As States Reopen, Could It Be Safe to visit the shore


Are swimming pools and beaches safe during COVID-19 pandemic?

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Orange County, California, moved into second tier of state’s reopening framework

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MIT Study shows ‘devastating’ cost of states reopening without coordination amid COVID-19

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Bars reopen in most of the state, but not Palm Beach County

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I Went To A Reopened Florida Beach

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What happens to summer? How US beaches are handling reopening in COVID-19 pandemic | Nightline

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Florida beaches and coronavirus: What experts say Floridians should know

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As states reopen and we begin to emerge from our homes, heading to the beach for a day of fun and sun ranks high as a popular destination for many families. But with new COVID-19 cases still popping up all over the country, both experts and the community wonder if going back to the beach is considered a safe family outing. Knight: “I would recommend going to a beach only if transmission rates are limited in your community and there are capacity limits at the beach. A crowded beach is a high-risk situation. A secluded area, with limited visitors, is preferred.

However, many states are not allowing out-of-towners to visit their beaches or use their hotels. Texas and Florida, for example, have strict self-quarantine regulations in place for visitors from several states, enforced by state troopers handing out $1,000 fines and six-month jail sentences. Visitors must fill out a “Safe Travel” screening 24 hours prior to their flight. On August 11, the state partly reinstated a 14-day quarantine for inter-island travel. Here’s the latest on where states stand in their plans to reopen.

Stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders are being lifted in some states and extended in others as the coronavirus pandemic. Travel restrictions: As of July 29, a travel advisory is in place encouraging Maryland residents not to travel to states with positivity rates exceeding 10%. Maryland residents who have traveled to Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Texas are encouraged to. Many tell schools to consider the area’s rate of positive virus tests, but the threshold deemed safe for classroom instruction ranges from 3% to 15%. In New York, Democratic Gov.

Andrew Cuomo has said schools can reopen in areas where the average rate of positive tests is below 5% during a two-week period. All 50 states had begun to reopen in some way after the coronavirus thrust the country into lockdown starting in March. Now, a growing number of states are pausing plans to reopen. With new guidelines from the federal government, some governors have rolled out plans to begin lifting measures in place battling the spread of the coronavirus but other officials say it’s.

Wondering what’s safe as states start to reopen? Here’s what some public health experts plan to do Will you go to the beach? A: Because beaches are outdoors, they’re less risky, but only.

List of related literature:

But the people are told that it’s not yet safe to return to the beach area and that the airports are closed.

“Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies” by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
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This beach being a sandy beach will continue to erode and maybe rapidly in the future because it has to be the source of sand to the other nearby beaches and is also unprotected.

“Coastal Sediments 2019 Proceedings Of The 9th International Conference” by Julie D Rosati, Ping Wang, Mathieu Vallee
from Coastal Sediments 2019 Proceedings Of The 9th International Conference
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Wait for official notice that it’s safe before returning to the beach.”

“Escaping the Giant Wave” by Peg Kehret
from Escaping the Giant Wave
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Since state park acquisition in 1982, the dunes at Oso Flaco Lake have been closed to off-road vehicles, and camping along the beach has been prohibited.

“A Natural History of California” by Allan A. Schoenherr
from A Natural History of California
by Allan A. Schoenherr
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Every other beach was completely unaffected by the state-government shutdown.

“Let Me Finish: Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the Power of In-Your-Face Politics” by Chris Christie
from Let Me Finish: Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the Power of In-Your-Face Politics
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An article in the same paper reported, “They [regulations] can now be enforced because the beautiful white sand beach at Crystal Beach has been fenced off.

“Race, Riots, and Roller Coasters: The Struggle over Segregated Recreation in America” by Victoria W. Wolcott
from Race, Riots, and Roller Coasters: The Struggle over Segregated Recreation in America
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Every year hundreds, even thousands, of beaches in the US are posted with warnings or closed for a day or more due to known water contamination.

“Our Global Environment: A Health Perspective, Eighth Edition” by Anne Nadakavukaren, Jack Caravanos
from Our Global Environment: A Health Perspective, Eighth Edition
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Some beaches are closing altogether.

“Case Studies in Disaster Response and Emergency Management” by Nicolas A. Valcik, Paul E. Tracy
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But for a place that depends on sun-and-sand-seeking tourists, Fort Lauderdale has a big problem: its beaches are disappearing.

“The World in a Grain: The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization” by Vince Beiser
from The World in a Grain: The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization
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The government says that water released back into the ocean is safe, but environmentalists have questioned their claims and fishing grounds remain closed (Soble, 2016).

“Environment and Society: Human Perspectives on Environmental Issues” by Charles Harper, Monica Snowden
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  • Ignorance is bliss. Nobody’s gonna listen to anybody. Let these people go gracefully, for some fun in the sun. Give grandma a big hug for me too.

  • For all the media hype, how many people actually contracted covid by going to the beach? I bet very few because its outdoors in the sun meaning powerful UV light and great ventilation. Staying in an enclosed place for long time even with Social distancing is way way worst. Fake news.

  • As a Floridian myself, this is stupid. If you get the virus by going to the grocery (that’s was a necessary activity) but the beach?! No that can be avoided.

  • You want to track us with your drones and all the 5g and the chem trials. Look up in the skies. The drones watch you at night time just walk outside. And watch at night stop being blind and looking at your phones

  • 10%?! Yeah, that should = prosperity…. Thank you gracious overlords for blessing these poor business owners with 10%. Give me a break.

  • You can see in the picture above how people immediately violate social distancing rules. Discipline for these zipperheads lasts a couple of minutes. They’re even crazier in Cali when it comes to beachgoing. I no longer care, let them get the virus, they are clueless as to its power and persistence. Only those of us who have had it and were lucky enough to survive it know what it is like.

  • Yup.. all rich folks in Orange County! They don’t like to be troubled by lockdowns.. so they got ahold of their friend Newsom and here we are!

  • people die of flu and respiratory illness every single year.Power mad public servants do not have the authority to cancel your freedom, right to assemble, and the right to make a living to prevent homelessness. What about next year?? Will crooked politicians order us into our jail cells again?

  • meh. its survival of the fittest at this point. everything opening up and refusing to follow CDC guidelines of masks and social distancing, let’s just play russian roulette and see who makes it through. ��‍♂️

  • The new coronavirus spreads far more easily than the flu and is at least ten times more deadly. By reopening the country now it’s not a question of if more people will die from Covid-19 but how many.

  • Washington Post poll finds that many are comfortable with going to the grocery store to get food so they will not die. Interesting.

  • Look on the bright side. This virus is going to usher in a Democrat Electoral Sweep in November, and Authoritarian Communism in February. We can fimally punish the owners and exploiters as they deserve.

  • It is a huge difference respecting social distancing in the beginning of May on a Tuesday afternoon and respecting social distancing in a Sunday in June/July. It is great for mental health, but not so safe… unfortunately

  • There is no summer so why is people so hung up on this just focus on getting past us to enjoy the next one sitting out one won’t kill anybody but this virus will

  • staying away from these stupid people…yeah they need to be wearing masks and gloves..what a bunch of idiots…i’m staying away from malls, restaurants, everything..only going to get grocery and be back home…while wearing mask and gloves….anyone i see not wearing masks I tell them to to go on the other aisle, the other side, stay away from me….

  • We are so fucked, 2nd wave of the virus is going to happen later this year because of dumb fucks who think that they are better than everyone else. WE ARE FUCKED

  • Go get a life guys… Please don’t try this hard to lose it. It really disturbs me that Americans are so ignorant to their own lives. Don’t they wanna stay alive?

  • I swear if me and my family won’t be able to go to the beach I am going to scream cuz I have been doing all the school work and it’s driving me crazy and I WANT A VACATION

  • I understand the need to restart the economy and get back working, and also to socialise again. But you can try and be as safe as possible when working, commuting and out and about. But travel, concerts and sports events are 3 areas you should be prepared to wait for a while, they’re not really that essential in the short term.

  • Blame China may be wrong! USA didn’t begin COVID-19 testing until Jan 19th, 2020. The first USA case is Strain B/C. How to explain this? excerpt “According to the Daily Mail, analysis of the genetic history of SARS-CoV-2 or the novel coronavirus shows that Type A, which is the strain that came from bats and jumped to humans from pangolins, was not common in China-the origin of the outbreak.
    Instead, Type B, which is derived from Type A coronavirus via two mutations, is more prevalent in the country, specifically in ground zero: Wuhan.
    Nevertheless, the original variation has been found in over 400,000 COVID-19 cases in the United States and Australia.”

  • Stay home!..Stop paying bills for other’s!..Or is this the American way?… Stimulating the economy by making other’s rich?…While you’re in that food line….looking for that next check…Think about it…:-)

  • Didn’t we already recognize that sunlight kills the plandemic virus covert-19 or whatever it is called. Fucking ridiculous political scare tool.

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  • thats why in United states have now about 100,000 deaths compared to less than 3,000 in other countrys.
    People doesnt realize that this virus will be last and still affecting innocent people… but i think most of you are selfish and empty as human beings.

  • Nothing is wrong with enjoy surfing, water, sand, the sunshine, the breeds, etc,,
    They’ rather strengthen your immune system,,
    I love to see people enjoying the nature ❤️

  • Honestly it didn’t even seem worth it to travel because of all the safety restrictions, why the hell do I wanna wear a mask on a beach and be focus on staying far away from everyone? A vacation is supposed to be stress and worry free. I’ll just wait till we finally get a vaccine, whenever that is

  • Americans are a rare people.There is a virus that can kill you.There is no vaccine,and no clear protocols for effective treatment.But yet,they scream about their Freedom,they wanna go to the beach.The only country in the world that is pushing back on measures to preserve life.SMH.

  • There will come a day, when all you instagram people will wake up and suddenly will be locked in a cage, then it won’t be funny anymore and everyone will understand it then, and not before then. If you go back and look at the opening ceremony of 2012 olympic games you will see that predictive programming was used, i know that even if you see it with your own eyes that you won’t believe it, that is the tragedy of your miserable lives

  • Anand’s vaccine! �������� 500lbs Beltless Deadlift 18Sec Hold while Singing National Anthem 59 Yrs 110KG

  • Went to the beach last week. No mask! Lies! All lies! Covid 19 is BS and your fear mongering people for no reason, or your apart of he covid 19 agenda. I say your part of the agenda! Lies! Quit lying to us! Peopple are waking

  • Cpr is you crazy….. not knowing if the been infected with covid 19…. 1 st of by the time they put on all the extra equipment some one could stop breathing… and die… and 2 nd �� �� mouth to mouth with a stranger… not prepared at all sorry �� should stay closed

  • Majority of Americans will only wear their masks to keep their jobs. Other than that is a risk people will just learn to accept. There will always be those who are scared of something

  • Lake beaches in south Utah have gone similarly to the beaches in Naples opening and closing due to crowds. They have reopened with certain campgrounds by the beach closed to reduce the crowding.

  • Americans who lost their jobs can think of coming to India and stay for a while till they get back their jobs in US. Which could save their spending. Since,1 dollar = 75 Rs, by coming to india they can improve their purchasing power.

  • I should have a choice period. If the cheeto wants to open the gates wide open so be it, all that choose to go back to pre covid status, so be it. I should not be penalized if I choose to stay home. Let them all out, no restrictions I say. America has never been united, might as well split the country up and have separate governments.

  • It’s going to be quite odd seeing a big boob woman on the beach with a mask covering more of her face than the skimpy thing covering her breasts!!!

  • Hey why don’t you report on the BILL Deamoncrats are trying to pass in the House called HR-6666 COV-19 Trace, this appears to be the mark of the beast!!!!

  • Cantankerous old Nancy wants to use the pandemic as an excuse to have “Christmas” for the Democrats. 3 Trillion dollars would be a future tax cost of $10,000.00 for every person in the USA just for this one Nancy disaster. Let’s solve the pandemic & economic issues.

  • Open up,life is a risk, people are responsible for the amount of risk they take in life, live and let die.hospitals should be allowed to reject covid patients if they choose.

  • Roughly there’s 330,000,000 in the United States.
    Roughly 88,000 dead=

    Did you hear about the lion trainer that was eaten by a lion?

    Doctors said he died of covid-19 ����

  • Being at the beach doesn’t seem like a problem if you stay away from people, but what about when you have to use the bathroom? Or get something to eat? That’s where you’re likely to get the virus.

  • What a joke….and why were beaches ever closed to begin with??? Why are we wearing masks on the beach? Anyone else see the extreme measures restricting our freedom as problematic?

  • God the selfishness of these Americans, it makes me sad to think how everyone who is doing the right thing are suffering from idiots.

  • 2:00 Stupid and Ignorant woman, she is only thinking about herself, very selfish and irresponsible of her saying what she said…boo boo to her…

  • Summer depends on you and you alone. LIVE. LOLO means YOU only live once. Don’t live in FEAR. BE YOU. Be selfish. If you are you, you won’t care…

  • So do we STILL believe the virus can be spread out side that we need to be afraid of catching it while sun bathing? Oh, and Sarah your mask is USELESS if it is wet, just FYI

  • Good for the people. They have a right to be out on the beach. It is their choice, and if you do not feel comfortable being there, don’t go.

  • this whole thing is nonsense, we need to reopen every state and get the economy going over there will be no America to go back to. This is liberal propaganda.

  • I live in Florida by the beaches. Please stop visiting our beaches, and if you live here, please stop going to the beaches. PLEASE

  • Little that they know Covid can spread through the air. Anyone who had Covid nearby and cough/sneeze, the virus just spread like no tomorrow.. Don’t let me get started with already contaminated surface

  • It should be a normal beach day no mask in the beach I understand in Walmart but open area I dont think we need a mask. I don’t wear a mask at all only when a store requires it.

  • We should be starting to go back to normal. The healthcare system is not going to collapse. That’s the whole reason we went into quarantine. To give hospitals and medical professionals a chance to prepare for the worst outcome. They are prepared now. People with compromised immune systems should still stay inside and be very careful. But the only way we are going to be able to move forward is if people with normal immune systems build up herd immunity. The doctors know how to handle it in cases with mostly healthy people. So yes, if we (healthy people) start going out there is a chance that we will get sick. And then we’ll just go to the doctor and get medication and recover.

    The virus will never go away. It’s like every season there is a new flu virus. (I know this is not a normal ‘flu’) but this is just another virus we need toget used to. Doctors are more than prepared. Already sick people still need to be very careful but the likelihood of a vaccine coming out soon is not very good. So we have to ease in to it to get it over with.

  • Can’t say I agree with how they went about covering this. They were practicing social distancing at the beach. They even showed it when they walked thru with the paddle. Is your health really worth a story that tons of other journalists have already covered. You do you. Survival of the smartest.

  • Go to the beach. Breathe the beach air. It is wonderful. I’ve been almost every other week for the last 2 months. Stay away from other people, have a small party (usually its me and my significant other). Social distance more than 6 feet and enjoy the sun.

  • It should be up to the people if you want to go to the beach then go to the beach this is a free country HOW CARES ABOUT MASKS AND SIX FEET all this is doing is breaking are basic rights as Americans

  • Well you don’t really get infected outside AS MUCH. Unless you really go at it snogging and being really really close for longer than 15 minutes you are fine. Walking past each other at the beach will not get you sick.
    And I am not saying that because I don’t take it seriously. Just quoting my German scientist dad.

  • Your so called expert doctor is wrong. Coronavirus doesn’t form a cloud around us like this Dr. Keim suggested. It’s spread thru droplets not by aerosol. Also the girl in this video is also a typical millennial know it all going to the beaches and then complaining there’s too many people at the beach. Cool you accomplished nothing in this video but looking like a brat.

  • Dude if you don’t have a pool, stay inside damn. Every other state is staying in. I live in Ohio without a beach and I’m still not even going outside. The wind at the beach is increasing the risk because the virus is spreading easier.

  • Woooaaahh no dont go IN the water with the mask you’ll practically waterboard yourself. Just put it back on as soon as u get out of the water. I think that’s safe enough, correct me if I’m wrong.

    IF you see this comment if u agree.

  • I’m a Floridian & saw this coming:/ people from Florida get to go to the beach ALL THA TIMEE it shouldn’t be that hard to go a couple months without it! BUY A POOL & TAN IN YOUR BACKYARD! That is all.

  • Too bad Florida isn’t following the CDC gating criteria. Our Governor opened beached last week and is opening barbershops on Monday while our new cases still climbs. It hasn’t even flattened yet much less decrease for 14 days. Sucks we sacrificed all this time staying at home and losing our jobs. I can’t see how our number of new cases will ever flatten or decrease by reopening against the CDC’s guidelines.

  • This video pissed me off. She was basically looking for an excuse to go to the beach herself. She was adding to the number of people on that beach. If you want to judge people for going there, maybe start by NOT going there yourself. You could have drove by and saw how many people were there. Did you need to walk between them? Did you need to dive in the sea at the end and try to enjoy the beach « safely »? Moron. Honestly just an idiot.

  • Remember everyone was pissed with the spring breakers last month because they said there was going to be a huge outbreak with mass death??? It never happened

  • As a Floridian in a small town I can for sure say there is no problem on my island. People are social distancing and saying very safe while still at the beach.

  • “and the cases are increasing” CDC Karen

    For those trying to understand the death of expertise, note claims like this. The guy calls himself a scientist and yet makes a basic claim that is is not consonant with the data. That is, false.

    If he can’t be bothered to look at the basic of Florida data before making a ( false ) claim, what other claims are he making that are not based on evidence?

  • “and what our best science is telling us”

    File under things people even “scientists” say when they conflate their own personal conclusions with “science”

  • When that one girl said “she had faith in Floridians” My first reaction(as a Floridian) was “No don’t”… opinion things should not be opening up just yet. Again my opinion as someone who worked(not now obviously parks are closed) in a place that puts me near thousands of people.

  • The USA and most EU couNtries are in the top ten for COVID-19 DEATHS / MILLION.


  • If we held presidential election today and Joe Biden won presidency, within hours the media would be screaming to reopen the country because now it’s the legacy and presidency of president Biden that’s at stake. You know, this only adds credence to Donald Trump’s claim that the media is against the people. Keeping the country unemployed hurts the presidency of Donald Trump, maybe to the point of losing the election. Throwing Trump out of office is more important than American families. This is distasteful.

  • More fraudulent modeling based on outlandish assumptions and dumb media writers who buy-in to future outcomes that are unsupported by current data…typical media feces.

  • Because states are reopening this gives some a false sense of security therefore a lot of people are going to cast the 6 foot rule to the side and ignore continued social distancing warnings.

  • I always heard when I was a little boy that other country’s call us idiots, I’m starting to understand now, I think if I was young I would be one of them too!

  • WOW we are at Obama’s numbers 0 gdp
    high unemployment
    it’s like as if Barack soyboy Hussein 0bama is still in office
    you are more likely to die in a blue state than a red state

  • The irony is so blatant. Trump wants to reopen the economy so maybe he’ll be able to get some of the economy back by election day. Yet he is doing such a terrible job coordinating the reopening across the entire country that his reopening will result in a terrible covid second spike, and a subsequent crash in the markets and the economy!

  • Open it all up now!
    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”
    Ben Franklin.

  • Crazy that this guy teaches at MIT and has no idea what he is doing… There is nothing “devastating” about people moving around… It’s a good thing…

  • I hope the people that go out full force no mask no distance etc
    That they are safe

    And if they kill them selves if it happens ANd not others they pass it! Right to die, but not to spread! Hope it goes well y’all good luck

  • Guys please report how many people under the age of 65 has passed away thus far state by state COVID19 and tell me if it is worse than influenza.

  • Um.. Since January here in Vancouver.. Actually the whole province of 5 million people. No one under the age of 40 has died due to COVID19 and 4 people have died under the age of 60. The median age of people dying due to COVID19 is 85. We had 2 months of lockdown and 2 months of no lockdown. We just spent 185 billion dollars entire Canada for this. Math just does not seem right.

  • So, we need to undergo a massive nationwide coordination effort for the sake of easily influenced social media lemmings? Just let lemmings do what they do best. Follow each other off cliffs.

  • Yes! Those hicks and rubes don’t want to trust The Science and now we’re all gonna die! If only they were less racist and understood that society must be centrally planned, all aspects of life being determined by The Experts so we can achieve Safety! Science have mercy on us now!

  • The US Economy is not just adrift with the orange anal clown at the helm, we are truly like the Titanic at this point, already hit the iceberg and going down. The FAKE NEWS MEDIA, mainly Fox, Sinclair and OANN, will still be cheering for their orange cult idol all the way to the bottom of the ocean.

  • Woot we made it to Scam Tier 2. Perhaps if we get to the right number, Pelosi nephew may add tiers to keep that carrot away. No federal bailout for any state

  • CA Allows useless business like interior design manufacturing in Santa Ana, only because of the revenue they bring to the state. There is no safety involve in these decisions, mom and pop shops are expandable. THEY SPOKE LOUD AND CLEAR. Many got loans when they didn’t even need the subsidies, while regular business are on their own….this is California leaders looking out for us. PATHETIC!

  • The problems we face under a satanic communist rule are so far from what each of us to actually ever imagined that these people have over stepped their agenda.By the actions that California’s gov.who is related to the speaker of the house (no name needed the whole world already knows)between the these two and the control they have been trying to keep over people who are doing what they believe to be right because they are listening without questioning and following without thinking.It has not yet come to them that they are bwing led into a dark and sad world under the deception that is fed to them that they want whatever is the agenda of these people who smile and stab them in the back while the smile and blame another.For instances pelosi saying she was set up at the beatuy shop.And smiles as she lies and blames another but the stupidity of her blame comes back in full on her.If she was set up then that setup didn’t include nancy don’t wear a mask.This is like the rest who are trying to control the voting so as they have always in the past they can cheat.This Is how they rule in CALIF. BUT THAT MAY CHANGE QUICKER THAN THEY KNOW.


    SWEDEN IS FINE….NO LOCKDOWN..herd immunity has worked for decades.

    Since when in hell do we shutdown businesses and quarantine the healthy? idiots!

  • 25% capacity! What a joke. Our church still can’t open at that size! The city of San Francisco has allowed its own employees the use of city owned or contracted fitness centers while public fitness centers remain closed!

  • We’d all like to extend a warm thanks to Nancy Pelosi for getting caught criminally violating the very shuttering laws she and her party imposed on the rest of the state, and her hypocritically being caught on video, now opens up the state to get back to regular life and again enjoy what democrats have been doing in secret.

  • This article lists, I think,!NINETEEN! SEPARATE!19! TRUMP INSULTS of United States Military Personnel from 2015 through 2019. Sorry bout ads. You can scroll thru 2 bold print pretty quickly:-)

  • No open everything up. BTW when are you stupid people going to realize we control them (the government) not the other way around. Newson has no rights to lock businesses down, especially when he leaved his open. Sorry its not a LAW and any LAW enforcement, judge, DA, etc that follows that should be executed for TREASON against the constitution the pledged to protect for all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. Yes the government in most Democrook places is a DOMESTIC enemy of the people. 6% die from the COVID-19 without any other cause, sounds like you have more of a chance of killing yourself from losing everything from the shutdown. BTW this comes from someone who works for RETAIL and is essential even though low wage with no protection or anything. If I was still in the last place I worked I would be sitting at home making more money doing nothing and wouldnt have PERMANENT LUNG DAMAGE.

  • Something else for you. If you die today will you go to heaven? Have you ever lied, stolen, used God’s name as a curse word (O-M-G)? According to God’s law, you’re guilty, your headed for hell, ignorance will not be an excuse… But wait, God loves you, he made a way out for you, God’s son Jesus died paying for your sin. God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. John 3:16
    God is warning the world. End Time prophesies are jumping off the pages of the Bible, plagues, government control, earthquakes, fires, floods, people will be lovers of themselves, money, lovers of pleasure rather than God, evil will be called good and good called evil, sexual immorality rampant adultery, fornication, abuse… mommies killing their babies in child sacrifice, World leaders are prepping for a One-World order, government, religion (please don’t take a number on your forehead or right hand, read Revelation a number means no heaven, and there’s only one alternative) The government is also prepping to have you believe that UFO’s are real… Soon the antichrist will come and fix everything, everyone will love him, he will deceive many… then the tribulation will start, life on earth will be horrific. Today if you hear God whispering to your heart please respond before it’s too late. Say a humble prayer, pour your heart out to God, he loves you, open your heart take a chance receive Jesus as your savior.

  • Blah Blah Blah. 10% 25% 50% Purple, Red, Green, Pink,. Cut the BS and just open everything back up. Enough of this CovidCon garbage

  • Someone tell jp wang how the whistle blower that worked next to fauchi came out and said the virus is man made and fake do your research

  • Such a “free” market. The govt is giving them straws to grasp and will be taking them away again shortly. When will people see this is over reach by the govt?

    This plandemic is ruining small businesses and making way for monopolies in every industry.

  • With the protests and riots that went on in the USA in the past week? We’ll find out from that. Social distancing was largely ignored. My guess is that we’re safe, the U.S. news shamed the protests to reopen the economy and freedom to attend church or hold a funeral but that all changed in the past week.