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Can Giving Birth Permanently Change Your Brain?

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Oct. 25, 2010 ”Mommy brain ” used to describe that spacey, sleep -deprived state when new moms tend to forget things and act scatterbrained may not be the whole story on what happens to. “Pregnancy brain” is real, and it can affect your postpartum brain as well. In fact, half of new moms still felt super sleepy 18 weeks after giving birth, according to a study published in PLOS.

The researchers found increased activity in the amygdala — the part of the brain responsible for emotional processing — in both mothers and fathers who were their babies’ primary caregivers. In. Kayla is a wife and a mother of three. She enjoys sarcasm, lacks a certain filter, and has no problem calling things out as she sees them.

The Cause of Mom Brain: Keeping Up With a Mom’s Busy Schedule. Mom’s are notorious for keeping the schedule of the entire family. These are the words and the sentiment that I have read about on parenting sites and overheard in my own social circles as people discuss “mommy brain,” the made-up term to characterize what happens.

It’s easy to laugh off such lapses as “mommy brain,” but there remains a cultural belief that pregnancy and child care impact a woman’s cognition and mental life, long after a baby is born. Women. Once upon a time writers of baby books downgraded “mommy brain” to a spacey stage of foggy brain and forgetting where you put the car keys.

That was old school. While there is some truth to this forgetfulness – we believe that it’s the brain’s way of telling mom to dial down multi-tasking mental stuff and focus more on your baby. As far as I am concerned, mom brain is a disease, disorder, illness, condition whatever you want to call it that plagues me daily. It’s impairs the normal function of my body and brain throughout the entire day, every single day. The moment I seem to feel like my old sharp self, a flare-up hits and sets me right back to square one.

You may have heard about little bouts of forgetfulness during pregnancy. It’s sometimes called momnesia or sometimes “pregnancy brain.” At least one Australian study has cast doubt on whether there. Study tests the truth behind “mom brain” By Paula Cohen May 26, 2015 / 1:03 PM / CBS News Becoming a mother does more than change a woman’s life it may actually change her brain.

New research.

List of related literature:

The phenomenon known as “mommy brain” is actually improving some areas of the brain while putting others on the back burner for a while.

“The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks” by Mike Dow
from The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks
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The brain is a metabolically expensive organ, and this confronts a mother with problems in providing nutrients for her baby, before and after birth.

“Levels of Selection in Evolution” by Laurent Keller
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Mommy Brain.

“The Buying Brain: Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind” by A. K. Pradeep
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The “Mommy Brain” or “placenta brain” as one of Dr H’s patients likes to call it, persists after delivery thanks to having a newborn in the house.

“Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Ari Brown, Michele Hakakha
from Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider’s Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Brain, Child is for and by mothers who like to think about what raising children does for and to the mind and soul.

“American Directory of Writer's Guidelines: More Than 1,700 Magazine Editors and Book Publishers Explain What They Are Looking for from Freelancers” by Stephen Blake Mettee, Michelle Doland, Doris Hall
from American Directory of Writer’s Guidelines: More Than 1,700 Magazine Editors and Book Publishers Explain What They Are Looking for from Freelancers
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Mother: Temporary difficulty in rational thought and in bearing down during birthing contractions.

“The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help a Woman Through Childbirth” by Penny Simkin
from The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help a Woman Through Childbirth
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The expectant brain: adapting for motherhood.

“Endocrinology: Adult and Pediatric E-Book” by J. Larry Jameson, Leslie J. De Groot
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Thatmeans brain development—not only for the mother, but for the infantdaughter, too,for someday she will becomea mother.

“Concepts and Theories of Human Development” by Richard M. Lerner
from Concepts and Theories of Human Development
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In fact, there are many terms for this phenomenon, from “pregnancy brain” to “baby brain” to “momnesia.”

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
from The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
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The old brain includes the reptilian and mammal brain and is the source of unconscious parenting reactions.

“Giving The Love That Heals” by Harville Hendrix, Helen Hunt
from Giving The Love That Heals
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  • Pine pollen from the white and long leaf pine trees (think yellow dust everywhere) is not only edible but quite palatable.use it to thicken soups and stews,make cold drinks and hot teas/broths,season meats and greens,and one of my favorites,bread chicken/fish/pork and vegetables for frying.not sure if it treats mommy brain but i think it would be worth looking into.

  • I’m nowhere near becoming a mom but ever since I hit puberty I’ve had baby fever. I can’t wait to put love and attention into my own little human some day and teach them the ways of life!

  • I had my dissertation during my third trimester and it was horrible, because I had so much trouble remembering my presentation even though I had presented bits and pieces of it before just fine.

  • My mother said that the only difference she noticed when she was pregnant is that she was always energetic. One day before I was born she painted my whole room.

  • Oh my god! I love how a very heart warming, sweet, intelligent lesson turned to a pitch for Kay Jewelers around 3:50.

    How many times did you have to redo that scene before you stopped laughing or cringing? Don’t worry, I get it. They are a sponsor, you say that up front, and your show does a lot of good. But that being said, wow. Just… wow.

  • The ad in the program is very annoying and I stopped it. How can the model keep a straight face and go from a science discussion to an ad promo? Ugh, this is the first time I have seen anything like this. Please warn us beforehand that we are going to be subject to advertising.

  • I wonder if the brain changes also occur to the other family members living with babies? I recently got a baby sister, so has my brain gotten more grey matter or is it more significant in mothers?

  • What about MSBP moms who feel rewarded by withholding food from their children. And feel rewarded by torturing their children, sometimes to death! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Thanks for retarding me!

  • Diamonds are worthless and the prevalence of their role in special events like weddings and Mother’s Day is a total scam/marketing ploy by the Debeers corporation. Treat your mom to a nice meal, pick out some flowers and give her a handwritten letter telling her how much you appreciate her. It’s cheaper and way more meaningful.

  • Literally 6 seconds into this video, stopped to note that I have children and have never heard of “mom brain” before. This is why I watch this channel, I learn something new all the time:)

  • The thing the made me smile (grin)
    When i was still a kid was When my Caregiver Chased me around the house with a Knife when i had a fight with her Daughter we were around 5 yr olds, it made me smile when i took all the keys in the house & locked myself in a room & she couldn’t Get in until my parents came home. ^^

  • so it is true females become baby rabies idiots once they breed. and the ones that don’t get the reward system with the new baby, truly see how hellish parenthood really is.

  • I noticed that she wore a high-cut shirt today, that should result in less nasty comments. If people weren’t so shitty to begin with we wouldn’t have these problems.

  • Who else has spent hours looking for something that is either right in front of you, or in your hand.. THE WHOLE TIME YOU WERE LOOKING FOR IT.
    I can’t be the only one… lol

  • But why do babies cry that much? No other animal baby is so loud and annoying. I don’t think that it was helpful in stone age either (attracting predetors etc.)

  • Im a father, something must of happened to my brain as well, my love and feelings of happiness around my son is profound to me, I can’t imagine a life without him

  • Children cause brain damage… but they are worth it…I’m pretty sure. I love my kids! It reminds me of the drug commercials they used to have when we were growing up. “This is your brain” see ��. “This is your brain �� after kids or drugs.” �� “Any questions?”

  • dumbed down science and facts for generalized commidty production of a entertainment service with a strong liberal-extreme bias. Thats D news

  • my mom always talks about the first sign that she was pregnant with me was she picked up a friend to go to the movies and then drove to the grocery store.

  • There were 6 of us growing up,so when the yelling started it was what we call the “litany of the saints” till she remembered who she was yelling at

  • Kind of a dumb title, don’t you think? Of COURSE pregnancy “helps your baby”, DUH. The baby wouldn’t exist without your pregnancy.

  • I think people are missing the point here…pregnancy is nothing to be afraid of, nor are the changes that take place in the brain. These shifts allow women to become better mothers and focus on caring for their children. Its a gift.

  • thank you for sharing this valuable information. The video is full of knowledge that you need TO KNOW MORE CLICK HERE- http://pregnancydiet.nutriwellindia.com/forgetfulness-in-pregnancy/

  • Experiencing this right now and my baby is almost 2 months old, hoping it’ll go away cause it makes me look like an absolute idiot ����‍♀️

  • Hey Scisshow psych, why does it feel like a parent would love their oldest child more than their others? Do you have scientific background on this please?

  • If I go to the bathroom, my brain and body will change. If I eat, my brain and body will change. Basically, if I do anything, my brain and body will change. Oh yeah, one more, If I look at food, BAM, dopamine. <)

  • I was quite proud of myself. I managed to recall 5/6 words on the delayed recall test. (I forgot cousin). And I consider myself to have a poor memory

  • But these side effects happen to me when I’m on my period. And I’ve read where that everything I experience is common, but no one talks like it’s something that affects anyone.

  • I’m currently pregnant I my second and I can a) vouch for the memory loss and b) vouch that it can last forever. �� I’m such an intelligent person when I’m not growing another human!! ��

  • That doesnt bode well for me. I am pregnant and since my 1st child, i have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder… and that increase in hormones looked… scary. O.O

  • I have to help my social studies teacher find his marker…. and my math teacher find her 6 pairs of glasses ( most of the time they’re on her head…)��

  • What part of “mom brain” is the part that makes them think they are suddenly the smartest person on the planet and must have uneducated opinions on everything? (maybe i’m pregnant).

  • I’m 38 weeks pregnant and it’s totally a thing. I’ll get to the kitchen and forget why I’m there. So frustrating cuz now I don’t know what to eat..

  • Pregnancy also effects GnRH (gonadotrphin releasing hormone) neuron count and GnRH output. As GnRH is also related to status in a hierarchy it is difficult to say whether because of the way we view pregnancy this has an effect on a person’s status and effects their GnRH output. Confusion also comes from increased GnRH output during pregancy from the developing baby. This could be a source of post-natal depression though?

  • There seems to be a gap in the “cognitive approach” regarding “emotions” this is what I am mostly interested in myself. And I think I have made great strides in understanding how we are as a whole with actually looking at “neuroscience”, “theories of consciousness” and “sociology” and approaches such as “post-humanist psychology”. Though to be honest, I was forced into such an in-depth approach to validate my perspectives due to “an overwhelming opposition to any appeal for compassion”.

    Below is a comment briefly explaining how the brain ‘works’ as best I understand it, that I used to destroy a 100 comment long thread on “youtube” that included “attack helicopters” (genuinely, trigger warning I guess took me 3 years of research to know this). I don’t identify how it relates to sex, sexuality or gender. But if you read it with the knowledge that this understanding came from researching sex, sexuality and gender then you’ll get the idea hopefully. You may find it useful? No worries though: –

    (I am not an expert) Just a basic outline (which likely contain errors) of the brain as I understand if anyone is interested. Without getting into the issue of sex and gender (which I am just not going to entertain basically): –

    Areas of the brain that are involved with pain are the cingulate cortex and the pre and post central gyrus. The central gyrus connects deep into the brain and maps the body (hands, feet head etc..). The cingulate cortex connects to the insular and the ventro medial prefrontal cortex, which are parts of our brain dedicated to social interactions and emotional control. Physical awareness and working memory reside in the dorso lateral prefrontal cortex which we can use to modify our sensations of pain in the cingulate gyrus and central gyrus (i.e. ignore pain). Whereas activity in the ventro medial prefrontal cortex is associated with an increase in pain sensation.

    [I am currently concerned about a paper entitled “Psychological Entropy: A Framework for Understanding Uncertainty-Related Anxiety” – or, EMU (Entropy Model of Uncertainty), which I have only just picked up, but my concerns (which maybe unfounded) centre around the framing of “anxiety” and “goals”, as I am aware that manipulation of other parts of the brain via the dorso lateral prefontal cortex and suppression of the ventro medial pre frontal cortex are involved in hypnosis/brain washing.]

    All the above areas connect to the limbic system. Of which the amygdala (fight or flight, internal awareness, contextual fears), hippocampus (learning and memory), and the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (startle response and non-contextual anxiety) are all connected to each other. These all have receptors for dopamine (neurogenisis), serotonin (mood regulation), noradrenaline (Norepinephrine), cortisol (blood sugar levels so relates to stores of energy in the body), oxytocin (muscle contractions i.e. milk lactation in females) and vasopressin (anti-diuretic i.e. stops urine production) among others. Dopamine is negatively correlated with increases in prolactin (milk production in females); cortisol is negatively correlated with oxytocin; vasopressin is negatively correlated with oxytocin.

    The above described in the limbic system connect with the Hypothalmic-Pituatory-Adrenal Axis (hypothalamus controls basic metabolism; Pituatory controlling gonadal hormone output e.g. puberty; Adrenal glands of the kindeys to increase alertness), as well as the nucleus accumbens and pallidum (reward) that both together have receptors for dopamine and oxytocin and vasopressin.

    At the onset of sleep, cortisol, noradrenaline and dopamine levels drop. While serotonin and vasopressin levels rise. During REM dream sleep, oxytocin levels rise and vasopressin levels drop, associated with an increase in activity of the ventro medial prefrontal cortex. During sleep the ventro medial prefrontal cortex filters memories stored in the hippocampus for intergration into the rest of the cerebral cortex something that happens 10 hours or more a day as a baby sleeps, but reduces to just a few hours a day for adults and much less by old age. This forms the basis of talk therapy to recontextualise and reduce the emotional content of traumatic memories (as first formally used for soldiers suffering from shell shock post traumatic stress disorder during world war one).

    The ventro medial prefrontal cortex also releases endorphins which act similar to opiod pain killers which act to reduce pain and stress. Endorphins are released by the ventro medial prefrontal cortex when we laugh or cry for example.

  • Since my mom moved in with me I have noticed a cup of coffee in the microwave after the reminder beeps and beeps at least once a day.

  • I’ve never been interested in having my own biological children, but I’m curious to know if similar effects appear in people with adopted babies.

  • Well I’m not pregnant, but I just came home from a night out at a bar and by the end of the video I remembered the first two words as “weather cats”… all things considered, I feel like I’m doing pretty well.

  • Hi, don’t know if there’s a better place to put episode suggestions. I’d be interested in seeing an episode about nutrition and brain function and whether claims of supplementing certain vitamins and minerals have any backing by research. I’m particularly interested in those said to help with stress/anxiety and mood regulation. There’s a lot of claims and they make the science hard to find.

    You could probably get another episode out of covering the claims of herbal supplements too; ginko biloba, siberian ginseng, kava, valerian, chamomile…

  • dha/epa deficiency due to their requirement in baby’s brain development and its also in breastmilk
    wow i solved that quickly, right?

  • I like your show but hearing an educated person say “pregnant people” instead of “pregnant women” makes me cringe in the literal way

  • Maybe it’s nature’s way to help a mother forget a lot of the pain of childbirth (or at least some of the most painful parts of it) to increase the odds that she would not stop at just one kid.

  • Great, the video points out that your brain changes when you give birth… And wash your car, text a friend… Basically, doing what it always does

  • Does this also happen to a family of 5 guys whose brother has 2 baby girls? I love my nieces and babysit them pretty often, there’s just something about the whole thing. I feel like a parent, it’s frustrating at times but I just can’t say no to them. I’m definitely training to be a dad, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. Too much work lol.

  • HA! I actually have FURR-KID-BRAIN! <^..^> MEOW!! I Cater to Bob Cat’s every 7 year old Need,Take better care of him,My backyard Wild Life than I do of ME!:-)?????

  • god damn parasites, I won’t support your fucking sponsor anyone can do your job you morons, youtube already compensates people for views and you have plenty of them, the only way you’d get my money is over my dead body.

  • I had a horrendous case of pregnancy brain, and it definitely stuck around for at least few months. At least it served a purpose I guess.

  • Who are these people? What are their credentials? What’s their eduction? From where do they obtain their info? What evidence supports their info without plagiarizing?

  • I had that with all three kids. I guess it’s because pain birth is one of the most painful things in the world and often pretty traumatic and we don’t have heats, so no sure way to ensure we reproduce, especially with how terrible birth is. So I would say it’s to make us forget how shitty birth is, so we are more likely to have another pregnancy.
    With every kid I would wonder why I had sworn to not have another kid, I mean they are adorable. And surely birth wasn’t that bad? And then I would be in labor, curse everything and swear to not have another baby again. The last time stuck, though.

  • Truth!!! (And then add chemotherapy to that and you have no brain!! I had breast cancer with a double mastectomy at the beginning of February. I am now going on to my 3rd (of 4) chemo treatments next Thursday.) Thank you for making me laugh!����

  • Start with some mild electrical stimulation to your neck and shoulders followed by some robust columbian blend. (Coffee).fresh squeezed lemon water.little niblets of dark chocolate periodically throughout the day.wrap it up with 2 or 3 glasses of wine and a nice relaxful nap for a happy alert mommy.I can’t say enough about COLLARD GREENS.good for your joints,skin,and BRAIN.they help prevent dementia which is a nice way of saying alzheimers.collards are a highly cultivated plant of eastern north carolina and dirt cheap nutrition.nature’s food and supplemental health medicinals.just ask the tribes native to the region.

  • I always wondered why mothers are so plain stupid sometimes. Many mothers start to get less intelligent than a 12yo, which I cant really believe should be good for the baby.
    But I have to say, morning-sickness really stops me from taking too many drugs, so in that case it’s a really nice evolutionary thing

  • I got a question: why is human’s sense of smell so weak compared to that of many other mammals? (also, if it hasn’t been covered yet: why and how does pregnancy affect our sense of smell?)

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