Childhood Diet Experts Demand Food and drug administration Regulating Toddler Milk Labeling


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Toddler milk is marketed as a transitional formula suitable for older babies and toddlers. Pediatricians and childhood nutrition experts are urging stricter regulation toddler milk labeling. Parents should know exactly what these toddler formulas contain.

Baby formula companies are pushing branded milks known as “toddler formula” to parents looking to boost the nutrition of their young children. On Tuesday, July 28, leading nutrition experts, child health organizations and advocates, and researchers – including the UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity – petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to establish regulations for labeling products sold as “toddler milks” (also known as “toddler formula” or “toddler drinks”). They recommended additional regulations to ensure that caregivers are not misled into purchasing nutritionally.

On Tuesday, July 28, leading nutrition experts, child health organizations and advocates, and researchers—including the UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity—petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug. In a Citizen’s Petition filed today, children’s health advocates are ramping up pressure on FDA to address the labeling of so-called ‘transition formulas’ or ‘toddler milks. The researchers encourage the FDA to provide guidance or regulations on toddler drink labeling, which could include requiring manufacturers to include statements to consult a physician prior to use, use appropriate health and nutrition claims, and clearly differentiate between infant formula, transition formula, and toddler milks.

Questions regarding the use of GAMS should be directed to FDA’s Division of Dairy, Egg and Meat Products, Milk and Milk Products Branch in FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. FDA has provisions that include requirements for certain labeling, nutrient content, manufacturers quality control procedures (to assure the nutrient content of infant formulas), as well as. The USDA, Child Nutrition (CN) Labeling Program provides food manufacturers the option to include a standardized food crediting statement on their product label. Labels must be authorized by USDA, FNS prior to use and manufacturers must have quality control procedures and inspection oversight that meet the FNS requirements.

Food labeling is required for most prepared foods, such as breads, cereals, canned and frozen foods, snacks, desserts, drinks, etc. Nutrition labeling for raw produce (fruits and vegetables) and. Toddler 1-3 Years: Nutrition American Academy of Pediatrics.

Find toddler nutrition resources that cover topics such as dietary fat, dietary supplements, snacks, self.

List of related literature:

Further public health actions, such as changing dietary advice or requiring labelling of milk products, are not considered to be warranted at this stage.

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After much discussion, FDA and the manufacturers agreed on a labeling change, noting that the products should not be used in children younger than 4 years of age.

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FDA proposed rule of pediatric labeling.

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(5)(i) Foods, other than infant formula, represented or purported to be specifically for infants through 12 months of age and children 1 through 3 years of age shall bear nutrition labeling.

“Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) TITLE 21 Food and Drugs (1 April 2017)” by Office of the Federal Register (U.S.)
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Cow’s milk protein intolerance in infants under 1 year of age: a prospective epidemiological study.

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Another potential point of intervention for the FDA would be the placement of warning labels on formula that many other countries have adopted.

“Skimmed: Breastfeeding, Race, and Injustice” by Andrea Freeman
from Skimmed: Breastfeeding, Race, and Injustice
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Until a comprehensive assessment is done, formulators should take into account current view of the regulatory agencies (e.g., Agence Francaise de Securite Sanitaire des Produits de Sante (AFSSAPS), Scandinavian, etc.) and may opt for other preservative options for pediatric products.

“Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Parenteral Medications, Third Edition. 3 Volume Set” by Sandeep Nema, John D. Ludwig
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Risks associated with foods having advisory milk labeling.

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  • Oddly the FDA’s position, while utterly ludicrous and bereft of virtue, is also a step up from calling milk a symbol of white supremacy.

  • American kids dont need sht from milk but CALCi-UMM. No protien no etc etc. there already getting that from hella meat they eating but O wait hmm dosen’t almond milk give that? an is only like 60 calories an 30 percent calcium per cup! NO GROWTH HARMONES or any prossced labortory sht in it? Yeah yeah thank u 666 news an dr. Liar jus trying to promote the diary toxic agenda

  • DR. ALTMAN: If you are instructing parents to feed their babies animal milk after they are weaned from mother’s breast milk, with all that legitimate/ non-dairy industry research studies have revealed about the life altering, negative role of dairy in the etiology of the autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses, SHAME ON YOU! There is a reason most people lose the enzyme required to digest dairy after the age of 18 24 months of age, after which time they should be eating solid foods. You’re a doctor! There is no excuse for your ignorance! Pick up a few peer-reviewed medical journals and read about the role of dairy in triggering type 1 diabetes, asthma, childhood obesity, precocious adolescence and breast and prostate cancer, to name a few!

  • Wow. Yeah ummmm that “doctor” needs to read a dictionary. Milk is not just from a lactating mammal.

    I’ll be making a video on this later on this weekend, but definitions 2 and 3 cover all plant based milks.
    Video link:

    From Webster’s Dictionary 1828 edition through current:

    MILK, noun

    1. A white fluid or liquor, secreted by certain glands in female animals, and drawn from the breasts for the nourishment of their young.

    2. The white juice of certain plants.

    3. Emulsion made by bruising seeds.

  • 1. Milk exacerbates asthma.
    2. Soy milk has numerous nutritional benefits. Milk has several nutritional drawbacks.
    3. All vitamins and minerals can be found in more than one food. Whatever soy milk or cashew milk lack can be found somewhere else other than cow’s milk.
    4. Most children get plenty of protein from the meat that they eat and don’t need to get it from cow’s milk.
    5. Her joke about the beans was a low blow she seems antivegetarian.
    6. So, Americans are not smart enough to read nutritional labels and compare the nutritional benefits of various types of drinks?

  • How about we focus on education again because it seems that the majority of our population is so dumb they can’t understand that “almond milk” is not cow milk. Can they also not read labels?

  • And we in Canada are expected to open our dairy market to this level of insanity?!?!? To all Canadians out there, refuse to buy anything dairy that’s not from our own farms. And to the Americans, good luck. I sympathise with you.

  • Dairy industry is in panic mode so putting this crap out. They comparing vitamin d fortified cow-puss milk with regular non-fortified almond MILK!

  • actually the labeling doesn’t provide sufficient information about the nutrients in it
    I’m okay with them continue to call it soy millk or almond milk as long as the labeling is improved
    just need a public education on the label is sufficient imho. Maybe include the word plant-based, which is not suitable for children under 5

  • Funny how this comes along as a trade war looms between Canada and America. Dairy is a VERY contentious issue.

    Looks like the American dairy lobby is making sure to open up local market opportunities as a hedge against tariffs by smiting the plant based competition via FDA bribes.

    The shill doctor is a nice touch, though. ��������

  • OH.MY.GOD! Those plates of food are terrifying! And feeding a baby a baby lamb! I thought I couldn’t like her any less! What an evil person!

  • Sorry but this is rubbish nobody calls it almond beverage it is Almond milk around the world and it is labeled as such. Human Milk also contains less protein than cows milk by about 1/3 rd so I dont see what point she is making. Also you have different types of milk and they contain different levels of protein and fat their is not strict guide as to what milk has to be. So unless you are going to have a standard for milk to meet certain conditions it is just a generic term in which case I dont see the issue.

  • Why would anyone have two different dead animals on one plate? And there is just no reason even if you eat meat to eat baby animals. No reason.
    I remember when my daughter was small I made all her food myself. Applesauce homemade with carrots was her favorite. My husbands sisters did give their boys chopped meat because the doctor told them fruits will make them sugar addicts later. Today, my daughter is eleven and she loves fruits and vegetables. My nephews refuse fruits and veggies.

  • I think it’s insane to force an innocent baby to eat lamb and other animals without knowing what they are actually eating. Guarantee that when the kid is around 3 and you show them how they get their food, they will either love it or think that their mother is an absolute psychopath…

  • The FDA is a corrupt / criminal / communist organization! Just like this payed by the milk company lady guest! Dairy milk is full of puss and bacteria and steroids!! The FDA is payed by Big Pharma and Monsanto to keep healthy food and supplements hidden!! Just research the guy who got thrown in prision for selling Appricot seeds to fight Cancer because they are loaded with vitamin B-17 which kills all cancer! The FDA made Appricot seeds illegal and vitamin B-17 illegal!! Total scam!!

  • Lunacy. This doctor is probably paid by the dairy lobby. She wants to tell us that if your kids don’t drink dairy milk, they’re going to be short.

  • Cows milk is for cows! Dairy is not good for you so this Doctor is stupid or she was educated using American Textbooks! Could she be a shill for Big Dairy?

  • Food labeling rules are sometimes absurd. “Sugar free” products may contain lactose, dextrose, or fructose which, to a chemist and your body, are sugars but are not “sugar” according to the FDA because they only consider sucrose to be sugar.

  • I solved the milk problem 40 years ago, I stopped drinking the pus entirely as a teenager. It’s sickening what cows milk is today. The body stops needing milk at 18 months.

  • The balls on the FDA. This is how bureaucrats dig their own pit. The FDA could’ve pushed for a “unfortified” or “unreinforced” adjective, but they had to be on a power trip and call the real thing imitation… good luck with that lawsuit FDA.

  • The FDA is shutting down makers of high dose vitamin c intravenous. Why? Obviously, it isn’t for our benefit. I wonder what industry would be threatened by an inexpensive treatment like high dose vitamin C intravenous?

  • If it isn’t whole milk it isn’t natural milk and too you should not be forced to put in artificial vitamins 1% milk it’s just water with a Little bit of cream in it so 99% of it is been stolen

  • Stevia can’t be ‘sold and/or labeled’ for sale in the sugar/baking aisles. Apparently the FDA says it’s herbal. I notice some stores don’t give a shit, place it with sugar. Just as nature intended.

  • Just more unjustifiable actions designed to control and intimidate citizens by our wonderful public servants. I feel served, do you?

  • Ok, for those who believe that this is a problem… It isn’t. This is called fortification with vitamin D. This is done to ensure Americans get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is present in relatively few foods so it is injected into things like cereal, milk products, juice, etc.

    Before fortification in the US most Americans didn’t get proper nutrientsif we were to remove fortification this would come back as a problem. This would affect “natural” product users because they tend to limit food to only what is local/ made naturally and not all food can be made that way so they would be missing out on more diverse food with the vitamins and minerals they need.

  • I don’t think people realize how insidious carbohydrates are in the American diet. Sugar, for instance, is the most dangerous/toxic consumed substance in the West.. beating smoking and drinking, ffs! Now, think… what DOESN’T have sugar added? Every damn thing has sugar.

    Americans aren’t “fat”, they’re “carby”.

    Go Keto, be healthy, be happy, be beautiful. Stick it to all of these corrupt politicians and businessman who don’t give two shites about you, only your pocket.

  • I don’t see this as a 1st Amendment issue. Imagine if the reverse FDA requirement was in force, that the non-organic and non-additive skim milk producer must label it as “artificial”. Would the same argument be made? Would we claim they have a 1st Amendment right to label it as they see fit? No, you can’t claim it’s orange juice or anything else. So the issue isn’t free speech, the issue is that the consumer has a right to buy a product accurately described and labeled.

  • What a sad state of affairs. This is but one measure in what a corporate coup d’etat does to even the most basic of products. Gotta pay big pharma…

  • The people who think almond milk is the same as dairy milk are the same people that think eggs are dairy they are really ignorant. We cannot placate ignorance with laws and stupid regulations.

  • So, that’s why my milk, especially school milks in America / U.S.A. has


    The vitamin’s A and D are the ones that annoy me, because on the ingredients there’s: Vitamin A Palmite and Vitamin D3 (still a suspecting synthetic vitamin, D3, huh). It’s plain odd to label that specifically.

  • the crap they call milk in the stores sucks, it’s like whitewater. That’s why it lasts so long, it’s the imitation crap. Please WIN. I want my real milk back.

  • Why have 3 different types of meat in one meal? I have eaten meat for most of my life (I’m 15 and 3 months vegan), but that’s a lot. I obviously don’t remember what I ate as a child but I didn’t eat that!

  • you should check out abbey sharps video on bonny Rebecca this video really annoys me that vegans should speak out on what a hypocrite she is about the vegan diet saying its a restrictive diet its called a lifestyle, definitely love you do do a video about this, I’ve been a vegan for 7 years, never will stop people like this really give me the shits and want to call them out of there selfishness on the suffering they are making and all of us vegan need to come together about this

  • Maybe because “Skim Milk” is a defined product. It doesn’t have to do with it being more “natural” or not. That is something you are muddying the water with.

  • According to the Canadian Dairy Farmers website, pasteurization does reduce levels of riboflavin in the raw milk. But even raw milk has low levels of vitamin D, so this is added to pasteurized milk to get it up to standards set by the food and drug administrations which relies on the Institute of Medicine of the US National Academy of Science. Apparently vitamin D is normally taken up from the sun through the skin. But thanks to clothing and long winters, people don’t get enough Vitamin D and that is why it is added to milk. “Natural” is a vague word and might lead people to drink non-fortified milk.

  • 1.) Keto doesn’t “trick” the body into using fats instead of carbs. This statement is malicious in the least. Keto is natural, it’s how your body was designed to operate you damn morons.

    Western diets high in carbs are what tricks the body. They con it into abandoning ketones as energy, opting instead for carbs.

    2.) Keto was designed to fight seizures (the doctor realized that high carb diets were wrecking our bodies and minds). It cured 80%. 8 out of 10 never had a seizure again. The others? They didn’t follow Keto as instructed.

    3.) Carbs are poison, even in moderate amounts. It’s humans self-domesticating.

    4.) Calling people “fat” is wrong. It implies that fats are what cause weight gain, when that’s simply not true.


  • So basically the takeaway here is “You cannot call milk “milk”, but you can call a milk-like liquid “milk”?” How the hell does that make sense?

  • Oh phooey! We have never been confused. Although, some people may be allergic to any soy product.
    Good heavens, how did my grandparents get along without this woman’s advice.

  • I milk about 50 cows that graze grass all summer in liberal New York State. Farms like me are no longer wanted by the large milk companies simply because they want further control of the food industry. They work hand in hand with the government and the fda. Right now they would rather have 1 500 cow farm instead of 10 50 cow farms so the can control their producers easier, take the milk, cut it like a drug dealer, and sell it to the consumer. The government and food processors are getting filthy rich at the expense of farmers and consumers.

  • Seriously
    Isn’t fruit the perfect first foods for baby’s
    My 2 girls loved any kind of fruit when they were young and they still do
    The fruit bowl is always available to them

  • Natural? See the huge grain silo’s. Milk is only natural from grass fed cows. If he really wants to tell the truth then he would have “grain fed” on his labels.

  • Considering the vaccines, hormones, preservatives, antibiotics and the 250 million pus cells allowed in milk along with the public water sources the cows are fed with that contain even more destructive chemicals like fluoride and chloramine, there’s NOTHING natural about government certified products in stores. It be safer to drink from a mud puddle on the road.

  • I remember in the late 70s or early 80s when Saturday Night Live referred to the FDA as the Food and Dope Administration. So very fitting. Sam Girod is an Amish farmer who is currently serving a 6-year sentence in a federal prison for selling all natural herbal salve that was so safe it could be eaten. He tried repeatedly to abide by the FDA labeling restrictions and they just kept moving the goalposts. I do not need the FDA to protect me from an Amish farmer.

  • it’s sick that you are such a huge part of the vegan community and constantly anyone who has something to say about your sickening lifestyle and how you shouldn’t be pushing such a restrictive diet. you’re absolutely psychotic for feeling the need to attack her. she’s an amazing youtube who is much more educated on a healthy lifestyle and diet than you could ever understand. you are such a sick and twisted person who needs a huge reality check. it’s so disgusting and sad that you make this about someone who knows what they’re talking about.

  • Of its “baby led weenong” and the baby wants fruit, why isnt she giving the baby what he WANTS to eat? This is abby shill led weening.

  • No talk about carbs or sugars which traditional milk has significantly more of? I’m all for animal milk personally but will also drink the alternatives occasionally. For those who drink alternatives…. take vitamin suppliments for any deficit there may be….derp…SO HARD omagard.

  • Perhaps he should include some money in the lawsuit……….that’s the only way to get the attention, sort of like a 1000 dollar fine per unit mislabeled.

  • The FDA needs to require products to be labeled as certified organic, or GMO and quick wasting its time and our money on absurd projects such as this.

  • Mine is non-dairy, Protein Milk made from peas. I live in a small village in rural Ohio. We know the difference between cows and peas. How silly!

  • #savebabye Obviously baby E is being fed a dangerous and deficient diet by dietitian Abbey Sharp, that’s not my opinion, that’s verified by science. And it is honestly heart-breaking to me that his little body is getting such a poor start to life. Watch all the way through, I put days of work into this video and it is filled with FACTS and truth. Watch my first video on Abbey here:

  • Raw milk is best milk. Sadly the FDA denies you the right to enjoy raw milk. The french have been selling it for decades in farmers markets. And people love it, no one dies or even gets sick.

  • Wow I am struck by this! My daughter was exclusively plant based until 3 yrs old (when at kindergarten started to have “dairy” because she wanted some of the things other kids were having. As I do not force my child not to have “dairy” I simply state why I am not having it and why i prefer other options. She understands but still chooses to have those products at kindergarten or on social occasions. She was never interested in “meat” though, not even if other kids and family members have had it. She is 5 now and so healthy, never took a med once (unlike me as a child)..I was also plant based during pregnancy with no supplements (except some spirulina) and my blood tests were perfect. Actually far far better than when I was 17 (overweight although exercising, eating “normally” and with high cholesterol and triglycerides.) It is so sad to see this example from a “professional”:|

  • what the hell baby eats an entire bone in anything thats so dangerous does she cut any of that up how does he even chew that!!! she’s an idiot thats so scary i feel so bad for her baby

  • …and has anyone mentioned the mix of offensive chemistry of mixing banana with all that animal fat and flesh! I really wonder if baby e is colicky, gaseous, constipating!! Poor baby e!

  • I’m also a mum, and actually have a perfectly healthy child that have been vegan all her life and even our non vegan doctor says that she is perfectly healthy and he will not even test her blood, because she is perfectly healthy and growing as she is suppose too. And BLW is not something i recommend, starting with vegetables soups is amazing, and smoothies then when the teeth arrives, solid food can be introduced, it is just important that babies and toddlers gets enough food doesn’t matter how they eat their nutrition.

  • I noticed that almost all of AS baby’s meals are presented in a green bowl. The green gives an illusion of more colour, plant-based nutrition to the meals. The reality is that the meals are all brown/beige and the little pops of colour we do get to see are drowned in oil. I don’t know if this bowl colour choice is on purpose or an unconscious overcompensation to the lack of nutrition on the bowls.

  • Reasons I hate the fda:They are doing nothing about the obesity epidemic. They don’t have a limit on how much sugar can go in food. They don’t see how bad HFCS, Caramel color, Too much sugar, and white flour is bad for you. They let people get away with underestimating the calorie label on their food products. They let companies get away with the so-called natural flavors in their ingredients, and calling their food natural, whole, or organic when it really isn’t. Come on FDA! Wake up and get off of your ass. European countries are a lot more healthy than the USA.

  • Her reason she will not go vegan. She has had a E.D. in the past. Soooo…because she still has mental hang ups. She will not do what is natural and right. Humans are not designed to eat meat.( We have long intestinal tracks and alkaline saliva. ) so she will not let her baby clearly pick what he likes and will force him to eat meat and dairy.

  • Time to get rid of the FDA. Companies have free speech…..I guess they can call it Almond Beer. And parents are not confused. What a lie!

  • I just found out I’m pregnant and my mom is totally fooled by the keto diet/ carnivore bullshit. I talked about incorporating a plant based diet into my baby’s life and she is accusing me of malnutrition and not doing what’s best for my baby. I try to show her that her claims are faulty but she won’t listen�� Hope she lives long enough to see her grand baby before the bacon dripping in grease she claims is healthy kills her

  • Mangoes are brain food
    Berries are armor for the liver
    Raspberries remove viral debris from the blood stream
    Bananas are CRITICAL brain food
    Apples prevent dehydration
    Cucumbers reduce inflammation in the digestive track
    The list and the benefits are never ending. This doesn’t even put a dent in it & dont even get me started on veggies �� Babies love fruit and mine are NEVER denied any of it!

  • It’s not easy to change my 3 year olds diet when his dad keeps feeding him meat and junk. That’s all he wants to eat now. With me my baby eats vegan.

  • When I was a kid I always craved fruits and veggies and I never understood why kids shows would have a main character hate veggies. I assumed their cartoon moms didn’t know how to cook lol.

  • What you are saying does not make sense, her baby diet is balanced and healthy, in the other hand vegan babies will die when the mother stop breastfeeding them, as vegan diet is unnatural and totally deficient, vegan babies have impaired growth, brain development,malformation of bones and teeth, poor hair, iron deficiency and more, and I speak from experience working in paediatric wards.

  • I think it’s crazy how she’s a dietician and admits that veganism is very healthy if you know what you’re doing and yet she continues to eat meat and dairy and support such cruel and harmful industries, and even endanger her baby’s health. I think it’s absolutely insane.

  • Imagine shaming a mother for what she’s comfortable feeding her child. Where is the respect? This isn’t intuitive and positive promotion of veganism. This is bullying. Who would listen to this, and then convert to veganism? Next time you move to the jungle to get away from your psychotic boyfriend and reinvent into a kind person. Work on understanding others not shaming them. At the end of the day all you want is for others to understand you. Stop with the hypocrisy.

  • Oh gosh thank you for making this video, such a scam. I just stared a super healthy Whole Foods diet and game across some of her videos where she says too much fruit and veggies are bad? After she reviewed an other video being a huge fan of white toast for breakfast? Madness!

  • I have a 10 month old now and I’m kind of horrified at this woman’s recommendations. Where’s the fruit?? my baby eats at least half a banana a day, fruits and breastmilk are all she eats. You helped me learn about veganism in 2013, I’ve been high carb vegan ever since, it will be 8 years in July! My goal is to be rt4 but I still like toast in the morning >< thank you for speaking up and doing what you do!

  • Dairy industry shill…these are the people who literally almost killed me when I was sick. Do not trust “professionals” like these. They load you up with disease causing foods so you are a ward of the hospital system as you age. That’s because the curriculum at all major registered dietician schools is fully funded by Big Pharma and the meat and dairy industry. Vegan youtubers (Freelee and others) actually saved my life by starting me on the path to real health, which is something we create within ourselves not something we have to get medical advice on from people who look sickly themselves. No more chronic illness and no more suffering at the hands of people like registered dieticians, doctors and pharmacists. Time to wake up and stop destroying animals and the planet as we create disease in ourselves. No need for doctors unless broken bones. Grateful I found real help! (But that poor baby…)

  • I have children and I definitely find her diet for her children very healthy and nutritious. A Fruitarian diet for a growing baby is totally inappropriate Freelee. Get a life!!

  • Label the one with added Vitamin A “All Natural Skim Milk with Vitamin A added” and the other kind sell right beside it labeled “The Government Requires This All Natural Skim Milk have on the Label Imitation Skim Milk because it doesn’t have artificially added vitamin a” Or something. Malicious compliance. I’m sure customers will get a laugh out of it.

  • I wonder if she restricts herself to such little plant food as her baby. Shes admitted to struggling with orthorexia, I hope to god shes not inflicting JER issues with food on that poor baby.

  • CO state makes people that want raw milk join a club in order to buy it from the dairy. Raw milk kills city folk! And everyone else except those that grew up on the dairy. They have gone mad.

  • its almost 2020 and people are still eating, and feeding their kids with cancer-causing-earth-destroying-animal-killing-foods its insane!!

  • Perfectly balanced meal for a child. At least her baby looks healthy, unlike Aga in America’s baby who has a severely bloated stomach and underdeveloped legs (probably rickets).

  • Baby’s love fruit. I have a nephew who he got fed eggs for breakfast. he was fussy and didn’t want to eat so we offered him an apple (fruit) instead and guess what? he extended both his arms to reach for it and stopped crying. Hands down plant foods win all the time ��❤️

  • my parents are meat eaters and they didn’t even feed me meat until i was like 2 �� i always always had fresh bananas and frozen bananas, plus grapes and all the fruit i wanted. and of course vegetables and cheerios and such.

    i’m vegan now, but god, how can you feed your child like this as an animal eater?

    and yet they hate on vegans ��

  • I’m 7 months pregnant and cringing at her dangerous recommendations. I would never limit my son’s fruit consumption. I have eaten a ton of fruit throughout my pregnancy and my blood test results were excellent.

  • fda is one of the biggest waste of tax payers money that has been created by the government. idiots, do they really think people care what they say? lol another government money waster like epa, highway safety institute, etc etc, nobody cares what government tells them, NOBODY, oh well ok only idiots believe government.

  • Why does she serve her child multiple meats? Yuck. You don’t even see that on most adult plates. Poor kid I hated all cheese as a kid. I think most children naturally don’t care for the taste and texture of animal products. I’ve seen it my niece and nephew and with the children of my friends.

  • Milk of magnesia
    The term milk of magnesia was first used by Charles Henry Phillips in 1872 for a suspension of magnesium hydroxide formulated at about 8%w/v. It was sold under the brand name Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia for medicinal usage

  • It is not confusing! People are not stupid! Cows milk belongs to baby cows! Stop eating another species milk! I wouldn’t want to sit next to her?

  • Hey. FREELEE I DONT REALLY LIKE YOU. I did not want to like this video, but it’s the truth. Abby pretends to be ‘tolerant’ to vegans, but then spreads so much bullshit and misinformation. A healthy vegan diet is not hard to maintain, especially a child that is being supplemented with breast milk. She restricts her child’s intake of FRUIT!! That is straight up abuse. “Hey kids don’t eat all the fruit” was what my mom was about, but the the wild fruit outside, she’d be so proud when me and my sibling came home crawling and half drunk with all the berries we could pick and eat. I think it’s because the more and more involved she becomes with the vegan community, the more she realizes her lifestyle is wrong. Anyway, I do hope you have a good today. (Reluctantly so)

  • This Abby freak is abusing her child. This is shocking that a mother would set her child up for early disease. Shame on you Abby‼️

  • are you all trusting freelee’s words? LOL so funny. she follows a very unbalanced and deficient vegan diet, and she is also so aggressive with people that doesn’t think like her, and she thinks she can give advice to people…it’s even embarassing. Btw I am vegan too, don’t believe in bullshit please.

  • I’ve noticed she NEVER reviews obese people’s what I eat in a day. She dare not. She only picks on people who she suspects are anorexic.

  • We aren’t vegan, or even vegetarian! But we definitely limit the amount of meat we consume. With that said my 3 year old prefers to eat fruits and veggies. She doesn’t like meat I don’t force her to eat it. The amount of meat she is feeding that 9month old baby is insane!!!!!! My child lived off veggies and fruits at that age!

  • I’m not vegan anymore nor is my son but wtf. The way she limits his fruit intake is ridiculous. I like abbey but I don’t get that. Fruit is not a frickin dessert. It’s sweet with a lot of micronutrients. If my son wanted fruit all the time I’d happily let him have it. Better than the processed baby foods sold in stores. And keto meals for babies/kids???? Are you kidding me??!

  • i’m trying to feed my son a plant based diet he has at times eaten chicken ‘tuna and some fish hes 2 years old the main source of his diet does consist of plant based foods what are the main things i need to know about giving him a chance at an successful plant based or vegan lifestyle please share information i’m planing on taking him to the doctors soon and seeing if his pediatrician could help me out more.i myself struggle in eating like crap i’m trying to better my own eating habits but truthfully my son eats better than me

  • 1. Seems like she is forcing her eating disordered eating habits on her son.
    2. WhErE’s tHe FiBeR?
    3. How is fruit a dessert in the first place?
    4. These plates are covered with ‘foods’ that are revolting shades of brown and grey nothing a human brain is drawn to naturally for nourishment.
    5. The amount of ‘dead animal’ for a developing child, even for a non-vegan!!!
    6. Baby E knows more about intuitive eating (which she harps on about) than she does.
    7. Even the veggies look oily and gross.
    8. I’ve seen omnivorous mothers not worry about fruit as much as her. Letting their babies chow down on as many bananas, etc as they desire.
    9. I’ve decided most dietitians are brainwashed and ignorant. Their dairy funded degrees kinda make it that way. Most of my pregnant omnivorous friends have been fucked over by dietitians in my opinion. Plus I work along side them, and their ignorance makes me sick.
    10. Finally… I think there is a small possibility she is promoting this food, but possibly not feeding her own child this trash. Although, who knows…