The Reality Regarding Tampons, Hymens, and Teenage Women



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In general, a teenage girl can use a tampon before she loses her virginity by having sexual intercourse (penis in vagina). Also, using a tampon does not mean that she is no longer a virgin. You will want to discuss this with your teen so she understands exactly what is. The Truth About Tampons, Hymens, and Teenage Girls Deur Barbara Poncelet Opgedateer 04 November 2019 Sporrer / Rupp / Getty Images Meer in tieners. Groei en ontwikkeling. Gedrag en emosies; Gesondheid en Veiligheid; Tienerlewe; Uitgaan en seksualiteit; As dit kom by tieners en die gebruik van tampons, is daar baie vrae en wanopvattings.

Socialization is a hard nut to crack and, often, getting rid of the judgement we put on ourselves can be the hardest part. “The emphasis on purity made me so judgmental in my teens. In fact, your hymen can tear or stretch for all sorts of reasons, including exercise or inserting a tampon (or having penis-in-vagina sex). Hymens rarely cover the whole vaginal opening. Often, they never tear—they just stretch.

Will tampon use dramatically raise your risk of toxic shock syndrome? Do they expire? Get answers to all your questions about this feminine hygiene product. Steps adapted from Center for Young Women’s Health. If you’re having trouble inserting a tampon after a few tries, consider talking with a healthcare provider.

A word of warning when using tampons: only use tampons when you have your period and put a new one in at least every four to six hours in order to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). The hymen and tampons When a tampon is inserted, the gap in the hymen will stretch to accommodate it. So using a tampon will not affect a girl’s virginity in any way. A young girl can start using tampons any time she feels comfortable and ready to.

A tampon is small enough to fit through most vaginal openings without affecting the hymen, but the hymen can change shape or “break” with age, weight, and even normal physical activities, not just sex. You can learn more in this guide Do Tampons take your Virginity. MYTH: Tampons can get lost inside you. So now that we’ve dispelled the myth that a broken hymen always bleeds during first-time sex, let’s discuss other facts about the hymen and sexual activity..

1. Chances are, even if your hymen is. Girls who actively play sports or use tampons may not have a hymen anymore. When the hymen ruptures, there may be bleeding and pain.

If the rupture was not due to first time sexual intercourse, a small rupture may heal back to its normal state. The hymen tends to be thinner in children and thickens at the onset of puberty due to hormonal changes.

List of related literature:

Much of this information was often skewed, and girls who chat on Internet sites now giggle about outdated myths about periods, such as their mothers’ warnings that tampon usage insinuates the loss of virginity.

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Prohibiting tampons to youngsters probably has little to do with discomfort or lack of accommodation but, rather, most likely reflects the fear that a girl may ruin her hymen, that magical tissue of flesh that never gets shown in the how-to-insert folders.

“The Curse: A Cultural History of Menstruation” by Janice Delaney, Mary Jane Lupton, Emily Toth
from The Curse: A Cultural History of Menstruation
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Dickinson also addressed the issue of the hymen, detailing the measurements he had made of the opening allowed by the average virgin hymen, and showing graphically that tampons should fit easily into a virgin vagina and should not be difficult to insert or remove.

“The Modern Period: Menstruation in Twentieth-Century America” by Lara Freidenfelds
from The Modern Period: Menstruation in Twentieth-Century America
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They also admitted, “[i]n a pinch, there are clean rags and toilet paper.”36 Like earlier proponents of tampons, they reas sured women about their compatibility with the hymen.

“Under Wraps: A History of Menstrual Hygiene Technology” by Sharra L. Vostral
from Under Wraps: A History of Menstrual Hygiene Technology
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I’d been delighted when my mother let me switch from pads to tampons—when she was assured by some doctor, I think, that tampons are safe for a young girl and her hymen—and I was not about to return to the awkwardness of a cotton football between the legs.

“Woman: An Intimate Geography” by Natalie Angier
from Woman: An Intimate Geography
by Natalie Angier
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In his long section on the female reproductive system in De usu partium, the premier reference work in the period, Galen never mentions the hymen, and indeed, there seemed to early modern writers no defined use for the hymen – except to mark by its absence the loss of virginity.

“Shakespeare and Sexuality” by Wells, Catherine M. S. Alexander, Stanley Wells
from Shakespeare and Sexuality
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Women also questioned the hygiene of the tampon and worried about its impact on female virginity.

“Technical Innovation in American History: An Encyclopedia of Science and Technology [3 volumes]” by Rosanne Welch, Peg A. Lamphier
from Technical Innovation in American History: An Encyclopedia of Science and Technology [3 volumes]
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Most hymens have at least one opening that is wide enough to permit the discharge of menstrual blood.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
from Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
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One man admitted that he hadn’t understood before the workshop that the plastic or cardboard casing around a tampon was an applicator; he thought the whole apparatus was inserted in the body.

“New Blood: Third-Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation” by Chris Bobel, Judith Lorber
from New Blood: Third-Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation
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One concern was that tampons would compromise a girl’s virginity.

“Encyclopedia of Women's Health” by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
from Encyclopedia of Women’s Health
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  • Binge watching this channel’s videos for the past hour and a half has activated all the sphincter muscles in my body that are apparently hyper-sensitive to forcefully applied multi-layers of cynicism. I’ll admit that my heightened level of enjoyment of this particular video results from decades of self-medication, now legal for this retired 72 year old west-coast Canadian. The only reason most males reach for the MUTE button is to silence any TV ads for the pads. I’ll be putting a link to this video on my channel. Of course I subscribed. Oh, gotta run and move my igloo out of the direct sun.

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    Sorry if this was to long!

  • In my old class. We had a special sign for for girls when they need to go to the bathroom on their periods, literally it seemed like all the girls were go the same flow. So like 5 girls would give out the sign and the teacher would let them go. And then like 5 boys needed to go and the teacher told them no. And them some boys would do sign cause of curiosity and the teacher yelled at them ��

  • I started my period 11 years ago. The first time I tried to use a tampon I went through an entire box and I still had no idea which hole to put it in �� I highly recommend looking at your body in the mirror and exploring it. There is no shame in doing that. Looking at your reproductive anatomy in a mirror is no different from signing head shoulders knees and toes as a toddler to learn about body parts. When you grow up it just becomes �� Clitorisssss labiaaaa mon pubisss and VAGINAAAAAAAAAA ��

  • Please don’t forget us ladies who use reusable pads �� they are much different than disposable ones because of the cleaning process involved and what not

  • I was in Walmart a few days ago going grocery shopping with my mom, she told me to get some Tylenol for her while she was getting something else and this guy was face timing his girlfriend, buying her tampons, but he was completely clueless, so me being the helpful person I am, I tapped his shoulder and asked “are you looking for the tampons?” He just nodded and gave a nervous laugh, he was probably embarrassed, a 15 year old girl was directing him to the tampons. So I continued to help him out and he got the right ones for his girlfriend. I proceeded to tell him that he was awesome.

  • I feel a confusing mixture out of:
    1. Pity
    2. Nausea
    3. Gratefulness to be a man.

    And I suspect this nasty side-effect of fertilization to be responsible for a lot of those strange and sometimes crazy behavior I had to experience with woman. Must be hard to prevent a emotional vulcano from erupting.

    Once again Thank you Lord for making me a man!
    And Ladies ��

  • Wow-as someone who worked for a tampon manufacturer, there is SO much misinformation here. “Viscose rayon is disinfected with chlorine dioxide.” Untrue. In fact, the viscose or the final tampons isn’t disinfected at all. Tampons are made under sanitary conditions, but they are never marketed as disinfected or sterile. Tampons aren’t disinfected for the same reasons that the tissues used to blow your nose aren’t disinfected. Many more examples.

  • One time, my male teacher didn’t let me go to the bathroom when I was on my period. Now, I’m not brave. I’m extremely brave. So, I mustered up the courage to sit in my own blood until the next class. I happily left a dark puddle on his chair at the end of the period.

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  • The best menstrual pads i ever used are in bamboo
    They soak in so muchhh
    And a cup when i have to go out❤ no more expensive pads, more environmentally friendly and no bacterial infections due to tampons

  • How does he so accurately describe a period?

    Like when he talked about how wearing pads is like sitting in room temperature liquid I felt it

  • Last week someone got all offended with the Tampax new advert because it was telling women to push the tampons all the way, discomfort means the tampons are inserted incorrectly! So a few sensitive twats decided that kinda language was too sexual, the advert was banned as a consequence. I think THIS advert should be shown to these over sentive twats instead of the Tampax one! Would love to look at the hatred and shock all over their faces while they watch this! ������

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  • Very accurate with the jellyfish reference and in some cultures and countries like Africa some women dont even have periods and periods aren’t medically necessary to have a baby that’s just another curse on us