Choices for How to handle Extra Frozen Embryos After In vitro fertilization treatments


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Another option is to have the embryos thawed and disposed of by the clinic. This is usually done in the embryo lab of the fertility clinic or at a cryobank where they are stored. The clinic may be able to give the thawed embryos over to you for burial, though legal laws regarding the disposal of biological tissue may complicate this.

Do nothing, decide later. Frozen embryos can be stored for a yearly fee at some fertility labs. Other labs require the patient to relocate their embryos to a commercial storage site until they are ready to use the embryos or dispose of them.

Patients who chose this option will need to revisit the decision of what to do at least once every five years. Many once-infertile couples can’t decide what to do with extra IVF embryos While not viewed as “children,” some couples feel embryos are more than cells Options include donating embryos to medical. Every year they’re forced to weigh their options again, Gatz tells Shots, when a letter arrives from the fertility clinic.

It asks whether they want to destroy the embryos, donate them for medical. There are four broad options available: destroy the embryos, donate the embryos to science, donate the embryos to another person for his or her reproductive purposes, or continue cryopreserving the. If the embryo transferred doesn’t result in a successful pregnancy, you have two options. You can do another fresh, full IVF cycle, or you can transfer one or two of your previously cryopreserved embryos. The most cost-effective option would be to transfer one of your previously frozen embryos.

What Can I Do to Help Implantation After IVF There is no real scientific research to show what can increase implantation. After transfer, it’s up to mother nature to run its course. The night before embryo transfer, be sure to get plenty of rest and remain hydrated. Your Options for What to do with Your Extra Embryos Couples have 4 choices when it comes to these extra embryos. 1. Have a bigger family than you planned and transfer them anyway.

Chances are, if we can’t find someone we know to donate the embryos to, we will have to make the decision to destroy them at some point.This is where the discussion of abortion all of a sudden becomes very real to me. I’ve really had to think about how I feel about embryos and whether they are just a bunch of cells or my son’s brothers and sisters. Find Out HERE. ) What you do is peel the pineapple and remove the top. Turn the pineapple on its side and cut it into 5 equal sections including the core.

Starting the day of your transfer, eat one section per day including the core for 5 days until the pineapple is gone.

List of related literature:

This would suggest that methods of IVF that minimize embryos in storage, such as natural IVF, minimal stimulation IVF, or egg freezing as opposed to embryo freezing, are ethically preferable.

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The remaining eggs or embryos can be frozen for possible use in future IVF cycles.

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Most IVF clinics offer embryo freezing and storage for spare embryos.

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Embryo freezing Most IVF clinics offer embryo freezing and storage for spare embryos.

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These embryos are then frozen so that they can be used for future IVF procedures.

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Frozen–thawed embryo transfer in a natural or

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Unlike the other possible disposition decisions—use by one partner, donation to another patient, donation to research, or destruction—keeping the embryos frozen is not final and irrevocable.

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(In recent trials when embryos of equivalent quality are transferred or frozen, the frozen embryos seem to be more successful than the fresh ones, perhaps because freezing gives the prospective mother’s reproductive system time to recover from the hormones used in IVF.)

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Third, frozen embryos can be marketed directly by the owner of the donor, eliminating the need for shipment of pregnant recipients.

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Embryos resulting from IVF can be frozen until the time comes that one or more of them are needed.

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  • During egg induction i used to take decapapeptyl 0.1 injection with stimulants I got a very thin endometrium at 6 mm, yet we agreed for frozen embryo transfer, the month after I was on estrogen tablet from day 5 of cycle ; 8 mg per day, on day 15, the linning was at 8 and had triliminar pattern, yet the dr didn’t do transfer as he wanted to do the protocol of decapeptyl 3.75 injection with estrogen tablets, so the month after I did this protocol and unfortunately the lining wasn’t trilimnar and thickness was 7.6 so he cancelled, I am really frustrated, do you think that my doctor waisted the month when my linning was good, and decapeptyl injection affected my lining

  • Just had my frozen transfer on Monday, l am on my 3rd day post transfer. But I am not really having any symptoms is this normal? How long would implantation takes?

  • Hello, Im 35 years old I had an IVF at 32 had a healthy boy at 33, I have 4 frozen embryos, since I reached 35 im scared of the abnormalities rates, but my embryos are from when I was 32 Im confused in what factors to consider, can you please advice? Thank you.

  • No doubt, IVF has more advantage. Majority of the couple prefer IVF than surrogacy. FET is the part of IVF treatment. FET is the advance treatment in IVF. The chances of success with a FET are about the same as they were when the embryos were first frozen because freezing keeps them from ageing. Recent data for transfers suggests that FETs may be more successful than fresh cycles for women 35 and above.

  • I had one ivf failure
    Now I m going to take second chance with my frozen embryo
    I have only one overy n one frozen embryo
    Any chance of success

  • Thank you for this information. I will be doing a FET with embryo’s that were frozen over 8-9 years ago. Does the length of time that the embryos are frozen affect the thawing success rates? Thank you

  • IVF can be surely a success for lots of people. But for me, surrogacy is the only option left now. every time i conceived i resulted in a miscarriage. It happened 3 times and it is very hard for a woman to lose her unborn baby. So now me and my husband has decided to go for surrogacy as it is the last option for us.

  • Just what I need. Thank you for the video. Now I know what to do. I was confused before. My husband wanted to freeze the embryos. I support him now. All thanks to you.

  • What is up with Aussies using the term “fall pregnant” its ridiculous like its an accident or something completely unexpected….you wake up one day and go ” Damn, I fell pregnant last night”.

  • The ramifications of not knowing one’s genetic origins are *huge*, especially when there is disharmony in the adoptive family. The simple knowledge that one is not genetically similar (that is, either physically or temperamentally) to one’s parents and siblings is also mind-boggling. All the members of my adopted family always seemed to be on the same page as one another… and then there was me, who invariably held a different opinion and expressed myself differently to the way they did. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not bent out of shape by my adoptive status (well, not much, that is). But I have numerous insecurities, anxieties and differences that I can never resolve to my own satisfaction, simply because the knowledge of who I really am was denied me until too late.

    This situation means that those of us who grew up without knowing our genetic origins will always be at odds in one way or another with everyone around us AND WE DON’T REALLY KNOW WHY! Is it because of being adopted and ‘different’, or just because of bloody-mindedness? Even after a reunion, my own experience was that my upbringing separated me vastly from my biological family and the chasm between us was just too great for any relationship.

    My two cents’ worth that it’s probably best to think carefully before you consign a human being to this awful limbo. Not everyone can handle it well.

  • My sister and brother in law gave their extra embryos to other couples who couldn’t obtain their own. They found out that one of them was born and they have another boy out there. They are respecting the privacy of the parents and not asking for contact. The only issue that I have with this is that I was given up for adoption by my parents before they were married. While I had a wonderful life I always struggled with who I was. In 1985 when I was 21 I found my entire birth family with two full younger siblings. Since my sister found out she has another child out there we’ve become much closer, as she finally understands why I needed to find them.

  • I was hoping this video would have addressed also whether freeze all cycles make more sense than fresh ones for patients with adenomyosis, as the higher oestrogen levels in stimulation cycles can “fuel” adenomyosis potentially creating an adverse environment for transfer. I hope you will address this question in future videos about the same topic. Thank you.

  • Hi I had a fresh cycle fail last week I’m 39 I had a AA HATCHING BLASTOCYST and my womb was text book. Can you give me any ideas why it didn’t work?

  • Children are God’s Gift to parents through their act of love in Union with each other in marital embrace.
    In the In-vitro/ in-glass is abhorrent and against the right of babies to be conceived through an act of love.

  • Hello. These advantages are quite interesting. Thank you so much for letting us know. We need more optimistic people like that. Good content is all people need. To help them. To guide towards the right. Keep spreading positivity. Adios.

  • Frequent ejaculation is not good for pregnancy attempts due to porn and masterbat, because you need 40 million sperm minimum to pregnant lady. You will get only 5 days in month to attempt during ovulation. Present generation is with half total sperm strength compare to our forefathers. So follow semen retention and ejaculate semen during ovulation mostly. Follow 4 days at age 20s, 8 days 30s, 12 days 40s, 16 days 50s semen retention strategy. Ensure that your semen analysis as below
    Ejaculation volume 2 ML
    Total sperm per ejaculation 40 million
    Don’t worry about sperm motility if u have sperm as above or more. Do Weight lifting exercise and Attempt at least 2 years, if still not success, take herbal or Ayurvedic medicine. Don’t go IVF, because if physical no blockage you will still see failure in IVF like implantation failure, miscarriage etc. Natural conceive is best solution for immediate pregnant. People misguided that IVF will give immediate pregnancy, because after embryo transfer even doctor doesn’t know what is happening inside. In IVF lab only sperm, egg meet, which still will happen inside body if both women tubes good.

  • Hi Dr Zain can you please answer a question for me. Had an ivf 17 days ago, i found out couple of days ago that the treatment hasn’t worked. But my main concern is that my menstrual period didn’t start. I’m 10days late for the month September. My cycle is usual regular. Pls is this normal? Have had any of patience has experience this issue. Yours very upset

  • Hello doctor,Ihad recently got 4 eggs retrieved on 13 Feburary doctor has given me progesterone 5 mg BD till I get my periods for 10 days A diabetic I go for walk for 6 to 7 km daily I want to know just after embryonic transfer can I go for my regular walk

  • wow. didnt no frozen embryo can also be used in the process. i think Europe also has some of the best infertility clinics across the globe. this video of very informative and new though. thanks for sharing

  • 100% agreed. very informative video. many doctors dont take this point into consideration but i think if a client is well informed than these cases can be avoided. thnks for sharing

  • It has a lots of advantages. Each and everyone of them is fully described in this video. It’s really great for everyone to watch it and take help. It’s really very helpful for all of you. Please, keep sharing such videos. It’s great.

  • I really thought it would be better to go with natural stuff. This is great though. Freezing embryos looks like an amazing invention. Superb job once again by science. They are making everything so much easier. We are indebted! Can never thank them enough!

  • Hello there. This is an amazing video. So informative. This is really helpful, as IVF is expensive and it does take a lot of time. But the transfer of frozen embryos is better I guess. And it is easier, as IVF is not easy. The patient has to be injected multiple time.