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Many working moms have experienced grief over missing their baby, but there’s a powerful way you can use your mind to help you get back to work. The “Jedi mind trick” helps you learn to compartmentalize and is particularly useful if you are returning to your job after maternity leave. 1  1 Pack It up in the Mama Box. Missing your baby after returning to work is normal.

It is nothing to worry over. Know that you will adjust to being a working mom. After a while, it will all become routine to you. You may even find that you enjoy the balance work gives you in relation to motherhood. Returning to work after a baby can be difficult but these tips can help.

It helps to know how your pregnancy may affect you at work. During the first and third trimesters, expect fatigue, discomfort, and absentmindedness. But you may feel more energetic and focused in the second trimester. Even though the fatigue and forgetfulness are normal, it might help to talk about your pregnancy with a trusted friend at work.

Try the Jedi Mind Trick: Make a mom’s box and take it with you at your workplace. Now, whenever you feel guilty or missing your baby, then open the box. Put those thoughts into that box.

Close the box and keep it aside, away from your eyes. This will help you to keep those thoughts on the shore. When I’m having a bad day, feeling depressed, and missing my baby I watch him laugh and remember why I’m doing this. Why I’m at work.

Vanderbilt Wife on. Finding a caregiver close to work can reduce travel time, time apart from your baby, and the need to pump because you’ll be able to breastfeed more often. Tip: Making it work for you. Moms who are away from their babies 30+ hours per week often choose an automatic double pump for efficiency and to help keep their milk supply up.

Before you head back to work. 1. Breastfeed. Are you concerned that your baby is going to miss you when you are at work? She will be fine. Babies don’t have a sense of time developed yet, so, therefore, they won’t realize you have been gone from home for ten hours.

They also aren’t forming any memories. As for bf, it sounds like you’ve got that sorted, but just to give you some support should you reconsider the possibility of expressing at work, my boss has been very supportive, I do it twice a day and get more than enough for my DS, and I have a little fridge in my office so I don’t have to worry about other people messing with/(tbh) looking. If possible, get a second pump to leave at work to minimize lugging the gear back and forth, and make sure you have a comfortable space to pump in your office. If one’s not apparent in your workplace, explicitly ask HR or an office manager about a “lactation room.”. All of this!

Our DD was an AWESOME sleeper before I went back to work (woke once a night, sleeping 7-8 hour stretches, and then back down) and now she wakes 3. I do think they try to make up for lost time with you while you are at work. Are you nursing? I know they say it’s more common for EBF babies to try and make up that nursing time at night.

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Nothing can make you forget a personnel problem, a botched job or a lost deal faster than conversing in coos with your baby as you change her nappies, watching her splash and giggle in the bath, or rocking her gently to sleep.

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In some work settings, it may be possible for you to bring your baby to work and care for him during the workday.

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A friend, family member, or even a paid helper can make it possible for you to slip away for an hour or so every day; this can be especially helpful if you’ve got a colicky baby.

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
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After Return to Work • If available use on-site or nearby childcare, so you can go to the infant during the day.

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One of the few things I miss about my kids during the working day is the weight of their bodies on mine when I pick them up or hug them; little arms around my neck and wandering eyes that scan your face so they can imprint it into memory.

“Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?: An absolutely hilarious, laugh out loud page turner” by Kristen Bailey
from Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?: An absolutely hilarious, laugh out loud page turner
by Kristen Bailey
Bookouture, 2020

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  • This was providential! I go back to work on Monday (9 weeks postpartum) and I am SO thankful I stumbled upon it. As always, you gave great advice!

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  • I don’t have kids but I grew up in a home where my mom ran a daycare. I know it’s really emotional for a lot of parents to drop off the kids and they really want that sweet “goodbye” moment before heading to work, but I just thought I’d add to your point and say that it’s so much easier for the kids if parents leave without making a big deal about it. The more they push to have the big goodbye, the more upsetting it is for the kid and it can really make it much harder for them to recover once the parent has left. When things stay quick and upbeat, the it helps the kids have a great time.

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