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The hardest thing about having twins is. “Managing the movement of two babies. Carrying them both up and down the stairs, getting them into the car, etc.” —Simeon R. “Often having to make one baby wait!” —Catharine D. “Being outnumbered—the logistics of two on one is definitely the hardest. I wish I could fly solo with one baby or take one swimming without feeling like the other one is. The hardest thing about raising twins is setting aside my own expectations and breaking down the expectations of others as well. Family members and strangers alike expected them to be carbon copies of one another (and I did too sometimes if I’m being honest).

Nothing about my girls could be further from that!13. It’s not a competition: Whether you’re raising one or four, raising children is hard.

Don’t be one of those douchey twin parents who discounts the tireless efforts of other parents just because they’re raising singletons. All good parents work hard to raise good children (but yes, twin parents, your job is much harder). 14.

Raising Twins Is Hard: So When Does It Get Easier? When you stare at newborn twins, you notice that they are so cute and little. Then you stare at the mama raising twins she is exhausted, slightly frazzled and preoccupied with her demanding schedule of motherly tasks. The reality is that raising multiples is hard. You have double or triple the feeding, diapering, and laundry and, as a result, less time to spend cuddling and getting to know each baby.

To be sure. While raising twins through those first few crazy months was the hardest thing I’ve done, it was well worth it. I can’t imagine my life without our beautiful daughters! Joe Rawlinson is the father of four children, two boys and identical twin girls.

Raising Twins by: Amy I am a mother of four, the youngest of which are twins that are almost two. I won’t lie, yes, it is difficult, but it is like anything else. Once you put your mind to it you can do it.

The hardest time is in the beginning. Lack of sleep makes anything more challenging. But. The undiscovered mistaken identity: The absolute worst and hardest part is this mistaken identity, not being discovered at all. Imagine all the people, whom only my twin knows, walking by me and.

George and Amal Clooney just welcomed their twins—Ella and Alexander—into the world yesterday, but the Clooneys aren’t the only celebrities raising a set. Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie. Learn about how to manage twins, and get expert advice on how to get through the early stages. Find out everything you need to know about parenting twins.

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For me, being a mother to identical twin sons is both highly rewarding and challenging.

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There’s even something in it for you: Because twins always have someone to play with, they’re usually able to keep themselves occupied for much longer stretches than singleton toddlers can—leaving you more time to get other things done (like cleaning up after the double messes they make).

“What to Expect: The Second Year” by Heidi Murkoff
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I had the twins, worked out like a maniac to lose the baby weight, cooked and kept house and almost went mad with boredom and rage and a sense of having been trapped in a farce.

“Her Fearful Symmetry: A Novel” by Audrey Niffenegger
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My own relatives were the hardest, especially when my kids were small; I had six and one on the way when I started and I was driving around Stockton with all these little babies in the car, the different diaper changes for each one.

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I’m sure my life would have been easier if I had been one of a pair of twins.”

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The first four months with twins are the most challenging.

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Helping them understand and accept the balance between these two identities is one of the most challenging tasks facing you as the parent of twins.

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Raising twins presents additional challenges not faced by parents of singletons.

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Families who have twins (or more) face different challenges.

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The only real challenge in accommodating multiples is making room for them to sleep.

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  • I think the hardest part is that so many people expect you to be the same, and if you don’t live up to that, people compare you. My mom said that when we were little, her friends would gather around us and try to tell us apart. Like we ain’t zoo animals. It’s also just hard to accept the fact that you will have your own strengths and weaknesses. (For some reason ppl also say “If i had a twin, I’d make him/her go to my classes for me”. Uhm…both twins get enrolled into school, they aren’t ur clone.)

  • Me and my brother are twin. I’m a 156cm girl, he’s a 181cm boy. He can play guitar, piano and sing really well, while I’m basically tone deaf. I’m an A+ student, he’s a Bstudent.
    In conclusion it’s not really hard to tell us apart

  • I am planning on becoming an SMC eventually (if I can ever get myself better) mostly because of being Aromantic Asexual and not desiring to have a relationship with anyone… but I am also picky and wouldn’t work well with essentially a stranger anyways lol… I am so glad you are doing this channel and am almost sad to say that this channel may just be better than LF8F… but as you own both… that isn’t a problem lol ��

  • I currently have three kids: the first two are twins and they are 11 years old, and my last baby is 2yrs old. I tried to do my best to be a good mother and wife, however their dads decided the grass was greener on the other side. Now I want to complete my family by having 1 or 2 more kids and I am seriously thinking of doing it on my own. A man can decide to leave you when ever they want, therefore I am just going to do it on my own.

  • This video was fantastic. I am in the planing process of becoming a single mother by choice, and you raised some very good points some things I hadn’t even considered such as bias from family and not having anyone to share the milestones with. I’m still dedicated to this journey, just a little more aware. I’ll definitely be checking out your channel!

  • Oh and who could forget, the most terror of terrors: “who’s the evil twin?” Well neither of us but it’s about to be me rn if you don’t shut up.

  • Oh and who could forget, the most terror of terrors: “who’s the evil twin?” Well neither of us but it’s about to be me rn if you don’t shut up.

  • Momma of boy/girl 22 yr. old twins. Hardest time 9-13 yrs. old kicking under table, squabbling, very competitive. We corrected them by taking off their doors, made them hold hands and walk around our dead end street, write sorry letters, time outs, no tv, pulled over van and had them get out and do sit ups or pushups in the grass, wear daddy’s shirt together (their get along shirt), extra chores, worse punishment letting the other play in each others room for a hour. This was to us, the most exhausting and exasperating time raising our twins. This doesn’t mean yours will experience, the same hard period of getting along. Enjoy each moment the good, bad, and ugly they grow up sooooo fast!!!! Loved having twins, it has been challenging but also sooo rewarding!!!❤��
    You are both doing such a great job, raising three under two yrs. old!������

  • I am so sorry that you all have to clarify everything you do. People just assume things they shouldn’t. And run with it. Make’s me sad to hear you all clarifying everything all the time. People, Ugh! Whatcha gonna do?

  • I’m a twin. I was definitely a Lyndle and my brother was def a cry baby. We have an older sister that would take care/play with me while my brother would not let go of my mother.

  • The good thing is that if you like a person that has a twin then there are 2 of Them… so you Can just date the other twin if You’re crush has a girlfriend/boyfriend couse there are a person that looks just the same ��. Of course i’m joking

  • I don’t have twins, but my Aunt accidentally got pregnant in her forties with twins. I knew I had cousin twins and a set of second cousin twins on my Mum’s side and one set on my Dad’s side. I thought that was it, but since researching my family tree I have come across about 30 pairs of twins spread across both sides of my tree. The earliest set being in 1810. From what I can make out so far, they are all non-identical.

  • Oh and who could forget, the most terror of terrors: “who’s the evil twin?” Well neither of us but it’s about to be me run if you don’t shut up.

  • I have two friends who are twins and they look pretty damn similar, but they’re not identical. One time, we went to an amusement park as a fun band field trip and the operator for one ride started flipping out when she realized they were twins because, she thought she was “trippin’”

  • I have a twin sister. She plays sports 6 times a week for about and hour and a half each.
    I hate sports
    I’m 7 1/2 minutes older that her.
    She has more freckles than I do so our family can tell us apart
    On Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Sunday’s we wear the same clothes.
    Our names both start with A’s
    If our friends call us the wrong name, we let them. Then we tell the other one later.
    We have a code that we make with our faces so that nobody understands.
    If you go on FaceTime with me and I start randomly talking, it’s my twin
    Being a twin is awesome but it can really get on your nerves

  • i dont have a twin but i have a sister who looks like me.these are annoying questions:
    aRe yOu tW0 t3lepATHic?
    wHy is yoUR tWIn in A wHEelCHAiR?
    SinCe wHen dId sEleNa GomeZ hAVe a tWin?
    wHo is talLer?
    there is a lot more but this comment would have twice the words of an encyclopedia if i named them all. Any other similar looking sisters/brothers?

  • The only thing I do not like is being compared. Like if your twin wins one rock-paper-scissor contest everyone will remember that and think she is more creative or strategic. The same with any other contest…

  • You look just like Gypsy when the kids were little! Your such a great mom! You look like you’re feeling better and I hope you are:) Thanks for sharing these cute clips of the kids!
    I have a family friend (church) that’s a single parent, the “father” lives halfway across the country (USA) and is a bartender. She has no weekends/summers off and no monetary support since he works mostly for tips. Her son has febrile seizures (lots of ER visits) however theyve lessened now that he’s older. Her family isn’t happy that she’s a single mom with a deadbeat dad (they say “I suppose you think we’ll raise him”) so she distances from them. We offer to babysit alot but she is doesn’t take us up on it. Her son is such a well mannered appreciative boy. I think she could relate alot to you. I don’t understand why ppl wouldn’t appreciate that your doing this on your own especially being a parent themselves…at the very least least for your kids. God bless you and your family!

  • Twin mom here. I have eleven year old identical twins and during the throws of toddlerhood, I spent many days crying thinking I was failing as a mom because I just couldn’t give them both all of me and felt that I wasn’t meeting their emotional needs. They don’t remember any of it and have grown into these beautiful and amazing pre-teens so I know I at least didn’t ruin them!��I agree with Rachel too in that God hand picks us twin parents…and I know in my heart of hearts that my twins were meant to grow up together just like me and my twin sister were!��

  • Twin parent here…. I would have to agree that it is extremely hard when they both need 100% of you. I also agree that God picks out twin parent’s. It’s a hard job… but soooo worth it. The statue of Brad made me laugh out loud.. love you guys…

  • My first two were 17 months apart and were often mistaken for twins, especially as my second was a big book of a boy, so he was similar in size to his sister. Number three came 20 months later. The hardest thing was trying to give each of them the attention they needed without the others feeling neglected.

  • My Mom was an identical twin, she had fraternal twins. Her son my brother had identical twin girls of which one passed after birth.

  • I’m the oldest of 7 babies 5 and 6 were twins. EXACTLY 13 months later came #7. It was more like having triplets cuz they were ALWAYS needing some form of attention…correction…or direction. I was like a built in Nanny/mommy/sister at age 9. Glad for the memories and the experience. I think it helped me become a better mom.

  • I’m a twin grandparent to two identical girls. It is so hard to get everyone to understand how their personalities affect their thought processes. When they were babies Emily would drive herself to master a new skill, while her sister Abbey watched her. As soon as Emily did it…. Abbey quickly followed with little practice. Now that they are older I’ve spent lots of time teaching them art. Their parents thought it would be cool for them to jointly do a series of four panels! WRONG! It was this event (and tons) of tears that has finally opened everyone’s eyes to how different their approaches are to anything they do…. interesting to watch and nurture them. ��

  • I always imagined having my own children, no man, since I was a little girl. Next year I will be buying donor sperm, and I am excited to start the process. A little worried about incest, but when they are of sexual age I will have a conversation with them about it and to be very careful, and that’s all I can do.

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve always wanted to he a single parent since I was a child. Now that I’m s grown women I’m ready to start taking steps foward towards it. This is great insight to think about. Thank you.

  • 2 year old boy twin mom along with a 7 month old. The hardest part at this point is when the twins run in opposite directions because they know you can’t be in two places at once; plus if you’re carrying a baby it slows you down. They are sometime too clever ����‍♀️ but after infertility struggles I’m thankful for every single day with them. ��

  • Parent of a Singleton here. I think sometimes it’s easy to lose perspective of things with kids. I imagine it’s way worse with twins! In the middle of the chaos sometimes little things feel big to you as the parent. But once they nap or even play quietly for a few minutes, you realize it’s ok and this state of chaos is temporary.

  • I’m an identical twin myself it has its flaws and what not but you always have that one person who completely understands you and for that I’m grateful

  • Lately every day seems like a Monday lol. I have 2 sets of Irish twins so to say. Luckily with aprox 10 years between each of the 2 sets. I would remind myself if they were just one toddler and say a 10 year old and the toddler needed my attention. I’d give it to thrm. They can’t help they are twins or close to it. It helped to keep my stress level down. The best part…Drum Roll… It helps prepare you for the teenage years. Don’t blink it comes quick. I seemed to always have 3-4 of my children as teenagers at the same time. In hindsight I’d say toddler meeds and melt downs were a walk in the park compared to teens.. love your family..

  • Twin grandma here. Boy and girl and best buds when they are out of sight of each other they ahh to locate each other. Two is much louder than one.

  • Loved watching Lyndle ride her bike and Bear just breaking down was reality. All children grow and learn at different stages. However I know Rachel you did not mean what you said that God only gave twins to parents that can handle it. That waa a hurtful comment as we lost our twin at 23 weeks. Its been 16 yrs as of June 11th, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. I know your heart by watching you since before the twins.. but it still stung. Anyhow on a positive note Brad you handled the meltdown wonderfully. As for sweet baby Eloise.. look at her go! She will be crawling soon. Hannah hated being on her tummy.. we rolled up baby blankets and put them under her chest area and wow. What a change. Brooke… she’s a over achiever. She would of been walking at 9 months.. but when you have a 2 yr old and a 9 month old.. I kept sitting her back down. By 10 months she was off and running. I even caught her in our guest bathroom with the tissue pulled out… all and her just standing there laughing.. I really enjoy how you both work together as parents.. trust me Mr.007 helps a lot.. but Brad you are a rare find. I applaud your parents for raising a good man. Rachel of course your sweet too! Great couple.

  • oh gosh baby eloise with iris… i cant wait til she starts talking!!!!!!! she is such a sweet girl.. so are your twins they just make me smile from ear to ear EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!!

  • If you are a twin,then try to change your look completely from your other twin. That way people won’t even notice properly that you are a twin

  • I’m a twin mom of two year olds too. Hardest part at this age I think is disciplining consistently and equally. I find that one will start to test a boundary, and therefore get attention from us in the form of correction, and the other who would probably not have misbehaved will then try to get the same attention even though it’s negative. Those are exhausting days

  • Twin mum (2,5 year old girls). Going out alone with the twins is a bit difficult, but it gets easier mow that we can communicate more

  • Twin parents here! ����‍♀️ We had a single, then our twins. Our singleton was only 22 months old when we had our twins. I would agree with both of you…it’s a huge struggle when one twin is succeeding at something and the other is having a meltdown. You don’t want one to feel overshadowed by the other.

  • I found you guys because of your cloth diapering videos, but I stayed because I’m pregnant with twins. Previously I had four kids four and under (they’re teens now), and I’m guessing you’re both right about the hardest thing with twins.

  • I’m an identical twin! I once got the question: How do you tell yourselves apart? Like??? Seriously??? I told her that we don’t and we take turns being each other. And she believed it.

  • I’m a mum to identical twin boys. They grow so fast. Ours are nearly 21, they came a day after our daughters 1st birthday. It is hard making sure you give all your babies enough of yourself. Even now when they’re adults. It’s a beautiful, special thing though.

  • My daughter has identical twin girls who are 6 and what’s been hard is they have to do everything together even going to the bathroom. She also has two older kids who are 7 months apart. And also they have their times when they both want you to look at something and its usually something different. The oldest is her step daughter and when she came into our family they were 4 They did a lot of things together but now they are 12 (girl) and 11 (boy) they don’t do as much together.

  • Not a twin mom, but i did have 5 in 5 years. My oldest has down syndrime. I think the hardest part was i felt like i didnt always have the 1 on 1 time with them that i wanted. They are all grown an I’m a grandma to 7. Some days i really miss my kids all being little.

  • You can have the same problem with 2 different age kids if they are close in age. Next year you will have “triplet” behaviour to deal with.

  • Hi! I’ve loved watching this and you are spot on about it all! I’m a Solo Mum to two kids. I would love some more (at least one, maybe two) as I always dreamed of more kids. I’ve never come across a Solo Mum with more than three. How is it being a Solo Mum of 5? Besides the obvious financial implications of that, how do the. Kids feel about it and what reactions have you had to that from others? I have frozen embryos waiting, so having more is a decision I have to start thinking through thoroughly even though my youngest is only 4 months.

  • Twin parent here. (8 mths old)
    Other than the fourth trimester from hell….the hardest part up until a month ago was when my good sleeper was having a sleep regression and he’d wake in the middle of the night. While I’m nursing him, his sister, the former mega colicky super crappy sleeper, would then wake. Then I’d have to figure out how to wake my husband to bring me the other one. Now, at mths old, the hard part is both of them having their tiny baby meltdowns in their playroom (dining room) while I’m making bottles. Or…when I’m pumping and one is crawling all over me and the other just insists on being held. All at the same time.

  • I am a parent to almost 2 year old twins (boy and girl) and I agree the hardest is part is when they both need you 100% at the same time. They are definitely in the stage where they want mommy to do everything for them instead of daddy. But like you said I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

  • Hi Amy
    New SUB here.
    I am also a Single parent by Choice via a Kind Donor to a 5 month old darling girl.
    We vlog our lives on our channel Eve & Artie. I am currently in the mindspin of deciding whether or not to have another child but unfortunately I might not be able to get the same donor.
    100% agree with No.7!
    Thinking No.9 will come once my girl is a little older.
    Thank you for sharing this ����

  • Im a twin parent but mine are 23 year old girls now and its still hard when we do family day and they want do things differently ������

  • B/G 18 mo old twin mom after IVF and 17 years of infertility. Hardest part is dividing time when they are upset and cooking dinner ��

  • Twin Mom here! 2 boys! I hated when they both got sick at rhe same time. One would come down with something then 3 days later the other came down with it!! You have to treat them individually (yes, they are twins) because each grows, learns, & comprehends differently AND they are boy/girl twins!!! Sometimes they just aren’t ready for that milestone….give them a week or two!! Then you throw in Eloise and you have to learn to dance the dance….it will never be perfect, but as long as you do your best….that is good enough!!! (P.s. Rachel you have Baywatch hair!!!��) Great Family.��

  • The hardest part is that my twins father is an addict and having to raise them as a single parent right now. I live with my parents which makes things easier for sure but it’s tough not having their dad around. Praying he turns his life around soon! I love your guys channel and so thankful for all the tips!!

  • My kids are 19 mos apart. My eldest has always been small for his age, so his brother caught up in size quickly. People still ask if they’re twins as teenagers. One of the hardest things was that the youngest always wanted the same things as his brother, even if he wasn’t technically old enough. They were very intelligent and had super advanced vocabularies, so we struggled not to treat them as if they were twins and the same age. They had the same interests for most of their younger childhood. We’ve always been glad that they were close in age though, even with some of the trickier bits. They were playmates and never fought much at all. They even learned to ride bikes together. Parenting is hard but rewarding, I think, no matter what cards you end up with. I have always said that I go to work to relax. But I still would’ve loved being a SAH mom. I could’ve done so much more good being there even more for my kids while they were growing.

  • Instead of looking disappointed that Bear doesn’t want to walk his bike, maybe ask him why is he afraid to walk his bike.. he’s reading something…

  • Awk bear is such a worrier. The fear of new things really sets him off on a spiral. My son is the same, petrified of new things. Lindyl is the daredevil, she tackles the world head on. Looking forward to seeing elouises personality develop as she grows older.

  • I live with my bf of 8 years and he’s the father of my 4 kids and I have to still do everything like if I was single. Then I’m better off being single.

  • I didn’t have twins but they are 18 months and 2 days apart. They are grown now but it was hard can’t imagine two at exact same time. You 2 rock it though, it’s almost like triplets

  • I am going to be honest. I have twins but one went straight to heaven at birth. This was after 3 miscarriages. I am beyond thankful to God for my boy who is now 35 yrs old and is a daddy of a 20 mo old precious girl. I always have that left out feeling talking to other twin parents. I am naturally drawn to twins. I love watching your family. I am sure there would have been many hard things to deal with had the baby boy survived but I was ready, willing and able. We recently moved from Springfield, MO to Michigan! No way were we going to miss one minute with our granddaughter. Keep the videos coming!

  • A brand new Twin Grammy (2 days ago)! Boy and a Girl…so excited to see how they will be. Been watching to learn more about Twins…love your channel and your family! You guys are great parents!

  • Can I ask, Amy how old were you when you started IVF, how many rounds of IVF did it take you to have your first baby, how many eggs were retrieved per cycle?

  • Always wanted twins yet God knew best! There are a lot of twins in Ohio. In fact Twinsberg Ohio hosts the annual Twins Days which is held on the first full weekend in August, to celebrate biological twins (and other multiples, e.g. triplets, quads). The event has taken place every summer since the 1970s. It is the largest annual gathering of twins in the world, and draws thousands of participants from all over the states and elsewhere in the world.

  • I am a twin Grandmother and it is hard just 3 or 4 hours a day! Don’t know how you all do it! The hardest part if you live in a two story house! One of the two refuses to go up the steps and one is throwing a fit when you are by yourself,

  • Twin mommy here to boy/girl twins. I would say the same thing! My babies are 9 months (born 10 days before Baby Eloise). Another part that is hard is being outnumbered if I’m just home with them. I can’t always attend each need at the same time. It’s a juggling act. Thank god I’m a great multitasker! �� My husband and I love this experience and wouldn’t change it for the world. These are the only kids we have so it’s our “normal”. We don’t know anything different. Much love to you guys! Xoxo ��

  • As a twin sister of my twin brother, I know what you mean! We are completely different people personality is individual! Keep going guys!!

  • I’m a twin parent. My B/G twins are 4. I have an older son as well who’s 7. The twins are so much harder than having a singleton. They feed off each other so much it can get overeat time. I definitely wouldn’t change it for the world. My twins also LOVE to watch your channel because of your twins.

  • I love the little curl in Eloise’s hair when you were holding her at the beginning of the post. She is so adorable anyway, but the curl is just too much! As for parenting twins, you make it look too easy because we don’t see the meltdowns. It’s a little Stepford Wives, toddler edition, (not meant as an insult! So please, everyone, don’t take it that way, just a descriptive tool) always seeing the good and not seeing the challenging part. You are lucky to to have them, (and anymore that come to be), and they are lucky to have you. I love watching your channel!

  • Twin sister and they were 13 years younger and I understand! The meltdowns were the worst! You had to figure out what was wrong and what they needed. My mom had to go to work after they were born. My stepdad did a runner. I was 13 and my older 2 siblings had jobs, so I baby sat my brothers in the summer while my mom worked! We cloth diapered! I washed and line dryer them all summer as well. We lived on an acreage. In Illinos, close to Champaign, Illinois by the town of Fisher, Illinois! Fun times and I would not trade them for anything!

  • This is so sad. I have a wonderful husband who works during the day and helps me in the evening plus grandparents. I don’t know why anyone wants to do that to themselves. Extra 100k a year, love, help why would anyone refuse of that willingly?!

  • I think you’re right about it being easier to go from already being a single parent (by accident) to being a single parent by choice. Family is definitely a tricky issue to navigate, especially when they’re conservative and like everything to be as traditional as possible. Perhaps in time as awareness grows, this will get better.

  • I’m almost 18, but I have some serious baby fever. I don’t want to be in my late 20s or early 30s when I have a kid. I’m hoping to maybe have a baby at 18 or 19. I’m not planning on being in a relationship, so what age do I have to be to be eligible for something like artificial insemination or IVF?

  • I’m a twin parent. The hardest part is when they both need you and your in yourself I need help with them it’s so hard sometimes but it’s great to see them together.

  • Why isn’t there training wheels just curious and that’s with any child twins are not good days and bad days for everyone it will get better

  • When they are both running in different directions, knowing you can’t chase both!!!! But I agree, not being able to give that extra attention when needed is really tough

  • My oldest 2 are least than two years apart. Everyone always thought they were twins. They have always been close. I believe the hardest part for me while they were growing up was the times that they both demanded all of my attention. They are now grown, successful and still very close. I must say that I miss every bit of that life now. Enjoy your babies. Those hard time will soon become fond memories.

  • I’m a singleton mom x5! 3 by birth 2 by adoption the hardest times of all my children was the adoption of a 6 year old. Love all my kids more than anything but the struggles that came with her situation were so very hard for me

  • I always wanted twins, but it wasn’t to be, it’s obviously a huge amount of work when they’re babies, but so rewarding. The 3 of your children are adorable and so well behaved. You are fantastic, attentive, loving parents.

  • You are always talking the twins language they have and I was listening to Eloise while the two of you were talking at the end and she was just a jibbering Eloise language. I wonder if the twins ever know what she is saying. Brad you are so patient with Bear and his unwillingness to warm up to new things. I think it is harder on boys with Dads when they don’t just jump in and do athletic stuff but Brad you are so patient, knowing he will eventually come along. He seems to excel in reading and learning his letters. It must be hard with twins when everyone is always comparing where their child should be developmental at each age so they compare to other children they come in contact, but you guys have 24 x7 with a set of twins the same age, it is hard, you want to praise the one excelling at the moment but you don’t want the other to feel bad because they did not know or do something. And, yes, like you said, the one excelling deserves to get the praise as well. When you have two kids, different ages, you are able to say to the younger, when you get older, you can do that or you will know the answer but in your case you cannot. Deep thoughts to handle this, but you are both doing a great job. Just keep encouraging him, he finally got a hold of driving the Jeep and going fast. He will pick up that bike on his time, he has to choose when, just offer and move on with Lindall riding hers, he soon will figure out what he is missing. Also, when they are out playing on their own, I think Lindall will be encouraging him to ride his. Try putting a big green #4 on his helmet. You can cut one out in vinyl. He might associate the helmet with his new bike. Those bikes are super for them to learn how to ride a two wheeler so much faster, learning to balance is the biggest part.

  • I chose to seperate my twins at school because the relationship was getting too claustrophobic for one of them. I think seperating them and letting them have their own relationships independent of their twin helped their self esteem. It also helped for their peers to see them as people and not a novelty, as a twin myself it was important that their twin identity not be their primary characteristic.

  • I had my daughter first ❤and twin boys 5 years later ���� I agree the hardest thing is when they both need you at the same time but for different reasons. And then to meet my daughter’s needs at the same time without feeling guilty for the kids not getting your attention. All that said, I would do it again in a heartbeat

  • My husband has terminal cancer and we really want to have a baby together while we have time. I am researching as much as I can about solo parenting. Your video has been really helpful. I would love to find other like-minded young women who are going to be parenting solo.

  • This is so helpful, thank you!! I am planning to have a baby on my own by age 35 (in three years). I want to be prepared as much as I can.

  • I 100% agree with everything you guys said. I’m a first time mother of 6 month twin boys. My husband thought this video was hilarious.

    Are your babies sleeping through the night? If so what steps did you take to accomplish this?

  • I have twin boys they are going to be 8 on the 19th. I love having twins �� you have a beautiful family and I enjoy watching them grow! You are both wonderful parents!! Your little Eloise is only a few week older then my Evelyn! God bless your family happy 4th.

  • I once had a 30minute long conversation with my twins best friend and the whole entire time she thought I was my twin sister… we aren’t even identical. And the question I HATE “wErE iS yOuR sIStEr?” Like I freaking track her down?!?!

  • Parent to twins that are grown and your age now. I think the hardest thing was always not having enough of me to go around like with the bike meltdown or at christmas helping one with opening a gift. lol leading to a meltdown. So fun to watch you guys and remember back when…thank you so much! God Bless your beautiful family

  • they missed the MAIN QUESTION:
    “when is your b-day, and when is your sister’s bday”
    “who is taller”
    “who gets good grades”
    “oh she is fairer i colour than her”
    you guys have twin telepathy??”

  • This was so beneficial for me. I’m starting my own research into becoming a single mother. I have fertility issues that make my window for conceiving very small and as a single woman I don’t have much time left. This video helped me to see some of the issues I need to consider and think about as I move forward. Thank you!

  • Single mom to a single child 18 or her 19 years of it in fact. There is not a day that went by that I didn’t feel inept at one point or another. She was a relatively easy baby, and I know I was blessed. It was as if God knew I would be doing this alone so he gave me a good one. When she was one I had to find a job in a new city where I only knew my parents and one of my brothers and his family. She was in daycare, which I felt badly for since my siblings’ wives were able to stay home with their kids. Then, as she got to school age, it was a full-time career and a part time job, her school work and activities and keeping it all together. When she was 10 I had a spine/spinal cord injury and had 6 failed spine surgeries in the first 5 years. Each one has left me worse and worse off to the point where I’m now pretty much bed-ridden. Raising a child while disabled and in constant pain has been hard. Talk about feeling inept. Now, however, when she and I FaceTime (daily, lol, she’s off at college now) she often talks about the awesome things that she and I did when she was little and she tells me about what a wonderful childhood she had. I guess that means I did an ok job after all and that all those tears at the time were both worth it, and unnecessary at the same time, lol.
    To any parent, whether you have twins, singletons and are parenting either together or solo, just know that if you try your best and show them a lot of love and fair discipline, they will grow up just fine and remember the good. It’s all worth it in the end and after all, what we all want to do is raise good humans who are proud of and happy with themselves, are able to love others and be constructive, honest, strong members of society/our community.
    xo Heather����
    PS-Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canucks!

  • Thank you a lot for the video, you said a lot of interesting things:) Right now I’m collecting all information I can find for this topic, cuz if I don’t find a husband until I’m 25 I’m going to have kids on my own (I’m 19 at the moment), I can only imagine how hard it must cope with everything on your own, but still I do think kids are the most important thing in life and it’s worth it

    #3 This is the best thing about beeing a single mom:D You don’t have to make compromises and can raise a kid according to your standards and values

    #20 honestly I’ve never thought about that, it must be incredibly hard:(

  • The hardest part of parenting for us came later when they started to fight. My son (typical ornery boy) loved making his sister scream. His favorite trigger was messing with her hair. I’ve probably said, “Andrew, leave your sister alone. Amber stop overreacting” at least 100,000 times. Now that they’re adults, they’re best friends.

  • My boys were 20 months apart. People either asked if they were twins or had different fathers. One is blue eyed blonde, slender build and other is brown hair brunette and chubby. Total opposites!! They are the best of friends and worst enemies. The fights they had I felt I was a referee instead of a parent! I would send them to their own rooms and in 5 min or less they were talking to each other across the hall!!

  • twins must get some super weird stuff from people sometimes… but when you guys are close, you seem to have such a unique bond that the rest of the world won’t ever get!

  • I had 3 under 2.5 all singletons. My girls are 10 months apart and the older 2 are 12 months apart.
    For me, the hardest part is going through the same season back to back like terrible twos.
    All babies are a blessing so there’s plenty more good than hard but, I feel you.

  • I have some questions to ask you:

    1. What about single fathers? Would they have different issues as opposed to single mothers?
    2. What is the deal with sperm donation? Would you have to worry about your children when they get married, have children, or whatnot because of the potential for the spouse to be their half-sibling!!?? BTWThis is why I do not believe in sperm donation!!!
    3. What would they think of you if you conceived a biracial child through sperm donation!!?? Would they look differently on you because your children do not resemble you at all?
    4. Here in the USA, our foster care and adoption system are not that good of a system. Foster children tend to land in trouble later in life. What are your thoughts on this?

  • I have a fraternal brother, and I’m male. I was brutally bullied by him and my parents never cared. I went to them desperate to be alone and then they’d yell at the two of us combined for no reason for their life stress. We shared a bed until 12. I never had my own friends. If I made one, my more charismatic brother would just become closer to them and demean me to them in front of my face and behind my back. My parents were not ready for this financially, and my mom went insane and yelled at us nearly every day. Do not be lazy or cheap, send your kids to different schools at all costs. If they’re the same gender, you have no other choice. Its a miserable existence to never be alone. Separate them as much as you possibly can.

  • I’m a twin who had twins. I have a twin brother. We were mo/di. My twin girls are di/di. I’m so used to being a twin since I’ve been one myself for forever that it just all seems normal. Some days are twin a days and some days are twin b days. I think just because my brother and me are so different I never had a hard time seeing each of my twins as different babies. Some of my other twin mom friends have definitely not been as understanding that each baby is different. If one of their twins does something before the other twin they just dont understand why the co twin isnt doing it. I love how mine finally play together and always want to see what the other one is doing. I absolutely love seeing them play together finally now that they are 1. It is some what of a brake finally from trying to be two moms at once. There has been time when I didnt hold one because the other would see and want to be held too. I actually hurt my back from hold both and picking both up at the same time. Once a month one twin gets to go spend a few days with my mom. It is hard on the twin to not have her twin with her. I can see that they become confused somewhat. But by the next day they are over it and happy to just have mommy all to themselves. I love being a twin and having twins. I feel like I understand what they are going to go through and how they will feel later on better then a mom who isnt used to twins.

  • When we have annual function in school, only the older sibling has to take the invitation card. I have a twin brother and it is so confusing.

  • Twin mom here! I totally agree with Rach that the hardest part is when they both need you 100% at the same time. Also when they’re newly mobile and going in opposite directions haha! My girls are almost 15 months and someone is always trying to eat dog food or open a door or climb up on the couch. It’s chaos but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  • Omg! Your babies are soooo cute!! ������ and their names!! �������� and twins definitely have to be work but definitely worth it ��