Close schools!!!! They care more about money and don’t care and think of HOW MANY KIDS AND TEACHERS ARE GONNA GET SICK!!! Plus the people they are around. #DONTOPENSCHOOLS!!!! Thinking about the future, when you can probably die from the virus!!? LETS BE REALISTIC AND LIVE IN THE PRESENT THIS AINT NO GAME!

  • Personally going to school and worrying for 6 hours a day or the whole day if i got corona virus is not good for my mental health im a very paranoid person and i have anxiety and school’s where im from aren’t making kids where Masks in classes only in halls. There also making kids under grade 5 not where masks at all.

  • Coronavirus was the best thing that could have happened for many people it gives parents a chance to raise their children themselves. God intended for the mother to be the first teacher,not a person who does not believe in God as the creator. The virus is in the food!!! Imagine the money that will be saved. Imagine teaching your children how to become useful and well rounded. Teach them how to cook,clean,change a tire,garden, can food,sew, teach them to learn who God truly is.����������

  • In the face of Covid-19, US has failed miserably and China has succeeded remarkably. Covid-19 is a test of governance.
    Where is Trump leading US? Can he MAGA?

  • Everything is a political issue in the US, from the time you were born, til the time you die. Everything meant to offend, so back to back DEMOCRAT rule, will lead to a grumpy USA that are so serious and can’t tolerate jokes and side comments.

  • Yeah you want toddlers to wear masks? I highly doubt that will go well. Yes you can teach your children, but again children are.. children.. and social distancing in school? With children that are hyper active and have special needs they love touch and everything. That’s just a big concern.

  • You can’t have an economy if you have a bunch ofdead people, keep the schools closed until you can safely bring back a bunch of people without them dying

  • Thank you for being honest and acknowledging that there is a risk that I will get COVID-19 or that my husband, who is also a teacher, may get it. Thank you for acknowledging that some of my colleagues will get sick. Thank you for asking him to address the point he makes that students’ social needs are more important than the physical safety of teachers, their families, and the families of students. Thank you for being aware that schools often do not have the resources or staff to fulfill the CDC requirements and recommendations. It’s refreshing to at least hear someone just acknowledge the truth. I do wish that you all discussed the possibility that opening schools will lead to community spread, possibly causing another shut down in some areas, and the effects that would have on the community. If you make another COVID video, I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

  • All these kids are going to be worst then all these sensitive people making these masks laws because they will not even learn how to socialize with people and that will make nerds,losers and very depressed, suicidal over weight kids. Look at all these people all pussies��

  • St Lucie schools has no desks just 6 to a table how can you social distance that? 37 kids in one class room and was short staffed last 3 years so they will get lots of subs.

  • in the child’s logic, if she can turn back the time, she can make me into a puppy again.

    I will not discourage creative thought at any cost, howévér ridiculous it may be

  • Open up the schools in the fall and kill grandma and grandpap. 2 million cases and rising. Anyone who wants to open the schools in the fall needs to have their head examined.

  • Columbia County schools in Georgia is a guinea pig system that does not care about students or teachers! They are Trump brainwashed supporters where students don’t have to wear masks in the classroom! Please help us! Someone cover this story! We are opening traditionally with no reprieve!

  • I’m going back to school in about a week. I’m in Texas and as most of you know we have one of the highest amount of cases. Going back isn’t a good idea but my mother works from home and having me her and my brother on the internet won’t work. I’m not exactly a healthy person and I have a semi weak immune system so I truly am worried. I tried online school once the lockdown started at first but it was hard to do assignments without help and it would sometimes take days for teacher to respond to emails. My grade may be small but most of the grades in my school have about 30-40 kids sometimes even more and it’s just not possible to social distance them. There all very touchy and my school is very poor. They can’t even provide toilet paper at the best of times so how they are going to deal with this is beyond me. I’ve watched all these videos yet it still is unknown to me as to how they are to do bathrooms. Especially in between class periods I don’t know how they expect so many students to social distance to the bathroom in under five minutes. This is going to be hell but all I wish for is to live through this.

  • Sending kids back to school at this point of hospitalization and infection rates is selfish on the parts of parents… the kids of course are excited, they don’t know any better!!

  • The WORLD’S LARGEST BABY SITTER* is America’s Public School System. And the #1 Cause of the kids in this country, for being: “DUMB DOWN”. THAT is why it is sad to see them open again.

  • If schools stay closed, you’re going to have a mass exodus out of public schools. Private schools will take over and the state of Texas is going to revolt property taxes. Hands down, all I can say is “I Dare you”

  • On my country schools started in august and even at a secondary school, everyone’s going “can I use your eraser?” “Can I have a piece of gum” “can you do _ tik tok dance with me?” “Haha, I stole your water bottle!” “Hello!!!” (And then pushing your friends) and we’re supposed to social distance in the corridors and at lunch/break but the corridors are more dense and packed than a black hole and these are kids, they’re gonna want to do stuff with their friends! So, I think that it’s a bad idea to send kids to school but if we weren’t at school I would be really bored and probably wouldn’t learn anything

  • I believe we will go too school this year but we the first semester will all be online and we will come back in the second semester

  • No,Hell no.I’m a kid(somewhere between 10-14,I won’t specify),School was stressful enough,But now,there putting us in danger? For what? Just to sit in some Class? I’m freaking terrified of getting the virus. I’m not just saying ‘Oh no!! I hate school!! Please don’t send us back!!’ I’m scared for my safety and well being,along with my classmates.

  • Shut down small business, gyms, restaurants that are not Mcdonalds to the point of permanentely destroying our economy and what professions are even available but people’s prized most delicate possessions The Children Yea stuff em small classrooms, they’re immune and invincible like superheros. Spread to their family? Nah they cant even catch it..��
    Umm ok, makes sense.. Dont let the parents that have to feed them have employment but school must go on. Sit em in chairs for 7 hours looking down reading & doing left brain tasks destroying their spines posture & minds.
    Doctors are overrated

  • Just don’t even test the kids! If you don’t test the kids, they won’t have to report any cases of COVID19 coming from any kids. If they get sick, just pretend it’s a cold or flu. Only test the teachers and other staff. Stop being chicken and just let kids come back! The economy can’t fully reopen without schools open as they’ve already said. It was a terrible decision to close schools in February/March in the first place!

  • Reopening schools so parents can go back to work will not convince people to restart the economy by going out and resuming pre-COVID life. It will probably make things worse if children start spreading the disease.

  • Taking the test wont stop you from contracting the virus.
    What if you get the virus on the way home or on your way in to school.
    And you might not have any sintums yet and yet your spreading the virus are campus.
    No matter what its still dangerous.
    Its COVID -19.

  • Why are we worrying about money,This VIRUS IS A KILLER!!!!!I’m a teachers assistant, and have a grandchild,he OS Not going to school,he has health issues,my life and his is life is more important,,than MONEY,
    I rather work from home and Live!!!
    Kids I work with is 3 to 4 yrs old, if they sneeze cough,drool, we have to change them,we also have to change children if they are not potty trained or have accidents.I also have to worry about my 2 parents,that are in there 80’s with health issues,They are forcing us back.PLEASE HERE MY VOICE,I DONT AGREE WITH SCHOOLS OPENING,THEY ARE EXPECTING US TO WORK HARDER WITH CLEANING,NOT ONLY TOYS BUT PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT, TOILETS CUBBYS,TABLES CHAIRS,THIS IS NOT FAIR TO TACHERS AND KIDS!!!!!

  • ..and amid all the bullshit arguments, we have had an extremely unusual phenomenon…A number of school children GUNNED DOWN across various states in broad daylight, during SCHOOL HOURS..
    Let that sink in..That’s the reality outside of the Corona Karen’s bubble..

  • But There is seemingly No Debate When The Gov. just Closes Businesses.Bars Restaurants,Gyms,Barbers, Salons,Etc.Since When Does The Gov. Let People Vote On Things. I Call Them Dictators!

  • Schools reopening is a bad idea. Kids will get sick and bring that virus back to their parents and siblings. Especially the kids in kindergarten, first grade, second grade. These young kids do not understand about keeping a mask on or washing their hands constantly.

  • There’s no debate. I said no. My baby won’t be going to no school unless it’s online. 8hrs in a mask at 8yrs old my behind. Hell no!

  • My kid won’t be in school to be your guinea pig. Online isn’t ideal, but it’s better than sending her into a petri dish. She can go dig in the dirt to keep up her immune system.

  • Fauci was only allowed to speak at The White house to show his crimes of humanity, him and Gates work for The United Nations, want to make money from us, they are pushing this vaccine, so the CDC and some others are involved. These people are corrupt, Tg ed y want d ett population as toon and want to profit off of it. We dont need a vaccine, it’s just a flu, we are not in a crisis, the number of cases, no deaths, just cases…they are counting, so # is false. They keep saying, we need a vaccine to dominate the people and control us, people are do sc as red because of this man…but the people need to see what he is doing. They already have all the paper work on the money that obama gave Wuhan $millions, I’ve seen the transfer of funds on bbn paper….but it will be show soon…to make this virus, and they wanted to use in the united states in this time to interfere in the election but soon it will come out and Fauci and gates will be in jail!!!!!! For crimes of humanity!!

  • How can we possibly reopen schools with most schools far above their student limit already? There are no proper online school programs in many areas

  • How about you “fact check ” the hell out these three patents 7279327, 7776521, 7220852 (Methods for producing recombinant coronavirus 2007 ) (Coronavirus isolated from humans sars-cov 2010)

  • Idk if I’m totally correct BUT think of it like this, children go to school, they are exposed to all the air around them which basically stays around them, so when people even TALK it spreads around in the air-

  • Very Important to Realize:..”Truth & Accuracy” in [Reporting the Facts] & [Adding Opinions]…are not only…(a) [News fit to Print & Read]
    but (b) “Completely Removes” from “Communication”…[Fake & Irresponsible News], [Equivocations, Half Truths & Lies]…the make up
    of [Propaganda] & [False Pretense]!
    What about Exaggeration? Save it for the “3rd round on the house”!

  • Wearing a mask has never been political. Before this pandemic most people in Japan wore masks not really to protect themselves because masks don’t do that very well. They do it to protect eachother because you really don’t know for sure if you have allergies or if you’re sick and I want to protect people around me. It’s not because you ‘want to be free’. It’s because you’re selfish.

  • Theres alot more people than the President that want Schools to open. Them just blaming the President for this is Totally misleading.

  • I feel HORRIBLE for kids that are abused at home, or just have issues at home. School was probably their getaway. I hope we can go back normally.

  • Wait, so they don’t want to open schools but want social workers to continue to visits homes that might have covids. This is upsetting, everyone should have the right to protect themselves and not have to choose between your job vs your health.

  • They keep talking about classrooms
    but how about how a lot of kids get to their schools to go to those classrooms.
    Like riding the bus. How are you going to social distance them.

  • 11k college kids have tested positive with ZERO hospitalizations. Less dangerous than the flu. On the bright side, kids won’t be getting indoctrinated by public schools until after the election.

  • I’m Homeschooling mine and she was so excited that she started a day early.
    She’s not upset she’s missing out on starting middle school, she’s afraid for her friends and favorite teachers. And she’s mad that children are being put in danger and she hopes none of the kids going back give Covid to loved ones. She has a lot of friends who have grandparents living with them or are being raised by grand parents.

  • schools shouldnt start in the fall, kids will contract the virus and spread it. it takes one person in the school to spread it to everyone. which will spread to those kids families.

  • It makes no sense that childcare’s are open with school age children stuck for eight hours in a facility with no mask and they can’t go to school to learn. If they want to protect children close down childcare’s. All those government programs are paying for child care so parents can go back home and work from home. Other parents that don’t qualify for assistance program work from home with their children.

  • Sadly no one can really see that God is separating and closing everything so we can try to focus on him, our family, and ourselves. I just wish they could see that instead of rushing this change…

  • I’m freaking out! I have to go to school soon and I know people won’t social distance even if we could in a small classroom with 30 students.

  • No vaccines no school like every other required vaccination children are not permitted to school without them so why is this any different?I have immune system issues how can I fight it when I’m being told to go back to work in the school system

  • There are sources out there saying masks work. Then there are other research studies saying they don’t work. Welcome to the internet.

    Then there is common sense and common knowledge. Oh! Listen to this conversation that was recorded between viruses and germs:

    “Wow. This person has a face mask on. Oh, but look! We are infinitesimally smaller than the fibers in the mask that let the air go in and out. But let’s be good little viruses and germs and just ignore the laws of physics. We are so smart that to protect this person, we will know how to avoid the fiber spaces that let air go in and out. Therefore we will only go to where we can cling to the fibers themselves! Oh dear, that means the mask wearer will keep sucking us back into their body as he or she rebreathes stale air. Hmmmm….”

    “Maybe we should go out with the air through those ginormous (to us) spaces between the mask fibers? After all, we are getting depleted oxygen here and we are getting an extra load of carbon dioxide. That’s not very healthy.”

    WHOOOOOOOSH! “Oh no, that mean ol’ air is pushing us out no matter what we, or the mask wearer, want! Byeeeee mask wearer!”

    Masks in hospitals, btw, are mainly used to keep patients protected from things like contamination through coughing, sneezing, accidental drooling and so on by the medical professionals.
    Yes Asians have worn masks more than most in the world. But that was often due to polluted air outside. It was not their custom to wear masks in work places, riding their bikes, at schools and so on and on.
    Nurses and doctors generally wear masks only in surgery or with very unusual cases. They have not traditionally worn them in say the nursing station, when visiting patients, in the cafeteria or virtually any other places.
    There are studies showing, though, how doctors have suffered from hypoxia as the result of prolonged mask wearing in surgery. See surgeon Dr. Blaylock and research about masks.

    More research on masks from biological engineer Dr. Shiva. Start at about 12:50.

    But if you believe germs and viruses can’t go on through a mask right along with the air I guess there is nothing that can make you come out of the draconian mask ghetto.

  • I bet they’ll want the kids to wear a mask all day. They better be ready for them to be sick breathing in all their own crap air.

  • Take it from someone who knows. I work at a School.
    It’s a death sentence for some. Especially those with Asthma. We also have many Special Needs students. Might as well put a sign on them that says dead man/woman walking. All it takes is one sneeze a classroom. There is no VENTILATION system.

  • By reopening schools all you will do is make the virus rampant one kid has it, everyone has it, it’s that type of thing. The reason the virus is so dangerous is becouse it can go undedectable and still spread super effectively

    And another thing kids are f*cking disgusting, they lick dirt and eat boogers, its not thier fault thier just kids, they will get it and spread it to thier families, a lot of them have medical problems, I’m 16 and I have severe astma, my mom has asthma too, my dad only has one working lung. but on the bright side those of us who survive will know that the mitochondria is the power house of the cell, in mla format, then forget it, and also probably be traumatized.

  • Thank science as your in the ICU dying from Clovis. Schools are filthy compared to a medical center or hospital. Inner city kids have poor hygiene they spread illness like wild fire. The adults will get sick and die. Couple of dead teacher oh well

  • how the heck is it easy to do social distance in school. It’s not likely we intentionally leave half of the school empty, so now we just use the whole school and everything is good

  • I see division!! Abortion, race, gender,face mask,schooling, religion, freedom of speech, 2nd amendment, GMOs, global warming, social distance, flat earth, chem trails, ford Chevy, marijuana,vaccines, CNN, BLM, historic statues, Confederate flag, rainbow, chaz/chop, wonder if I should keep goin? �� and then they make everyone of them life of death. Your gonna kill my grandma if you dont wear a mask. Your gonna kill our kids if you send them to school. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. All of you turn your phones turn off all politics go tell you fucking kids you love them and talk to them shame on every last one of you!

  • Yes. All kids need to stay home. Their parents need to raise, teach and feed them. No. There won’t be unemployment or free food. But kids lives matter. It’s going to be tough on single moms. But they will just have to step it up. Good luck ��