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Training your child to stop peeing in diapers

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In 3 Days your children will stop wearing diapers

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Elimination Communication: When can you stop using diapers with your baby?

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As long as the diapers are still there (and especially if they are directly accessible to him rather than in a high cabinet or another area he can’t reach) then he’s going to keep using them. It becomes even worse if he requests them and you give them to him. When we are sure they have passed all three stages, then it is time to stop using diapers and start potty training. Note that this process is slow, but constantly evolving. Show interest, observe the signals that your child gives you and encourage them with sweet words and gestures.

If your child is developmentally delayed or autistic, they may be in diapers for years to come, but if your child is otherwise developmentally on track, then they should be toilet trained by school age. If your child is older and ready to start school, then they are old enough to have a conversation about the consequences of not being out of diapers. Being held back and not able to go to school with their.

Now while I started at 2, your child might not be ready to stop using diapers, even at age 2. Instead of sticking to a number, it is more important to check if your child is showing signs of being ready for the potty. Ask yourself the following questions: Can your child understand and follow simple directions?Third, smoke comes out of my ears when people suggest that parents should take diapers away from 2-year-olds to train them to use the potty. You will probably just end up with epic power struggles. Plenty of children age three years and four years still need a night diaper, and bed-wetting is considered to be normal up to the age of five.

One in six five-year-olds wets the bed either occasionally or regularly. Disposable training pants are an option at night, just until your child is trained. They’re easy to use and encourage independence. By the 1970s, this diaper marketing campaign had parents waiting to get their child out of diapers until about 18 to 24 months of age. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was believed that a 2-year-old should be out of diapers.

Shaw does recommend speaking to a doctor if a child has been dry for a long period—say, six months—and then starts having accidents, as it could be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Ditching diapers at night hints at easier times to come for parents, so waiting—sometimes years—can be hard. But it’s something parents can’t control. How long potty training takes as a process will depend on your individual child and the method you choose. Most children are able to control both.

It may result in many accidents and tears for a few days, which may cause more work for you but in the long run, your child would have learnt not to use the diapers. This means you should also not be using training pants or night diapers. You don’t want to confuse your child.

List of related literature:

Over time, the infant should have a minimum of six to eight wet diapers in a 24-hour period.

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By 4 years of age most children have developed bowel control and by 5 most children have developed bladder control, so these ages are used as the cut-off ages for diagnosing encopresis and enuresis, respectively.

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By twenty-four to thirty-six months, when most children learn how to use the toilet, most parents can’t wait to see their last dirty diaper.

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If cloth nappies are continued into toddlerhood (many parents switch to paper before this), toilet learning may be easier to accomplish, because direct contact between a sopping wet cloth nappy and skin makes a child very uncomfortable, more aware of being wet, and, hopefully, more inspired to use the potty.

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Daytime bowel and bladder control are usually attained between 2½ and 3 years of age, although the child may still need assistance with difficult clothing or fasteners.

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By twenty-four to thirty-six months, when most children have learned how to use the toilet, most parents can’t wait to see their last dirty diaper.

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Diapers should be changed when they get wet or soiled, usually after a feeding.

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The learner has a long history of relieving himself in diapers, so he will most likely continue to urinate/defecate in the diaper if he is wearing it.

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Diapers are changed as soon as they are wet.

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Over time, the infant should have a minimum of 6 to 8 wet diapers in a 24-hour period.

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  • Hi Andrea! i absolutely love your videos. When i first heard about EC i was intrigued and started researching and found your channel, it all makes so much sense and i regret that i didn’t practice it with my first child. I started with my second son when he was 12 weeks old and it was fantastic, he would pee on command ( sometimes just a few drops out of courtesy).As soon as he woke up i needed to jump out of bed to hold him for his poo, he did one and was good for the day, later on i sat him on the potty for it and all was fine. Then everything changed, he is now 14 month old and poops in the nappy 5x a day. he doesn’t wanna be held anymore since he is 9 month roughly, doesn’t wanna use the potty at all and i am devastated. what have i been doing wrong? potty to cold? his brother(3) is always with us and distracts him so he waits until he can walk to a quiet spot to do it and then he shows me by tapping his nappy. i have given up now and feel that i failed. what can i do? i would greatly appreciate your help on this Andrea. kind regards Dani

  • @Go Diaper Free could you do a video on how many cloth diapers you personally own in which sizes? Setting up my baby registry and planning on doing EC… I’m sure it varies depending on how vigilant/available you are for EC but would love to have a range! Thanks for any tips!!

  • You waste people´s time… If you want to sell a book or video, why don´t you admit it at the beginning of your video? you think you are more intelligent than others… but you are just greedy liar…

  • The boy and the girl were so cute when Jo was explaining that the nappies were being taken by the pirates. The boy’s eyes were lit up and you could tell he was thinking “Really?!” �� Long overdue though.

  • Was I the only one bothered that the dad was changing the little girls diaper? Like around 2/3 is when my husband stopped helping me with the girls so they could learn boundaries about their bodies

  • But yet they want to remove thousands of children from their parents for being “neglected” for the most stupidest things imaginable in America? let this air in America and you’ll see…smh

  • I trained my kids when they started to walk.
    My first kid at 16 months old and my second kid at 10 months old.
    Success less than a week training. And my third kid already walked like 6 months ago but I haven’t tried to train him yet. I’m getting old.��

  • So if I have a joint family with 8-10 rooms, I’d be investing a mini fortune on potties.

    This video makes it seem like parents have all the time in the world. True for some filthy rich parents I guess

  • Actually,certain people need to drink from bottles and wear diapers/nappies as well. These people include,those with medical troubles,Space Bound Personnel (Astronauts),Red Bull Air Demo Crewmembers,Certain Medical Personnel (Surgeons), Certain Athletes,you decide for yourselves on who has to drink from bottles,wear diapers/nappies.

  • Infant Age Range: newborn-2
    Toddler Age Range: 2-4
    These kids are 5. 5! They’re not “growing into toddlers”, they’re past that point! Let them grow up!

  • My oldest took longer. My middle child did it in 2 3 days. My youngest is 8 months so hopefully start her just after she reaches 1 or next year

  • Great I’ve experienced these tricks even haven’t known them, and it worked! But of course the first day was disaster, then I gave up idea about underwear, and we succeeded

  • I have raised 6 kids and never heard of this! This would have been wonderful to start early. Glad you are sharing it so others can try it.

  • Wow maybe they should not bother having children! That is disgusting to allow them wear diapers at age 5????!!! ABSOLUTELY lazy and neglectful people! Those poor kids! Look how excited they were to be done with diapers and bottle how embarrassing for the kids!s

  • Encourage your kid to come the toilet with you. Uh what toddler has to be encouraged �� I don’t remember the last time I peed alone at home…

  • I don’t plan to have kids, but if I had, I’d do this for sure. I believe it is bad for kids to be sitting on their pee. They are probably much healthier diapers free.

  • The day my child 1 month old paci went bye bye. The day the turn 1 the bottle went to trash. By 2 1/2 my kids were fully potty trained

  • Nobody has a memory of using a diaper..The only mothers who can use this method are women who do not have to work and can afford to be home..

  • Geez. It’s one thing if you’re having trouble potty training or if they have accidents or nightmares at night but they’re just being lazy. Their kids want to use the toilet. And baby bottles wth. Smh

  • That’s great but.. I don’t think a majority of moms are stay at home moms who can actually do that. Sounds a little pretentious when you keep talking about ‘meeting ALL their needs..’ ��

  • I thought you said it works 100% 100% of the time so why would I have to wait 6 tob8 weeks to do it again? try elimination communication

  • hi guys, the greatest info that ive had was by using the Sues Trainer Tactics (just google it) definately the most incredible resource that I’ve followed.

  • We can do it we can go do some work stuff stuff for stuff stuff we can do stuff for stuff stuff we can go get stuff stuff for stuff stuff we could go to work for you to

  • It’s unhealthy to give babys and kids salty food,it can affect badly the kidneys!!!Give real food like aples,or juice from fresh fruits,not that in the box.People who made are obviously incompetent

  • Wear loose pants and no diapers when going out….I dont think the people in the shops or supermarket will like to see us comming back again…with our baby girl leaving a wet floor and some lil brown marbles behind….

  • I have a 2 month old girl and have been watching her cues while using cloth diapers… I can always tell when she’s gonna poop, but still working on the peeing cues… My question is, what about at night? ��

  • That kid in the devil costume is my neighbor:) he was the little kid in the movie “serendipity ” staring John cusack (he gets in the elevator with him in that costume early in the movie). Still gets royalty checks every year for that elevator scene he was in. bonus he’s a really nice guy too:) I talk to his parents quite regularly:)

  • I understand some five year olds wet the bed and need nappies during the night, but I think the problem these kids have are the parents.

  • So the thing is… Why rush? If they don’t take inturest in doing it them self’s then don’t bother wait till they are like 3 when they can understand and the do it then… Why would you try and force them and cause more stress in your life.

  • I pity the kids for having lazy parents. I know you work hard all day but still, it’s not an excuse. If the kids can go to the toilet by themselves and can clean themselves then that’s fine.

  • My granny did the same thing with all her Grand children. When I heard that using a potty is a Hollywood thing I said that it is old news. Manny cultures do that. In times when our parents had to wash dipers it was actualy economical and easier.

  • I tried this with my son and it never worked. He had np going on the floor no matter what it was lol eventually he got it by 3 but of his own volition. My daughter is almost 3 but doesn’t communicate much because of her autism. Not even sure what will work with her. She is in her own little world.

  • 1:03 how dared you not aknowledge the cat, once again and i’m unsubscribing!
    Lol, joke ��
    About the potty, my aunt started teaching her kids to use the potty when they were 6 months old ��

  • I dont do anything and my son put the Pampers away one day and dont want it again, he was 2,5 so… chill, all kids go clean one day.

  • Tried 4 times with my son it didn’t work for me �� I’m trying different methods now I feel like I found one with giving him a lollipop (zollipop) after he goes on the toilet is working but it’s only his second day

  • Okay ��. Since my kids were about 2.5y no pampers at home. They eventually got it after a while to sit(only 2potty one for each). Now they are 3 and are ok even at daycare.

  • Very useful.
    We tried a few things and although it took a little longer than 3 days, 6 days isn’t bad…..This book helped us massively https://bit.ly/2NAfmbL. I hope it helps you guys as much as it helped us:)

  • As a matter of fact, if your kid isn’t ready yet, nothing will work! I tried so many times and tried again, when my son was ready m, he just took his diaper off and said no more diaper!

  • What is wrong with these parents?? It is so harmful to these kids to have bottles and nappies at night. Its laziness on the parents part…so sad for the kids.

  • Actually my maa did the same thing with me and my brother and I guess, as she says sometimes when she looks at millenial parents, that she raised us up without rashes

  • Basically treat you kid like a dog �� make sure u take them out for a walk and clean after them ��I love it I wish it was that easy!

  • These sound like good tips. I’ve been trying to get my 3 year old completely done with diapers for a while now. Weekend coming up I will implement these tricks.

  • I trained my 2.5 years old in 1 day, the trick is to wait until they understand what you say, if you rush it will only cause stress.

  • I\’m not sure but,if anyone else is searching for
    toilet training for toddlers
    try Renkarter Turbo Training Report (do a google search )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 got cool success with it.

  • My mother and grandmother did not practice this exactly, but back then cloths diapers was what People had. And they were you know a job to deal with. So my mom and my grandmother began “Potty training“ earlier. As soon as they felt like we were able to indicate we had to go potty is when it started. Also they just got in the habit of putting us on the potty… A baby potty…. like when we first get up in the morning, and right after we ate just to see if we would go. That’s kind of how people did it back in the day. They had diapers for early on, but once mobility started to happen is when they started working towards getting us to potty on our own little potty.

  • Not unless those kids have some kind of physical problem, like me, they don’t need to wear diapers, and I know that they should definitely not be drinking milk out of baby bottles.

  • I did almost the same with my 1,8 year old, and it really took us 3 days. I’m still putting a pants-diaper at night and during a walk but it’s always dry. Didn’t get, why I shouldn’t put underwear on my baby during a walk

  • This sounds great but for those of us that have to go back to work after having a child, it’s not feasible unless the person caring for the child is willing to do this. Most people think the very idea is insane, even though it makes a lot of sense.

  • I wonder what the kids are like today? Did this effect them in any way? Episode aired 5th of September 2007 so they would be around 18 years old now.

  • Hey I get that it works for many people and I love Mayim since she was Blossom but this video was kind of condescending to people that use diapers. People that use diapers care just as much about there kids but chose a different route. Don’t talk down to them! And the man bashing is not fair. Just because your ex was against new ways of parenting doesn’t mean all men are like that!

  • This is popular in Eastern cultures. they actually have split-crotch pants so they can grab their kids and they’re ready to go using E.C.!

  • Thank you.. I started ec and I agree with you. I feel like I can give my son everything he needs. I have such a deep understanding of him and I know he appreciates it!

  • I also didn’t want my baby bottles to be taken away. I was 5 y.o for my parents successfully take it. I just loved how the plastic felt warm cuz of the milk and it lulls me to sleep without fail. If i was drinking glass i have to quickly drink it in one go unlike in baby bottles. They threaten me to tell my classmates that i still drink in bottles or if that didn’t work they will put chillis on the bottles. I dont remember how i got over it but yeah.

  • That mom is messed in the head for holding her kids back for herself and the dad is messed up for allowing it. It’s weird that she wants to keep them babies forever. It’s like they wanted kids without the inconvenience. How did they their kids were going to grow up?

  • What is crazy is that what you’re saying makes complete sense, and yet I cannot believe I have never heard of this nor figured it out myself! This is basically how you potty train a puppy you figure out their behavior when they want to pee and you take them outside. Yet for babies, we think it’s natural to let them crap their pants. After watching this and other cloth diapering videos I started thinking, and I couldn’t imagine regular women 500 years ago washing kilograms of diapers every week… Evolutionarily and historically, EC makes so much sense!

  • I was born 30 years ago in east europe, my grandparents trained me potty when i was really young, they started at 6 months,. they couldn’t afford diapers, and used cloth diapers. it worked pretty well, i was diaper free by 1 year old. It was a necessity back then, they didn’t really had a choice, otherwise they had to wash diapers by hand all day everyday (they didn’t have a washing machine either). It was curious that my younger friends who had diapers had a terrible time potty training. it took them several months to manage and kept having “accidents”. Nowadays it is ridiculous seeing children of 4 or 5 years with still a diaper on. I now see people potty training at 3 years old, which is insane. So, yeah, i will for sure use cloth diapers for my children and start potty training early using this method, as my grandparents did with me, my father, my uncles.

  • Brilliant, we need to promote more natural, traditional ways. There’s so much plastic and waste nowadays raising children. Nature rules!

  • I’m currently pregnant and I would really love to try this. My only problem is that I might have to return to work when baby is 6 or 7 months. So I dont think I’ll have enough time because baby will then have to go to a creche.

  • Você poderia colocar legendas em portuguêeees. Amo seus vídeos mas as vezes perco uma frase ou outra. Meu inglês é básico mas tô tentando hahahaha

  • Brilliant. My little on is 8 months doing the same thing. Didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. Love your personality!

  • The first time I heard about this was from a coworker who had spent her childrearing years wayyy out in the boondocks of Alaska. Diapers wasn’t an option for them, and she actually signed back and forth with her babies. I thought it was awesome but impractical because of the training that it would take. But honestly, babies learn fast. I may have to give this a go. I was looking at clothe diapers and even that’s really expensive. Kids are better at learning than we give them credit for!

  • Thanks for the very informative video, I would like to ask you regarding the night time, did you use diapers or were the kids telling you if they had to pee even at night when you practised the EC technique.

  • God knows I admire you really for the way you grow your children. You really are being the change u would like to see in this capitalistic world.
    I always wanted to try it out but back then my life with my crazy and violent ex was too turbulent to manage such thing.. now my son is 13 months old and I guess it’s too late to go diaper free now..

  • I had my daughter out of pull ups and potty trained by 2 years old!! It’s no excuse ��
    Imagine the teasing he would have to go through smh

  • If I could go back in time, I would have given this a try with my daughter. She was sensitive to diapers and always broke out in a rash. This solution would have helped her.

  • This is really insulting most people do not have time for all of this. Children don’t remember nappies and have been using them for god knows how many years with no issues

  • my kid is a boss first day he peed out by our tree lmao then he said mama toilet i was like nooooo its inside the house haha kids are crzy

  • Wow! This is very interesting. I’ve heard of this but you did a great job explaining it. I have three kids of my own, potty training my second now but I believe that whatever works for mom works for baby. My YouTube channel is about my motherhood journey as well and I love watching other moms and learning new things☺️!

  • What happens if u need to travel long distances, or u need to go to an appointment where u wont have aces to a tree or a toilet or a potty? Are there any situations in which u can resort to nappies?

  • So while I understand the concept, the age by which these babies stop using diapers is very close to average. I agree my son was a little late he was 18 months when he was completely potty trained but my daughter started using a potty chair, on her own, at 11 months and by 13 months was completely off diapers. So I’m a little confused as to the advantage of this method. Am I missing something?

  • (Keep in mind that I’m a stay at home mom so had lots of time to devote to my children & each are 2.5years apart & 5 years apart from oldest to youngest) My daughter was completely potty trained at 18 months, no accidents (even at night) & wore “big girl panties” full time everywheresame with my 2 boys but they were each Exactly 2 years old when fully potty trained ��% they all walked at 10 months of age as well & that’s when I started potty training them. I would tell my mini-me daughter that if “you poopy & pp in the potty then you get to wear big girl panties like mommy”..she would follow me into the bathroom & sit on her potty whenever I used the grownup potty & she would always at least pp at such time. The boys were allowed to start pp’ing outside & they thought it was fun & thought they were “big boys”…& mind you, all of these children were 10,11,12 months old at the time walking around wanting to potty like grown upsI had it super easy with my 3 children on everything, from the day I brought them homethey are now 20, 17 & 14 and are still all independent, smart, beautiful kids.

  • I have an 21 month old son, I thought I was crazy because I followed his patterns and knew at what time he was going to poop when he was a newborn and forward until I started working.. I mentioned this to other moms and they gave me the “ you are crazy” “you are doing too much” “ you need to take it easy” but I seriously hate when he gets butt rashes and I hate the fact that he is sitting, walking with his poop. I wouldn’t like that to be me, so why would I let him and not be on top of it. I look forward to trying EC with my future children…

  • I had a baby (up to 12 months) daycare for 32 years!!!!
    I did what the parents asked, as long as it was a good healthy thing. I would have loved this!
    My own children sat on a potty at 6 months. You can tell what they are about to do!!!!
    My babies Mothers just laughed at me! Oh well!

  • Heres the best trick make sure they drink alot of water & take them to the bathroom every 15 minutes even if they dont have to go so that way they get used to it & keep them in underwear

  • This video came out when my son was 2 months old. He just turned 2. I wasn’t perfect at it, and my son isn’t able to tell me when he has to go all the time, BUT when I take him potty he goes. We have more days without any misses than with. He wears trainers during the day and only has a diaper to sleep. Thank you so much! I know we will get there and I will be using this method again with any future children. I never did learn cues personally try as I might but he’s so close! He knows what a potty is, he prefers to use the potty, and knows what it’s for! That’s all I can really ask for at this point!

  • Is it not normal for kids to be potty trained at 10 months? I wore diapers as a baby but as soon as I was around 9 months old, my parents potty trained me

  • Brilliant. Back to genius basics. Parents who struggle though (earning a living, anxiety, etc) or are just getting very limited advice from pediatricians or friends are vulnerable to the trap of long-term diaper dependency….we must support and show kindness to the parents who struggle.

  • I was a preschool teacher and this really works! I’ve potty trained all my littles and grandkids this way..my husband even wrote a fun potty song

  • This sounds totally fabulous, no shaming the baby, none of the reward system, just flat out communication. I love it. Thank you, I am going to share this with my daughter in law, I have grandson wh is soon going to be a year and this technique sounds like something I should have done 28 yrs ago with my kids. Thanks once again.

  • I feel like you’re kind of alienating mothers who can’t stay at home with their kids. Some mothers have to work and don’t have that option. Elimination control becomes a lot more difficult when you have to take your child to daycare. They don’t usually provide the opportunity to practice e.c. and with so many other adults playing the role of care giver, it is more difficult to learn those kinds of signs. I’m all for you doing you and having a great time while doing it, but I really feel like you’re ignoring the fact that you were only really able to do this because you were able to stay at home with your babies, and also making other mothers feel as thought they are bad moms for not being able to make that kind of connection with their child.

  • My son doesn’t make any faces when he poops or pees. He doesn’t even stay still like most babies do. I’m just wondering how am I going to see the sign. I really want to try this.. it sounds like a great idea!

  • I have a question, I actually wanted to try this but honestly didn’t with mine because of lack of freedom: how do you practice sports (running with stroller) with a diaper-free infant and do baby carrying and do multiple car rides a weeks and appointments?

  • I love this idea! But the only thing that makes me hesitate is what about when someone else watches your child? (No kids yet but planning on having them someday)

  • I actually thought of this after my daughter turned two and wished it had come to mind when she was born. It’s a great thing to do. we used signing when she needed other things. The only thing I found odd in the video was your response on capitalism? So it was okay to support another countries capitalism with teeny tiny underwear, but sham ours? That diaper production is people working jobs to put food on their own tables, right? Which is capitalism. You could have kept the money in America, and shifted your capitalism spending from the diapers ( which i still agree are unneeded and the E.C. being a great idea) to buying cotton cloth and using that wonderful machine we call a sewing machine. There are plenty of patterns for underwear out there. And when you are really great at sewing you know how to down a pattern size or up it. You made sense until you had to put your opinion in on capitalism. It is what makes the economy go around. Unless you have made every single thing in your life from scratch, garden, cloth, machines, etc…. Capitalism keeps people working and food on tables…period.

  • This is why I believe all people should get extensive tests before having children because these people should’ve NEVER been parents.

  • We used EC for both my children now an almost 10 year old son, and 7 year old daughter. Both “potty trained” before they were 2 years old.
    Nothing about potty training is “Easy”; but couldn’t agree with you more Mayim, it was a totally rewarding experience!!!

  • That’s pretty cool, my five daughters are all 15 months apart, I had one trained before the next one came, by all my girls walked and talked before a year, I did use some cloth, but I filled up over my share of landfills.. this I have heard of and think it’s incredible & defs would have done it or for sure tried it! Also I just need to say I know the whole outdoor bathroom thing has become a issue for us in Lower mainland Vancouver, raw sewage is super dangerous ������������

  • When I am home I have use tiny undies and tiny trainers under tiny ups for my 10 month old. Tiny bums when we are out or when she is sleeping.