Using Leashes With Toddler Twins or Multiples



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Twins on leashes

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Sneak Peek: Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 3!

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Walking My Triplets On Leashes

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FULL DAY WITH 3 KIDS UNDER 2 YEARS (Newborn Twins + Toddler)

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In addition, some parents may feel uncomfortable about the extra attention generated by using leashes. Certainly, twins and other multiples are already in the spotlight when they go out in public. It is likely that your family will attract even more scrutiny when leashes or harnesses are used. I came across these articles regarding using child restraints “leashes” with twins or multiples. If anyone has any advice on using child restraints with their children, whether they were multiples or not, I would love to hear about it.

I might consider getting them for my escape artists! =). If you solely rely on the leashes to keep your twins in line, you’ll fail miserably. Your constant companion with the leashes should be setting expectations with your twins. Use the leashes as a safety net to keep them for wandering too far, but remember: twins aren’t dogs. Teach them to hold your hand and walk by your side.

Using Leashes With Toddler Twins or Multiples. By Pamela Prindle Fierro An Overview of Quadruplets in Multiple Birth. Medically reviewed by Joel Forman, MD Multiple Birth Gestation and Birthweight Data. By Pamela Prindle Fierro States With the Most and Least Number of Twin Births.

“No, you should not use a leash to control your toddler” Online managing editor, Nadine Silverthorne, mom of two. When my daughter was two, we were given an adorable ladybug backpack. As I unpacked the tissue paper stuffing, I found a long belt with a clip — it was a leash to attach to the backpack. As a toddler, Lucy was a tank of a girl. Squirmy, defiant, independent — she was a real.

Do not leave children unattended: Never leave your child unattended when using a leash. This includes attaching your end of the leash to something else and walking away. The leash can easily become a strangulation hazard. Teach children how to move in the leash: Toddlers can struggle with staying on balance. One of the most common risks for using a child leash is spills or falls.

A: Parents use toddler leashes to keep them safe, to keep them from bolting away from the parent, but still, give the toddler a sense of freedom. It could make going out into a crowded place a better experience for the parent and child if used correctly. The many visitors that came when the twins were born were now dwindling down. I’d officially be on my own. *Cue freak out moment!* Thankfully, it all worked out.

I somehow managed to survive those months alone with the twins (plus a three-year-old!) using these tips. 1. Put your twins on the same schedule. Twin parents are doubly blessed, but with quadruple the stress, especially during the constantly evolving baby and toddler years. While the rewards of raising twins far outweigh the challenges, it.

6 Discipline Tips That Work For Twin Toddlers These two smiling faces are the ones that come to my mind when I think of where I want to take my girls behaviour-wise in a year’s time. Their mommy in my opinion is a great example of the balance I am trying to achieve with Sugar and Spice when it comes to discipline.

List of related literature:

When you don’t have another pair of hands around to help, utilize such conveniences as baby carriers (you can use a large sling for two babies, use two slings, or tote one baby in a carrier and one in your arms), baby swings (some models can’t be used until a baby is six weeks old), and infant seats.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Ideally sit and relax with your toddler while she eats, and if you need to go and get something, then strap her in – if you’re only using the straps occasionally she probably won’t resist too much.

“Baby to Toddler Month by Month” by Simone Cave, Caroline Fertleman
from Baby to Toddler Month by Month
by Simone Cave, Caroline Fertleman
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The use of a chest harness on the child with a tether to an accompanying parent or adult is strongly recommended.

“The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual E-Book” by Christopher A. Sanford, Elaine C. Jong
from The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual E-Book
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If you don’t have one of those, your toddler should ride nestled between the legs of an adult or much older child.

“What to Expect: The Second Year” by Heidi Murkoff
from What to Expect: The Second Year
by Heidi Murkoff
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The “leashes” for toddlers are not ideal, but can keep a toddler from running off from a parent with a disability.

“Adult Physical Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistants” by Amy J Mahle, Amber L Ward
from Adult Physical Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistants
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Use stroller for walks.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children Multimedia Enhanced Version” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, Donna L. Wong, Annette Baker, R.N., Patrick Barrera, Debbie Fraser Askin
from Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children Multimedia Enhanced Version
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Put one in an infant carrier (like a Baby Bjorn) and one in a stroller, or both in a double stroller.

“Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Ari Brown, Michele Hakakha
from Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider’s Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Only used on keelboats, a safety harness should fit a child snugly without falling off the shoulders, and for small children, should have a strap between the legs.

“Sailing For Dummies” by J. J. Isler, Peter Isler
from Sailing For Dummies
by J. J. Isler, Peter Isler
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Use a sturdy child carrier that is safe and secure for the child and comfortable for you.

“Camping For Dummies” by Michael Hodgson
from Camping For Dummies
by Michael Hodgson
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Another wonderful labyrinthine stimulation strategy for the toddler is swinging in a bucket-seat-type toddler swing.

“Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft Revised Edition” by Mary Hopkins-Best
from Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft Revised Edition
by Mary Hopkins-Best
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  • Your babies are ADORABLE! ���� I empathize with the tantrums. I have a 2 year old boy �� He can throw down with the best of them hahahaha

  • girl i barely give my two year old 3 baths a week. well he has eczema so i just can’t unless he’s dirty. our 5 month old i only give him a bath once maybe twice a week.

    but crunchy? i’ve never heard that ��

  • Victoria, Victoria❤️ you are a amazing mom. I like that you share both the good and the “bad” sides of mom life. It’s hard but it’s amazing at the same time. On a other note, you look so pretty with no makeup! How?! ����❤️ this mama want some tips! ����

  • Im exhausted for you lol it is crazy how non-stop the twin mom life is! Does your gym watch your kids?? That sounds SO nice, I should look into that! I haven’t braved the library yet with my twins but you’ve inspired me to do so! It’s perfect entertainment on cold days.

  • My biggest frustration is Courtney. WORRY! As a Christian, we are directed not to worry, but pray and trust God. Yes it’s a process to learn, but we can grow. Worry produces nothing positive.
    And real life is not a photograph! Calls a lot of stress to the rest of the family. No matter how much you want to capture time, you can’t. Some moderation!

  • I am so happy to see your family growing and thriving. I came to suggest a ring sling for you and your husband for the twins. They are handy and when you go outside with Emma you can be practically hands free plus close baby snuggles!

  • Omg I’m in this same situation. My twins were born 3 weeks ago Friday. I’ve been trying to find other families going through the same. My oldest is 20 months. How old are your twins now?

  • Omg that is totally my 19m old lol she always wants my food even if she has the same thing �� and she still has her stork bite, it has lightened a little but is still very visible

  • OMG your back yard looks so good you guys. What a blessing to have such a big yard. Great for all the kids. Rachelle I know I have said this before but I’m going to say it again. How do you look so good and you have just given birth to twins? You honestly are glowing and your figure has come back just in a few weeks. You were born to have babies and you have the perfect family. Two little girls and two little boys. Your children are very lucky to have such hands on parents. ❤️����❤️����

  • They came off a heartbreaking loss and a couple of years later they were blessed with three beautiful Children. You guys deserve those three beautiful children more than ever! Brynn is in heaven smiling down at all of you❤️

  • Beautiful! Always keep that love that flows between you so naturally. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with all of us. My heart is touched so deeply, it’s difficult to find words.

  • I’ve never seen this show but after watching TLC run the commercial over and over for the upcoming season I for sure won’t watch it. That woman’s voice is very grating on the nerves. I’ll stick to Outdaughtered.

  • try taking two stronger babies in the bathroom and let them know if they peepee in potty they get 3 m&m and if they poopoo they 6 m&m. Stay strong and don’t give in to the others by giving them candy. They soon will learn they have to potty or no candy.

  • New subscriber and I am so excited to find another twin mom on Youtube! I have twin boys (age 4) and a daughter (age 9) and twin life is a whole different beast! lol. Your babies are precious!

  • My son is the same age as Emma but does not do that when eating. I am so jealous! What a fantastic way to get her to try new things! My son is very selective about what he eats. Also, cutting down the rose bushes makes a lot of sense, especially because of where they’re at. It was a little sad too though because as a kid, one of my fondest memories with my dad was going to his rose bushes to collect flowers (he always did the snipping of course!). On a side note, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried Frida Windi Baby, but if you haven’t you should keep some around just in case. It saved us a couple of times when our son would get stopped up. And if one of the boys gets stopped up, you’re going to want a solution ten minutes ago.

  • In my family’s history almost every male has had ADHD or some other behavioral disorder. Imagine if that ran in their family, every day would be like 100 times more difficult on the parents

  • omg ive watched a few episodes of this one & outdaughtered while on lockdown & it made me adamant that will NEVER use fertility drugs & risk having so many babies at one time. my mums a prenatal surgeon so i know thats life in the womb so i could never destroy a living fetus. if it happened naturally is one thing, but to make it happen on purpose?! i think adoption is a wonderful way of making a family. when the times comes, i do want children, i want to adopt along with having my own. when i watch these parents, although i know they totally love & are devoted to their children…how their life has changed so much & made everything just so much harder. they have people donating money & supplies, they have fund raising to help pay their bills…this husband is worrying about how hes going to pay for all these children all the time, he looks exhausted, his free time is baby duty….he lost his dream to have that animal farm. & they had 3 beautiful sons already. now it looks like a boarding school. the other family show, same thing, they loved to travel, now travel with 7 children seems a nitemare with a moment or 2 of joy when the kiddies are being behaved. lol. you cant get sitters to go on a vaca with each other. you cant get through an evening meal with interesting conversation & when do you relax? when theyre all finally asleep?! i know people say, “oh the joys outweigh the troubles”…but do they?! maybe for them. ive talked w/friends & we all feel the same way. 5, 6 kids at once?! no way! maybe if they were so wealthy that they never had to worry about money & had a few live in nannies until the kids were 18! ha! my girlfriends sister & her husband had twins(naturally) & they went crazy the first year! haa!

  • Try using a cool air humidifier! I was chronically sick as a child until I got my tonsils out and it was so much better than my warm one. The doctor recommended it because of some slight health benefit but I cant remember what it was, but what I remember is how much more comfortable it was to breathe with the cool air one. They are the to have on hand when someone gets sick too lol

  • Oh I was praying for another season! Love this show! I had a toddler and a preemie and I used a harness/leash too! Best thing ever to keep up with a busy little one!

  • My daughter does the same to me…always eating from my plate. I just trade plates with her. She also loves to steal my silverware. Love you guys! ❤

  • I have one too! Mine is shaped like a strawberry on one of my shoulder blades and it used to be very red but as I’ve gotten older it’s just thinner skin there!

  • I’m a pediatric nurse. Make sure you use saline if you suction and use a cool mist humidifier always so it shouldn’t be hot. They are so precious.

  • Do you have Instacart?? It’s a life saver and I save money cause then I don’t walk around the store buying more than I need!! ��������

  • I normally can’t stand when I see people put their kids on leashes but, when you have SIX 2 year olds that don’t sit still and wanna run around and won’t sit in a stroller, there’s really no other choice. They’re amazing parents!

  • You guys. The Jack Daniels pulled pork barbecue might have been good but geez. I wish I could share some Carolina barbecue with you.

  • I absolutely loved watching ur vlog!! All ur babies r so precious I could watch u all day!! I hope u vlog again really soon it was just so enjoyable n real which is what I love about u guys. Ur such a true family thanks so much for sharing please vlog again soon!!! Love u guys xxoo

  • I used to have to pretend my sons plate of food was mine just so he would eat it, he would never eat it unless he thought it was someone elses�� he had grown out of that now, he’s now 3 xx

  • What a beautiful family! My twins turn 21 years old this month:) Your story is amazing, sending prayers, hugs and best wishes. Oh and sleep:)

  • I just don’t want to hear how financially strained people are when they choose to make that many babies at one time. That being said I don’t see anything wrong when you have that many small ones to have them on (for lack of a better term) a leash

  • My 6 year old still always at least wants 1 bite of whatever I have on my plate��‍♀️ but yes both my kiddos do and it’s only mama’s plate too!

  • That lady was so mean about the leashes!! I would like to see her keep up with SIX toddlers in public… they are just trying to keep their kids safe without staying at home 24/7

  • One of my favourite low maintenance, pretty plants are Hosta. They like the shade, so if you have a shady spot, and they get big and beautiful and leafy!

  • i’d like to see that stupid girl who asked them why they have their kids are tied to leashes to experience the stress and pain they have to go through as parents of 9 KIDS. 6 of them being THE SAME AGE.

  • I have a birthmark on my forehead, right in between my eyebrows that my family always called my “angel’s kiss.” I’m 23 now and it’s lighter than it use to be but definitely still there lol I forget about it until people point it out. ��

  • You went to Starbucks to get $4.00 oatmeal=1 serving?
    Stores? Big box of oatmeal feeds a army for $4.00.
    Your husband made some noise….and your daughter melts down?
    Now you have to go grocery shopping….Target, the most expensive food prices?
    All these take out foods cost a lot?
    My mother and dad had 13 kids? We didn’t know what a McDonalds until I was 15 years old?
    You whine over 3 kids?
    Thank god you’re nursing-very smart!��
    Something is [email protected] up……

  • My son is going through a phase where all he wants to do is eat my food too. Or sit on my lap and eat his. I read that if under supervision, you can offer a “grown up plate and utensil” and it makes it more fun for them. We give our 23 month old a big fork and he’ll happily eat his food that way

  • I had a toddler many years ago that I used a harness on when we to Silver Springs, FL on vacation. Road the glass bottomed boats and railroad through Six Gun Territory. We did not have to carry him, keep a viselike grip on his hand, didn’t have to worry about losing him in a crowd and definitely enjoyed vacation more because he was not crying and whining the whole time.

  • You’re such great parents! God Bless you!
    One thing I kinda noticed was that the babies have outgrown their carseats! Time for new ones! ��

  • Courtney I felt so bad for you for the comment that was made about the leashes! I have watched your show since it came on you are a good mommy and concerned about the safety of your babies! You have a beautiful family!!! Including your parents! I just love your dad! I wish I lived close to you I would be helping with those babies all the time! Lol

  • Of all the people I would think of as someone I would like to meet, it is Eric and Courtney whom I would really like to meet. I watch this show and first of all Eric has the patience of a monk. And Courtney, under the most chaotic of times, deals with everything like it is absolutely normal. Plus, and Eric, don’t get mad here, Courtney is hot. (LOVE HER DRAW) (And yes, I know people are going to yell at me for the compliment.) But you can tell this couple absolutely love each other and respect each other greatly. What wonderful people they seem to be. But damn Eric, how is it you stay so calm all the time? LOL

  • I thought the first 6 weeks with my son were the hardest. I can’t imagine having twins and a toddler. Luckily you both help each other and you all have wonderful kids. So happy for your family.

  • Just had twins 7 months ago and girl i got 3 & 1 year old and I’m currently pregnant baby 5 my husband is in the army and girl this is the most realistic day in the life i can totally relate. And my name is SHIAN LOL! produced like yours ❤️ and girl my anxiety after my twins was so bad my husband would have to calm me down. Your amazing

  • I heard that the mark on the back of their neck is a stork bite and marks on their face are angle kisses:) My daughter had an angel kiss and it was so sweet, I loved it. It has faded a lot but when she gets mad it comes up lol.

  • Oh my Goodness! if I was there oh Lord above help me!I am probably the sweetest person you’ll ever meet in your life! But I was there I would have made that lady feel so shitty (in the most respectful way possible of Course!)I would’ve told that lady ma’am let me see you walk with six little baby’s & three grown boys by yourself with nothing? Yeah I didn’t think so!!! So turn ur Nosy no class self around & mind you’re business! what you said was almost as ugly as u! Mean old lady!

  • I couldnt imagine how hard this is. I had my second when my first wasnt even crawling yet and it was hard. They are older so it’s getting a bit easier. You will get through it! We support you and just know you are doing a great job with your kids.

  • Crazy dream last night Rachelle. I was staying at your house and helping you with everything. Cooking, cleaning, helping with the babies. You were probably on my mind when I went to sleep because of the ��Instagram pic. Lol. Love your precious family.

  • They are lucky to get good money from the tv series, couse otherwise dont know how would they be able to finance 9 children and 6 of them are sexuplets.

  • I have a little boy 2 months younger then Emma and he only eats my and my husband’s food for dinner, if he’s still hungry when he can see ours is gone, then maybe he will eat his own.

  • What most important is that you are able to keep up with your kids why does it matter if it’s with a kiddie leash. I used one when going to the airport with my child and I had no shame about it.

  • I had an Elmo leash when I was younger I don’t see the problem with it…. it’s keeping the kids safe… I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR THIS FAMILY ����

  • I HATE it when people judge others…My goodness: this is such a wonderful family: you do what needs to be done, to keep your precious children safe. No one else walks in your shoes: I wish people would learn to mind their own beeswax!

  • My daughter was a runner so yes I used the harness when we were in public. It was more of a backpack type. My child’s safety was what was important to me. I can’t have her running into a crowd suddenly and take that chance of losing her.

  • It shouldn’t matter if she used harnesses. She has 6 toddlers. Ppl need to understand that. If I had 6 toddlers I would too. I can’t keep up with more than 3 kids ��. I babysit for my cousin with 3 kids and they’re a handful especially the oldest. A 7 or 8 yr old, 5 or 6 year old and a 3 or 4 year old

  • Hi guys
    I have literally just come across your video of your loss and it broke my heart, I’m now watching your videos to catch up,I have suffered two miscarriages also,one of them I lost a twin at four months,
    I now have 8 amazing boys ages 21,19,16,twins of 12,10,3 and 6 months
    You are incredible parents and I wish you all the happiness in the world and great success with your YouTube journey
    God bless xxxx
    I’m Kelly
    From London ❤️

  • Love your channel. What kind of sound machines do you use? They really sound like the old box fans. My babies must have that noise to sleep.

  • Seems like things are truly going swimmingly you guys are doing great!! Everything right down to Emma eating from mum’s plate, totally typical! Lol I’m so happy for U what a precious family U have������������

  • I mean i had a leash when I was kid because I kept misbehaving and running off, I’d be 2 years old and already running down the street and I. Could have been kidnapped so imagine 6 of me running off down the street no thank you leash please, it doesn’t hurt the kid and they don’t know any better..

  • Jelly shoes ahhh goodness me bring back memories for me as alittle kid!! I remember going on holiday and wore them and got sun burnt! The pattern was quite a fashion hahs

  • I used a wrist to wrist harness type device when we went to Disney world for our 3 yr old it was GREAT! I see nothing wrong with trying to keep 6 little ones safe!

  • With 6 toddlers running in every direction, you need to have them on leashes. The last thing a parent wants is for their baby to be kidnapped or hurt, so I don’t think anyone should say anything about it unless they’re in the same situation as them lol

  • I’ve been looking on YouTube the past few weeks of really good birth and pregnancy stories, ones that are honest and not always rainbows and sunshine, because when your watching someone’s story you want honesty and the bare truth! So many are the complete opposite! I’m so happy I found you guys! Your stories are beautiful, and real! I’m so sorry for your loss I know it’s not easy, never is, but you did it! You are so strong and have a lovely family! Y’all are so special to all of our hearts!!!!!

  • 0:18 Wales: RIVERS!!! NO!!!!
    Courtney: Oh, don’t hit.
    Gerry: Blu! What are you doing up there, boy?! You need to go to the corner for that. Are you going to the corner?

  • I have spent all morning online looking for one of those big hospital drink bottles with the straw you use Rachelle and I cannot get a single one here in Australia! I’m pregnant and not drinking nearly enough water and would love to be able to have a cup that big to drag around all day!

  • Angel Kisses for sure. My daughter had one and so did her daughter!!! Those babies are precious. And growing too fast!!! Have a great week!!!

  • The Elder Son Skylar is so cute when said “Horrible” upon asked by a Producer on learning Intro Karate class.��������������������������

  • If you have six toddler to keep up with and you want to put a baby leash on them, all power to you! Parents will do whatever they need to to keep their babies safe and there is nothing wrong with that!

  • OMGosh, these kiddos are so beautiful!! You guys make gorgeous babies!! ����
    That pulled pork looked delicious!!
    Haha, poor Beau staring longingly at the grass!! xD

  • You guys have a beautiful home!! Temecula is so pretty I live only 1 hour from there so I’ve been there a number of times, I wanna get a place out there one day but I hear it can be expensive. How big is your land?

  • I recommend getting a Cool mist humidifier. When my babys nostrils were to small i used the oogiebear nose and ear cleaner which worked wonders!

  • I have no interest in this show! It is the most boring non interesting show on TLC! It really needs to be cancelled. It it very bland and there is just nothing interesting about it.

  • Firstly, that salad is the best. Secondly, how do you workout with your little ones? Thirdly, they’re so behaved when you go out. My little one is a screamer…so hes constantly like “uhhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhhhhh” wanting something and it gives me so much anxiety lol…. fourthly, those melt downs are quite normal in our house:D you’re doing a great job!!

  • Emma so reminds me of myself when I was little because I have red hair also my dad said when I came out I looked like a brand new copper penny but my hair was like hers the more it grew the curler it got and eventually was like Shirley Temples just locks of curls and my mom called my freckles angel kisses and that’s what I told my girls when they where little that angels came and kissed them all over there faces because they where just so cute. ��

  • I was like Emma as a toddler I only are off my parents plates. For two whole years my parents didn’t make me a plate just added more to their own plates.

  • Leash ur babies… Nothing wrong with it I choose a leash rather than to be on the news crying for someone to return my baby.. People should think before talking

  • Justin kids always want what their parents have we always put small amounts of food on their plates bc wanted them to know they had their own but usually they’d eat more food from my plate so we always put extra on my plate but just wait Justin when u think u have that conquered by putting extra on moms plate then it will switch and not want moms and they’ll want daddy’s food I will say my kids did do better if we placed their food just like on our plate and let them watch us make same place setting for our child & us so they thought it was cool to be big kids just like usso we didn’t use the kiddy plates or bowls and eventually if we let them watch us do their plate to match ours they did eat off big child plate just like parents kids will always keep us on our toesbut like Rachel said it’s all about knowing they are eating lol Rachel u do look tired I know it’s hard but try to catch a little nap u are all doing an amazing job!

  • Just come across your videos and you’re amazing and such an inspiration. Me and my husband have been trying for 4 years. We’ve had 5 losses. I have Pcos which doesn’t help. But this vid is amazing.

    P.s. I live in the UK and have tried candy floss (cotton candy) grapes and they’re so yummy xxxx

  • I’m only 21 with 0 kids lol but my little brother was like that as a toddler (I was 7 when he was born so I remember). I mean as a kid I used to be SOOO mad he’d have his own plate but he only ever wanted mine ������

  • I know U never asked 4 advice?.But..I would Abosolutely get a Willow tree. I had one when I was 9 yrs old….I used to sit & hide & lean against the soft white bark &read & crochet. It was super special to me.
    By the time she & the boys R super into books, it will be FULL & beautiful and they’ll love it!

  • Great DITL video!! Your breakfast looks yummy!! I love peanut butter and bananas:) Those truck puzzles are so cute!! You are a great MOM!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing:)

  • I am 67, and I wore a leash in public when I was little. My Mom was a single parent and she always said she wanted us alive, not stolen or dead.

  • Omg! Rachelle is in the commercial! I just saw it while watching tv! But you can see the commercial on YouTube!

  • I was so sure u were going to have twin girls, everytime u say the boys I’m happy ur family is happy and healthy god bless����

  • I’ve been looking on YouTube the past few weeks of really good birth and pregnancy stories, ones that are honest and not always rainbows and sunshine, because when your watching someone’s story you want honesty and the bare truth! So many are the complete opposite! I’m so happy I found you guys! Your stories are beautiful, and real! I’m so sorry for your loss I know it’s not easy, never is, but you did it! You are so strong and have a lovely family! Y’all are so special to all of our hearts!!!!!

  • With 1 kid I understand not liking leashes,because that is a little dog like but with 6!!!!! There is NOOOO other option I think the leashes is a genius idea for that

  • I was told Cool mist is much better then warm? I heard that the warm mist grows germs, as the cool mist does not. I do not know, it might be good to research that.��

  • I usually wouldn’t like a leash on a child but sextuplets is an exception Lmao……..come on people you try handling 6 toddlers and then 3 little kids with that too

  • When I was a toddler, I’d insist on certain things but wouldn’t finish it most of the time. If I was asked if I was done or wanted to finished, I’d tell the person (usually my mom or dad) “you can have it” and push/hand it towards them

  • Uhh.. these leashes keep my toddler alive. My youngest took off and my oldest grab the leash and pull her to safety. She would pronounce dead if a car hits her.

  • My daughter has a big stork bite too! Hers is on the left side of her face/cheek. It goes across her ear and even behind it a little. She is 2.5 and some days you can’t see it hardly while other days its still super vibrant. I like calling them angel kisses because she was my rainbow baby so I feel maybe she got kissed by angel for real.

  • Oh boy I bet you’re not going to like what I say. Putting your feet on the dash is not good. If, God forbid, anyone hit you from behind your feet would go right thru the window. I heard from family members that are police & firefighters that gone to an accident where that has happened & a couple have loss their legs. Please don’t do that..

  • Anytime you guys quote the office in little ways I melt!!!

    Yea yea I heard Justin…

    ‘And if this keeps happening, I’m gonna be up all night.’ Lol

  • Omg this accent isn’t a good one for sounding intelligent. Pop out some more babies because the human population isn’t dumbed down enough. Please forgive me but it’s the truth

  • Why do all these women who have multiple babies at once look so freaking Prozac happy?! No one is that energetic as smiley under all that stress with “no sleep”

  • I think that women that has a problem with “the leash” harness needs to baby sit 6 toddlers and see how it is to keep track of them and keep them in one area..She needs to keep her mouth shut until she has had or watch toddlers.. They can disappear in an instant..

  • Your story is much like mine. And we had a toddler and infant twins. They are barely 2 years apart. All through egg donor Ivf. Thanks for sharing your story! That’s what I do to take the stigma away.

  • I have twins so I know How Courtney feels.. having leashes for six little ones is important…. For that Women to say that about the leashes was just rude. I always thought it was funny when Other People tell parents how to parent when They don’t have kids themselves… that Lady should of minded Her own business…

  • My toddlers always did the same, so I would put extra on my plate and bring an empty plate so they could eat off my plate! They didn’t do it to my husband either just me��! But it makes sense to me, they look to mama as food providertaste testerif it’s good and safe for Mama to eat it’s good enough for them! Now my kids are 10 and 12 and love cooking for me/ making me treats it’s all great!

  • Yes my son will eat a little from his plate, say all done, and then go straight to my husband for bites of his dinner until he is actually full! Good to know he isn’t the only one.

  • Put them towards the lid of the potty with a marker you can rub out they must draw it will keep them busy then perhaps they relax Dont be hard on tourself perhaps Pottydrain the girls first Boys are slower with that