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Missed period negative pregnancy test Causes of late period when pregnancy test is negative

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Pelvic Pain Negative Pregnancy Test

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What causes hard navel area & twitching with negative pregnancy test? Dr. Punyavathi C. Nagaraj

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Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test | Late Period

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Negative Pregnancy Test Reasons: 1. You are not pregnant. There are cases when a woman is not pregnant. This is the most basic reason for getting a negative pregnancy test. The 2. Miscalculation. 3. You are performing a test too early.

While your pregnancy symptoms may have been all too real, a negative test may suggest that you’ve experienced a very early miscarriage (also known as a chemical pregnancy). This occurs when there is a problem with the fertilized egg, most commonly a chromosomal disorder that makes the pregnancy non-viable. There are a number of reasons this can happen, including: Breastfeeding Hormonal birth control Illness Poor sleep Too much exercise Travel Very high stress. You can get a negative pregnancy test result due to the following reasons: The most trivial cause of a false-negative pregnancy test is using an expired or defective because of the wrong storage conditions one.

Before buying a pregnancy test, make sure the pack is intact. The time of implantation has an influence on the test result. In some rare cases, a pregnancy test result that does not increase as expected might be due to an ectopic pregnancy. (5). An ectopic pregnancy is when the egg attaches anywhere outside the womb. This can be dangerous for many reasons and could affect the rise in hormone levels needed to test positive for pregnancy.

Conversely, if your hCG levels are too high, your pregnancy test can also return a false-negative. This is called a “hook effect.” It’s very rare, but it does happen. Pregnancy tests are designed to track a specific range of hCG in the body. Another reason you might be feeling pregnant yet getting a negative pregnancy test is that your urine is too diluted when you test it.

The more water, juice, etc. that you consume, the more hydrated you become. The more hydrated you are, the less concentrated your pee will be. Causes of a False Negative on a Pregnancy Test You Tested Too Early Your body won’t begin to produce hCG until the embryo has been implanted on the wall of your uterus. This implantation tells your body to begin producing the hormone that will. You might be pregnant but still get a negative result on a home pregnancy test because: The test was taken too soon.

A home pregnancy test will be positive only if it detects the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). When an egg is fertilized after you ovulate, it takes about a week to travel through a fallopian tube to the uterus. Reasons for a false negative pregnancy test result 1. You took a pregnancy test too early “Home pregnancy tests measure a specific hormone in the urine called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), which is only present when a woman is pregnant,” Nikki explains.

List of related literature:

A common error in performing home pregnancy tests is doing the test too early in pregnancy before a significant rise in hCG level; this can cause a false-negative result (Pagana & Pagana, 2013) (see Clinical Reasoning Case Study).

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A common error in performing home pregnancy tests is doing the test too early in pregnancy before a significant rise in hCG level; this can cause a false-negative result (Pagana et al., 2017) (see Clinical Reasoning Case Study).

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About 20 percent of women obtaining negative results in home pregnancy tests may simply have miscalculated the date of their expected period or may not have quite enough hCG in their urine to yield a positive result.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
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error in performing home pregnancy tests is doing the test too early in pregnancy before a significant rise in hCG level; this can cause a false-negative result (Pagana, Pagana, & PikeMacDonald, 2013).

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Sometimes this uncertainty arises because you are not yet making enough pregnancy hormone to activate the test properly.

“The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine
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The most common reason for a false-negative pregnancy test is incorrect timing, such as performing the test too soon.

“Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel, Robert E. Rakel
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If performed too early, a home pregnancy test may produce a false-negative result due to a low level of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span Pageburst on VitalSource” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle
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• Tests performed too early in the pregnancy, before a significant hCG level exists, may cause false-negative results.

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If there’s no hCG for the test to find, it’s because the hormone is only present in pregnant women, and a negative result is triggered.

“Uncle John's OLD FAITHFUL 30th Anniversary Bathroom Reader” by Bathroom Readers' Institute
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Two pregnancy tests with negative results

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  • My last period was July 5th and I never got my period this month the test were negative what should I do my ob office says it should show up by now but told me to test again?

  • im in the same boat never missed a period in my life…missed my period..boobs massive…bump no positive…no crazy except cramping

  • When this month is over with it will be 2 months since I’ve had my period & I’ve took a few home test in between but they’ve all been negative. I usually do have irregular periods but this is kinda the first time it hasn’t came while I have been being sexually active and lately I’ve been having heavy cramps and feeling extremely nauseated, should I get a blood test or give it till the rest of the month before seeing a doctor?

  • I’m currently 5 days late and really hoping this was my month. We lost my lil boy at 26 weeks and I feel so empty. So far I’ve had horrible cramps no spotting at all and I’m so tired. I’ve taken so many expensive test and nothing not even a speck to give me hope. Gonna go and buy some Walmart ones today to see and cont trying. Good to know you didn’t get anything till 7 days

  • Hlo mam meri wife k periods 21 july ko aae the or aj 28 aug h ab tk periods nhi aae or pregnency test b negative h or lab se bhi test kra lia vo b negative aya h to ab kya ho skta h she is pregnant or not, mam pliz ap ab btae mujhe kya krna chaie

  • I’m currently going through the same thing… I will be 7 days late tomorrow and I have taken multiple test and they all came out negative had a blood test and negative. I’m having lots of lower abdomen pressure cramps, back pain, sore breast, nausea, and watery discharge for the last 3 days… I’m so frustrated.

  • Im 50 days late. Ive taken 10 pregnancy tests all different brands and every single one has said Negative. Doctor’s appointment is this Friday. I only have 2 symptoms: Missed periods and watery discharge. Other than that, completely normal. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since they have better benefits than my regular every day vitamins and I’ve also been eating much healthier and working out/yoga 5 times a week. Unsure if any of that could be a cause, but I’ll find out on Friday!

  • my periods 6day late i check up 2tym early in the morning but result is negative can u help me i am prgnt or not plzz help me nd answer me

  • I have taken multiple tests. I am almost a week late. All tests come back negative however, ovulation test came back as peak (which is weird because the timing doesn’t line up with that). Additionally my breasts feel more sensitive. Have had random cramping too. Wondering if I am really pregnant! Fingers crossed ����

  • I have all the pregnancy symptoms and we tried all last cycle but I see all these people like you said 6po 11dpo get positives so I’m very discouraged because I’m still getting negative.
    I’m going to wait till my expected period but it’s pretty tough to wait especially since its so mentally draining.

  • Thank you for this video! I’ve been having symptoms that I never experience during pms. I even dreamt the other night that I took two pregnancy test and they both came back positive, also the unexplainable hunger and the sharp pain on my lower back that never happened during pms before, plus cramps as well as the creamy discharge. Already took 3pregancy tests and they’re all negative. My AF is already late. Idk what to do:(

  • Yes mam mere sath asa hi ho raha h ma’am mere sath hi Aisa hi Ho Raha hai 15 din ho gaye lekin test ke bad meri report negative a rahi hai aur mere periods bhi barabar acche se a rahe the usmein koi problem bhi nahin hai nahin hai mujhe periods me some mere Khul ke aata tha abaki bar jab mai Mahina upar hui ho 15 din ho gaya report meri negative aaye phir bhi

  • I’m kind of in…the reverse situation.
    I used 10 miu tests and saw a faint line on 10 out of 13…. >_> so wtf about the other three?! I’m feeling so conflicted and annoyed. The day before, I took 8 tests and all were positive. I officially hate One Step and won’t be using them in the future. I don’t have any other choice but to just wait and test with a FR and see if anything pops up. So disappointed.

  • Meri late shadi ho gayi mere periods miss ho gaye pregnancy test negative aa gaya muje dar hai menopause ki wajah se mat ho gaye hai 6 din baad test kiya

  • Very similar! I had what I can only guess is implantation bleeding at about 6DPO (cant think of anything else it could be it was very weird!) Light cramps in lower ab and back since that day, exhausted, spots on forehead, hungry! I took a test at 11DPO and negative. Due on period on Wednesday. My body just feels different, but I’m now convinced it’s just PMS and feel like I’ll come on my period any day! (Felt like that though for a week which never usually happens!) We are trying so it just sends your brain loopy with all of the symptoms being so similar to PMS! Thanks for your video really good to hear others’ stories:) will test again if I end up being late:)

  • I am currently on 10DPO. I have been testing since 4DPO and have been getting all Negatives. I just KNOW that I am pregnant. Wal-Mart stresses me out so I don’t normally shop there but I am on my way to buy the Equate brand right now! Thanks so much!

  • My partner and I had been trying as well, my last period was April 11th 54 days ago, my period was supposed to start on may 15th, I took a test may 28th. It was negative, I took another June 1st still negative. Could I be taking it too soon? Idk I’m thinking about retesting, my period is almost 3 weeks late now

  • Mam mere pirad mis 29 ok huye or mene 1 ko kit se chak kiya h nagitev aaya h or mujhe lag rha h ki me pragnet hu to me ab kb chak kru

  • i am 20 days late and got 2 negatives
    and 1 faint line at home pregnancy test
    and also i got 1 negative blood test i am very worried i really want to be pregnant my dr said i am overweight so its just that

  • Mam mere period miss huye aj 6th day hai aur test negative aya hai to mai kya karu. Aur abi koi b symptoms jaise morning sickness aur nausea kuch b nhi lg rhe hai..

  • I’m 18 days late today. I’ve been getting cramps since 3-4 weeks back and still getting them. I took 3 test already from the same brand and they all came negative. The weird thing is I was PMSing but my periods still have not started.

  • Hai mam Mai unmered Hun may 21.05.2020. mera last piriad thaa aur 27.06.2020 maine Mera piriad any Bala thaa Lekin piriad miss he aur piriad miss hone ke 12din ho Gaya hai mam Lekin kit negative bata Raha hai aur maine on wanted kit Khali hai aur white discharge ho Raha hai aur pet ke niche pen ho Raha hai aab Kiya karna chai mam please Ripley me mam please

  • Mam mujhe kayi sal pahle pcod ka pblm tha but karib 5 years se period regular Hain shadi k 3 year ho chuke hai concieve nhi kiya na hi period miss huye but is month period miss huye 8 days ho gaye hai or home pregnancy test bhi negative aaya hai ab mujhe Kya karna chahiye

  • Mere preiod let aati h or chek krti hu to negative hi btata h or chinta hone lgta h bhut sir me dard hone lgata jyda sochne lgti hu to mera sadi ka 5 sal ho gya baby cunsive v nhi ho rha h

  • My period is 10days late. 2 days Early morning I did prega test it shows negative. And I have no symptoms of pregnancy. Still am worried.

  • I had period in Feb 6 till now I did
    Get periods between two three days back I have little and stop nw ia. Getting headte and white bledding I test at home but it’s normal I take pills and home remedies please help me

  • i had protected sex last month, my period is always on time but this month i’m two weeks late. i took a test and it days negative.. is there a chance that i could be pregnant??

  • I am 12 never had my first kiss even buuuuut my period is 3 days late can someone please help me. I don’t know if my cycle is just late and wil come or whats wrong

  • Im in bad pain n no period for a month n two weeks ugh whats going on it hurts so badly i can’t deal with i cant even sleep properly

  • i am 5 days late and have taken 2 pregnancy tests at home and 2 at the doctor two different times and they were all negative. i’m getting my results for my blood test tomorrow. wish me luck ��

  • I am 14, I never had sex in my life my period is 3 months late and I’m bloating and getting really bad cramps,back pain an nausea what do I do��?

  • i missed my menstruation for 4 months now and I already took so many pregnancy test and it is negative same as well result in hospital negative..

  • I’m going nuts!!!! I am extremely late! And still no period. My last period was in February and I have a bunch of faint home pregnancy test, none that are blazing positive. I took a digital and it came back negative went to the doctors for a blood test came back negative. But still getting faint lines! They are with in the time period as well. ����

  • Plz help Mam mera periods june 6 ko ayatha aj july 25 hai avitak ni aya aur pregnency k sare symtoms v dikha raha per test negative araha… Kya karun bahat tension me hun…

  • I took 6 cvs brands and they allll came out positive with a faint line and today I took a regular first response test and a clear blue and both were negative, I’m so confused

  • I’m 60 Days Late & Pregnancy Test Keeps Changing From Dark Positive To Negative Than Faint Positive To Negative �� I’m Not Sure What’s Going

  • I have late period and I have my body changing so after 7th day I was bleeding to 3 day but I have my body changing plz reply me am I pregnat or not

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  • আমার মেনস হবার পর থেকে আজ পর্যন্ত একমাস আঠারো দিন হল, কিন্তু এখন ও আমার মেনস হয়নি, তবে টেস্ট করলাম নেগেটিভ দেখাল, কিন্তু আমার ঘুম ঘুম ভাব আছে, কিছু খেতে পারছি না, খেতে গেলে বমি আসছে এখন কি করবো একটু বলবেন? এরকম কি হতে পারে টেস্টে ধরা পড়ছে না, বা আর কতদিন পর টেস্ট করবো?

  • Meri wife ko 18 July ko period aaya tha or maine 2 August ko releshan banaya tha phir 16 August ko period aagya hai peet me dard abhi bhi hai or 26 August ko maine pregnancy test kiya tha par negative tha uske baad phir 2 September ko kiya to bhi negative hai kya wajah hai please help me mam

  • Mam mene pain apple khaya agle din period ho gaya jis din period ta us time gud kha li glti se phir 2 din period rhuk gaya period me clothing ane lage or 1 din me 3 pad use ho gahe 2 din bilkul rhuk gaya

  • Mem mujhe 3 month se mc nhi aai h or pregnance test negative h,mujhe abhi baby nhi chahiye h 3 month se mc nhi aai h me ky kru ese hatane ke liye plz rply kyo mera abhi 2 month ka baby h alrady plz help me plz rply mem ����������������������������������������������

  • hi mam mere period miss hokar 21 days hogae abi tk to muje sahi se period ate the but 1st time muje aisa hua h but i have chekck 2 times but test is negative then what will i do

  • Me 5 months se pired se nhi hoi peth me drd bhi hota h
    Pregnancy kit se chak kiya to ek line turnt a gyi ek bhut time bd plzz mam btaiye

  • hey Opal i am 10dpo and struggling to get a positive. Period is late 3days. My first was hidden till almost 4 months so…i just feel better with your video.

  • Mam Mera bs do din priad hua including clothing fir ek din ruk gya fir bleeding ho ra h to Mai isse complete grvpat smjhu plz mam I need your help plz reply me

  • Im 15 weeks late now but all my tests was negative.. i dunno why whats happening.. Im very stressed now �� I went to my ob and she give a pill, she said that i will take as either im preg or f not my period will come out n 3-4 days but still dont have, i will wait 2weeks f my period didnt come im going to see my ob again to check another test and trans v..

  • Hii mam MRi mry pas instagram nhi plzzz yehii py rply kejye ga..
    Mri waif ko 3 mah sy periude nhi ay or prgnancy txt negitv haai.. Kia kreen plzzzz hlp prishani h plzzzz reply

  • gonna comment this here in hopes that somebody might have some info..
    so i haven’t had my period since september and it’s almost halfway through november and i haven’t had a period since.. i AM sexually active, and not on birth control. however, the last time i had sex was a couple months ago, and by now i think i’d be having at least SOME mild symptoms. i took 2 at home pregnancy tests and they were both negative. i’ve had my period for YEARS, and at first it was always on time like clockwork. right before i lost it, it started fluctuating around the calendar. i do believe i’ve gained a noticeable amount of weight (maybe 10-15 pounds?) due to overeating that may be affecting my period?? i’ve been online doing research for over a month now and nothing seems to be jumping out at me. PLEASE let me know if you have info on this.

  • Mene evening m kiya tha or result negative aaya or mera period bi nai aaya 1month se Jada ho gaya ab kiya mujhe phir se test karna jaruri hai plz reply

  • Mam mera miscarriage ho gya tha aur 9 may ko aboution karwaya uske baad 10 june ko prioud aya aur ab 2 month hone ja rha h av tak nhi aya prioud check krne par negative aya h. please mam tell me

  • My period was on last 24 Oct but still I dint get my period… I got negative result…i did beta hcg blood test also…. But my hug level is very low…. Can I be pregnant.. Please guide me.. I’m really worried… Or still I should wait for few days..

  • Hi doctor hope you are doing well.
    Question:if someone period missed almost 20 day’s and she checked 2 times in between 20 day’s after period missed and the results was negative then what she have to do. Why it’s 20 day’s delay her period.

    Translate question:agar kisi ka period 20 din delay ho gaya hai. Aur ussne 2 times check bhi kiya morning urine se. But result negative aaya. To kya problem ho sakta hai ke 20 din ho gaya aur period abhi tak nahi aaya…

  • I have pcod,i have my cycle everymonth…the period cycle is 25-26 daya…i was trying dis month…i ovulated….i have missed period for 3 days…but still not concieved wat can be the reason…..i had done a pregnancy test,it came out negative

  • ma’am(HCG positive agaya treatment ho Raha hai jis consult kiye theh wo first time check karke bata diye negative hai wo bhi without morning urine ke fir hmne 10days pe check kiye to positive ayaa and ma’am jis Dr. Ke Saath HM kisi time kaam karte theh unko hi dikhaya hai and positive confirm batayeee Kuch Dr. New couple jaanke unse paise bhi thagne kaa kaam Karti hai sayad

  • Ma’am mere our mere partner ke bich Bina condom use kiye sex Kiya h our unka sprm andr gya tha thoda sa isliye pregnancy to nhi hogi to ma’am Meri period date 4 agust thi but Maine Kal test Kiya tha to usme ek line dark h our ek line light pink h isliye ma’am Kya mtlb hua pls btaye our aaj halki bleeding aayi to Kya kre hum pls help me

  • Mem me duphoston use krti thi phle time regular aata tha lekin is month nhi aaya or pregnancy test bhi negative he please mem ap kuch bta do

  • Meri gf ha uske brest k nipple bahut bahar ki taraf nikl gaye ha or use ajib c feel hoti ha or pet me alag type ka dard hota ha. Period miss hone k 10 din bad v test kiya gaya par result nagetive aaya. Or use dr k pass v nahi leke ja sakte na hi wo jana chahti h family k dar se. Plzz help me ki kya karu

  • Mam mein bina check kiye huwe unwanted kit de diya hu ussko per bleeding bhi nhi huwa hai results negative aaya hai per pregnancy nahi aa raha hai

  • Mam maine relation k 21 din bad morning me pregnancy test Kia… Wo negative Aaya or period b miss hai kya kit wrong result to show ni krti na???

  • Hello mam Jo periods ki fix date hai usse Agar 10 12 Din Upar ho jaen aur Fir Bhi periods Na Aaye To Kya Karen aur Hamari Jo pregnancy kit Hai vah bhi result negative bata rahi Hai To Kya Karen aur Meri abhi shaadi bhi nahin Hui Hai

  • I’m really hoping this is me. 11dpo. So many negatives but I’m having the same symptoms you are. Biggest thing being my boobs NOT being sore and my face being super oily!

  • hellow…my last period on 21st of april…until now no period..n i feel stamach pain…diarrhea…morning sick tired…feeling mood out..its all sysmtoms for pregnant…??

  • I am 30 years of age, I missed my periods for 3 months now on March I did the pregnancy test twice but it came negative, I don’t feel any pregnancy symptoms please help what can I do

  • Mam Mera period regular ATA h but July month k abhi tk ni aya h mere date 6 July thi..mein pregnancy test 29july ko kiya test negative aya to kya kru ab…m preshn hu plzzz..btye

  • Mam mere period miss hue 10 din ho gye hain aur test bhi negative aa reha hai to kya is mein mere pregnant hone k chance hai ja nahi.

  • mam merko doctour ne letrozole2.5 mg ki goliy di thi or vo mne roj 1 goli 10 din tk khai.. or simtum b pregncy k h but aj chek kiy to kiuch b ni hua simtumbs to tbi se dikhre h jb sw me goliy khari hu.. pichy jun ki 25 ko thi dat aj 25 july h but leb se test kraya to negtiv aya h..

  • Madam mere period 11day upar ho gaya test ki negative aaya.10upar hone ke baad test mjhe pet me drd h left side niche k hisse me

  • Hi mam mere period 15jun ko aaya tha or aaj 25 July ho gai mene aaj pregnancy test kiya toh nagative aaya or muje chest me bhi dard hai or kuch symptoms bhi dikh rahe hai muje kuch samj nahi aa raha kiya karu pls reply me fast mam

  • Period miss ho gye hai last 29 may ko hua tha 3 June ko khatam hua 2 baar test kiye hai Lekin negative hai result mam Kuch suggest kre

  • Hello mam. mera perids 7july ka date tha abhi tak nahi aaya mane test kiya to negetive aaaya mera peride regular aata h me kya karu me doctor ke pas bhi nahi ja skti corona ki vajh se me mumbai se hu plz mem btaiye me kya karu

  • I’m in the middle of this exact scenario. I had a test that I swore could have been a line but other would call indent.. It was lining up with my symptoms.. Proceeded to test negative. Period is due tomorrow, but I don’t see signs of it coming.. We will see I guess. But this TWW has been torture after seeing a glimmer of hope.

  • Mam mera period bhi miss ho gya h Or me 12 din bad test ki to negative Aaya h Or mujhe pain bahot ho rha h mai koi tablet bhi nh le rhi hu kahi pregnant na hu mai kya kru plz mai bataiye Aap

  • Thank you for sharing! This gives me hope. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am currently 3 days late for AF. I took a pregnancy test this morning, & it was negative. I will try again in a few days. I am on CD 30.

  • I’ve missed it for 2 months now. I haven’t had sex and I’ve only got my period 2 times in total, I’m of a normal weight and haven’t taken any medications that are linked to periods. I think its probably just my hormones trying to regulate themselves.

  • I had my period for almost 3/2 weeks then i had a pinkish blood spotting for 2 days. I experienced constipation mostly at nights, lightheadedness and my breasts gets a little bigger than usual, most of all my tummy is quite bloated. But when I take pregnancy test the results were negative. Should I wait another week to take a test or i have to see the doctor immediately?

  • My period is delayed for 10 days….though I haven’t done sex…I’ve abdominal cramps and all other pre menstrual signs..but I don’t get my can I get it normally.plss reply.

  • I’m 46 days late BUT July and August I didn’t have a period. at the end of September I only bleed for 3 days (very light) now I’m 46 days late (lash period was end of September) I’ve taken 4 tests and still negative ☹️

  • 9 days late, no sigh of AF. I also heard a lot of girls skipped their period last month of June. weird �� Playing the waiting game sucks when you feel hormonally outta wack ��

  • mere period 9din miss ho gya he aur mujhe vometing bhi ho rahi he pura muh kardva ho gya he hath per dihle padh gaye he aaj fever bhi he thoda mene subh ki urine se pregncy test kiya but negative aaya me kya karu ab

  • I had sex last June 16 after I get my period in July 28 just 2 days after that no more sex also until now 2 months no period and 2 times test but same negative result?what is cause?can I get pregnant? reply pls….thank u

  • Mam meri age 16 h aur period 3 july ko hua aur 7 July ko khtm ho gya aur 9 ko relation m aae aur maine 27 august ko test ki negative aaya aur abhi tk period na hua to kya mam pregnancy ke chances h abhi aur m kya karu mam

  • I’m on day 9 after conception and have been implantation bleeding since the night of the 6th/am of the 7th and I took a dollar store test today and got a negative �� waiting on my kaiser lab result so we’ll see if it picked up the HCG levels on that one. Thank you love for sharing your story it made me feel super confident about this journey ��

  • Pls mujhe btaye ki mera date 3 mahine se nahi a raha or mere last bar date aane k 7 din bad maine sambandh bnaye h or uske bad mera date nahi a raha hai or mai pregnency chek 4 se 5 bar kr chuki hu but negetive hi a raha h or mai doctor ke pas nahi jana chahti to pls mujhe btaye ki mai kya kru

  • अगर आपको जानना है पीरियड मिस होने के क्या क्या होते हैं
    अगर आपको जानना है सादी के बाद पीरियड्स मिस होने के क्या कारण है

    ओर इसकी क्या दवाई है क्या करना चाहिए क्या नहीं करना चाहिए तो

    नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करे ������������������������������पीरियड-मिस-होने-पर-क्या-कर/

  • Hello. Goodevening everyone. I. have a problem with my menstruation period 1year and 5 months late mens. my last going to doctor is 2018. But as far now, i cant go to the doctor first, because lock of money second theres a pandemic. so I wish that anyone here can help me what to do or what to take a medicine to make my period back it to normal. anyway im a 21 yrs old. since when im starting mens at 13 is always delay. My weight is 70kilos. and i have a husband he had a daugther.

  • My period is 21 days late.I am take pregnancy test in the morning after 15 days later. But the result is negative. I don’t have any pain related to periods. Am I pregnant or not

  • Missed period for five days..with negative pregnancy test..started seeing my period after this five days..but it lasted for two days…am confused

  • I have tested pregnancy test in the early morning it’s negative but it’s been 2 months I didn’t get period what’s the reason I can’t understand that I’m pregnant or not plz help me