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Who knew your baby could “walk” before the age of two months? Well, he really can’t but if you hold him upright with his feet on a flat surface, he will lift one foot and then the other. This stepping reflex (also known as dance reflex or walking reflex) is an important part of his development; preparing him to take real steps several months down the road. Stepping reflex in babies help and prepare a child to walk by developing the muscles of the leg and feet. If we think practically, it does not serve any purpose just after a baby is born.

When the baby is 2-3 months old, it disappears and re-occurs later when the baby is 12-13 months old. Babies are said to have the stepping reflex in order to help or prepare them to walk. It is said to develop the muscles of the leg and feet which help a baby to walk.

Although, practically thinking, it has no real use just after a baby is born. It usually disappears after the baby turns 2–3 months old only to re-occur later when the baby is 12–13 months old. Around 2 to 3 months of age, your baby’s sucking instinct will transition to a conscious effort and is no longer considered a reflex. Stepping Reflex The stepping reflex allows your baby to put one foot in front of the other when you place their feet on a flat surface. The walking reflex is triggered by holding the baby upright with their feet in contact with the surface underneath.

They’ll respond by lifting one foot after the other, almost as if walking. This response appears at birth and lasts until the infant is around 2 months old — and it provides early preparation for walking in the months to come. 7. Your baby will respond by startling, extending their head backwards, raising their arms and legs up into the air, crying, and then folding their arms and legs back in. The Moro reflex is usually outgrown by four months.

Stepping Reflex: If you hold your baby upright on a solid surface, you may notice that your baby begins to take a few steps! It’s pretty amazing, but doesn’t mean that your. It disappears by 4 months. Stepping Reflex: When you place his feet on a flat surface, your baby will put one foot in front of the other. It disappears at around 2 to 3 months of age.

Asymetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (or Fencing Reflex): When placed on is back, your infant will assume the “fencing position.” His head will turn with the arm and leg of one side extended (the pair on the side he’s turned toward), and. The reflex causes the baby to extend the arms, legs, and fingers and arch the back. 1  Experts suggest that the Moro reflex evolved to help keep infants closer to protective figures and to avoid falling. -Lift baby to the shoulder and rock or walk-swaddle the baby -offer a pacifier-talk softly or play rhythmic sounds-take baby for a short car ride or walk-massage the baby’s body combine several methods.

This generally disappears around 6 months of age. Stepping—The stepping reflex prepares the baby to start walking independently. When the baby is held under the arms with their bare feet touching the ground, the newborn will make “stepping” movements with his or her legs.

This generally disappears around the age of 2 months.

List of related literature:

Compared with these two control groups, whose walking reflex declined during the eight weeks, the babies who were actively exercised maintained their walking reflex and even took more steps with each passing week.

“What's Going on in There?: How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life” by Lise Eliot
from What’s Going on in There?: How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life
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The reflex in question, the stepping reflex, can be elicited by holding a newborn under the arms so that his or her feet touch a surface: the baby will reflexively perform stepping motions, lifting first one leg and then the other in a coordinated pattern as in walking.

“How Children Develop” by Robert S. Siegler, Judy S. DeLoache, Nancy Eisenberg
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In one study, infants whose stepping reflex was regularly stimulated began to walk at an earlier age than their nonstimulated counterparts (Zelazo, 1976).

“Human Motor Development: A Lifespan Approach” by V. Gregory Payne, Larry D. Isaacs
from Human Motor Development: A Lifespan Approach
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If you hold a newborn upright with his or her feet touching a surface, the baby will show a stepping reflex, which possibly serves as a basis for much later walking (Zelazo, 1998).

“Discovering Psychology: The Science of Mind, Briefer Version” by John Cacioppo, Laura Freberg
from Discovering Psychology: The Science of Mind, Briefer Version
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These reflexes include actions like the stepping reflex, whereby if a young baby is held up by the armpits and a gentle pressure is applied to the soles of the feet, it will appear to step.

“Foundations of Psychology” by Nicky Hayes
from Foundations of Psychology
by Nicky Hayes
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For example, the stepping reflex that is present at birth usually disappears at around 2 months of age.

“Child Development: Understanding A Cultural Perspective” by Martin J. Packer
from Child Development: Understanding A Cultural Perspective
by Martin J. Packer
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In one study (Zelazo, Zelazo, & Kolb, 1972), researchers made certain that infants practiced the walking reflex for 12 minutes (four 3-minute sessions) each day.

“A Behavior Analytic View of Child Development” by Henry D. Schlinger Jr.
from A Behavior Analytic View of Child Development
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Newborn Reflexes When this 2-week-old baby (left) is held upright with her feet touching a flat surface, she displays the stepping reflex, moving her legs as if trying to walk.

“Psychology (Loose Leaf)” by Don H. Hockenbury, Sandra E. Hockenbury
from Psychology (Loose Leaf)
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A general expectation is that most babies will achieve the basics of walking during the first 6 months of their second year and will then have refined this skill considerably by the end of their second year.

“The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement” by Bruce Abernethy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Vaughan Kippers, Laurel T. Mackinnon, Marcus G. Pandy
from The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement
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The step reflex can be demonstrated by holding the baby so the sole of the foot touches a hard surface, this causes a reciprocal flexion and extension of the leg simulating walking (Fig. 12.14).

“A Textbook of Children's and Young People's Nursing E-Book” by Edward Alan Glasper, Dr Jim Richardson, James Richardson
from A Textbook of Children’s and Young People’s Nursing E-Book
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  • Por qué insisten en forzar a los bebés que caminen? El esfuerzo puede hacer que les de una hernia en el ombligo. Primero que aprendan a su tiempo a ‘gatear’ y luego a caminar

  • Every child develops at their own rate.. I love the little toddles as they learn. My youngest didn’t want anything to do with for the longest time.. I think he was 13-14-15 months before he really took off.

  • 4 month baby not suppose to stand until they ready due to their spine still not being very strong. thats what our doctors keep saying, it can cause other problems in future, especially if a baby still not sitting but usually at around 5 month. as an example.

  • It’s always neat to see the difference in each of my kids. Some where considered “late walkers” and some where right around 11 or 12 months.

  • My daughter was like that she hated tommy time now she’s gonna be 10 months on the 22 and she stands but at 3-4 months she wanted to walk cuz she hated tommy time!!!!�������� love watching ur vlogs and watching ur daughter growing fast! Treasure the moments while they r young!!!!

  • Such an adorable baby..a lovely wee family. Just a piece of advice from my old Scottish Granny…she always said not to let a baby put weight on their legs till they do it on their own by pulling themselves up. She said it could make them bow legged as their little bones and joints are soft. Ive always remembered that and adhered to it.

  • I am sure many people have told you that it isn’t really good to force babies to stand on their weak little developing ankles that young. My son walked ‘early’ at 7 months and wore orthopedic shoes for three years to help strengthen his ankles because of it.

  • Get well Jess, I second the vicks on the feet. Also Micah is growing up so fast, please slow down little one. Thank you for sharing.. Milkshakes are awesome till you have to go on a diet..

  • Trying to stop treats is soooooo bad so hard I tryed and tryed and can’t do it lol good luck hope you win the battle that video was just the longest cutest video I’ve seen out off all the videos we need more of just mecha she makes you smile even wen ur having a bad day just so cute you guys

  • Hallo everyone, my name is Sanel, im from Germany, we have identical twin dougthers, Emma and Nina 2,5 years old, there is a big different between those two, Nina is much stronger and speaks already over 300 word, ahe already stand up to garnitur and walls, but she is scared to do it without any help,but we are satify with her. The bigger problem is Emma, She is doing much less things as her Sister, she just crowl, and speaks maybe 5 word, and when we call her, she ignore us sometimes. We see that she want to do more as she can, but it dont work. They where born 40 days earlier, they have no diagnosis only emma little bit musclehypotonus but not much. Does anybody here has the same experience with twins? Sorry for my bad English, and thank you for your answers.

  • My eldest walk alone with 10 month and never crawled. It was sit at 4 month stand with 5-6 month in the box and walk alone with 9/10 minth.

  • Walking prior to crawling could be an indicator of dyslexia. Not sure on how common the correlation is. Just something to be aware of.

  • My mom says I almost walked before crawling. Our apartment was small and I was able to scoot between the couch, the coffee table, and the dining chairs. Right after my parents got rid of the coffee table I started crawling

  • my now 8 month old have been walking in her walker and standing some what since 6 months we started her in her walker when she held her head pretty good this past week she has now been trying to crawl and crawling a little i had asked her dr about it and she said some babies skip crawling all together

  • i was told babies that walk before they crawl can’t read for some reason. it doesn’t make sense but i think maybe you should look it up

  • A child must crawl to develop the motor skills f the brain. My Son walked at five months and had very delayed motor skills. The specialist at UCLA said that he saw this in so many babies that walked and did not crawl. It involves reading skills that are all part of the process. Our second son was born seven years later and we did not start encouraging him to walk until 14 months. Our second son could read by age three, coincidence????? My oldest son also did not like to be on his belly.

  • It’s wrong babies feets are not strong yet, man balance the baby’s feets, baby doesn’t stand and makes herself stand…. Heart breaking video poor baby:(

  • turmeric and honey are great for sickness. I take it often when I feel like something is coming on. It’s 1/2 cup of honey to 1/2 tsp of turmeric. I take it probably 2-3 times a day until I feel better. Which is usually about a day or so. I have Lupus so I have to be careful around folks that are sick. Having a weakened immune system makes it very hard. But this stuff makes it so much better!

  • Jessica,.. i had a bunch of mucus built up and someone said take Musinex I went as soon as i could as i came out side of the store i took it i rode m bike and with in 15 to about 2o min but i think it was like15 min for the Musinex started to actually work this is a very good medicine i would personally say trust this and you’ll be feeling great in no time i bet ya give it a c hance and Micah soooOo stink ‘N C u t e with her tiera and making little noises grabbing at the soup cans =D

  • Such a beautiful family. Micah is a real smarty pants and I can’t wait to see more of her development and your responses to it, lol.

  • My son was walking unassisted at 9 months, he never crawled. He scooted for a mounth, and would grab anything to pull up on and would walk holding something starting at about 6 1/2, 7 months. So some babies never crawl.

  • Walking before crawling does happen… My first daughter never crawled! That’s right! She just stood up and started walking one day when she was 9 months old… And then my second daughter crawled at 7 months til she was 11 months. So, they are all different… But the more u work with her, the faster things will happen!!

  • I’m a triplet and I’m the youngest out of the three of us. The other two are boys. I’m the only girl. The eldest out of the three of us skipped crawling all together and just went straight to walking. He didn’t crawl at all, only walked.

  • I fed my friends baby once and was saying mmm is that yummy with every bite. My friends called me a few days later and said everytime they fed her she would say mmmmmmm. Lol

  • On Amazon there are sinus relief bath salts and I swear by them. Any time I have sinus colds I use them and they are amazing to clear up the cold

  • I wish they did this to me, so i could have been a swimmer now and i wouldnt remember when they did this to me. so its a win win!

  • You should not do that let her stand like that, my nephew tdid the same thing and now that he is 1 year old he has his legs tacked and he falls down every time, she is beautiful mine is 4 month old and she it’s starting to crawling

  • If she’s breastfeed, she was already introduced to whatever you have, before you felt the sickness. She needs to feed straight off the breast so her saliva will trigger your body to give her the antibodies she needs to fight off whatever it is you have. Cuddles are necessary at this point.
    Thanks for the vlog!

  • I drink some peppermint tea when I’m sick and use some essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender and it helps me a lot.

  • it is so nice, tak all the main stream media always add something to scare the people who listen. we need to be in panic so we can be controlled.

  • Jess, when you told Austin he was so good with Micah, it was just so sweet to hear! Love all three of you!! You brighten my days!

  • I have been doing the same with my 2 daughters because I love them and everyone should teach their children too, drowning must be a horrible way to die!
    Great video ����

  • I got into an abortion argument with a guy a while ago. He basiclly said new borns are able to swim in their own instintually, which means they’re intelligent and we shouldn’t abort them at any stage of a pregnancy. Glad I watched this kuz it proves that not only do they need training, they aren’t actually new borns. The children in this video are at least 6 months and go through extensive training to Basiclly float on their backs.

  • Jess your baby is protected by your milk. She was exposed to your virus before you even knew you were sick. But that is a good thing because your body creates antibodies that enter your milk to protect her it is amazing! Same with when Austin was sick. You would have been exposed to his virus and that would have protected her from that as well! You are her immune system as she builds up her own.

  • Oh my 8 months would make me crazy lol �� I have 6 kiddos who have learned to walk anywhere from 13months-2 years. The 2 year old was our special needs kiddo and I learned so much about what all goes into walking. It’s amazing what we take for granted. Love this video

  • All of my kiddos were so different in their walking stages. It was a lot of fun to see who the risk takers were and who the more timid children were.

  • Well I remember back in the early 70s they were teaching baby’s to swim then, I wanted that for my son to, but so many mother’s signed up for the classes, I never got in. But they swim like fish any way Joe was 5 n Amy was 4. Lisa was 6-7.

  • It’s so important she crawl because each part of her brain needs to develope. She will surprise you one day when you least expect it.

  • Not good making them stand before they are ready, you can cause all sorts of problems for their joints not being able to handle their own weight, they can grow abnormally from the waist down…

  • Y’all saying this is smart but it actually the dumbest thing ever cuz then later the baby could dry drown if you don’t know what that is search it not being rude jus sayin facts ����

  • OMG Jess I’ve got a cold also and it’s making my head pound, I get my nose to where I can breath but my head keeps pounding my brotherin-law was sick and came to our house and we’ve been sick since! Love you guys praying for you all and Jess feel better soon

  • your children will drown one day, don’t play like that. just because they can hold themselves for a few minutes doesn’t mean they’re swimmers. teach them when it’s time.

  • I want to try this method to my little brother.. but I’m scared not bcuz of him.. I’m scared bcuz I can’t swim either even I’m already 18 year’s old

  • Winter is the worst ���� Just in case you weren’t aware, I’m sure you are, but make sure you nurse her while you’re sick! She’ll get those amazing antibodies and will probably be the only person in the house that stays healthy! Feel better soon!

  • I saw your post on Instagram and it led me here. My son is 16mo. He will push his walker but when it comes to letting go he just drops to the ground. He doesn’t even try to stand on his own. He is very cautious about trying new things. He didn’t start sitting up until 12 months so being delayed in walking was expected. I will follow your tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • Parents doing this cause americans are lazy they like to be in the phone or talking while kids are playing they just don’t want to be watching the kids while they in the pool

  • Low tone definitely makes it more challenging to walk. Sophie had the same problem. Katie was also a late walker (17 mo) because she was premature and was still very tiny at that age.

  • My son is 2 months and he loves to stand kinda. He’s also sitting up with support and since 1 month or little less then that he was able to hold his head up (obviously at times I’ll hold his head when I feel that it will fall back) but on most days he’s able to do it himself.

  • This is what we should do about most dangerous situations. If no one will teach your child to swim/shoot a gun/defend themselves, then you teach them. Kids need to learn these things; it’s life or death, 24/7.

  • I remember wondering about how babies can swim when I first got the Nirvana Nevermind album seeing the baby underwater swimming after the dollar bill on a fish hook.

  • Smart, but I hope it won’t make parents overconfident thinking babies are OK unsupervised around water. Even if they can swim, their heads are still very big and they don’t have a lot of strength yet, nor much problem solving ability. Still got to make sure all gates are locked, and still got to scoop up baby and take them with you if you have to go indoors for a minute.