Are You Able To Have Fertile Cervical Mucus although not Ovulate



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Improve your Cervical Mucus for Fertility

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How to get more fertile cervical mucus

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My Cervical Mucus NEVER Gets Egg White!

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What should I do if I don’t have cervical mucus?

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Can you get pregnant without cervical mucus? | Quick Question


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If you have fertile cervical mucus but no rise in temperature, it could be that you’re not ovulating. 1  While fertile quality cervical mucus can warn you that ovulation is coming, so you can time sex for pregnancy, it doesn’t confirm that ovulation actually took place. You can have fertile quality cervical mucus, but not. So, you may have fertile cervical mucus and no other signs of ovulation.

If you have polycystic ovarian syndrome, your cervical mucus may build up to a wet texture but your luteinizing hormone surge may not be adequate enough to cause ovulation. 3) You May Not Be Getting a Temperature Rise During Your Cycles. In your 40s, you may not ovulate with every menstrual cycle and may only have one day, or less, of fertile mucus.

Lower oestrogen levels, which could be age-related. Taking oestrogen supplements won’t help, as this can upset your normal hormonal feedback system. Your existing supply of cervical mucus will reduce and make.

Keep in mind that cervical mucus is not a requirement for ovulation. It usually accompanies ovulation, but not always. You can get pregnant with no cervical mucus, but it does make it harder. The cervical mucus is what helps guide the sperm to the egg, and protect it from the sometimes harsh conditions in the vagina. If not pregnant, the vaginal discharge post ovulation is usually dry and scanty.

You no longer produce a fertile mucus at this point. If you do produce a vaginal discharge after ovulation it would be creamy, pasty or a thick discharge. This is to ​make it difficult for the sperm to penetrate or swim upwards into the uterus and.

Differences in the cervical mucus pattern. It is important to note that various factors can influence cervical mucus quality, which can somewhat complicate its evaluation. Stress as well as sexual arousal can cause a temporary increase in vaginal discharge.

The latter can even appear to be fertile mucus as seen before ovulation, when it is not. Clear cervical mucus means your body has reached its prime fertile stage. Cervical mucus at this stage is a nurturing environment for sperm.

In fact, this stretchy mucus actually creates channels that help “catapult” the sperm up into the uterus and fallopian tubes. You may notice an increased amount a day or two before ovulation. Thick white mucus is not a fertile mucus and will not get you pregnant.

However, you can purchase ovulation kits and fertility monitors that can help predict your ovulation and fertile window. Reasons you’re still not pregnant. You do not know your fertile mucus or ovulation mucus discharge. Once your cervical mucus has the consistency of raw egg whites, you’re in your fertile period. This mucus (called spinnbarkeit) means your body is getting ready to ovulate.

If you hold the mucus between two fingers, it can stretch an inch or two without breaking in the middle. It is important to note that having fertile cervical fluid is not a sure sign of fertility. The body may release high levels of estrogen, even though a person does not ovulate.

However, in genera.

List of related literature:

Although there is no absolute proof that cervical mucus is necessary for fertilization, poor quantity and quality have been associated with infertility.

“Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing” by Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN
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Cervical mucus disappears immediately after ovulation, resuming with menses.

“Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN” by Diane Billings, Desiree Hensel
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Fertile mucus is rarely seen.

“Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine E-Book” by Jane Lyttleton
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One can easily detect ovulation by watching for changes in the cervical mucus.

“Kingdom of Shiva” by Sivkishen
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At the time of ovulation, cervical mucus is thin and clear.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
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On or around the day of ovulation, the cervical mucus will be very thin, clear and stretchy.

“Human Physiology” by Wikibooks Contributors
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Cervical mucus is one of the body’s signals that ovulation is approaching.

“Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain” by Belinda Wurn, Larry Wurn, Richard King MD, Pt Belinda Wurn, Lmt Larry Wurn, MD Richard King
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Combined with cervical position (see below) and BBT on a single chart, cervical mucus can be an extremely useful (if slightly messy) tool in pinpointing the day on which you are most likely to ovulate – and it does so in plenty of time for you to do something about it.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
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Changes in the consistency of cervical mucus can be used to identify fertile intervals.

“Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children” by Kathryn L. McCance, RN, PhD, Sue E. Huether, RN, PhD
from Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children
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If inadvertently performed after ovulation, mucus characteristics again may be poor.

“Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility” by Leon Speroff, Marc A. Fritz
from Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility
by Leon Speroff, Marc A. Fritz
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2005

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  • Thank you for all your videos, they are really helpfull! Could you do a video about migraine and chronic headaches, considering regular intake of paracetamol, and how it affects your fertility? And what to do about it?

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  • I really recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility! It helped me understand and value these videos more. It’s also more effective than the rhythm method. The rhythm method predicted my ovulation date a week later than I actually ovulated, every time. By charting and using the Fertility Awareness Method I could pinpoint exactly when I ovulated. Also preseed is great if you’re not making enough cervical fluid

  • Omg We have been trying to Convince for 8 years�� over the last few weeks i have been experiencing anxiety because I’m so use to a negative test but this time feels so different����‍♀️❤����‍♀️❤����‍♀️ Wish me luck!!! Thank you

  • Please reply, from last 2-3 months in past I can’t saw my raw egg cm, can I will get pregnant, we r trying to conceive??? please reply

  • I used to have this alotc like clear strecthy mucus. I dont have them anymore its been like 4 years. I went to the gunocologist once and asked them to check, they said, i can get pregnant. I was just curious

  • Hello mom thax for your wonderful videos i really like them there educative,mom I have aquestion and need the answer,I got EWCM on 8th/June/2020 in the morning and i baby danced that very morning and at night, then my husband was away for two days and then come back and did it again,so on 26th/June/2020 I started spotting with cramps thought my periods was starting but up to now still have spotting which comes for very few hours and go,it’s on and off and I don’t wear a pad what could be the cause pliz mom answer me am worried

  • I don’t get it. I have very contradictory symptoms then. I have some estrogen dominance ones, but others that suggest I have low estrogen and high progesterone. Is that possible?

  • I have felt I have only milky Kind of mucus! No sticky and egg white.. how can I improve. Also I have irregular periods and also, oh god, insulin resistance. I already have a miscarriage. Pls help

  • Hi, does the EWCM during fertile period serve the same purpose as the vaginal discharge expelled during intimacy? even if you are not in ovulation stage??

  • Hello Dr, pls what drug should I take to help boost my ovulation couse am not ovlating and I have gone for hormones test all is OK with me yet not ovulating. Tnx

  • Hi there, if you need to enhance your fertility and become pregnant, that’s wonderful. Likewise, if you want to increase the speed of the course of action, and begin to feel the changes within the first few several weeks, search for Dobbie Nerkstrol’s site for a technique that works amazingly well.

  • Me: my ovulation discharge doesnt come out naturally.not unless im arouse. After my period only watery sometimes yellow clear or light yellow sometimes plus burning sensation after period

  • thanks for such valuable information. I will tell you that I managed to get pregnant following this guide:
    infertilityinwomen. com (google it) It is a natural method that helped me to get pregnant in 3 months.

  • Hello, I came off the injection (only had two In total) in December 2018 and then had my period December 2019. How do I know whether I’m actually ovulating or not. I feel like my mucus is always there? Slightly confusing:(

  • @Fertility Homeopath
    Hello! I recently had a miscarriage at 11 weeks. I have had 2 cycles since and have not seen any ewcm. Is this common?

  • Very informative thank you. I recently started taking the fertility tea & supplements from pink stork, is it ok to take some of these supplements along with pink stork?

  • Good morning
    I have a question for You.I read a lot of studies but I would like to ask..Does increased parity delay menopause?Is there a trend between number of children and menopause onset and post partum breastfeeding amenhorrea?
    I Just read a study in a group of Pakistan women that had successfull pregnancy well beyond 50 and had great parity (11 )
    What do You think?

  • Hi there!!!! I had all symptoms cramping, heavy breast,gas, bloated, headache, bleeding, tired, but when i did the test why still came out with negative??

  • Hi, I bought fish oil from China. It says per capsule 1000mg. Can you please tell how many capsule should I take per day? And also should I take with shell or without shell? Thank you.

  • If a man has 50,000 sperm and the avg is 30,000 then how many do you think make it into the right areas and don’t get lost? Any idea or is this something like a “to each his own” answer or would have to be monitored?

  • The only symptom I’ve had is implantation bleeding which idk what else the spotting could be at that time (8 dpo) but I’ve had no other symptoms of pregnancy and I just don’t feel pregnant so I’m confused if that spotting was even pregnancy related. I took an early test at 10 dpo and it was still negative. I still have about 5 days before my period is expected.

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  • Hi Ingefleur! We at Premom love your videos! We are so happy for you and your family on your recent child and wish you many blessings. I sent an email to you awhile back regarding shared missions, and would love to see if you have a moment to chat!

  • Can you ovulate twice? I took ovulation test and two weeks later I had bleed and then following week I had another bleed.. I have Pcos, I usually have a period day 34 or 41 but I’ve had both this cycle?!

    I’m starting the process for clomid this month, and they wanted a day 1-5 blood test actually booked it the second bleed, and then doing say 21. Hopefully it won’t mess up the results. Fingers crossed for a 2020 baby or 2021 as I get a year of clomid and then that’s it, unless I save for ivf. But my boys are clomid babies round 1, and round 8.

  • It’s been 3 days now I don’t see cervical mucus like I see 3 days before it’s like egg white. Now is just little bit water. It’s mean I am pregnant?

  • I was so depressed, until one day while I was checking online for new fertility treatment and I came across Dr. Isi of and WhatsApp number +254795696876 on how he has been helping alot of women become pregnant with his Traditional work. I decided to give it a try because I obviously had nothing to loose. But after several communications with Dr. Isi he decided to proceed with my work and sent me some herbal medicine and after working with Dr. Isi of and WhatsApp number +254795696876 I went for test and behold my result was positive. And now I’m almost due. All thanks goes to my Hero whom is Dr. Isi of and WhatsApp number +254795696876

  • I have being suffering from herpes virus for couples of years and I had to tryna use herbal treatment from MADIDAHERBALCENTER though I have uses black seed oil and other pills before that. I went for a test last month after using Madida herbal center ‘s herbs and I was tested negative. I felt lucky knowing about Madida herbal center.

  • Hey you just earned a new sub i love your videos about ttc cuz i’m try to convince were married for one year now and this is our 3 month trying…one question have u ever used ovulation strips?? If i get a peak positive(strong positive) does that mean i have already ovulated aor about too…and i dont have that much egg whites its alway creamy and egg whites is that normal…???

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  • Hello mam, i just want to ask u one thing that is ewcm should be in every menstrual cycle,bcoz last month i got this so called Ewcm for 5 days but this months its creamy and wet bt not ewcm. So can u plz rpy me for this and i had regular cycle.

  • Ma’am m 28year old… my cycle is about 28 days since 4months(otherwise 32days)…I have quite regular periods…
    But dis month m waiting n it’s been 33 days…I doubt if m carrying…
    I have metallic taste(probably coz of irregular eating habits)..
    dizziness headache…sort of nausea(may be symptoms acid reflux)…
    I had backache for 2days(on my 31;32 day,I thought it was for constipation or weakness or pms)…
    But no breast tenderness (which I used to have in my previous months pms)
    I saw a very very scanty milky white thick discharge on day 31 (just once) later on its completely dry no sensation of period….
    But I feel prickly feel on right side of the lower abdomen (just once or twice n sort of fluttering feel in lower abdomen (once or twice)
    Ma’am so can I expect the pregnancy test positive…or is it just a harmonal imbalance…or stress…

    Please reply m worried…

  • I was worried about cm as well, and my estrogen was on a lower side, even with endo, weird huh? Since people claim endo happens because of estrogen dominance, false! Anyway I didn’t get much of that cm during ovulation, very little of it, and got preggo!

  • IVF Is Crazy Expensive And Most Of The Time Does Not Work! And If It Does Work, You Could Still Lose The Baby OR Deliver Triplets! There’s A Much Better Way!

  • Im noticing a lot of egg white mucus that has continued after the ovulation till my period date could this be a sign of early pregnancy?

  • I have so weird “rythm ” with cm. Tes I’m dry after period,then it can be anything and anytime ���� I had positive ovulation test yesterday and today. But I had egg white cm 3 days ago and now these 2 days just little sticky, almost dry. It can change DAILY. Really rearly I might have egg white or watery.. I have one son so ��‍♀️ Ovulation test+cm and bbt rearly match �� Positive test,no cm,bbt can stay low for days. Or first lot of cm,then nothing,bbt rises and after that positive test ��‍♀️ ice been tracking now 6 months because we are trying to have a child

  • Hello. Please advise. I typically have regular consistent periods that last about 3 to 5 day, with most of it being light menstruation. This period which I’m on now… its been 9 days bleeding. First 4 days was as usual light and almost gone, then days 6 to 9 has been heavy bleeding with clots every time I go to toilet and sit to pee. Clots are about little larger than a quarter. But its frequent clots. What’s going on?!! I’m freaking out. Never had it this long and heavy. ����

  • I got egg white cervical mucus in April, but the whole month my BBT is very low. So obviously I didn’t ovulate? I did have my period though. Why is that happen? Thanks. Does running influence ovulation? Does put wheat bags on the stomach constantly kill eggs and sperms? Thank you!!

  • I have a foot reflexology chart and inner ankles represents your uterus, I also read this in a book and somewhere else online. This is cd 12 and both inner ankles have hurt today and even still, now and it’s almost 8:30pm CST. Also had a white discharge this morning and this evening my stomach started cramping and I thought I would either have my period or have diarrhea. I had pain on left side lower back before that.Ankle pain is like having nails driven into them, even while sitting. My left shoulder and neck are so sore and stiff too! Has anyone else experienced it like this and got a positive test soon after? I’m not cramping right now, but it is like a stretching sharp pain in my pelvic area. Is this normal? Tomorrow should get something o test. CD 13

  • Is omega 3 fish oil the same as omega 3 fatty acid? I’m confused. Can you send me a link to good quality vitamins for my husband and I? I’m overwhelmed and don’t v want to wate my money on expensive filler vitamins

  • First time TTC. CD 1 was Oct. 4th. Got 2 peak Fertility OPK on CD 21 and CD 28. Currently 14 dpo and CD 42 with no symptoms, no BFP, and no AF. Before now, the longest cycle I’ve ever had was 37 days so 42 with no AF is kinda weird. I’m so worried. What can I do?

  • Ever since having my daughter, my cervical fluid is ALWAYS the stretchy, fertile mucus. It’s not possible that I’m always ovulating, so any tips for how to know when I’m ovulating or not? Because of weird sleep patterns and breastfeeding, I can’t count on BBT either. This is our form of birth control and it’s frustrating.

  • Whats up, this really is one persuasive vid… reminds me of Dobbie Nerkstrol’s site, did you googl it? There’s a very effective procedure that can improve your fertility and help you get pregnant in a matter of several weeks, by simply following a simple routine at home.

  • I usually have pure white water coming out of my breast and I’ve used so many drugs like bromocripton,bromargon but it did not stop,and I’ve been trying 2 conceive 4 d past 5years now,pls what can i use 2 stop this discharge.

  • Hi!! I have pcod and hypothyroidism so do not get other than creamy sticky cm… Trying to conceive for 9 yrs. Nothing worked?? Please help������

  • Hey Fleur!! I’m looking back at all your older videos and I can’t find the suppliment you say you take that helps restore enamel in your teeth? Is it safe in pregnancy? Thank you for all your videos and help! I’m happy to say with your help and taking care of my bodyI’m 13 weeks pregnant! Thank you so much in advanced �� any thank you for all your wonderful info!

  • I got positive ovulation strips 2 days, my cervix stills open, soft and high, but I don’t get the EWCM. Does that have anything to do with PCOS?

  • I tried so hard to get pregnant this month, however I never did and I feel like it was because I was low on vitamin D. Very low. Thank you for sharing this. I Will be taking supplements.

  • Why I’m having white stretchy discharge on days of ovulation? I mean what is reason if i get white stretchy mucus instead of Ewcm?

  • Great Thank You!! I started taking these supplements and my CM is great this month. I have some real Egg Whites this month. ; ) I’m taking “Probiotics for Women” this actually says on the bottle, for vaginal health that has all those supplements, Vitamin D3 Gummies and Omega-3 Fish Oil. I’ll keep you updated and see if it works this month.: )

  • finally i am now a mother i cant believe that Dr Marcus is a good herbal Dr  but all thanks to God that use Dr Marcus  as an instrument to help me please and please to those of you that are in same situation please contact Dr Marcus  on WhatsApp  +2349035530865 OR Email: [email protected], He also have natural herbs too this below.. HERBS TO GET RID OF FIBROID / HERBS TO UNBLOCK YOUR FALLOPIAN TUBE / HERBS TO CLEAN YOUR WOMB / HERBS TO GET PREGNANT FASTER

  • I normally ALWAYS get eggwhite cm. My periods are always regular. Just this month my period came late, which never happens. I thought that maybe i was pregnant. The month before that, i got my period on time, but my cervical mucus never got stretchy. I feel like it’s stress that did this because i went through a lot of change. Is this normal? Oh, i also was drinking, which i normally never do.

  • Hi fleur.. hope you well.. I’ve messaged you before.. I’m 44 and trying to get pregnant.. my ovulation test shows peak fertility this morning.. doing and taking all supplements and tomatoes lol.. fingers crossed for us this time x

  • Hi im 44 and have had 3 children ages 18..8..7.. I’m now with my new partner for 18 months and we have decided to have a baby.. I’m taking supplements and don’t smoke or drink.. I eat a good diet which includes the famous tomatoes lol.. I’m using opp test past 2 months

  • How can I get the detox pills becoz I don’t have a period on less I take the birth control pills, and I have high Fsh level no AMH level and I am trying to becoz pregnant so bad. I was on the nexplanon for one year and after I removed it I use the pills for 5 month I stop it now I have no period at all. So what is your advice pls I need help so bad.

  • It’s been a week after ovulation and we have been trying to conceive, i have been experiencing cervical mucus almost all the time i pee and also in my panty. They are clear and white stuff.. is it possible that I’m pregnant and it’s my 2week wait

  • Your my favorite fertility channel!! Thank you thank you!! I’ve been trying these suggestions for three cycles with little luck in increasing my CM and I was wondering if you could do a part 2 video? Also curious on your review of FertileCM and FertilePlus supplements for this problem

  • I’ve seen that clear stretchy CM after sex…is it CM or just a combo of sperm n female orgasm? I rarely see it on its own usually that window period is pretty dry.

  • Been trying to get pregnant for 8 months now but now i realize im not getting the stretchy mucus thingy.. need part 2 of this please

  • Hello doctor im 37 years old and ihave pcod body weakness and i feel heat and burning in pelvic area im very tensed doctor im trying for pregnancy since 8 years but i faild what should i do plz suggest me i will b thankfull to you

  • I tried for several years to get pregnant. but the result was always negative. but as a last resort I followed this guide: infertilityinwomen. com (google it) is a natural guide that gave me the possibility of being a mother,..

  • I been trying to get pregnant for few months, then I came across FertileCM Supports a healthy uterine lining Capsules, this help sperm get to the egg, and help toward a healthy environment for sperm. After taken this, my ovulation look so much clear. With the FertileCM you have to drink lot and lots of water, to flush very thing out, it say on the bottle you should drink 64 ounces water daily but I drink a lot, lot more then that.
    After a month taken this, my period was late but I did’t do a test till I was 4 days late, I am pregnant OMG am so so happy, I wanted to share my story to help others who are trying to get pregnant.

    FertileCM you can get this off amazon and cost £29.84. For me it was worth v-penny

  • Thank you so much for your very interesting video’s! I just wanted to ask something about the folic acid supplement. When I was doing my reseach I found that folic acid is not a good choice to take, altough everbody recommends it! It has a lot of risks and it’s better to take the natural form of folate (B9) wich our body can handle when there is to much. Folic acid, the synthetic form can residue in our body and cause a lot of problems.
    What do you think about this?
    I’m taking folate now together with B12
    I think you are dutch 😉 so I put the copy of the article i found here for you to read. Foliumzuur: de risico’s en het natuurlijke alternatief

  • I have a ton of cervical mucus! But I’m
    Turning 42 and maybe there are some
    Issues with my husband. Who knows, infertility is such a mystery. Then there’s the spiritual side too. Maybe there just is no spirit.

  • You mention liver detox in one of your videos (I have watched several over the last few days) but can’t remember which one. Is there a video that explains how we can do that or can you point me in the right direction?

  • I am trying for a baby and have pcos and getting difficulty to get pregnant. Can you please suggest some medicines. I am already having a treatment but want to take homeopathic medicines as well.

  • Hi can someone help me? I did got my peak fertility on sept 6 and 7, baby dance days before and on both days and after.
    After 4 days from peak ovulation, i started having spotting up to now. Its been 3 days. Helllllp me. My menstruation is due in 9 days.

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  • hello friends want to get pregnant. Download this method: infertilityinwomen. com (google it)
    It is a natural method that helped me get pregnant.

  • Hi! I’m new here. Just paused video at 7:46 to comment. This is by far one of the best videos on EGCM. I’m beginning my journey to conceive and this is great. ❤️

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  • Thank you so much for the advice! I am currently TTC for my first. If anyone is interested in my journey, I am posting updates. Baby dust to all!

  • Im on the TTC journey for my very first baby and i refuse to watch any other pregnancy related channel �� if i get pregnant, my pregnancy will be sponsored by your channel����

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  • Whats up, this is unpredicted, yet not bad. If there’s something to add is that if you happen to follow Dobbie Nerkstrol’s guidelines, you may increase your fertility and get pregnant within 4-8 weeks. Try googlng her to check if it makes sense to you as well.

  • Actually. Men are NOT always fertile. Yes they do ejaculate each time but that fluid is a mixture of 3 different types of fluid. And does not always contain sperm, healthy sperm, or lots of sperm. Your man can be the reason you are not conceiving.

  • I think I don’t produce the EWCM, but get extremely wet, at times I feel like wearing a panty liner. Then after that am very dry( the day consider ovulation day) am soo lost. Have been trying and am soo….

  • the ONLY time i have EVER had cervical mucus that was wet or egg white was when I consumed 1000mg of guaifenesin EVERY DAY…nothing else worked, i am dairy free, gluten free, i tried every supplement and everything in the book.

  • hi i’ve been experiencing cramps in my pelvic area and right side on and off for the past 2 days, had unprotected sex 6 days ago but i have no cervical mucus right now.. i am suppose to start my period in 8 days.. can i still be pregnant with out cervical mucus in my situation?

  • Can you do a part 2? I recently got EWCM for the first time on CD 14! Been TTC since May 2018. I BD’d on this day. But my question is does egg white cm occur during or before ovulation. My cm went back to cream right after. Is cervical mucus a good indicator of fertility or is it a combination of all these things/techniques? Can you get EWCM and not ovulate? Being that I am very irregular and TTC, I am very excited! Hope to get a response, New subby ☺️ HEALTHY 9 MONTHS ��

  • I went off birth control in April and I have had my period 2 times now but will it effect cervical mucus and make it almost nonexistent?

  • Wow than you so much for making videos based on natural homeopathic methods! I have been charting for a year now using the sympto thermal method FAM and it’s empowered me so much! You’re videos are so informative and right along the lines of what I am looking for, questions I have, ect I hope to get pregnant later this year and will start taking prenatals soon. Is it ok to be taking prenatels and a DHA omega fatty acid supplement before conceiving?

  • Wow…great throughout video! I just seen a jelly clear mucus w/ streak of blood 2 days ago.. And this morning a light pinkish orange when wiped so it’s all so confusing!.1st time I’ve ever seen that and glow said that was my day…CRAZY we’ve been ttc for a year but not full force as we should! I thought maybe i had thyroid issue but was tested and I’m okay! Hopefully this month will be it

  • I am currently struggling with PCOS (self diagnosed) I have checked my cervical mucus every day for the past month and I get stretchy EWCM every other week. Is it that I ovulate every other week? Also, I have taken a pregnancy test a week and a half ago and it was positive but I took another one yesterday and it was negative. Could I be pregnant? I am two weeks late but tests say I’m not pregnant.

  • Thank you so much for being very informative:) so could you please temme the tips to improve more fertile cervical mucus since i haven’t get EWCM but it wud be like streachy slight white…
    Awaiting for ur reply…
    love youuuu��

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  • THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE! Make sure to say hi and let me know where you are at in your #TTC journeyI would LOVE to be friends. ��

  • Can I take a supplement even if I have my tubes tied? I’m not trying to to get pregnant but have no cervical mucus and I’m prone to infections. Its frustrating, and I suffer from vaginal dryness since the age of 26

  • my cervical mucus would happen during my period……can you tell me why? and when it around my ovulation its creamy not egg white. please help

  • Hello doctor, I’m recovering from a miscarriage, just got my first period since the loss. I noticed that while my cervical fluid two weeks ago was stretchy, it was opaque. Before my first child was born, I had splendid CF even though I was in worse health and far more stressed than I have been recently… what might the opacity indicate? I’ve been taking Omegas 3, 6, and 9, drinking lots of red raspberry leaf tea, and eating organic as much as possible.

  • Hi doctor. I got abortion in fifth month of my pregnancy because of cervical open 9 months back.
    If i concive next time I should go under treatment of cervical stich or what

  • @Dr. Marc Sklar FertilityTV Hello Sir,I am following your channel from last 3 months.Thanks for your valubale information to so many people suffering with infertility.
    My wife has undergone endometriosis stage-4 surgery(last year) and we are trying to go for IVF,but her AMH is close to 1,so please letme know the options and suggestions from your experience.

  • The two things that worked for me were increasing water intake and taking a daily tsp of high quality liquid fish oil. I am 32 and hadn’t seen quality mucus since I was in my early 20s. Now I have an abundant amount for about 2
    3 days. We are still trying to conceive now for over 6 months but hoping our time will come soon!

  • I have been trying to get pregnant for over five years after having a miscarriage and blood transfusion and taking prednisone for sometime I have been on ovabless to try to conceive but nothing happening am so stress out over this it’s almost suicidal

  • Hello
    Pls help me
    I had symptoms a week to my period
    it stopped all of a sudden in my 29cycle and I didn’t get my period? I don’t understand this. Pls help.

  • Hi doctor!! I am Binita! I am 34 years old!! I got my first baby girl at 30 and I use copper IUD at 31 and I take it out at 33 and I want to conceive next child but now I am 34 I am trying for one year to get pregnant but I am not pregnant! Plz help me!!

  • Hi Dr than k for ur information am 43 trying to hva ea baby but unfirtunately i have stop ovulation in the last 5 months and checked my homenes test my fsh is very high 39 tried climen and did scan on the 13 day but no follicles seen pls advice what should i do thank

  • Hi I’m 44 and we am trying for a baby but with no joy so far.. I have been tested to see if I’m ovulating and my blood showered I am ovulating and my partner is having his sperm looked at this week see how his sperm is.. any ideas on getting his sex drive up as well

  • Am so worried cos I don’t have any cervical mucus but when I see dis video am so happy cos I really want to get pregnant tncu so much

  • I have had recurrent yeast overgrowth and discomfort within the past several months, and unprotected sex with my (monogamous) partner seems to bring it on whenever I treat it. Is it possible that he has yeast on his reproductive organs and he keeps re-infecting me?

  • What about fasting to help heal the liver? I’ve also been using Colostrum for digestive issues. Stress as well. Ive added doing yoga and qigong to help.

  • for past few months all my cycle i am having milky white discharge. No egg white or sticky mucus. Can you please tell what could be the cause of it??

  • How do you do a hormonal birth control pill detox? Have been actively trying to get pregnant for 5 months now and have been unsuccessful. Since coming off the pill I have realized how harmful it was and I never want to be on it again. I was on it for 6 years so I want to DETOX!!!

  • How can you help me, if you are a little more expensive than what I can afford right now. But I do need all the help that I can get PLEASE

  • Hey Sir I am 27 years I comment about 12 hours ago one of video
    I have problem when I done intercourse I not taking out my organ from Virginia for 7 minutes but when I take out my sperm flowing coming out. I feel that my sperm is wasting. I married about 1 month ago I am very stressful I don’t know what I do.
    Still my wife not yet pregnant doing daily intercourse please Sir give me some advice thankyou

  • Love love love your channel! I would really like a video about the phases and understanding them! It’s so difficult to understand all of this info!!! Thanks!!