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Your Tween’s Sense of Fashion Girls and Clothes. Has your tween surprised you by announcing she hates everything in her closet? Or, has she made it Stay Within the Family Budget. It can be hard for a tween to understand that $75 is just too much to.

Your Tween’s Sense of Fashion. By Jennifer O’Donnell Finding the Right Extracurriculars for Your Tween. By Jennifer O’Donnell The Importance of Free Time for Kids. Fact checked by Andrea Rice The Benefits of Overnight Camp. By Jennifer O’Donnell Developmental Benefits of Reading Literature.

By participating in your teens’ fashion discovery, you’ll play an integral role in building their sense of self and self-expression. As Walansky points out, it’s also important to let them have. Fashion 101 – For Tweens!

Fashion refers to the style and customs prevalent at a given time. When it comes to the latest fashions everyone wants to be hip, even kids! Today, it’s difficult for children to keep up with the latest fashion without looking like the adults. Tweens begin feeling the need to express their independence from their parents by emulating their peers.

It’s the prelude to full-blown teenager-hood, and as such, fashion plays a role. However, fashion and popular culture should never override parental wisdom, or common sense. Fashion is all about personality, and tween girls are all about the personality especially when it comes to self expression at school dances and parties. As your style evolves, let Lunachick help you to find the trendy tween clothes that appeal to you the most. No matter what your personal style is, we have a dress that’ll make you shine.

These brands design with tween girls in mind, using subtle colors, soft fabrics, and trendy cuts. Most importantly, the clothing from these brands lasts. Tweens take better care of their clothes, and we find their clothes fit longer.

So it’s important to consider quality when choosing their wardrobe. Help instill a sense of respect of time by getting your tween girl a watch. This attention-getting analog watch from Timex is perfect for a tween. Sleek durable silver bezel with an unapologetically cool pink leather band ; the tonal stitching on the band adds a lovely dose of sophistication to it.

Yes! There is no medical reason your tween can’t use tampons from the onset of their period. Tampons are completely safe to use, and kids as young as 10 years old can use them if they are comfortable with using them. In fact, many tweens and teens may even want to start with tampons, especially if they are active in sports or other activities.

Encouraging your tween to go for activities that help with healthy “flow” — when you are immersed in something to the point you lose track of time — can help, Dr. Danckert said.

List of related literature:

I found myself following children’s fashions not by year or decade but developmentally (by age group) and longitudinally, by generations.

“Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America” by Jo B. Paoletti
from Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America
by Jo B. Paoletti
Indiana University Press, 2012

As a child, I rebelled against the fashion choices available to kids my age.

“Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope” by Karamo Brown
from Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope
by Karamo Brown
Gallery Books, 2020

By four years old, I insisted on dressing myself, and some of my creations were hideous—leg warmers, jeans, tutus, crimped hair, torn tights, and American Ballet Theater sweatshirt… all at once.

“Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body” by Courtney E. Martin
from Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body
by Courtney E. Martin
Free Press, 2007

Tweens were now a marketing factor to be reckoned with and experts in the fashion industry also relished their sophistication and brand loyalty.

“The American Beauty Industry Encyclopedia” by Julie A. Willett
from The American Beauty Industry Encyclopedia
by Julie A. Willett
Greenwood, 2010

Popular awareness of a subor preteen phase, the precursor to today’s tweens, was also partly attributable to clothing advertising.

“Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture” by Juliet Schor, Associate Professor of Economics Juliet B Schor, Charles Scribner's Sons
from Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture
by Juliet Schor, Associate Professor of Economics Juliet B Schor, Charles Scribner’s Sons
Scribner, 2004

“Tweens” became a new market, with girls especially demanding fashionable clothing choices in the years between early childhood and the teenage years.

“The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing Through World History: 1801 to the present” by Jill Condra
from The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing Through World History: 1801 to the present
by Jill Condra
Greenwood Press, 2008

Hence, moms are a big influence on their tweens’ fashion choices.

“Consumer Behavior in Action” by Geoffrey P. Lantos
from Consumer Behavior in Action
by Geoffrey P. Lantos
M. E. Sharpe Incorporated, 2010

Now it’s teen and “tween” styles, with bare midriffs, tightly fitting T-shirts, and sexually explicit sayings emblazoned on the garments.

“Environmental Sociology: From Analysis to Action” by Leslie King, Deborah McCarthy, Deborah McCarthy Auriffeille, Luiz C. Barbosa, Deborah Barndt, Thomas Beamish, Lois Bryson, Robert D. Bullard, Susan G. Davis, Thomas Dunk, John Bellamy Foster, Julia Fox, William R. Freudenburg, Peter Freund, Penina M. Glazer, Kenneth Alan Gould, Boris Holzer, Glenn S. Johnson, Gerald Markowitz, George Martin, Kathleen McPhillips, Mike Moore, Connie P. Ozawa, Oriol Pi-Sunyer, Christopher W. Podeschi, Daniel J. O'Leary, R. Brooke Thomas, Adam Weinberg, Lisa J. Wilson
from Environmental Sociology: From Analysis to Action
by Leslie King, Deborah McCarthy, et. al.
Rowman & Littlefield, 2005

This extensive research is used to provide marketers around the world with step-by-step advice for reaching tweens, in chapters titled “Tween Dreams for Sale,” “Bonded to Brands: The Transition Years,” and “The Peer Factor,” to name just a few.

“Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media” by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
from Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media
by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
SAGE Publications, 2007

At the same time, some critics believe that the KGOY phenomenon simply reflects the idea of children as status symbols, allowing parents to flaunt the idea that their toddler is computer savvy or that their preschool daughter is wearing baby phat designer jeans or fashion boots.

“Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia [2 Volumes]: An Encyclopedia” by Claudia Mitchell, Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
from Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia [2 Volumes]: An Encyclopedia
by Claudia Mitchell, Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
ABC-CLIO, 2007

Oktay Kutluk

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  • My wardrobe: all black shirts and jeans
    Meanwhile my friends: cold shoulders, dresses, different types of jeans
    Well shit, I can’t dress like them. Everyone be dressing up so fashionably and up to their age n I’m just shirt, pants, shoes, done.

  • Nice tips!
    I was wondering if you have tried Leonisa Brand for shapewear

    And also if you would update your jeans link please. Is not showing any product.

  • does shape wears make it uncomfortable or hard to breathe when in it? It definitely looks nice but I’m worried its hard to wear all day everyday. Love the contents!! Thanks so much

  • Thank you for this!!! I literally have so many ideas already in mind and I tried one outfit similar to yours in the video and I fucking died I’m so happy

  • Fast fashion is responsible for and grown out of so many other societal ills, most of them environmental and economic in nature. There’s even evidence that it either affects or at the very least depends upon obesity, weight gain and yo-yo dieting. I mean, its a lot easier to get money out of you if you gain and then lose and then regain a bunch of weight frequently because then you have to keep replacing your clothes. Spending more for quality items that last and last VS spending to replace the same shitty item is insanity and we have to break that cycle.

  • If you like to listen to lofi, loves stranger things, listens to slowed reverb songs, watches beastars, likes to watch tik toks on youtube, likes to do art, and has clothing style…


  • I love your video and I completely agree with what you’re saying. The details matter so so much!! Especially if you’re trying to achieve a certain polished or put together look. And it doesn’t take a ton of money like some are saying. It takes having an eye for detail and you can buy designer jeans at Nordstrom Rack for under $100…it will be hard to find designer for under $50. Anyway, also love what you were saying about monochromatic outfits. Thank you!

  • i really like how this video gives realistic baby steps towards the end goal!! it feels a lot more approachable to change personal style that way. thanks ashleyyyyyy

  • So like I dress very Alt right now which is what I always wanted to dress as growing up and I love it but I am drifting towards vintage/dark academia. I’m conflicted

  • I remember a while ago, I felt so controlled by the way I could dress.. I’m not allowed to wear leggings without a long top over it, I’m not allowed to wear shorts to leave the house, I’m not allowed to wear clothes that show my chest too much and so forth.. I remember their was a time where my dad came over to visit before school and I was wearing a golden sweater, I didn’t realize it was showing the outline of my boobs to much and my mom was pretending to act normally but once he went to use the bathroom she yelled at me and told me to go change, I remember I was so angry that daylike internal angerand there was another time I was wearing a grey sweater and leggings to go to school, I was already late but my mom yelled at me, and took my brother in the car. She almost kept me home that day JUST because of that. She then made me wear some jeans, and she told my teacher to have a conversation with me about my dressing.. I felt kind of embarrassed and a upsetI started comparing my body to other girls online and even in my school. I began to question why I always dreaded coming back home from school every single day… so many things happened before and after thatthen quarantine happened and a lot of things happened in quarantine. ���� that’s when I began to hate my height and my bodybut now I’m trying to change that. ✨☺️����

  • I think big thick glasses
    cute short haircut
    purple shirt
    Overalls with shorts
    Custom shoes (I paint on my shoes usually white vans)
    No show socks or no socks
    Also if y’all wondering where this outfit is from it is Luz Noceda from Owl house’s outfit I love her and lumity

  • my problem is that i have too many black clothes and i wanna try to dress more colorful but everytime i go shopping i never find something in color that i like and i just end up buying black or white again.

  • Thanks girl! This actually helped! Lately I have been trying hard to be like most girls and their style but I realized I should wear what makes me happy! ❤️I don’t care what ppl think as long as I like it

  • Manufacturers keep offering those godawful mid rise pants because they are easy to design. They never look like they are hitting in the “wrong” place because there isn’t really a “right” place for that waist to hit.

  • I don’t know if it was said before, but please also note that colorwise Ashley’s advice only works if you yourself put some effort into buying clothes in the right shade. Ashley only can put together outfits like that and look good because she has her color palette in check. To give an example, the sweater, the bottom of her shoes and the inside of her jacket in her second outfit all have the exact same shade of beige. If it wasn’t like that, it would have looked hideous.
    So please think about your own color palette before the next time you go shopping, it will make getting dressed a lot easier because everything will be wearable with everything.

  • I just bought my first steamer and I travel everywhere with a lint roller because I have dogs! I can wear gold and silver so I have a variety of accessories to match. Which high end jeans are you liking today?

  • Her: “Look at your wardrobe”
    Me: “ok. hmmmmmm lets see…. alright, i have 12482394838 hoodies, 7 ugly shirts and a bunch of nike shorts”

  • Me a seventh grader: well let’s see… I have purple hair(it’s also a pixie cut) and wear sweaters in 100 degree weather, sounds pretty middle school emo to me

  • idk how tall you are buttt you have a good eye of what looks good on dif body types so can you please do a vid like this for tall girls ���� i don’t wear heelsss

  • Can someone help me find mine? Okay so, I don’t want to be “vsco” or like “soft” or “baddie” or “grunge” or “emo”… my skin tone is pretty dark but not dark dark like a dark Hispanic and Asian, my eye color is blackish brown, I have medium black hair and I’m planning to dye it again, I’m not skinny nor fat, and I’m an extrovert but I’m rlly insecure about myself.

  • Bruh if you want to look cool, just wear civil war Union infantry uniform:
    Dark blue trousers
    You don’t have to wear boots
    fashionable blue cap
    Very nice backpack
    Very powerful M1861 springfield musket+ 20 minie balls and a bayonet

    Better than gucci in my opinion

  • Hi I just wanna say I love your videos but it’s really hard to try find outfit inspo when it’s so much crop tops and exposing stuff when you have low self esteem or hate your body ect:) so It would help if you tried being a little more… Non skinny appealing

  • I’m struggling a bit with my style, don’t get me wrong I LOVE the clothes I’ve bought over the last months ( pastels, cute, Care Bears lol) but people are giving me weird looks and that makes me feel bad. So I love them but also hate them..

  • I’m kinda lucky because we don’t have to worry about what to wear or makeup because I go to a private school so uniforms and no makeup so yeah it has its pluses and downs

  • I’m shocked, I was literaly scrowling your channel down and thinking:

    “Oh, It would be so incredible if i could turn my clothes into some cute ones ��”

  • Very simple, yet affective advice!
    And investing in jeans is spot on! Just 2 years ago the thought of purchasing jeans over $30 sounded ridiculous to me. But then i started putting my money down on my purchases, and trust me you feel the difference when you put those jeans on! Plus, they are super durable

  • when I go for shopping I cant find clothes matching to my dusky skin,i if by any chance i gotta find some decent clothes my mom dont like them,and i end being introvert avoiding social gatherings bcoz i dont have clothes that goes with my skin tone..

  • when your literally a depressed teen and you just wear your pyjamas all day and your mum buys your rainbow and unicorn tops from the kids section in Sainsbury’s

  • My asthetic:
    Weird mix of something
    -Pastel colour obsessed
    -Oversized shirts but u can still se the pants imao
    -lip gloss
    -black leggings with white stripe thingy
    -draws in class
    -loves nature
    -kinda gamer tho

  • Your voice doesn’t match the way you look and idk why that’s funny to me lol but yea anyways you have singlehandedly saved my life with this video, wow.

  • So here’s the thing with aesthetic, aesthetic people think is a specific style, actually no! It’s not even a style it’s a beauty on something, if you hear the way people say it, “aesthetically pleasing” aesthetic is not a style people! It’s a beauty on something, and something that you, and ONLY you think is pretty to you! It’s getting more and more annoying as how people misunderstand words, same with senpai, it actually is someone you look up to such as, and idol. And that’s older than you, not a simple guy you like / crush. Please understand this and get this to the top so people can understand words properly.

  • There was a girl in my school who wore these funky 80s inspired unicorn shoes that matched her shirt and the biggest regret of my life was not telling her that i absolutely loved her outfit.

  • I’m literally crying because i have glasses (and i will always have cuz of a very bad eyesight) and her hair is so prettyyy �� i will never look so good


    වෙනසක් සඳහාදඋනාහාක්ලෝස්ප් පැවසුවේ හැඟීම වැනි දේ සමඟ ය වෙනසක් සඳහාද අපේ හුරුබුහුටි කුඩා ඉඩිරාන් සම්බන්ධතා නිලධාරියා විනෝදයෙන් දුවන්නට පටන් ගත් විට එය ඔබේ හම් සියල්ලම උමං මාර්ගයෙන් බේරාගත්තේ කවුදැයි ඔබට අමතක ය

  • I know this is like a year ago but for people scrolling here, if you like the turtleneck under tshirt look but feel like you can’t pull it off, here are some tips!!

    Choose a turtleneck that is skintight and doesn’t bunch as much.
    Use an oversized tshirt that is more wide.
    Use a men’s t-shirt, men’s t-shirts have more room at the arms and the sleeves are a lot longer. I look for the sleeves that hit my elbows. They flare really nice and the skintight turtleneck just feels really nice underneath because the 2 items are 2 completely different fits.

  • i have too many clothes, yet nOnE are good for what ever i do, for example i have no dressy clothes for partys, yet none for a good normal dayi feel like there all invisable clothes

  • Can someone tell me what the heck I am I like pinafore dresses, rompers, converse, those long sweaters that you wear like a jacket over a plain shirt, Jean skirts and autumn colors

  • when you’re broke:: just get a bunch of accessories under 2 dollars off aliexpress (they change a lot in your outfit), ask your mom and/or dad and siblings to give you their old clothes, thrift even though there’s only grandma clothes at your local thrift shop, and thrift flip your old clothes.

  • I was just wondering. So in your second outfit, you didn’t choose those boots with the silver hardware because the outfit had warmer tones incorporated. So, I was just wondering, in the first outfit, why didn’t you go for a belt with some silver because with the sweater, it seemed to have cooler tones? Still, it looked absolutely beautiful, but I was just wondering!

  • ok here is me
    i love makeup and skincare i like to wear natural makeup tho
    i loveee the beach pools lakes boats anything
    has a pretty cool room i have vines leds and a bunch of random stuff
    I like brandy melville for clothes and O wear a LOT of denim
    i love to travel
    and i loveee icecream
    i like art it is relaxing
    pretty smart
    so what am i…

  • Someone explain what my Aesthetic is…

    I like books, vintage stuff or anything that involves the 18th century. I also like doing art. I’m confused about my Aesthetic someone help me ;-;
    Edit: I also love musicals and plays technically I’m a theatre kid

  • I like that it’s not particularly aimed at womens and that i can use those advice as a man because for the longest time i just rushed and took what waw the nearest and trowh together something but now i kinda want to actually think about it

  • What is my aesthetic?

    Naturally super straight and thick
    I always leave it down because it looks weird up

    Vans Slip Ons or flip flops
    Tie-Dye or plain colored t-shirts and tank tops
    Jean shorts
    High waisted straight jeans
    Striped crop tops
    Silver anchor necklace (I love sailing)
    Sometimes cute chokers but they’re kinda uncomfortable

    I Love:
    The Beatles
    The Beach Boys
    Billie Eilish
    ELO ( 70’s band )
    Sunny days
    Did I mention I love The Beatles

    Tinted lip balm
    Occasionally mascara but usually none

  • Omg everyone here please stop the body shaming. I felt good in my fat body before I came here, reading all of you telling fat is wrong shhhhhhit

  • Sooooo Im vintage bur before i was vsco bc it was in trend but i readed other comments and one is be like who u are not to fit it and i truly like vintage and scrushies maybe I have too many ;-;

  • This gave me inspiration in shirts that i don’t like to wear but with these hacks this gives me the vibe to actually wear it as fat girl heh.

  • I’ve been doing the “no mixed metals” for a while now. I’m pretty lenient when it comes to teeny tiny hardware and on shoes (where it’s so far away from the rest of the outfit, that it’s barely noticeable). Exceptions are if there’s a lot of visible hardware on the shoes, and occasional mixed metal pieces of jewelry (I have 2). Everyone thinks I’m crazy, because I can’t wear my gold jewelry with my black bag because it has silver tone hardware, ha ha! This video is a heads up. I need to get some new lacy underwear before everything closes down again and before VS goes bankrupt lol (until something new comes around, VS’s competitors are awful in my city)

  • This is super cool and some great ideas here that even me as a over 30s Mum of 2 with a totally different figure and style to you can put to use. Plus i love your quirly humout

  • My dog’s name is Marla and no one really has that name so for you to have it shocks me that I have it but don’t worry I’m not hating it’s just an opinion.

  • I swear all the girls in my class have the trendy brandy Melville quirky glasses slicked back hair airforce look. (Fishy lips selfies)

  • this is harman
    plz girl call if you are sad
    if you want to ask any type of question about fashion or any personal private talk
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  • Guys people are just calling themselves ugly, fat, etc.
    You’re born with your body and you cant change it. (You can but DONT).
    You are bootiful the way you are.

  • 2:18

    The right one i have as wallpaer

    And i alway thought i was little bit e-girl maybe 40%, but this showed me i am 80% grunge

  • I usually agree with illy, but when she said that the current middle school students have it ‘so easy’, I disagreed. The internet is making children feel so self conscious, about an outfit that they like. Teenage depression rates are through the roof. I don’t want this to sound like hate, I just felt like my opinion should be heard. (We do have it easer with makeup though)Great video

  • I’m 15 and I’m so ready to grow into my style. I know it’s dorky but I want to become a interior designer and wearing classic elegant outfits with silk blouses and blazers but I’m a highschooler and I can’t be that person yet. Nobody in my life has my sense of style and I really loved how Ashley talked about how it is hard and it is scary to wear an outfit you put effort into because half of my friends will tease me for putting effort into my outfits and the other half will think I’m a coward for not putting myself out there in new environments

  • Step #1: Assess current wardrobe
    -Decide what few pieces you really love
    -For 2 weeks, track the clothing you actually wear
    -Certain fit, certain color scheme, certain brand, comfort level?

    Step #2: Finding inspiration
    -Instagram, Pinterest, Magazines + Movies, Book Stores + Libraries

    Create a mood board:
    When there’s an outfit I don’t like…
    -What do I like about that?
    -Is this color a little bit too loud for me?
    -Are these accessories too immature, and do I have a little bit of a more mature style?
    -Do I not like the pattern in her outfit?

    When there’s an outfit I do like-
    -Is this a really flattering fit on her?
    -Do I like the color scheme in this photo?

    Further refine your mood board:
    -Is this something that reflects my personality?
    -Is this something that I could see myself wearing?
    -Is this something that fits into my lifestyle?

    Step #3: We’re going shopping
    -Choose 5 pieces on your mood board that appear the most often and are the most vital to your style
    -Wear the 5 pieces with your wardrobe for a couple months, keep developing your mood board and assessing how the new style works for you
    -3 months down the line, buy another couple pieces

    Step #4: Practice makes perfect
    -10-20 minutes of outfit time every morning
    -Put together an outfit and slowly switch out pieces like trying on a new pair of shoes, adding a belt, changing out earrings, trying a new jacket
    -Give yourself time to shop, try things on, what do you like, what fits you

    Step #5: Confidence
    -Ease yourself into it piece by piece
    -Start out with booties with a heel to ease yourself into heels
    -Start a Blog/ Instagram/ YouTube account
    -Think about how you feel about in your outfit, no one else!

  • Omg i was just thinking about this… How crazy i even star it to write it down…im so sick of just buying stuff abd they just sit there. Thank you for this video it really help.

  • i was so excited to wear this but then i realized that i live in brazil and we are about 32º degrees every day KKAKKKAKAKKAKA
    pros br aqui salvee

  • The clothes i have in my closet are just shirts with cartoon on it XD and my old 6 to 9 clothes my mom buyed some clothes in bigger in size oof just A BIG OOF FOR ME NO VIDEO IS THERE TO HELP ME i dont even have frickin jeans because it got too short and i could not fit them anymore so yea and now the pandemic so i cant even buy new stuff

  • im art person (not gfonna say the word you put hehe) and im also soft girl, i can be both ok, but i dont like cats, kinda but im more of a doggo person

  • You know guys how insecure I used to be?
    Just Stop being insecure. Justjust stop.
    Trust me, being secure reeaaaaally looks good on everyone.
    Stop envying those bitches that wear rich clothes and flirt and.. Etc
    Just style up as much as you can and don’t be afraid to talk
    To react
    To meet new people
    To dress the way You want
    To interact with others
    To act like everyone else that seems
    To be yourself

    Because that means Your not insecureeeee

    It’s not that difficult. Trust me.

  • my biggest problem is I literally can’t find good looking clothes anywhere, it’s all that annoying 2014 tumblr looking shit. Where do you all find good looking clothes that aren’t made for skinny people?

  • 1. assess ur current wardrobe

    me: looks in wardrobe
    me: school uniform, ok
    me: looks on the floor
    floor: hoodies, swearpants, tshirts

    me: ok then

  • Hardware has always been a major issue for me, but it can cause quite the tantrum when getting ready for a night out… shameful but true. The best thing I ever did was investing in good mixed metal jewellery my favourite is pink and white gold, but it can be done with any combination and makes choosing an outfit sooooo much easier.

  • I wan’t to look like the stereotypical Bisexual or like Ashley without the tiny skirts. Especially the second set she showed. But I have not confidence to ask to get some clothes so I have like 2 shirts and a pair of pants.

  • Channel is called bestdressed but all the outfits look ugly,stupid and without taste. Does girls really think guys like those outfits? facepalm

  • I just started high school and we have MEAN GIRLsss they judge everyone by thier looks and i think thats mean

    I feel ugly (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • I feel like my insecurities stem from me disliking the way my legs look in jeans, leggings and any other pants. I’m pretty sure my legs are wonky (maybe a byproduct of me having flat feet?) or this is just me hyper focusing on a flaw that no one but me notices

  • lol wtf can someone explain how tf can you wear a winter sweater with summer sandals and a very thin skirt….. THE FABRICS DONT SUIT I THINK

  • Someone with the personality like me confident, and simple And really excited to prove different things i recomend korean clothes ( i recomended more the line “YESSTYLE” ) also fan of BTS and BLACKPINK and momoland and k-pop things (also idk why i have like an obssession of changing of styles sometimes my big broteer ruin it but equaly ) i said i recomend do what you think it”s good for you:3

  • Waist trainers should be phased out completely from the market. They can damage your body if worn too much and be addictive/cause body diamorphia

  • But what if I’m flat as heck literally everywhere and way too skinny and can’t fit in anything but Justice jeans? Oh and I’m in 8th grade but look like I’m in 4th grade? And I’ve had a past of dressing horrible and don’t want to do that again, but everything looks horrible on me?

  • when you have sweat pants and like a hoodie and two shirts in your closet and you know that no matter what this video wont help you make an outfit: *you where wrong*

  • When she said “a very nice dream” I thought that little cloud was another thing… Which f’s me off every day it happens.

    Puberty is extremely annoying for boys when you are not wearing underwear while you sleep.

  • I have a few pieces of clothing that I absolutely love and look pretty good on me (i think) but I can’t find the confidence to wear them outside of when I put together outfits and have a fashion show in my bedroom.

  • The only this in my closet is myself because P A N S E X U A L. B U T. A L S O B I S E X U A L B E C A U S E C O N F U S I O N

  • I remember in my middle school the summer fashion was jean shorts, crop tops straightened hair and flip flops and shutter glasses oh and bracelets that said I love boobies.

  • also (what i do) take a pic of your outfit when you have it on that you really like and put all of these photos in a album in your gallery, so when youre totally unsure what to wear you can just look in there for inspo or just wear it again 😉

  • My style is baddie apparently…im not even badass in any way lmao. I mean I am Latina so I can see why

    im also a bit overweight so I’d wanna lose some pounds before buying crop tops ������

  • I am a whole different breed: black denim, comfy clothing, string lights, softie and 20s-60s music taste, plain white vans, combat boots, likes writing poetry or prompts, favorite color: dark purple, ALEXANDER HAMILTON, about 40% art hoe, correct grammar or die, obsessed with French food and French everything, learning French, taken, not really depressed but of course feels insecure 60% of the time, really nice but a smart ass, very emotional, Melanie fan (crybaby), Nikki Minaj, Doja cat, mxmtoon, Clario, girl in red, cavetown, dodie, Conan gray, other artists, actual natural makeup, maybe a blush, lipgloss, and mascara, chorus kid (doing choir for 2 years), everything on my bed is white, grey, or black, most used emojis:��✨����������������������❤️��������������������, I really like the 90s aesthetic, Mac and cheese or fettuccine Alfredo, croissants, brioche bread or sourdough, toasted bread on sandwiches, chocolate lava cake, cupcakes over cake, I have a girlfriend who is basically the same person as me, pastel pink or yellow over all pastels, shy, somewhat confident, W E A R! T H E! B R A! A S! L I T T L E! A S! P O S S I B L E!

  • I love she’s just natural and sticks to her simple creativity, rather than other YouTubers who try too hard making dress uncomfortable

  • Yes please teach the young generation that you need to wear a waist trainer to be desirable.
    Also you are so not body positive towards plus size ladies.

  • I like the soft girl aesthetic but I’m also a street dancer so I sometimes do the soft girl aesthetic in the day and once the sun sets and I’ve got to go to dance rehearsal I change into my street wear aesthetic

  • Me: quarantine would be the perfect time to organize my closet
    Also me: doesnt wear anything but sweats and t shirts during quarantine

  • You should do a video on thifting designer brands. There are lots of ways to buy those brands on a budget. Like thift shops, consignment, yard sales, and lots of online options too online thift store like threadup, or ebay. Just a thought since you have a younger audience.

  • This is abit random but I think the next big thing she celebrates she should meet up with a subscriber and go through their wardrobe obviously she should be careful and take care to stay safe like having someone with her and first meeting up in public and showed all the different outfits they have in their wardrobe so they could take a photo of each one and help them see all the different outfits they have would be unreal to see her come up with outfits from someone else’s wardrobe

  • I struggle with going back and forth with wanting to be feminine and pretty but also masculine and formal. Like I wanna wear cute rompers and flow dresses but I feel badass in a nice crisp tee/button up and a pair of trousers/jeans. And then im also looking towards a minimalist wardrobe /.\ I just can’t decide

  • Omgggggg, I watched this video fuckin much times but I just enjoy watching instead of try to wear my own style ��������

    PS: As a minimalist, I feel to donate all those fancy clothes rarher than keep mixing them or arrange them in my closet ����

  • If I would have all of that stuff…… I would have been like I have a lot….. Literally a lotttttt to wear ��……. I don’t even have all of that ��

  • I found u so late ( sorry for that….)
    And this is my second video ( watching u ) and I’m in love with u and ur styling!!!!! ����������������������������������
    Thanks ��������������������

  • I’ve figured out mine, finally. It took 24 years and a ton of Pinterest board editing, but I know what it is. 1950’s modern witch. I love the 50s skirts with a blouse and how you can change an outfit by changing just ine thing, but I love the witch aesthetic so much, but mine is on the colorful side lol Though your tips (especially buying the 5 pieces and taking them for a test run) really help me lol

  • I’m SO glad you said comfort!!! Thank you! That’s my number 1 priority, if the fabric itches or waistband cuts in I’m not wearing it

  • Me, watched both parts, None of them fit me. not even 10% of one mixed with others.
    Me, going back to BTS Core, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope and Namjoon Core all mixed together. ( Jimin + Jin = Cutsie; J-Hope = Colorfull + happy; Joonie = Kinda Casual)

  • When you already have your own style and probably is too comfortable wearing it but you just enjoy watching her content/ style that won’t work on you but is so cute on her ������

  • I like you but please don’t say that pink skin should go with silver. It depends on warmness or coolness about skin and doesn’t matter if pink or olive or yellow; exists warm pink, warm olive as exists cool pink and cool olive etc. We can also have warm undertone and cool overtone. So it’s all about to try metals, and their reaction on our skin and the nature palette on us.

  • Boy who dosn’t know what his style is here:

    thanks a lot for the help! maybe now i’ll finally be able to be fashionable and actually be a bit more confident how i look:D

  • 4:01 Did anyone even notice that the pillow thingy of that yellow haired boy was All Might in his muscle form from My Hero Academia?? ��

  • Been rewatching this just to make sure I’m on track. Now at the part looking for inspo. Love how you neatly presented the steps plus the tips. I could easily pass this even to the guys of my life ��

  • My style would be dark academia but nobody wears skirts and dresses in high school:Or one that’s, like, that rose pink/rose gold aesthetic with oversized hoodies, tight jeans, and converse?

    In terms of casual fashion, I’d be very extra if I wasn’t in HS

    Edit: now that I’ve gotten to the end, maybe I should do that. Slowly transition to it or something.


    කරුණාකර මෙතනින් යන්නඔබ ඇත්තටම මෙහි නොසිටිය යුතුයි එයට අවසර නැත මට කණගාටුයිනමුත් එය එසේ නොවේ

  • I saw this clip about a year ago, and it’s true. Life changing! Has helped me to match everything in a much better way, and most of the time nowdays I feel absolutely stunning. Thank you for these awesome tips Alexandra! <3

  • lol I’m trying to change up my style during quarantine, but I can’t even try on clothes in shops. So I have to buy a limited amount (because my mum won’t let me buy more than like 5 ��) and then try them on at home, before sending them back. IT’S SO ANNOYING! There are so many clothes I’d like to try, but I don’t like them enough for them to be 1 of the 5 she allows me to buy ��

  • I new what I like for cholths but by mom would say things like you’ll never wear that. Then I’m like I guess you’re right but I just wanna try something new. Ugg I hate this

  • Astonishing fashion trend
    In history

    || blend of bizarre & ridicule ||

    Most bizarre fashion trend
    Most bizarre mistake

    Take a trip <3

  • Ur really very cute while speaking about fashion….so iam ready to take up this mission…and explore my fashion….and be confident about it….tq…so much…(sarahange)❣️

  • Thank you for mentioning the fine line between finding inspiration and looking, then hating ourselves. I think too many of us lose focus of what we’re looking for and our insecurities creep up on us when we don’t even know it. Thank you for reminding us of self love.

  • Usually I really hate it when YouTubers end their videos with *life changing* but when ever Alexandra does it, I really enjoy it because I know what she’s saying is true. I swear to god, this woman could tell me anything and I would believe her without a shadow of a doubt, no matter what XD