The Details and Challenges That Complicate Teen Pregnancy



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Video taken from the channel: Xureila



Video taken from the channel: Xureila


16 And Pregnant & Lower Rate Of Teen Pregnancy?

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A Message to Health Care Professionals: Teen Pregnancy

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Reducing Teen Pregnancy in the United States

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Teenage Pregnancy What You Need To Know

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Teen pregnancy is challenging whether you work together or not. Don’t judge him on his first reactions. It will be helpful to plan on multiple conversations. This will give both of you a better time to adjust to things and think through all the teen pregnancy and personal challenges you might experience.

Parents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that teen pregnancy is at an historic low in the U.S., but the reason isn’t exactly clear. 1  Some experts suspect that teens today are delaying or reducing their sexual activity.

Biological facts One of the most important teenage pregnancy facts is that the body of the teenagers is still developing and this is why girls need more nutritive elements to offer support for their own development and for the development of the baby. Nutritional counseling is offered as. Here are some of the most alarming facts about teenage pregnancy: Most teens get pregnant due to unprotected sexual intercourse, a lack of maturity and a lack of personal responsibility. A lack of proper sex education, the stigmatizing of sex, and many other societal rules contribute directly or indirectly to teen pregnancy.

Research. CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health conducts research to better understand pregnancy-related problems, with the aims of making pregnancy healthier, preventing or managing complications, and reducing poor pregnancy outcomes, including death—the most extreme adverse outcome. There are approximately 6 million pregnancies each year in the United States.

Teen mothers also experience a greater risk of postpartum depression, twice that of mothers who are older and better equipped to deal with the rigors of pregnancy. This can pose a danger not only to the mother, but to the baby as well as thoughts that are not normal for the teen can begin to emerge as depression takes hold. Affecting an individual academically, emotionally, and even socially, teen pregnancy can change how you live your life. In the United States, teen pregnancy is a big cause for the lowered rate of graduation. At Granger High School, Lancers strive to make graduation their goal, even if they are caring for another person along the way.

Teenage pregnancy is a global concern. It is associated with a higher risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications. Many adolescent mothers may develop high blood pressure and infections during pregnancy, and there is a high risk of delivering premature babies and.

Some of the challenges of teenage pregnancy for the mother is swift and severe. Many teenage moms face an uncertain future due to not having the money, childcare support, and time to further their education. This causes a financial strain that can last the rest of the girl’s life and adversely affect the living conditions of the baby. The full list of pregnancy signs includes: A missed menstrual period. Nausea or vomiting called ” morning sickness,” though it can happen throughout the day.

Sudden, intense aversion to certain foods, especially meats or fatty, fried foods. Sore nipples or breasts. Unusual fatigue.


List of related literature:

Teenagers who become pregnant and have a child are more likely than their peers who are not mothers to (1) drop out of school, (2) not get married or have a marriage end in divorce, (3) rely on public assistance, and (4) live in poverty.”Teenage pregnancy is tightly connected to single parenthood and poverty.

“An Introduction to Community Health” by James F. McKenzie, R. R. Pinger, Jerome Edward Kotecki
from An Introduction to Community Health
by James F. McKenzie, R. R. Pinger, Jerome Edward Kotecki
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

Drawing on stereotypes and misinformation, the report states, “the costs of adolescent pregnancy in the United States are incalculable: in impaired health of the teen mothers and their infants; in the stunted lives of the families created; and in lost educational, economic and social opportunities.”

“Policing the National Body: Sex, Race, and Criminalization” by Jael Silliman, Anannya Bhattacharjee, Angela Yvonne Davis, Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment
from Policing the National Body: Sex, Race, and Criminalization
by Jael Silliman, Anannya Bhattacharjee, et. al.
South End Press, 2002

Facts in brief: Teen sex and pregnancy.

“Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration” by Fenwick W. English
from Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration
by Fenwick W. English
SAGE Publications, 2006

Consider taking the following five steps: • Work with teachers, school psychologists, counselors, school nurses, students, and the parent-teacher association to determine the extent of the teen pregnancy problem.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
from Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book
by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

Adolescent pregnancy is further complicated by the adolescent’s lack of financial resources: the income of teen mothers is half that of women who have given birth in their 20s (March of Dimes, 2007a).

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
from Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009

Teen pregnancy is discussed in more detail in Chapters 28 and 35.

“Public Health Nursing E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community” by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
from Public Health Nursing E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community
by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

and making and attending prenatal appointments are some of the responsibilities a teen mom needs to fulfill to keep herself and the baby healthy throughout the pregnancy (March of Dimes, 2017b).

“School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text” by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
from School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text
by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
F. A. Davis Company, 2019

The hard facts about teen pregnancy (Box 16-10) are another weighty discussion for the health care provider to have with the adolescent.

“Primary Care for the Physical Therapist E-Book: Examination and Triage” by William G. Boissonnault
from Primary Care for the Physical Therapist E-Book: Examination and Triage
by William G. Boissonnault
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

In addition, the newspaper included a story that featured Ceci and the struggles of being a teen mom and tips on how to prevent teen pregnancy in the first place as well as how to cope with the challenges of being a teen mom.

“Media, Myth, and Millennials: Critical Perspectives on Race and Culture” by Loren Saxton Coleman, Christopher Campbell, Robert D. Byrd, Jr., Alison Yeh Cheung, Marcus J. Coleman, Ashley Cordes, Jayne Cubbage, Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante, Natalie Hopkinson, Cheryl D. Jenkins, Nadeen Kharuptly, Jessica Maddox, Debra Merskin, Vincent Pham, Daleana Phillips, Jessica Retis, Sharifa Simon-Roberts
from Media, Myth, and Millennials: Critical Perspectives on Race and Culture
by Loren Saxton Coleman, Christopher Campbell, et. al.
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Also, Seventeen contains the greatest number of miscellaneous topics, which include questions about teenage rights (such as to birth control or abortion) and social issues (such as being raped by a family friend).

“Girl Talk: Adolescent Magazines and Their Readers” by Dawn Currie
from Girl Talk: Adolescent Magazines and Their Readers
by Dawn Currie
University of Toronto Press, 1999

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  • @jimbrown257, I have been called a TROLL maybe 30 or so times. The 1st time I was called a troll I thought ” that’s childish” then they started calling my God a spaghetti monster and at first I thought WTF so after 10 or so comments from self professed athiest I realized that maybe since they think it’s foolish for adults to have hope in something wonderfull happening after they bury their lived ones (continue)

  • Teen girls have the highest sexual desire and fertility. Marrying just one man your age is a feminist construct. They need to bring back polygamy so wealthy older men can care for these girls and their babies. Sounds like I am a dirty old man, well yes I am, although I have had my family stolen from me by the feminist states of America. But the dirty old man method is what we have had through the millennium and it works.

  • I agree, I think education is and has always been the best solution. It’s so important and everyone knows how the human body functions and the consequences of unprotected sex. We should also emphasize choice; your choice to chose when you want to have sex, your choice to ignore peer pressure and care more about yourself.

  • Girl you got me TEARING UP! When you said “foiled spood” you really gotta start filming this videos earlier so you can get some good sleep ����������

  • @VictorphoenixDMvault
    While we disagree as to when “life” begins,
    have you not heard of late termed “abortions”
    or infanticide,
    both of which Obama supports?

  • now the libirty is kind a stupid just dont let them have sex  or boyfreinds wait until they graduate stupid you give freedom to teenagers they haves and babys and or maybe hiv here in the philipines they dont let their child get pregnant some but not all mostly at my school all the girls are virgins not like u.s.a  

  • I still have a problem with reality shows generally like ’16 and Pregnant’, because they appeal to the ugly side of human psychology. In this instance, ’16 and Pregnant’ may not glamourize teen pregnancy, but it certainly makes one person’s REAL-LIFE anguish a source of entertainment for everyone else. That’s at least the effect it has if I’m generous enough to believe that the producers aren’t just interested in ratings. Call me a cynic, but that’s just what I see.

  • this new house is a bomb its so freakin pretty like you did good i wish i was living in a house like that in real life shooooooott!!

  • Omg I’ve been waiting for thissss yasssssssss! PS: I made a sim who I thought kinda looked like you lol so yeahhh and I made some of your series sims

  • I didn’t believe in abortion. I have spent the last 17 and 19 years of my kids life telling them to not make the same mistake and learn the hard way. Its not easy but if you are determined than the best of luck to you and your family.

  • @jimbrown257 Man, she is not lying. That was from a long time ago. Once in a while she plays. doesn’t grab the latest of games or search every day for video game news. I am exactly like her except I am a guy.

  • Ok. I’ve just grown to be astonishingly jealous towards my brother. He has actually been available forever. Then again, he got a part-time model to tell him she is deeply in love with with him in under a thirty day period. Just how is that possible? He mentioned he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone stunning told me they loved me… I really don’t recall ever before seeing him so content. Kinda makes me feel bad.

  • @garytcw Well I just so happen to be a gay black atheist whose parents were illegal immigrants. What are you gonna do about me now?!? Lol I must be a conservative’s nightmare

  • I think when society thinks of Teen Pregnancy they are typically referring to 15-18 yrs. I can understand why you are proud of your situation, if you are accomplishing your dreams that is great. Most of the individuals that are pregnant are too young to know what their goals are. I will definitely not judge you but I have been in your shoes. I had 2 kids before I graduated h.s. and it was not because it was my goal but because I was doing what everyone else was doing and got caught.

  • If anyone actually says 16 and pregnant GLAMORIZES teen pregnancy they have clearly never watched an episode in their lives. I wanted to lock up my vagina and throw away they key after 1 episode

  • Hello. My name is Madi and I am a student in high school. I am doing a project raising awareness for teen pregnancy. I was wanting a guest speaker or someone who has gone through it to Skype with a group in my school to inform people about it! Thank you 

  • No HAMSTER! I know its a game but, like, Remember the cats? The cats won’t eat the hamster but… it would be wierd if they had cats and hamster

  • @78209texasboy have you ever watched the show? Most of the teen couples break up and the ones who don’t end up unhappy because the stress of the baby. A lot of the parents are upset their teens had a baby and they end up in fights and some even had the police called on them. I’d say all are struggling.

  • @TheNova5 If a girl tries to get pregnet just to get on to a show, it can be logically inferred that she will do other dumbshit. So the overall misery is not increaced by the show, just directed to another direction.

  • lol Cenk: “and TYT, I dont know, people are giving credit so shows, why not take a little piece” XD

    So, true.. there is no real correlation. Awareness programs on the other hand… points for Obama.

  • @jhartist123
    “I’m a Christian and I know this guy and gal is not, so I’ve been watching them thinking oh their gonna stand for some of the bad things in our society.”…Do you not know any nonbelievers? I realize many religious people who don’t know any atheists sometimes have ridiculous notions about them, like they are Satanists. If you know any atheists, you would know that they are the most reasonable and educated portion of society. Less than 2% of prisoners identify as atheists.

  • @jimbrown257, believe it or not NO I do not know any athiest personally. I live in a small country town deep within the bible belt. Some folks here live like the devil but if you ask anyone here if there is a God your gonna get a yes 100% of the time. But I have met a lot of athiest here on YouTube and all I have to say is I believe in a higher power and I will be verbally persecuted in 100 different ways. (continue)

  • I’m 14 and I can’t believe the amount of girls my age and younger that are pregnant why you having sex at your small age them legs should be closed babies having babies silly behaviour ����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • @lilmamagc stop being a smart ass. Its her decision NOT yours.Dont know why so many people have to judge. its obiviously not anyonbe

  • @MissNophi2U What are you talking about? Her teen kid who got pregnant out of wedlock and possibly had an abortion from The Situation is the conservative poster child for abstinence only! How can you say she glamorizes teen pregnancy???

  • @jimbrown257, I’m not trying to dump all this on you but I’ve started searching for an athiest on YouTube who would have a debate with me about creation/evolution but the attitude all athiest I have met on YouTube respond to creationist with absolute hate and that concerns me. A lot of Christians feel deeply that we are on the verge of brutal persecutions here in America and the thoughts of athiest I’ve seen here is definately that kind of deep hate.

  • They say that teen pregnancies is going down but back then people got married at 18 and 16 and 17 and had kids so society has changed so the statistic is total bullshit. Also why would people TODAY want to have kids at 16 17 18 years old when you can’t even support your child with a job a high school diploma can only get you so far

  • i was sad when me and my friends were watching this my friend is def so she cant here and i forgot so i did int put subtitals and it was in the end of the video she told me she could int watch

  • Abstinence only education leads to *ding ding* => More STDs and Teen Pregnancies!

    Btw, TYT leads to less STDs, Teen Pregnancy, and stupid conservatism 😉

  • Some parents don’t care if their kids get pregnant and just send them off to live by themselves and pay bills but see if I have a kid as a teen I would get strangled by my dad

  • @mikepike25,

    God’s “choosing country?” You mean “chosen country?”

    Try getting back to us after you pass the third grade.

    Seriously, conservatives don’t want teens to learn about birth control, but expect them to have the baby that results from this-without giving them any assistance. Conservatives don’t give a damn about the child after its born.

    The Supreme Court has spoken on this issue. If you don’t like it, why don’t you move to Canada?

  • next time someone tells you you’re going to hell for having a baby young, tell them Mary was 13-15 years old when she had Jesus so ����‍♀️

  • @mikepike25 first of all no one is pro-abortion. I knew some Republicans that are pro-choice and knew Liberals that are pro-life.

  • Really not sure how much truth is in this….
    everyone is different, pregnancy is a big thing and risks are involved for everyone, irrespective of age. As long as you are above the age of consent (16 in U.K.) and your going to bring your baby into a loving & safe environment, then who’s to judge.

  • And I like the video and I have the Sims to but its not the best one like yours������������ but do u have to Sims if you do plz I will be good

  • those chilies are just starting school? they should be 5? (sims 7?_) lol..i know im watching this a year later..I wish i was knew about it then! just discovered all these sim-heads on YOUTUBE!

  • Girl she came a long way. I watched so much last night I went to bed at 3am woke back up at 6:00 am got the kids dressed and off to school came back and came back home to continue watching. Now I forgot to feed my own kids.���������� I just ordered pizza and it 6:43pm. ����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️������

  • Lol….It’s funny how none of these folks advised parents to NOT let their teenage children have sex…Like as if that is not even a viable option…This is what society comes to when no one is held accountable for his/her actions….If you don’t FEAR God, then you really feel that you don’t have to answer to anybody…:)

  • who the fuck can tell whether the lower rate of teen pregnancy is a result of the show, the different sex ed, or some other thing. this is dumb, sorry.

  • Where the lady states that half of teen mothers don’t graduate is completely not true.I speaking for myself had my child spent 2 yrs with her and let her stay with my parents then I attended college and graduated. After that I then attended University and graduated with a degree. So some women/men can find ways to attend,graduate highschool college etc.

  • My mom hates that show she says it encouraging and glorifies teenage pregnacy. I dont think so at all I think it makes pregnancy looks like it sucks

  • That show does not glamorize teen pregnancy. That show, if anything, shows just how horrible it is for a girl that age to be knocked up. The boyfriends are all irresponsible idiots, the parents are freaking out, and the girl cries ALL THE TIME. How the hell is that glamorizing teen pregnancy?

  • And I also think the note would say sum like this “ hey dream! U looked really nice today!! Would u go out with me?” Even though he gave it to diamond maybe he was gonna ask her if she can give it to dream but didn’t have the chance I mean did u see his face he wasn’t pleased

  • I love your videos but I was just wondering if you could tell me were you got diamonds first day of school hair from because my mum has been searching websites for it for me and we did find it but it wouldn’t let my mum download it and I got really upset so I was just wandering if you could tell me were you got it from.

  • xurelia: im sick, so hopefully you don’t get it from me on the screen

    me: i just watched this yestureday and now im sick…so…. xD

    and yes i know this was a year ago but i still watch this let play lol

  • If anybody is wondering where people get The Sims 4 from its on Origin for 4.99 and the download is only 2 hours its not the long trust me and it’s not a a hack so if you want to try it out then go to��

  • Ok this happened a year ago but on the very first one her father said to her this test is not ur momas so she should left when Jae got pregnant right

  • They say using more consistent contraceptive will help. I have a better tip for teens, just don’t have sex, it’s as simple as that.

  • Teen Pregnancy will be at an an even lower rate in the Palination when Sarah Palin authorizes her SUPER effective abstinence only education! Dubya was not effective for he is Palin’s DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! Palin’s abstinence education will be VASTLY SUPERIOR! Underage sex with a minor will be considered RAPE in the Palination!

  • I feel like as a teenager I should know things like this because no one had talked to me about pregnancy so I feel the need to be curious and ask my self to know what to do not saying I want to he pregnant but I think it’s important for me to know at the age I am

  • her mom should come back and try to get back in her life and try to make yup for what she did in the past xoxo you the best love your sims vid

  • @MrGish1
    Go find that video; it’s one of the “TYT reviews” and it says something about video game in the title. It was clear in the video she didn’t know anything about video games. The one thing she said in the video amounted to “So when you push the buttons in the thing you hold, the thing that connects to the box, it makes the character on the screen move or do something, right?”

    Again, I usually like Ana, it is just that one ad that really bugs me.

  • @mikepike25 lol When did the USA became a Christian country? I distinctly remember it being founded on the *separation* of church and state…

  • Condoms and contraception do prevent unwanted “side effects”, but somehow I get the impression that people think that both mean “I am not going to get pregnant/STDS” and they are more likely to engage in sex rather than looking for a stable relationship (marriage) which will cause loads of “unintended” problems. Also, denying that sex is not just physical, but VERY emotional will cause more problems. These not-100%-temporary-fixes ignore anything emotional with sexually active individuals.

  • @TonPappa
    I’m not complaining about there being an ad there; it’s that specific ad that is annoying. Granted most ads are pretty annoying but that ad is the worst.

    Sometimes I watch the clips while I am working out and it comes on before I can get up and switch to another video. I understand they have to plug their sponserors, I just wish they would redo that one. The others, like the “Check out Net Flix…” one isn’t bad.

  • The teen pregnancy rate has been decreasing before the show sixteen and pregnant began. The show really is a shanfreude wrapped up in shock value. If teen girls actually need a show to tell the or convey that simple message that its not a good idea to have kids at sixteen, then were officially screwed.

  • Im 16(will turn 17 in 19 days) and lost my baby before 2 weeks at 10 weeks and 1 day.. use safety guys and get pregnant when youre prepared losing a baby is the wrost pain you can have emotionaly and psysicly…

  • Except Obama I’m sure put a bunch of money back into abs-only sex ed in the health care bill…..if I remember….fact check please.

  • @ecwaufisxtreme. Of course teen pregnancy will be at an even lower rate in the “Palination” when Sarah Palin authorizes her SUPER effective abstinence only education propgram. Because after all it worked SO well for Bristol. LOL. BTW aren’t you ashamed to be a troll who posts crap and has to thumb up your own post and doesn’t have the guts to respond to my posts or show your face?

  • this is horrible so sad it really sad and pathetic how little progress America and our people have made in preventing something so tragic. Americas middle schools and high schools need to do a much better job of educating kids on safe sex and show them how they can effectively avid getting pregnant as well as avoid the enormous rate of sexuallyh transmitted diseases its shocking and disturbing that there is still so much of this in the year 2019. in fact even back by the end of the 90s the rate of teen pregnancies and young women in their early 20s that really aren’t ready to mothers should have gone done so much more and faster

  • Just think if the Norwegian tv show “Trekant” was shown on US television.

    3 people get to know their own body, as the tag line says, where they are introduced to different types of sexual activity in a educational manner. As in the 3 hosts dont take part and their is no “porno scenes” like penetration etc, but you do see naked bodies some times. The 3 hosts are between 18-22 and the show is aimed at high school kids and up.

    Teen 15-18 pregnancy pr 1000 (2002):
    Norway 11.
    USA 53.

    Sex ed works.

  • ik know this was 2 years ago idgaf but xureila you do pick sides you make dream look better then diamond thennnn i feel like that’s annoying how you treat diamond like you also say dream name u be getting mad then you always clicking on dream i see if you love them both you say you do but you don’t you love dream more

  • My mom is such a loser she left me on the streets years ago…and now has taken my mail…she will ask me before she!!!! Teen runaway

  • TMZ was saying that the show may increase teen pregnancy because some girls are saying that they are trying to get pregnant just to get onto the show and become “famous.” but tmz isn’t news.. so eh lol

  • Ummmn i know u play on a computer but if u log into ur account on a ps4 press the 4 buttons on the front of the controller at the same time and type in motherload and it will give u 50k free money on the sims4

  • A teen pregnancy causes more controversy than it is stipulated.It is to hard continuing school not only because of the mom’s care but because of the judgment that happens in that community.Girls to be moms are no longer comfortable in school because they commonly are called by names or all gossip talked is about them,or at least that is what a pregnant teenager would feel like. this is one of the many consequences that frequently occur globally and there is an obvious way that helps avoiding it.

  • Ive been wondering about Jmom?. so..just to say..I like the way you add to the story line..making things realistic as possible.. like friends helping, Dad give her money..ect.

  • I used to teach in an institution focusing on health professions and a lot of students told me “I can’t go to class because I have a condition: I’m pregnant.” I would say “have an abortion” and they would say “oh my god how can you say that it’s horrible” and so on. I would say “if it’s a condition, then you want to be rid of it, have an abortion. Unless it’s not a condition in which case I’ll see you in class”.


    In my opinion I don’t condone it I think it’s way too young to be having sex never mind having a baby I mean your a child for Christ sake and you can sugarcoat it all you want with the “It DoEsNt MaTtEr HoW oLd YoU aRe” comments but it’s not a good thing to come home from school change nappies and cater to a screaming baby that’s not what a child is supposed to do kids should be playing having fun spending time with their friends not making birth plans and learning how to Breast feed I mean maybe that makes me old fashioned idk but their my morals and if I found out my child had had sex I wouldn’t be very happy because you’ve got all your life to do that be a kid while you still can

  • I’m a pregnant teen. It isn’t as amazing as people say. Every smell I smell makes me want to vomit. I get migraines constantly. I always have to pee. I go to sleep at 8 at night and don’t wake up until 1 in the afternoon. I had to get pulled out of school because the guy who knocked me up is a psychopath. So no being a teenager and being pregnant at the same time is not cool. Or cute. Or glamorous. It’s painful, terrifying, and torture.

  • @VictorphoenixDMvault actually zygotes and embryos are alive, as are all cells. non-human would be the better term as opposed to non-living, since there is a point where it is just clump of stem cells (which are alive) and not a human yet.

  • I’m a Christian and I know this guy and gal is not, so I’ve been watching them thinking oh their gonna stand for some of the bad things in our society. But WOW, I am loveing their shows. I also think it’s stupid to expect that teens want have sex. So I’ve allowed mine to take birth control. Their take on most all issues is the same as mine. Thanks to you guys I love your show.

  • I too was a critic thinking the show was promoting teen pregnancy. I’m happy to know that the rate decreased, and it focuses more on how hard it really is when you become a parent at the age of 16. And it’s great to have more programs to teach teens what to do to protect themselves and options in case they do end up pregnant. Of course with the show having auditions and girls getting pregnant to be in the show, I’d like to see that decrease big time.

  • Ur mom come back just when the twins get out of school and u two start fighting and don’t notice the twins and u kick her out and she moves back in with Tim

  • Abstience only supporters will still deny teaching children the truth and options is still wrong -_

    And are some 16 years olds really that stupid they have to watch a show explainging how difficult rasing a child is fucking hard to reaise this?

    *sigh at both those things lol*

  • The TYT Army seriously needs to consider petitioning them to scrap that “People don’t know this about me but I’m an underground gamer…” promo and totally redo it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I normally enjoy the show and I’m not trying to be a hater but that one ad is a total miss. I realize that most actors in commercials are being dishonest about using the product being sold but this one is not only ineffective, it reeks of dishonesty.

    Do other people feel the same way?

  • @jimbrown257, and after they themselves die theese athiest must have a defect in the area of the brain that produces the things like faith, hope, imagination, the area that keeps us from takeing the notion that we have a creater off the table. I just don’t know how else a person could honestly say to themselves and others we’re 100% certain there’s no God unless they have been able to build an earth just like ours in their labs.

  • Nah I gotta sub to this girl. I’ll tell my friend to do that to�� she loves sims 4 shes the one who got me into it and then u bought the game on ps4 only we have it on ps4 only

  • Even if condoms and hormonal birth control are both used, they’re not 100% safe 100% of the time, so abstinence is the best option for teens and young adults.

  • @MrGish1
    “What if she is an underground gamer? Is that too much for you to handle?”…It’s possible that it might prove too much for me to handle. However, that is irrelevant as Ana is not an underground gamer, or an aboveground gamer for that matter. A few months ago, they had a guy on who reviewed one of the big new video games and she didn’t know anything. Not that she was supposed to, the guest was discussing the game but it was clear she had never played any video game in her life.

  • As a teenage myself, I think teenage pregnancy from the topic itself I have learned a lot. Such as it can affect them in different ways such as dating, school, friendships and money and eventually it’ll change their whole life. When a teen gets pregnant there are people out there in the world that will judge them. Guys are one of the main people that will judge. They’ll call the girl a “whore” and the will keep their distance. Just think about it, does a guy want to be with a girl that’s pregnant? That sets a lot of goals for the guy “so he thinks”. It’s hard for girls they have to give up a lot when they have a child. Sometimes, we teenagers doesn’t notice what we’re doing in our daily lives. We only think of fun and all but the truth is, fun can cost big problems. We drink, we smoke, we do sex like it is not a sin and boom! You woke up, lost your virginity and the next thing you know you’re not the only one in your own body. Teenage pregnancy is the common problem of people nowadays specially in the Philippines. Come to think of it, your just a teenage girl wanting all the fun in the world but that fun can trap you like a prisoner in the near future. Think before you act.

  • Omg finally somebody who has the same name as me Jayel people say my name is weird but I’m glad I found somebody who have my name and also I love this series. Keep up the good work!❤️

  • @mikepike25 pro-abortion? a typical pro-slavery view point, i mean women are only good for kitchen help and for being baby factories right? is that what your bible tells you?

  • @Cuddlebunzzzz Gee, really?!
    No, I’m 99% sure he’s a troll, so I humor him in case he’s serious and so I can see if he replies, in case said reply is amusing.

  • @VictorphoenixDMvault
    He, (the “light-skinned negro, who speaks with little accent”),
    also said,
    that he had visited 57 States in America.
    I didn’t believe him then, and
    I don’t believe him now.

  • Pregnancy:
    That horrible STD where a parasite grows in your body for 9 months and then legally obligates you to sustain the life of said parasite until it is fully grown.

  • Very true and would prevent a lot. And parents don’t forget to talk about the responsibility of having a child because some teens who have self-esteem issues may become pregnant on purpose because they feel otherwise they have no meaning in life.

  • I’m 14 and i just wanna say i hate when people treat teenage mothers like dirt. Like they’re irresponsible little girls. Unplanned pregnancies can happen under any circumstances, using contraception or not. And some people may say, “Well you shouldn’t have been having sex in the first place”, but sex is extremely natural. Why shame teenage girls for feeling something that is natural. It’s terrible. I feel as though if teenagers are safe, well educated on the subject and risks, then they should be able to have sex. Why restrict them and shame them, because that is only gonna cause them to be rebellious. You also may say “well they will have time to have sex when they’re older”. We don’t know how much time we have. I’m not gonna get all depressing but some teens even kids don’t live up to adulthood. I’m not saying all teens should rush into having sex, but i’m saying the ones who feel comfortable enough should only be allowed if they’re well informed and using contraception.

  • @jimbrown257, before I was spoken to like I’m a lower life form here on youtube because I just can’t put my faith in the knowledge of men I spoke politely to people mostly. I’ve never felt I had the right to talk to or treat anyone disrespectfully. I don’t have any admiration for any little twit that uses YouTube to persecute people. If I was a child abuser I’d deserve hatefull comments but being hated because I believe there’s a God is a Hitler kind of hate.

  • I know this is old but I’m just going to suggest something as if it wasn’t from two years ago but Jaelle’s dad should try to use a dating app to meet people and Jaelle’s mom uses it too and they don’t recognize each other so they end up Dating and eventually Jaelle’s Dad has to break the news to Jaelle when they notice I know it’s too late but I just wanted to say that

  • I’m glad you added some colors..watching Sims-tubers..Sometimes people just do their games in grey and white..its like watching a black and white move…but its in color!!??

  • Will you do a video about you what pets do you have because you have a special bad that I can’t find on the Sims and I really want to know so please do you want I know you probably won’t see this but will you please do it just tell me please

  • use the cheat for money: hold shift ctrl c then a white bar should pop up type in TESTINGCHEATS TRUE then press enter & type money and then whatever amount you want up to 100,000 dollars then press enter!! thank me later:)