Are You Able To Be Pregnant but still Obtain a Negative Pregnancy Test



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can you have a negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant

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5 Reasons Why You Can Have Negative Pregnancy Test And Still Be Pregnant | Animation

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Finding out I’m pregnant… Still getting a negative pregnancy test

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Modern home pregnancy tests (which use a urine sample to detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG, a hormone produced during pregnancy) are fairly reliable. So most of the time, getting a negative result on a pregnancy test means that you are probably not pregnant. A repeated negative pregnancy test even with a missed period typically means that you are not pregnant.

A negative pregnancy test a week or more after your missed period indicates that your chance of being pregnant is less than 1-2%. A positive pregnancy test usually means that you are pregnant. However, sometimes it is possible to be pregnant even though you had a negative pregnancy. A false negative is when you take a pregnancy test get a negative result but are pregnant.

Taking a Pregnancy Test Too Early If you don’t know when you ovulated or when your next period is due, it’s easy to test too early. You will also end up with a false negative pregnancy test result if implantation occurred later than you, though. You have all the signs — a missed period, nausea and vomiting, sore boobs — but the pregnancy test comes back as negative.

Even the blood test in your doctor’s office says you’re not pregnant. Yes, wrong pregnancy test results can and do happen. In fact false negatives – where the pregnancy test says you’re not pregnant but you actually are – are more common than false positives. So, the short answer is yes, it’s absolutely possible to record a negative result after missing your period, even if you are pregnant!

It is possible you are testing too early still, or your pregnancy has a unique condition. There are various reasons for a false negative pregnancy tes. You continue to get negative test results, but your period doesn’t begin or you still think you might be pregnant.

Check with your health care provider. Many factors can lead to missed menstrual periods (amenorrhea), including thyroid disorders, low body weight, problems with your ovaries, excessive exercise and stress. You’re pregnant, but it’s too early to test so you got a negative result.

Your urine is diluted from drinking too much water in preparation to take the test. You’re ovulating, so those surging hormones are making you feel rough. You really want to be pregnant and your body is playing tricks on you.

If you’re pregnant but the test has come negative there is a possibility of some pathology, such as an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. A negative pregnancy test is often the first sign of danger which tells you a miscarriage can happen or has already happened. You get a wrong picture if you drink a lot of water before using a test. A false negative pregnancy test is when the test comes up negative, but you actually are pregnant. The most common reason for a false negative is that you took the test too early.

1  Even if your period is late according to your typical cycle, you may have ovulated later this month.

List of related literature:

About 20 percent of women obtaining negative results in home pregnancy tests may simply have miscalculated the date of their expected period or may not have quite enough hCG in their urine to yield a positive result.

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Blood pregnancy tests can determine the exact level of hCG in your body, indicating whether or not you are indeed pregnant.

“Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation: Second Edition” by Evelina Weidman Sterling, Ellen Sarasohn Glazer
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Though some hCG is in your urine a week after conception, it’s not likely to be enough to register on the HPT – which means that if you test 7 days before your expected period, you’re likely to get a negative result even if you’re pregnant.

“What to Expect: Before You're Expecting” by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
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A positive urine pregnancy test along with ultrasound findings and clinical suspicion helps in making a diagnosis; however, a negative urine pregnancy test cannot be relied upon to rule out ectopic pregnancy.

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Many women come to the first visit after a positive home pregnancy test; however, the clinical diagnosis of pregnancy before the second missed period can be difficult in some women.

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Many women come to the first prenatal visit after a positive home pregnancy test; however, the clinical diagnosis of pregnancy before the second missed period is difficult in some women.

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If the woman is not pregnant, her urine does not contain hCG and agglutination will occur, which is a negative pregnancy test.

“A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing” by Annamma Jacob
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If a woman is not pregnant, hCG will not be present in her urine, binding will not occur, and the test will be negative.

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• If you initially test positive on a pregnancy test, but retest a week later and get a negative result, chances are you’ve experienced an early miscarriage.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between” by Ann Douglas
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However, given the varying sensitivities of home and laboratory tests, it is possible that a woman may receive a positive diagnosis of pregnancy using a home pregnancy test and a negative result from a laboratory test.

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  • I will be officially 2 weeks late tomorrow.. I’ve taken strips and 99p clear blue ones and every single one except 1 came back negative. I’m not under any stress, random cramps, nauseous a lot of the time, back pain, etc

  • My boobs feel heavy my Areaoles are huge and dark my nipples hurt a little I been having cramps and I keep throwing up in my mouth I been eating hot sauce and pickles i took a test today it was negative my period come in three days I know my body can I still be pregnant

  • Young one here��, havent had my period in about 11-20 days, very very weird cramps (im talking near anus, hips, lower stomach ) this is very unusual for me because i usually never have cramps. Had spotting for about 2 hours, on two different occasions. Took two pregnancy tests and they both game out negative. Im not sure if its possible for me to be pregnant, i had sex 2 months ago. Help?

  • This happened with me! I found out I was pregnant with a usual pregnancy test but used a clear blue one later and it was negative as well

  • If it happened to u once it’s definitely most likely to happen again but since doctors believe In science some of them don’t think it’s possible, good for you for telling him ❤️

  • nothing that can make you feel more alone—or stressed out—than trying to conceive. While you might have spent the better part of your youth doing all that you could to not get pregnant, when you’re ready to build your family and the going gets tough, it’s normal to have anxiety. Though TTC can feel exhausting, frustrating and lonely, the CDC estimates that more than ten percent of all couples will struggle with fertility—that’s 1 in 10 partnerships.I want to thank God for putting a smile in my face, I have been looking for the fruit of the womb for the pass six years of marriage. I took in last year after taking the pill a dr gave to my husband, he met with a doctor you gave us assurance that I will get pregnant within a month after taking a particular pill. But I still call it magical pill, because it happen the way he said it. All thanks to God I have my own baby now and is a boy. You too can contact him if you have the same issue on [email protected] or call and WhatsApp him on +2348128107710

  • I did clear blue with my last three and i kept getting negative results but when i got the generic walmart test they all showed positive, so after that i just went to my OB and he said i was pregnant all three times and to never use clear blue again because they give more negatives than positives.

  • Hi Tia!! I just subscribed to your channel because I think I’m going through a similar situation but I haven’t seen my doctor yet, AND you’re pretty and I like your vibe. I’ve taken numerous tests and none of them came out positive, and my grandmother has fish dreams and when she dreams of fish, someone is usually pregnant! Anyway, I loved your story, I did not fast forward and I’m a mom of two. I can’t wait to watch more videos of yours.

  • Dear…I love you so so much. You are so genuine and Soo real…. So kind and generous of you to share your personal experiences. I am damn sure it will help out and give hope to many ladies who get a false negative even though the symptoms are there. The best things would be to take care night and day..whenever you start feeling some symptoms… whatever the tests results might be… A baby to be will be a baby to be.. ����

  • Yeah I want to hear my story with you with if my son I didn’t even know I was pregnant my husband is the one that said get in the car with them taking you to the doctor. And with my daughter he was States away when I went into labor he ended up driving straight to the hospital to see if the birth of our daughter


  • I’m 8 days late every test says negative but I have the sore nipples, headaches, I’m more hungry, I’m peeing more, and my fiancé says I have more attitude then usual, I’ve been breaking out, and I’ve had a few nausea episodes

  • Yesterday was my period but I took a clear blue and it was negative. I was so disappointed and so sure that I’m not pregnant. But I’m still waiting my periods and hasn’t come yet. I will wait another week and if it’s not coming I’m gonna try another test. I want to have a baby so bad but only God knows now. Wish me luck!!

  • I’m 12 days late and I’ve been getting faint Positives and negatives so idk what’s going on and I’m legit crying over it bc idk what’s going on

  • Hey Tia
    This help me so much because My last period was 4/24/20 and I missed 5/22/20 now am in June and still no period next expected period June 21!! I feel I am pregnant and feel my body changing!! However all test are negative and my doctor gave me reg pregnancy test and refused blood test!! My periods are regular like clock work!! She stated because am 30 I could be going through a life change but I never missed a period before only when I was pregnant with my daughter!! This video lets me know I could be pregnant and the test are just negative!!

  • You give me so much hope, girl. I am literally 8 weeks and 3 days without a period. My period is always on point, always starting on the 23 or 25! I have been getting so many pregnancy symptoms, and these are symptoms I have never experienced before. I’ve taken hpt’s and in the beginning they were ALL negative, I’ve had 2 hpt’s come out positive, slightly dark and this was a few days ago. I’ve recently taken a blood test and it had read negative. My mom thinks I’m in denial about it, but it’s not denying if I feel stuff I am not used to feeling. She’s my biggest support system and I know she’s just trying to get me to be neutral about it and making sure I’m not spiraling lol. I have a well women’s exam on July 9th, If I still dont start my period next month, I will bring it up to my Obygn at my appointment. I’m hoping they can do and ultrasound, I hope that I’m not crazy?

  • for some reason this video made me so nervous like I’m the one waiting to find out but I’m currently on my period so I don’t know why I’m stressing lol

  • my period is late more then 3 weeks and i already took like 6 test till now all was negativ idk what to do now just wait���� im going crazy already ����❤️

  • I was 3+5 and I got positive on FRER test and then did the clear blue and got a faint positive! Your clear blue didn’t have the control line so the test itself is definitely invalid! Congratulations though!!!!

  • Congratulations!!! I totally relate to not wanting coffee, I despised it in my first trimester. I’m due on November 13th, right after you. ��

    Weirdly clear blue was the first one to be super clear for me! 4 days before my period was due. But it seems like your test was faulty.

  • Clearblue is great and reliable, but it looks like it wasn’t dipped for long enough maybe? There’s no control line. CB is all I used this pregnancy and it showed lines very clearly and accurately. I’m 10 weeks now. Congratulations!!! <3

  • Can someone help me I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not just recently I done it with my bf I was on my fertile days I was 4days away from my period before everything happened I had discharged because my period was coming in n after we done it I haven’t had my period for 3days now n my tenders are Swollen,eat lot, thirsty, pee lot, n my areola gets dark from the rings but I took 4 tests n they all came negative I might took them way to early but like ion

  • Hello. I’m supposed to be in my 2nd day of my menstruation today but no menstruation yet. I took a pregnancy test but the result is negative. Am I pregnant or delayed? Thanks for response ��

  • Thank you it puts me a little at ease. I’m 9 days late with lots of cramping and back pain. Negative testssssss. Hopefully it’s the case for me��

  • I worked in a doctors office and they were the same test basically. We can just spin the blood down and use the serum. But can having my tubes tied effect the test? I swear I am pregnant because I missed my period by about a week now. I am exhausted and I am craving nothing but hot cheetos and pickles, which I hate.

  • Wow this was one of the most helpful videos I have seen in my ttc journey! Thank you sooooo much for all your tips! Also, you’re so gorgeous! ��

  • Lol good point ������ I hate clearblue tests they never have worked for me. Walmart cheapies please. I don’t understand how ppl can kill babies either or old people or little 5 year old boys.

  • Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been so frustrated lately ���� Everyone thinks I’m crazy. The doctor just brushed me off and said “you’re not pregnant “ because my test came back negative and I already told them that it would. She asked me if I needed to talk to the social worker and the movements that I’ve been feeling are probably gas����‍♀️. But my body has been sending me signs.. And all I wanted to get done was an ultrasound and she discouraged me from getting it done by saying nothing will show up on it. I got so angry and left and started drinking ����. I just wanted some help

  • My last Lmp is July 1st I checked 35th day in prgnenncy kit is nothing shows after one hour I seen it’s shows a two line one is dark another one is faint line and today I tested morning it’s shows only one line ������what you mean by that

  • Hi…. I’m 12 days late I have all the symptoms but I’m still getting negative tests (urine and blood) I have 2kids already and I’ve never had symptoms with them (with both I found out at almost 3months). Monday I go pick up my referral for my ultrasound ����this has been really stressful and even my fiancé is craving things. We are trying for a little girl since we have to boys…. wish me luck

    Update: I’m not pregnant but the found a cyst on my right ovary so we are putting baby#3 on hold

  • My mom was on Clomid…. she was being tested monthly I showed up and they were shocked to see my measuring at 16 weeks luckily the clomid didn’t kill me as it had the first baby that was also missed. I have had issues with keeping pregnancies and have felt pregnant several times only to have negative tests… I go into get blood work and when they agree to run it my numbers are elevated but not high enough for a viable pregnancy. They only acknowledge one pregnant before I had my daughter but I’m pretty sure I had three. Idk I think we can feel the differences in our bodies.

  • I’m 12 days late. I’m having back pains, cramps and getting a little nauseous here and there. I got a positive blue dye test very faint, then I got all negative with pink dye. I’m stressed:/

  • hi im confuse. use clear blue did twice and it has this faint line i dont know if it has a streak of blue or just gray. i dont know if it is possible to have an evaporation line in 3min. i swear i read the results 3min and 5min. if you could have any idea about it. it would be a great help lessen my confusion.

  • I missed 15days periods, i took pregnancy test 5 days ago, it showed positive,. But today after 5days, it’s showing negative for two times. I’m so heart broken. Can someone suggests what’s wrong?

  • Wow I really liked what you had to say. Your strong. Sorry you had to go through all that stress. Thanks for the heads up> tips. I’m glad you have your baby now. ��God bless

  • I’m 3 weeks late and I had brown spotting on the 30th of October. I have been in and out of my drs and tested negative in a pee test last week and I have negative results for the blood test. I know myself and my cycles pretty well after 36 years of life and 2 previous pregnancies. I will keep testing because I am pretty positive about this one. The earliest I found out in any of my pregnancies was 4 weeks. That is the earliest I peed on a stick after a missed period and it was positive. I do know that I conceived at the end of the month just 2-3 weeks ago and there is always the possibility I have lower levels of hormones

  • I used the clearblue and I was only about 2-3 weeks pregnant. Am now over 24+3 weeks. Excpecting bub 05th of october ���� I did also take heaps more tests after hah

    Congratultions by the way beautiful!! Xx

  • I got my depo shot on May 8th but I didn’t know I was supposed to wait two weeks for the depo so I had sex May 15th my period ended up being a week late then came on May 22nd I took a pregnancy test July 7th and they both came out negative I haven’t had my period in July I missed it now I’m getting really bad headaches and bloated stomach could I be pregnant?(plus when my boyfriend and I have sex he always cums in me we never have protected sex) btw today when I was walking with my boyfriend it felt like I had pins and needless in my throat we were only walking for 30 mins and I felt so out of breath

  • I miss my period this month had implantation bleeding 3 days jus one to one spotting have cramping days b4 my period I miss my period took a test yesterday its negative I’m bloated emotional wondering wats happening I have a regular cycle am 23

  • I want to cry I’m so stressed out. Cd 37 amd just had a negative blood test from the doctor. Wth is going on periods dont just NOT show up. I feel like I’m going crazy. I feel like noone around me cares at the fact that I am in great distress right now. This is horrible. 5 years of ttc and now this wth have I done to deserve all this. I’m beyond frustrated RN. ��������

  • Cycle day 42 today! Would be 6 weeks. Took 2 pregnancy tests 1 super bfn 2nd has the slightest test line. Could be grey could be light pink, if my period doesnt come ill test again next week sometime. Thank you girly for the info!

  • lam filling good energy this is a great YouTube your channel is going to do well and congratulation I’m Yours new happiness bundle of joy����������

  • Hy 3mnth late period but home test negtive again and again.. And also feel some movement in my tummy plz tell me what happen to me.. M i pregnent or not

  • WOW this is what I am currently going through, that was I told, doctor did 2 test negative, 2ultrasound,
    I did one home, it came, positive, but the doctor, can’t explain it because, they’re saying I not,
    But every thing in me telling me that I am pregnant, bleeding, that I can not, explain,
    I feel a pulling feeling in my stomach, first ultrasound said cysts on ovary, but I don’t believe the doctor, because I feel my breast stretching, my body, saying that I am, �� that the level higher for the results to read positive,

  • new subscriber ❤️ such a great video ������ i learned something new today lol because im ttc and this gives me so much hope ���� you have such a beautiful spirit! May God Bless ���� heading over to ig now to follow ��✊�� #JUSTICEFORGEORGEFLOYD ��

  • The clear blue is faulty. You can tell because it’s supposed to have the second up and down line and that didn’t show up either. That is in the instructions. With a dark line like in the other one it should have picked up but it just was a bad test. Congratulations girl!!

  • I had a chemical pregnancy a couple months ago I was feeling all the symptoms and was ten days late and had a negative test and went to the doctors and asked for a blood test and they said no just keep waiting and then i had a miscarriage I could tell because of the way it looked and felt…I’m alil worried because im ten days late again and still negative tests again

  • I’m going through the same.. I didn’t had a period for the past two months… I did one pregnancy test and it said negative however I have lower abdominal cramps

  • BIG CONGRATS!!! Are you South African? I’m South African and can pick up on your accent though not sure �� I also found out I’m pregnant a few days ago eeeek ��

  • hello. my period late and pregnancy test also negative i have lower abdome pain back pain weakness last period date 3rd aug what should i do

  • How many weeks were you when you finally got confirmed? I have so many symptoms, but I stopped my pill, so I can’t pin point if I’m testing too early, because 2 tests have said negative, but still no period, and symptoms like sore, heavy breasts, bloating, more hungry… i have 3 boys and had all the same symptoms

  • I agree it was murder. I just wish the violent protests would stop. My child is biracial my husband is black. And i really want change for our son. I shouldnt have to program in my sons head keep your hands in the air do not reach in your pockets. He is 20 months old and the cutest guy ever. I’m scared for him.

  • I’m over three weeks late, took a pregnancy test a week ago or more… I have a blood test coming up my gyno told me to go in right away.. I have the symptoms and now I have huge migraines almost every day and I can’t stop drinking water

  • i had three positive test, and the rest have been negative, even negative blood test. i’ve had many of the same symptoms. help me pls. what should i do and believe?

  • wow your story is too real i am so worried i am 20 days late on my periods
    and i am married for almost 1year and a half
    and i got 2 negative home pregnancy and 1 negative blood test what should i do plz i really want baby this time ��

  • I had a miscarriage last March this year.My dear husband and I are trying to concieve again.This cycle makes me confuse I’m one day late with my period and still getting negative pregnancy test.In my previous pregnancy I had a positive test at 16 Days past ovulation( which is 1 day after missed period).Right now all I feel is cramping twinges and some gas accompanied with sound in my lower abdomen,extremely tired,nauseous,shortness of breath and very hungry.And I have no idea what is going on in my system right now.

  • The fact that I’m going thru something similar like I have movement, my breast are changing, I have all the symptoms, but all my test are negative including the blood test Buh I found a heart beat with the Doppler I ordered. I believe I’m pregnant but the doctor are trying to make it seem like I’m crazy when I know that I’m not ������‍♀️

  • The pimple! I got that too. I know its hormonal. It went away and came back again… All my test r neg thou. I can’t see ob because no doc believes in pregnant w/o a positive test. I got fed up n hoping for a sonogram pic. I went in week 5 (apparently that’s only week 3??? waited in er 4 hours around incoming covid patients. I was worried I lost it by hitting my breaks too hard n I bleed a few days later. They finally gave sonogram the the lady was super focused in one spot. She said it was hard to see because of gas. She poked around a lot turned sound on a few times but said nothing n shape me nothing. When I said what’s that sound…she said that’s your ovaries. Idk my ovaries have a heart beat???

    In the end they said I’m not pregnant that I had a fibroid and to get checked by my doctor is a few days to make sure I miscarried everything.

    I’m still getting symthoms. The bloat. Constipation and The high blood pressure makes sense for pregnant women. I’m so frustrated having positive tests. I feel like I can’t tell anyone I’m pregnant because they just think I’m crazy n fat only proof is to wait till its big enough to show on sonogram. I’m so close to buying my own damn sonogram. I wasn’t crazy. I was not trying to be or get pregnant. I know my body n I know this is not my normal pre pregnant body.

    I don’t think I’m suddenly growing a fibroid after sex. N I never had one pre sex. So frustrating. Apparently women r dismissed constantly by Drs. Its not ok.

  • Every things telling me, that I am having more than one babies, thank you for sharing this story,

    IT has encourage me, I am looking forward to prove THOSE doctor wrong, because I know how I am feeling inside me,

  • Does anyone know why I’m getting negativities when take them with red dye will blue be more sensitive only why I’m asking my ex made me have an abortion last year haven’t had a period since and having pregnancy symptoms before I go doctors due to covid not able to get one and google is showing soo many different things thank you

  • Your doctors don’t make sense…..clearly you just tested too soon the first time you had a blood test and ultrasound. There was nothing wrong. You just tested too soon. That’s it.

  • My period also didn’t came my date was 13th may and I had tested after missed period of 14th day it came negative after that I had done betahcg on 15 day it was negative the reading was 0.671 my doctor gave me medicine to come period and now I am taking medicine what to do?

  • can you make one of those morning or night routine videos with your baby? I know some people might not show all that on YouTube but I would love to see your routine s!! ����

  • I did a clear blue early detection when i was 4 days late and really late on in the day had drank tons of water, had a strong positive straight away. I’ve always found there positives and negatives are really clear, there the only tests i trust. Perhaps a dodgy test. Congrats.

  • I havent got a period for 63 days i have sore nipples and cramping on and off and ive taken 4 pregnancy test and all came out negative its driving me crazy ��

  • I think am pregnant but i took a test with the strip n its Negative but am having implantation spotting am 2 days away from hving period? Plzz answer

  • I’m so glad I found this video. I’ve been looking for pregnancy videos because I think that I am pregnant. I’ve had the paragard IUD in for about 6 years now and I’ve always had my cycle every month like clock work. My last cycle was April 14. I took 2 test, both negative but I’m having symptoms (mainly metal mouth). I really, really, really think I’m pregnant but both tests were negative.

  • please help me! i’m 99 days late and highly doubt it i’m pregnant.. took a lot of tests which you said it was bad, i was stressing and thinking i was pregnant. all tests came back negative.. and this month i’ve been trying to conceive but no symptoms either ): it’s weird tho i gained weight and my belly looks a little big i also get bloated! does it mean something? might go to the doctors or er tmr. it’s probably my birth control pills that are confusing my periods i hope doctors are able to help me get my period back or if i am pregnant i’ll be happy!

  • Thank you for your videos!! Currently on cycle day 49 and just a week ago teased negative to blood and urine test! With my daughter(who’s now 8) I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was almost 8 weeks. I’m pretty sure I’m almost 7 weeks now �� & yes, justice for #GEORGEFLOYD!

  • Also I understand how a home pregnancy can be negative but actually positive but what about blood test. Will you do a video on that? Ik you dont know everything but I think that’s something interesting to talk about ��

  • Hi. I think I’m about 9 weeks pregnant today but I’ve taken 6 pregnancy test and all is negative. I’ve been through this before in my first pregnancy, and my ultrasound is next Tuesday to be really sure. But i have all the symptoms my body has change rapidly.

  • So I’m 37 days late both negative urine & blood test from hospital went to obgyn -she was like urine came back negative soooo you’re not pregnant and then was like you can schedule an ultrasound but you’re not pregnant and it’s no way you are if both are negative -sooo annoying my period is never more then a day late but i havent had one since April

  • Congratulations! It looks like the Clear Blue was a false negative because the control line didn’t show, which means possibly too saturated to read it correctly or a defective test. I’ve had this once before, but then did another and got a faint positive���� Exciting times!!

  • Your so gorgeous btw �� but this was helpful thank you I took five all negative but I was 3 months pregnant my daughter is 5 now lol but it is insane how things work

  • Yes, Floyd was high they did not need to have not one but 3 cops sitting on him while he was cuffed. One cop on his legs would do the trick to hold someone down safely especially while they are high, they can be either very very strong or be able to manipulate the body quite easily. That was inhumane heartless and wrong no matter a person mental state at the time (high or drunk or not) no one deserves to die like that.

    1st degree murder is a lower charge of murder in the US. One way I always tell people on how they can remember the differences in degrees of murder is that it is the same like burns. A 1st degree burn is less then a 3rd degree burn, well, the same applies in the US laws, 3rd degree murder charge is worse then the 1st degree murder charge.

    Pregnancy tests:

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, blood tests and urine tests were ALWAYS negative until my Last 3 Weeks of pregnancy. We had to confirmI I was pregnant with a transvaginal sonography. I did have pregnancy complications as well, like too high of AFP levels (more to deal with the central nervous systembrain and spine) very early on in my first trimester. Despite all this, she was born 5 days over due, and is doing very well now (she’s 8 years and 9 in November).

    pregnancy tests for me now:

    Oh my goodness you’ve covered so much! Awesome girl! This happens more frequently than we ever thought it would have.
    Now that my husband and I are trying to conceive again, I had one regular period in May, and about 4 days of dry brown spotting (way lighter than my usual periods when they’re lighter towards the end) in June. So, naturally, we took not one but 3 tests on July 20th, all came back positive, two weeks later, now giving negative ones. Given my past experiences with pregnancy tests, we don’t trust them so much and given the fact that I have PCOS and of the 6+ years of periods irregularthe one in June was never experienced before except for when I was experiencing implantation bleeding with my daughter that’s why just decided to try to take some tests Clear Blue, First Response, and the Up and Up target brand, we are have an appointment this week with a specialist to hopefully determine which tests were more accurate.

    Thank you for sharing. It helps me to not feel so alone or that my husband and I aren’t loosing our minds.

  • You weren’t actually pregnant all along. If you were 28 weeks at the time of the video then you were only about 5 weeks pregnant at the time of your 3rd blood test (Thanksgiving). The baby had only been in attached to your uterus since week 3 at the earliest and that’s implantation, when no test can detect it. Technically youre already 2 weeks pregnant the day you ovulate. This is because first day of your pregnancy starts on the first day of your last period. The earliest day you can detect a pregnancy, much less SEE a pregnancy is when you are 4 weeks. Any symptoms/tests you had prior to mid November had nothing to do with this baby. I’m irritated bc I thought this was a video about how your pregnancy was missed, not how some chick happened to take a bunch of negative pregnancy tests all the way up until they finally got pregnant ��

  • Hey beauties!

    Come with me to my first prenatal appointment in my new short video. You may even hear the heartbeat!! ��

  • Hey everyone! Last week I had my healthy & beautiful baby girl, Lila Grace. My birth vlog is linked below and I hope I have inspired you all to not give up��

  • Going through this right now! Had two negative blood tests and still having crazy symptoms. I’m starting to feel like I’m imagining it all, but my period is two weeks late and that never happens to me! I have another appointment today with a new doctor so hopefully I get some answers!

  • I currently 5 days late on my period and my period is pretty regular i keep feeling some weird tingles in my lower abdomen but all my pregnancy tests are negative. I dont know what to do

  • I am 2 month pregnant still negative..��
    It happens to me again my second child my baby boy he is alive mashallah.. when I was pregnant with him my pregnancy test also came negative but I was pregnant go to the doctor and altrasound is a best but at least after 2 months of pregnancy…

  • I used the clear blue test. And it popped up negitive. Then o took a first response and it popped up positive. Clear blue test is so crap. But I’m pregnant with twins ��

  • I love how the doctor was warning you about having a miscarriage just because she didn’t catch it when she should’ve. * eye roll *

  • So WRONG yes you can still be pregnant after a false Negative urine & blood test. With my second baby I didn’t find out I was pregnant until 2 1/2 months. My urine and blood test would come back negative. Then with my 1st I was bleeding days after I found out I was expecting and doctors then told me I wasn’t and that I was just having a heavy period, everything was negative and they weren’t able to confirm on an ultrasound either. Two weeks past still bleeding then I decided to go to another hospital and the doctor order an ultrasound and boom a heart beat. So yes you still can be pregnant!

  • Hi Tia I was looking up negative pregnancy test videos and stumbled upon yours. You gave me a lot of hope that there is still a possibility I just subscribed to your channel. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. I am almost 2 weeks late on my period never been late before I have all the pregnancy symptoms especially using the bathroom every 5 minutes and being sick all day ( without throwing up) I took a clear blue and it was negative and a dollar store test. I am working on getting insurance so I can get to the gyn. I am so positive I am pregnant I was pregnant before so I know the symptoms. I just know my period is not coming this late and like I said I been sick with a lot of headaches and tired all day. I’m going to test again the end of the month but when I go to the gyn will have them do a blood test. Oh forgot to mention my last pregnancy I tested negative then tested positive that was in 2012. Will keep you posted look forward to following your pregnancy journey. Stay blessed One❤️

  • This is the first video I’ve watched that I can relate too!!!! I’ve had 4 positive first response (my darkest positive I had bloods done the same morning) but 5 negative other tests. my bloods say negative and I did have an ultrasound where the technician said you have a tick endometrium and she could see fluid where the baby develops etc but she says I could just be very early so who knows, I’ll be following you as I love the fact that you’re honest and down to earth ������

  • I love this!!!! I had the same experience today he smirked and said I was not pregnant. He did not even bother to give me blood work. I honestly am going to get a second opinion. I’ve been cramping on my right side for a few weeks now. All the tests have a light line barely could see them. I’ve had symptoms and feeling emotional. This gives me sooooo much hope! Thanks for making this video. I have a big ole pimple under my lip which is rare for me. My hubby and I enjoyed your vid!!!!! God bless you

  • I’ve had some symptoms they might be pms… nothing crazy ok. I’m about a day late on my period? But I’ve been like 5 days late before so I’m not trippin…. I took a test today and it came back negative. I took it in the morning but (tmi) I peed already and then drank a few sips of water to try and pee again and my pee was clear when I took it. I’m scared I lowkey got a false negative. The tests I got have been accurate for me before. HELPPP LMFAOOO

  • Your happiness makes me Happy too for you. Congratulations on your next pregnancy������������‼ You said the due date you looked up will be like November 11th, that was my dad’s birthday. Sadly he passed away July 29th, 2018 in America. I’ll be praying for you here in Japan. Again Congratulations��������������‼����������☮️��������������

  • Oh thank god, I was terrifed this was going to be one of those people that thinks they’re pregnant in a completely undetectable way for like 9 years. god facebook needs to do something about the medical and psychiatric harm of some of their facebook groups

  • I got a faint positive test. after 3 days I tried the pregnancy test again. I got negative so I tried on the second one and still negative. So I decided to take the test again tomorrow morning since that’s when the concentration is the strongest and still got a negative test.

    I am 40 days late (my period). I still don’t have my period. But I don’t have many of the obvious symptoms. I don’t have swollen breast. No nausea. Just a little bit dizziness. Little cramps. Other than that, everything is normal.

    I have a period tracker tho and it says that I am already on my 12th week of pregnancy based on the calculations. My tummy looks the same, but I feel that it has hardened a little (I guess, or it’s just a psychological).

    I am still not ready to be a mom so it’s frustrating that I still don’t have my period. I got no money to go to an OB:(

    somebody, pls help.

  • This is the Problem. Dr.s rely heavily on “ Tests “ and some on their own beliefs and misjudgments. I grew up in the Medical Field and there is a difference between how someone is treated when they are part of that “ Community “ and when they are Not. Tests can be wrong.

  • Congrats! We found out we are pregnant in March as well and our due date is 11/19/2020. Which is ironic because thats my fiancé’s birthday. Yay for November Quarentine babies!

  • I am so glad that you shared this video with us. I recently missed my period, and had gotten negative tests. I also went to the doctor demanding a blood test, unfortunately they refused. It is now June and I didn’t have a cycle in May and mine are like clock work as well. I am basically forced to just wait it out until the end of the month. The symptoms are there and I know my body. I’ve never been pregnant before but I have also never missed a period before.

  • She sounds rude! I wouldn’t have gone back to her either. You can’t really see much on an ultrasound until your levels hit 1,500! I’m sorry you had a weird experience, but I’m glad you got your baby!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • I am in this. Pregancy tests clear blue negative six weeks late at this point 4 tests done.. im waiting to see doctor i didn’t find out positive in the doctors on my first chiild till I was 8 weeks.

  • Im glad you pointed that out about the FRER test. It’s very misleading. Yes read the percentages of positive results each day leading up to your missed period. Might as well wait til your missed period lol

  • i still think im pregant but everything is negitive and they told me the same thing that i have a sist on my overies i dont know what to think

  • Hi i was taking fertility and harmonal tablets from one month becz of that I didn’t get my period this month so I took the test from strip but it showing negative.. however I m getting the symptoms of pregnancy so what should I do.

  • IF you think you might be preggers and feeling sick go in to see if you have a UTI, if you say that you might be pregnant and you’re trying to get pregnant they will make sure you’re not and give you a blood test! Woohoo! It’s always good to see if you have a UTI because they have a ton of the same symptoms.

  • I think am pregnant on my depo shots but my tests are saying negative and I took one at my doctor office and I got a pale positive and she’s saying it natural I don’t of to be pregnant and I know I am pregnant..

  • I’m 19dpo, took 3 negative tests, I’m sooo stressed, I just want to either get aunt flo or test positive uggghh! Pray for me! Baby dust to all of you lovely ladies��

  • I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst in May the symptoms for it where almost like I am pregnant (that’s what I THOUGHT) but it had a sharp painful pain accompanied by a stitch on my right side… I took treatment 2 weeks it went away… Now I have a weird thing going on I was supposed to go on my period on the 8th Wednesday but they came early on the 5th on Sunday I normally get a heavy flow but this time around it was a stain filling a 1/4 of a liner on Monday same thing happened Tuesday there was nothing I was clean no blood nothing on Wednesday when I was suppose to start my period I only wiped out blood but no period and Thursday so days went by I started noticing my breast would have a weird feeling they are not painful but something is happening, cramps like I will be on my period but they just mild,mood swings one minute I am happy and good the next I am angry, feeling of vomiting if I eat something like this morning had oats couldnt finish it just felt like throwing up, fatigue yhoo I always want to sleep and mild back pain I took a test yeasterday it was neg and this morning neg I dont know what’s going on but I also feel like I am pregnant booked a doctor for Monday cos I am really confused what’s happening to me

  • My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a month or so and I usually have heavy periods. I started bleeding this past month a few days early and it was very light and only lasted a few days which is not normal at all for me because Aunt Flo usually cry’s me a river! So I thought that was weird! Everything I have researched said it may be implantation bleeding. So I have bought like 10 tests taken them days apart even the First Response early tests and they are all negative but I have all the pregnancy symptoms it is so weird. Even my lower abdomen is growing I can tell because I had a Csection with my 1st baby and the area where the scar is feels as if it is being stretched out and pulling forward and it never feels lile that! I have been working on my fitness and have gotten really skinny over the years and able to work out daily, but since mid June my body has felt weird and cannot handle the exercise and I have been tired so I stopped working out until I know what is happening. I really feel as if I am pregnant but I took another test this morning 10 days post implantation and still negative. However with my daughter I did not have a positive urine test until I was 12 weeks which is crazy but this situation I am currently in seems like the same thing. I knew I was pregnant even though everything else told me no I just knew. I hope that is the case this time as well…TO GOD BE THE GLORY! PRAY FOR ME!

  • God pls let me get pregnant,you can do it for me and others too that are believing in you for it,with God all things are possible.

  • Omg I swear this what I’m going through my period was late and yesterday I started bleeding so my mom said it could be placement bleeding even though the test saying negative called the ER they tell me you probably not pregnant it’s probably your period �� but I’m feeling pregnant I’m waiting till 3 pass and see how it goes

  • Look up cryptic pregnancy then it gets into detail, for me yes it also said to wait a couple of week dadaduh even my urine and blood at my doctor, but look up that you can get more info from doctors that specializes into that��

  • First… congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl!
    TTC baby # 3. iUD came out in February, using ovulation kits and app. Cycle pretty regular. 7 days lays as of today multiple BFN!!! I did do a blood test yesterday but we’ll see. I am having some mild cramp, fatigue, sore boobs and nausea. Crazy to think that they were wrong!

  • Loveee your channel.. Subscribed!
    Would love if anyone interested in paranormal, beauty,&Vlogs.. Would love have you guy’s SUB and JOIN FAM!

  • I’ve taken 7 pregnancy tests in the last 3 days, because my first one was positive. I had one other positive, and then the rest were negative. I had a super heavy 2 day period last week, so I’m not sure what to make of these results. Currently awaiting blood test results, so wish me luck lol.

  • I missed my period for 2 months still I get negative in every test…everything is normal so is it ok to miss period for 2 months and get a pregant.

  • I have regular cycle. My period comes every 17 of the month which means every 30 days. It is never late, but this month I’m 12 days late. Every time I do a home pregnancy test it comes negative no faint line nothing and O never experienced this with my three kids. I used to get bfp the day i misses my period. I don’t know what’s happening. I am so confused.

  • Its Simple Dr Your not God! Its not POSSIBLE ��‍♀️ You have no idea about any of these Women’s body Because you cannot have children. God Is in control of Humanity nobody else And Dr’s Fail everyday your profession is Giving women shots to kill babies ETc So i Trust NO MAN ONLY GOD ����

  • Hey girl! �� Not sure if you can put to much of an input but something similar is happening to me, i’m suppose to start my period towards the end of each month and i’ve never ever ever had an irregular period, I can’t stress this enough! i’m 24 years old and me and my boyfriend aren’t “trying/ nor preventing” for the past 2 years.. anyways, the month of May (beginning of the month on the 6th) I had VERY faint/light spotting (once again this VERY irregular) and then the 20 came around and no period. I took 5 home test, all negative. Went to get a blood test, negative. Do you have any advice you can help me out with?

  • I had a cyst, so then I read you can mistaken a cyst with pregnancy. I had light pink discharge on the 15th and bled on the 15th. I’m damn confused

  • God pls do it for me 2 days late pregnancy test says negative ������i can’t wait to see positive result in jesus mighty name Amen

  • I’ve had two negative test but I have all the symptoms (haven’t gotten my period yet) and I’m so confused. I just can’t wait for my period cause I’m impatient. I got my period 16h after I had sex and it was heavy and then randomly lighter and way shorter:////

  • I have no periods for two months and it’s irregular periods. But am having some early pregnancy symptoms but tested negative twice… Why is this so happening like that?

  • I love love your story cause it happens to me too almost everything they also told me it was a cyst❤️❤️❤️turn out it was my first son

  • girl im so scared. I took two pregnancy tests and they had faint positive lines and then the next day i took four pregnancy tests and they were all negative.:( also three days late on my period

  • Thank you for doing this video. I know that it must have been a crazy emotional time. I actually took three test and two of them said yes I am pregnant and there was another one that said I wasn’t pregnant. So, tomorrow I will taking a blood test from my doctors clinic. Thank you for your story.

  • nothing that can make you feel more alone—or stressed out—than trying to conceive. While you might have spent the better part of your youth doing all that you could to not get pregnant, when you’re ready to build your family and the going gets tough, it’s normal to have anxiety. Though TTC can feel exhausting, frustrating and lonely, the CDC estimates that more than ten percent of all couples will struggle with fertility—that’s 1 in 10 partnerships.I want to thank God for putting a smile in my face, I have been looking for the fruit of the womb for the pass six years of marriage. I took in last year after taking the pill a dr gave to my husband, he met with a doctor you gave us assurance that I will get pregnant within a month after taking a particular pill. But I still call it magical pill, because it happen the way he said it. All thanks to God I have my own baby now and is a boy. You too can contact him if you have the same issue on [email protected] or call and WhatsApp him on +2348128107710

  • The cyst might have been your daughter… This happened with my daughter they said I had a cyst on my ovary because I didn’t have a period in 11 months of having my son, medication didn’t help me to start one… I went for a scan and they said it was a cyst or an egg two weeks later a test confirmed I was pregnant. Was strange coz I didnt have a period at all. X

  • Right now I’m going through the same thing with these pregnancy test 45 days late and still negative test ultrasound the same blood test results the same have to go back in a week for another ultrasound I’m really stressed out about this ��

  • Omg Something kinda similar happened! However, instead I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it came back as a faint positive but I took 2 more today and they both came back negative, also this whole week I felt weird and i felt a bunch of Preggo symptoms and that weird gut feeling told me I needed to take a home test ASAP. I’m going to my Gyno tomorrow to see what happened there but I’m hoping that whatever it is, I’ll finally have my answer ��

  • I didn’t find out I was pregnant until 16 weeks. Oddly my urine tests came up negative and I kept having a “period” (like actual bleeding not spotting). Then go in and have them test my blood for everything thinking maybe I’m anemic or something. Nope 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

    I didn’t get a happy ending tho. My son had a heart defect and died in utero at 17 weeks gestation.

  • I got 6 positive faint lines on the cheap cvs brands but today the digital clear blue and first response test regular was negative.. I’m soo confused

  • I’m currently having the same thing happen to me. I’m now two months late on my period with all the symptoms of pregnancy but can’t get a positive urine test and today my blood test results were negative. The nurse practitioner advised that I continue my prenatals and if I miss my period for a third month then to come back in to see what the problem is. This would be my first pregnancy and I get my period like clockwork usually so it’s just odd that it would stop all a sudden especially while every symptom of pregnancy is there especially these perturbing blue veins that have now popped up everywhere. I pray that I am though and my baby is safe. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Was a nice relief to hear it ❤️

  • I feel crazy right now too since I’ve been taking some test all native still period I normally get them on time too so hoping I’m not crazy myself.

  • I haven’t had a cycle since April. Two months… two missed periods. I took a few tests and I have a super light line but my boyfriend doesn’t see it and it makes me feel like I am just imagining it.

  • I’m going through something similar my last period was the first week of February and I haven’t gotten it since this and all my pregnancy test came negative even my blood test but I feel something moving inside me n the same things happen to my mom with all her kids n I’m just waiting until I get an ultrasound.

  • I am always very regular. As of today I am 3 weeks late. My husband and I have been trying for 1.5 years. All negative tests. I feel the same, like I must be a hypochondriac because I feel pregnant. But everything online talks about how accurate the urine tests are. I feel like I am going nuts because I feel 1 way but the tests are such a disappointment. I feel like I am going to get my heart crushed if I’m truly not pregnant.

  • My period is 13 days late. I’ve had 3 negative tests. I’m nauseous, tired, and craving all day! Lower abdominal and back pain. What does it mean? What should I do?

  • In less than half of an hour I’ve fallen in love with your personality your so relatable and down to earth I’m gonna subscribe and pray for your pregnancy. I’m in the same situation and should be doing bloodwork cause I have pcos so fingers crossed.

  • I feel im pregnant too im a PCOS.. I ALREADY take pregnancy test and it was negative i also been CHECK BY MY OB and she say there’s no baby but still i feel nausea sometimes.. and head ache.. i gain also some weight.. my tummy got little bigger so i was really frustrated if im i not or yes i am pregnant:(

  • feels like normal girl talk youre so down to earth & relatable ❤️ & im glad you stood your ground with that disrespectful doctor ��.. even if you weren’t pregnant, healthcare staff should NEVER be insensitive ����… so mean ��

  • My last cycle was May 16th and I’ve been getting negative results as well. Hopefully my dr can confirm that I’m really not pregnant. It’s nerve wrecking hoping it’s nothing bad if I’m not. I doubt that I am pregnant although I am hoping for a baby ����

  • I just want you all to know that God is a miracle worker. My little princess will be 7months 16th of June. Thank you everyone that prayed for me.

  • I’m currently on CD40. I’m usually between the 21-35 day range. Typically 29-33 days. All my tests have come back negative. I’m not hoping I am pregnant but my boyfriend hopes I am.
    I’m just going to wait it out longer because I have been stressed from getting laid off work. I’m going to “woo-sah” my period into existence. xD Idk. Good luck to every woman going through this! Baby dust to those who crave pregnancy!

  • I am 11 days late on my period (my period is consistent/regular), I’ve taken about 4-5 pregnancy test, I don’t feel symptoms, but I do feel like something is going on, I feel c r a z y:(, I have a doctors appt tomorrow!!

  • I can’t get a positive test till 9 to 12 days late then it a really faint line an it was due to my hcg levels being low but have had 2 babys an they are healthy

  • The hook effect is actually rare and missed miscarries are more common than you think….idk you didn’t really teach anything new… if anything you gave some false info.. jsit saying.

  • Hii so i had a positieve pregnancy test but every other tesrt i take come out negatief i Don’t know what do cause i have a irregullar period

  • Hi hun I’m going through the same thing right now almost I am pretty sure I’m pregnant but negative ultrasound and blood test I would be either 6 or 8 weeks right now… I was wondering how far along were you when you got the negative ultrasound? So happy you had your baby girl ❤����

  • Ok someone please help me out I been late for about a week now and all the test said negitive but now I’m bleeding a little just spotting so can someone please help me out

  • some of these medical “professionals” are not very professional at all so many times they say slick stuff and get away with it and they don’t know what their talking about anything and I mean ANYTHING is possible so stay positive keep your head up high and just know your not alone I have had rude doctors/ nurses as well with my pregnancies so happy for you and that you stayed positive regardless of what people said! Congratulations times two to you and your family

  • Thank you for your video. It is giving me hope that I am not alone with my current situation. Im missing my period for almost 3 months now. I both tested negative for urine and blood pregnancy test. �� I am getting confused now because Im not getting my period and usually my period is every month and regular. Im going to have an ultrasound next week to know what is going on because I am feeling I’m pregnant. Hopefully there is some answers to my questions ����

  • My friend is 3weeks late and she tries 5 pregnancy test its says negative. She dont feel any pregnancy symptoms except for cramps. Her cycle is regular and they do unprotected sex this april and may. Its possible the she might be get pregnant or not?

  • My gf tested negative when she was pregnant with her daughter. She knew she was pregnant the doctors didn’t see it, she went to a spiritual person and they told her she was pregnant. Science is not always right.

  • I am 9 days late on my period now and I’m never this late I been having mild cramps feeling sick sore breasts headache and really tired I took some tests and came back with faint positives I took a first response this morning and came back negative I don’t know what to do

  • I’m anxious I feel pregnant this if I am will be my second, my blood test is booked for Friday, prior to that I have 9 test all negative, but I feel pregnant, nausea off food cramps like how you described it, but no bleeding at all and its coming to a whole month now and by next week it should have been my next cycle.

  • And then in 2019 when my son was a year-and-a-half I got pregnant in May again with my twins I found out when I was five weeks and 6 days through the urine had my first ultrasound at weeks they were supposed to be born on February 20th 2020 but unfortunately circumstances there chords were wrapped around their neck and I lost them in October of 2019 on 18th I was 18 weeks and 6 days I have a daughter and a son up in heaven and now I don’t feel right me and my kids father are trying my body is telling me something’s going onI keep getting negative pregnancy test with the urine again and had two blood test taking and it’s saying negative but my body is so me something in my doctor saying no but they know my pattern so I’m a little confused

  • “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

  • Ok someone please help me out I have not had a period since September 19. On october 28 I took a pregnancy test it came back positive. The next morning I did another and it came back positive. A week later I did another at the gp clinic and it came back positive. I’m supposed to be 13 weeks in 2 hours and since last Thursday I have been getting negative pregnancy test results and i did an ultrasound at the hospital and they saw no sign of a baby. I have two kids and i don’t ever miss a period. How can this be I need help.

  • I have been having brown spotting for about 6 days now. my period is not necessarily regular but I have been keeping record of my period and what I mostly see the most is me spotting for 2-3 days or even 2-4 days and then I get my full complete cycle. but this time I’ve been having medium brown spotting for 6 days now. and not only that I’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol lately ( yes I know very bad) I guess I be been having tough times. So I wasn’t sure my diet and alcohol had an effect on my period. And I today I just took a pregnancy test and it said negative but I am going to try again and get an actual blood test to see if I’m pregnant or not. and no I am not trying to get pregnant because i just feel like it’s not time for me just yet so I’m a little nervous.

  • Gm I’m currently on 36 days without a period and 6 neg preg test I’m hoping to be pregnant I got a Dr appt Monday fingers crossed

  • Also tested negative (I tried 3 coz I just knew I was pregnant) they all came out negative. I only found out via sonar. Congrats November babies YAY!!!

  • I lost my first baby in November…think I’m pregnant again I’m late in my pirod but all my pregnancy test showing negative I really don’t know what to do I’m scared

  • Hi guys rn am 27 days late….took 2 test n still negative…this happen the first time i got pregnant…that time i had a miscarriage..but idk whats the problem i have every symptoms the signifies that am pregnant..i have am appointment Friday…so ill update u guy’s

  • took 2 test so far, both negative. i’ve had what i thought was a period but it was super light and only lasted 2 days two months in a row now… today realized i’m having white liquid out of my nipples… almost looks like milky… i don’t know what’s going on, online says it could be breast cancer if negative test.. i’m so freaked out now.

  • Congrats on your pregnancy, I kept wondering the whole time watching this, why did you go back to that Doctor if they were so wrong and dismissive. That’s not a good doctor. Find a better one.

  • My tests are negative and then positive then back to negative. I bled for 5 days in between this and I finally got my blood drawn today �������� takes 3 days for my results. I’ve also had a missed miscarriage I lost my baby at 12 weeks but my baby was only measuring 8 weeks

  • I’m two months late, I’m never late. Done multiple tests over the last two months and they’re all either faint positives or negatives. Getting really frustrated now

  • I took clear blue digital a day before my period was due because I was having pregnancy symptoms then the day my period was due I took another digital clear blue and it was positive now I have a beautiful 7 month old daughter

  • It’s been 2 months no period for me. I’ve had multiple negative test results including blood tests. I haven’t had an ultrasound. My doctor said if no period for 3 months she’s sending me for one. my boyfriend and I have been trying for awhile now. This would be our first little one. The last bleeding I had was 3 weeks ago and it was light pink spotting for 3 days. I knew it wasn’t my period, but my doctor didn’t believe me that it could have been implantation bleeding. My breasts have been swollen and tender for 2 months straight, I urinate frequently, I get lower back pain, I’m exhausted all the time. But yet no period, all tests I take are negative.

  • I have tested with using sugar and strip.. strip was expired and sugar was not changed.. but almost there were 8 days gone..but some symptoms are happening in my body.. morning symptoms and distractions..

  • The same thing happened to me I got a positive last month and I bled the next day for just that day started spotting and cramping the whole entire week after. I went to the hospital 3 times that month to verify that I wasn’t the doctors kept thinking I was crazy. They took tests each time and said it was negative. So I went with that’s for a while and then I just new my breasts were super sore and I started getting headaches and it just wasn’t normal for me. So I went and took 4 tests the day before yesterday and the morning after and they were all positive. I decided to go to the clinic and the physician there did confirm my pregnancy.

  • Lovee && SUBBED!
    Check out mine if anyone is interested!��MaRandaa Leigh
    Beyond the Beauty Ent.

  • i missed my period almost 3 days. i took pregnancy test and its negative. i dont know whether im pregnant or not. But my period was consistent too. just this time delay for 3 body not feeling good too. im going crazy

  • I’m late as well 20 days late on my cycle. Went to urgent care to do a test and blood work. Both negative. I’m having headaches and lower back pain. Nothing with the boobs or nausea. But I never been this late before

  • My period is never late, it’s like clockwork for me. My boobs also get extremely sore 1 week before my period and I’m now 2 days late. I’ve been having serious nausea and cramping but keep getting negative tests. I have no idea what’s going on but I feel VERY different compared to when it’s period symptoms

  • I genuinely want to thank you for sharing your story!! I really appreciate it, I’m kinda in a similar situation. Pls send some baby dust this way! ��

  • I really flee good to hear peoples story.. I have same case I missed my period with a lot of pimples back pain breast change and pain bloat stomach but I went for blood test but negative yet no period I strongly believed that am pregnant

  • I don’t think it’s that rare. Happened to my mom when pregnant with me. Happened to me in April (ended up miscarried) and pretty sure happening again rn
    as well as I see a lot more tales
    Of it online today vs back in April lol and the stories of women with grown children so like obviously were pregnant.

  • Thanks for sharing my story but the only difference is that my Doctor listened to me. I had blood test, sonography, and even the one they insert in the virgina(I don’t know what that’s called) all came negative. Then my doctor sent me for MRI which revealed that I was pregnant, at this time I was almost 4months gone. All along I knew something was wrong as I could literally do nothing due to headache and dizziness.


    I used clear blue five days before my period the line popped up right away

    5 weeks pregnant ��
    my due date in February ( my first ultrasound will be in 30/6.. I HOPING FOR TWINS ��

  • I haven’t had a period my period was supposed to come the first of the month but every time I eat I feel nausea, and cramping and get headaches and feeling bloated and also shortness of breath and get acne but I took 2 pregnancy test and it says negative. Idk what to do my stomach feels hard.

  • Congratulations! I’m trying for bb#3 for almost 2 years now. Every month the pregnancy tests were negative. This month when my period didn’t come I took a pregnancy test, negative result. The next day, still no period, so I took a blood test. It was negative. I got used to the idea that I wasn’t pregnant because the blood test is never wrong. Today I’m six days late. I don’t want to take another test for fear of disappointment. I prefer to wait about 10 days before going to see my doctor, in case I still don’t have my period. Your story gives me a lot of hope, thank you!

  • So I have been having symptoms and I’m supposed to start my period tomorrow but I keep saying there’s no way I’m not pregnant. I know it’s early but I still feel like it’s gonna be false negatives. I don’t know how to feel about it or what to think but in my head I just know I am

  • I kept getting negative pregnant with urine and blood up until I was about four and a half months pregnant with my son and I got really sick and do fainted and I was living with my mom at the time she rushed me to the hospital they took a pregnancy blood their sure s*** I was pregnant this was back in 2017 had my son in February on the 27 2018 he came very late he was overdue his original due date was February 19th of 2018 but he was healthy what happened was I got my period All the way up until I was 4 and half months along.

  • I’m going through the same thing.. It’s been 31 days since my last period. I’m normally every 19 days but the pregnancy tests says negative.. Scheduling some blood work next week

  • Girl thank you so much for this! I’m pretty regular and about 5 days late. I’m taken 3 pregnancy test on different days and all came back negative. I have cramps, feeling like throwing up and my breast are extremely sore. This is extremely frustrating for me and my fiancée also. Thank you so much for the information and to know this isn’t just happening to me.

  • I actually went in for my first ultrasound with my last pregnancy and IT WAS TWINS! ��������I was so shocked lol twins do not run in my family either…. They will be 5 Oct. 22nd

  • I am not black, but I see you. I am not black, but I hear you. I am not black, but I cry with you. Black lives matter. ✊��✊��✊��✊��

  • I was 12 weeks pregnant before I got my first positive and I had been testing every 4 days for over a month. So while it may be VERY unlikely, it happens.

  • This kind of helps me. I’ve taken 5 tests and they’ve all come back negative, but I’m having symptoms. I’m going in on the 30th to helpfully see for sure

  • Hi, new Subbies here. Love❤ your channel and your story.. Thanks for sharing as we are now in our 2 weeks wait. Prayers are Welcome… Thank you in Advance❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I think I’m only about a month pregnant, I’ve done home tests and got faint positives (first response), negative clear blue and negative drs blood and urine. She’s asked me to come in next week to check, but is there a chance I still could be. (I’ve been experiencing symptoms too and I’m in the same boat of not knowing if I’m doing it to myself)

  • Omg im going threw the same thing last af was in march been twice to the doctor once in April 22 blood work negative. Level at 4 then went back june 9 doc said not pregnant blood level at 7…3 digitals sayen pregnant yes +
    So now what to do so confusing digatils before i went back to the doctor..she said im not pregnant

  • My last period was on 4/26. No sign of getting period. All the home pregnancy tests came BFN. Went to the doctor’s office on June 3rd for blood test. The test was negative. took the ultrasound on the same day, but the nurse said it was too early to see anything. My doctor prescribe me provera pills to get my period started, but I am so scared to take any pills thinking what if I am pregnant. Some of the symptoms that I am having are little cramps on and off, peeing a lot, getting really tired and I have been waking up really early (5)in morning.

  • I haven’t had my period since February…it’s June…tests are negative…blood test came back negative. I’m growing, I have symptoms…I’m going to get an ultrasound bc I’ve never missed my period.

  • God is amazing. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m going through an similar experience..negative urine and blood tests., nothing but fibroids seen in the uterus….yet I feel movement in there. I had 4 children
    The fourth was a cesarean birth and I had a tubal ligation. 22 years later. I believe I am pregnant. They don’t see a baby on so many ultrasounds. The Drs say it’s fibroids and they move around jabbing me. The back pain, butt pain, leg pain and contractions..Braxton hicks are bc of the fibroids. They cannot detect my left ovary. They want to take my uterus out. They’ve prescribed me narcotics..I didn’t take it. They’ve done a ct scan and the radiologist says you didn’t tell me you were pregnant. I asked her what did she see and she wants to talk to the Dr. He says I’m not pregnant it’s fibroids. Then the radiologist agrees with him. My due date was April 19, 2020..contractions, pains, slight bleeding and a bloody show two weeks later. They don’t see any thing but fibroids. They’re telling me about cutting off the blood supply on the fibroids and I won’t do it. It’s is now August. I still feel movement and jabs. Heaviness in my abdomen falling from side to side. Contractions continue. I have been ridiculed when leaving hospitals. I recorded ridicule from nurses on the phone who thought I was hilarious. One woman carried a healthy baby full term in her ovary which was paper thin when the Dr performed surgery on the mother. Another woman was told she had a cyst and they wanted to remove her uterus. The mom refused to allow the Drs to perform an hysterectomy. Thank God she refused because she gave birth to a baby. I believe in Father God Yahweh and Lord Jesus Christ. I know God is in control.

  • I am currently two months late going on three on the 27 however I been taking so many tests and all negative or a faint line. I took a Urine test at the doctors and it was negative but I did do a blood test and I’m crossing fingers and toes lol I should get results in a week ��… I been feeling symptoms for a month and a half now but I been putting it aside because when I see the test negative I feel like I’m going crazy!

  • i went to the doctors too and I took one from their and 2 weeks after I miss my period I took one and I had the same symptoms and I never had a baby before so I need some advice bad plz reply back

  • This is exactly what’s happening to me. I’m just waiting for my positive because my lower abdomen is really firm but my tests are negative so far.

  • google is making me think i’m having an ectopic pregnancy because i’m 9 weeks and 6 days and i’ve recently taken a pregnancy test a few days ago and it was positive then 2 days later 2 test came back negative… PLS HELP

  • I’ve always had irregular periods, sometimes I’ll go 2-3 months with no period. So lately they have been regular and I ended my menstrual cycle around March 10th. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on my birthday March 22nd. So all test have been negative but I have developed the mother line, the part around my nipples have gotten puffy. An my belly button used to be super deep now it’s not. I have had really bad cramps sometimes keeping me up, bad headaches and so forth. I feel tired all the time and the need to want to throw up but nothing comes up. I get weird heat flashes and my stomach is getting bigger. Even blood work came back negative. My mom and aunts both had the same experience with everything coming back negative until they finally had an ultra sound. My boyfriend is convinced I’m pregnant and that he can feel two babies. Should I wait a little longer to go to obgyn to have stomach looked at or??? I have started Taking prenatals just to be safe

  • We had the same pimple in the same spot! �� I’m scared now. Lol �� But no serious I think I might be. I love your video very informative. ��

  • How far along were you by the time you got the positive? I’m going through the same thing, I have all the symptoms and I keep getting negative but I have a gut feeling that I am.

  • Soooo my story is I had my tubal ligation in 2016 video on my channel and I got pregnant with my now 6 month old had my tubes removed. my period started back in June had another period in July. I am currently breastfeeding all who breastfeed know nipples stop hurting after awhile we’ll mines started back hurting and breast became tender to touch. no period this month just the brown spotting when my period was due. Negative urine and blood test but I definitely feel pregnant. I am going insane because my fiancé is looking at me crazy drs are tearing me like I’m crazy lol but I have been getting the cramps but nothing no aunt flow. This will be baby 6 if I am indeed pregnant. I do plan on getting an ultrasound soon

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  • Hey Tia! So I’m 16 days late on my period and I took 4 pregnancy exams all negative. How many days after your period was missed did you begin to take pregnancy exams?

  • My cousin went through something super weird a few years ago. She was on the pill, her boyfriend wore condoms. When she didn’t get her period hse took a testnegative. She then started having symptoms, went to the dr and was told she had a stomach bug. Finally, when she was 3 months along a dr decided ot do an ultrasound, and sure neough, she was pregnant. With twins.

  • I spotted very light and mild cramps but on my typical period is heavy and painful a week passed by and I started bleeding again!! Idk what’s going on?!? And all my test are negative

  • Clear Blue is AWFUL
    They said negative every time ive taken one. When all other brands were positive when i was pregnant with my son!

  • Praise God miracles still exist ❤️�� With God anything is possible, glad you got through the pregnancy healthy and blessed. God bless you and your family ��PS it’s not weird Nurse it was meant to be God placed that baby on this earth for a reason ❤️

  • Got a faint pink positive line on day 2 of missing period on 23rd of May and then got negative test on day 4 of missing my periods on 25th of May. Still getting symptoms that I’m pregnant and I haven’t gotten my periods yet. I have PCOS, left Fallopian tube blocked, and hypothyroidism. I’m dieing to hear that I’m pregnant but feeling very anxious that I can be because of my other health issues. Please got shower some baby dust on me. And I can related to your story to a point.

  • I’m now 8 days late and my period is always on time maybe one day late but I get it every month. All I feel is very mild cramping but no blood. I’ve taken 5 pregnancy test all negative. It’s so frustrating ����

  • I’m 13 days late and have taken 4 negative tests.. so…. I’m confused… and scared….i don’t want to go to a shitty doctor and be treated like I’m crazy.. so I’m waiting it out. I recently lost my insurance so I’m really assed out. I’m always on time but I’m also 39 years old… I’m worried I’m starting early menopause. I wouldn’t be trippin this hard if we haven’t been actively trying.. well we started trying my last ovulation and now I’m late. A week after I ovulated, I felt really bad cramps and my side ovary was killing me, it hurt so bad i could barely stand up.. Lasted like an hour or 2 then just vanished. It was so weird.. no blood though. Now I’m late 13 days. I’m worried that I won’t get care on time because I’ve lost a baby before.. so i want to be proactive. But this negative pregnancy tests are discouraging.

  • I haven’t had a period since around may 25th �� and I have nausea, extreme fatigue, food aversions, sensitive boobs and we’re already in mid July. Even had what I believed to be implantation bleeding a very light pink spotting. My tests have been negative and I am
    Never ever late or have these symptoms. I have no idea what’s wrong. I’m going to take another today so l will keep everyone posted

  • I’m going through something similar. My last period was on January 29th. My next period should of started the end of February/ beginning of March and it didn’t. I didn’t think anything of it because it’s been late before. 2 weeks go by and I started getting concern. 3 weeks late and I started to test. I took 3 hpt all negative. The next morning I took another one a clear blue digital it came up positive. I ran to target and bought more to confirm and they all came back negative. I contacted my doctor came in for a urine test that came up negative. They advised me to retest in 2 weeks and then we’ll go from there. I didn’t test again til the day before my appointment because I didn’t want to stress myself out testing every day. I bought a 4pk of clear blue test 2 stick and 2 digital. I took one stick and one digital and it came up negative. I re tested again the morning of my appointment and told myself if these came up negative I was just going to take it as I’m not pregnant and it turned out pregnant again. I was so confused. Told my doctor and she let me come in for a blood test. Results came back negative. She then tested my hormones for any imbalances and they all came back normal. I’m currently waiting to be scheduled for an ultrasound. I’m now 75 days late,

  • I bled 3 days before I would’ve started and it was so light… now I feel all these symptoms and I’ve taken two tests. One in conclusive and the other negative

  • I’m already 4 weeks late and tested urine twice negative, doctor tested urine negative…im going crazy bcz of continuos nausea symptoms��

  • I Feel Pregnant With Almost All Symptoms. I Feel Movement in My Belle, if I Don’t Take Breakfast So Early, I Don’t Feel Comfortable,I Sleep Every Single Minutes Etc.. But My Two Pregnancy Blood Tests Came Out Negative. I Had My Period But it Was Not As Heavy As Before, Brownish, My Tampon Will Not Full Till Day Break, feel Cramping But Still The Doctors Says I’m Not Pregnant..I’m Stressed, This is so Disheartening,I feel So Depress,I Barely Sleep At Night ������I Know I’m Pregnant, I feel Movement in My Belle, My Boobs Are Heavy And I Sleep In Any Given Minutes�� Please Everyone Pray For Meeeeee����

  • It’s 1am and I’m researching YouTube videos about late periods with negative pregnancy tests LOL my last period was April 12th. I’ve never missed a period in my life. I’ve been taking tests every 5 days or so, all negative. I’m so nervous because I’m currently taking a strong medication that can’t be taken while you’re pregnant or it can cause serious problems. I’ve been having such weird cramping, that’s my main symptom (just cramps all day long) I keep thinking it’s my period, but instead it’s just discharge. Oh, and lots of acid reflux! I usually can eat spicy food, but now I’m experiencing GERD �� thanks for this video, it’s terrifying but it’s good to be informed!

  • Thank you so much for all the information,can you please do a video about implantation bleeding and ovary pain in early pregnancy.sending love from Canada ��

  • hey girl i need advice:( i had intercourse on may 2 the day after my period, it’s been four weeks already still no period so i decided to take a test and it came back negative should i wait longer to take another one or go to the er, or just leave it alone:/ i’d love if you replied i don’t know what to do

  • Omg! Thank you for sharing this! I just took a test and it was negative�� I purchased first response and took it 2 days after my missed period. I totally feel preggo, but the tests say otherwise ��

  • is it me or i saw one of ur videos u mentioning u had crazy intense super strong orgasms even by masturbating?! I literally stopped in the middle of it and i laughed out loud while experiencing that it was like giiiiiirl, whats thiiiis? super intense the best i ever had, u mentioned it was one of ur early pregnancy sympt and definetly a tale sign for u, im hoping its the same with me i do have soft pain and little itchiness uncomfortable lower abdomen area, tested on Friday thought it was negative and i went to ER because i was sure what i had a weird period of 10 days was a problem with cyst or i even thought the worst, so they told me i just had irregular periods because they didnt see any cyst there or pregnant but they told me they see me ovulating? wtf is it possible to ovulate after this weird 10 days light spotting super long for me? I just ovulated this month so that didnt make sense but still i believed them, but when i came back i saw the faintest line possible �� soo going to test after some days soon

  • My period has never been late, april i started the pill mirelle and only took it for 2 weeks is. Light pill and shouldn’t affect my period, my period is now 11 days late i have done 4 test and they have all been negative my doctor said i should wait till 14 to 17 days late and test again but in my gut i feel like im pregnant i have sore boobs, im tired, slight nausea, thirsty alot but any advice please

  • Thank you for sharing your story. You’re absolutely right about there not being many videos on this topic. Ive been trying to conceive and have taken tests, all of which said negative. I know my body and haven’t experienced the symptoms that i have before my period comes so i know something is off. So, yesterday i was supposed to get my period. My period is very regular and like clock work. I waited all day for it to come, NO PERIOD (which is fine because this is what i wanted to be pregnant). I figured okay maybe it’ll come today, still no period. I tested yesterday and today, negative again. So, at this point im just going to wait it out and see what happens but the way my body feels it’s telling me something is up. I have sore breast and nipples now and i never have that the week before my period or even on my period. I have this disgusting metal taste in my mouth that won’t go away. Headaches, feel sick to my stomach from time to time out of nowhere, mild cramping, moody, always hungry like i haven’t eaten in days, vivid dreams. ����‍♀️
    Send me baby dust. Congratulations on your pregnancy and to everyone else that’s expecting. Sending baby dust to those TTC. ��