Why Kids Have to take Risks in Existence


“IF You DON’T Take RISKS, You’re GUARANTEED to FAIL!” Mark Zuckerberg #Entspresso

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Risk-Taking Enhances Emotional Health. To gain confidence, kids need to try big, scary things. They need to see that even if they fail, they can try again. Eventually, they will master a new skill. And that feels really good.

That mastery is more meaningful if the stakes are higher—if there is a bigger risk of failure (or even injury). Here are five reasons why you should take a few risks from time to time. 1. Generate New Possibilities. If you take risks and put yourself on the line, you could create a whole new set of opportunities for the future. Taking risks and succeeding can motivate children to seek further achievements.

Failing can lead to testing new ideas, and finding personal capabilities and limits. In this way, children can overcome fears and build new skills. We mentored a group of educators in a research project trialling how to best introduce kids to risk. It’s up to parents, she says, to take the lead. Why kids need risk, fear and excitement in play “We need to promote constructive failure,” says Weingarten. “Kids can’t be afraid to face the normal repercussions associated with taking risks.” But how do we, as parents, find a balance between giving kids space and helping them?

First, your children’s personality plays a big role. Some kids are born to be risk takers while others are born to be risk averse. In the former case, you have to rein their risk taking in and, in. Allow and promote risk-taking.

It’s temping as parents and caregivers to protect children from every potentially stressful or risky situation. Just like a toddler learning to walk, they have to fall and bump into a few things before they get it right. Allow your child to take small risks and help them figure out how to manage whatever happens.

Letting children put themselves or others at risk of serious physical harm. Not stepping in when a child is doing something dangerous. Encouraging children to do things that are blatantly dangerous, or that we know they are too young to do safely. Being too physically far from our children to help them if needed. Taking a risk to achieve a goal requires courage to face the fear of uncertainty.

No matter the outcome, either way, we grow through the process and become more resilient and confident. Better yet, building those skills helps in taking more risks and improves the chances of achieving future goals. You don’t need to jump head first into a tonne of risks, but you can practise the art of taking one small risk each day. It can be as simple as saying hello to someone new, learning a new skill or applying for a new job.

Whatever your comfort threshold is, start testing it out each and every day. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. My knowledge helps me to be confident, and I like taking risks. 3. We learn from risks — and those lessons may lead us on an important, new path.

But beyond the external opportunities and recognition risk-taking can bring, it also provides an opportunity for internal growth.

List of related literature:

Risks are taken as part of growing up and everyday life as we develop and learn.

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Some risks are so small that we just accept them as part of life and stop even calling them risks.

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Many areas of life require us to take risks.

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Risks are subjective, so that different people perceive different degrees of risk in the same opportunity (Casson 1982).

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Because risk increases with age, it becomes even more important to check your risk factors as you grow older.

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So we do risk analysis to intentionally make our lives less risky, to wisely take risks when warranted and, hopefully, to reduce unacceptable risks to levels that we can at least tolerate.

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Thus all life itself represents a risk, and the more lovingly we live our lives the more risks we take.

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Young children, who are egocentric in their thinking, who cannot predict accurately situational outcomes or are unable to accept the consequences of their intended actions, may be unable to evaluate a situation and determine undue risk-taking levels.

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To conquer these fears, children need to be exposed to the potential risks so that they learn not only that it is unlikely that the feared event will happen but also that if it does, it really isn’t that bad and life will go on.

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  • I wonder how useful your lessons are! Thank you! I’ve been learning english with you for about half a year and my listening skills have really improved. Sometimes I even change the speed of the videos and still understand what your are talking about! Really like all of your programmes.

  • I am in the third group: risk seeker, mean while, my mom is a risk-averse. We always have arguments about what I should or shouldn’t do. She will tell me that I am not a good daughter if I don’t follow her advice.

  • One of the worst things someone can do to themselves is create a situation where you must ask yourself, Why did I ever pass that up?
    I really love this episode!!!!! Plus those edits were really cool with the iPad!

  • I just injected myself with blood from a roadkill (skunk or something). I am immortal.
    I took a risk: either my suicide will work or it will not work.

  • Damn, ik this vid was 2 years ago but, i want to start producing music i dont have the equipment but i know someone who does one of my bro’s, i want to go to their crib and record music and everything but i got strict parents, i ran away from home before to go somewhere but i had someone to pick me up and drop me off, i dont got a car or a bike i got a penny skateboard��, idc how long it takes me to get there to make music i just want to kno is me trying to fulfill my dreams worth the risk of maybe getting kicked out my parents house is it worth the risk (first time i ran away my mom called the cops to find me)

  • One reason why they spend more time inside on consoles is that the adventure is by far more engaging than a broken down old barge when you could be fighting an alien race in a galaxy far away (Halo) with you best friends (co-operative mode) or build a castle out of stone blocks hundreds of meters high (minecraft) these games are no longer just passive relation however quite the opposite, they teach teamwork and trouble shooting skills. I remember doing an essay at uni on gaming and its social impact. I found that it wasn’t the child straying away from the family however the family straying away from the child. A good parent will buy a console for their kid and leave them be, but a REAL parent will be there with a controller next to them in co-op mode!

  • I want to make a relationship work with this guy but he’s moving to a different school in a couple of months. I’m confused wether I should take a risk or not

  • Hi!

    I also teach my son the same way. I have him play on his on but try to watch and be sure he does not do anything that may be dangerous. If ever he does something that may be dangerous like swallowing a toy soldier, i tell him 3 things, what it is, what the result is and what would be the better thing to do.

  • I grew up inside so to speak and I can say for certain that it’s had a huge impact on me as a person. I’m a scared of everything, I avoid people, I rarely go outside, I don’t have a job because I’m scared to do most things. I actually resent my parents for this. They forbade us from exploring (me and my siblings) and I do suffer for it.

  • I’m unemployed for 11 months and I have few real prospects. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone to take risks to try to become more successful.

  • Hey Max, Read the comment below from David Lyttle. YOU, my dear, have someone giving you a big push to risk! LOL. You can do it.

  • To be honest, my first reaction was to think the cave story was super silly, but these exaggered thoughts like “I´m gonna die” happen every time we feel paralyzing fear. Therefore, I made an effort to empathize with the speaker and then I realized I didn´t feel good about it at first because it reflected a part of me I don´t like and don´t fully accept. In summary, this talk inspired me to rethink what risk actually means to me.

  • I was never encouraged to take risks as I grew up and now I am 61 without achieving any thing of greatness. This stops today thanks to this video…. and I will urge my kids and grandkids to take risks and live life to the fullest.

  • 0:04 “The biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk.” — Mark Zuckerberg (via Evan Carmichael)



    #Netfriending SHOW TOPIC:

  • Our whole society works like this, tv tells you what to buy, what to think who to vote for. People have to start thinking for themselves.

  • Been at a job for 2 years making 50k. My wife just went back into school so we are raising a kid too off my income alone. Do I take the risk and get into sales or stay and super budget

  • This is very good advice. In fact, there is some good science to back these assertions. he is right about it being delicate. Balance is important between what is to be taught authentically and the rote-ness of the methodologies. 


  • Thank you for the work that you are doing. Your perspective on things have been really helpful. I”ve been thinking about pulling my business website down and starting over, but I”ve been afraid to do it, because I didn’t want to seem wishy-washy and I was afraid of what others might say. But after listening to this video, I’m going to do it and let the chips fall whete they may.

  • Wise words.  We have all observed the inevitable outcome of an oversheltered upbringing.  So many parents seem determined to raise timid, feckless individuals.

  • Nice, Big Think has provided weak content for some time but this is an improvement.

    I’ve heard rumors that you will have Anita Sarkeesian on here soon, I advise you to cancel that if it’s true. 

  • Children even teens need supervision.. Otherwise they will learn from eachother witch is inexperinced and childish and insecure thats wat the whole click thing is

  • I just saw a comment about the fact you don’t have to speak MrEvan because we are “here for successful people”. I suggest you don’t add the bonus clips please because it is too long OR put them and comment them as you do for the first clip of the vidéo you know I enjoy having your perspective with the intervews of the successful people it makes your video more human bc tbh we are more likely to see ourselves in you than in them. To the person who commented as I said bafore: all the clips are available already on youtube so instead of coming here go check them entirely on the internet THANKS

  • BBC has been helping me in English vocabulary ever since I started preparing for IELTS and I’ll be taking my IELTS test this Saturday! Wish me luck!

  • My risk is to start writing my three novels.

    I have been virtually sitting on one idea while refining it over and over fir nearly four years, but before even getting to point that I have no experience and a limited background in literature, I find it quite embarrassing for other people to read my creative writing. But now I want to squash all my inhibitions and start getting other people to critic my work.

  • This biggest risk I ever took was to get married to a stranger, and I did it twice and now I am deliriously happy in passionate, settled old people love. We are about to celebrate anniversary number 5 and we are both over 65 years young and romance never seemed more exciting to us. Sometimes it pays to take a risk that your gut says will work.

  • ‘संतोषं परम् सुखं’ ‘: Satisfaction is the ultimate happiness. Which Was derived thousand year ago by Indian Rishis.,,Taking Risk is different thing and getting restless is different. if you are not satisfied and taking risk on sake of mental satisfaction-its worst thing.

  • Good point, but ultimately it is all about balance. It is not a question of whether modern creative gaming or physical play and real world exploration are better or worse than each other. Each person and each family will have their own preferences. It’s just that kids need both for a full life. We lose physical play in the real world at a very real cost.  

  • I’m form2, I was not happy with my
    current school. The risk I wanted to take is transferring to a new school, new environment and new education system. I may lose everything and became a failure so I was afraid. I didn’t take the risk. Now looking back it was the worst decision I made, I will regret it forever. Thanks for inspiring me.

  • It was a really motivating video; probably exactly what I needed right now. I am a third year undergraduate student and have an idea which I think can work. I’ve even gathered together a team but the fear of failing and the lack of money, experience etc. leaves me hanging and overthinking about all the risk that I am taking by not going for an MBA or a job.

    What would you suggest?

  • I am an electrical engineering student. I am good at studies, but I don’t take participation in competitions because I believe that other student are better then me. I fear that my friends will make fun of me If I fail. I have tried alot to get out of this situation but I can’t. ☹️☹️☹️

  • It didn’t work physics and math it didn’t bloody work and all of a sudden my brain seems to hv an interest why oh why I fell like blasting myself (I know I’m depressed

  • Evan please help me

    My problem:I want to become an engineer but in school my math wasn’t scratch and then my parents put me in a foundation program to become a lawyer I initially agreed but now a renewed interst physics and call hit me I suddenly think I’ve figured it all out but I doubt my self should I quit law and follow engineering (thoughts that my life is hard cos all these options and no courage ) I want to exit this life I dunno helppp meee

  • Evan talking abt it is so easy I’ll kill myself if I make the wrong decision it will haunt me for life that’s my life if I could end it tomorrow I would take a risk but it’s so harddd and dillusional I’m losing it

  • Philippe is absolutely right.
    I personally encourage my 10 year old daughter to explore,to climb a tree,to use a magnifying glass to start a fire and so on.
    Quite obviously as a caring parent to make sure that she’s safe.ALL children need to open up and use ( as Philippe says ) their intuition because thats what its there for.
    Intuition is being stifled by us parents being over protective.
    Over protection leads to lack of adventure,and adventure is where our future lies:)

  • “figuring out by doing”, thx for sharing the struggle that you have with your own website.
    Keeping momentum and having fun at the same time is really important.
    It got me fire-up to be more confident making mistakes, in a good way of course:).

  • Hello everyone:) great video Evan. Thank you for your inspiring and motivating videos your are frequently posting <3
    I’m going to start a business but I still have to do some research. It’s going to be a website and a service as you recommended to start with
    Have a nice day �� Peace✌

  • I love this Evan. That’s been one of my biggest problems… wanting to wait until the perfect moment or the perfect plan to start something! I had this same problem when I first started my YouTube channel a year ago, and I’ll admit I still deal with it today. I love your advice… learn what you want to do by just DOING! ❤️ No action is the most toxic action you can take!

  • Biggest risk I will take is to go study,work and live in USA. It’s my dream.If I don’t take this risk I will surely regret about it when I am 80

  • Bro Im a Youtuber like you I do Gameplays and I love it but sometime like u just said, I got great ideas but Im too afraid of people are not gonna like it but u just made me realize that I got to do it What do I have to loose right thanks Evan, cuz even though u dont get to many views in some of your videos you are changing lifes and that all that matters bro

  • Looking for more of my #Entspresso videos? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBZulgNQlMq2Uwxp3mnPhwg?sub_confirmation=1

  • im half way to getting my degree, im in my final year,but haunted by my pasion /life purpose every single day, its telling me to take the risk, but i cant even hold on just a few months to graduate because i feel like ill regret it

  • The risk that I am willing to do is publish Baby Kay redo music video. I have been putting it off because fear it will fail. I will remix and redo the video by putting 30 minutes a day on the video project. My goal is to release this video by the end of the 2018 year. #BTA208

  • i really like this mentality! so many people are not taking risks cause they’re too afraid of failure. they dont realise they then fail by default. i actually love stuggling with my start-up, growing my channel etc. taking risks makes me feel alive!

  • I wonder people who don’t like Evan then why they are even watching the video!!! You can watch other videos who is stopping you!!!

  • Thankx so much Gr8 advice!!! Yep Take risk & Be Flexible!!! M also learning!!! I made my first Dance video & People are loving it!!!

  • Absolutely love it Evan!  Thanks so much again, for another awesome video!  “The biggest “risk” of all, is not taking any risk at all.”  So true!  All my life and I believe, everyone’s life is about making our peace with the “randomness” of life events/circumstances by understanding that YOU are the power that can respond to whatever uncontrollable things happens and by doing so, scale the odds of success more towards your advantage in anything you desire for your life.  For me, 2018 has been all about risking everything and putting it all on the line to find out the one thing that Winston Churchill described so powerfully and I believe will set us all free: “The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  Therefore, the risk I’m taking currently, is writing my book/sharing my story authentically and  to work towards and share with everyone the answer/mission/truth to the following: “From Mind Health To Mind Wealth: Impossible? With #Believe and #Determination, I’m ALL IN!”  Let’s all use “risk” to live up to the full human #Potential inside all of us and build the #Extraordinary lives we’re capable of… no matter what!

  • The risk that I haven’t taken action on is sending out my books. I will be doing that today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you’re awesome!

  • Bingo spot on, 100% correct, Evan when it comes to business you can replay this video over and over again which I’m going to do and find a way to keep and save this You Tube video, Thank you Evan.

  • My biggest risk is making it as an entrepreneur. I am in the process of living my dream on step at a time. The key is to recognize the balance of moving forward and staying grounded. Mindfullness, being aware helps to see the traps. #beleive #BTA7

  • I know something you might not. Just encouraging someone to take a risk is insufficient for change. People who are ready and well suited to any risk also must feel comforted and inner peace.

  • The internet, with proper guidance and supervision, can be a phenomenal tool with which children can explore and experiment.  Access to all the knowledge the internet has to offer can create countless opportunities to learn about the world, the universe, and themselves, and when they are allowed to “drive” where their interests take them, that education often sticks far more effectively than in a classroom.

  • Evan all your videos are very inspiring. I guess you can’t imagine how they are inspiring millions of people around the globe. Thank you Evan and your team.