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7 Rules to Live By When EXCLUSIVELY PUMPING | Best Tips to Exclusively Pump

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Power Pumping To Increasing Milk Supply

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PUMPING BASICS | When To Start PUMPING | Medela Pump in Style Advanced | SPECTRA | HAAKAA Pump

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Power pumping is meant to give your supply a nudge. It simulates cluster feeding, which is when your baby nurses very frequently, which cues your body to start producing more milk. Essentially, jumpstarting your milk supply chain to enable you. 9 Things To Know About Power Pumping Before Trying It 1. You’ll Need A Timer 2. You Should Pick A Certain Time Of Day 3. Morning Might Be Best 4. You’ll Need To Commit A Few Days 5. It Mimics Cluster Feeding 6. You Could Get A Significant Boost 7. You Can Keep Using The Same Bottles 8. You’ll Still. Power pumping, (also known as cluster pumping) is the method of pumping breast milk with a manual or electric breast pump, in the attempt of mimicking cluster feeding.

This is done to increase milk supply in lactating mothers. How To Prepare Home For New Baby. Power pumping is also one of the things nursing moms can do to send messages to their bodies.

Supply and demand is the system that works to keep making milk even once you feel “empty,” but power pumping also sends other signals to your body. If your baby nurses, for example, your milk is custom-tailored to your tot. Power pumping is a way to mimic cluster feeding with a breast pump. It’s a strategy women use to increase their milk supply when they are mostly nursing or exclusively pumping.

The idea is to empty the breast through rapid on-off pumping. Essentially, you’re tricking your body into thinking that it needs to produce more milk—STAT. Power Pumping to Increase Milk Supply Power pumping is often recommended to women that are trying to increase their milk supply. One advantage of power pumping is that it doesn’t require trying any new supplements or medications, and anyone can do it. Here is everything you need to know to try it out.

Exclusive Pumping 101. Getting started with exclusive pumping is overwhelming! You may be sleep deprived and stressed out about your baby not gaining weight or being in the NICU.

Often, no one is there to tell you how often you should pump, how long your pumping sessions should be, or that you need to get a hands-free pumping bra. The idea behind power pumping is to trick your body into producing more milk by rapidly emptying the breasts. It replicates what babies do when they are “cluster feeding” which is when baby is on and off the breast often so as to signal to your body to increase supply. Power Pumping Tips n Tricks 1. Know that breast milk can stand in room temperature for up to 8 hours (depending on your ambiance room temperature). 2. Use a good quality double electric breast pump.

While it is possible to do power pumping with a single breast pump, 3.Use a hands-free pumping. Pumps do not suck fluids. This is a common misunderstanding, but realize that some energy source other than the pump must supply the energy required for the fluid to get to the pump. Normally these are gravity and/or atmospheric pressure.

Lastly, fluids do not have tensile strength.

List of related literature:

Switching between the pumping and power generation phase can usually be accomplished rapidly.

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It is clear that the pumping work is negligible compared to indicated gross power

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The pump is best applied for intermittent pumping instead of continuous duty.

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The energy costs for pumping can be as great as the purchase cost of the pump after only a few months of operation.

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Ask the pump experts, and they’ll tell you how much flow you’ll get for how much power.

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For understanding the physics behind signal amplification, details of pumping are not important.

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Pumping is the simplest method where well is pumped at rates higher than its design capacity.

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Pumping will also give you a welcome feeling of usefulness.

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Side-pumping has the advantage that extended pump sources can be used to provide the power necessary for many applications.

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What is the pumping power required?

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  • I’m 25 weeks tomorrow and I just got a pump donated to me. Set it all up to see if it worked (I checked the suction on my thigh) and I was so anxious and scared of it for some reason! ����

  • Hi Bridget,
    I have a question regarding storing breast milk after pumping.
    If I pumped let’s say at 9am and pumped 2oz left out at room temperature then pumped at 11am and got another 2oz. Can I add the 2oz from 11am to the 9am and place it in a bag to freeze since both pumps are still under 6 hours?

  • I really struggle to get more than a full ounce total per day. I use the medela pump in advance and the haakaa. I would love to hear any advice you have.
    My baby is a month old today. I’ve been pumping since day 3, 5-8 times per day

  • we learnt none of this at school, I’m 32 and literally know nothing about childbirth and raising a baby. in Asia, our insurance doesn’t cover anything. it’s so sad!

  • all of this info is a little overwhelming but very helpful lol i am not breast feeding but am pumping and in the beginning i almost gave up, but i continued to keep going and now im doing very well and im so proud of myself.

  • I was an exclusive pumper for 4 months and it’s extremely hard and very time consuming. I had to stop due to an extreme overproduction in milk constant clogs and mastitis. My lactation consultant didn’t want to help me since I wasn’t latching my baby. I ended up making 80-90opd and I still have breast milk frozen. Pumping is often overlooked

  • I love your videos and I find them so helpful!
    Im a FTM, my baby will be here any day now (I’m 40+5��) and I’ve been watching so many of your videos. Thank you for making them!
    Although this whole pumping thing seems a bit overwhelming ��. I’m going to be with my baby 24/7 so idk if I should even pump that much? But then I hear you should to increase your supply? Ugh there’s so much to learn! Lol

  • Thank you for this video! I’ve been struggling to establish the “right” schedule between pumping and breastfeeding, worry that the baby doesn’t get enough milk if I feed him after pumping. He is 5 weeks old.

  • What’s letdown and why would you press the letdown button during the end of the pumping session? Sorry first time mom. Due February 5th. Love your videos, you’re helping me tremendously! Much love from Minnesota!!☃️⛅️��❤️

  • Hi…. I have a doubt regarding Haakka pump… as you said once the baby starts sleeping long hours at night and if i wanted to pump my breast milk, will haakka would be enough?..because all i heard about hakkaa is its effective only when baby is feeding on one breast…. PLZ reply me…. it would be a great help…. Love from CANADA

  • Hi Bridget! I’m a first time mom due in a couple weeks and I’ve really been loving your videos; so glad I found your channel!

    I’m going to be lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom and definitely plan on breastfeeding, but I want to give my husband the option of feeding baby as well. Will the haakaa be enough to maybe give him one feeding a day? Is it only useful for catching unused milk, or will I be able to express milk while baby isn’t on the other breast? Can I start using the haakaa right away, or should I wait a few weeks?

    Thanks; love your helpful spirit!

  • Omg I have some questions lol 1. If pumping at work, will the milk still be good by the time you get home? 2. Can you put milk baby didn’t drink back in the fridge?

  • The HAAKAA pump saved my supply! Still struggeling with electric pumping to get enough for daycare but the gaps are filled with the great amounts I collect with the HAAKAA.

  • I waited a month before starting to pump with my second child and by that time my dd did not want to use a bottle. Im due with my third and will start pumping sooner than one month. I will also be using the hakka I purchased right away just to alternate boob and bottle that way baby will. Not refuse the bottle.

  • I was told by my midwife that bottle feeding will stretch the babys stomach and I will never be able to satify her hunger with breastfeeding. This was said about formula milk but I wonder if the same applies to expressed breast milk? How much of the extracted milk should I give to the baby in one feeding session? Thank you.

  • If you start pumping after 6weeks can you get your supply up? Or is it to late? Also can a lip tie limit my baby from getting what he needs?

  • Thank you for this video! Just wondering if we need to “let down” everytime after we stop. Say when we are supposed to pump for 20 / 10 mins, we let down for 2mins then pump for the remaining 18 / 8 mins? Then pause for 10. Then do the let down and pumping combo again? Thank you

  • I’d highly encourage all breastfeeding mamas to take advantage of that surplus of milk in the beginning by pumping or using a hakka on the other side. Better yet, get 2 hakkas and pop those suckers on before a hot shower. Get a massager and use it on your girls while taking advantage of the heat. This is amazing to relieve engorgement. Your boobs go nuts that first week or two after milk comes in. Mine were on auto drip with my first and there was a lot of pain and wasted milk. With #2, there was less of that bc I immediately pumped from birth every 2-3 hours so I kept myself fairly emptied. Unless you establish an oversupply during that time, you’ll never see that much milk again until your next baby. It’s always ideal to have a stash just in case you’re hospitalized or have to be put on meds temporarily that aren’t breastfeeding safe or have to take an emergency trip for a funeral or dying relative.

  • I gave birth in May, returned to work in August. Early July I was running out of freezer space, so I started skipping a pump here or there, and was reasonably comfortable enough… and then my milk regulated and I didn’t pump for most of July and my supply has. never. recovered. Now he’s 8 months old and eating more than I’m producing in a day. ��

  • Mommas! In the hospital my nurse and I used the Medela pump. It had ALOT of parts. I walked away with a kitchen size trash bag of parts they gave me. Target did not have the Medela, so my husband got the EVENFLO just for me to look at since I had my mind made up to get the Medela. When he got home, I had to use it because I was so engorged and needed a release. Needless to say, I’ve never looked back. It is the EASIEST pump, the parts are so simple and to clean after each session only takes < 1 minute. I easily take it room to room and even have used it in the car. I would highly recommend, especially for new mothers. We need simplicity!

  • This was such a helpful video I have been ep since my little man was born a preemie he is 5 months now it sure does have it’s up and downs and I have had plenty of close calls with mastitis and have had clogged ducts not fun and super painful I want to drop a few pumping sessions bc I built my stash and my supply is taking over my whole freezer ��your videos are always so informative thank you

  • This video is helpful and informative but you say “um” way too much. It’s bothersome. I don’t mean to nitpick or anything but maybe try to edit it out when you can. It just became annoying when it was every other sentence. I don’t want to sound mean, I’m sorry if it sounds mean. I don’t know how else to word this.

  • Hey Bridget,
    This was very informative, thank you. I have a question regarding giving stored breast milk. If I remove it from the fridge can I serve it cold or do you recommend putting it in a bowl of warm water or running it under warm water just minutes before serving it? How long should I wait before I serve it?

  • Thank you, I received my breast pump yesterday and I am 34 1/2 weeks pregnant. All of this information and tips must be very useful and I am glad I watched this.

  • Thanks for the info. Just got my double electric Lansinoh pump in the mail a couple days ago, got it assembled. Just needed to know when to pump and whatnot lol baby is due in almost 4 weeks ��

  • I’ll definitely be exclusively breast-feeding until I have to go back to work. I may pump before then to get the hang of it and have some extra supply in case I go out and my fiance watches baby or baby’s grandma watches baby while my fiance and I go out together.

  • So question, every time baby is feeding do I pump the other boob? Than go on pumping between sessions. Or is baby gonna alternate boobs leaving me nothing to pump while nursing. And also I’m not sure if u have a video but I’m confused on how much milk to storage in each bag going into the freezer. I think you said 4-5oz but in the beginning for a newborn my milk won’t measure that much.

  • I need help �� I waited 2 weeks after birth to start pumping cause I was really sore. Now I’m not producing a lot. What should I do?

  • Hi my breast milk from right side turned pink today morning when i pumped.Is it normal? Can i feed the milk to baby? I dint observe if it was blood that came out from pumping or if the milk turned pink after it was expressed. I expressed for 15 mins and when I tried to store the milk as soon as the pump session was done, then I observed it was pink.

  • Hi! My baby is always crying during breastfeeding for over 3 weeks now and he is not gaining enough weight. I have plenty of milk but I don’t want to pump and feed him but breastfeed. Do you have any advice? Or should I give up my exclusively breastfeeding dream? Thank you

  • Every video I watch from you is not only greatly informative and helpful and professional, but also soothes me and makes me feel so much better and stresses me out less! I feel your love and it comforts me ��❤️

  • Just started my LCCE journey and am excited to have found your channel! Can’t wait to watch more! Thanks for the great information.

  • I have to go back to work 6 weeks after giving birth, and my job doesn’t provide anywhere to be able to pump. I can pump in my car at lunch if I need to. Is there any way to make that work?

  • Do you have to freeze the stored milk in bags or can you freeze in any container like a bottle or Tupperware? Can you take it out of the freezer after it’s been frozen and add more to it later until the container is full a little at a time before it thaws and freezing it layer by layer or will this contaminate it?

  • Is there a way to increase our milk supply? My baby was born at 28 weeks. They had me start pumping the next day, but I don’t get much milk. Only a few milliliters.

  • If you use a single pump, do you switch to other breast every 10 min instead of rest? So breast A 10 min then Breast B 10 min and repeat

  • I am exclusively pumping since two weeks now as baby is unable to latch naturally on natural breast. My concern is my supply is just about 2.5 oz per session combined both breast. Is that average or below average?

  • Hi I’m a first time mom and currently breastfeeding and I was just wondering after I feed my baby should I pump on that same breast while pumping on the other? (Pumping both at same time) or should I just pump on one side after feeding baby?

  • If the supply not getting well start drinking “healthy nursing tea” to up your supply, it is an herbal bland especially mended for nursing mums.

  • When do you recommend starting to use the Hakkaa? This is the pump I’m primarily interested in using, so I’m curious when I should start.

  • Hey Bridget, is it okay to express milk from different pumping sessions? So say I pump at 8am for example and than again at 1pm can I mix the milk in the same bottle/bag from 2 different sessions? ❤

  • If you don’t mind me asking what’s your opinion of the free style? Does it have good pull to it? I’m looking for a good portable pump that will actually empty my milk as my current pump is just not cutting it

  • My baby is five weeks old and I’ve been using the haakaa every feeding to relieve engorgement. This isn’t a problem for the most part, but it makes me anxious for when I have to try and nurse and use the haakaa simultaneously in public! If I don’t use it, my other boob isn’t drained enough and I’m in pain, but I probably shouldn’t use it forever right? �� Any suggestions to not need the haakaa, but still be able to build a little stash when needed?

  • this is the best video about pumping while breastfeeding I have found thank you so much! Its hard not be discouraged when most videos are for exclusively pumping moms and they are getting so many oz per pump, im only getting 1 or two

  • Very informative this is baby number 3 and I never knew how to do power pumping. Yes yes your body does react different from a hand pump to electric what I do is I will sometimes have her suckle on the side for maybe like two minutes and then pump on that side while she feeds off the other and I really get a lot of milk when I do that.

  • Thank you for the amazing and informative video! I have a question though, I’m about to be a first time mom anytime soon and wondering if it is possible to breastfeed and pump at the exact same time (having the baby on one breast and the Medela pump on the other)?? Is this a possible thing to be thinking about?
    I thought about it as you were saying that there is no emotional bond between mum and her breast-pump, but if I were to do it while having the emotional bond with my baby while breastfeeding??
    Hope you see my question, waiting for your answer ����

  • I’ve heard that having a photo or something that reminds you of your baby’s smell, when your away from your baby and need to pump, it will help in a way with the letdown amount? Don’t know if it’ work. Currently 35weeks pregnant.��

  • Hi I have the haakka and I can not seem to get it to pull out any milk and have watched how to attach it the right way but yet is still not working. Any tips?

  • 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant with baby girl ������ I love all your videos and have learned so much! Is it ok to combine milk from different pumping sessions so I get enough for a bottle feed? And what is the best way to do this? Thanks!

  • Please make a video on inverted nipple. Is it possible to breast feed or some equipment is needed? Will the nipple come out till the due date? Or there is some other way or techniques?

  • My baby was a lazy latcher so I’ve been exclusively pumping for 5 months so far using the Medela freestyle flex. Every once in a while I’ll feed directly from the breast but EP has worked great for us. My main goal was to feed him breast milk and to know exactly how much he’s eating so this has been a great way t meet my goals. Luckily my supply has been great, I’ve joked to my family that he’ll have my milk way into highschool ����

  • I was wondering if you only pumped like 1 oz. do you keep it in one bag and put into freezer? Or how do you add multiple pump volumes into one bag?

  • Hi Bridget. I’m a first time mom and due in June. I plan to exclusively breast feed but concerned I’ll have issues as I may have a scheduled c-section. Anyway, I heard from my mother-in-law that trying to alternate between breast feeding and bottle feeding (with pumped breast milk) would confuse the baby. Is that true? Do you have choose one or the other? I mainly wanted to pump at a certain point for whenever I need to break for when a relative or husband would need to bottle feed.

  • Hospital grade pumps are awesome! I love the spectra s2. I am a stay at home mama but I started my milk stash for emergencies like if I ever get sick and can’t nurse or if I have to run an errand I know my baby will still have mamas milk��

  • What if you only have a single pump? Are you going to pump 10mins to left and10mins to right then rest for 10mins and then pump 5mins to left and 5mins to right. Is that how it goes?

  • Hi im so happy with ur videos i wanna ask u if im sick like im having stomach problem like bad breath and vomiting should i feed the baby and pump normally??

  • I really love “Healthy Nursing Tea” by secrets of tea! I think it helps increase production although you have to drink a lot of it to see the difference. I love the taste anyway so it’s easy to drink a lot of it. It definitely helped keep the supply up once I went back to work.

  • Hi Bridget! Thanks for a very informative video. I was frustrated about the amount of milk I always get in each pumping session as I thought it was equivalent to what my son gets. Thanks for clarifying that they are not the same. And as for the haakaa, I’ve been using that as well and they are indeed do amazing job

  • In this video I show you what 3 days of power pumping looks like 0:36 and what to do if Power pumping isnt working for you 2:53.
    need help navigating the most common breastfeeding positions? what this to learn how to feed your baby with 5 breastfeeding positions: https://youtu.be/3HGJqX66OgM

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. Can you please tell me how you used to do your oatmeal. Also, is there any specific type you recommend

  • I am not sure if I would get an answer since this video was created long time ago. My 4 mo old refuse to take a bottle she just want to be nursed now before I was doing half formula and half breast milk.. I’m having hard time increasing my milk supply since I didnt use to pump that often. How can I make her take a bottle agian? Def trying the power pump.thanks

  • My 3 week old nurses every 2 hours and is eating good, but I haven’t had much luck pumping, I’ll get maybe an ounce or two when I pump after she eats. Would you recommend power pumping in between feedings so I can boost my supply and build up a stash of breast milk for when I return to work? I’ve been thinking about power pumping and this was such a great, informative video about it, I’m just not sure if it would give me an oversupply since she’s eating well already, or if since she’s eating every 2 hours if it would leave enough milk for her to eat after I power pump. Any advice is appreciated! ❤️

  • I’m an EP and I’m going to try this! Thank you for not saying “eat eat eat” cause I’m so sick of eating! Lol I’ll come back in a few days!

  • Wow. What a well thought out, well presented video. Love the references to helpful sources! This was immensely helpful and you have a new subscriber in me ��

  • Hi. When my baby came out my supply was so overwhelming she would get full so fast and sleep in between feedings and it was so frustrating at first Bcs I didn’t want my supply to dip dramatically from her not eating a lot.. so I went to my lactational consultant, and she told to only pump for comfort so I don’t end up making a lot of milk more then my baby needs at this point.. I stopped pumping completely when my baby was a month old I think, and was just breastfeeding her a lot, like every 2hrs, but then again she still won’t drain my boobs completely. Right now I feel like she’s just getting “enough” milk. But I feel like my supply has been dipping hella bad lately Bcs she would always missed night time feeding. I’m trying to get it back up again. Now my question is, do add the “power pumping” on top of your regular schedule of pumping? Or you only “power pump” an hour a day without doing a regular pumping. I hope this is making sense.:( I need help bad. And I’m so confuse right now:( thank you!!

  • I was also struggling to build my supply which was too low for my baby and I used a tea called Healthy Nursing Tea which really helped and boosted my supply!

  • Hi Bridget! I love your videos. I am in the 38th week of pregnancy and your videos are sooo helpful!! �� Quick question: can I pump on my right side of my breast at the same time while I breastfeed the baby on my left side one? Should I pump using the haaka or the electric pumping (e.g. spectra or madela)?

  • My sister in law told me she wishes she didn’t pump so much when her son was born. After a couple of months she felt like she spent so much time pumping she didn’t get to spend time bonding with her son. I’m probably going to wait 6 weeks before I pump!!

  • I learn so much for you, English is not my first language but I understand so well from you I’m 36 week pregnant and I’m so excited

  • Great video and I completely agree with your recommendation about using the Haakaa early on and how and when to use the electric pump. I just wanted to add that the hospital grade pumps aren’t necessarily stronger than the single user pumps. But they’re designed to be used by many different people (cleaning in between) and have dual motors and programs with pre-settings to help stimulate production. Those are available for rent if mom and baby are separated or baby is unable to latch for medical reasons.

  • Does power pumping work even if nothing is coming out?? I’ve been trying to boost my supply to get a good store going but nothing really comes out when I pump lately

  • Awesome video. I have a 5 week old baby boy and my milk supply was amazing and today I noticed a big dip it’s gone down. I went from getting 6 oz in a pump session to barely 4 and I’ve been super thirsty today. I hope tomorrow is a better day. I power pump once a day or so. It’s hard because he barely sleeps right now. I’ve started to swaddle him again because I know that helped him sleep better. Hoping it helps so I can pump more and longer. Thank you for this video. Congrats and keep it up.

  • So this just helps bring in your milk, not increase the supply? Or is it good for both. I watched the entire video and you only mentioned bro ging in the milk not such increasing supply.

  • The first time I tried pumping I was so beyond discouraged at only getting half an ounce. I have been struggling with supplying what my beautiful girl needs since she was born and the doctors recommended I supplement formula into her diet to get her weight to come back since she was losing weight too quickly. So I have this lingering fear that I just can’t produce what she needs. I did notice an increase in supply after using the pump, but I didn’t know how much of an increase and after every feeding she’s still able to drink three to four ounces of formula like she’s super hungry. I’d love to transition to breastfeeding exclusively and replace the formula bottles with breast milk bottles. So I think I’ll definitely try again. I was wondering how long do you leave the pump on one side before moving it to the other? A contributing factor to how little I got was when I obsessively checked to see if I was attached right I ended up spilling half of what I pumped out of the flange all down my shirt and stomach.

  • Hi bridget! So i heard a tip from someone… to avoid continuously washing your pump parts after every session, one can put the parts in a ziplock bag and put them in the fridge. Then just wash the parts at the end of that day. Have you heard of this? Idk if it’s real or not.

  • I am trying to increase milk supply for my baby who is 15 days old.i got colostrum produced but now I am making only 2.5 oz which is insufficient for him.i tried eating oatmeal,fenugreek capsules,mothers tea etc.can you please help me tips to increase supply to make sure baby gets enough

  • That hands free strap looks awesome!!! I wish I would have had one of those!!! I have never had to power pump, thank goodness, but this is a great video! Super helpful!

  • If you’re exclusively breastfeeding and baby wants to be on the breast 24/7, do you need to pump at all to build supply? I find it tricky to find time to pump between keeping up with life and feeding babe! Any tips would be welcome.

  • Please talk about relactation, is it possible after 4 months my supply is dropping and I’m really thinking about putting baby back on boob

  • I have a question, I’m exclusively breastfeeding and just started my pumping session and pulled out almost 4 oz of expressed milk, my baby only drank 2 oz out of the bottle, can i keep the 2oz left in the fridge for the next feeding??

  • I had no choice but to EP just days after giving birth. My baby won’t latch even with a nipple shield. Is it still possible to teach baby how to latch after a month? ��

  • I got a free pump through my insurance. It’s a hygeia, I thought it was going to be cheap because I have never of this brand but it works really great.

  • Can you do a video on relactation or give me some tips? My baby is 3 months old but I stopped exclusively pumping after 2 months due to lack of support and knowledge. I am ready to try again but my milk has dried up.

  • Love this video, great tips! Could you please do a video how to help a baby get used to bottle feed (after they’ve been EBF)? Please please please!

  • So excited to try the haakaa this time around. I’m hoping it makes some kind of difference. I always end up supplementing since my milk takes forever to come in, I have horrible success with all the pumps I’ve tried, and hate being stuck in a chair attached to something all the time. My brain is really dark and slow for at least the first few months, and it’s a terrible time for problem solving all this. I do try to make up for it with a good goat milk formula and at least 18 months of breastfeeding. I’ll probably also break out the old Medela and see if any of these tips help.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I gave birth one month ago and had prepared for breastfeeding by taking a class and reading books etc, but was in no way prepared for pumping. Because of inverted nipples, low milk supply and a tongue tie, I have been exclusively pumping. Baby would get frustrated on the nipple shield because of the low milk supply and flow, so working on supply and then hopefully we will able to get him to latch again.

    I received some bad advice from my lactation consultant and said that if I needed more sleep in those first weeks to recover from birth, that it was okay to not pump in the middle of the night, but now my supply is paying for it. She also said I only needed to pump for 10 minutes, but now I have learned that 20 is the standard.

    Also I wanted to mention to women on here, if exclusive pumping ends up being your entire breastfeeding future, I would highly recommend a battery operated pump so you can move about. I am so thankful that my friend had mentioned the Willow to me. You can walk around without all the tubing and cords etc. That has been my least favorite thing this past month, being stuck to the wall for 20 minutes every 3 hours!

  • Thank you for this video! Came at the right time. 3 weeks postpartum, and i’ve been dealing with a lot of pain and stress since I gave birth, my milk supply has decreased due to it, and being unable to keep up with the 2-3hr pumping schedule I had. Trying to get back on track. Will be getting and following the things you suggested. Hoping its not too late for me to increase my milk supply. Thank you!

  • Hi Bridget, i have been exclusively expressing for 4 weeks now. I have vasospasm which makes breastfeed ing and expressing quite painful. I cry almost everytime. I want to give my baby breast milk but I hate the pain that comes with vasospasm. Do you have any advice or tips to help? Thank you for your support and encouragement.

  • Hai
    I gave birth for a baby girl and she is 10days and she rejects My breast milk because my nipple is big for her. I started pumping milk. How can I breastfeed my baby??

  • Could you do a video about all things twins? Giving birth, breastfeeding, schedules, etc. I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant with twin girls and trying to learn as much as I can!

  • C’est de loin la meilleure vidéo de pompage que j’ai jamais vue! Super utile merci beaucoup! Avant d’offrir une tétine à votre bébé, nettoyez-la soigneusement. Jusqu’à ce que votre bébé ait 6 mois et que son système immunitaire arrive à maturité, faites souvent bouillir les sucettes ou passez-les au lave-vaisselle.

  • Thank you for making this video! Breastfeeding did not work out for me and my baby. My postpartum depression made it impossible to establish a good latch. I resorted to exclusive pumping after three miserable weeks. Exclusive pumping has been an excellent alternative so that he can still get my milk. There is a misconception that exclusive pumping is easier than breastfeeding. It’s still very much hard work but provides to be a doable options for those who just can’t breastfeed. I had to learn every single one of these tips the hard way. You are the best mama you can be no matter how your baby is fed. Be patient and your hard work will be rewarded with a smiling chubby baby❤️❤️

  • I decided to exclusively pump about a week after my son was born! He’s 4 weeks old now. Never looked back. I love it. It can be challenging sometimes, but I love that I’m still providing him with my breastmilk but that it gives me so much flexibility and easier on me. I’m still learning, but so far I’ve been really successful.

    I’m actually power pumping as I’m watching this! ����

  • Thanks for this informational video. I was wondering if it’s smart to breastfeed and also transfer milk to a bottle to get some help? How successful can that be?

  • Hi Bridget, I just recently came across your channel and currently binging all your content as I wait and prepare for baby to arrive. Currently 37 weeks! They are so helpful and full of great information. Love your positivity. Keep it up!

  • Hi Bridget! I have gestational diabetes and my doctors wants to induce me at 39 weeks. However, my sugar levels have been have been pretty manageable and my baby is in the normal weight range so far (I’m 34weeks). I would rather not be induced until 40 weeks. What do you think? P.s I recently found your channel and have been binge watching your videos for the past several days. Love your videos, very informative! I purchase your recommend birth ball on amazon and I love it already!

  • I really needed this video! I’ve been exclusively pumping since baby was born in July and I’ve heard SO many opinions and so many false facts that led to mastitis �� thank you for this you’re always such a help! ��

  • Question: throughout the 1hr session ya used the same bottles and pump..which means ya pumped milk over already pumped milk is tat fine and dont ya have to sterilise ya pump or bottles if ya taking breaks and pumping again or is the entire hour considered as 1 session and hence fine?

  • Bonjour, je suis maman d’un bébé d’un mois et 3 semaines allaiter en mixte je souhaite passé en exclusif LM j’ai commencé hier par la suppression des 2 biberon sur 4 il est collé à mes sein depuis hier pour stimuler la lactation car j’ai plus assez de lait mais j’ai l’impression qu’il tète pas efficacement et il s’endort beaucoup qu’est-ce que vous me conseiller?