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Start breastfeeding as soon as possible after your c-section. If you have an epidural or spinal anesthesia, you’ll be awake so you may be able to breastfeed right away. However, if it’s necessary to have general anesthesia, your recovery will take longer.

If you can’t breastfeed right away, ask to hold your baby skin-to-skin. Then, put the baby to the breast as soon as you safely can. 6 Effective Tips For Breastfeeding After a C-Section 1. Meet with a lactation consultant while pregnant. Knowing what to expect from breastfeeding after delivery is vital if you’re planning on exclusive nursing. The first couple of weeks of breastfeeding are not easy, doesn’t matter if you gave birth naturally or via c-section.

Here are seven tips for success. Start breastfeeding as soon as possible after your c-section surgery. If you have epidural or spinal anesthesia, you’ll be awake so you may be able to breastfeed right away.

However, if it’s necessary to have general anesthesia, your recovery will take longer. You are asked to take pain medication after a cesarean section. If you are still in pain, it will take some time for your body to heal thus making your breastfeeding more uncomfortable.

Some of the pain medication may also be passed on to your breast milk, making your baby sleepy. Some moms who have had a C-section find that their milk comes in a little later than expected, probably due to the extra stress of surgery. You can keep your milk supply on track by: Cuddling skin-to-skin with your baby as often as you can. Staring those first nursing sessions as soon as possible. Breastfeeding actually burns about 300 to 500 calories per day, whether you deliver vaginally or with a C-section.

This might help you shed the baby weight a. Breast-feeding and pumping: 7 tips for success. Breast-feeding is a commitment. If you’re pumping, follow simple tips for maintaining your milk supply, from pumping often to drinking plenty of fluids.

By Mayo Clinic Staff. The current study recognizes that cesarean section negatively impacts on the initiation of breastfeeding, and aims to determine the level of influence. Specifically, the aim was to identify factors that influence mothers’ breastfeeding initiation in the first 24 hours after birth.

Love your blog! My daughter had an emergency c-section 5 years ago and a preemie baby under 3 lbs, we could’ve used your tips! I really liked preparing your Home, asking for help, and get moving without exercising practical but overlooked necessities!

The tips. Babies born via c-section may be somewhat drowsy and lethargic, especially if the mother was exposed to anesthetics for a prolonged period of time during labor. This doesn’t mean that breastfeeding won’t be successful, but it can mean that her milk may take a little longer.

List of related literature:

Breastfeeding will stimulate the release of oxytocin, which will initiate uterine contractions and thus increase uterine involution and reduce the risk of postpartum haemorrhage.

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F. Prevention of bleeding (guideline 17): breastfeed; assess fundus and massage as needed; expel clots if present once fundus is firm; assess bladder and encourage voiding; allow placenta to separate naturally.

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Afterpains: Breastfeeding with newborn sucking causes the posterior pituitary to secrete oxytocin, stimulating the let-down reflex; uterine contractions are also stimulated, leading to afterpains, which will occur for the first few days postpartum.

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Clinicians are more likely to perform partial frenotomy if they believe that ankyloglossia contributes to poor infant sucking and other breastfeeding problems, such as insufficient infant weight gain or sore nipples/ recurrent mastitis in the mother.

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Early (in the first hour after birth) and frequent breastfeeding are encouraged for optimal functioning of both the infant and the mother for the following reasons: • Suckling stimulates uterine contractions, aids in the expulsion of the placenta, and helps to control maternal blood loss.

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During each of these visits the midwife/ FHW checks temperature, pulse and respirations of the mother, examines her breasts, checks the progress of normal involution of uterus, examines lochia for any abnormality, checks urine and bowels and advices on perineal toileting.

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(b) Contributing factors are: [i] Waiting too long between feedings, poor positioning, poor latching-on, or sucking dysfunction [ii] Limiting length of feeding times does not prevent sore nipples.

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Skin-to-skin contact and early breast feeding may facilitate the delivery of the placenta in the third stage by stimulating endogenous maternal oxytocin release.

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  • I had to have an emergency c section after 11 hours of labour and 40 mins of pushing. I was so mad at myself for not being able to push my son out naturally. And I hadn’t done any research on sections because I had my mind set on a natural birth. I feel like such a failure because of it. Such a mixed bag of emotions

  • Hey Bridget: i had my 1st baby by c-section. I had to go through 15hrs labor, even after having proper dilation as i wasnt feeling the urge to push the baby i was put into c-section
    Is there any chance for me to try for VBAC? I am 30. 5ft 2inch tall and right now weighing 72kg

  • I had a successful VBAC after two c-sections on March 12th of this year. The recovery was so much easier. And I’m glad I got to have the positive birth experience that I have dreamed of.

  • Update: had successful VBAC 5/15/2020. The story is under comments from my original post if interested. Couldn’t copy and paste here but wanted to update bc I know how hearing other experiences is helpful in making your decision. Good luck with your personal journey!

  • Hi, I’m 27 weeks pregnant, I had one C-section about 13 months ago. My blood pressure in this pregnancy is on the border line, please what can I do to help me to go to VBAC and if I have a high blood pressure can I still go to VBAC?

  • Please read the reviews on Aniball and Epi-no Delphine Plus birth aids. First time mums who have ‘Opened Doors For Baby to 10cm’ giving birth to a first time baby 4.4kg (because went to 42 weeks) had a normal birth with no episiotomy. Similarly, mums who baby has its back to mum’s back i.e. ‘back to back’ babies (Occipito Posterior babies or OP babies) in first birth give birth normally, because some of the hard work of birth canal widening has been done before the start of the birth. Painlessly stretching skin over a week is a standard technique in plastic surgery, now used in birth. Please view my YouTube channel medical videos from Birth Explained for children to Sheehan’s syndrome and MRSA.

  • This is my 2nd TOLAC and I truly believe this time I have taken all steps and preparation to finally get a VBAC! I can’t wait to share my story in the Facebook group also! Thanks for this video! Sips RRLT ��

  • I had my 4th baby this morning. All the while sending so much gratitude to you. Thank you for all your videos, advice and expertise. She was born at home and is just perfect. ��������

  • You are an incredible labor coach! I find your videos super interesting, even though I’m not pregnant I think it’s important to be prepared ��

  • I have gestational diabetes! They just found out 2 weeks ago, I have now 16 days left till my due date and I really want a vbac! What do I do? Is it safe for me?

  • I gave birth Vaginally birth my first pregnancy and my 2nd the placenta ripped away and I had to have an emergency c section. I’m hoping for my 3rd to be a vaginal birth.

  • Such great information! I ended up having an emergency c-section after complications during labor. We weren’t fully prepared because we had hoped to delivery vaginally but we also weren’t naive to that it could happen. I knew it was going to be different but I was not fully prepared for the pain afterwards! I had SO much swelling afterwards (nothing hardly fit me) and quite a bit of pain (even 2 years later my incision is still sensitive at times). It’s a major surgery butI didn’t have guilt and I would do over and over and over again!!!

  • I am ur new subscriber. I am also planning for vbac. As per this video, we are supposed to have atleast 18 months time gap between delivery but mine will br only 17 months. Ultrasound report says my placenta is fundal anterior. I want to know that, May I still hope for vbac. My previous c section was due to baby in breech position.

  • Very useful and informative video.Thanks for sharing.I have also made few informative videos related to obs and gynae and would like to share with you.

  • I thank Allaah first, the Lord and Creator.

    After Him, I thank you. Your tips and advice helped me have a spontaneous and unmedicated Vba2c.

    I wish you success in your endeavors. May God guide you to everything good.

  • My doctor didn’t even give me the option just said, “well your hips wouldn’t let him come down so we are just going to schedule another C-section” I got to 7 cm with my first. I feel like I am a good candidate. Im only 22. And healthy:/. Not sure if I should get a new provider. Its just im 23 weeks along and with Covid 19 and so many uncertainties im not sure what to do:(

    Edit: You literally answered all my questions ��

  • I am super emotional rightnoww.. The first bit of information you gave up until 4:00 i think. That basically stated that i’m in the ‘good start zone’, made me cry so much! I am currently 12 weeks 3 days and reading allot of information of what is to come. Videos like these really help me with all the orientation i’m doing! Anything positive can make me cry at this point ����.

  • When I found out I was pregnant my first thought was I want a midwife/doula and I want to birth this baby naturally. Unfortunately after doing my research they’re so expensive and I’m in a very low income area also I’m high risk so I’m really scared of my biggest fear coming to light which is having a csection… I’m due January 11th so I hope things go well I just really hope things can go a little good.

  • Thank you SO much for this video! I am 33 weeks pregnant and hoping for a VBAC. I’ve been up tossing and turning for so many nights trying to decide if I should just schedule a c-section or push through with a vbac. This helped me make my decision! I was told that the shape of my pelvis was too small… what can I do to help with this reoccurring issue? Thank you!

  • I had a csection with my fisrt baby she was 1week late 10yrs later im having anothr baby im 39yrs now and yhe doctor does not want me to go past 39weeks is this rite? I thought if baby is not in any kind of stress its good to wait till baby is ready???

  • I tried to move around while I was being monitored but they kept losing the heart beat as soon as I would get outta bed then they would come in an yell at me to get into the bed and lecture me about how I doing something wrong I was a low risk pregnancy nothing wrong with me or baby this second time around I will not be bossed around

  • I had an induced vaginal birth with my first. Ended up with an episiotomy + 3rd degree tear after 5 hours of pushing. It was pretty awful. My son was the only good memory I have of it (but I was so exhausted and shell shocked I didn’t really bond with him till the next day). My second was a 32w CS that was almost 3 years ago. I’m now 36w5d with #3 and just scheduled a repeat CS bc this baby girl is still breech like her sister was (and not enough amniotic fluid to have an ECV). That’s ok bc I kind of wanted a repeat CS bc I found the experience (other than the prematurity) and recovery a lot less traumatic and taxing compared to my vaginal. I also just want a planned fullterm csection where I get to hold my baby afterwards and still have that typical newborn experience. I might have another baby but probably not since my husband insists he’s getting snipped.

    Other than being breech at almost 37w, I was a perfect candidate on paper for a vbac considering I had a prior vaginal birth.

  • Amazing video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! I wish you could travel around to help me to give birth:/
    I love your channel!
    31 weeks, I am starting the positions you suggested today! God bless.

  • I’ve had two csections it will be three years the 23rd since my last c section hoping to have a successful VBAC in November with my little boy but I’m also terrified something bad is going to happen ��

  • Thank you so much for this video Bridget. My daughter was born December 2019 in a traumatic emergency C-section after being induced at 41 weeks. She came out 100% healthy but I had lots of complications following. This video gives me so much hope that I may be able to have a vaginal birth someday. Thank you for all your wonderfully educational videos ��

  • Thank you for this video! I’m 31 weeks with my 3rd baby. My first 2 babies were cesareans. First one was an emergency born at 33 weeks and second was “once a cesarean always a cesarean” and I didn’t know better nor fight it. The 2 were 28 months apart. Now it’s been 6 years since my second baby was born. I match your list of what makes me a candidate besides having 2 past cesareans. My OB personally supports me having a TOLAC but the OB office and linked hospital is not supportive, so I will be going to a different hospital when I’m in labor. This other hospital is supportive but I won’t know any doctors and will have whoever is on call. They did say that they want me to have an epidural just in case I need a cesarean but I know that lowers my chances of being successful. Thoughts on that? And my next question is, do you think having a 6 year gap increases my chances of success?

  • Love your videos! So informative! I wish I would have found you before I had my son. I would definitely want you as my midwife for my next baby if we lived closer to you

  • Hi! It was my first c section and I lost my son 14 days after his birth. Can I try to conceive after 40 days of my c section. Is it safe?

  • Hi.
    I love you’re videos. You have been a massive inspiration and guidance for me for this pregnancy.
    In my last labour I got to 6cm dilated and then stalled and unfortionately after hours I didn’t dilate further, ending in a c-section.
    So I am wondering if you would be willing to do a video on the facts about stalling in labour and how to get back on track and continue dilating. And why woman might stop dilating at any point throughout labour.

  • I have a side by side incision, but like you said it may be different on the uterus! Where can I find more information on my cesarean? Is it something I can call and ask my previous gynecologist about? Or is it only between doctors who can have this information?

  • I’m 40 weeks today and my OB scheduled me for repeat C Section 2 days from now. I assumed I would have this baby by now as I’ve had irregular contractions for the last month at least but now it seems that is not enough time to go into labor on my own. My first CS was due to breech presentation and anterior placenta. I’m 35 in good health. Baby is head down and all checkups have been good. My daughter is 18 months old now. I’m really thinking I’m going to call and postpone my csection to give my body a chance to go into labor on it’s own. Any additional advice?

  • Mam I got my first baby through c-section due to nuchal cord surrounded the baby on neck and stomach so my doctor done operation but now my baby is 3 1/2years old and im conceived for my second baby and now im 21 weeks 3days pregnant…Can i get my second baby on vbac??..

  • I had c section after 2nd stage labour. The doc told baby got stuck i pelvic bone as the reason for operation. Can normal delivery be possible for me?

  • Thank you for all your videos! However, some doctors become aggressive and defensive when I’m speaking about a birth plan and avoiding unnecessary cesarean

  • I’m cryiiiiiing! Goodness.. u.u trying to have all that emotional out now.. and i feel im a lil bit too late but I’m waiting for my labor soon.. u.u Thank u so so much and God bless you! ����

  • I was told that my pelvis was too small and had to have a c-section. I wish I would have seen this sooner! Praying that baby #2 will be vbac!

  • I just had my SECOND successful vbac 2 weeks ago and I loved that i was able to do it again. It went very fast and was intense from the previous one.. but was amazing.. ❤

  • Please please pleeeeeease do a video on how to become a doula! And where, how much, the places of where you’ll be a successful doula. Basically the whole spiel of becoming and what you need to know of becoming a doula. It’s so limited on that on here and I just loved you videos when I was pregnant last year. Itll be much appreciated ❤❤❤

  • Thanks a lot for posting this video. I had a c section because baby was posterior and did not put pressure on the cervix, leading to me not going into labor on my own but having to be induced… Labor began and but did not progress at the rate that care provider wanted. Would this be a recurring or a non recurring reason? I am doing what I can to prevent posterior labor this time. Any advice will be helpful.

  • I had a repeat section just under a week ago. I was very upset because my body did all it needed to do on it’s own. I dilated all on my own, my water broke on it’s own and I successfully made it to 8cm dilated without any pain medication. I then got an epidural because I couldn’t take the pain (I was stuck at 8cm for over an hour and a half). Nonetheless, even after an epidural, my body continued to fully 10cm dilated. I began to push after hours of waiting for the urge that never came. I pushed for almost 3 hours. My doctor could see the head but the head would never get past a certain point. I was pushing with all that I had in me. And my doctor said my babies skull bones were just pushing again my pubic bone. My pubic bone wasn’t allowing her through. This was the same issue I had with my first daughter. After this second time, I felt like next time I should just schedule a c section because clearly my body can’t do this. But am I wrong? Can my body still do this? Can I some how make my pubic bone wider or open up? I’m so frustrated. I’m thankful for two healthy girls but I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to a vbac and how badly I wanted my recovery to be easier.

  • My first baby was normal delivery, 2nd baby 8yrs ago was CS. NOW im pregnant. Giving birth in July. I want a normal delivery. Hope it’s possible

  • During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’m on Arkansas, and everyone is pushing back against VBAC. I’m trusting my body I’ll be close enough to the hospital that I could labor at home and deliver in the parking lot��. I’m not trusting the hospital, they lied 6 years ago when I tried to have a VBAC. I was rushed from my room into an elective c section.

  • I had a c-section 6 years ago with my second child because with my 1st I almost had a 4th degree tear. It was highly suggested I have my second c-section. I don’t know why I want to have my next natural. I’m just not sure if it’s for me. Either way I get a baby though ��

  • It is said vbac is possible after 18 months of c section delivery. But is vbac recommended with in 3 years? My daughter is 11 months and there was no complications at all. But I had to go for c section as the doctors injected pain medications and she pooped inside the womb. I’ve been looking for answers related to vbac since then but haven’t found any trusted source. Would love to know many things.

  • Ok, so, here’s my current dilemma…. I’m currently 35ish weeks pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant, I honestly wasn’t going to keep it. And I’m so sorry if that upsets anyone to hear, but it’s just how things were going to happen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to get an abortion as I have two other kids and I live paycheck to paycheck. But, that’s exactly why I didn’t want to have another baby. Everything is a struggle already…. And for anyone wanting to say “you should’ve thought about that before getting pregnant”…. I was on birth control. Clearly, it failed. Regardless, here we are. By the time I realized I wasn’t going to be able to afford an abortion, I was further along than expected and by this point, NO DOCTOR would take me on as a patient because I was over 24 weeks and considered a “liability”. (I had been to the ER and had one very brief ultrasound and that’s how I found out about how far along I was). So, as I said, I’m now about 35ish weeks and have only seen the ER doctor two times.. I’ve only had that one ultrasound and it wasn’t a very good one and it was extremely quick…. I have no doctor, I’ve had no prenatal care AT ALL! When I asked probably the 11th doctors office I had called what the hell I’m supposed to do? Deliver it myself?! The response was “well, when that time comes, you’ll have to go to the ER”. super big help! My first child was an induced vaginal delivery. My second was supposed to be the same but I wouldn’t progress further than 3cm. So I ended up with an emergency c section and being put to sleep for it. I’m TERRIFIED I’ll end up having to go through this again. TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do NOT want a c section! But, now I’m freaking out because the time is approaching so quickly and since I haven’t had a doctor this whole pregnancy, I’m scared that I’ll be forced to have another c section!

    Has ANYBODY ELSE gone through this or similar?! Please help me!

    Also, I live in the Daytona Beach Florida area. Please help me ease my mind!!!! I have no idea what the sex of the baby is, I figured since this will be my last, and I’ve already got a boy and a girl, that really doesn’t matter much. But, I also have no idea if there is anything wrong with the baby ���� The baby is constantly moving, so I know he or she is ok in that aspect… Please no negative comments!

  • I had 2 cesaaren and now 5 year letter i am again pregnant 6month start my heart desire normal delivery plz guide me for vbac i m from pakistan

  • Hey Bridget. Your videos are amazing n really helpful. Im kind of binge watching them. Just a request from your new subscriber. Could you make a video about
    1. people who had laproscopic myomectomy and hv a uterine scar. How can they prepare to have a vaginal delivery.
    2. Also, a video about the exercises that can prepare you for delivery.

    Thank you again. You are awesome:) love from Belgium.

  • My goal is to have a vbac.. ��… my due date is April 14. My lastBirth was almost 3 years ago I had to have an emergency C-section due to my placenta it had a ruptured and detached.

  • I am 31 weeks due April 28th and I am hoping to get my VBAC �� I have been doing so much research and this time I have a midwife and it has been an amazing prenatal experience sofar. My hospital just opened up a birth center that I am not eligible for because it will be my first attempt at a VBAC and Incase the chance of rupture I need to be within the hospital.. it’s a little disappointing but as long as I get my VBAC I don’t care where I deliver ��

  • Thank you. This helped me so much. I was told I could only have c sections after my son. This made me feel so much more at ease. Keep up the good work ��

  • I’m a perfect candidate for a VBAC when I have my baby this September!
    I can’t wait to experience a natural birth this time around!

  • Aap me Jo position ke baare Mei bataya hai wo ladies ke liye bhut helpful hai ✌️✌️ best position is the football position ����Didi Mei aapki baat bhut effective hoo��������

  • I had a VBAC on 01/21. My doctor had initially scheduled me for a csection on 01/24 in the case that I didn’t go into labor on my own. He did not want to Induce me due to possible uterine rupture because the medicine used to induce was “very strong”. I thought that was off since my prior csection was 11 years ago.
    But thankfully I went into labor on my own and having a positive mind and very supportive nurses, helped me deliver naturally in only 9hrs.

  • I had 3 c sections. 1 was due to baby did not move down and i was told my pelvis was to small to give birth. 2 stillbirth. 3rd was doc was worried that i would have a stillborn again. Now i want to know im 34 and my dream is too give normal birth. Would I be able too after 3 c sections?

  • This is so weird that yu posted this! I have been thinking about vbac for the past week. I had my first baby last Oct via cesarean. Though it’s too early to start planning for another child, I do know that I want more kids. I have been trying to get information on vbac to help mean got a little bit more comfortable with the idea of it. Of course I truly want a natural birth next time but the thought of my uterus rupturing is terrifying but so is the thought of having another cesarean. I did not have a great experience recovering from my cesarean so I want to avoid it at all costs. If course, I’ll wait after 18mo to try again but I pray everyday that I don’t go through a csec again. Thank you sooo much for this video and putting my mind at ease a bit��������

  • Hi, we have not met but I am so greatfull that I found your channel during this pregnancy, your educational videos along with meditations were my guide in achieving my successful VBAC this Saturday 6/27/20 to a beautiful baby girl. Thank you!!! ❤️

  • Loved the video. You definitely hit the major points right on the head.
    My own mom guilted me. I also didn’t breast feed, but I did not produce milk at all so I couldn’t. She tossed both in my face. My c-section was an emergency one at 38 weeks because my BP was in the danger zone.

  • Hi, I love your videos, I am 27 weeks pregnant today. Do you think its safe to have a natural delivery with fibroids? Please let me know.

  • Hello… I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. My 1st pregnancy was C-section and reason was that i was unable to the bear pain, so i opt C-section. Now i am again pregnant after 18months of 1st pregnancy. Now i want epidural VBAC Delivery this time. Please tell me is it safe for me?????

  • I had my cs 3months ago,I’m glad for this hoping and praying to be a candidate vbac this video and comments make me strong and courageous. Thanks

  • hi bridget im 30y/o.i had 2cesarian section. in my 1st and 2nd baby. and now im pregnant after 10yrs.for my 3rd baby…can i ask if i can do a VBAC this time?thanks

  • I had my first c-section 5 yrs back.. now am due in september 2020 and gonna try a vbac. Till now all good and low risk according to my gynec. Even my first pregnancy was low risk and just the selection of hospital went wrong. I still feel guilty for having a completely unnecessary c-section.

  • thank u for all the support and ur videos they were amazing help gave birth to a 8 pounds baby in a country i didn’t speak the language and had little support since covo19 and was all alone but u helped giude me thro all ur videos keep up the great work

  • Wow this video just shows that everything I have been saying is right yet my obgyn often makes me sound crazy I have been asking for them to recheck my iron yet they dont with my first they didnt even check when I went into labor or after so I had no idea whether to continue taking my iron after birth

  • Doing natural with a midwife, who used to be a doula, at home within the next month give or take. Watching to make sure I can stay home the whole time and have as good a birth experience as possible.

  • When you say “18 months” since your last c-section, is that the time between first child’s birth and second child’s birth or 18 months between First child’s birth and second pregnancy?

  • I had two c-sections. One in 2012, the other in 2014. I’m due in November of this year and really hoping for a vaginal delivery ��������. I don’t want to have to deal with the recovery from a c-section again

  • I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHH. I have been wanting an answer to this. I had a sudden c section after being in labour for 15 hours. Was very upset at first coz I wanted to experience natural birth. So glad you are talking about this.

  • I want to know what you all ate during your pregnancies if your labor was short or the baby came out with no complications like tearing?

  • This is my goal, and education is SO important! I have had 2 C-Sections, was never given the chance to labor with either. I was uneducated at the time, and took my doctor at their word instead of doing research. First was due to “baby possibly being over 10 lbs” and was based on ultrasound, she was 8lbs 1oz at birth…. Second C-section was scheduled because and I had already had one C-section, I brought up VBAC and was immediately shut down. Once again though, I didn’t educate myself well enough to have a real discussion with that doctor. I am now an RN with desire to go into L&D. I learned my rights as a patient, and found a provider who can tell I have educated myself in the field, and told me that she would agree to a TOLAC/VBAC only because I have so throughly educated myself, I ask questions for clarity, I ask about policies, ask and discuss what her terms are, understand the risks, but also am not so close minded and set on having a VBAC that I would put myself and baby in danger just to get one. She told me that most providers that refuse to do VBACs do not want to take on VBACs simply because they run into so many problems with women who only half-educate and do not want to compromise on anything, and end up putting more risk into the situations during labor/births.

  • I’m so grateful I’ve stumbled onto your channel. I am not yet pregnant but know midwife/natural birth is the way I want to go so I’m so excited to have this as a resource. Thank you, Kira, for caring enough to share!

  • Would you recommend inducing labor in case of gestational diabetes? My doctor wants to induce me at 39+3 weeks if baby doesn’t come on he’s own

  • I had a natural and I always praise mamas who do c-sections. Its sad that society has kinda programmed c-section shaming. Im sorry you felt guilt but you are strong.

  • Very informative video, breastfeeding should be encouraged as it has enormous and tremendous health benefits for both the baby and the mother. My sincere regards for bringing up correct information regarding the same. It’s a must watch video for moms to be or new moms.Keep up the good work Nidhi.
    Love Deepika

  • Currently 38 weeks. Planned induction for TOLAC at 39 weeks because of size worries. (First baby got stuck in my pelvic structure because she was sunny side up and couldnt drop any farther) Im nervous but also determined. Im hoping I may go naturally before the induction date but we will see.

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