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As a new mom, it’s normal to feel a rollercoaster of emotions, from joy to sorrow to everything in between. But there’s one common new-mom feeling that doesn’t often get addressed: boredom. The fact is, even though your baby requires a lot of energy and attention, the tasks of infant care are pretty basic (at least in the beginning). People’s stories feel magical.

And even the most astute human being — knowing those situations are staged, best-of-the-best moments — can be made to feel. Never forget, even in the boring times, in the times you are in yoga pants covered in baby food, dying for a morning off to sleep, how valuable your role as a mom is. It is worth it, and it gets easier.

These are the good times, and one day you will miss them. You WILL get through it even if it doesn’t feel like it.No first-time mom knows what she is doing. Don’t feel bad! Ask for advice wherever you can, but only apply the advice that feels right to you!!

Placenta Encapsulation is highly recommended! It prevented the baby blues for me, a life saver. 50 things every tired new mom needs to hear!

The study discovered that 28 percent of stay-at-home moms reported depression a lot of the day when asked how they were feeling the day before, but only 17 percent of employed moms did. Of the group, 26 percent of SAHMs said they experienced depression vs. just 16 percent of working moms. Although mood swings are common in pregnancy (especially among women who suffer from PMS), feeling chronically bored and listless could be a symptom of depression.

Postpartum depression gets more media attention, but at least 10 percent of women have bouts of depression during pregnancy. Image caption Dr Belton said children needed time to stand and stare. Children should be allowed to get bored so they can develop their innate ability to be creative, an education expert says. Instead of thinking of boredom as a waste of time, try to look at it as a necessary rest for your brain that can leave your mind feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Giving your mind a break from the constant stimulation of technology allows it to better take in new things and have new.

4. I don’t want my mom to be a part of my life anymore because she is a very toxic person who only looks to push your buttons. “If your mom is a toxic person, of course it’s okay. Having a narcissistic mom myself, I can understand where you’re coming from. I’m bored at work.

I’m bored to tears. I’m bored to death. Do you find yourself saying any of the above? If so, you’ve reached the right website.

Clicking the red button will instantly take you to one of hundreds of interactive websites specially selected to alleviate boredom. So go ahead and give it a try. Press the Bored Button and be bored.

List of related literature:

A baby does not get bored with an activity, even if you do.

“The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did): THE #1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER” by Philippa Perry
from The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did): THE #1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER
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But time spent relaxing with your baby isn’t really doing nothing.

“The Attachment Parenting Book: A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby” by William Sears, Martha Sears
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The boredom cry stops as soon as baby is picked up or played with.

“What to Expect the First Year” by Heidi Murkoff
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It can be really exciting to be around the house when a new baby is there, but it can also be a welcome relief to have some things that don’t change.

“Becoming the Parent You Want to Be: A Sourcebook of Strategies for the First Five Years” by Laura Davis, Janis Keyser
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All right, the “gift” of boredom is hardly a gift for you, if your child continues their “I’m bored” laments.

“Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids” by Kim John Payne, Lisa M. Ross
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Mental boredom is inevitable, no matter how much you love your child.

“Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies” by Matthew M. F. Miller, Sharon Perkins
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The urge to socialize with friends and family may be quite strong because of the excitement of the birth and the intense hormones of the immediate postpartum period, which are designed to help you bond with your baby.

“Natural Hospital Birth 2nd Edition: The Best of Both Worlds” by Cynthia Gabriel
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For many women, getting out of the house, socializing with friends, or meeting other new mamas can help them feel less isolated.

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
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It is easier to take care of happy children than bored, restless ones.

“The Children's Culture Reader” by Henry Jenkins, New York University Press
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Some new mothers feel like they’re only just coping with juggling everything that comes with motherhood and feel that leaving the house would be too much.

“The Bump Class: An Expert Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond” by Marina Fogle, Dr Chiara Hunt
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  • Hi, there! I have one little girl, 19 mo. old, and one on the way due in July. I’m a stay-at-home mom and these past few days I’ve really felt this “I’m a boring mom!” I think it’s not only that I’m not always fun to play with but that I actually feel bored being a mom that sounds awful but…doing a lot of the mom stuff: cleaning, cooking, reading the same baby books over and over, endless diaper changes, etc. Do you have any suggestions on how to not feel/be bored while doing the daily/mundane tasks of motherhood? People have told me it gets better as they get older/you have more children…but is there anything I can do right now that you’d suggest?

  • This is so nice to hear because it supports my opinion on how to raise kids! I have two kids, age 3 and 16 months and number three is on its way. I remember thinking about how I am such a bad mom for not spending all day playing with my kids like so many other moms seem to. But now I think about it differently whenever I look at them and seeing them play so independently. My 3 year old also has quite the imagination, making items around the house into toys that I wouldn’t even think of. And to be honest, I just don’t know how to play like a toddler. I go to a breakfast/playgroup place with them once a week because I love talking to other parents and the kids love it there too. But I definitely am not going on outings every day! And just like you said, I spend some one on one time with them mostly every day. Our son doesn’t nap anymore, so his sister’s nap is a good time for that. But sometimes I am too tired for that now that I am pregnant and I just want to nap/rest a little.
    I love reading about big families like yours and am looking forward to having a bunch of homeschooled kids in the future even though I am also a little bit afraid of it and its challenges.
    <3 Anna-Maria

  • Why do ppl even care about what she does its her life not urs so leave her be she is 20 years old and all the kardashians at least have hired one nanny so why are u throwing shade on kylie.

  • I’m really good at taking my kids on outings but besides that I’m a boring mom. I think if I do fun things away from home where there’s nothing to distract me then they can do all their own playing and imagining on their own at home.

  • When I can I love to do art either drawing or crafts, I sing alot, I listen to relaxing lofi music and my newest thing is to go out front at night and practice my nunchucks. Yes I know I’m weird.

  • You instantly made me feel better when you said it gets easier when your kids are older I have a 2-year-old and a 2-month-old and am feeling the mom burnout hard… I can relate so hard when you say everyday feels like groundhog’s Day. Thank you for all the tips and knowledge that it does get easier.

  • Hi Meg. I’m a stay at home mom too. I’m lonely. My daughter is 3. I have no mom friends. Im kind of a young mom. I’m 23. I have my husband but he has a hobby that he has lots of friends in. He goes off and does his own thing a lot. I’m happy for him when he does but I wish I had some friends too. It makes me sad because I live in a small town. & there is a clique of girls who are besties and always doing fun stuff but none of them have kids so I don’t fit in and it’s made known. My husband does help a lot. He thinks he is though. I do appreciate him but I do struggle. I’m feeling very down. I like listening to your videos because it makes me feel like a girlfriend is talkin to me.

  • The every day dishes, laundry and cleaning up toys is enough to make a person crazy…your right just getting out of the house and doing something different helps so much.

  • love these tips so much. Could have used them a couple years ago. I have a 2,3 and 4 years old and the first few months after my last son was born I was on my own while my husband was away for work.

  • Love your videos!! This is a great video!! I’m def a repeater every single day!! A little harder for me since my boyfriend works from 8am till 2am!! And I’m a stay at home mom of two boys (1 and 3)

  • My kiddos are 6 & 18 mths & 4 months. My oldest is at school all day. I get really anxious going out by myself with the kids, i try to avoid to ho out. I isually wait for my husband to get home. If i have an appointment i leave one of my kids with my mother in law.

  • thanks for the tips this really does help! I have a 5 yr old, 3 yr old and 7 months old plus homeschooling so so days can be quite repetitive!
    God bless.

  • My husbands work friends are always asking why doesn’t your wife work. We have 2 kids under 2 & I’m pregnant now so it’ll be 3 under 3 �� although it gets overwhelming I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  • Im fighting with this right now. I have a 15 month old and im 12 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy really does a number on me, I have very rough pregnancies. And i just feel like im failing right now because i have zero energy and im sick a lot and keeping up with my 1 year old is so difficult right now.

  • Totally going through this rn! Now that it’s cold out I can’t take my toddler out and we both get bored, everyday is the same! I’m also expecting baby number 2 so the stress and the hormones are so real! �� Hoping that this will pass soon

  • Love this! I have an almost 2 year old and I’m due Jan. 1 with our second child. So my life will be hectic here shortly…. where did you get your bed set??

  • I need to work on getting myself together. It totally makes a difference. The diffuser is also super great. Love some essentials oils in the house. Great Video!

  • I actually just laid my son down and sat on my bed to watch YouTube to get some me time!! Great tips, thank you! Love your shirt!!

  • These tips are great! It can be so easy for moms to burn out while watching kid(s). I started learning to ask when I needed a break or some time to myself.

  • Thank you for this video! I’m a stay at home mom to a 16 month old and I have another on the way. Recently I’ve been really stressed out and burned out. These pregnancy hormones are really getting to me! This video was so helpful to me!

  • What a GREAT video title! I’m listening to your tips and checking of my list. My boyfriend doesn’t work from home, so we have an agreement, when he gets home he changes all of the diapers and does the bedtime routine from the bath all the way to putting our son down for bed. My baby is on a strict schedule too! I find doing baby & me classes, reading at the library and fruit picking at local farms activities that help the days go quicker!!! Thanks for the inspiration. I love your channel & I just subbed. I am a new vlogger myself! I’d love the support, please stop by my channel when you get a chance!

  • Me time happens after my kiddo goes to bed! Once baby boy gets here I’m not sure if I’ll ever see mom time again �� it wouldn’t be so bad if my hubby was home, but he’s a trucker, so I just get my mom hustle on and deal ��

  • When the mom is the Queen
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    You wont regret it & keep up the great work

  • I agree we need time alone. I have no help. Hubby works a job and a half and when he is home, he’s busy getting his new business together. I don’t mind because we are both working equally hard. So, for me… I get up early. Like 4:30/ 5:30. It’s magic �� I love it:)
    Getting presentable!! Just figuring this out! Makes such a difference and makes me feel like my life isn’t being wasted. Such a difference:) and the kids too. Fixing four kids hair on top of everything else is difficult…but im always happier:) thanks Meg! I loved this. So much!

  • Thanks for the tips! These are helpful for all moms. I’m not a stay at home mom but I feel like these will still help me especially on the weekends. Thanks for sharing. Love your videos.

  • Do you own your new home? I am a new subscribers and have been binge watching all of your old videos to get caught up. Love all your advise. I am a total organizational/clean Freak and your videos are so inspiring.

  • Can you do a fall clothing video and say where you got your shirt in this video since everyone is asking or maybe put it in the description box in your future videos

  • I had my twins when my oldest was 14 mth old. I did not have the courage to leave the house with them all by myself… so we were inside every day. I was so stressed and tired all the time. Thank God that period ended. And everyone would ask me: “are you working?” Are you kidding me? What for? Just to place my kids in daycare to let someone else “parent” them?.or not..? It was exhausting but it was worth it. Every second. Now they are big kids and help me a lot throuout the house!! As I am expecting my 4th they even made food for me when I had the morning (all day) sickness. They melt my heart!

  • Loved the vedio, love ur vibes �� you have suggested the landro chat kind vedios I think you can do great at it specialy that we really love to listen to you, one topic I may suggest is that you talk about what motivates you to get ready every morning, dressed makeup and how is that is good for your marriage

    Love Eman

  • Retired grandmas can also get burnout
    I watch a 8 mo and 3 yr old 4 days week
    I try to visit library and watch YouTube kids shows occasionally
    We also color (3yr) while baby naps. I try to
    Rest when I can! Love your channel Meg.

  • The colors on your shirt look amazing on you <3 I have three boys (9yrs, 7yrs & 1yr). To me newborns are easier than toddlers, when my oldest were 2 & 4 it was the worst time for me. Being a sahm can be both a blessing and a curse depending on a day:D

  • Love these tips! I wished I had my hubs home with me. My hubs works 20 days straight and is off 10 days. So I definitely don’t get any me time:(

    Love your shirt!!

  • These are great tips and things we try to follow. I am a working mom so I have to say that it not only applies to sahm moms but also working moms ��

  • Hi meg! I’m French and I love your videos ❤️ I’m 45 years old �� I’m a stay at home mom and I’m very proud of it
    I’ve been traveling to the USA ���� when my kids are younger I love your country
    I love you you’re so sweet you’re husband and you’re kids are very lucky
    Big hugs from south of France ��

  • It was like you were talking to me in this video lol, I shared this video on my channel as I have been struggling with the mom burn out, so Thank You! This was super helpful and a great reminder that I needed.

  • Love you and your videos!!! This was a great one as I can totally relate!!! -side note your hair looks soooo pretty!! And love your top where’s it from!? ��

  • Yes to all of this!!! <3 I'm so glad you made this video. It was such a good reminder of the direction us moms need to be focused onusing our resources whether it be our husband, family or neighbors to help with the kids so we can get some alone time, avoiding the "perfectionist" mindset.... I also LOOOVE candles...

    I trade with my neighbor for babysitting hours! My husband works 12 hour shifts and by the time he gets home the kids are in bed and on his off days he works another part time job. I will cook meals for my neighbor and she will come watch the kids a couple hours a week for me! A gift from Heaven! <3 So maybe some of you can do that tootrade something you are good at for someone else's time! Helps to cut down on childcare costs!

    Thank you Meg for your video <3 May I suggest/request a video of all the fun stuff you do with your kids when you're home alone with them? You mentioned walks, crafts etc.... something like that I think would inspire many of us to do those nice things with our kiddos as well! I know I would love a video like that.

  • Ok lol where’d you get your shirt you need to just tell us when you start the video haha you always look so cute! Also we have the same phone case lol ��

  • This video has made my day, really helpful!! I’m a stay at home mum and get mom burnout all the time �� xxx love you meg your amazing

  • I could not agree more. 2 under 2 is hard! My boys are now almost 3 and 4 and they are such sweet boys and so well behaved. Being done with diapers and potty training is so nice! ����

  • One tip i religiously follow is having a girlie gang and we all meet once a month. That is just my day. My husband looks after our two boyz. They have pizza party at home and i just unwind with my friends out. Rejuvenating time for everyone.

  • I love your top!! it goes so well with your new hair! burn out is so real. sometimes it feels hard to give quality over quantity when you are home all the time.

  • My mom is the best mom anyone could ever have. Even tho she divorced my dad and fights in front of me with him it hurts me so much and makes me cry every time. The first fight they had was when I was 3. I never let her go..Even tho we don’t have much stuff, or a big fancy house, or a PERFECT family..I love her and every time I see her I cry..

  • I’m at a sleepover and all I can think about is my mum I want to cry but my auntie will ask why and then she will bro g me home I had a night mare to and I am scared and I will always go up tii oh my mums room bc I’m scared and I just want to see her but I can’t mkk now bc I am at a sleepover I LOVE YOU MUM

  • Yes my mom is no.1 for me in every feild and in heart and i am feeling very awful for my mother i talk loud yeld at her and i love my mom very very much

  • Dear Mom, I am so sorry for everything you had to go through, especially the things that you went through because of me! I swear I love you…and you are the world’s best human being…No one compares to you!! Yes due to my everyday routine I did forget your importance…but trust me no one can ever take your place…I can live without anyone but you!…I need you and I love you the most<3

  • I know mom have done those things for me​, I feel thankful and grateful for her. From the little until finishing university, I always did my best to make her proud until the day I met a person who I truly love and he also loves me. We are planing to get married and have a happy life with my family and his family. Unfortunately he suddenly failed in business because of fraud. Then my mom doesn’t like him and mean to me. When I and him had the money for her every month she didn’t say anything. Now because of Covid-19 the business isn’t going well. Why my mom is so strict with me to not allow me to love him??? Because he failed in business and doesn’t have the money to married yet? my mom rejected him and she doesn’t like him because of his appearance doesn’t fit my mom’s eyes. And she wants me to marry someone else who is rich and have good appearance that she requires. And I don’t love that person at all. And she said I don’t obey her, she blame me everyday and talk bad about him to let me stop loving him. What should we do now? Should I follow mom or follow my heart?

  • I was crying ��
    I thought my mom loves my younger brother but now I now that my mom loves me at anytime.
    I didn’t know that my mom loves me like that��
    Now I knew I was wrong ��
    In the sad ☹️ situation…..
    I was crying ��
    I love u �� mom
    I love u dad
    I love u lil brother
    Love u bro❤️
    I am sorry mom that I was breaking things when I was younger ��
    I promise that I will never ever make U angry ��
    U cared me for years and now it’s my turn to care u❤️
    Mother comes first ��
    Now I know why mom yell at me, because I did something wrong but she still love �� me��

  • This is so true!My mom did all the baby stuff with me now I’m 9.She kinda cried on my 6th birthday because I was getting older.lol!I love my mom!Always and forever ❤❤❤

  • I am crying when I watch this video. I always promise to my mom to always take care of her when I am an adult. �� I love my mom and my dad. They always help me with everything, my mom and my dad is the most important for me. I don’t know what to do without them. ����

  • Love you mom
    You’re my best friend, my supporter
    My everything
    I’m sorry that I am not what you were dreaming of but I will try my best to be a good daughter

  • I miss my mom so much(shes working in manila) I cry everyday and tommorow is my Birthday I just wish i could spend it with her shes with my little sister and I miss them so much

  • I miss my mom so much(shes working in manila) I cry everyday and tommorow is my Birthday I just wish i could spend it with her shes with my little sister and I miss them so much

  • im crying because im starving and she wont get anything for me. IK YOUR LIKE “gEt It YoUrSeLf”

  • Well I never thought that this video will appear so toxic. Toddlers throws their plate “in gratitude” to mothers love? Seriously? May be it’s just because they cannot control what they do, and not because they are jerks??
    And why leaving mother after wedding is something bad?
    Make mother cry over bad grades? Do grades define mothers love?

    No offense for great mothers.

  • My 8 year old son tells me everyday how much he loves me and how important I am to him we get into arguments we fight but at the end of the day we’re family and nothing can change that

  • This makes me cry because i feel different because others have the best mom and mine… Everytime i speak to her she couldnt hear me and when my brother speaks to my mom she hears him ���� and i do all chores without them it feels like your just invisible they cant see and hear you and every night i always say

    “Dont cry for me im okay heaven is my home now and this is where ill stay

    Dont cry for me im where i belong i want you to be happy and try to stay strong

    Dont cry for me it was just my time but i will meet you someday on the other side

    Dont cry for me i am not alone the angels are with me to welcome me home

    Dont cry for me this is not the end ill be waiting here for you when we meet again”

    And it happened earlier mom shouted to me as always ;(

    I want to be alone�� but i dont want too

  • Im crying and my dad heard me and he just yelled at me for crying..I want to talk to my mommy..�� but she’s sleeping:( I’m really sad and feel like flying high up

  • I don’t know if I’m adopted, me and my older brother are the only ones in the family with orange hair, I don’t know if my “mom” is lying or not�������� please pray for me.

  • If anyone reads this tell me if you are like me. Im 13y/o and a really good athlete, but when I go to sport camps in other countries I always miss my parents. Every day when my mom and dad come home I greet them, talk to them and I love them so much. If anyone can help just reply to this comment with suggestions how to get over it. Thanks

  • I’m in that “under 2” stage and it’s so hard. Getting easier day by day but I notice how much we do actually just stay at home. As creative as I can be, I still get burnt out being at home ALLL the time. Great video, babe! Thanks!

  • Its kinda hard if your my mom is in the another country��She work so that we can have a comfortable house and to succes in our life..and i really miss my mom������

  • in this whole life mom never laughs when we cry except one day….i.e when we are born

  • literally no shes fucking obsessed with that baby you can tell she loves that baby shes always with her she takes her every where when are yall gonna stop believing theses “sources” also stfu travis your never home either so like wtf

  • OMG do they have nothing better to post than judge an overwhelmed mom. Damn its her first kid let her navigate life with her family ����

  • Of course she’s bored. Girls never had to sacrifice anything for anyone, and she obviously doesn’t plan to give up her perfect life just because she had a baby.

  • That reporter seems hella bitter. Like a struggling mother of two. If I had Kylie’s money and not have to sacrifice the things I wanted to do as a women to be fulfilled, you bet your ass I would have 10 kids and a bunch of nannies. Let’s stop bashing those people cuz you would openly accept all the help you could to not be a f-ing slave to your kids.

  • It’s very normal for her to feel overwhelmed. However, when you become a mom. You are no longer first. Nor is the Dad. The child becomes first. Or should. We don’t all have the luxury of taking time off. Heck. I didn’t get time off until my kids were at least 17? Lol. But. It’s ok. I loved being a mom. Loved taking care of my children ( two boys who are grown now) I didn’t trust anyone to care for them the way I could. I was far from a perfect mom. I suffered anxiety and depression disorder. But I was there.

  • I love this! I have the extra fun baggage of dealing with a chronic illness as well. So the guilt is strong with this one!�� it was only after I found social media that I started to see ways I could make adjustments that fit our lives. Like you setting that goal, I look at mommin as a job, one I want to be the best at, so I totally agree with you on making sure the kiddos know they are loved and special. Years ago I was lucky and got to be Montessori trained. It helped me see child development is a new way. When I’m rushing around doing chores and the kids are begging for me to play I take a second to get down to their eye level and give them a hug, thank them for wanting to play with me, then explain that I’m the only one here to get the stuff done. My daughter always hugs me back and says thanks mom, or offers to help, lol which is great because I can help teach them how the day works. But as far as the fun outings, that’s not a daily thing. It’s funny though how much pressure we can put on ourselves!

  • What the fuck this channel talks so much crap is she now supposed to be in the house 24/7 and never let her hair down ever give the girl a brake she’s not out boozing all the time going to clubs she’s been out like 3times and gets trolled for it for it saying she’s a bad mother she’s not doing anything wrong compared to moms that aren’t under a microscope

  • Interesting how no one shits on Travis being out? How about holding both parents accountable for how much time they spend with their child, not just the mother.

  • * she should’ve never had a kid because as a young girl you don’t know that much that’s why you should wait to you are ready to have a child and care for it

  • that’s what she gets for having unprotected sex. having a baby shouldn’t be a distraction it’s a responsibility if you’re bored oh well it was your choice

  • you miss hill. you don’t have kids, and you shouldnt. you are what is trash. you are what is mean and unnessicaryly aggressive. you are thinking you are better than kylie, well you think ur smarter, i dont know who’s smarter i aint your teacher, but guess what you ain’t prettier. not even kylies surgeon could make you a 7. go judge your own raccoon baby. thats all you deserve. raccoons with rabies. kylie you are great with babies. see you soon A bientot.

  • The Kardashians go to the same surgeon right?They look the same,fake ass,fake lips,fake hair,fake smile,fake tits,fake waist,fake chicks,fake ass of course!Fake everything and same shape,their ass is so disproportionate to the rest of their natural body. (Hard to find,but some natural parts still there)

  • How do you get bored from overwhelmed you people need to think sometimes and everyone gets stressed whenever they are a mother ����

  • Look, i ain’t trying to excuse kylie’s behavior towards stormi, but i don’t see anyone criticizing Travis for his daddy skills (or the lack of them). Parenting should be a 50/50 job, and the fact that after having a child many man are able to keep up with their normal lifes, while women are expected to change it completely, doesn’t seem fair to me.

  • First a ball your the one that wanted a baby thires no turning back now And YOU CAN’T ALWAS TRUST NANNYS WHAT IF THEY STILL YOUR BABY FOR GOD SAKE TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY

  • This is probably fake, but if it isn’t, then she chose to be a mom. If she couldn’t handle it, she shouldn’t have done you know what to have her:

  • If you ever had a baby sitter or a family look after yhur baby…you took “a time out” she works 25/8 dont judge something you know nothing about. Yall arent there yall dont know what she does for her child yall see videos or pictures and suddenly you know her whole life story..she is still human we all need a break from life sometimes why is she any different.. why do yall think she hid her pregnancy before..this right here if i was her i would have never told anybody not because she’s ashamed because its none of anybody’s business…when no one knew yall wanted her to be a mom so bad now she is and feeling real human emotions yall have something to say just leave her alone she’s not worried about your life so whyy are yall all so worried about hers..im a very big fan i dont think she’s a bad mom i thinks she’s just human

  • Lmfao bitch, this is what happens when you have babies in your partying/growth part of life…Period..Suck it the fuck up and move on…

  • Clearly if they both can’t take care of stormi then they should of used protection. It’s funny how Kylie dated tyga for years & she didn’t get pregnant

  • This girl will never be normal that was the funniest “I just go back to normal” I don’t need my child she just said. Selfish disgrace of a world

  • “nannie(s)”? I only see one and if she thinks another woman can help raise her child so she can keep working and being herself that’s all good stop with the fake media I mean honestly keep it up these celebs will put you out of business

  • This video’s so full of shit. No proof of sources, nothing concrete even said of what evidence they have to back this up. Besides that, she’s a new mom. Even if this has any truth to it, she’s going to get overwhelmed. It’s all fake news bullshit just making drama where there isn’t any. No I’m not like a hyper Kylie fan or anything, this video is just ridiculous and obviously fake, picking fun at and lying about a celebrity just for views and likes. Do better.

  • Anyone else hate this woman doing this video? Wth is wrong with being overwhelmed and having a break from parenting? I am not even a Kylie Jenner fan but as a young mom myself, sometimes my sanity is more important then being present with my child at all timea of the day. Its ok to take a break and to still have a life outside of being a parent. Its all about balance and doing whats best for your child. Which is not something anyone else can judge.

  • Jesus this is some fake ass news�� fuck that just because you hire a nanny doesn’t mean you are “bored” of being a mom?! Tons of moms and dads do this everyday

  • She should have think about that before getting a baby, but I guess money can buy anything but motherhood.
    Sad to think about the people who DO want a baby but can’t…

  • All mothers are overwhelmed,the Kardashian’s all have busy lives of course they have nanny’s. People get bored when there not in all the buzz but yet when they come back in they are apparently bored of being a mother����‍♀️

  • Btw I do agree that the dad should still be there for baby stormi because Kylies apparently not trying so hard to be there for her. Because my mom was 17 when she had me and she stayed home with me every since.But I still think that Kylie can be a good mom and the dad can be a good dad.But please dont hate im just saying my opinion like everyone else does ��

  • I still dont agree that a mother should be going out all the time when she just had a baby girl and leaving her with nannys she needs to undersitand that she had a BABY! And to take care of her because its not the nannys job.But why did she even have stormi if shes not gunna quit the partying life and start paying attention to her kid!!

  • Welp…if I was Kylie and I had a kid at a young age my mom would say BIH that’s your fault when I told you don’t go sneaking around now you better stay w this damn baby and shut yo ass up. Fwi my mom wouldn’t actually say this but would your parents?

  • I think you’re a moron. Do you have kids yourself and did you have them out of young age like she did of course she’s going to miss her old Life Style which is famous and can do whatever the fuck she wants. But dead-ass this is what all mothers go through even if it’s that you miss being able to come home at all hours of the night or whether it’s that you miss your sleep schedule every single mom has something that she misses prebaby

  • Kylie needs to know how much does it risks to be a mother. Giving birth is a big thing. Man don’t have period they don’t give birth. So, Kylie please don’t be bored in of your child, when you grow up older, she will take care of you because she is child.

  • This video is awful. How would you like it if millions of people judged your every move? It literally has NOTHING to do with your life. Let her be.

  • well she chose to be a mother so she would do best sucking it up like the grown ass woman she wanted to be and take care of her responsibility. If she wasn’t done partying all the time she shouldn’t have chose to be a mother. Being a real mother is a 24/7 long-term non stop job. I had my first when I was 30 and I had already done a lot of clubbing and chilling with my friends. Being a mother is like finding that one piece of puzzle that makes a picture incomplete. It’s hard but the love is like no other and I have so much fun with my little baby. Watching him grow and meet milestones is so joyful.

  • I find this disgusting that a mother who gave up their life to look after their own child, and now she misses her days out. I understand being a mom at a young age can be overwhelming, but there are so many people in this world that would give up all their days out for a child that they can’t have, and the fact that you are rich enough to afford daily nanny’s and as many nights out as you want, it’s so selfish

  • Even if this video is false,shes still a bad mother….the bitch is never with her baby…that baby is gonna grow up raised by the nannies

  • True or not, you should have waited a bit longer to have a child. I mean have more fun! Travel do everything you haven’t done yet. You have so many privileges and money.

  • Being a new mom is hard don’t judge her she’s not neglecting stomi she’s left her 4 times in 4months everyone needs a break but it’s even harder when your life is under a magnifying glass. Cut her some slack! I’m a 20 year old mom and I need a break from time to time. I get very overwhelmed my self so I completely understand! And I love her Gucci baby carrier