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A blood pregnancy test is a quantitative blood test to show how much human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is in your blood. This is the type of blood pregnancy test that most people are referring to when they talk about blood tests for pregnancy. The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) blood test measures the level of hCG hormone present in a sample of your blood. hCG is produced during pregnancy. Your.

Summary An HCG pregnancy test checks human chorionic gonadotropin levels in the blood or urine. This measurement means that an HCG test can test whether a woman is pregnant. hCG tests involving blood and urine tests could help in detecting pregnancy.

The hCG levels could be first detected in blood as early as six days of egg implantation and reach their peak in the first 14 to 16 weeks after your last menstrual period. Subsequently, they decline and remain stable for the rest of the pregnancy (1). July 9, 2020. Early in pregnancy, your provider will check your blood type and Rh status. Your blood will also be checked for immunities to things like rubella, hepatitis B, syphilis and HIV.

Depending on your situation, you may also have blood tests to check for gestational diabetes and genetic disorders, and to establish baseline figures if you’re at risk for preeclampsia or hypertension. A qualitative test detects if hCG is present in the blood. A quantitative test (or beta) measures the amount of hCG actually present in the blood.

Guideline to hCG levels in weeks during pregnancy * These numbers are just a guideline – every woman’s level of hCG can rise differently. A blood test is the most accurate way to detect hCG levels, because more of the pregnancy hormone is present in the blood than in the urine. Blood tests can detect levels between 5 and 10 mIU/mL versus the 20 mIU/mL that most at-home pregnancy tests can detect. There are two types of blood tests to determine pregnancy: Qualitative hCG blood serum tests check to see if a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin is present in your blood. HCG is a hormone produced by the body during pregnancy.

A positive result means you are pregnant and a negative result means you are not pregnant. Pregnancy tests detect the level of hCG, a hormone produced by the human placenta, present in the woman’s urine. hCG starts being produced on the day of implantation, and peaks around the 10th week of the pregnancy. During those first few weeks, the concentration of hCG doubles every two days.

How soon will a pregnancy test read positive?Pregnancy tests check blood or urine for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Your body makes hCG after implantation of an embryo in your uterus.


List of related literature:

Primary Focus: Pregnancy Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is used to detect pregnancy and can be determined by blood or urine test as early as 10 days after conception.

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Pregnancy Tests Pregnancy tests are designed to detect minute amounts of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a glycoprotein hormone secreted by the trophoblast of the developing embryo that rapidly increases in the urine or serum during early stages of pregnancy.

“Linne & Ringsrud's Clinical Laboratory Science E-Book: Concepts, Procedures, and Clinical Applications” by Mary Louise Turgeon
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The serum pregnancy test measures human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in blood plasma and is highly accurate within 1 week after ovulation.

“Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN” by Diane Billings, Desiree Hensel
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Basis for tests: Most chemical tests for pregnancy are based on the presence of beta subunit of HCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin in the blood or urine.HCG can be detected in urine or blood after implantation, which occurs 6-12 days after fertilization.

“Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing” by Sharma
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Immediately after conception and implantation of the fertilized egg, the plasma level of HCG increases rapidly and can be used to detect pregnancy with a serum pregnancy test as early as 6 days before the first missed menstrual period.

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The test measures the beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) (in urine or blood), which is produced by trophoblasts on day 6 after fertilization.

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• Presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in blood (4–12 weeks) and in urine (6–12 weeks)—positive pregnancy tests.

“A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing” by Annamma Jacob
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Shortly after implantation, specific cells in the outer portion of the developing embryo secrete hCG.The presence of this hormone in the woman’s system produces a positive pregnancy test result because, as noted earlier, hCG can be detected in the woman’s blood and urine.

“New Dimensions in Women's Health” by Linda Lewis Alexander, Judith H. LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
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All pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone produced by the developing placenta and detectable in the mother’s blood and urine.

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Pregnancy Testing Testing includes analysis of maternal blood or urine for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone produced by the trophoblastic cells of the developing placenta.

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  • I’m so sorry! You are brave for sharing your story because it will help a lot of other women who have gone through something similar! ��

  • I am really scared we was planning for baby just before one week in this week we had sex regularly but after one week I feel sick just casually I check pregnancy from pregnancy tester I got surprised it was positive then next day again I check again positive then after that I give my blood for pregnancy test when when I saw my result it was positive blood report says I am pregnant but I am very confused how can it possible please help me I am pregnant or not

  • I’m sorry hon. Nothing like getting jerked around by pregnancy tests! This JUST happened to me the last few days. I got two VERY positive tests with one brand, then another brand was negative. Ended up getting my cycle four days later. Not sure what to think or feel. The best part is my husband had a vasectomy end of 2017. So to get two positives made my mind reel. I have six babies, and I’m alllllll done. Lol. All that to say I totally empathize. ❤️❤️❤️

  • I’ve had 2 chemicals and they are the absolute most heart breaking, confusing experience. On the side of the ol’ ✂✂ make sure he goes back for Every Single follow up appointment because that stuff can easily reverse itself and the tubes can grow back together. My cousin had his done and years later him and his wife conceived twins lol

  • Way to go Kyle! I think its awesome when the man steps up and gets a vasectomy. You will do great. Maybe Jay can practice his nursing skills on you lol.

  • it’s actually not a myth but I have seen that wondfos seem to be harder to read and a lot easier to look positive with blood. So I definitely wouldn’t use those with blood, $1 tests work awesome though, I got a negative a couple days ago with blood and a positive today.

  • Awww,Emily you need a hug alright to cry.Invisible hug across the miles.No worries,Emily just overwhelming moment for you..Snip,snip Kyle OMG.You’re junk be good I hope,bro..Love,light and peace to you Jackson Family.You are blessed Kyle and Emily with your 3 children.

  • Wow I wasn’t expecting this on the video. As I was listening to you both chatting about it all, I am so proud of how you both have handled it all, for your ages you have both matured since having children, I don’t mean that to be patronising or anything like that,I am just trying to explain how I found you both in video. And I agree with you on focusing on your 3 you have now. In my mind this was what was meant to happen god moves in mysterious ways. Anyway A MASSIVE GOOD LUCK KYLE but you be all good in no time. Xx ����‍⚕️����

  • I had a positive pregnancy test (I haven’t missed my period yet) but my HCG is only 15 and they said I will miscarry. How can they be so sure if I haven’t even missed my period yet. Isn’t it early to say that?

  • I’m celibate… and I have to take one on Monday for surgery prep ���� *sarcasm*..oh, the joys of having a uterus ����������������

  • I’m sorry you had to go through that �� I’ve been through that too and sadly a miscarriage as well. It’s never easy and it just takes an emotional toll on you. Prayers ��❤

  • Good luck tomorrow Kyle don’t worry my son in law had it done and he was awake and it was just in a small office type room too and he says it’s the best thing he’s done. Xx

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  • Hello.my home pregnancy tests are positive.but beta hcg test negative.i have pcos.my lmp was 28 march.m very much worried about my pregnancy.plz reply me

  • Literally the same thing happened to me in the past week I had a positive and then two days later started my period/bleeding. It was also a shock and unplanned for me but then I didn’t know how to feel. I’ve also cried because I started getting excited and this has never happened to me either.

  • Hi had the same thing happen to me get postive and the neg very confusing and it was sad but I’m in a two week wait again so I hope this month is our month

  • How do you even prick your finger? I tried stabbing my finger around 10 or so times and it hurts and I could not draw blood lol finally I did it harder than I was and I was able to get a tiny bit of blood to come out but not even enough for a drop after stabbing the same spot 3 times ��

  • girl there’s no need to explain yourself or your guys’s personal decisions on vasectomies or things like that because no matter if a troll wants to sit there and put you down because oh you just had a positive pregnancy test and now you guys are snips snipping…. like what’s up guess what it’s your decision at the end of the day and not theirs. they don’t know you personally they don’t understand what it’s like being in your shoes so they really have no room to talk! you guys are doing what’s best for you personally and your family I myself have had a miscarriage and did not want any kids after that and here I am 8 weeks pregnant and excited but this is my last and if I was to lose this baby I would still go ahead with tying my tubes so do not feel like you need to explain yourself on why you guys are choosing what you are or what you’re doing because at the end of the day we are all here to support you and if they are true friends and true supporters they’re going to stick by your side if they sit there and talk down on you because of your situation then guess what they’re nothing but rolls and they don’t deserve a moment of your time and just don’t read their comments. Good luck on the surgery and I will continue to subscribe and watch your videos no matter what happens

  • That was a close one hahaha I felt the panic in ur heart Every kid is a blessing every pregnancy is�� I knew I was done after 3 daughters lol it can be a lot..

  • All things work together. It’s ok to be sad, even though this wouldn’t have been planned. It’s a lot of up and down in your emotions.

  • I totally feel you I’ve never gotten a positive test and not be pregnant. I made the decision to get my tubes tied after my 3rd because I never wanted to worry about being pregnant again and also don’t like birth control either like you have mentioned! But good luck to Kyle I’m glad he is taking one for the team lol!

  • the cushion that absorbs the liquid is underneath the shiny thing, you either had to cut it to a shorter point or add the blood on the side where the cushion is, not on to,it’s not absorbed lol

  • thats because the soonest you can find out is 6 to 8 days. but the hcg could still be fairly low, so for a more accurate result you should wait until your period is past due. that way you do not get a false negative.

  • How weird, I have never met anyone or heard of anyone get a false positive. I know that it can happen, but didn’t know it actually can! Proud of you for taking the step to make your current family size permanent. I don’t understand how ppl can just have kid after kid after kid (unplanned) and not take any steps to prevent unwanted pregnancies because usually, from what I have seen, the kids and parents suffer… whether it’s financially and/or emotionally because they weren’t prepared to have x amount of children. Sorry, that sounds harsher than I mean it to.

  • Hey. For last two mounth I spotted we’ll in July 1-8 spotted an I spotted at end of July same aug 13 I took look yes pergenant. When. I blood aug 27/13 the call me that said not but I still pergenant even I’m spotting very light I could still be pergenant? My last day. Aug16/13

  • So good Kyle is getting the procedure done, like you said for the team. I would like to see a vlog on on he is recovering. You should have a edible arrangment with some ballons sent to him. Maybe some of his fav snacks and items to help him in the healing process ��

  • I just did a home blood test it came out very faint? My urine tests are really strong so idk if there’s something wrong now I’m worried. Will I even pass a blood test? I know I’m pregnant ����

  • This might sound weird, but I would recommend prenatal vitamins until your cycle starts.
    I had a friend who was positive on a box test, but neg on blood, 4 months after the blood work she had the blood work done again, it came back positive. She now has a beautiful daughter.
    So I highly recommend treating yourself as if you are pregnant, until your 120% sure you aren’t

  • New subscriber I’m sorry about what happened Same thing happened to me few months ago and also already had 3 misscarridges so the pain is unbearable so yes u are very blessed.

  • I just done this and mine was positve. But my urine tests have been so faint they look like shadows. I’m going to the doctor Monday. And my test showed up and it was instantly positive. It didnt take 5 min. So idk

  • just a quick note I too had a TL at 23 because I had my 3 kids! I had the TL then not even 2 years later and I had 3 CS I cried every day that I wanted the 4th kid and could not! went back to my doctor to see if they could reverse my TL and they said yes but the surgery would take 7 hours and then not work! to this day I wish I have never done! wish you guys all the best! Kyle don’t be scared its simple my patients do that all the time! and now not weird first because if you get pregnant they doctors don’t want to take the blame, second its your body if Kyle said no its no even if you sign!

  • My hubby got a vasectomy a couple weeks ago! It was super quick and easy. No complications at all and he recovered really quickly. His was also just a local numbing and he wasn’t put under. I hope everything goes well for Kyle. Use those frozen peas!

  • Very informative video
    Watch my video about accurate symptoms of baby boy in pregnancy
    Here is the link

  • The blue test isn’t a pregnancy test it’s an ovulation test. Pregnancy tests say HCG ovulation test says LH. And from reading the test it’s negative for ovulation.

  • Bless your heart. My husband had a vasectomy and it was really easy. I mean, he is a man, though…and you know how they can be when they’re “sick”.:) Where is y’all scrotums supports?! ROFL!!

  • Also the reason you have to sign it pretty sure is because both of you if married have to be okay with it (just what I’ve heard) I’m getting my tubes removed this csection so I’m curious if my husband will have to sign too??

  • I think the blood one your hubby did would be more of a dye run instead of a actual line.. This article states that blood works just as well if not better than urine. I think maybe it only works on the hpts with the well that you use a dropper with

  • wait till after you missed your period? haha no. Take an early pregnancy test and you can get a positive result before your period is even due.

  • So sorry that you had a rough week with not knowing the test results! But I totally agree that a guy can go through a simple vasectomy with what us women go through! I’m pregnant with our 4th and unless I have to have an emergency c-section, my husband will be getting a vasectomy Vs me getting my tubes tied! Easier recovery for sure!

  • Wrong. It can take up to 12 days after ovulation for the fertilized egg to implant. Your levels wont show until implantation. In a perfect world all women would implant between days 8 and 10, some as soon as 6 dpo (days past ovulation) but some as late as 12. That’s why some women wont get their positive until 15DPO and some get it as soon as 9DPO.

  • Try to live beautiful moments with your children now and god will give other baby!!you are vety blesses that u already have 3 healthy wonderful children cause other women are in the same position with u now and they don’t have any child i am telling u this with all of my love!!!!��

  • I met my Husband when i was 25, We both knew we wanted kids and we knew we needed to get started soon. So i decided to go for fertility test and get some basic testing done, when the result came out my report was totally discouraging, my doctor told me that probably my only chance to get pregnant was to use a donor egg. I was absolutely shocked, we hadn’t even started trying yet, and all of a sudden I was told that I had absolutely no chance of getting pregnant on my own, my head was full of terrifying thoughts like I wouldn’t ever be a mother etc. But luckily my beloved, i found dr Ebhariagbe spell and herbs whose contact was shared on Fertility blog. He is in West Africa and the charges for the herbs was so sweet and more than acceptable for me, the herbs was sent to me in few days and i followed the simple steps and i was confirmed pregnant a month after using the medication. I want everyone desperately in need for a child to contact him on this info,WhatsApp contact number +2349064310416 or visit his Instagram via @dr_ebhariagbe. I spent less money than planned, you gonna get the best from him. Thanks.

  • Funny thing my boyfriend got snipped a month ago we had sex 4 times after and I found out 4 days ago I’m 4 weeks pregnant lol apparently the first 12 (you know what ) after the surgery your swimmers are still swimming lol

  • In my country a lot of Doctors do not do vasectomy on any man younger than 30 to 35 as they may want more children in the event of divorce or death etc. or women changing minds.

  • Emily, you went on a true roller coaster ride, you couldn’t stop shaking, the ups and downs of emotions are real. You guys are truly blessed with three wonderful babies and if you were pregnant again I know that would have been ok with you guys too. Men should take one for the team, cause us women do it all. It’ll be ok Kyle.

  • If you need a clearblue digital test coz your too incompetent to read 1 line or 2. You need to be serialized. The world has enough idiots.

  • You can use blood on an at home hcg test… only need 3 drops of blood and 2 drops of water… using the small amount of water will not dilute a test

  • have never in my life given room to any talk or ideas about herbs. I see herbs as hazardous subsI tance and so I abhor any talk about herbs…I am a lady who have being trying to conceive for many years. I was told by doctor that I have block fallopian tube n fibroid. Ever since then I have been taking drugs all to no avail.. My story changed when a friend introduced me to a man that heals using herbs. I was not fully in support of the idea but I just had to give it a trial since I have been on drugs. I personally gave up on TTC. I contacted the man and he said he strictly believe in the use of herbs for treatment such as fibroid, PCOS, block tube,ovarian cyst etc.. I asked him some question basically how he got to know about herbs.. He told me his brief history how he got his knowledge of herbs from his late father and promise me that I will return thanking him..I order for the herbs which he sent to me through a DHL courier company he gave me instruction on how to be taking the herbs. and today I thank God it works for me… I am a mother of a baby boy. I’m simply testifying over my breakthrough. What an how I did to conceive after years of struggling.on whatsapp dr unuayan +2348134647497

  • I heard of many women who did not get their positive HCB blood test until 6-7 or even 12 weeks pregnant. there are many stories of those women so stop bullshiting that this is the only standard way and it can not be another way. Every woman is unique. some women don’t get their positive on urine tests at all and only by blood, some of them get it later.

  • It could have been faulty lately for me first response has been wrong. I’m 12 weeks pregnant and first response was the only one that gave me negative. Or I had a chemical similar to u one positive and the rest negative and I was late by two days. It sucks

  • I’m glad Kyle is getting fix.You have 3 beautiful Children!!!! You need to focus on your children and you and your husband!!! When children get’s 0lder it’s going to be harder and expecive!!! Love your u tube video!!!! Rita

  • Ice pack and a couple of days rest he’ll be good to go. I was one to comment congratulations but I did watch the whole video. I wanted to say it regardless and let you know I was praying for your family. Continued prayers. ❤️ Much love and I love your vlogs.

  • I have never gotten a positive off the digital first response right away. I know everyone is different but that’s my experience. I’m so sorry! �� I know you weren’t planning it but still that’s definitely rough. With my second I was getting positive tests at home but the drs test and blood work said no. I knew I was though and kept pushing. They re ran my blood work and it finally came back positive. �� I’m currently pregnant with number four and thankfully that hasn’t happened again. Lol

  • I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason❤ you crying made me cry because it is hard. But I am ao glad you guys are doing better. You are so blessed to have three beautiful and healthy kids!! Love you guys!! ��

  • It is not debunked. Men will do a positive urine test too because men have progesterone in their systems. Which shows up on a hpt.

  • I’m sorry:(
    I’ve had 4 chemicals, an ectopic which I needed emergency surgery to remove my right tube and then I had a miscarriage and nearly bled to death. Every loss is a loss, it’s natural to be upset x

  • Im sorry hunny!! I can definitely say its soo much easier for them my husband had his “snip snip” done last November he was a little sore and uncomfortable for 24-36 hours after it only took 15mins he only used ice packs…so much easier than child birth ����

  • I don’t believe this to be debunked at all, in the article you shared, it clearly says do not add water and to wait. It also says that a ‘simple cut on the hand’ won’t work, it has to be from a real blood draw. I agree that people shouldn’t rely on this method at all though. Seems when people are actually pregnant though, it’s a much darker line?

    I hope you’re ttc journey went/is going well!

  • Just be aware you can still get pregnant, for some time after the surgery. You have to follow up, amd wait for an ‘all clear’ test.

  • It sucks that you had to go through those emotions. But I can tell that you both are ok with having 3 babies. Good luck to Kyle with his surgery! Great vlog as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • But conception doesn’t always happen right after intercourse. Sometimes it could take over a week for conception to take place. Pls correct me if I’m wrong.

  • as someone who knows many of nurses this is not debunked, there is a certain method that even i myself use everytime i test and it works everytime. never had a false positive using blood on a hpt.

  • A few things…..1. No my husband doesnt have cancer. It’s not a Urine test it’s blood. The “men have cancer if they have a positive pregnancy test” applies to Urine not blood.
    2. I am not pregnant in the video the LH strip is to identify a surge for ovulation. we used it to show where the line would be on the pregnancy test. LH tests always have a line show up.
    3. Yes hospitals have certain tests that are made for blood and urine. This is not one of them. The whole point of this is to show you there is a line with blood no matter what… pregnant or not. multiple people in my group did it both them and their husbands had lines.

  • I just love Kyle. He’s always got the best reaction to everything. He’s so accepting of anything you guys go thru. Such a good hubby!

  • It’s ok to be sad or disappointed. I do think it was a faulty test. I’ve had two chemical pregnancy’s and I would have at least 2-3 positive tests and a few days later up to a week or two later I miscarry. The first one I had was painful the second one wasn’t as bad at all. I’ve also had false positives with first response as well. Just like with your case one digital said positive and all other tests were negative. Best wishes to you and your family. Can’t wait to see what you guys post next.

  • Mam my hcg level 0.10, missed period 17 days.. all pregnancy symptoms are they.. any chance to getting pregnant plsss reply me.. shal i wait..

  • At least you can rest easy mom,it was not meant to be. You have 3 beautiful kids now,be happy.
    Your daughter is adorable,you are going to have to keep the boys away from her. God Bless you and your family

  • … this is kind of helpfull but kind of frusturating. I did a insimination tyoe thing a week ago and I really want to know if it worked and if im pregnant…….

  • Your husband needs to go and test for testicular cancer NOWWW! During this men produce small amounts of hcg! Thats why the test is positive

  • Ur graphics and the mini stories told….which are basically just the functions of hormones, are amazing….it can literally capture attention people till the very end���� Great job

  • I’m sorry that you got that results, but at the same time happy for you in a way…. you said that you are completely fine with the 3 kids you’ve got and that you’ve talked about a vasectomy a while so maybe this was the best result anyway.

    I hope that my comment yesterday didn’t hurt you. It’s so hard when you only can express your thoughts and knowledge by words because it can sound so harsh even if it not supposed to be that.

    My husband got a vasectomy done 2013 on a doctors office. The procedure took about 10 minutes and then another 5 minutes to put bandages on. They did it the same day as we were there for a consultation. So after talking with the doctor around 15-20 minutes about why we wanted him to get the vasectomy they took him to their surgery room and did the procedure. He said that the only thing that hurt was the shots with the numbing medicine. Then they just did small incisions and cut the spermatic ducts and then they sew “the package” up and put on bandages and then it was all done. He had to leave a sample one month after the procedure and then another sample after 6 months and if they are alright then you don’t need to worry about protection ever again. For us, we only needed to use protection the first month until he got the lab results showing that there were no activity in his sample.

    I hope that everything has gone great for you today!!

  • Oh sweetheart I just want to wrap you up in one of my big hugs and tell you that it’s ok for this to hurt you, Your human and I 100% agree that once we hear or see “ PREGNANT “ we instantly go into mother mode and it’s your instincts to LOVE that little pea wether it’s big or small so just go easy on yourself beautiful, You are hurting for good reason!! ������������

  • Hey girl I just recently started following your channel a month or two ago and remembered watching this video and now I am currently going through the same confusion. I received 3 positive home tests, two negative clear blues and a negative blood test from the doctors. Im still convinced I’m pregnant. If there’s ANY way you could personal message or email me so I can speak to somebody (you) who has also recently experienced something similar I would be so relieved. Thank you in advance!!!!! Us girls have to stick together!!!

    [email protected] gmail.com

  • I also have had chemical pregnancies and I just happened to test super early and barely caught it then immune the tests start to either get lighter or just negative. It’s still very hard. It’s an emotional roller coaster.

  • 3:35 Why would a MAN use this pregnancy test? You could argue they have a defect that gives them both organs but they look like a man, but then their gender would technically be both or if they get rid of one, the spare one.

    I feel like me talking about gender will get me harassed by SJWs and Ultra-Conservatives / Ultra religious people but Fuckit and Cuck it

  • If you didn’t have such a big heart and just love your kids so much then you wouldn’t be so emotional. Your together life with Kyle you both have always wanted kids, so of course this would make you emotional. Whatever you want to do is right for you. Love your love and your family ❤��������
    p.s. Kyle will be just fine. And just wait, things will get really “spicy” now that you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

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  • I still wonder why western girls/women took so long to see the result on the testpack (I mean, I knew it from their novels, but is it true?). They need at least 10 minutes to know the result. Meanwhile I knew the result seconds after my urine hit the testpack, and the testpack is so cheap in my country. Just 0.195 dollar. And it always give the right result.