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Transcription: Feeling isolated when you’re a new mom is perfectly normal and I’d say that the easiest way to get out of that rut is just to get out of the house. And even if you’re not feeling exceptionally glamorous and like you want to be out of the house, because often, when you do get out of the house as a new mom, people. “New moms are feeling more isolated now than ever before because of social distancing,” she said, pointing to isolation from family and friends, and the social distancing measures at doctors.

Well, here are 6 Candid Reasons You’re an Isolated Mom. Solo-Parenting. More and more families are torn apart not just by divorce but also by partners working out of town, out of state and even out of the country. What’s left is a mom — or a dad — left behind to carry the entire house and parenting load. Dear New Mom, Are You Feeling Isolated?

Know That You Are Not Alone. By Pamela Chan, Contributor. When my 6 year old came down with a brief case of the stomach flu, I didn’t expect to end up in the Emergency Room.

And I didn’t expect to reveal a deeply held feeling about my life. A few will also tell you in hushed tones about loneliness and isolation. They will ask with a hint of concern whether you have playgroups to go to or friends with new babies. I listened, I heard, I signed up for groups, I made promises with pregnant friends that we would hang out. I decided I wouldn’t feel isolated.

I’d get. Because new parents do not anticipate feeling lonely, they often struggle to identify the problem and figure out solutions. “Now that I think back on it, it never would have occurred to me to call. I don’t think I’ve felt so lonely and isolated before.

When your single (pre-kids), you can call up a friend and go out, but everything seems to change when you become a mom especially a single mom even friends (mine were still single and swinging, with no kids, so we grew apart). In reality, nature has programmed new moms with the ability to thrive on reduced sleep by the effect of different hormones rushing through her body after childbirth. Loved ones around a new mom simply don’t have the same drive and attention to detail in caring for a newborn that mom does, but this doesn’t.

For many women, having an outlet and sense of purpose both inside and outside of the home helps them to feel whole. Wholeness makes for a better parent, Samuels says. Continued. Even the best of.

There’s no doubt you love your baby, but if you’re new to being a stay-at-home mum then you’d be forgiven for finding it a bit isolating. Joanna, 28, was used to constant company in her London office job, as well as a busy social life – she’s finding motherhood a bit of a shock.

List of related literature:

For many women, getting out of the house, socializing with friends, or meeting other new mamas can help them feel less isolated.

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We want new parents to know that they’re not alone, and that feeling this way is normal — it

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Not wanting to feel too attached to your new baby is a common experience.

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These feelings often cause new mothers to feel guilty or abnormal.

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For instance, you may feel lonely and isolated during the first few months with your new baby because you spend most of the time feeding, burping, and changing diapers.

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This is partly because some of the symptoms may be misattributed to the adjustment to a new baby and partly because the mother may ‘put on a brave face’, concealing how she feels from others.

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This feeling of welcome and acceptance cannot come through words or thoughts because a newborn is not developed enough to process this form of communication, but it can be communicated to the newborn through touch, attention to needs, and the energetic perception of the caregivers by the newborn.

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I was a new mum, my emotions were all over the place and so I retreated into numbness.

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‘I felt less isolated when I was able to chat to other mums.

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Some new mothers feel all alone and inadequate to care for the new life of their newborn.Husbands should take some time off work and be prepared to shower lots of hugs and extra affection on the newborn as well as the new needy mother.

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  • This!!!! I am completely isolated more then ever. I just moved to a new town that is a ghost town and I also homeschool. I have moved plenty and have made friends here and there but truely we are the most secluded we have been. Have no idea how to make friends here I have tried a couple of churches to get in touch but that wasn’t very successful… it’s tough

  • I relate to this so much! Have so many online friends but feel that making friends in person is so hard, we bed-share with our baby too and it’s something that I do feel judged for with other parents.

  • I’m a mom of 2 and literally have no one in my life ive had to kick myself up the ass to accept where i am and that i have no one and numb myself to the lonliness it is hard

  • I really liked your video, it reminds me so much of myself I find it hard to socialise. But when I converted to Islam i found it so much easier to make friends, especially going to the masjid you could meet lots of women we would just greet each other by saying As Salam alaykum sister and then that chats would continue.. even if I walked down the street if I saw a Muslim sister we would smile and greet each other although I wouldn’t know her. It’s something different from when I was a Catholic.

  • I have lived in pembs Wales for 3 years now and don’t have any friends really i can just sit and chit chat to, just casual ” hiya how are u blah blah blah” on the street folk.
    And now im a mum to a 3 month old its even harder, but u just plod on in life and make the most of it i suppose.
    And i am my own worst enemy anyways as im a introvert so it kind of makes it harder for me because some days in really bubbly and all people friendly and then i can be happy on my own with my lik one for like 2 weeks so…. yeah haha.
    Thanks for the vid iv just signed up to ur channel now ☺

  • I’ve had a similar experience struggling with making friends outside of a school/university context. I have felt very isolated since I moved away from family and friends. I’m looking for mom groups now that I have a baby but I’m still quite shy. We’ll see how if goes.

  • I am one of them… Stay at home mom, doing house chores.. feel lonely and worthless day by day.. no husband support.. he never ask me.. am I happy or not..

  • Ysis, thank you for sharing your struggle and your hopes for the future! Much of this resonated with me because we’ve moved to two different states in the past three years, and now have a 3-month-old daughter. I felt exhausted starting over again and going through pregnancy, away from family and old friends. It seemed easier to make friends in college/university because everyone was in the same stage of life. We’ve made a few friends here, and I still chat with close, old friends and my sisters-in-law (back in our home state) frequently. But, I know I can always do better reaching out. It makes a difference being able to be physically present and open with someone you respect and trust. I want to show my daughter she can feel comfortable and confident making friends and sharing our home. Wishing you all the best!

  • I love in an Arabic household and my parents always make me fell like I’m unworthy of life I wish to leave them when I turn 21 but you can’t to that in an Arabic household

  • I have struggled a lot making new friends since becoming a mum, I’m glad to hear it’s not just me who feels this way. Thank you for sharing x

  • Oh shut up stay at home mom you have a job and a husband you dont have wny issues except being spoiled all your life the real mothers having issues are single mothers without a job and no friends or family

  • I feel the same.. I know a lot of other mommies but I have a hard time meeting up with people or just being social!! I think I feel like other people don’t like me.. it’s one of my goals this year to make more time to hang out with friends

  • I can totally relate to this. I recently moved country and find it very lonely as I don’t have my network of friends around me. I never thought I was a shy person until I moved. Hope you don’t mind me asking but how do you find being a mum away from your own family? xx

  • Moms are miserable because being a parent is really hard, thankless, constant work and most people regret it! (Although few would admit to it.) I am happy to say I chose the child-free life. Winning!

  • I think there are a lot of mothers that can relate to you especially me. Before I had my daughter I had 2 good friends. I then moved to Manhattan about an hour away from where I lived and I lost most connect with them because they never made time to see me and I couldn’t go to them all the time. Then when my daughter came I moved back 5 minutes away from them and they never come to see me or even send a text. But then again when I did see them awhile ago, I didn’t feel connected. I felt like I had so much more priorities to worry about and way ahead of them with life. Now I need friends that are mothers so I can actually relate and I can never make them. So I’m a lonely gal, even my husband is always working so it’s just me and my daughter all the time. I learn to get used to it, but sometimes it hurts when you think about it.

  • My parents have made me demotivated in sports,competitive gaming, and even my educational path. Not only that but they took it all away. I hate the from that anger I grew a demon and now have extreme anger that I have to quietly release little by little every single day, It’s not even a joke cause my eyes literally turn red. I can’t control myself anymore. I hate life and had all my dreams ripped away from me. I hate everything and the on my reason I haven’t just killed everyone and myself is because I don’t want go to hell. I can’t deal with this anymore, every single one of these 10 things are all connected to me. Not only that, I use to be a good Christian person and a believer in God and I’m getting further and further away from him. I’m crying writing this cause I know how bad I’ve ruined my life and I literally gave the devil space in my life. I can’t anymore.

  • Hey there! I am feeling the same way! And it is so great to see someone else who feels the way I do. I am a single mom of two small children. I stay at home and go to school full-time and the children are with me almost always except every other weekend. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I know how you feel Ysis, I moved countries when my baby was 5 months old and I found it hard making mummy friends at the start so I ended up starting my blog so I don’t feel lonely as a mother and I found huge support in the online blogging community.I’m glad you found support with Channel Mum

  • Ysis..Im so glad you made this video with this topic cuz i feel like im going through this now more than ever with being a mum, i have to follow a certain schedule and its hard to find friends that will understand. Im also quite outgoing but I wish I had friends that could come over my house and i could go to theirs. I will deff be checking out that website. I just love your videos. Quite addicted to say the least. Keep the videos coming.

  • Definitely can relate to the struggle! My son is 15 months old and I have made 1 mommy friend:D and I suppose only because she is my neighbor (what a luck actually). Thanks God she turned out to be a very cool person! But otherwise I also tend not to open up to new people. Somehow I do not feel the need just to share my deepest struggles and feeling with strangers. Maybe I am also lucky that my non-mommy friends are very cool and always support me even though they do not fully get it. But this doesn’t matter as all you need sometimes is to get stuff out of you system and not being judged. Be strong girls! They really grow up fast and soon we will be normal people again:))))

  • Nothing was more horrible than the night where both of my parents decided to beat the shit outta me because I got a punishment from school. I can understand the fact that they weren’t happy but beating me up for an honest mistake…. I can never forget that night. Or the time when my mum slapped me in front of our dog I don’t know why but I felt less than anything else in the world. I felt less loved and important than my dog. Or the times I would be doing homework’s with my dad. I was too scared of him and is réactions so I would shut my mouth and not saying the answers, even if I knew them. I remember him yelling “answer” “you’re dumb” “you will sell oranges down the road” “no you’re not allowed to make mistakes” “ you can’t do that? Yelling my little brother name and asking him to give him the answer” “ see he can do that how come you can’t” he was humiliating me all the time. He was yelling my mother name just to show her how dumb I was by saying “your daughter can’t do that” and I was waiting for my mum to say something to take my defence lmao… she just got right back up without saying shit. I felt more than worthless I felt rejected, abandoned and unloved. And all this time they knew that I had dyslexia…. because of that I hated school but I felt mush more safer and happier there. Every time i was home I fell unsafe. Always trying to dodge my parents. Locking myself up in my room the only place I felt a little bit more safe. But the day they bursted into my room to beat the shit out of me I felt miserable. I remember saying to myself that no matter where I go or am I’m safe no where. Not even within myself. I was 11. I’m 21 now and still dealing with this shit. Sorry for the mistakes I don’t speak English.

  • I can so relate with what you are talking about with struggling to make mummy friends.. I have two children a boy who’s 2.5 and a girl 13 months old and I haven’t made any mummy friends yet. I am confident yet I struggle to meet other mummy’s. I think once my children start school I will make friends.. But yeah I do feel lonely all the time even when I put myself out there. I enjoyed watching this video because I can definitely relate.. You are not Alone

  • Very good for you, Lorenna (I truly like your first name, which is also one my few childhood good friends name, with just a n)! Speak up your own truth, no barriers! �� I bet you feel like you just hit the gym for 6 months, straight ������ Such a relief, ain’t it? ��Thumbs and toes up, very well done! Nonetheless, you may be or feel alone, but you’re lonely, at no point of your life, believe it ����❤️✨ Much love on your way. Cheers. Tender hug! ��

  • I can relate to this a lot and it’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who feels like this. I’m glad you’ve managed to improve this situation for yourself and so I’m going to take inspiration from this to try more myself. Thank you Ysis. xx

  • My friends hate me…my parents wouldn’t even notice if I ran away…I’m the wierd loner in school who noone ever talks to (I’m 15)…or was kidnapped…and I don’t want to complain becuz I don’t wanna look for attention

  • I had friends once… but now they all have kids and families ����. Time is ticking away, you cannot depend on friends to fill your life forever. When we all are old, gray, bed bound and lacking capacity only then will we experience true loneliness. This will be magnified if you don’t have children, I only hope the people that have and don’t have children in our old age will take pity on our souls

  • I’m so like this Ysis. I really struggle to make new mum friends or just friends in general. It’s like since becoming a mum I’ve lost my confidence but having CM around I’ve made and found some incredible life friends ��

  • Hello Ysis, I appreciate your videos a lot, they are the real situation about take care baby and solve all others life problems. I live in Campinas SP and my wife is in the same situation than your. We really know what you are saying. Your videos are amazing and I also use them to improve my english skills. god bless you and your Family. Thanks. bye

  • I’m so glad you found friends, I also didn’t click with baby groups and have only just made Mum friends since the kids started school x

  • I notice that a lot of mothers look haggard and just completely worn out. I don’t know why anybody would see this and say, “Yep! This is something I definitely want to do! ” I could never… but I do have a lot of respect for them and what they are going through. It is awfully sad and I pray that they get all the help they need.

  • I’m feeling the same as you at the moment. I think a big part of it is the weather. I’ve been feeling like a prisoner in our home. I miss working MASSIVELY and don’t really know what to do about it as what I did just wouldn’t work with a family. All my friends are busy in the week working as it’s incredibly lonely. Thanks for making this alex xxx

  • Are these not the same independent, strong and beautiful women who don’t need a man? No wonder our society is full of mental illness

  • You’re never by yourself Alex that’s for sure, even if it feels like you are. You’re doing great!:-) I don’t think these darker days help any of us either. I’m so glad that channel mum friends are connecting and you’re arranging some meet ups that will help a lot. Please take care.
    It was the right thing to do to reach out and share how you’re feeling with all of us because it helps us ( your viewers/supporters) know that we’re not by ourselves either. I feel like you do every other day and I know I need to get out the house and meet more ppl xxx

  • Having technology tell you how unhappy you are is the culprit! I’m so glad I raised my children in the 80’s and loved that I was able to be a stay-at-home mother. We didn’t need the latest gadgets to have fun, spent summers at the lake, exploring nature etc., growing our own vegetables, a lot of outdoor activities no matter the weather. In their 30’s now they tell me they had a great childhood and that’s all that matters to me! Women shouldn’t judge other women who decide to stay home and raise their children themselves and if you are a career woman and happy to have someone else raise them then do it. It was just not for me and I was able to fulfill my creative side too by being home so it was right for me. So happy my daughter-in-law has decided to stay home to raise my grandchildren too❣️ It’s just a very personal choice in my humble opinion.

  • I honestly am not going to have kids unless I have serious financial means to help support me in their upbringing. Money for night nannies, and nannies during the day so I can get some social time and rest. I need money for them to be in activities they enjoy, money to take them on trips so they could experience other cultures and be exposed to the diversity of the world early on. I would want help keeping the house clean and organized and tutors to help them get the educational support they would need. I recognize that I am not equipped to handle all of these facets of raising a well-cared for child on my own. I would not curse myself and another innocent being to a life of dissatisfaction and unnecessary stress. I love my parents, but they did not have enough resources to raise me in a healthy way, and I have suffered for it. I think it’s okay to say I just want to focus on taking care of myself now.

  • This is a great talk. I’m sure it helps a lot of moms out there!
    But there is something I have to mention. She said that moms report more often than dads/men that they feel their lives are unfulfilled. And draws the conclusion that that is because women need close human relations more than men. But we are not sure that that’s the case. A lot of men find it more difficult to express their feelings, especially if they perceive those feelings as “weakness”. There have been studies in which it became clear that men are more often alone and lonely than women. The reasons for that being: 1. They never really learned how to “make and keep friends”. 2. When men are in a relationship with a woman, he “lives through her” because she is often the one that maintains contact with friends and family.
    So a lot of men DO feel lonely and depressed because of the lack of friends etc, but they are less likely to admit it (to themselves) because they fear to be perceived as “weak”. Admitting that you feel your life is unfulfilled can also be perceived as a “sign of weakness”. And because of this men are less likely to seek help and the risk on suicide increases. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of this study, but still I had to mention this. Men are often “forgotten” when it comes to these subjects.

  • Growing up comes with responsibility. So does raising kids that depend on your life experience to survive childhood in which you as individual choose to have. Like that’s life in modern society.. Of course you’re going to be unhappy only caring about other people’s needs so they themselves can thrive better than you later on in life while everyone else seems to be dashing to the invisible finish line. You reassure your genetic survival by having your offspring and ensuring their survival and prosperity comes before yours. Passing of the torch. In this day an age I noticed more men are willing to take more responsibility in the child care area, however both parties are still at odds due to conflicting ways of raising said child. Which in turn causes favoritism issues with the child and resentment in the least favored parent.

  • I feel the pressure of having kids. I value marriage and traveling. Me time. I love my sleep. I have several autoimmune disorders activated by stress. Sometimes I feel like I should but I don’t think I could handle it. Motherhood isn’t for everyone. ����

  • I am single, no kids, but I’ve seen my friends get married, have a child then two then three, disappeared one by one ; I did try to reach out to them, but for me it’s hard since they only had one topic: their child (starting with burpees and now it’s school thing) which I have no interest in whatsoever, so yeah, I stopped reaching out…

  • If you are relating to this you are not alone….. I guess I’m in the wrong place. I came because I’m so lonely, and I don’t have FB!

  • I do have trouble understanding why nobody expects that they’re going to give their life up when they have kids. Very obviously that’s what most people do so why is it such a surprise? I have never met or seen a parent who didn’t look overweight and exhausted and miserable all the time even when they claim to be happy. (And it’s lie not lay.)

  • I was emotionally and physically abused by my mother. And it seems that my step father only knew how to punish and beat me. My real dad was never in the picture up until age 13. Even after I met him, he didn’t like to tell people about me, not even my other brothers and sisters on his side. He kept me a secret. And when he would talk to his close friends. He wouldn’t mention me. I don’t know what did to deserve my life, but I hate what it’s done to me. I’m literally an introvert. And have issues with feeling beautiful or loved.. All I can do is try to do better for my children if I ever have any. ��������

  • hey Alex what area are you from? when I was pregnant with my son last May I set up a Facebook group for mums to be and new mums in my local area to meet and get to know each other in hopes to avoid the feeing of isolation you mention. we now have over 130 members and there are quite a few of us that meet regularly. if you’re local enough you would be more than welcome to join us:) Yateley Mums (bump to 5 years) xx

  • I totally know how you feel, it’s really hard when you give up work and then try and make mum friends. I have really tried to make myself talk to other mums at playgroup but it’s not easy when they have their little groups. It’s also hard to actually find friends that can be true friends that can listen, give you time etc like you could, as everyone is so busy! Hope you can make some nice mum friends locally Alex but try not to focus on what others are like on social media, I find its so easy to believe that others lives being perfect when it’s not. xx

  • As a career mom, i need to work hard, i need to stay up in my field of expertise and i need to take care of my little one. My husband need to be partner in my life and not another worry or load. I knew i can’t have it all but i can have “my all”. I do conscious choice in life. I cater, i hire a house keeper, I go on vacation with my parent in law as they organize everything, i split home responsibility with my husband. My personal time, i spend it with my family. I did a lot of mistakes but when you have measure the risk and learn from your error.s…there are less regrets. And this is my goal. At my gold age, i want to be able to look back in my life and have no regrets.

  • I’m a new mother and I’m losing friends and only talk to my spouse… Barely talk to my other family members…I’m a working mom (UberEats), but I can bring him with me

  • Camille Paglia noted that her mother grew up in a “community of women”, where the women supported each other, in a format that goes back a few thousand years. Camille noted that women don’t have that nowand it is very, very traumatic, to women.

  • Watching during COVID 19 quarantine ���� working full time from home with kids here and attempting to homeschool, “failures and frauds” um, yeeeaaah

  • I’m tired of being a mother and I want to go back to work. Finding a friend is hard because I don’t want my business all over town

  • This is me ysis like literally this is soo me �� I have a son he is 10 months old today ❤️ same struggle same stress.. at the moment I feel the same I have no friends and yes I would love to meet you in real life ��

  • The problem is the totally lopsided expectations of what a Woman has to do vs a Man in regards to child rearing and housework. Add a career to it and it’s total burnout. Seriously, who has time for friends? Not the Mom…

  • I hear you, Ysis! Judgemental comments and unsolicited advice, no matter how well-meaning, have stopped me from going ahead and making mum friends. I don’t have problems making friends at work but I tend to shy away from mum friends. It’s a pity I am in India and can’t get in touch with the lovely ladies of Channel Mum. You are doing great, though xx

  • Hi guys,forgive my digression.I’m a senior recovering at home from virus.With time on my hands,I’m telling all about my kids book 365 KNOCK-KNOCK JOKES(by R.Myers).It’s funny & kinda cute.I think kids(& some adults as well)may like it.You may wish to take a look.In any case,I send my best to all & please be safe WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

  • Suggestion to all Western woman: you would be a lot happier if you imagined yourself as a woman born in a third world country, particularly a Muslim country. You would have no choices, at all. Motherhood is over-rated and romanticized and women are their own worst enemies. No one forced you to reproduce be accountable. Be your own person, cultivate an intellectual interest and stop whining. Most women I know have what I call a comparative identity problem. I am thankful that I don’t and grateful that I chose to be child free.

  • Polygyny(one man, multiple wives) comes to mind.
    In my culture, women don’t have these issues because of Polygyny. The women work together to cook, clean, and build wealth through income. I guess American women are too strong and independent…yet depressed and miserable with no help from other wives.

  • I really relate to this video. I’ve moved to a new area and recently returned to work after maternity leave part time which for the majority I will be working at home. I was excited to join more baby/toddler groups since I made some great friends at the groups I was at where I used to live, but social anxiety is there. I do not have the confidence to speak to people very well and find myself feeling quite lonely too. X

  • I think sometimes we get into relationships then immediately start isolating ourselves from friends. Relationships & Marriages are nice but Friendships need nourishment as well. Just think when all else fails in your relationship/marriage who can you rely on. Thank you for your talk!!

  • I’ve just seen this and you have a new subscriber. I am a SAHM of a 11 month old twins, a 2 year old and 13 year old. I am to the point I dont ever leave the house because it is so difficult and takes an entire day to get ready just for a 30 min doctor appointment. I’ve lost my motivation to clean my house and also stopped taking care of myself (makeup, showers, hair) because I never go anywhere. It can be really overwhelming. It was nice listening to you and knowing I am not alone! I hope playgroup got easier for you!

  • Yeah but you take away a womens motherly role she will be miserable still. You meet women who are past 30 with no family unless she has a huge career she is miserable asf and all her family pressure her to get married.

  • We moms are doing too much.
    But that is not the problem;
    The problem is that we are doing too much of the things that are not important for our well being & happiness.We need to remember that “we cannot give from an empty cup”

  • Most women enjoy being in a bad mood.
    Most women love to complain, and be miserable because that’s where her little drama lies; that is where her little drama is.

  • Love that you’re so open about loneliness and feeling down. Sometimes it feels like a taboo to admit that you’re not feeling perfect. Being a Mom is so hardi have wondered why I sometimes feel like I don’t fit in or click with mum groups. I can really relate to you and in early pregnancy I am feeling so down which is unlike me, i also feel like it’s something that I’m not allowed to admit. Watching this vlog has honestly made me feel like I’m not alone as cliche as it sounds. Xxx

  • I feel so lonely a lot of the time. But when I’m alone, just me, It feels Amazing. I thought that made me a bad mother. I get so overwhelmed that I feel I don’t deserve a break. I even thought if I asked for my babies father to watch our baby or if I wanted to find a baby sitter just for a break that, for some reason, my babies daddy would get angry or judge me somehow. I was wrong, it’s ok to ask for help and it’s ok to need help. Everyone needs a best friend. It helps so much. Mothers don’t need to be afraid of help or taking breaks. Anyone who is a parent will not judge you and if they do there’s something wrong with them.

  • I feel this. I don’t even have kids and I feel the pressure already. I am just about to be 29 and I have PCOS. I may not be able to have kids and the longer I wait, the less chance I have. But I also just graduated from college a year ago and only have a year of my career under my belt. If my age didn’t matter, I’d wait another 5 years so I can be confident I can get a job again when my kids go to school. My fiance wants to start right away—he graduated 6 years ago.

  • Still if we working we dont have a.sociaal life like the men do. I have work in the past and still i felt like outsider from the world.

  • I’m a Full-time mom plus full-time worker. I’m not married but in a committed relationship but we don’t live together so I get zero time for myself ever. There’s nobody that I can say is my true friend, the ones I’ve had turned on me or are drug addicted. Even my family doesn’t talk to me (and I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers40 cousins 20 aunts and uncles!) I do feel isolated, alone & like nobody really understands me or even cares to know what I’m going through. At work everybody treats me different because I don’t go out drinking with them or hang out with them. It’s almost like I feel like I have disease or deformation because of the way people treat me. I’ve been depressed for a year and have to fight it to get up each day. I wish things were not like this. I don’t know how I can change things. “God help me” is my prayer everyday through the day.

  • I feel this way and these are only some issues not stress from job itself and trying to be a wife… Just now seeing this a year later but its a message that came on time

  • Sometimes I wished I had a terminal illness because at least it’s natural death, it’s horrible I know but life seriously is hard when you bear scars of emotional abuse.

  • I guess that’s the reason why I don’t feel to want children in my life. I just isn’t my life I don’t see myself in this. It’s a huge problem of our civilization and modern life. It’s causes problems having kids and living your own life. We moved forward.

  • Hi, Im a married mom of 4 and struggling with this (@times). At this moment, I’m between social life and disconnecting from social life. Facebook takes too much time. The reason is because I get caught up and lose track of time. I enjoy interacting with people. Matter of fact, I’m preparing to hang up the [email protected] profession for the nursing profession. We don’t go on vacations, we are stuck at home a lot, and it has drove me crazy, plus I had homeschooled all 4 kids. (2 are in public school and the last 2 are preparing for this next school year in public school)
    I had a friend, a very talkative friend, that was very judgmental. Not just your simple judgment but anyone that had tattoos all over their bodies, piercings, racial marriages, eating powdered doughnuts, what they wore, ect… get the picture. Dont get me wrong, she was right about a lot of things concerning her judgments, however, why allow it to consume you to the point of making others miserable? As for me, I believe it’s your life, live it the way you want bc I was given the choice too, and I do. Your no different. (Now if you did drugs, murder people, try to steal, non-moral things, I Pass.) Use good judgment.
    At 32 now, I just seem to want to focus more on my immediate family, finances and retirement. I do have friends, but I’m currently not close, close, close, to them.
    What got me into being friends with that person was the desire to have a ‘sister friend’. I do miss her. A lot at times. When I weigh out the consequences of being her friend, I shy away. I just can’t. It’s too exhausting.
    As far as my marriage goes, we both have made changes to better our bond. We have been working together on our goals. Have there been issues in our marriage? Oh, sure. Yes. Our way of thinking is what are we going to do to get through this? How are we going to team up to change this?
    He helps out with our kids. Actually, since my profession is changing courses, and fast, he has acknowledged what he must do to be ready for when I’m working crazy hours. He helps with the 2 eldest kids get off to school in the mornings.
    You know, I can sit here and word vomit. Know why? Bc I dont have a sister friend to spill it too. Lol! Im finding happiness in my own personal way. With or without a sister(s) friend(s). Apparently, this lesson in my current life, needed to be learned and perfected. Love yourself so you can love others and be happy.
    Yet, having some one to latte with helps.
    Having the money to latte with, helps too. Hahaha!!!!
    Happy Trails!

  • You are describing exactly what motherhood has always been. Your wants and needs take a back seat to that of the child you bored….surprise! Don’t have children if that makes you sad, depressed and feeling un-fulfilled.

  • Oh my I’m feeling the same ������
    And for me was more worse worse
    I had my 2 baby’s and no family here any help at all my husband was working all the time so depressing so alone,this year is better my little start school,I’m breathing a little I want just to sit a little alone but no, I have to go to work we are very tied,
    Like she said I was soooo happy to at the hospital I had help there people,when I went home ohhh so sad

  • When she talks about the bliss of chilling out and watching tv and not having to do dishes or laundry I thought man… that’s what my life is like basically every day as a child free by choice individual ��

  • This is a large reason why I chose to not have children. Mothers seem miserable and I don’t want my life to be like that. I’ve sacrificed so much in my life that adding more misery wasn’t an option. Thanks for the eye opening talk!!

  • Finally single mothers realise the damage they do to themselves and men. Hope women wake up and change. Thatll be a positive time for all ��❤

  • I’m a SAHM with 3 young kids and no friends. I have little time to use my own talents or pursue my own ambitions. Being a SAHM is the right choice for our family but I’m sooooooo lonely. So lonely.

  • I feel super lonely after having baby. My kids and household chores do keep me busy but I’m all alone. My husband works from home too, but with the weather being super rubbish so can’t do much. I’ve joined a Mum’s group so fingers crossed I can make some mummy friends. Hardest struggle for me is my social anxiety, this is something I need to work on.

  • I relate to this. It’s only always been me and me only. My family don’t look me unconditionally. I only have my daughter and I need to do everything for her because she’s little.

  • I, and many of my friends are the primary money makers, do more than their share of what were traditionally female chores around the house, spend a ton of time with our kids and still do all the chores that were and still are traditionally male chores. Our wives still spend a ton of time online and not enough time connecting with their friends. Blaming all unhappiness on men is intellectually lazy and will ensure that those who do it will never find their answer.

  • Yes, the modern suburbs are a large part of the problem. Find the talk on youtube or bitchute by Dr. E. Michael Jones about the fascinating origins of our modern problem with suburban living. It is entitled “Why are we here because we’re not there.”

  • My mom actually calls me a bitch or even beat me or emotionally black mail me and the worst thing is that she yells at me almost everyday if I drop something she will be so mad and yell at me and almost beat me up I love my self but others don’t which makes me feel useless god I wish I was never born she’s screaming my name right now gotta go…

  • Take a trip to a developing country every year. And learn from those mommies who don’t have alote but seem to be happy. I drive to El Salvador and Mexico every year with the family. You lose weight you get your power as a human back.

  • I can so much relate to what you’re saying. Felt like you are talking about me.
    Thank you for making this video!
    You made me feel like I’m not alone. Like it’s normal.
    Even the driving part. I feel with the same thing. Thank you very much!

  • I am a stay-at-home mom with 5 kids and 0 friends… And sometimes I just want to run away, but I don’t have nowhere to run to..��

  • I almost dont even want friends bc im so tired tht when i have a moment i want to be alone. Or bc i dont want to load all of my kids up especially my toddler boy is so over active and hardly listens.

  • Being a parent sucks. Plain and simple. More people should really try to go out into nature and ground themselves in who they are so they can accept it and be at peace with it. Kids do NOT fulfill you. They certainly fill your life with a whole host of emotions and duties you don’t want and give little back in the way of reward. People don’t like to hear this truth, but being a Mom is like becoming a robot. Your whole body gets wrecked, your sense of self gets ripped away and every day is a GRIND. Women need to think a lot more about this “I want everything” mentality. You can’t have it all and still maintain a happy inside. Careers, babies, husbands, YOU. It’s too much on one person.

  • Love this Sheryl. I have a group of friends we all have kids under 5. None of us talk or see eachother regularly. When I was in real need a few months ago, I didn;t call them as I didn’ tthink they would have the time. Yet at one stage, we would have called eachother during the middle of the night to connect and have a chat about a boy or complain about our parents. Fast forward to our 30s and we have lost our connection despite the title of Best Friend. It is so sad.

  • I went to a few baby groups made no friends just gave up on them it’s really lonely but it’s get frustrating when everyone says ohh how can u get lonely with babies they think ur been crazy and ungrateful

  • Alex, thank you so much for making this video. The first two or three years of being a mum were really tough for me for this exact reason. I left a very social job to stay at home with my babies and, while I never regretted that, I never expected to feel as isolated as I did. It really hit me hard. I still get days where I feel like that years later, which is why the whole online mum village and channel mum means such a lot to me. I’ve just recorded a video where I touch upon it briefly but not as eloquently as you have, so thank you for putting into words how I felt for so long and never really told anyone. Always here for a chat on the lonely days xxx

  • Where is everlys beautiful dummy clip thing from? With her name on. Hopefully you make mummy friends soon, my baby is nearly a year and I still haven’t got any and we go to classes every week��. Your doing great! X

  • Throw in social anxiety to the mix and it is nearly impossible to form close connections in our crazy busy lifestyles. It’s isolating and discouraging to know you are a big part of your own problem.

  • You’re stronger than you think! You’re a wonderful mother! I’m loving your videos recently! Need to head over and follow you on instagram!!

  • I just woke up and my dad cursed at me just cause I wasn’t wearing house shoes. I have parents that weren’t in my life to the point they don’t have pictures between the ages 6 and 15 and have the nerve to say they know me

  • I remember feeling like you do it can be tough being a mum. I went to groups and remember asking another mum for her phone number so we could make friends and I felt weird doing it but it was so nice to have someone to talk to, who was going through the same thing I was. Hope you can meet some other mums and don’t feel silly about introducing yourself, everyone is in the same boat ��

  • Guys, you do realize that most animals that are like us (pack-centered) raise children as a GROUP? Of course moms feel overwhelmed, THEY ARE. Humans are not made for raising children alone, that’s where the “needing a town to raise a child” saying comes from. You DO need a town.
    And with the society of individualism today, that need is ignored at best, and frowned upon at worst.

  • I can so relate to Mum loneliness.. I go to groups with my 5 month old and mange to chat to other mums there but nothing ever materialises into meeting up. Made me feel better that it’s not just me!

  • Oh bless you Laura if we lived closer I’d be your mum friend! My little one is 4 weeks older than Everly (and my first is about 8 weeks older than Harrison I think) and it is hard to make new friends! You’re doing amazingly though. Xx

  • I also recommend a app called Peanut you can find local mum’s in your area. Motherhood is most definitely lonely I never expected this. I feel playgroups etc is mainly for the babies, I don’t get nothing out of it:(

  • Where can I find the mental health things on channel mum you were talking about and the friendship part thank you as can’t find your links xx

  • I can totally understand how u feel I have 18 month I go to groups still feel like No one wants to meet out of those groups it’s really hard send u love

  • Also, given your children are of mixed race can be off putting to some as people can be so racist. It’s disgusting when you think about it.

  • It sounds like we have alot in common.. I’m also an introvert, have a bit of social anxiety, dislike small talk and often feel quite lonely.
    I often wish i could get out part time just to be around adults.

  • I’m exactly the same as you, I’ve gone to loads of baby groups before but haven’t met any friends from them, I love all your blogs, Harrison and Everly are both so beautiful xxx

  • Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week so far. This week, we released two very important videos on toxic family relationships and facts. It’s a highly requested topic on our channel. We’ve included some additional resources in our descriptions. If you possibly could, please consider sharing this video to help bring awareness. Thanks for all the support.

  • I can’t cry at home becuz…my parents (overly religious…and asian) welp…they’ll assume I had a breakup and I’m not allowed to be in a relationship even if I’m 15…it’s like…u cannot really cry or express any emotions…even smile…u can’t look upset either…you just need to look normal…and speak in a low yet cheerful tone…you have to be perfect. Get perfect grades…only have religious friends….not be a slut…you have to be EXACTLY who your parents want you to be or you’re a dishoner to the family…I don’t even think that me dying would affect Anyone. It is my life and I have the full right to end it

    (I know noone asked I’m not looking for attention…I’d probably delete my message…)

  • Hi Ysis! I’m new to your channel and I’m enjoying it very much, thank you! I associate with the theme you are talking about today… I appreciate you talking about it. I needed to hear this!

  • * gay growing up in a home where the mom would gaslight and turn everything into not good enough for jesus and the dad hit strangled and yelled constantly. They were independent missionary fundamentalist baptist. Yea that went well. Im in my mid thirties now and am just now understanding the damage they did and working towards correcting my behaviors

  • Until I watched this video, I honestly never realized that this is why I am who I am now. Despite me not being really depressed (I think?), I have social anxiety and when I tried to tell my dad about it he just said “Stop watching those bad videos online” or “You’re talking with that _ girl again, aren’t you?” And when I say no to everything he says or start breaking down, he starts scolding me and my mom joins in and oh boy it’s a train wreck.

    And here I thought this was okay behavior, like I wasn’t getting physically abused, so what’s the problem? Everything really hurts

  • I couldn’t talk to my parents unless it was a commercial break.
    My parents always were on me about grades but when I asked for help it was: I don’t know, ask your teacher.
    My dad couldn’t just say: hey I need a hand with this project. He would start, get frustrated and start screaming until I either helped him or literally stood there.
    I could go on but you get the point

  • My father is a abuser in terms of both physically and mentally. Since my childhood, he yelt at me, he talked how ugly am I, how short am I, he’ s crazy person, always drinks wine and smokes.

  • For me the older I am, the harder to make new friends. It takes a lot of strength to open up your mind and know new people and let people know you

  • Honestly I can’t stand my parents either they yell at me for the smallest reasons. Like eating spicy food(not a religious thing or anything) Sometimes they just walked in my room and try to find things to criticize me about. Then I get in trouble for…SLEEPING?!? I got yelled at for sleeping and was told to get my ass to so some homework or smt even tho it was only 6pm and I was taking a nap/fell alseep.

  • recently my mom has been throwing fits and not cooking dinner. about a year ago, her verbally abusive bf moved out and me and my siblings were the main cause because he would insult our dad and make my mom feel like shit without her even realizing that she was in a very manipulative and abusive relationship. I’m starting to think that her bf’s behavior is rubbing off on her because she’s becoming very childish and won’t even listen to me when I seriously asked to her to have an adult convo. she always uses “ur my daughter, why are you trying to have an adult convo”, or she just shakes her head and laughs and doesn’t even listen to what I have to say. my depression was at its lowest a couple months ago and I went on a trip across the country, it’s was terrible and only did worse for my mental health. the night before I left from my trip, I had a panic attack and let all my feelings out on my mother and even told her that I cut, and wanted to kill myself. that obviously wasn’t very nice to hear for her because her dad shot himself when she was a child. I really regret telling her those things, but what do u expect, I’m 13 and I didn’t really know how exactly to deal with my emotions. But now my mother is starting to act how I did when I was about 5-7 and it’s really harming our family. idk what to do:((

  • Parrents were always blaming me for their own faults. For example I was doing everything in this FUCKIN HOUSE AND THEN I STARTED PLAYING GAMES CAUSE IT WAS ONLY THING THAT MADE ME HAPPY THESE TIMES. And now they are blaming me for me playing computer games, but its their fault they were only telling me to help There lives 6 people in this house btw, and when I made even a little fault they started shouting on me. And my brother was bullying me and every time I told them I said to not tell him just to watch after me, and they TOLD HIM EVERY TIME, and he only beated me up even more, and once my dad said: I get your brother now. This broke my hearth really hard. I HAD LITERALLY BIGGEST MENTAL BREAKDOWN I EVER HAD AND I WILL EVER HAVE PROBABLY. AND ALL BECAUSE OF MY FUCKING DUMB FATHER. ONCE I WAS SO FUCKING CLOSE TO KILL HIM. I HAD MY KNIFE PREPARED, BUT I DIDNT DO IT IN LAST FEW SECONDS.

  • When I go to my friends house, her parents never yell at her but at my house I’m yelled at all the time by my mom and step dad, the only person in my entire life who hasn’t yelled at me is my dad, since I have a broken foot, at his house I sit at a desk, and I heard my dad quietly say, “I didn’t become a hermit till I was twelve…” I looked at the lake and my dad asked me if I was ok “I’m fine!” I said. But later I talked to my step sister about my past, my cousins bullying me my entire life since I was the youngest for a while, getting yelled at, screamed of people, biting my hands, and i can’t cry at all

  • I spend Friday’s alone now. I gave up. Just staying here for my mom. My pathetic cries for help stopped cause I know I wanna be here but I don’t know why.

  • me being a 66kg 5’5ft girl with dark eyes and brunette hairdreams of becoming an actress
    My dad”You’ll never get anywhere if you’re not skinny and blonde”
    meYeah you’re right

    Me getting 95% on a Geography assignment excited to show my parents
    my parentsYeah its just geography

    me getting 85% on my math exam
    my parents85% Is that all? Thought you would do better

  • i didnt know i was but know i do. sometime in the middle of the night i would start walking around then suddenly i start feeling overwhelmed(something like that it is hard to explain) and start bursting into tears. it happens when no ones around though.

  • When I cry in front of my dad he becomes angry, yells and insults me. when I cry in front of my mom she’s confused or she’s on her phone, when I cry in front of my brother he calls me dramatic and rolls his eyes.

  • I’m sick and cause of corona when you’re sick you gotta stay home. I’ve been sick twice In 2 weeks which is why I gotta stay home again and She’s mad at me for being sick. It’s always about school and grades, while I’m here in pain and she doesn’t care. Same with my narcolepsy she doesn’t care about the symptoms and the emotional pain this chronic disorder brings all she cares about is school. For her I’m just a trophy that says “smartest kid in the family”

  • Aww Laura bless you ☹️ I would be your Mum friend! I definitely feel the same usually just me and my little boy everywhere by ourselves ��!!

    Your doing amazing! Also my maiden name is Byrne ��❤️ xxx

  • Why men don’t have problems like this? ��Hmm they don’t need friends, chatting etc. and finally they don’t care too much about home, cleaning, ironing, cooking etc. Women do definitely too much.

  • My Girlfriends parents emotionally abuse her everyday and I am trying to understand and help her. If anyone has any idea what could help please let me know

  • That pog moment u relate to every sign and can vividly remember every memory you have where ur parental figure has either said things or acted in a way that fits the signs

  • HELLO! My dear children. Do you know what it takes for your Parents to pay your bills? Shame on you for all your comments! Selfish BEAST SPOILT BRATS! Find out how money is earned before your comments.

  • “stop crying this won’t help you”
    “Why are you crying”
    “It’s simple”
    “I have depressioUGH HE’S DOING THE VICTIM AGAIN”
    “You know if you keep calling for help like that no one will ever come”

    How’s my mental health?

  • I don’t want children of my own cause I’m scared I might hurt them like my parents did.
    I don’t want marriage, commitment triggers my anxiety.
    Socialising triggers my anxiety.
    I’m fragile and cry easily.
    I am such a perfectionist that I cry if something goes wrong.
    Force also triggers my anxiety and I start to cry.
    Being forced to do something I don’t want to do forces me to go back into a deep state of depression or have a complete mental breakdown.

    I hate my life!!

  • This is so true. Thank you for this. I feel like it’s the truth that no one’s been able to pin down until now. I’m gonna go call my best friend…

  • Kinda makes not wanna live doesnt it
    My dad gets mad everytime I do something wrong or if I dont do something I get hit

    Life kinda unfair

  • I have Breast cancer.. And my parent don’t believe me.. Instead they shout at me.. Now I don’t know what the fuck I should do!!!! I am not dying leaving a 14 year life with physical and emotional abusive family not just parents and toxic friends and selfish teachers who just want to be right all the time!

  • This happened to me: I started experiencing tingling and shortness of breath. I had a long day at work and the day was not close to being over. Still had to pick up my child from care, go home, cook, clean, get ready for bed and for the next day.
    My symptoms made me decide to drive myself to the ER, I had to wait 5 hours before having an MRI then being told it was just stress and anxiety.
    However while I was alone in the room, being checked on, watching TV, I felt calm. Like I could breath. I wondered if instead of going to the ER for a very expensive room time, I could ever just call out on my day’s responsibilities and just go to the beach or park. But this would not be understood or tolerated.

  • Everytime when im just struggling to sleep i think about suicide just to get away from them but at the same time out religion and stuff.. thats also putting extra pressure im not Cristian but muslim and by the time of writing this im about 10 years old and i actually have the mental age of an adult at the same time i just break up so easily and about those suicidal thoughts i think about doing it in public or even stabbing myself to drain my blood but it i do it too harshly or lightly i might nd up in the hospital and still be tortured by the deamons who raised me i always wanted to have a dark personality but at the same time i dont show that to my parents and i try to pretend everything is ok. Wanna know how severe it is? I even got traumatised emotionally once because of discord and i dont want to say what happened but i told my sister after they deleted my discord that i have a mental problem at that point i gave up and just wanted this to end and i dont want this to happen to anyone and i dont want anyone else to suffer the same as me.. so please guys just share this to your friend who might have helped you cope with your very emotional self and has been with you since.. honestly idk also i have a friend at school that takes care of me mentally and maybe not show this to ur mom she will just say this is bullshit and she will say you dont have anything and to who ever reached the end of this comment and even has a mental heart to experience what i experienced by just reading this.. i know you will think ugh this is just another stupid little inspirational poem thingy i actually want to reach out to you and say thank you for under standing me also dont worry too much.. i have a therapist now and im getting better.. have a nice day yall

  • I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same. I had my second son in February. It gets very lonely. I was really shy trying to make mummy friends. You will be ok Laura you are doing great!

  • This just reminded me that I almost always do my best to not be vulnerable. I remember this one time. After multiple failed relationship I got together with my current partner. And I felt bad about something small they did (result RSD) and I told my friend and my friend told me I should tell my partner. So I allowed myself to be a vulnerable with them and asked they to please not be mad at me for what I will say. And when I said it they started comforting me that they would never get mad at me for feeling bad, that they would never yell at me. I started to cry my eyes out because this was the first time someone made me feel like their equal and loved instead of making me feel insignificant.


  • I feel the same as you, I have no friends where I live, I really wish I did but I get the same feelings you do. I wish we lived closer x

  • Although I am a trouble maker and most of the problems are from me My parents and whole family hate my guts they want me dead they know they can’t kill me cuz they scared of Jail it’s fucked up how they threaten to stab me or kill me no kid should ever go through that

  • I find it funny how I’ve felt this way for so many years being raised by my grandmother. I didn’t know until a year ago that struggle of finding a voice, her trying to tell me she needs me to see or talk to someone or something that isn’t beneficial to me. The over caring and the guilt traps when we’d have arguments, to her saying I can’t make my own decisions and laughing at me. I tend to bottle these feelings out of fear and ridicule but I felt like I needed to share this.

  • Umm what do I now do with this knowledge tho? That’s a serious question I’m 18 so I’m an adult in society’s view but it’s not like I can just move out soo any ideas haha

  • I’m the same I totally get u I felt like absolute crap seeing all other mums laughing together in playground and meeting up outside of school and one day I took the plunge to get talking to one of them and now I can happily say i am one of the main members of the mum group that I dreamt to be in. Sometime we just have to give ourselves that push and it will all work out xx love u lots your brilliant and so true x

  • Parents who behave like this must be simply ripped apart and thrown into some remote island inhabited by wild animals and snakes where they’ll eat the flesh of these “parents” inch by inch and dismember them royally����������

  • Your lazy
    Your too sensitive
    Because I said so
    Your to week to do that
    You’ll never last or make it
    I never taught u to act that way
    I didn’t raise u to be like that
    I don’t want to hear u
    You need to get out more then says I didn’t tell u that you could go out ����‍♀️
    U won’t like short hair it’ll make u look ugly
    I don’t care what ur doctor said u need to drive (but he said I shouldn’t due to eyesight)
    You would never survive on your own
    You can’t take care of ur self ur dependent (because you yell at me when I wash laundry,clean,cook,etc I want to take care of myself but how can I do that if u won’t let me)

    Most mornings
    Sends me a text “are u awake” not even a minute later “hello answer me” sends paragraphs saying that I better answer while this is happening I could be taking a shower can’t bring phone in water lol storms upstairs notices I’m in shower knocks louder than needed why didn’t you answer me? (I’m in the dang shower cant text phone will get wet ) “that’s no excuse you got to stop ignoring my messages when I text u you must answer u here me I didn’t raise u to be so lazy!!! You damn millennials

  • So my younger brother has had drug problems since he was 14 and my parents didn’t do anything it was always me and my pos father let him do drugs and then goes on vacation whenever my bro had bad bouts of behaviour due to his drug issues, my bro constantly relapsed because of my parents then when he did get clean he started doing steroids and my pos father knew it and worked out with him. He watches football and always wanted a son who was like a NFL player but he never had athleticism and never weighed more than 170. (I’ve hit 205pounds now I’m 180 pounds.) This continued till he f*ckin died in his bed, and my dad weisled out of it because he was having a bad bout again. My brother might have been dead for one to two f*ckin days before my dad noticed it. F*ckin pathetic little man. He never respected me because of the differences we had and never listened to anything I suggested when I worked for him and every time, just like the situation with my younger brother, what I warned him about ended up happening. I’ve almost commit suicide four times because of the bullshit I’ve been through because of my parents, and today me and him got into an argument and he says I only care about myself, when he’s the one who does. After all I’ve done for him that’s his f*ckin answer. F*ck him, I’d kill myself just to get back at him but he’s lucky because there are too much people who do love me for me to do that. Too many people in my life who have died already and I would be hurting their parents if I did along with the others who care. He is lucky because I’d make sure he’s the one who would find my body.

  • i got all of the 10. what shouild i do? ive spent my last 6 years thinkin bout kill my father or suicide. ive feel nothin waitin in the future. fyi my father always said i was a scum asshole and even wish im dead all the time.

  • My parents seperated about a year ago and I now live with my mum. She seems to be having this problem and I was wondering how I, as a 13 year old, can help her.

  • I’ve watched your video as it was the vlog of the week congratulations, so this is the first I’ve seen of your videos. I suffered from PND after having my first son for the first year of his life and had the same feelings that you described. It’s such a lone time. Try and get out and seen as many people as you can. Make the first move when seeing new people. I’m sure a lot of them feel the same as you. If it continues maybe speak to your health visitor. They really helped me. Best of luck and hope these feeling pass soon xx

  • Mom: You’ re so lazy and weak, that one day you’ ll grow up to be a drug addict!

    Me: well if i ever do become a drug addict, its because of you and the stress you put me through every single day of my life.

  • M a actually hiding everything from them my music clothes everything that I really want the true me is hidden for more than 10 years struggling with that, I wanna change but I can’t cause m just too scared from their reactions, I just can’t handle this anymore, I was the biggest mistakes for them

  • A Little story when i was 6 and 9 year old:
    My mom and dad were the only one Who loved me but my Brothers don’t even care about me, when i turned to 7 my Brothers were still hating on me and they tell me ” i wish you were never born, nobody cares about you you’re such a stupid idiot you are nothing no One will love you Forever and FOREVER!!! “
    When i Heard those words i cried a lot and locked myself inside the bathroom. Then my dad was starting to hate on me..
    I was really sad and instead of going to my room i locked myself inside the bathroom again and in this year was the worst….
    My dad was getting drunk and screaming at me for every single Moment when im trying to explain to him
    My brothers kept bullying me everyday
    But my mother was the only one Who loved me..
    This Is what i said to my self after locking myself:
    ” I wish i never existed i wish i never existed i wish i never existed i wish i never existed i wish i never existed i wish i never existed i wish i never existed i wish i never existed i wish i never existed i wish i never existed i wish i never existed “
    And now that im 11 im only a depressed human who cuts and locks herself up to the bathroom and hates her Life and has no friends at School and getting bullied by my Brothers and the bullied at School..
    I also found gachatubers who make fake depression and that really hurted my feelings…
    I Hope you guys loved or hated this story:(

  • Just found this video. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. We moved 2 months after my son was born, he’s now 6 months. I haven’t met anyone here, and there’s really no way to meet anyone other than the bar (tiny town). I was doing okay, but today is just hard.

  • Yes I’ve found two I like at the moment,would like one more really. I need too do it for Harry as he doesn’t have any little friends to socialise with. I did meet someone who was the same as me and we clicked,but Harry was in and out the doors that day so ended up leaving early and she wasn’t there this week ��. I was going too give her my number so we could try others together. It’s that walking through the doors when you don’t know anyone it gets me all stressed. Listening too how you and others feel has helped. Thank you. Xx

  • So incredibly telling. So what is the answer. I am on my way to finding it. My feeling is that a sense of self is the most important aspect for all women. Self first. Self first. Self first.

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  • This is happening to me now. I’m a stay home mum. I had to quit my because of my son. I’m happy when he came into my life and now he goes to daycare. It felt like he didn’t need me like when he was a baby because I can drop him of to daycare 2 days a week. I still wanna spend time with him while he is growing up. I’m studying 2 days but I feel the same like u I hope that your doing OK now.

  • I am so lonely �� I have 0 friends. My partner is always out socialising with both men and women and it makes me feel really insecure. He makes me feel like I’m weird because I don’t have friends.
    The truth is I gave them all up to be 100% focused on motherhood when I was 18 and breastfeeding my daughter. My eldest is now 13 and I’ve had part time jobs on and off in between having my 2 daughters. My youngest has special needs and I’m no longer able to work.
    Now that I’m ready to socialise and have my own life, I have nobody to turn to give me time to develop friendships.
    My confidence is at an all time low.
    The mothers at my children’s schools are already settled with their friendship cliques and I can’t break into them.
    I feel like they think I’m weird because I believe I’ve been brainwashed by my partner even if he hasn’t meant to.

    My partner is out on Saturday night with work, men and women and they’ll all be having fun together and he won’t roll into the early hours of Sunday.
    My anxiety is through the roof but I can’t go bunny boiler and argue with him about it or ask him not to, because It’ll ruin the relationship.
    I’m so lost ��
    I’m dreading being left alone having to look after the kids on Saturday dealing with these horrible insecure thoughts.

    I wish I had a friend to meet up with and help me get through it ��

  • Soooo glad you made this video! I feel exactly the same, I struggle so much to make friends, I just panic so much that people don’t like me and kind of shut people off because I’m worried I will annoy them �� which sounds so silly
    Luckily I did NCT when I was pregnant and they are a great bunch! Although being a young mum, they are all at least 10 years older than me, which doesn’t make too much of a difference but it can make you feel quite isolated at times. None of my school friends have kids yet, obviously I am still friends with them but as you said, you do also need someone to relate to, but other mums that I meet, especially in the area I live in, most mums are in their 30s (I am aware that is the average age to have a child) I feel like I will get on with someone but as soon as they find out my age they almost look down on you a little bit (they may not be but in my head it feels that way).
    It’s one of the reasons I started my youtube channel because channel mum has helped me soooo much and I just want to ‘give back’ in a way and get more involved �� and it has really helped! I lost complete relate to what you said about your husband being your best friend, I am the same! I ralised that I needed more friends when I wanted to see a film my fiancé didn’t want to see and I had no one to go with! Haha xxx

  • My.husband helpse few and then with the chors but still i can.go outside but something keeps me inside i wonder if it summer days that it becomes better me child is 1 year and 4 but i dont have a clue what i can do. I always keep.the tv on because i get the feeling that she gets bored of my borisness

  • Awh, I wish we lived closer. I’ve always thought we’d be friends because we are similar. It’s pants feeling isolated and lonely and even more pants when it’s hard to put yourself out there. I’m glad by talking about it it’s made you feel better �� xxx

  • I’m a very lonely and isolated mum of a almost 4 year old girl and a 18 months old baby boy. Thanks for your video. Xx I can’t get over my fear of driving a car even though I have got a license..

  • I agree with everything you saib but its something u said that struck me as much as I want to socialize I am terrified at meetign the wrong crazy person or the person that doesnt raise their children to be civilized and not rude and polite that i WILL BE IN A ROOM FULL OF PEOLE AND TILL FEEL ALONE. iT HAS BEEN THAT DEEP THAT i PRACTICED SO MUCH iSOLATION that I dont even realize when other peps are around I can perfectly tune them out. I have made so many excuses as to why I am “OKAY” WITH BEING AT HOME AND ISOLATED.

  • I know this video was posted a long time ago but I came across it today after googling why I’m so bored as a stay at home mum
    I love my kids and I love that I can spend time with them, but it’s getting increasingly boring �� I feel I do the same things every day it’s like groundhog day, as much as I try to change things up and add some excitement it’s all ultimately the same. My kids are well behaved intelligent kids, but I feel like a bit of a failure because I can’t provide them with more stimulation because I’m out of ideas! I spend a lot of time cleaning recently (which is now becoming boring aswell as it’s same old same old)
    I’m pregnant with my third and I know once baby comes I’ll be very busy but right now I don’t know what to do with myself or the kids. I don’t have any hobbies I lost my identity when I became a mum because it was no longer about me but about them and I now have no idea what I like! I was due to start college Monday this week but unfortunately I’ve had to put it off as I just can’t get the childcare, which has left me feeling even more bored, isolated, useless and lonely.
    I really appreciate the honesty and realness of your video it’s really relatable and it’s comforted me knowing that other people feel similar to how I do
    Thanks for the video hope things have improved for you by now!
    All the best, Ria xx

  • I work from home and I feel the same way, I feel like I have to have the news on at all the time just so when I go out in the world I don’t feel like too much of a hermit

  • I know how you feel. I am isolated at work and introverted. Even when I go to events, etc. I find it hard to relate to people and while others seem to get along really well through small talk, I feel lonely even in a group of people. It isn’t a new thing for me, because it’s been that way since I was a child. Don’t worry, you are not alone! So many people go through this. I would give a nugget of wisdom on this. People like us seek a deeper connection with people and we aren’t satisfied with surface level relationships (makes us feel lonelier). The wisdom here is: In order to connect deeply with other people, we must connect deeply within ourselves….

  • Ysis, thank you so much for making this video, it is exactly what i am going through! My son is 6 months old and I absolutely love being on maternity leave with him (I am a teacher). I have joined various classes to enable him to develop his skills and for enjoyment but also so I could meet other mummy’s as the few friends I do have already have children that are in school so not babies. However, this has been so difficult as most of the mums at the classes (although they are lovely), are already paired up or knew each other beforehand and aren’t willing to open up their friendship group to anyone else. It just gets lonely. Wish we lived closer Ysis (I’m in Liverpool) xxx

  • same. im a stay at home mom and i work from home. I haven’t left the house or should i say, gotten out of the house ( except to check the mail or take my dogs outside in my backyard) since feb 15 so, yes, 2 MONTHS. It’s lonely, it’s isolating, you feel yourself going crazy. I hate it. I hate not having friends, i hate being stuck in this routine everyday and not having anyone to talk to. I used to be a very sociable person, Since becoming a stay at home mom, i can actually feel my social skills deteriorating.

  • I understand Ms. Alex. Im also a stay at home mom and never get anywhere to meet ppl. All of my friends are in a different city as well. And it feels like the few ppl up here ive met its like pulling teeth to get them to do anything with me. For instance last night was St Pattys day. I NEVER go out at all and i really love to dress up silly etc. Well l asked so many ppl to just go and be my escort so that i can enjoy myself and bottom line, i ended up sitting at home crying because nobody would help me. ANyway, you are incredibly beautiful.

  • I can 100% relate to this. My wife is going through this atm and im scouring the internet for ideas on how to help her. Great video helped a lot to understand this situation. Hope you are doing better i truely do.

  • Hormones, exhaustion and loneliness are sooo tough! You are only 5 weeks post partum you are doing really well ❤️ and great that you are honest about how you are feeling because so many new mums can relate xxx

  • Me: a bit suicidal
    My parents: iTs beCaUse oF thE iNteRneT, yoUr gRounDed
    seriously? I’m wrapped up in so many family problems, I can talk to people who relate with me on the internet. The internet is helping me, not my mom.

  • Love this video! It’s so good to know there are others out there dealing with the same issues. I’ve recently put my 4 year old girl in ballet classes, and I knew it could be an opportunity for me to meet other moms so I was excited about it. The first time we met, all the mothers just made small talk which was ok, and then they started talking about topics that I either had no interest in or didn’t know anything about. I felt awkward and like I was in school again. I’m definitely an introvert and it takes time for me to open up. I’m a vlogger also, but not on this channel. I vlog on MagicalMoments…Disney World videos. It seems like we have a good bit in common! I hope to hear from you soon! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.:)

  • I’ve been a stay at home mom for 19 years. I completely relate. Start a play date with other stay at home moms, plan mom’s dinner out, take advantage of taking your kids to parks, walks, library. This is normal, but is hard. We are very social creatures and need some adult conversation. You are beautiful and strong. Be creative. Be encouraged!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this story. I’m stayed at home mom and working from home as well. I feel so isolated and become a bit of problem. I typed in “Lonely mom” in you tube search and your video came up. I’m so glad I watched your video. It just helps me so much that I know I’m not the only one.

  • No wonder I’m always craving attention from my siblings and mom. I don’t have friends I regularly hang out with. I’m going to try and connect with a few I know and try to come out of this 8 year slump.

  • Oh Alex, I feel like this on and off all the time. Especially on those bad days where my kids are misbehaving and I can’t venture out anywhere. I have to say, driving has really helped me to get out there more and feel more confident about meeting new people. And to just feel part of society again, you know?! One of the reasons I vlog is because I often feel lonely and isolated as a mum. Lovely video, hope you’re feeling a little less alone now! xxx

  • I can totally relate Alex thank you for being so honest. I became a stay at home/ work at home Mum from September last year because I was missing out on so much and although I’m so happier spending each day with my toddler, it takes some adjusting too!

    I am starting to make more effort to go to playgroups but I’m very much like you, not a huge fan of small talk and I like to connect with people on a deeper level which doesn’t happen very often at these types of groups. Great ideas for solutions, it’s great to know that so many other women can totally relate. Even though we have our amazing families there is something about deep, supportive female friendships that is hard to replace xx

  • I know exactly how you feel. I work part time but have five days off in a row and always feel like this after one or two days at home on my own. My daughter is disabled so it’s more difficult to get out of the house, so most of the time I’m at home. I find social media makes things so much worse because everyone else seems to be having a lovely time and I’m at home, feeling bored! Having said that, I do go to a playgroup with my littlest daughter once a fortnight and although I always find it terrifying, I push myself, and always feel better afterwards. It’s a particularly nice playgroup though, I’ve been to some awful ones! its nice to know I’m not the only one feeling like this though x

  • The feeling of wanting to leave the house because your parents are making u insecure and suicidal, but knowing u can’t cuz they won’t let you… is the worst possible feeling

  • Oh Alex, its so hard to admit that you feel like that, but so great that you are DOING something about it. Its easy to just accept and ignore it. There are so many that feel lonely in a room full of people. Well done for reaching out, and so amazing that you are helping others who feel the same. It isn’t silly at all perfectly normally, particularly as a mum and mostly your days are spent talking to small people who are lovely but it isn’t quite the same. And yeah to Hey Mummy too good for Anna for reaching out as well. I worry about driving too you will be fine though I promise, the more you do it, the better you get.

  • The problem that has no name is code for the problem that never existed. Living in isolation, in a sterile suburb, cut off from family and friends, isn’t natural. Feminism hasn’t resolved the problem that has no name, it has merely doubled up on the demands made on both partners. If you think that men lead ideal lives of self realization and freedom, then you really haven’t grasped the reality. Men suffer as much or more than women, but they don’t make nearly as much noise about it.

  • I’m such a lonely SAHM. I have no one. I’m feeling very down. I have my husbands but he has a hobby that he has lots of friends in and he goes off and sure his own thing a lot. I’m happy for him but I’m just lonely. I wish i have some mom friends.

  • Feel exactly the same, I have a 2year old and all my old friends don’t really bother with me anymore as they don’t understand. I find it difficult to make friends also �� x

  • Sending lots of love Alex. I totally relate to this, this is my life right now. Its so hard being at home on your own and too have social anxiety which stops me from going to groups or meeting up with people. Well done for taking that step in posting in the FB group, that was a big step and I’m pleased you had a positive response from it. I hope you get to meet up with some lovely people xx

  • I’m exactly the same, even feeling silly at 28 for feeling like this! I have social anxiety too and don’t drive.. the only time I get out is when my husband is off at the weekend.. there isn’t too much in walking distance so we tend to stick to the park if we do get out on a week day! Thank you for posting this, my goal this year is to try and control these feelings and over come them (not sure how yet) sending you lots of hugs xx

  • I think the problem is what the word “mother” means. Female parents don’t get to just be parents they have to be “mothers.” Society glorifies a sick kind of sacrifice from female parents. They’re supposed to surrender their entire identity to their parenthood. Men, however, are not forced into doing that they get to simply be parents. The solution is to change how we talk about male vs. female parents. Male parents are not incompetent, yet they’re often portrayed as such. Because of their perceived incompetence, women are expected to do just about everything when it comes to child-rearing. Even when men are not considered incompetent, people will still say things like “ask your husband for help” or “tell your husband what he needs to do.” As if men cannot, on their own, see what needs to be done and take it upon themselves to do it. Spoiler alert: women are no more nurturing than men are, and no more capable are child-rearing than men are. Let’s stop glorifying female parenthood as it is defined today. It’s not “awesome” or “amazing” to be a “super-mom” who forgets herself and has her entire world revolve around her child(ren). Those children will one day grow up and leave the house, and then where will she be?

  • Oh, ah, you are absolutely correct. We are humans, living in tribes, usually in a tribe after having a baby, the whole tribe gets to parent the baby, there are always people around to lend a hand. Its absolutely killing to go through it alone. I was isolated with two small babies in a new rural place in the country I immigrated to. It was soul crushing and almost ended my life.
    We are humans, we are supposed to be together in a group. Extended family usually would take care of that. But now everyone is so busy, we are letting our society break apart from the most vulnerable part and it plays into the hand of the ruling class.

  • If only it was as easy to connect in real life as it is on line I’d defo be round yours having playdates with you and the boys and the twins!xxxxxx sending hugs xxxxxxx

  • I do work full time but that doesn’t mean I am isolated or feel lonely. I feel the exact same as you. I don’t have much of a friend circle. there are two people who I can call my close friends. one lives abroad and the other one lives 3 hours away. so I am basically on my own. it is sad sometimes when I go and want to do something and be reminded I have to do this on my own. same as when I celebrated my 30th birthday on my own two weekends ago. it did make me feel a bit sad. at the moment I am trying to go to social tennis every Friday evening, play, habe a drink after and just chat. the only problem with that is Irish people are very chatty. like you I don’t do small talk. if I manage to answer and ask a question that’s an achievement. slight social anxiety will probably define that. i don’t even have any family left who I can go to or talk to.

  • I’ve sent you a message on Instagram but wanted to say thankyou for making this video, you look gorgeous, and you are not alone. I can totally relate. Lots of love xxx

  • I can 100% relate…. I’m only round the corner in bedford and have 2 little boys similar ages to yours and a new born baby girl! If you ever fancied meeting up we often go to the play gym in Kingston if you ever fancied joining us (I’m not a crazy stalker I promise) xx

  • I am so like you. Before i immigrated to Canada i never thought me being a shy person but I realized i am when it comes to making friends. My boy is 8 months now and i still haven’t found mommy friends. Will check out the Channel mom. Thank you very much for speaking out!!

  • I feel exactly the same and have spent the past couple of months being down and really upset about it. I don’t have friends that have kids the same age as isla (21months) in fact I basically have zero friends because all my time is spent being a mum! it’s so hard to socialise the toddler groups near us are pants and are super clicky aswell it is so hard on top of feeling like you have cabin fever 24/7 with all this cruddy weather. i am 23 and am in such a rut as by the end of this year i need to get a job and i have no idea what to do! I keep putting this immense pressure on myself to find what I want to do. Someone told me that I’m not just a mum and i need me time alot more than i realise even if it’s just taking a bath or sitting down and watching a film! ( i have just started slimming world so i have my 1 night a week out) I have no idea where you live but I live in devon and would love a mummy meet up if you wanted to make a spontaneous trip! so lovely that you spoke out about it at a time where i am struggling as well it’s so so hard being a stay at home mum and many people don’t realise it �� thank you so much for making this alex. i have followed you for a while now but I think this may be my first comment so hello!! ��

  • Thank you so much for making this video, I have the exact same issue and do find myself feeling lonely quite often. I especially had a bad week last week as my little girl was ill, we were stuck in and it was just so cold outside. I try to go to baby groups etc but do also find that people aren’t very chatty outside of their circle. It’s nice to know others feel the same x

  • There is a simple solution: have children but on your own. Or co parenting but no marriage. I did that and I am not a tired mum. I share custody with my coparent so it gives me plenty of free time (hence I still have a free life, part time). Same for my coparent. Children quite happy because they still have a mum and a dad and there is no conflict, divorce etc. Dont marry. Forget about this couple stuff, most of the time it exhausts women because they do > 50%, full time. Coparenting is the future. Just my humble opinion. Peace xx

  • Sending you lots of love. I’ve been feeling extreme lowness for about a year. Us mums are on a constant go and we never really get time to just stop and think. X

  • As humans we need to live a life that is fulfilling to our truest nature. Perfection is a mother’s worst friend. I may disagree that friends are the key to dealing with loneliness. Love yourself, first. You have all the answers inside, we are just too busy to take notice.

  • Alex this is like listening to myself. I go to playgroups but a lot of them have their own group of friends,and to be honest some of them make it clear they don’t want to talk to you ��. But I’m going to try different ones and see which I feel at ease with. As I’m typing this my hair needs washing and I’ve no makeup on. Never feel silly,as you say the are a lot of people in the same boat. Take care. Xx

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I have a 17 month old girl and I’ve felt the exact same way so often ever since she was born! But like you said, its because we have young babies and they need our care. Having said that, we definitely should make an effort to overcome this feeling of isolation in whatever way that works for us. I loved the idea of being able to drive comfortably so one doesn’t feel boxed up! Personally, I make it a point to go out for walks, shopping, groceries etc anything that gets me out of the house and see a few faces! Being out in the neighborhood regularly makes me feel part of the community and I often end up bumping into the same faces and sometimes we end up exchanging numbers for future meet ups (with their spouses/babies/just us). Hope you feel better about this soon! And you’re not alone in feeling like this..:)

  • I no exactly how you feel, i often wondered if other people feel the same, I’m so glad you chose to speak out & just tell it like it is. I very rarely go out I’m so stuck in my routine with cleaning the house & making sure my youngest has her nap on time. After listening to you I think I will try to relax a bit & have some me time how easy that will be with 4 children (12,10,6,2) I don’t no but I will try. Thanks for making this video & I hope your mood starts to pick up soon xx

  • “Motherhood” shouldn’t inherently carry more responsibility than “fatherhood”. Therein lies the problem. Wives/moms pick up the majority of the housework, shuttling of kids, teaching/interaction with kids, late night emergencies & all the rest. Dads are there for the Kodak moments. In many cases, husbands create as much work for their wives as another child! It’s on women to put their foot down & not accept this imbalance. Don’t breed with lazy bums who think they’re “above” parenting/housework.

  • This is why I love the mummy Vlogger community!! I’ve met so many mummies and meet up with some of them too. Always up for a coffee with you though and the boys can have a play date xxx

  • I’ve been feeling the same as you. I’ve been ill this week so I’ve been avoiding going to groups so as not to make any other babies ill, which has made me feel really isolated. I started blogging and YouTube to make more friends but it hasn’t really worked out yet. I am kind of looking forward to going back to work just a couple of days a week in September. I didn’t think being a mum would be so lonely.

    I’m so glad you have the channel mum girls to support you, they’re a lovely bunch! Xx

  • Play groups can be awful, I often wondered if their were ANY normal mothers like me out there when I was on maternity leave as all the groups I went to were so cliquey! No one spoke to me so I took it personally. Which I shouldn’t as how could they know what I’m like? But recently I found a LOVELY one where everyone introduced themselves to me it was a breath of fresh air. I must have tried 4 or 5 groups before that one. I only have about 4 close friends but feel so lucky to have them. You are just lacking confidence and like minded people around you. My advice would be to not give up just keep trying to meet people, you will at some point meet people who think like youI go to Zumba which is great.

  • I feel exactly the same. My little boy is the most amazing thing to come into my life but it can be so lonely. I’ve recently moved and have no Mum friends where I am now (no general friends either) I’ve no idea how to snap out of it and get myself out there to make friends. Thank you for making this video, it’s nice to know I’m not alone xx

  • Just found this after watching your instagram stories. It’s made me feel better to know there are other mummies out there who find it tough sometimes, so thank you for being so honest and open about how you’ve been feeling! I’m really introverted too and struggle with chatting to mums at groups and small talk in general! You’ve inspired me to be a bit it braver ��

  • I messaged you on Instagram and thank you for your reply �� I just wanted to say you are defo not alone and thank you for sharing this. It should defo be spoken about more. Thank you again for this video! ��

  • Alex, thank you for sharing this, I really appreciate:) I wish we lived closer because I’m in the same situation as you and it’s not always easy.
    Lots of hugs ������