What sort of Assistance to Determine That You are Likely to Have Newborn Twins


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The kind of help you may be considering can come in many forms—from hiring full-time childcare to volunteer assistance with chores and meals. How to Prepare for Bringing Home Twins Tips for Arranging Help. You can also have your parents move in for the first few months to help you. If you do not have these means, hire nannies or babysitters to help you manage the two infants. Join a twin moms’ group.

You can join some local or online clubs formoms of twins. These groups help parents connect with each other and share experiences, tips, and. Baby nurses are specifically there to care for your babies and give you a break for example, if you’re getting no sleep whatsoever, a baby nurse can take a turn getting up with the babies at.

Keeping the twins on the same feeding, sleeping and activity schedule means that you can plan your day more efficiently and not feel like you are running around 24/7 with no respite. Think about who you can organize to help aside from your partner with tasks such as feeding. Waterproof Mattress Cover. Portable Crib (aka “Pack N’ Play”) Portable Crib Sheets. Changing Table (or use the top of a children’s dresser) Changing table pad (to place on top of changing table; or can convert any dresser top into a changing table) need for twins.

Changing Table Pad Covers (6) Dresser. Hangers. When you’re pregnant with twins, expect the unexpected. Educate yourself on the warning signs of preterm labor, the warning signs of preeclampsia, and read.

But they don’t have twins. And while it’s usually best to respond to a newborn’s needs, whether the clock says it’s time to eat or not, twin babies are a special case. Here’s why: If your precious bundles don’t get synced up, you could be on nonstop, round-the-clock duty, putting one newborn to sleep while the other rouses from a. Bringing home a newborn baby can be an exciting and terrifying time for new and seasoned parents alike. Here are all the things you need to know to help you navigate caring for your newborn.

Your uterus is going to be stretching far more than it would with a standard pregnancy, and this can sometimes cause uterine cramps that can be far more severe than normal. So if you’re experiencing a lot of uterine cramping, especially early on in your pregnancy, that could be a sign of twins!For example, if you’re going to drop off a meal, don’t send a million texts asking about ideal menu or time of delivery, just figure it out and drop it off!” ― Marion Haberman, a writer and content creator for the YouTube channel My Jewish Mommy Life and a mother to two sons.

List of related literature:

Women who are pregnant with multiples— twins, triplets, and more—require some specialized care.

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Primary care for twins and higher order multiples.

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Prevention of prematurity in twins.

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Twins: prevalence, problems, and preterm births.

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Seek support from extended family, provide parenting instruction, attend support group for parents with twins, and identify community resources available for the family.

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With twins or multiples, always be prepared for more than one resuscitation, and call for assistance.

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Feeding twins, whether by breast or bottle, also requires some special strategies, and the doctor can provide advice and support.

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All mothers of triplets or more must arrange for extra practical help well before the babies are born.

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If the four siblings have been properly cared for through offerings and prayers during your pregnancy, they will help during your child’s birth.

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  • If there heads are slouching in the car seats you need to figure out a way to fix it because if there heads slouch forward to much and there air ways get blocked there still not strong enough to lift there heads up and unblock there air ways so just be really careful.

  • I had a feeling it was twins as soon as I found out. My mum was a twin and her sister had twins.
    My signs: I tested postive 3/4 days BEFORE my missed period, so about 9 days into my waiting period. The test line showed before the control line around the time my period was due. I’m in week 5 so not long before my scan to find out!

  • Took test at 8 DPO and got a positive… before I took my test at 6 DPO I had nausea. Not severe, but it gets bad if I don’t eat something every 2 hours. (Didn’t have this with first pregnancy until 9 weeks)
    I’m now experiencing fatigue at 4 weeks.
    I feel like I’m pregnant with twins.
    My aunt on my mothers side had triplets at 27 yrs old with no fertility treatment… so I have a higher chance too.
    We’ll find out at 10 weeks!

  • Pretty much what I’ve learn from watching these videos is if you have twins you’re royally fucked lol literally every twin video or article is just like “yeah it’s super hard you’ll never survive” lol

  • I’m currently pregnant with twins and I had 4 negative tests after I was late for my period by 2 weeks. I had worse morning sickness with my first baby than I do now

  • Hi Kenda hoping youll give me some advice I know all babies are different expecting twins in one month I am getting the rock n plays but do you think I should get the docatots as well? opinions? That would be greatly appreciated! Hope you are your littles are doing great

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  • Love, love, love your baby videos. I am only 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby and you calm me so much. I’m so nervous! Please keep us posted on your favorites every few months! Love these items! PsYOUR GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  • I’m due in August and I’m thinking I’m going to watch your whole playlist of pregnancy and newborn videos. Your girls are so precious!

  • Hello, I am pregnant with twins boys. And they say they are supposed to be born on the 28 of this month. However, from what I researched, they are born early. It is the 21st and they still in my belly. What does that mean?

  • according to me I am 6 weeks 6 days, But 3 days ago I had a HCG test and It was 43,000 which I think was high. I have an appt tomorrow morning.

  • I am so glad I found your channel! I have 2 week old twin girls & your videos are helpful… & I don’t know what time/day it is. The coolest pjs we received actually have magnet snaps. So easy!

  • I am excited about the Fisher Price Rock n Plays! I’m expecting twins in April and threw these on my registry some time ago. There are two versions the kind that rocks on it’s own (auto rock n play) and the kind you rock manually. So glad to hear you are loving yours!

  • I Really think I’m pregnant with Twins!! All my tests are negative even blood test!! I’m 8 weeks and these are my symptoms that started at 3 1/2 weeks:

    Extreme Fatigue
    Nausea/ vomiting
    Restless Legs
    Movement in two locations
    Brown spotting
    No appetite
    Uncontrollable Gas
    Very emotional (crying)
    Mouth blisters
    Body burning on
    the inside
    Bigger belly
    Vivid dreams that
    Im carrying twins

    Can anyone else relate
    that is or was pregnant with twins??

  • if their behind the ears is cracked and dry it could be eczema defiantly talk to their peds its very common in babies and if so putting oils on is isn’t good

  • I just found out I am pregnant, and you’re worrying me lol. I’m only 4 weeks right now and I’m soooo exhausted and I’m so hungry, and I hate the smell of EVERYTHING. It would be just my luck to have a multiple pregnancy for my first. I’ve been trying for over a year and I’d be fortunate enough to get a 2 in 1 lol. I’m so thankful even if I just have one. Female bodies are amazing!

  • Instacart has been my lifesaver ���� I paid for a year subscription so my delivery is free for now. I understand how this can be an extra expense with twins, but it has lifted a lot of the stress. My twin girls are 6.5 months and schedules are imperative! I love your channel. ��

  • I am expecting fraternal twins in July ❤️ I am also the mother of a 4 year old and 2 year old (boys). �� This video is wonderful and has helped me to better plan what I need to specifically cater to the needs of my twins! Thank you so much for this!!! ��

  • Thank you for this video.
    Please if you were to choose between Spectra 2 double electric and Zomee double electric breast pumps which would you have taken? I need either or.

  • I ended up buying my breast pump today since my insurance took long to send me one but I just noticed that on amazon it’s 156 and I paid 199 you think target will do a price match after I already bought it and used it?

  • Can someone please gimme details of there pregnancy w twins I feel like I might have twins but won’t find out till the 24th and I wanna know if my signs are twins or one I literally feel like puking but don’t and on top of that I put pee on 1 stick it didn’t come but I think it was broken I put pee on another it came out really fast then with my first 2

  • I have one year old boy/girl twins and when they were younger if one of them was crying the other was soothed and entertained and as soon as one baby would stop crying the other would start

  • Im pregnant with twins too.. 8weeks first pregnancy.. no vomit, no nausea,no dizziness, fatigue not so much bt i feel sleepy sometimes, bt i have bad acidity and bloated… my iron is okey.. bt suddenly my thyroid hormones go up..

  • These waterproof liners from target are a lifesaver with my 3 week old. They come in a three pack and I have one in his cradle, in his swing and on his changing table. They’re a bit less of an eye sore and so easy to wash!

  • Girl you’re a rockstar. You look so good for them being 8 weeks postpartum. I was a hot mess �� I couldn’t imagine twins. My 5 month old is already a huge handful! �� But I wouldn’t change it for anything ❤

  • Just use aeroflow or edgepark to get your insurance pump. They’ll handle everything. No need for you to fight with a potentially ignorant insurance rep.

  • Texas??? Omg please say Houston! �������� Just found out about my twinnies and have been hooked on your videos! First time momma, also with no family in Texas, so I’ll take all the tips I can get!! ��

  • Im 14 weeks pregnant with twins, And I had only a few symptoms the low iron, and hunger pangs…. There Were no other signs, I about died when I got my first ultrasound and lady said it twins ��������

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  • It was crazy when you announced your baby names because I had already picked out my twin girl names (since then I found out I am having one of each) and Violet was my #1 girl name ��❤️❤️

  • We have the auto rock n play for my daughter (5 months old today!) and it is worth every penny. Rocks on its own at two different speeds!

  • Hopefully this video randomly popping up in my feeds is a sign twins are comin for me,been wanting twins for years..will let ya know.x

  • i seriously wish we could be real life friends! the vibe you give off is so amazing and natural. love your videos and seeing you as a mom!!

  • I found out yesterday I’m having identical twins due October 2020 I watched your 2019 video then came over to this one Again, such a super helpful video especially as a first time mum!

  • Thanks for this awesome video! I’m a FTM with twin boys coming in April (hopefully not sooner). I have some dog pee pads leftover as well and planned to use them on the change pad as well glad I’m not the only one thinking that way lol.

  • I have really bad cramps in the middle of the night. All 4 of the tests I took came out positive right away. Didn’t even take more than 2 minutes and the lines were all super dark. I’m going to the doctor on Wednesday to see how far I am �� I really am not ready to be pregnant but it’s definitely Gods blessing and his gift to me. ����❤️ I am grateful and blessed.

    I would love twins but I’m not even ready to be pregnant ������ I’m ready to be a momma but not pregnant��

  • Idk how anyone can where pants I literally can not and I’m 18 weeks my baby gets so irritated with it. Even though it’s stretch pants or night short that are loose. My belly was hard and the baby was hitting and rubbing from one side to the other..

  • The cross on the onesie ALSO means that if they have a blow out that you can pull it down so you don’t have to pull a poopy onesie over their head.

  • This hit home in a big way. Even though had one kid, very active one and hated sleeping…and I moved to a new place. Home delivery groceries is a gift from God!

  • Thank you for this video! I’ve found your channel helpful and informative I found it the day we discovered we were expecting twins (due this summer)!:)

  • I have a 15,13,9 yr old plus twin babies. I’ve given up on sanity!! ���� If I just had the twins I’d be sooooo fine! �� They’re easy!

  • It’s good to get your babies used to sleeping through noises and sounds. From the first day our baby Rainbow was born we started getting her used to sleeping and napping through sounds and noises, outside, in stores, shopping malls, etc. Let me tell you, it’s awesome! No stress or worry of whether or not she would wake up. We can use our normal voice tones, play music or the tv, literally do whatever and she sleeps through it all:D <3 Your babies are beautiful! <3

    Just a friendly comment:)

  • I am current. April 2020. I will be having healthy twin boys just like you,amen�� Keep shining! Keep inspiring! You’re sucha superstar momma��

  • Thank you for doing this video! Baby registries are very overwhelming when you are a first time mom. I’ll take all the advice I can get. Thank you again for sharing your family and experiences. Your family is beautiful!

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