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You can give your child fish or shellfish at any time after they’ve gotten a good start with solid foods. A: For most babies, doctors recommend waiting until 9 months to introduce fish (like sole or salmon) and 12 months before trying shellfish (like shrimp, clams, and lobster). 4. Hold off on shellfish until 12 months Doctors recommend waiting until about the one-year-old mark before introducing shellfish into a toddler’s diet. Shellfish can cause a severe allergic reaction that is more dangerous the younger the toddler is. In principle, the AAP tells us you could choose to give babies shellfish from 6 months of age, after consulting your pediatrician, and after your baby has positively tolerated other first foods.

There are some exception to this rule, read below. Are there risks in giving babies shellfish?Shellfish can be a healthy part of your child’s diet soon after she begins to eat solid food, usually when she’s around 4 to 6 months. But if your baby has chronic eczema or a food allergy, talk to the doctor first before giving your baby shellfish. You’ll want to check with the doctor because shellfish is one of the top allergenic foods, and most doctors recommend starting with.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against giving your baby or young child under-cooked seafood as the bacteria pose a threat to them that adults aren’t effected by. When giving you baby fish or shellfish for the first time, make sure you introduce it the same way you introduce all new foods to them: one at a time. Shellfish should be safe to consume during pregnancy, but only when they are completely cooked through.

With the traditional uncooked or half-cooked shellfish dishes, you are running a risk for food poisoning. Pregnancy is a time of many changes in your body, and needless to say, this includes food requirements and habits. More conservative suggestions for offering fish to babies state to wait until your baby is one year old for fish and possibly delay to age three for shellfish and crustaceans, like lobster, clams, oysters, and shrimp, especially if severe allergies run in the family. Research indicates that this delayed introduction may not be necessary. Fish can be a healthy part of your child’s diet soon after he begins to eat solid food, usually when he’s around 4 to 6 months old.

But if your baby has. In fact, some evidence suggests that starting before the first birthday is better, as described in Feeding Baby Green. I do suggest avoiding the foods that are the most common causes of allergies.

List of related literature:

A child should eat no more than one tuna sandwich a week, and before the age of five he or she should stick to flounder, haddock, sardines, crab, or shrimp.

“Dr. Joe & What You Didn't Know: 177 Fascinating Questions & Answers about the Chemistry of Everyday Life” by Joe Schwarcz
from Dr. Joe & What You Didn’t Know: 177 Fascinating Questions & Answers about the Chemistry of Everyday Life
by Joe Schwarcz
ECW Press, 2003

Fish in the maternal diet seems to reduce the risk of allergic diseases in the offspring • Delaying the introduction of certain allergens beyond the 7th month of life has no preventive effect and is not recommended.

“Pediatric Nutrition in Practice” by B. Koletzko, J. Bhatia, Z.A. Bhutta, P. Cooper, M. Makrides, R. Uauy, W. Wang
from Pediatric Nutrition in Practice
by B. Koletzko, J. Bhatia, et. al.
S. Karger AG, 2015

Fish and shellfish should not be given before six months due to the risk of food poisoning and potential allergy.

“Top 100 Baby Purees: 100 Quick and Easy Meals for a Healthy and Happy B” by Annabel Karmel
from Top 100 Baby Purees: 100 Quick and Easy Meals for a Healthy and Happy B
by Annabel Karmel
Atria Books, 2009

The Environmental Protection Agency says, “A well-balanced diet that includes a variety of fish and shellfish can contribute to heart health and children’s proper growth and development,” and it also notes that for most people, the risk from mercury by eating fish and shellfish is insignificant.

“Fish Without a Doubt: The Cook's Essential Companion” by Rick Moonen, Roy Finamore
from Fish Without a Doubt: The Cook’s Essential Companion
by Rick Moonen, Roy Finamore
Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008

Because the developing brain is more susceptible to mercury-induced damage, it is recommended that young children and pregnant and nursing women avoid consumption of fish known to have high mercury content.

“Porth Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States” by Ruth A. Hannon, Charlotte Pooler, Carol Mattson Porth
from Porth Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States
by Ruth A. Hannon, Charlotte Pooler, Carol Mattson Porth
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009

The bacterium has been found in a variety of raw foods, including unpasteurized (raw) milk and cheeses, uncooked meats, and vegetables, and in processed foods that become contaminated after processing, such as soft cheeses, paˆte´s, cold cuts of meat and smoked fish.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Elsevier Science
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Elsevier Science
Elsevier Science, 2012

Both of these kinds of advisories occur because some fish and shellfish contain high levels of mercury, which can harm the developing nervous systems of fetuses, infants, and young children.

“Applied Bayesian Statistics: With R and OpenBUGS Examples” by Mary Kathryn Cowles
from Applied Bayesian Statistics: With R and OpenBUGS Examples
by Mary Kathryn Cowles
Springer New York, 2013

A 4month-old infant was breastfed 1 hour and 3 hours after his mother consumed a portion of a presumed ciguatera-infected fish (5).

“Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal Risk” by Gerald G. Briggs, Roger K. Freeman, Sumner J. Yaffe
from Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal Risk
by Gerald G. Briggs, Roger K. Freeman, Sumner J. Yaffe
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2011

(Some fish are better for baby than others, and some should be avoided altogether because of mercury

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

Because mercury is especially damaging during development, pregnant women and young children are advised to avoid certain types of fish and limit their consumption to one to three servings of fish per week, depending on the type of fish (see Chapter 11 and Appendix C).30

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
from Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices
by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
Wiley, 2017

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  • Easiest way to raise baby fish -outdoor garden tanks that get some natural live food put a few fry in every spring collect survivors in early september ish

  • I had these auto feeder for about 20 years, I have had them drop into the aquarium 5 times and stop working, I put them to dry and it all ways work after. bullet proof.

  • Hey I have a question! my fancy guppy was pregnant I didny even know. I saw these small black things wiggling around at the corner bottom Right side of the tank. I zoomed in they were live wiggling an asking for help! I guess they saw what happened to their siblings.��But do I have to put them inside a smaller tank,I separated them from the parents of course. I have 12 left can I put them inside a ten gallon tank??? With filter an air bubbles?

  • i feed my baby koi fry about 5 to 6 times a day small portions as you said so they dont get too full between meals. but have to watch the ammonia levels as they grow.

  • My mom was questioning why I fed my fish so much because I feed them 4 times a day. So I brought her this video and it just confused her could you make a 3 minute version plz.

  • while I didn’t get THAT feeder, I have to say I love the growth and color my guppy fry have gotten in just the past 5 weeks. I miiiight be overfeeding a little with the New life Spectrum powder (the autofeeder has pulverized flakes. So THANK YOU for another great video.

  • I use the same auto feeder and it works great. I mainly have small tetras in a 150 gal, so I am not wanting size. I believe I have healthier and longer lived fish with the auto feeder.

  • I do 3 feedings a day, and daily 50% water changes after the second feed. My electric blue acara fry are loving it so far, and are growing pretty quickly. I feed them NLS Grow in the morning, BBS as the second feed, and finally NLS Grow again in the evening. If I didn’t have to manually do daily water changes that feeder would be a good idea, but not everyone has an automated water change system! I will be picking one up for my display tank and trying it out though, since I only do water changes every 3 days there.

    Thanks for the great video!

  • Man… Start doing 10 or 15 mins video which would contain all info which you share.. no one has much patience to watch long videos….. Would be helpful for both of us….

  • What is this pizza thing you are referencing? I was under the impression that you only ate tacos.

    More related to the video-I have been thinking about getting one of these to keep parental predation down. I did not even think about the fact that it might make my fry grow up faster. Thanks for the info.

  • I’m going to give it a shot.
    I’m setting up two 40g breeders for a dovii project.
    what food do you recommend for small 1 inch dovii?

  • Thank you Cory for another informative livestream mate. I’m watching other Fish YouTubers live-streams less and less as they are just chatter with very little fish related info. Yours is always full of great fish knowledge & experience and I take a lot away from it. ��

  • Great video, thanks!

    Would these be workable over a colony of neolamprologus multifasciatus? What food would you feed those guys?

    The big males in my colony run a pretty tight ship, so I’ve been using finely crushed flake to make sure enough disperses to get to the weaker females and fry.

    Do you sell the autofeeders in your physical store?

  • Good video.  I use the Eheim feeders for years.  The problem I have is if I set it for 4 or 5 feedings a day (with less food each turn), some of the smaller and less aggressive fish have trouble competing for the food.  On the other hand, if I have a larger “dump” of food twice a day, all the fish are able to grab some food.  This is why I have stuck with twice a day, and I have fewer runts that missed out on a lot of meals.

  • So its been about 5 weeks since i switched to an auto feeder. I can say this really does work…my fancy goldfish and comets have significantly grown since i started…..its a little insane how fast they’re growing now. This is one of the best tips i’ve found on the internet. Thanks a lot for this awesome tip dude. It’s $$$ imo

  • This is great! I am impressed with your video series!!! I am getting back into fish after 30 yrs! Your presentation is informative and comfortable to watch! I have a 29 community tank. 20 gallon fry and plant nursery tank the feeder is going on this one for sure! Getting ready to set up a 55 gallon with angels and schooling fish.

    I look forward to all u have to offer.

  • totally off topic, but ive been thinking about it since you briefly mentioned it. home tacos……do u make the shells or jyst buy em and add meat and veggies.

  • Some great tips on the feeder i didn’t know all of that. Only problem is i love feeding my fish. I will try one out on my fry tank though.

  • This is a great tip. I have a few of these but I’ve only used them while I’m away. Another thing that will help the growth rate is increased water changes.

  • Nice one Cory. I too use a few of these auto feeders (and broke one after dropping it in the other tank the other day!) Is that manual feeding schedule you talked about just for fry/juveniles or for all of your fish? Do you ever just hit the button on that auto feeder as your “extra feeding”?; or do you just throw in something frozen or live?

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    Shop for Fritz and Xtreme here: http://www.aquariumcoop.com

    Also, thank you to my Patreon supporters!

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  • That’s Crazy First Time Fish Keeper and I got surprised with a clutch of Fry this Morning from my Green Lantern Platy. Thank You for the Live stream.

  • I have my females African cichlid in a all female tank. Can they false hold? They all was holding at one point of time but as they was holding I pulled them out of my show tank. They have been in a 55 for a few months now after spitting them out. One if mine is holding and I know for sure there is no males.

  • Babysat a balloon mollie for a friend. Wound up w/babysitting her fry…NOT my plan, but she knew zero about fry. Glad to help my friend…they are cute, I do mostly s/w but it was refreshing to care for them. None were loss; like you I am a veteran fish keeper pro. I keep 2 pico QT tanks running so I was able to handle a “surprise” birth at 3 a.m…lol. I’ll think about a topic soon����

  • How do you successfully acclimate a fish from Brackish to Freshwater?
    A local Pet Store has a Arrowhead Puffer in their Brackish section. However, from my research from multiple sources, it states this Puffer is a Freshwater Puffer.
    The Puffer appears healthy and active for the past 3 weeks in their Brackish section. If I decide to purchase this Puffy, show should I transition to the typical aquarium it requires?

  • You found the species of fish u want. U go to ur local fish store to pick them up. How do u determine the right ones to get. Ie; signs of sickness, color, sex, size….. im sure there is plenty more things to look for before selecting the fish but can u shed light on that and how u pick out fish from a fish store.

  • Hi Zinzo I have a question for you the fishes you put at the end of your video what are they. The reason I ask is that at the restaurant I go to eat at they have those but they also don’t know the name of those fishes.

  • I believe you because it happened to me with my fish too..They have grown very fast and they are very healthy but I do regular water changes too.

  • it’s funny how you just made this video which is great but I just found out I have baby fry in my tank and I save four but two of them was like barely see them naked eye but the other two was a little bit bigger not yet but the thing is I don’t know who the female or how to tell if they are holding so the only thing I can do when I see them is save the ones I can save but at the moment I’m not sure exactly how to raise them but it’s a great video you just made

  • I have a cool topic! Do a list of fish on your bucketlist, fish that you want to keep one day. If you want zenzo to do a video on his bucketlist fish, like this comment

  • I have a 2 more questions about breeding fish, what is the coolest fish you have breed, the second is I am getting my first summer breeding pond and I’m getting white clouds do you have any tips for breeding them? ( The fish will be outside)

  • We just had a masive spawn of Peacock gudgeons moved mom and dad to a 10 a week ago and I just noticed fry again! We’re not trying to breed but…. Also got Apistogramma Cacatuoides fry and some Hillstream loachs. Been in the hobby for about 18 months and I’m starting to think about fishie planned parenthood. All our fish come from The Wet Spot and I can’t tell you how awesome those guy’s are. Great video and perfect timing.

  • Hi! These is exactly what I was trying to find everywhere. In my case are the almost microscopic newly born dwarf gouranies”My 2 pair of dwarf gouramiesbare non stop breeders….and EATERS.. as soon as the BABIES FRY gouramy get THEIR Tail out of the yolk sack.. their parents eat them like there’s no tomorrow.
    I CANT YAKE THE PARENTS AWAY.. THEY’VE LIVE II won’t mess with what tool me a year to finally obtain my underwater ‘rainforest’ hEAVILY STOCKED PLANTED TANK..NSYBE THATS WHY THEY KEPT SPAWNING

  • A video I needed I 60 fry in a 20 long and two still holding. I know that tank isn’t ideal it’s temporary. I’m running out of tanks. The past few months I keep finding out I have female cichlids and taking them out. Now my male tank is low stocked. I have a coffee grinder to make my own fry food and alternate with frozen baby shrine. Lol I’m not trying to breed them. I’m working on making coverage so I can put them in my 55 tank with the females. Very good information.

  • What about fry that don’t come out as large as say cichlid fry? How would you go about feeding them. I’m thinking of like rainbow fish, tetras, rasboras, etc.

  • hey Cory! I was that awkward nerdy kid at aquatic experience that spoke to u about describing Corydoras. wonderful meeting you and I want to let you know again what a great impact you have had on my life! (for those who don’t know, watching aquarium co-op vids have lead me to become interested in ichthyology and I am now working with a mentor on Corydoras!)

  • How large of a tank do guppy fry need to affectively grow out. Right now I have them in a 10 gallon tank and they just keep popping out babies so there are close to 300 fry in a 10 gallon tank the adult are in a separate 10 gallon tank and as soon as the fry are born I move them

  • Thankyou for this, my guppies have have just had fry. I always leave the fry in the tank with the adults. Because they have lots of hiding places. Plus the adults don’t eat them. One gave birth yesterday, some are still hiding. But a lot of them are out swimming around the adults lol. But I’m getting a new tank, so I’m going to have to catch them to put them in their new tank. But I was worried about hurting them.

  • I didn’t even know my fish was pregnant so I saw babies but they have color now and swim at bottom. Should I take them out still??

  • I’m gonna attempt catching my 26 odd (or maybe more) peacock Gudgeon fry out of their net which is held with in the parents 21 litre tank as it def needs a clean out. I, wanting to clean the parents tank itself including gravel etc but also they fry net held within that tank floating g in the top on right side of tank. The fry net had some debris at the bottom and on pebbles weighing it down from floating up too high. I’m assuming best way is to remove the 6 day old fry to clean the net out then simply place back into the nice clean fry net. Siphoning out the main tank isn’t a problem as the parents are large and avoid the tube. But hose fry, man they are teeny weeny lil thangs. I’ll have to use a tiny scooping kitchen measuring cup I think as the net area itself is problem only 5 inches round and 5 deep. Not much room to manoeuvre in the fry net.
    Thanks for the vid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers…Lisa from Perth Western Australia

  • Man those are tiny I was wondering if u would know how to get my Lima shovel nose catfish to eat shrimp pellets or something else besides live food and other fish he’s about 5 inches and just got him from pet co and he was in a tank with mollies and I think that was his meals so he hasn’t ate in 2 days

  • Any tips on how to raise cherry barb fry? I’ve tried multiple times but after a week they always end up dying. Not sure if it’s what I’m feeding them or if the eggs are just not good.

  • Ive been going crazy the last 2 days. 1 year into the hobby and i had 2 cichlids i didnt know were “compatible” mate. I caught about 40 fry. I used a python hose and cups to suck them up into a holding tank.

  • That bugs are Seed Shrimp which came with water or in the most of cases with plants from other sellers,fish will eat them this is the only way,I have them a arround 1000 in all my tanks lol

  • My fancy guppy just had babies and I moved them over but now they are sinking to the bottom and squirming. Used the same water from the other tank too…

  • I wish you would do a livestream on each of the fish laying eggs scattering eggs and mouth brooders so that way you cover it all and we’ve got one thing to concentrate on and really get to know how to breed fish

  • Ugh. Should have released this video yesterday. Spent an hour trying to catch a measly 7 Platy fry from the 40gallon to transfer then to the 20gallon.

  • Dude there should be a you tube award for what you can do while holding a camera. In like 50 years thats the only way people are gonna be able to do anything..through a camera.. Love your stuff!!

  • Hi Lucas. I started using a krill net, which is the same type net you’re using. It just has a much smaller hole in the net fiber, which doesn’t allow the fry to get sucked through. Also, it costs the same as a regular net. Saves an extra step (using the tiny cup to collect them twice) and is definitely less stressful to the fry. Not to mention all the time saved. LFS told me about it a few months ago, of course to sell me a net, but it really works on all my fry, even the tiniest. Thanks for the video!

  • Your son is the most adorable kid. He must be learning so much from you. It’s nice to see the two of you together. ��

    And of course the video is great too��

  • Hey Brother, how does it feel to be literally the only reason that my current daydream tank is stocked mainly with Rainbows? lol Just a quick question though; How would I keep different kinds of rainbows together without gettin’ mixed up fry? So far all I can think of is keeping separate tanks for each kind to breed ’em and then just take out the best males for the show tank. Thanks for the awesome father-son aquarium videos!

  • Watch and learn as the great OZ magically moves some fry �� great video as usual �� when are you going to bust out the micro scope again??? ����������

  • Great Tips Lucas!! My boesemani rainbow fry have finally grown up.. nine months later ����, I’m sure you know what that’s like. Nothing like seeing the baby fish you raised grow to be adults though. Great Video as always Lucas! ��I’ve been watching but been working more hours in my business and off the fishtube! Keep grinding brother!

  • Hey Corndog lol! Thanks for all the helpful tips and advice that you give! my 9yr old son and I have bonded even more sence we got him a shark tank lol now we have 25 tanks and starting a youtube channel!!! guys like you and John(KG) and Joey have given us so much help it would be hard without people like you!!! thanks again from Ont, Ca.

  • I have two sets of angelfish in my tank, one couple can have baby’s, the other can’t
    The couple that cant are now caring for a batch of fry, Large scale kidnaping!

  • Hi L, after what was a long and costly day this video was the deep breath i needed; and of course the little angel was the highlight:)

  • thanks for the new content. I was wondering how you caught your fry in one of your recent videos, now I know. Keep up the great work. Someday I’m going to send you a message on patreon.

  • Some time stamps that could help YOU:
    36:16 WHY DO FISH FRY DIE?

  • I’ve never been much of a goldfish keeper, but if ever decided to keep one the one in the background would’ve worth emulating. I seldom comment but I gotta say that goldfish tank is the best I’ve seen. Perfect ratio and the difference in shapes and coloration are pleasing to my eye.

  • Hes a cutie pie… no ours are at the bottom and okay never had any babies before that we knew of… but this is the 2nd in couple of weeks wow didn’t know it all them are gone now because we didn’t know what to do hubby was not interested too much, but I am so I want to keep them their all at the bottom but in one area thank goodness.

  • Hi Cory love the show as always I also love the app and the podcasts always good when I don’t want to watch but I do want to listen keep up the grate work love from the uk ����

  • I listened to your livestream while doing my water changes. 7 months in the hobby and I wish I had done this sooner. Thank you for teaching me 80% of what I know. New hobbyists like me need you and I don’t want you to forget that. Thanks Corey!

  • Hey cory, my bala shark has eaten the roots out of my crinum calamastratium and the leaves are starting to yellow. Any tips to save it?

  • Help Needed
    First time I had fry was from my bristlenose plecos, I had a heavily plated tank with loads of caves and rock etc, so one night I found 7 babies I put them in a breeding box and the little buggers escaped, so I made a net and wrapped it around the box and put all 7 back in, then they decided to escape again.. I tried for hours and literally stripped my tank and unfortunately I only found 1 left alive, so I put him in a seperate tank and fed him algae wafers and bloodworms with Cory and pleco tablets, did regular water changes but unfortunately after about 2 months when he was getting bigger and nearly ready to be rehomed he died, anyone got any advice on what to do? As I have invested in a regular bristlenose male and a female long finned blue eyed albino bristlenose pleco (the babies should be mostly the blue eyed albino long finned bristlenose pleco as that as is the dominant gene) anyone does anybody have advice for me on how to keep the babies alive or where I went wrong?

  • Cory, just wanted to let you j ow that I appreciate your channel and streams and I really like how you run your business. I live at lest 3 hours away but, when I can, I like to get up the it and visit the shop. I’ve never been one to order online for anything, but with you guys I am willing to give it a shot.

    I am not really breeding for profit, but more for fun as a hobby I really enjoy breeding live bearers particularly endlers. Otherwise, I’ve been working on breeding shrimp… but I’ve been struggling with getting my blue dreams to thrive for some reason. I am starting to get overrun so I am looking to do something with some of my endlers and my cherry shrimp. I am hoping to set up 7 more tanks in the future primarily for shrimp. I have some I’d love to separate out and really work on developing their coloration.

  • Amazing timing! I just found a baby guppy in the tank I started for my son.

    I love your content, and your videos have gotten me back into fishkeeping. Your guppy and shrimp videos have been amazing for me! Yes, the baby guppy lives with some baby shrimp amongst the java moss.

  • Hey Cory, so one absolute beginner question: I’ve watched a lot of MD Fishtanks, basically filterless tanks with minimal work (for example no water change, only top off). What water parameters except for nitrate should I watch out for every week? Because if I only have to watch nitrate I would have to do a water change once every month (cleaning out the sponges (Not biological filtration though) in my filter to get rid of the fish poop weekly). Any other parameters that I totally need to have an eye upon? Otherwise, I’d be doping 50% water change weekly, simply out of habit.

  • Just received my first shipment from you guys. Definitely love your personality and the videos. Thank you for your education and for keeping the passion alive. I wish i was close. I’d quit my job and work for you in a heartbeat

  • This video came in perfect timing. My golden white clouds had babies and right now I counted at least 34 babies! Your advice on feeding is something I really need. They are so tiny! Who knows how many will make it. They aren’t even hiding from the parents. I have cover for them so we shall see.

  • This is great timing. Just bought some frozen Daphnia and the fry didn’t go nuts for it. Do live bearers fry need to be about an inch before you will take the daphnia? I usually use spiralina powder but is there another option? Frozen BBS?

  • Love this video…good to remind newer hobbyists how fragile fry can be. Just netting them can easily hurt the little lads. I know…I made the mistake years ago and felt HORRIBLE when some of the fry were hurt simply getting caught up in the net seam. Best regards. Bruce

  • Thought this was interesting, talks about feeding frequency for growth rather than breeding conditioning: https://thefishvet.com/2012/11/06/feeding-regimes-most-conducive-to-growth-do-not-necessarily-maximize-reproductive-success/

  • What’s your process you go about in doing water changes for such delicately tiny fish? Or is there a separate time frame you prefer to wait for as they age?

  • Is it better support to watch on YouTube or to listen to the podcast (I use podbean)? I’ve heard viewing time on youtube helps more.

  • I need some advice about Platys. I’m finding that the females are dying either while pregnant or shortly after birth. The fry I have are only very small batches of 3 6 their doing well. But why are the adult females dying?

  • Cory I really like your live-streams. Other live-streamers will spend half the time giving shout-outs while you address the audience and teach the whole time. Kuddos and keep up the good work.

  • Great info!! Always watch your videos while I’m doing water changes. Thanks for the great customer service and fast shipping on my recent orders. Will definitely be a lifelong customer.

  • One of my cichlids just started holding for the first time. I thought I had all males but I guess not lol. Unfortunately I can’t purchase another tank to separate her or grow out the fry. Instead, I ordered a mesh net/cage that hangs in the aquarium to separate her until she spits the fry and then I plan on hopefully growing them out in that as well. Do you think most of them will be okay if I do it that way? Or should i maybe re-home her? Thanks a lot for all the helpful videos.

  • I love my drapefin barbs. I started out with 6 not sure how many I have now. I put the sub-adults in a 10 gallon tank with a carpet of dwarf sag that is so thick you can’t get your fingers to the bottom of the tank. When I moved the adults into a 29 gallon tank, babies started coming up out of the grass. At least 40 fry. As those fry got bigger, I moved some in with the adults and sold some. There is about 10 left in the 10 gallon tank that I haven’t caught out and I know they are now breeding and the eggs are dropping into the dwarf sag. I will say there is nothing more impressive than when you have a large group of adults and the males start displaying at each other. That draped fin shoots straight up like a flag and they flash its colors at each other. Really beautiful. Definitely an underrated fish

  • Interesting video. I was expecting to hear about water changes but it makes sense that regular feedings could be the key. I’ll be giving auto feeders a try. Thanks for the tip:)

  • I love this idea! I just recently started keeping Neocaridina. I keep guppies as well but have them separate for now to prevent my first batches of Shrimplets from being eaten. But I’ve got some new Guppy fry and this would be a perfect way for me to separate them out and make some more use of the Shrimp tank while still preserving the safety of the tiny Shrimplets. So helpful for someone like me with a very limited number of tanks!

  • I pick live blood worms and mosquito larva out of my ponds and buckets and have gotten the same thing. Seems fine and the shrimp love eating them. Have you ever seen a orange neocaridina shrimp with red spots. I have one and shes recently had babies. Is this something special?

  • No one seems to discuss the dreaded culling. I have Angel fish and have about 10 that had bent fins and we’re just not the best specimens, sometimes you can’t tell until they’re getting bigger and I can’t stand the thought of killing them, so I just got a big tank and love them all. I know I’m not meant to be a breeder.

  • we heard that dont take milk after fish otherwise it will cause skin problem. white dots on ur skin. can we give fish to baby as they take breastmilk or formula

  • Hey Cory, I have a question and a comment:
    Would you ever consider interviewing The Goldfish Council Founder Gary Hater? His lectures on breeding/ caring for fry and feeding Repashy Super Gold mixed with steamed egg is fantastic and I know he’ll definitely Love your 800 gallon goldfish tank��.
    This year I was supposed to fly with Zenzo to Aquashella Chicago to meet you for the first time, but my boyfriend’s German Shepherd Service Dog Katie passed away a few days prior. I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing Zenzo to save me a Mbu Puffer pin. It really cheered my spirits up when Zenzo sent me a pic of you and him holding the pin��. I’m a flight attendant and always travel with it wherever I go. I’ve even gotten a few passengers recognizing it on a flight ������lol! Thanks again, I appreciate it! ��

  • Did something similar with my threadfin fry recently, and it worked out great, they grew so fast eating all of the microfauna in the shrimp tank 😉 Thanks for the update LRB hope you and Wesley are feeling better!