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Laparoscopic Repair of Para Umbilical Hernia Fully Explained

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Umbilical Hernia Repair at California Hernia Specialists

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Real Surgery: Umbilical Hernia Repair: Georgia SurgiCare (9/16/19)

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Umbilical Hernia Repair

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Inguinal Hernia & Umbilical Hernia Repair Dr. James Wall

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Umbilical Hernia Symptoms and Surgical Repair, Dr. Hadley Wesson

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Umbilical hernia repair surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. This means that you’ll be fully asleep and won’t experience any pain. Some abdominal hernias can be.

An umbilical hernia may need minor surgery. Umbilical hernia surgery is a small, quick operation to push the bulge back into place and to strengthen the abdominal wall. In. An umbilical hernia repair is a relatively routine surgery and takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

It can be performed as an open surgery or a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. An open surgery might require two to three days of hospitalization, but with a laparoscopic surgery a patient may be able to go home the same day or within 24 hours. If the surgeon thinks it is necessary to repair your hernia, then the surgeon will tailor the method of repair that best meets your needs. In the case of an umbilical hernia in a child, surgery may be recommended if the hernia is large or if it has not healed by the age of 4–5 years old.

Umbilical and epigastric hernia repairs are frequently performed surgical procedures with an expected low complication rate. Nevertheless, the optimal method of repair with best short‐ and long‐term outcomes remains debatable. The aim was to develop guidelines for the treatment of umbilical and epigastric hernias. Umbilical Hernia Treatment for Children An umbilical hernia is an abnormal bulge that can be seen or felt over the belly button (the umbilicus).

An umbilical hernia develops when a portion of the intestine, along with fat or fluid, bulges through the muscle of the abdominal wall. Open hernia repair surgery. The hernia is repaired through a cut (incision) in the belly.

Open surgery is safe and effective and has been done for many years. Laparoscopic hernia repair. A surgeon inserts a thin, lighted scope through a small incision in the belly. Surgical tools to repair the hernia are inserted through other small incisions. Laparoscopic The surgeon makes several small incisions in the abdomen that allow surgical tools into the openings to repair the hernia.

Laparoscopic surgery can be performed with or without. The usual treatment for a hernia is surgery to repair the opening in the muscle wall. There are various surgical strategies that may be considered in the planning of inguinal hernia repair. These include the consideration of mesh use, type of open repair and use of laparoscopy, a more minimally invasive approach to abdominal surgery. An umbilical hernia repair is a corrective surgery for a hernia in the navel (umbilicus) region.

An umbilical hernia repair surgery is a procedure to return the herniated tissue back in place and strengthen the muscle wall with stitches and a mesh so the.

List of related literature:

The best treatment for an umbilical hernia is usually no treatment at all.

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Umbilical hernia repair can be performed safely • with absorbable suture.

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Minimal postoperative care is required after uncomplicated repair of umbilical hernia.

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Umbilical hernias in adults generally need surgical repair.

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Umbilical hernia repair is best performed under general anesthesia in children.

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Technique for umbilical hernia repair.

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Following repair of an uncomplicated umbilical hernia, the prognosis is excellent, with recurrence being uncommon and aftercare being as for any routine elective abdominal surgery.

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There are many effective methods to repair umbilical hernias.

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r The prognosis for uncomplicated umbilical hernias repaired surgically is good to excellent.

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I strongly recommend that you do not perform a conventional umbilical hernia repair here, but just cover the defect with normal surrounding skin under local anesthesia.

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  • Hi I was wondering how this mesh holds up during pregnancy? I’m having this surgery in a month and am worried about the effect of the mesh if I decide to have children in the future.

  • Great video and so cool! This reminds me how my mom always said when she gave birth to my brother, he was so big “he tore my belly button and the doctors had to stitch it back together”. I will now have to #1 ask my mom to clarify the actual injury/procedure and #2 uphold my duty as a big sister and remind my brother he was a massive baby and The only reason my parents stopped having kids (he wasnt the only reason or even the main reason. he was also a very cute fat baby but you didnt hear that from me) ��

  • Would never recommend mesh run as fast as you can I had one put into me and I am suffering none stop I am now going to remove it. All I can say is Mesh don’t belong in a body!

  • Would prolotherapy or prp therapy help healing and strengthening of the umbilical hernia after surgery? I really don’t want to have a mesh installed but I’m looking forward to return to deadlifting and squatting

  • I had the hernia surgery in 2013 and they put mesh in and it eroison through out my body in 2017 I was in the hospital for 6 months and still have problem with my stomach it still hurts terrible

  • Hello sir…my umbilical hernia got detected 2 years back after I gave birth to my baby… the bulge is very small inside naval…but lots of gas formation and some times pain… is laparoscopy necessary or can it get well with proper diet and yoga

  • not sure I like this flowerette type patch. how does the dr. know if the patch is centered?
    the c-qur patch seems better. this looks like old technology.
    im needing surgery, but dr.’s are arrogant and just tell me he “knows what he is doing”. I feel I want the best surgery I can get. and dr. should explain everything and answer all questions.

  • For someone aged 28, who has done sports my whole life and had never before had issues with it. im roid free(I dont even compete or plan on competing), getting symptoms of a umbilical hernia has been uncomfortable. and the notion fo getting surgery for it to start protruding again is terrifying.
    How likely am I, after an umbilical hernia surgery of training like normal eventually?(it-s very minor but uncomfortable, nothing eye catching)

  • Sir please reply please sir.
    I am a women and my age is 48years I have umbilical hernia and the lump is huge I have bp,sugar should I do the surgery?
    Please reply sir.

  • Sir i fell light pain right beneath my umblica and after 2 day yellow foul smelly liquid comes and the pain is gone this is happening around in period of six months once what could be the cause

  • Res sir, My wife have the complaint of unsullied herniea. Yesterday day only doctors took scan and they told Operataion is your wish. Its size is 2cm near the naval already did family planning Operataion did in the same place. I am afraid for operation. Any side effects will come in future. Plz suggest a helpfully solution

  • I just had the robotic assisted umbilical hernia repair w/mesh 2 days ago. Mine turned out to be 15 x 20 cm, where initially they thought it was small per CT. I looked like an 8mo pregnant woman, naval stretched to the size ofa silver dollar, redness w/bubbling tissue behind it. The pain felt extremely deep, like a pitchfork raking behind my naval. Most pain was with activity, or by touch directly on it. Laying down alleviated it. Post op pain is better today than yesterday.. it feels like a fist around the muscles where the incisions are. This surgery has given me hope I’ll look & feel like a normal person again.

  • That needle just messed me up. Her’s looks like mine, just a little bigger. I’m going in today to have it done. I’m SO afraid����. But is she awake����. I hope she’s asleep.

  • just had it done this week but went under general anaesthetic still a bit sore and feel a bit sick but getting there every day it do get easy but well worth haveing done got all the pain meds and everything at the ready which have helped no end.

  • What if you have a hernia umbilical and you have low platelets my GI doesn’t want to do surgery but it’s large what do you suggest?

  • I need this done mine is getting worse as years go to by….wondering though can it be just sewn up so there is NO belly button? LOL maybe I am wierd but I think it would be too cool to have no belly button…just a lint collector anyway lol

  • My daughter has to have this surgery Thursday. An I’m scared to death. Because I just lost my 2week old baby… My nerves is f***ed up

  • I didn’t see any mesh being placed so why can’t this be done all the the time with out a mesh since I hear all these negative things about the mesh? I need it done to me but I’m scared because of all the negative thing I hear, read and see everywhere about the mesh but this simple and no mesh was used. So how can I get this type of surgery done? Please help Dr. Gajendra

  • Not had mine yet but I hear you also need to be ready with serious stool softeners…you don’t want to have to bear down at all in the bathroom or you will be in pain…also avoid anything that would make you cough!!! As far as prior to surgery I think any working out or exercise that does not “strain” the stomach which could cause the opening to enlarge is fine. You can find good stomach muscle strengthening exercises right here on Youtube.

  • I had this procedure done today. I didn’t want to freak myself out by watching a video beforehand. It’s not that scary. I pictured a lot of blood loss but there really wasn’t that much. Thank you for the video!

  • Sir I hv hernia…My stomach is bulgy in between… I hv no problem though…
    Just want to ask you if I loose weight around belly n overall will hernia go back little or keep protruding…

  • I have the same umbilical hernia…maybe a little bit
    worse than this patient.
    I have been suffering with this for 3 years now. No money or insurance to pay for surgery.

  • Hi doctor,
    Do I need to get surgery for an umbilical Hernia before I get pregnant? My hernia is a little less than 2CM and it only hurts when I cough a lot. Will a pregnant belly affect the hernia?


  • I had the same operation almost 24 years ago. Both me and my sister. Always wondered exactly how they did it since I was so young when I had it!

  • Ty for this video. I’ve had a huge umbilical hernia for over a year now. The Dr wants to wait to repair it bc I am have the gastric sleeve performed in July. I’ve had horrible pain w it thought. Gonna try and push on til July.

  • My dad has cirrhosis and he also have hernia. His belly button has popped out and his belly is swollen really big. He has lost weight and muscle. Is surgery possible on my father? Is it risky? His belly button pains a lot and his having difficulty breathing. Also he’s always coughing. He’s got cough in his chest. Please tell me if his hernia can be repaired or not? Today he woke in severe pain and had 103C fever.

  • Hey guys I have a question, I have a umbilical hernia. I was able to push back in but it poped out like 3 seconds after? Is this normal or bad?

  • hi there…i am having the same problem (umbilical hernia)….in this operation/surgical would you give a Local Anesthetic or a General Anesthetic?
    I noticed that there was no need for an in-bedded wire mesh required, is that your normal practice?
    How much it costs to ha to my email address: [email protected]

  • Sir my mother also has Umblical hernia she is obese and 40 +…Doctor has advised her mesh repair…Will she be ok..are there any complications afterwards

  • Plzzz sr guide me… My father age is 50 and he was suffering from umblical hurnia but he got a surgery 3 years before and recover but now the net comes out whats the reason behind it…. Is it dangerous plzzz guide me ����

  • Will this operation make my penis shrink? My dad is telling me no but my brother is telling me it does. Please advise. 38 year old white Male

  • Sir,mera same surgery hua hai per muje mesh dali hai.mari surgery 12 nov. 2019 ko hui. But l have so much pain in any time when i do little work at home. Pls reply what can I do

  • Dear friends…I need your advise…I had a prostate operation, results of that I got hernia..that’s why they say..I dont have a bulge & lumps in my body but I have got a hardness in my groin right hand side of my body I could feel it hardness as thick as my little finger.
    I wonder that is that a hernia sign.also Last night I couldn’t sleep I felt pain on my right hand side of my body under my ribs..I wonder that is that kinda a hernia symptoms. Thank you all in advance. Thanks for video as well.

  • Sir five months before only I done my umblical hernia surgery now I feel well but did not keep mesh In my stomach because doctor told no heavey defect than only not keep mesh so any other changes for repeated hernia sir because I am fat so I have little fear sirplease reply sir

  • Sir I have umbilical hernia out of csection. Problem is I got a 4 year old boy with global developmental delay. He isn’t sitting by himself not standing or walking. Because of heavy physiotherapy and caring of him I started to have bloating with gas and pain at the same time my belly button don’t show out as it used to earlier. Please please tell me can I undergo surgery and if so will I be able to take care my son as I am doing now. Daily have to climb stairs too. Or do I need to wait for my son to recover completely. I don’t want to hand him to anyone since he is doing great under my care. What will be your suggestion.

  • I went same operation with mesh repair 4 years back but now I getting pain and some blood in the urine and stools are not clear now and lock down is going now and not finding the way. Please advise Dr. Garu

  • Hi sir good afternoon…I have doubt….I had surgery for umbilical hernia with mesh before 2 weeks… unfortunately I lifted little weight becz of my daughter…after that I scared whether hernia will come again like that, s r no sir, once it operated again it will come r not sir? Me 27 yr old now…kindly reply me sir…

  • hey has anyone had experience with one and weight training. just had a small Umbilical Hernia show up after
    training and if i get it fixed whats the likely hood of me going back to full training after and how long?

  • I’m happy that I don’t see any mesh used in this surgery. The mesh horror stories are very bad from hindered movement to intense pain ongoing. But I realize that the manufacturers of the mesh product say only 1% to 2% percent of patients have difficulty. That’s still 1000 to 2000 lives ruined out of a 100,000 sample size. Anyway the mesh that I’ve seen images of is rather stiff and has sharp edges to it and it seems to harden up over time and sometimes pierce internal organs. This is why there are so many lawsuits. But I am thankful to see that there is an alternative to mesh. Thank you for that. It gives hope.

  • I have an umbilical hernia poking out of my belly button right now, and some intestine or something looks very swollen right next to it. My insurance doesnt cover any surgery places around me. Ive been in pain for abt 2 weeks! All from some chia seeds that bloated and blew up my stomach

  • Does anyone know if surgery involves cutting belly button directly? I have a belly button phobia and would rather they cut next to b. button than in it. Anyone else feel this way?

  • Hopped around and watched several videos. This is by far the best overall “everything in one” and is very well explained. Thank you!

  • I came here because my daughter has this. She’s still 2 years old but I’m sure she’ll get this operation when the doctor says she’s ready.

  • Hello sir i want to know that after the surgery is there any chances of mesh effects or problems cause it will place inside the belly for the whole life is it creates problem?

  • My dad had this surgery earlier this morning, it’s weird to think that the next time i see his belly button, it wont be that puffy sack anymore.

  • I need this done soon. Thanks for clearing things up. It’s strange but I don’t like it when a scalpel cuts skin. I’ve seen the inside of the human body before with my own eyes, but that cutting motion gets me every time.

  • I remember my Mum having one of those big belly buttons that was herniated due to a Sister being an over sized baby my Mum gave birth to. My question is, if the hernia isn’t repaired for many years and a women gives birth to another two baby’s after the original herniated belly button, is it possible that the hernia can develop root growths around the internal organs and cause much more serious complications? I hope the doctor can answer this question, if not, then I hope someone with medical knowledge can help answer my question. My Mum ended up having massive complications as well as a massive heart attack after the surgery. Mum recovered eventually. Thank you ��

  • My belly button constantly hurts at the moment. I just had keyhole surgery there to remove dermoid cyst and was told not to exercise after 6 weeks. I started exercising after 6 weeks and my belly button is now constantly hurting even after 6 weeks. Do I now have a hernia?

  • I’ma have to get surgery of this… Omg I don’t wanna go now lol…… That probably the pain I have.. Gonna go check with doctor to see what they tell me

  • I had this same surgery when I was a baby except mine was about 6 times bigger than this hurnia and my doctors didn’t do the best job leaving me with a pretty big unhealthy scar

  • my son who only 3 months old had a big heriner and seeing a doctor tomorrow can anyone give me advise on this please and what could happen in the future will it go back or not? thanks

  • hey I have a small umbilical hernia underneath my belly button and I’m probably having my surgery next week or this week. pray for me. I don’t need this much pain and I’m thirteen

  • I had this surgery few days ago…. i didnt have any pain i was lifting heavy with it… i just had a bulge on my belly button… after surgery i was able to walk the same day…it hurts a little bit…its totally fine guys dont be scared of it go to get it fixed:)

  • I’m surprised how little it bleeds.I need umbilical hernia surgery,however the Doctor want’s me to loose some weight first.He said he can do the surgery now,but because I’m overweight,he said the hernia could return.Has anyone out there with a weight problem have this surgery done,and if so what was the outcome. Thanks.

  • i had this done with just sutures. what will happen to my small hernia repair without mesh if i were to become pregnant in the future?

  • I had this 2 years ago but the difference was I had three, two in my abdomen and one umbilical. If any of you are getting this done or are thinking about it well here’s how it goes. It hurt really bad the first and second day and started walking around more on the third I was only off school for a week I was around 11 when I had this procedure done

  • I’ve watch a video of the mesh & the Laparoscopic surgery both, I think I would prefer the mesh, I had it done with the mesh about 25 yrs ago but it looks like the type of mesh has been improved slot since then like everything in our world.

  • When I am too small I had the same and the doctor said that it can be normal but she will get laser treatment but my mom is very afraid of this that she will get so much pain one aunty come and say that the treatment is not so important it can be normal easy way a poison name neela thotha she said it can be normal by neela thotha so my mom sad it can be painful the aunty said no it is not painful my mom agree with that and she say it can do something wrong the aunty reply no

  • I am having this done on Wed. Thank you for this video. Even being in the medical field, I feel better having watched this. Thanks!

  • I just had this surgery but the surgeon used a mesh.. came here looking to see what the surgeon did. Thats some very steady hands… and fine skill Thank you Dr Singh.

  • Excellent Surgery by excellent surgeon. Thanks for uploading this video of Laparoscopic Repair of Para Umbilical Hernia Fully Explained. this video is very inspirational and rejuvenating.

  • I have to get this done very soon. Our best guess is that I was born with it but I’ve noticed the pain since I was 10 and now at 17 the pain has gotten more painful and only now told my doctor.

  • Really a great professional..
    Good job sir..
    But i didn’t find like that doctor here ������..
    In multan doctor operate a hernia with minimum 6 inches cut…even after 3rd day feel much pain.. can’t sit and walk

  • Hy Dr.RK Mishra i have a question for you if its posible. I think i have epigastric hernia i read a few things about it and i am pretty sure that it is. I fill like a buldge been the abdominal muscles its somewear between a pingpong ball and a tenis ball. It only hearts if i accidently hit it but after it hearts for cople of days is sensitive when i sleep on the side but when the payne goes away its ok. First time it started i picked up something and i feld like on the left side of the abominal muscles feld like strangulated for about 60 seconds interesting i all of a suden started to swet my hands were shaking and i quckly had a glass a water with sugar i almost past out.After the glas of water with sugar was ok.Next didn,t fill nothig but then a weak later i started to fill like a ball between the abdominal muscles.Can someone live without operation or it must be operated as soon as posible????Second question. Can i keep a diet and not fill up my belly with food and fill ok because this happend 1 month ago and if i take care and don,t eat that much i,m ok and sometime i don,t even fill that ball???? I,m afraid of the operation i,m alone and i have no famaly who could take care of me.If it was me a won,t go. My father had ombilical hernia and lived till 73 and had no problem.What can you sugest me????

  • I’m about to have my umbilical hernia surgery via laparoscopy this Friday and this video answered all my questions. It’s increnable, thank you!

  • I have one. My symptoms include infection in my bellybutton. (It would get sore and get swollen and then eventually its like it pops. Then I have a bloody/puss filled bellybutton which I need to clean with surgical spirits 3 times a day. Very embarrassing because I need to always wear an under shirt.) I always have like a numb pain in my tummy. I am 32 now and I had it checked out when I was 19 and they didnt want to do anything. I had it checked out again when I was 30 and still didnt want to do anything about it. I could do sit ups in the past but now I cannot do it anymore. What the hell do I do? New doctor?

  • Hi sir
    … I m a 35yrs old lady…… I have Para umbelical hernia which was occurred during my first pregnancy….. Is it causes abdominal protrusion sir…. Bcz my abdomen is abnormally bulged out…. Can I choose this method?

  • Thank you Sir for this nice sutgery,my question regarding the falciform ligament,is it needed to refix it to the abdominal wall rather than keep it hanged?many thanks

  • Thank you such a neat and clean hernia repair. That being such a large hernia, it must have been very painful. Thank you very much for ending the suffering.