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Parents, How Could You Tell Your Twins Apart? (r/AskReddit)

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Nick wears red for St. Nick and Patrick wears green for St. Patrick.

This system is invaluable for helping others tell twins apart, especially in daycare or school situations. It is also helpful to use a color coding system when you take photographs of your twins. Looking back, you’ll always know who is who. Ways to Help People Tell Your Twins Apart Don’t Match Your Twins’ Clothes. Dressing twins alike is a divisive issue among the multiples community.

Some do, some Start Each Day The Right Way. As you enter class each day, greet the teacher and give him/her a clear indication of who Dress Code. How do you tell the twins apart? that is the most common thing we hear, “Which one is Ava, which one is Alexis?” The McClure Twins are identical, but even id.

DNA testing became a standard legal tool for identifying criminal suspects and resolving paternity disputes. But for all its power, the test. Answered February 28, 2016 · Author has 9.3K answers and 16.2M answer views.

For visual identity, the only other way is to have one of the girls ears pierced (with a sleeper stud), and the other not; alternatively one with a sleeper stud in one ear (left), and the other with the right ear pierced. Thanks to Cole’s role as Jughead Jones in Riverdale, it’s actually pretty easy to tell the twins apart. Cole’s hair is dyed much darker. To tell twins apart, look at their belly buttons!

Navels are scars from the detachment of the umbilical cord after birth, so they aren’t caused by genetics. If both you and your partner have a history of multiples in the family, your chances of conceiving twins is higher. This is especially true for women who have fraternal twins. In general, the idea of good and evil identical twins, and the culture’s eagerness to deploy those labels to help tell siblings apart, is inaccurate and potentially damaging. Some believe that IVF can also increase your chances of having identical twins but research doesn’t support this.

Fertility drugs increase the odds of you releasing several eggs at the same time by stimulating your ovaries. These kinds of drugs increase your chances of having twins or multiples to 10% or higher, up to as much as 30%. 7.

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If you have trouble telling your identical babies apart, try these labels: a bracelet on one, painting toenails different colors, cutting one’s hair differently, and identifying clothing.

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And if they keep on this way, only you and the folks who see them every day will be able to tell them apart, for I’ve never seen two twins look so much the same.

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There are many different ways to keep twins together while allowing them some time apart: (1) Identical twins can wear different outfits and hairstyles, and/or possibly name tags, to distinguish between them.

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You can always tell twins apart if you know them well.

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During a routine prenatal class, a couple approaches you and reveals that they are expecting twins.

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For example, I made up small flashcards and large posters with one-line facts about DNA and genetics (e.g. ‘Identical twins do not have identical DNA.‘) for people to read before, during and after the activity.

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They will see their parents making comparisons, such as ‘Have the curtains shrunk?’, ‘How heavy is the new baby now?’ or ‘How long will the car journey take?’

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Parents often give their identical twins names that are similar, dress them alike, treat them in the same way, and, in general, accentuate their similarities.

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Talk to the parents of identical twins and they’ll very often tell you how their babies’ personalities were different from day one.

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“They didn’t know they were having twins?”

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  • I have friends who are twins and our mom’s are best friends who were pregnant at the same time. I’m two months younger than them, and from ages 2 months-10 years they were so identical that I was the only one who could tell them apart. Of course I wasn’t vocializing who was who at 2 months but that’s when we met

  • I am a twin I was born first 4 pounds 3 oz my sister was born 8 pounds 2 oz. So it was easy to tell is apart until in 2nd grade I almost caught up to my sister. Then by Middle School it was almost impossible to tell us apart. My parents would carry around a rolled pair of socks to throw at us to see what hand we use to catch them I’m right-handed my sister is left-handed. Bennett High School with your curveball cuz I’m ambidextrous and I can catch with both hands

  • I’m an identical twin and I can’t tell my twin sister and I apart from physical features alone in photos from when we were younger than 6. Our parents would dress my twin up in blue and me in pink. My twin sister and I still do this to this day, even when we don’t look much alike anymore.

  • one day I’ll be able to properly tell them apart without thinking about it for too long�� but i cannot get over how much all 3 boys look alike! They’re all so beautiful❤

  • I sometimes thought if (with consent from the parents) the babies were so identical the doctor would give them a sort of scar/birthmark so they can be told apart. Nothing too big ofcourse.

  • I’m a girl with a brother who’s two years younger than me. When we were about 7 and 5, we used to look so identical that I used to dress up in his clothes, put my hair up in a hat, and imitate his mannerisms around my mom and she couldn’t tell the difference. He’d be watching from the sidelines snickering. We did this regularly until finally our mum caught on.

  • As an identical twin myself, my mom used to tell us apart by the scratches I had on my face due to my sister. One was dressed in pink and one was dressed in purple. My mom used to give us our signature hairstyles (pigtail(s) so she could tell us apart. Our voices are different tones, me being the higher one. I feel it’s easy to tell twins apart if you take the time to learn and spend time with each one.

  • 1:10 my dad, aunts and cousins are twins….Some days it’s obvious they’re different, other days it’s hard. For my dad it’s easy but if my uncle is over and I didn’t know I get totally confused. Once they were out on the veranda talking and I called for my dad and my uncle answered and I kinda sensed it was off so when I went out there and saw two of my dad I was verry confused. I was about 16/17 (it was also dark so I couldn’t see very

  • I’m a fraternal triplet and many times, people mistook my sister and I all the time even though we look nothing alike. Also, people sometimes believe that my brother and her were twins and I’m just a older sibling, friend, or relative.

  • My cousins are twins and I can’t tell them apart until they speak. They both whine when they speak, they don’t do it intentionally, but one has a deeper voice. That didn’t start working until we hit puberty. Before then, we relied on who had the scar from when I hit one of them with a bottle. I’m thinking about giving her another scar since that happened when we were babies and that was 20 years ago (that’s so weird to say.)

  • i am also a teen mom to indentical twin girls named Ashleigh and Olivya (Pronounced Ashley and Olivia) who are almost a year and a half and im about to turn 16! me and my bf are thinking about starting youtube what do you guys think? and sophie i love u too

  • Me and my little sister looked exactly the same as babies/ toddlers, she just had brown eyes. You’d think this helps telling us apart in baby photos, but shitty 90’s camera + my weird color changing eyes and this is not quarantee. Our parents can obvi tell, but we have to guess based on location, clothes, aprox time, and situation of the picture. Doesn’t help that she inherited all my clothes and toys.

  • You’re only 17! And you have twins! You’re boyfriend or husband is so ugly like you! Haha, I’m so glad I don’t have kids like you, you nasty pussy

  • I’m a girl my twin is a boy but we got asked if we were identical a lot of the time even though I’m brunette and he is blonde, then others say we aren’t twins cuz we don’t look alike. But we had twin to twin transfusion which caused health problems so I’m almost a foot shorter than him and wasn’t breathing HE ALMOST K I L L E D ME. But yeah I usually get asked what’s it like being a twin and I usually think to myself how am I supposed to answer that. But my brother has speech impediment which is easy to hear if you ever have a conversation with him. I was able to translate for him when we were little and even to this day I can still understand what he’s trying to say.

  • I knew some identical twins and I knew which one was which because one had a mole in the same place I do and this kind of sound mean but her name was my favorite out of the two. Also I know/knew some other identical twins. I only knew which one was which when one cut her hair and I was hanging out with her that day. I still have to ask which one she is every so often.

  • Put your files on dropbox too.. hard drives can crash and you can lose everything so back it up to dropbox too. you can download dropbox to your laptop. super easy.

  • I LOVE their names. The only thing that would worry me is that they both get the same nickname “Kai/Cai” since both have a Kai/Cai in their name. But of course they can control that and if they’re together a lot they obviously wouldnt be nicknamed the same, haha. Just thought maybe later at school or something. Anyway, I love their names and they’re just ADORABLE!

  • Did any one else hear him say she stone not even a minute in tbh I would too it help with stress and anxiety and depression with having two newborns

  • I randomly started watching your videos one day while I was pregnant. I knew what I was naming my son and I started watching before you announced the babies names. I named my son Luke and my fiances name is Josh. What really messed with me though is he has a cousin who he’s SUPER close with whos named Zeke. Just thought it was so funny that I randomly clicked on your video one day and there was so many similarities. I love watching your videos enjoy seeing the babies grow. ����

  • this isn’t technically twins, but me and my cousin were 3 days apart and identical from sisters. Everytime someone came over for a holiday, someone would end up not eating and someone would end up not getting a diaper changed. At that time our voices were identical too.

  • My mom & auntie are twins☺️�� the way I tell them apart is that my mom has an oval face is my aunts is more round. I’ve noticed this on a lot of twins!

  • For years my entire family thought one of the photos in our family album was of me(22F) and my second oldest brother. It took us 13years to realize that the female(5year old me) was actually my brother who is 1year older than me. I have no idea how we made this mistake. I have a clear birthmark on my right cheek, he does not. He is taller than me. Also I never played football. But for some reason the mix up happened and it’s always fun to poke fun of him for being a pretty girl when he was younger.

  • I think my favorite part was the “no I like my strawberry” because I have one of those on the top of my head and I have health conditions so my hair has thinned in certain areas and we’ve been told I can get rid of it and I used to call it a cherry ��

  • I knew a pair of twins in one of my classes. I felt so bad about getting them mixed up that I spoke to one of their friends about telling them apart since he knew them the longest. I guess the longer you know them, the more differences you can spot between them.

  • Not an identical twin but my friend is one. I’ve been friends with her for 3 years now and even at the 1 year mark it was easy to tell them apart. I once went to their house and saw one of them for a half a second in the window around the door. I immediately knew it was the other twin even though I had such little time to differentiate between the two. You kinda just realize the tiny differences between them ex. one has a slightly deeper voice than the other and a little larger face.

  • I have this super power where I can pick out all the differences between identical twins I just can’t pinpoint the name like for example the Dobre Brothers one has a birthmark on the chin the other one has a birthmark on their cheek one has more smile lines and the other ones got more dimples

  • I am not related to the twins, but I have several different friends that are twins. One set, in particular, look almost identical, but I am one of the few people who is able to tell them apart. They haven’t told me which one is older, but I really don’t care as they are both sweethearts and I can easily tell them apart.
    For example, One has sharper features with more butch energy (she’s questioning her gender and also full gay for girls), while the other has a much softer face with more done to her hair. Their voices are also different. Valencia (not her real name) tends to wear darker clothes while Carol (again not her real name) tends to wear lighter too. It’s minor stuff like that which make it easier for me. I’ve known them for the least amount of time, but I can tell them apart better than my other friend. They also have distinctly different personalities and both are wonderful friends.

  • Even before this vid I knew how to tell them apart Alex has a mole at the side of his right eye and Alan has a whole mark on his neck below the chin

  • I always wondered if a set of identical twins have the wrong names because the parents mixed them up. Ex: born Emma but has grown up janet

  • Friends in school were twins, and they had an older sister. They looked like identical triplets. I can’t remember now how I told them apart, but it felt natural. I never mixed them up. They appreciated that.

  • We had our ears pierced as babies and my mom put little silver hoops on my sister and gold on me. But I also had a very bright blue vein on my eyelid

  • I have cousins that are twins and when they were babies so many people thought it was so hard to tell them apart but I spent so much time with them (they are only 6 months younger than me) that it has always been easy for me to tell them apart. I’ve even had to tell my aunt and uncle which kid was which in baby pictures but they way I’ve always told them apart was that the “older” one (by like 30 mins lol) was always chunkier and has a wider face where the other has more narrow features.

  • I’m an identical twin and my parents told us apart because I sucked on my ring and middle fingers, she sucked on her middle and pointer fingers. Also I got a scar on my forehead so we can tell my that in some pictures, and bangs didn’t work on my hair so she had bangs alot and I didn’t.

  • I have little sisters who are twins and they are ferternal and look completely different to me, but when friends or family who haven’t seen them that often can’t tell which is which in their photos up to 2 years. I always point it out no problem and it always never fails to get the response of ‘how?’.

  • So, didn’t have twins (keeping with Reddit replies). However I was super paranoid that the nurses would bring back the wrong baby.
    So, my 1sy child had a red spot between her brows & my 2nd child had a blue dot. I felt it was nature’s way of giving me some peace of mind.

  • I’m a twin and my mom would dress us alike and we just react to the other twins’ name because why not. She told us apart because I slept and my sister didn’t.