Unpredicted Postpartum Signs and symptoms


डिलीवरी के बाद के डिप्रेशन को लेके एक माँ का अनुभव || Postpartum Depression

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Unexpected Postpartum Symptoms 1. Sweating. A couple of days after you give birth you may find that you’re sweating a lot. Sometimes women experience 2. Bleeding. You expect the postpartum bleeding, but it’s the blood clots you might not think about.

1  These clots of 3. Swelling. Just when. Moms and moms-to-be experience no shortage of pregnancy symptoms: nausea, fatigue, swelling, pregnancy brain — just to name a few. So once baby finally arrives, you might be looking forward to saying goodbye to some of the less-than-enjoyable side effects of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, postpartum life often comes with side effects of its own. One unexpected postpartum depression symptom is insomnia and if you are having trouble sleeping no matter how tired you are, you could be suffering from postpartum depression. Get as much rest as you can by prioritizing sleep. Variety of physical symptoms.

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The symptoms of postpartum depression can be hidden at first and may be difficult to recognize. Some of the common signs of postpartum depression include: Psychomotor retardation (a paucity of spontaneous movement, or sluggish thought process), or psychomotor agitation Recurrent thoughts of death and suicide, or suicide attempts. Being tired is normal with a newborn. But being sad or hopeless is not. If you have some of the early warning signs of postpartum depression, talk to your doctor or counselor right away.

The. In rare cases, women can have postpartum psychosis, a severe mental illness. It is an emergency and needs immediate medical help. If you have these symptoms, call your doctor or 911 right awa.

Postpartum Anxiety and OCD express themselves differently and have symptoms like: the inability to calm down, spurts of mania and intense activity, extreme worry, racing thoughts, disturbing thoughts, fear of being alone with your baby, shakiness, edginess, and a sense of dread. These things are to an extreme. Unexplained weight loss, or losing weight without trying — particularly if it’s significant or persistent — may be a sign of an underlying medical disorder. The point at which. Unexpected Symptoms: Postpartum. por Alexis Donkin.

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List of related literature:

Postpartum symptoms and perimenstrual symptoms associated with pregnancy.

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Symptoms rarely appear before the end of the first postpartum week and are more common in the second to fourth weeks.

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Postpartum symptoms after antepartum bedrest.

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The most common symptoms—anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, palpitations, weight loss, and irritability—are often attributed to the normal postpartum state or postpartum depression.

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Symptoms may emerge as early as 1 month before delivery, and rapid postpartum onset within 4 weeks postpartum is characteristic.

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Over half of all women experience the postpartum blues (dysphoria, mood lability, crying, anxiety, insomnia, poor appetite, and irritability) in the first few weeks after giving birth.

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However, symptoms may recur soon after delivery, with reports of 34% within the first week postpartum and 55% within the first month.8 Generally, the symptoms are similar to their typical pattern, although often milder and less often unilateral.

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Symptoms of postpartum mood disturbance include mild depression, irritability, confusion, mood instability, anxiety, headache, fatigue, and forgetfulness.

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Symptoms seldom appear before the end of the first week postpartum and are most often seen during the first 2 months postpartum.

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• Peak onset of symptoms is 2–3 months postpartum, and usually resolves spontaneously within 6–12 months.

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  • The biggest changes I see with my clients and what my new mom clients hire me for is to help them get rid of the mummy tummy (aka diastasis recti) and also their flat bum. Both which are totally fixable.

  • As a mom and a nurse I can really relate to these stories. Women are strong and beautiful. Give your babies all the love they need then let them fall asleep to some beautiful sounds on my channel.

  • I got chronic hives while I was pregnant. I’d break out and itch for an hour every night right when I laid down for bed and randomly throughout the day. It lasted a year and a half after birth. I was on 4 different antihistamines and slowly eliminated one at a time till I figured out which one was helping. Finally I was able to wean off of it and it didn’t come back so it finally went away.
    I’m pregnant again now and every time I feel an itch I think “oh no it’s coming back”.

  • My feet grew a whole size bigger! So weird I was always a size 6 and now I’m a 7 �� I thought I was going mad but my mother in law said it happened to her too… currently pregnant with baby #3 we just announced over in my channel ❤️❤️

  • They forgot allergic to all kinds of stuff…..��
    Got my oldest, allergie number 1 popped up, got my second, oh sure some more allergies…..I am now a very proud of 2 boys, with a ton of allergic reactions and allergies��������

  • Ok yes! I have to totally agree with the weigh loss part. I would be at my lightest weight now which seems crazy cos people always say you’re going to be bigger post baby. I agree that it’s a combination of b’feeding and running around after the kids! xx

  • I’ve already had problems with peeing my pants (varies from a little to completely) from laughing too hard, and I haven’t even had kids yet. It happens frequently too… I’m in TROUBLE. ������

  • Yes love this! Hahah. I had a boob job when my little man was about one and a half and honestly it was the best thing. I feel so much more confident in my own body. Having empty sacks on your chest isn’t fun and every mum should be able to feel confident and beautiful, whatever they decide that is �� go for it girl!

  • My body was very similar after my first pregnancy but things have definitely changed with the second. I think the more babies you have the more your body changes ie saggy boobs, Stretch marks, wider hips etc. but of course it’s worth it! Love my babies.

  • As a women the thought of giving birth is so scary. I already know I wouldn’t like what my body would look like after a pregnancy, but to go through so much pain and having someone’s life literally depend on you

  • Yes Mansi even I went through this problem. I felt as if your telling my story. But as you said no one accept to share it. Anyways keeping on doing such videos of your experience of motherhood it is very helpful. As even I am a first time mom and baby is 20months old. God bless��

  • Having kids can be a beautiful experience but I think it’s so traumatic to me especially if you’re not ready, I don’t want any part of it (at least not now or only if my bf could have had the babies and dealt with all the stress and risks lol ) Great video! One of my friends are about to have a baby and I just wanted to figure out how I could be helpful to her

  • I am an Indian mother and it’s a pity that after childbirth we stop taking care of ourselves and dedicate life entirely for the newborn.. I think it’s time to take care of oneself..

  • its been 2year since i had my daughter and i feel my body has gone back way thing are but do still have little bit baby fat as did come back to me after few months of having my daughter but i did also breastfeed till she was 14months i didnt think did anything to my weight but with eye change colour i get say i am the same my burn brown before was like greenish colour and my daughter eye are blue

  • Pliz reply jrur krna. Ma’am meri pehli delivery c section se huyi hai or jb meri beti 2year ki thi to mere dusra baby tha or dr. Ne kha ki aapki dusri delivery b c section se hogi qunki 3saal se pehle baby ho todusri delivery b c section deliveryb c hogi..to fer mai nhi chahati thi ki meri delivery c section se ho isliye maine abortion kit li qunki maine apni pehli delivery se bhut preshan huyi hun..or ab abortion kit lene k baad meri skin pehle jese glowing or bilkul b achhi ni hai jabki meri skin pehle bhut glowing or sunder thi lekin ab nhi pliz reply jrur krna ki kya karn hai

  • I’m pregnant currently and my eye colour is changing and I’m eating healthy but I am trying to do exercise hard with round ligament pain

  • Mam mere sath b yhi problm hori h……mera baby 3 month ka hone wala h….prr mujhe hmesa dr lga rehta h uske liye m usko 1 mint k liye b akela chhodne se drti hu….pls help me

  • I used to be a size 9.5-10 and then went up to 10.5 after delivering my baby six weeks ago. And guess what was my push present?! My poor husband gifted me a pair of Louboutins right after I gave birth and they didn’t fit:/ And they didn’t have that style or any style I liked in 10.5, so we ended up returning them and now he wants to get me new shoes but I refuse to get any because I’m still hoping my feet will go back to being 9.5 or 10 like they used to be ��

  • More men need to watch this so they know what happens if it was a partnered decision, if it wasn’t so they know what their baby mommas went through or will go through.

  • Mera delivery ho kar 7 month hogaye h lekin bacha jab 4 month ka huwa tab se mere body per bahot khujli ho rha h or bade bade starch mark ste g.plz upay batao na

  • To loose post baby weight fast I used to drink mummy magic weight loss tea and it I could see a big change in my weight in a short amount of time.

  • Honestly, these women should try balancing their hormones that could really make the weight issues a lot easier. Cruciferous vegetables and DIM supplements can help with the excess estrogen. Exercise won’t help if the hormones and diets and insulin resistance is not solved. For insulin resistance you should do intermittent fasting (never fast during pregnancy btw) but they can also get a blood tester called “keto mojo” to test their blood sugar and ketone levels. For the ectomorphs do a vegan diet, for the endomorphs, do keto.. mesomorphs can do keto for short term. If you never liked meat do vegan, if you can’t live w out meat do keto

  • You know whats funny? She said she had a girlfriend at that time. And to get pregnant a Female and a male need to have, you know. Wich means, to get the baby she cheated on her girlfriend��

  • Anyone who asks another woman why they don’t want to have kids. I think all these reasons are valid and just because they don’t want to is a good enough reason. Not to count all the possible horrible things that can happen during

  • I wish I could see the aShokan DEP police �� delivery a baby �� in front of the aShokan DEP police �� and my mom had me and my brother and my sister

  • I hope everything works out the way you’d prefer. That seems like an incredibly stressful situation. It’s in God’s hands as they say.

    I got pregnant with #2 when my first was 8 months old. I can’t imagine… My vag still hadn’t completely healed from my episiotomy and third degree tear till I was 5 months pp (no intercourse till then). That’s around the time my period restarted. Anyways that became a complicated pregnancy that ended at 32w bc of growth restriction and baby’s heart failure. Luckily she’s a perfectly healthy almost 3yo but she has significant developmental delays. I wouldn’t change it for the world but that year after her birth was quite a struggle for me. I got pregnant again way too soon. I had preeclampsia with my first and a very traumatic delivery which did a number on me physically. Anywho, I’m 37w with #3. I’m glad we didn’t conceive till after my youngest’s second birthday. This pregnancy has had no complications despite being monitored as high risk. I still have normal bp and no signs of preE. I think she might be my biggest baby yet for gestational age. At 37w she was est 5p5oz. My first was 5.14 the day before his dd. Having my csection in less than 2w. So excited.

  • Me to 5 month se depression me hu delivery k 1 mahine bad a sab suru huya tha 2 mahine se to davae bhi kha rahi hu nikl nahi pa rahi hu kya karu please help me

  • Thank u so much. I hv a 2 month old baby girl ( 1st child ) n I hv dis feeling of loneliness n I felt like I cannot take care of my baby, although I hd carried her for 9 months n was so excited to be a mom. Matters became worse wen I couldn’t breastfeed her cause of less milk production. Wat I did was concentrate on myself n my baby, but still not getting that bond. I’ll try ur tips n c wat helps. Thanks again 4 did vid

  • I felt so alone until I watched this. My son is 18 months old and yeah. Bladder control… nipple problems… hard painful boobs… yup. Not alone.

  • If normal delivery stiches are opened again there is a chance to restich or not please answer to this ur explanation is very nice.. Pls pls

  • I can tell you this. I was 18 when I fell pregnant from a Psychopath. How do I know this? Well, the man was and is to this day so completely insane, we had him tested professionally at one stage. That been said he mocked me about how my body had changed during that pregnancy and to this day, at age 54 I’m still self-conscious. So many men take women on who’ve already had a few children and I always wonder where those women get the confidence from. Yes, your body goes South.

  • mala pan asch kahis hotay chid chid hote far. koni maz kahi ikat nahi. thakva yetoy. khup body pain hotay. zop yet nahi. mala vatay mi mazya balala nahi sambhalu shakat. khup lonely ness fill hotay.

  • My eyes changed from brown to hazel with lots of green after having my son also. I have very similar skin tone to you too so maybe that has something to do with it. Im loving their new colour anyway, much prefer it to brown. You always look fantastic by the way. You should do a hair routine one day.

  • I feel like the cool thing for me after having a baby is that it’s forced me to stop focusing on outward beauty so much and just really love this new body that I have, knowing that it is an ever changing thing.

  • I’m pregnant with my first baby so of course I had to watch this! I’ve never heard of eyes changing color, that is so interesting. I’m definitely going to look up some good core muscle workouts later ������

  • Hi Ash! You look amazing!!!! Absolutely love your videos! Your children are the cutest! As a first time mum, as a woman, as a Certified Life Coach I have created 4 weeks program: how to change your post baby body/appearance EFFORTLESSLY, eating chocolate EVERYDAY, excercising -NOT FOR THE PURPOUSE OF LOSING WEIGHT AND ONLY WHEN IT MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPY, loving yourself and your life UNCODITIONALLY, focusing ONLY ON HOW TO FEEL GOOD. I am so excited to share with you this amazing, delicious,effortless path to your dream body and most importantly to who you really are not who you allowing yourself to be! What about WORKING HARD part??! Well In this program feeling good is THE WORK!
    If there is anything you would like to hear more about it just let me know:) lots of love:*

  • My eyesight definitely changed after two kids. I need reading glasses now and I always had perfect vision before getting pregnant!

  • I have a qustion. I am 20 and never been pregnant but due to my weight loss I have saggy breast they are big and soft.
    So one day when I get pregnant I assume my milk will make them hard and full, right? And after breastfeeding will they go back to looking like before? I hate the way they are now

  • It’s strange isn’t it! Your videos hardly pop into my subscriptions! Anyway, was wondering if you could make a video just based simply around the pain of pregnancy, before giving birthday, during giving birth and of course after! I’m always curious and the videos I watch aren’t always indirect! #rawmumvideoplease

  • holy crap we women go thru all this?! just got to say its pretty amazing so many women are willing to go thru all this lol. more power to you mamas

  • Im 37 weeks now and frighten about labor and asthma. Also when you actually know when to leave to the hospital to deliver your baby.

  • I’m definitely scared about what will happen down there, if it will look super different, if it will go back to relatively the same size, if my man will still enjoy it??? Yikes, so scared to have kids at all really for so many reasons…

  • What gets me laughing is when the ‘doctor’ checks her is that her legs are completely closed at the top. Like a ‘doctor’ can’t check her if that’s how her legs are. At least make that part look real ����

  • My sister was experiencing the same thing, I was lucky that I was with her and I used to do 50% of her work and I learn so many thing.Thank you so much ��

  • I just saw this video today. Wow i cannot even imagine how you were able to have 3 kids in a row!! You’re a superhero �� Anyways I got married at a young age and I’m almost 26 with no kids yet. Everyone keeps saying that a woman’s body is a lot stronger when she’s in her early twenties, and the more you wait the worse it’ll be when you get pregnant. Sometimes I feel i just wanna have a kid now because of this age factor. I know someone is never ready to have kids-God knows I am! But is it really true?

    Also, how do you deal with the sickness during pregnancy? I have a job and i worry that it might affect me

    Last thing is, how long does it take for the area to heal, and is intercourse painful afterwards

  • Charming….hitting ‘all three bars.! Are you proud Mum? And 2-3 weeks between by….what a littlecharmer….NOT! Have some class TINA….too late, already on tv….
    Lucky baby…she’s keeping it.NOT!

  • Thanks a lot Mansi for this video. I’m going through similar things and especially because i stay in Malaysia away from family in India and no one could travel to help out because of the corona situation. Thanks for the tips, will incorporate them to make myself come out of this ��

  • I got a breast reduction! I feel your pain! �� check out my review video on the whole surgery. I feel like there aren’t many videos here on YouTube on reductions lol

  • Im not going to have a baby anytime soon but now Im really worried about my boobs shrinking afterwards because they are already so small ��

  • I did do a reduction and I am glad I did, because my back, neck and head was hurting constantly. I removed over 1 kg, after surgery I feel so much better. I did have a few complications and the healing prosess was really long for me.

  • I feel bad for the kid because she said she made a mistake ounce why would I do it again.. poor kid I hope he watches this when he’s old enough to realize that his mom called him a mistake

  • I had my daughter 6 years ago. Before I had her, I was a B cup, but they were perky. I also had a small butt. I was so self conscious of myself. Now I do have a bust D cup to be exact. My booty got bigger as well. I have been working out to lose the very last baby fat I have. However, I hate going to the gym because my boobs just stick out and jiggle when I work out, it’s embarrassing.

  • Pregnant with 4th baby and yup all those things definitely happen and I feel worsen with each child. They are totally worth it tho!

  • I had my first baby when I was 21 and one thing I really did not expect to happen to me even know I had heard of it happening to other women was….. the darkening of the areloa and how big it gets. Before pregnancy they were a nice pinkish colour and then turned dark brown. �� they have definitely lightened up since my second baby is now 5 but they will not go back to the colour and size they once were that’s for sure. Oh the joys! Haha ��

  • down stairs, it’s the same house the furnitures just been rearranged �� great video ash! My daughter is 2 next month and the trampoline thing… I’m with you ����

  • Boobs!oh no!i recall being 17 and crying for half an hour because a certain size bra fit,i tried for reduction but was told ‘who is going to reduce a c cup!?!?’i went anorexic previously and did it again and am 38 almost and now not only lost most of my boobs but my bones too,retired at 30,luckily i never wanted kids and i love being alone,im pre menopausal and happy about it but that means more bone loss,oh,my mom breastfed me and she went from a full c to a small b after breastfeeding and a lumpectomy on one for cancer removal,that was in 1996 though so shes really really ok!anyway,enjoy your family!im loving my solitude and always wanted the spinster life but i fell in love so him and i have been seeing eachother avyear now and i may share my room and bed afterall one day

  • Oof i used to want 5 now i want to adopt a 0-2 year old girl at 20 then have one at 21 because I don’t want my kids to be 5-10 years apart i want them 1-3 years apart but then i want to try for twins

  • Mummy Magic Weight Loss tea is the best to loose baby weight. After I had my first child I gained a lot of weight than I gave this tea a try and it really worked

  • I’ve not lost a kilo since giving birth 6 months ago and breastfeeding has not done anything other than make me eat 3 times the amount of food than normally. I’m a certified nutritionist and I work out in the gym 3 times a week and walk 5-15 k all the other days. I’m still 70 kg normally I’m 50 kg

  • hi, are you interesting to review my product about Postpartum Recovery belt(more detail: http://a.co/boxNhfq)?
    please let my your idea.

  • i don’t have kids, but i have had a boobjob. i was seriously flat before and so insecure. the boobjob gave me a huge confidence boost. it was painful of course, but it was so worth it to me

  • It’s crazy because after having my son I could only breast feed him for 7 months but I kept lactating up until my current pregnancy

  • That has to be the worst. She took precautions to not get pregnant again. Should of been a little more responsible to her first kid, but it is what it is. I’m glad the baby was healthy.

  • “HAVE YOU PUT ON WEIGHT?” they say to a perfectly flat stomached reinactment model lol. Also, “Your face is fuller”… LOL if my friend said that I’d say “well my living room is about to be emptier:) Go home.”

  • Thank u very much for your video…
    I m in same phase now but now feel very relax..
    I blessed with baby girl n baby boy till I m very worried n depressed…
    You make very informative information.

  • After I give birth, I will be saving money for plastic surgery to get my body back. I dont mind minor stuff but will want my butt, tits and hips back.I dont want to look like a child.

  • Ash you had three kids in three years! Wow that’s great. So how big was your first one when you fell pregnant with the second etc.

  • Ma sha Allah.. ��
    Thanks sistr… I think i m previous patient of post partum bcoz mujhe 3rd pregnancy k 9 mnth me bhi ye sab ho raha hai….. How its possible… ��

  • Losing weight is really really easy. You just fast for weeks or months if necessary, it won’t hurt you. Anyone who tells you it will (including doctors) are just idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about. You’re built to be able to fast, obviously. For survival’s sake. That big fat gut isn’t there for no reason, that’s all food you’d live on if you had nothing to eat. So fast it off. Its easy. Question is, do you have the willpower to actually do it? You can even just do 1 meal a day, or 1 meal every 2 days, (no snacks fatty) and all the weight will still get fasted right off. It’ll take a few months but yeah, after that time it will all be gone.

  • I have nothing to comment but much much love for these wonderful human beings. As a 30 year old woman who has never been in a serious relationship let alone being a mother I admire you all to go through all of this and most importantly to share them with us so openly.

  • Thank you so much for covering this topic. I realised now that I went through this postpartum depression, which I was unable to understand initially, developed an opposite personality from my real nature. It’s a 3rd month after my postpartum now. Good that I am in a recovery phase, as I started indulging into my hobbies and bit of yoga.

  • Wow I never heard of eye color changes but I know about vision changes. I am pregnant with my 3rd child now. I hope my dark eye color would change to light brown but I doubt it. My shoe size did change by half a size. Before I was ever pregnant I was a size 3 in kids. I think it is 35 in European. Now at the moment I am 3 1/2 kids shoe just measured on Saturday. My wedding ring was 5 1/4 U.S. now I can’t even fit in it. Everything changes after pregnancy. Everything gets big and the breast just sags after breast feeding.

  • is nobody gonna talk about the fact that one lady really said she was a size 9 then grew to a 10 but then literally said she grew 2 sizes bigger

  • Same mere sath b…���� gussa, irritation..abi jyada he akeli ghar ka ka kaam toda kuch help kr dete he hubby but jayden or kaam sb sochkr or neend proper ni lena..thank u for this vedio �� me b humesha positive or khush rehne wali thi or abi lgta he dhukhi atma bnti ja rehi hu..kbi kbi to normal baton pe gussa,baby pe gussa���� baad me rona aata he mene galat kiya krke..

  • After her pregnancy with me, my mum went up an entire shoe size! I’m a little worried that will happen to me when the time comes, as I’m already a size 10!

  • Hey ash
    I’ve been a subscriber for around three years (I’ve missed you!) I’m not yet a mum but am hoping it’s not too far down the road for me. I’m 22 this year and I do have a very mild case of cerebral palsy so my physical shape isn’t amazing but it’s not terrible (I’m still petite) I just struggle to build muscle. My partner and I do plan to have a young family (2 or 3 hopefully in quick succession) but just wanted to get your thoughts/tips if you have any? Also will you be doing another Brisbane meet &I greet any time soon?? I missed the last one xoxo

  • My left foot grew a half size up and stayed that way �� After birth I had hands fulls of hair falling out! Like I had plugs everywhere. Peeing afterwards was like someone stabbing me from the inside. And there’s no such thing as holding your pee…I’ve worn pads every day for almost 3 years lol And still after all the pp issues I decided to do it again lol November 2020������

  • Hi!!! Question I complete my 7 week after postpartum, I have level 3 stitches but I feel normal now can I start jumping or running?

  • I’m pregnant with my first child.. I think I’m scared about tearing and breast changes because I fear my husband won’t find me attractive after and I’ll have to consider some type of surgery to maintain intimacy with him. My hubby is wonderful it’s just that I am young and afraid especially these days about maintaining my physique and working and maintaining my relationships and being a new Mom. Life is busy I’m so excited but also a little scared that

  • Mera second baby hua hai 1 July ko aur me bhi apne batayi hui har ek baat se gujar rahi hu…tin din pehle toh suicide karne ki thani thi mene lekin baby ko dekh kr nhi kar paayi aur ghanto tak roti rahi……thanks for the video bohot helpful lagi mujhe apki Ye video

  • Lol imagine my mom saying she didnt know that i was in there bc she felt like she had to poop. Actually thats kinda what happened��

  • Dear moms, thx for sharing these ’embarrassing’ details, it is soooo nice to hear them and gives us a little insight and a lot to think about��

  • Sex is a reproductive act with the same exchanges virtually every time you have sex. Women and men please realize and think about what your doing. There are too many children raised in poverty, called accidents, living in foster homes and orphanages for men and women to be this dull, bright and empty minded.

  • I’m never going to be a mom anytime in my life, I would always stay a virgin but to prevent pregnancies effectively u should really have sex after your period is over and use emergency contraceptives
    Just stay patient����sex isn’t everything

  • I had major weight problems before baby, ironically lost a lot of weight during my pregnancy and post pregnancy, so I already had stretch marks and some saggy skin in my belly area. I also had hemorrhoids, but I never knew how bad they could be until I gave birth; oh the terror of pooping after birth! Terrifying! I had weird skin problems during my pregnancy, my face was swollen and red and flaky. And yes post partum downstairs can be scary. No one gave me any exercises to do and at 7 months post partum, once my period returned, I wound up with a prolapsed bladder. ��

  • I am really alone, when i tried express this to my husband he said harmone to bas tumhare hi change ho rhe hai, duniya me aur to koi maa nhi bna. ��. I just turned into a bad mother as per him. Aur koi hai hi nhi mere life me who can understand me. What should I do

  • Good on her parents for supporting her with now 2 kids. Other girls in this position are FORCED to give away their own flesh and blood due to poverty.

  • I’m a trainer who specialises in post pregnancy women. Core is definitely important but I think you’ve got the trampoline and running problem confused. That’s the pelvic floor. Some exercises are the same and then there are specific pelvic floor exercises

  • Same! After i had a baby my weight fell off! Im 2 mo postpartum & am back to preprgancy wt. As far as kegal exercises go, my hospital told me not too them for a few weeks & to get approval from my midwife before doing them again but a few ab crunches were encouraged. I was able to go all natural no drugs & no one told me how to push, i pushed on my own & have horrible hemroids! (Whole other part to that story, I will still push on my own with another child, long story short, i got scared as she was crowning & couldn’t control the pushes) I’ve never had them before & thought my tailbone was broke from childbirth! My chiropractor thinks its brused but not broke.. then thought of hemroids as a possibility. Might have to have surgery soon if they don’t get better. Its very hard to sit & breastfeed some days ���� Also, i totally get the flabbiness, i was so swollen & pretty much deflated after she was born so i have extra skin in my belly & legs. Btw pre-pregnancy wt:128 pregnancy wt:164

  • I suffered from the same phase.. 1 month old baby.. all alone with my husband.. no one came because of pandemic… handling everything just by myself..although husband is very very supportive
    Discussion with my midwife n few friends helped me a lot to overcome from this problem

  • Just seeing this for the first time, had to pause it around eye color cuz eye color changes when nutrients in the body are redispersed or compromised. If your body has gone through a lot, everything changes a bit in the infrastructure and mechanism, causing cells to behave and interact differently. Eye color can be associated with organ health or aging.

  • Mere saath bhe aisa he hua tha mera bahut Man tha job karne ka Lekin mera baby mere job se Pehle he ho gaya tha mughe lagne laga tha ab me kabhi self depend ne Ho payungi after 4 month Maine study continue ke Or main normal ho gayi the

  • I’m currently TTC #1 so I found this quite interesting for the whole what will happen after stage completely with you on the boob job thing I really want a reduction right now (currently a G so I’m nervous to what they will get like when I am pregnant) but I’m totally open to getting something done to them post pregnancy

  • I wonder what’s the back ground of these women. Were they active before, during and after pregnancy and how were their eating habits before, during and after pregnancy?You can’t do much about the hair loss but when it comes to things like the stomach, extra skin and even breast how you take care of your body before, during and after pregnancy affects how your body will be after. So you don’t have to do intense cardio or lift weights but strength training for your core, arms and legs that works the transversal muscle in your abs help tighten the core so you don’t have to push so much. Pushups help with arm fat, and firing the breast of course at some point in your pregnancy your stomach will get to big but you can prepare you body for pregnancy and sculpt it back easily after wards. And it also builds muscle memory so when after the baby is born it’s not as hard to loose weight. So knowing this, this video isn’t giving the full picture

  • Seeing the baby made her realize how precious the child is…all her maternal instincts kicked in…and all her doubts slipped away…nice ending

  • Oooh, girl. I’m in the same boat. After I have my baby, I’m really considering getting a boob job. I’m getting it for me. That way I love what I see in the mirror.

  • i haven’t had kids yet and i’m worried that if i choose to have a c section i’m worried about having a big scar bc i think that’s the route i would choose with delivery

  • OMG I had my son two years ago and what I wasn’t expecting was period regulation to be so weird. It’s been two years and I still only have a period once every three to six months and it only lasts about 2 days. I’ve talked to my doctor and she said it’s something that happens for some women and my reproductive health is perfectly fine and I’m still able to have more children. So hey, I’ll take it! Lol.

  • If i get a Boy.
    Im going to learn him how to take responsibility, respect every women.
    Respect every man.
    Learning him that you shouldnt judge People by sexuality
    Learn him that his feelings Are okay.
    Teaching him not to call Girls swear words or sexuallising words.
    Not to harras Anybody,
    Treat People nicely like you want to be treated yourself.
    And that they need to work like clean, cooking, Laundry,
    And Teaching Them house chores Arent a “womens work.

    If i get a girl.
    Teaching her that women and men Are equal.
    That they can do what They set their heads to.
    That they can wear whatever They want.
    That they Are buatifull without makeup.
    That you shouldnt treat someone for a Thing somebody Else did.
    Not All men Are bad. But alot is.
    And alot is going to use Them.
    That they have to work twice as Hard as men.

    But overall. I Would teach Them how to be themselves. And teach Them that not All opinions matter.

  • I wish the police ��‍♀️ were in the hospital �� with all the wives help them by being there with them while there were having their babies ��

  • I’m gonna have to have a surrogate mom. This is just terrifying and I’ve heard about a lot of permanent damage that can be done to the body and just nope. I want kids but I do not want to potentially ruin my body, I already have really low self esteem, it does not need to get lower.

  • I have been there with postpartum hemorrhage. I was getting up with the nurse’s assistance when she noticed the hemorrhage and made me get back in bed. I went into shock from the blood loss and they had to give me a couple of injections to control the bleeding and upped my pitocin in the IV as well as giving me a fluid bolus. Then they catheterized me and I stayed in bed all day after that unable to see my newborn son and without my husband’s support.

  • To be honest this sounds more like a denied pregnancy…
    She had the symptoms and to have regular period like bleeding is very unusual not to mention the likelihood of getting 2 false negatives and not seeing any kind of weight gain or belly seems a bit suspicous

  • Woman: when you need to go to the bathroom go because when you laugh or sneeze accidently then…
    Me with allergies: ahahajkssjkdn

  • What if your husband n family is not at all supportive..I have delivered my baby being Corona positive n stayed at covid hospital with baby for 14 days alone…now I m definitely in depression my gynaecologist told me clearly.. still no support from anyone..

  • Mere sath bhi aisa hi hua h…bt last month s apne apko thik krne ki kosis kr rahi hu…main b bahot postive hu…bt second baby k time bahot kuch phase kia h to parsan hobgai bt apka ye video dekh kr kafi relax kia…ab mujhe khud ko thik karna h na gussa krnal h na hi negative sochna h

  • Me bohot negative aochti hu matlb har bar baby agr jyada pitty kare to bhi dar jyati hu or dr. Dikhya to potty rukh gaya or ab o potty nahi karta ispe sochti hu dar jati hu

  • So hats off to Adriana Lima for rocking up the runway just after few weeks of giving birth to her second child, and hats off to other models for looking flawless and for even having abs after child birth.

  • I’m 6 months right now and before being pregnant I was somewhat flat chested and the huge boob thing right now is a crazy change for me. I’m hopeful that they go back down afterwards

  • I’m currently pregnant, and my hair went from being straight to curly overnight. I wonder if it will remain that way after baby arrives.

  • Pelvic floor physical therapy!! Strengthening your core is fantastic, but don’t forget about your pelvic floor muscles. Sometimes your core muscles can work against your pelvic floor muscles causing leakage. Just had to give pelvic floor physical therapy a shout out! Pre and postpartum mamas can all benefit from pelvic floor PT. Leaking is common not normal.
    Love your videos! <3

  • By youngest is 3 years old in if I found out I was expecting my initial reaction definitely would not be happiness either I need my mid thirties and I am very fertile every child I’ve had was planned and I became successfully pregnant in 60 days so if it were to happen it would definitely a shock to my system I understand the need for bonding with one child in trying to make a routine before you attempt at another pregnancy

  • Mere sath bhi aisa hi hua tha..mai 22 sal ki thi jab beta hua tha mera.ab mashallah se wo ek sal ka h..ab adat ho gai hai..mai bht pyar karti hu apne bete se��

  • I’m considering a whole mommy makeover (boob lift, vag lift, lipo etc.) but I won’t do anything until after my child is in school. I’m not due until April! ��

  • A day and half AFTER she almost bled to death?! I think she should’ve stayed in the hospital for at least three or four days. I’m not a medical expert it’s just my opinion.

  • Hi I have a one question I born baby girl this april month after delivery I have a lots of body pain my whole body pain so what’s a solution please let me know thanks

  • I WANT TO MAKE CLEAR, that i know a lot of women struggle to get pregnant. I know that pregnancy is a HUGE blessing, and after experiencing my miscarriage January 2019 i know the hurt of wanting a baby and having it taken from you. I am so thankful i have been able to get pregnant 3 times and deliver healthy babies. HOWEVER i just gave birth 3 months ago. I also experience HG when i am pregnant which is extremely hard on not only me but Jordan and the kids because i am always in the hospital since i throw up none stop and become dehydrated. We are stationed in VA and all of our family is in Florida so it isn’t like i could have anyone else besides Jordan help me when i am not feeling well. So getting pregnant right now is not ideal. However IF i am pregnant i know we will find a way to make it work… I wasn’t going to share this part of my life. because i feel like if you’re anything BUT happy to see a positive pregnancy test you will immediately receive backlash however everyones journey is different. everyone is in different positions in life and what is best for one family might not be what is best for another. i just wanted to share my thoughts before anyone tries to call me ungrateful or anything. i just can not imagine anyone 3 months postpartum wanting to have another a baby…

  • Mene apka ye vdo bhooooot mushkil se dhunda h.. mujhe pata t ki apne is topic p vdo jarur bnaya hoga.. i m suffering from that dippreshin.. mujhe dr. Ne anti dippreshin tablet b di h.. kya m kabhi is tablet k bina b rh paugi? Kya m kabhi theek ho skti hu? Kya m kabhi is tablet ko chod k aram se rh paugi? ����

  • I never did any pelvic floor exercises and I’m as I was before in the vaginal area; only difference being that I do have stronger urges to pee when my bladder is full that I did before pregnancy. Apparently you actually get tighter right after your body does most of its healing work and then it loosens up to normal -which my husband I can both confirm with our personal experience lmao. My boobs are saggier and I’m still breastfeeding twice a day, but it’s great tbh because I have small A cups so it gives them a nicer bouncier vibe than when they stuck straight out of my chest 1 centimeter and barely existed. Also my areolas got HUGE during pregnancy and I was terrified of having pepperoni areolas around my nipples, but they shrunk back down most of the way and got lighter again. Now they’re just a little teeny bit bigger unless I’m cold lol. I got almost zero stretch marks anywhere and my tummy looks approximately the same as before and I don’t ever truly “exercise”, just fool around with stuff occasionally and run around cleaning the house and working in an office and corralling a wild baby who rolls everywhere. I will say that I changed mentally a ton and I’m more anxious now which stinks and my mood swings are greater at most times than before… as well as my extreme nausea seemed to have carried over because even now I have bouts of nausea very easily and sometimes my insides still hurt when it comes to sex even though everything seems to be healed from labor and the surgery I had three months later for retained placenta that made me borderline hemorrhage one night. Nothing seems different physically for the most part at this point and my daughter is 9 months.

  • Mujhe aise dreams aate hai, meri death ho gayi aur sab ro rahe hai etc etc…I fill very bad, bahut gussa ata hai mujhe har vakt vo bhi bina kisi vajaha ke, lonely ness fill hota hai aisa lagta hai ki bass abhi yahi stop karna hai sab kuch…bahot jyada narvous hu mai, kuch samjh nahi aa raha kya karu, koi bada bhi nahi jisse kuch puch sakti hu, aur mere husband bhi belive nahi karte meri baato par his just think ki ye meri aadat hai gussa hona, ab kaise samjhau mai unhe ������

  • am i the only one that just went through the hair loss one and the nipples? xD also mental health which now is Prenatal depression?

  • Posting this comment late. Mujhe b bhot kuch symptoms the same mai bhi roti rehti thi one day i saw this video n after that i started watching your video on regular basis which are related to mother n baby care n vlogs also. Mujhe bhot positive feel hota hai aapke videos dekh k thankyou so much.

  • thank u mam,,,,,,,,,,,,ye problem same mere wife hue aur main usko ye video dikhaya vo fir thodi positive feel karne lagi…….ones again thank a lot…….god bless u and u r family