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Dumb things/ questions said to us over the years Part 2

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Stupid Questions about Twins

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Dumb Things People Ask Twins!

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Dumb things/ questions said to us as conjoined twins over the years

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I get that multiples are rare. I get that you’re going to have a lot of questions. And honestly, that’s cool.

But maybe think about some of the things you ask before the words tumble out of your mouth, to save yourself the embarrassment of sounding kind of stupid, and to save me from having to try (in vain) to contain my eye rolls and *le. It’s also not unusual for people to be interested in whether your twins are identical–even if they are a boy and a girl. Silly Twin Questions That Strangers LOVE To Ask. Mom Heidi Green says, “When people would stop me on the street and ask me about Harry and Rose, they would usually ask, ‘Are they identical?’ As infants, they looked.

There are the usual questions about who’s taller, who was born first, and all that other stuff we get to ask about twins. And when you ask twins those questions, they usually give you bored answers because they’ve been asked that a thousand times before. So let’s change it up a bit, shall we? Below, we’ve compiled a list of lesser asked.

Being a twin is like being born with a best friend. Your entire life people automatically assume both of you to know each other inside out. If you have a twin sibling, you can definitely relate to this statement.People expect you to feel what the other twin. Well I’m still pregnant with my twin girls I’m 24 weeks tomorrow and people ask are they identical I keep telling them that we won’t know until they are born and a DNA test is done. At least I have been getting compliments on how well I’m carrying most women say when I was at 24 weeks I looked like I was having twins but you look great.

110 Really Stupid Questions To Ask People Stupid questions can be hilarious sometimes, especially when such questions are asked by friends. In other situations, they can be very annoying and just plain stupid, making you wonder if the person asking the question is in their right mind. I like the way people always seem to decide its thier business all of a sudden to ask if they were IVF or natural, c-sec birth or natural etc, they wouldnt ask if there was only 1!!! Problem is we have been there once with twin girls and im pregnant with twins boys at the moment so going to go through it allllll again!!

For as long as I can remember, the moment I’ve told people I’m a twin they’ve rattled off questions, questions I’ve answered for years. Here are some of the most common ones: 1. You’re a twin? Boy or girl?

Are you Identical? Yes, I am a twin. She’s a girl; I just said my “twin.

Here is one Twin Mom’s “Top 15” list of questions. I kid you not I have been asked EVERY question. Except my responses aren’t as witty. 15. “I could never do it.”Oh really.

What would you do? Would you put them on the curb with signs around their necks that say, “Free to a good home. My mom. Answers to annoying questions people ask about twins. Discussion in ‘Twins, Triplets & Multiples’ started by chetnaz, Mar 31, 2011.

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List of related literature:

And even those who refrain from such intrusive comments feel fully entitled to comment on the twins, to ask how old they are or where they were born or how you manage with two.

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They have questions regarding the success of in vitro fertilization and the possibility of having twins or triplets.

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Let us try to seek answers for these questions through the following description related to the birth of twins and multiples.

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However, how is a woman to answer who has twins or triplets?

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Multiples asked to say how they feel give perfectly good answers, and they don’t say anything very special.

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Problems – what problems are associated with twins in pregnancy, birth, and early months?

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There are certain things people always want to know about twins, the more so in mystery stories.

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We are yet debating questions about how twins arise in embryo.

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Why are monozygotic twins different?

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Much has been written about the possible occurrence of “third twins,” or the uncommon twins that may arise from possibly irregular ovulation events, such as polar body fertilization.

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  • You guys are dealing with all of those stupid/ignorant questions with some sense of humor. That’s something we all should know how to do!

  • I agree with them: some people on the internet are really stupid idiots… ” possessed, stuck together, aliens ” they’re just human beings in an EXTRAORDINARY SITUATION SO ����‍♀️… DON’T ASK STUPID QUESTIONS PLZ ��… 2 beautiful women, and I’m sure that their lives aren’t easy every day but as everyone else so…. lots of love ❤️ and support ����✌���� from Switzerland ����

  • but like another question. Do you guys have to work together to like walk? Or can one of you sleep while the other is walking idk loll

  • Hahaha! I really enjoyed this video. I have two-year-old twin boys and I could make a huge list of the stupid questions that people ask me as a mom of twins. It is amazing that pretty much every single person I encounter asks the same question first: “Are they twins?”. I fear one day I may respond with “No, I just have two sons that are exactly the same size, and look just alike, but really they were born five years apart.”

  • You girls are amazing❤️❤️ Don’t let those people that say negative stuff about you put you put down. God created you and he has plans for you❤️ You are really amazing. Stay blessed. Loads of love from Fiji��������❤️

  • They seem so chill. Their aura is so magnetizing, yet strangely calming and familiar, like just another couple of friends or sisters you see walking down the street or in a cafe somewhere. It’s relaxing and fun to listen to them, but I wish people wouldn’t ask such dumdum nut nut questions ��

  • What if you have an argument with each other and don’t wanna see the other person? What do you do then, cause obviously you can’t go away?

  • im a triplet and for some reason someone asked me if sometimes I get mixed up with who is who. and i am like “no i do not get mixed up and think i am one of my sisters” lol

  • i never knew some humans are so dumb…. like whoever asked these questions is LEGIT dumb…even an animal would be more clever than this oof

  • Luc is a tad bit shorter, and smaller face, meaning….he’s younger by several minutes….correct me if I am wrong, please. Oh, if 1 twin was born before midnight, and the other was born after, then the Twins would actually have separate Birthdays, right?

  • The most annoying question I find is, when I go out with my identical twin brother we always get asked if we are twins. well duh we look the same.

  • I think more fun questions would be:

    “Have you ever played a prank on someone, where each/either of you pretended to be the other?
    Do you have matching fingerprint?

    Even though I know you two are identical twice, I’ve never had any problems identifying who was who.

  • My twin brother’s nothing like me. In fact he’s quite weird. He spends most of his time standing in front of me in the bathroom, copying my every move. He does the same thing with that picture-frame I have in my bedroom. Tragic, really.

  • My good friends with pair of twins growing up. They would purposely screw with me by combing their hair the same way and wearing matching clothes. They would ask me which one was which.

    Eventually I could tell instantly which one was which after I got a little older and got to know them better. ^_^

  • Just discovered you two, and found this video. I think what was intended when asked if you fight might not have been anything to do with disagreements, but whether you actually wrestle, box or otherwise train with each other. As you are twins, you are almost certain to be equally as strong as each other, so neither will be able to beat the other consistently, each of you gaining as much experience and benefit. As such, you’ll be able to develop much better physiques than most people since you will always be able to find your exact physical equal to spar against. This is evident in so many cases. [COPIED FROM A GOOGLE SEARCH]: The K2 Twins: Alex and Charlie Kotze. Cesar and Juan Hortoneda. Jordan and Zac Stenmark. Jorge and Jariel Naranjo Vichot. Chris and Adam Mort. Nicholas and Campbell Pletts. Marcio and Marcos Patriota. Jon and Mark Norris… there are bound to be more.

  • I found out I had an identical twin in high school because we grew up in different families. Then we realized we looked exactly the same

  • yeah that’s true I hate all that question specially if they already know that were twins they will ask you are the two of you have a the same birth

  • I can relate to sooo many of these questions. No…I can relate to all of them. I actully think that the most common question is:” are you twins??”. And almost all the time we are like:” No, this is the first time I see this person”. And they are so confused. It’s so funny.One time, me and my sister went on a school trip with other classes. And I mentioned that I have a twin sister( we were on the same bus for a few days) and it was one guy who was like: ” oh my god! I didn’t even realize, can I see you side by side?”. And we stood side by side, but a friend was between us. And the guy started comparing me to our friend. And he was saying that we look nothing alike. And we were there like.”dude….seriousley?”….yeah…

  • Coyle Twins… I’m a twin that closely resembles my twin…similar to you both.
    Some viewers think they can tell you apart. You should do a quick video (if you haven’t already) not revealing who’s who, but letting your viewers guess. Then later, after you receive enough guesses in the replies, you both should reveal who’s-who.

  • I think they look “alike”, as in brothers maybe a year apart can look alike. But they don’t look exactly the same to me at all, I can easily tell who is who. There’s even a subtle difference of pitch in their voices and inflections in their gestures that mark them apart.

  • Maybe the people who ask if twins know what the others are thinking or feel the others pain think that twins are quantumly entangled

  • LOL Would never attempt to through my sister through a wall, our parents would have killed us if we did that.

    However, during one fight with my twin sister I dropped a roller skate on her head… Don’t worry she’s fine, didn’t even change her face.

  • It always annoys me when someone realizes we’re twins then turns to one of us and ask when our birthday is, then turns to the other one and asks when his birthday is. We decided one will be in September and the other will be December anytime it happens again.

  • One time my identical twin, my older brother, and I were asked if we were twins. That makes no sense because then it would be triplets.

  • I am a fraternal twin and honestly my twin is a boy I’m a girl (using his account) and I know it’s different for everyone but me and him can pass headaches to each other and feel when somethings wrong and occasionally if they are hurt the other feels it and yes it is weird

  • 1. Do both of you like the same activities BECAUSE you are identical? For example, if one of you likes a particular TV show does the other twin automatically like the same TV show?
    2. When you were young did you quarrel more, less, or the same as non-twin siblings?
    3. If Austin was invited to a party (or any other activity) and didn’t want to go, did Erin go pretending to be Austin (or visa versa)?
    Would you make another video to answer these three question. If you don’t want to make another video, please reply to this question and answer these 3 questions. Thanks, Ethan and Cameron.

  • Omg. my twin sister and I are born on different days and it is so funny trying to explain that we are still twins dispite the fact that we have different birthdays. lol

  • I relate to this video so much. I like how you guys brought up the rare occasions where twins are born on different days I’m actually one of those rare occasions where me and my twin have different birthdays. I was born June 15th at 11:45 pm and my twin brother was born at 12:17 on June 16th.

  • the question of have you ever gotten yourselves mixed up with each other, can I just point out that you did just that in an episode of twin joke by introducing yourself as Mike 😉 big fan btw

  • Everyone asks me and my sister “Are you twins?” Me and my twin don’t look the same-to us! But everyone says we do! Love you guys xo

  • easy question, do what both of you guys eat, affect your health, like same digestive system related? and other question, I’m new to the channel, how do you guys go the loo?

  • I love how Lupita is so quiet and seems so reserved but then everything she says with her quiet lil voice is the most sarcastic and sassy thing

  • “Are you girls twins?”
    “When you stand in front of the mirror with your twin, can you tell each other apart?”
    “Hey your sister’s sick today, why aren’t you too?”


  • I’m a identical twin and I’ve been asked all of those questions. I once told someone I was a twin and she shouted across the classroom “oh my god she’s a twin!” like I was some sort of freak.

  • “Can you read each others minds?” This was asked quite frequently, lol I hate the “Who’s older?” question, lol My brother is 4 min older but like what difference does 4 mins make? lol