The advantages of Journaling for children


ADHD Bullet Journal How Bullet Journaling Helps my Kids Stay Organized || Parenting Tips

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The Benefits Of Journaling

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Benefits of Journaling

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What is The Five Minute Journal For Kids?

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4 Mental Health Benefits of Journaling

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The Benefits Of Journaling

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This type of journaling can: Improve written communication. The more your child writes to prompts, the more your child’s writing skills will improve. Improve spelling and grammar.

Though it’s not necessary to hold your child to a perfect spelling standard, expecting him Improve reading skills. How Journaling Benefits Your Child 1. Help Your Child Deal With Big Feelings Remember that journal you had when you were a tween? The padded one with a 2. Improve Your Child’s Writing Skills Journaling builds writing skills. Just like basketball players, painters, and 3. Enhance Your Child’s.

When Stacey approached me with her journaling experience, and idea for the Benefits of Journaling for Kids, it was a perfect fit for our first guest post on the blog! 7 Benefits of Journaling for Kids About the Author – Stacey Ventimiglia inspires mindfulness, gratitude, and connection in kids and teens at Journal for Kids. Improves Writing The first and most obvious benefit of this idea is that it will improve your child’s writing skills. Even though journaling isn’t focusing on particular grammar or writing skills, by writing more often kids are inherently gaining skill and practice in writing.

Kids can use journals to spew all of the drama caused by class mates and family members. After getting it all out on paper, the situation subsides and the child is able to move forward. Journaling is a healthy way to express anger, fear, and exploring feelings without judgment. Journaling.

Journaling forces us to slow down and pay attention. Whether we are sketching a leaf, writing a first draft of a poem, or just noting how our day went, the simple act of stopping long enough to write something down takes us out of our usual dash from one thing to the next. Benefits of Journaling for Kids Journaling for kids is a wonderful way to open up new horizons. A journal can be a friend, a confidant and a mentor. You can use them to be creative, find out more about yourself, develop intuition and solve problems.

In addition, children can gain some of the same benefits that adults get from journaling, like: Helping them deal with “big feelings” in a healthy and safe way; Improving their writing skills, including spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar; Enhancing their reading skill. Journaling for Kids: Foster Positivity & Boost Self-Esteem Journaling may be a way for kids to practice their writing skills, but more importantly, it can boost self-esteem and foster an overall positive mental attitude. This journal is absolutely gorgeous and it helps kids discover:how to believe in themselveshow to face challenges with confidencethat mistakes are opportunities to growthey can achieve anything when they’re persistent how to believe in themselves how to face challenges with confidence that mistakes.

List of related literature:

The journal samples that follow can provide ideas about how to get kids journaling.

“Visual Learning and Teaching: An Essential Guide for Educators K–8” by Susan Daniels
from Visual Learning and Teaching: An Essential Guide for Educators K–8
by Susan Daniels
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Journaling is a skill that will help children retain their memories and impressions for decades to come.

“The Big Book of Nature Activities: A Year-Round Guide to Outdoor Learning” by Jacob Rodenburg, Drew Monkman
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It took awhile for the teachers and parents to get into the habit of journaling.

“The Visionary Director, Second Edition: A Handbook for Dreaming, Organizing, and Improvising in Your Center” by Margie Carter, Deb Curtis
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Another educational use of journaling is to read the journals of others.

“Encyclopedia of Christian Education” by George Thomas Kurian, Mark A. Lamport
from Encyclopedia of Christian Education
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In these programs, each child has his own journal.

“From Parents to Partners: Building a Family-Centered Early Childhood Program” by Janis Keyser
from From Parents to Partners: Building a Family-Centered Early Childhood Program
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Journaling is a way to also document new behaviors.

“The SAGE Encyclopedia of Marriage, Family, and Couples Counseling” by Jon Carlson, Shannon B. Dermer
from The SAGE Encyclopedia of Marriage, Family, and Couples Counseling
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●● Journal Writing: Motivate the children to write about their day, record things they want to remember, jot down words from the word wall, or copy the words of the titles of books, songs, finger plays, and recipes in their journals.

“Early Education Curriculum: A Child’s Connection to the World” by Nancy Beaver, Susan Wyatt, Hilda Jackman
from Early Education Curriculum: A Child’s Connection to the World
by Nancy Beaver, Susan Wyatt, Hilda Jackman
Cengage Learning, 2016

There are many forms of journaling, including the traditional form of keeping a journal of daily experiences.

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth” by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus
from Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth
by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus
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Activities such as keeping a journal, making a photo album, videotaping special occasions, making imprints of the child’s hands or feet, sharing stories, and keeping locks of hair all help create memories for the whole family.

“Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine E-Book” by Lisa B. Zaoutis, Vincent W. Chiang
from Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine E-Book
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I’ve always loved journaling, and on

“Jesus Over Everything: Uncomplicating the Daily Struggle to Put Jesus First” by Lisa Whittle
from Jesus Over Everything: Uncomplicating the Daily Struggle to Put Jesus First
by Lisa Whittle
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  • I want to journal but i just don’t know where to begin…..
    Its like i want to plan it perfectly and then begin…or idk i would love any suggestion

  • Thank you. I was told to look at youtube for how to do bullet journaling to help with my ADHD and that the videos are full of “fun” ideas. I watched like 20 where they just looked like absolute nightmares. Even looking up “simple” journals sended up with people with perfect handwriting drawing a ton of numbers into the journal, I have dyscalculia and terrible handwriting so they still looked impossible. Yours simplifies it so that I can actually understand what it is supposed to do

  • I finished my first one all the way through at the middle of the year and I’ve just started my second one as we go into thanksgiving and Christmas and most importantly the new year and new decade. I use mine as not only journals but also scrapbooks. Btw I turn 23 in a month, December 22, 2019.

  • I’ve been using it as a substitute to a friend. Having no one to talk to, I talk to a diary. I started writing just after a year after first grade.
    Not like a journal, I might sound silly ” I talk to a diary “

  • I just like the way you express yourself!!(it seems so obvious that you are such a artistic writer ��). I love journaling too.. and what makes it a big difference is that I use english in my journals. In my country English is a foreign language. We don’t use it in the daily basis. So by juournaling every day, I don’t only get all of the benefits like you said, but also improve my English skill

  • Can you do a journal on the computer using Microsoft Word or do you have to go out and buy a notebook and write in it with a pen?

  • Love this video, but I have the volume up to full blast and the audio sounds so distant. I can’t barely hear you…..Great motivation to journal.

  • Thank you. And I journal every day now. In this day and age where there are so many people committing suicide. I have been honest and say that in that respect journaling has helped me to stray away from my old self harming ways. Journaling is very beneficial.

  • I don’t like journaling because I don’t like keeping stuff. Especially with writing someone could invade it and just the thought creates anxiety for me I really like photographs because for me photographs (that I take) send off what I was feeling in that moment and I can remember what I was thinking. I tried journaling but I still feel uneasy

  • 1. Memory keeper and life story
    2. Tool to figure yourself
    3. Help to heal mental health issues
    4. Increase writing ability
    5. Release emotional issues
    6. Safe space for yourself
    7. Helps discipline yourself
    8. Helps connecting with your dreams and ambitions
    9. Ultimate selfcare tool
    10. Makes you more creative


  • I have to start journaling in the reflective sense as part of a counselling course I am embarking on. The only problem I have is I struggle to write, I find when I do my thoughts are so fast my pen cannot keep up, my sentences become incoherent and garbled. We will eventually have to link theories to our thoughts and feelings, but for now I just want to know if you have any hints or tips to slow down the thought processes enough to make them understandable on a page.

  • Great video! Thanks for showing how to do a bullet journal for kids. I need to set one up for them. I still have to use my planner to keep me on track. I just write notes all over it. ����

  • When I was 12 I wanted to write journal but my sister told don’t write because mom will read it and I didn’t write anything!!
    Should I write now?

  • I come here because I was confused about difference between diary and journal but I found a great video. Anyway I just have 35 journals but I lock them as a diary. After continuing my study at university I seldom share to my diary. But I do journaling every time I need to write down. Thank you so much�� bcs after watching this video I am motivated to keep journaling. People surrounding me said I am weird but I really love my flaws. Thank you and love from East Timor����

  • I have just started journaling again after 7 years of not doing it. I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders again and it’s wonderful.

  • I journal to record my life mostly. And it’s pretty fun and interesting to look back some years and think “did I really feel that way?” because Things change and people change, but it’s usually in the small details.

  • I completely agree with you about journaling helping to process emotions and comfort you during hard times. I’d been really bad about journaling last year until the week before Christmas and my mom wound up in the ICU and I couldn’t rely on my brothers to help with anything. AND I have social anxiety and panic attacks. I think the only reason I got through things as well as I did (no panic attacks, yay!) was because I picked up my journal again and wrote like a madwoman every spare minute I had. It’s the only thing that kept me sane!

  • I better start one so my family will know all the little disgusting details of my life that I didn’t want to share when I was alive.

  • Loved this video! Thanks for the points. I started keeping a daily journal recently and it’s been helping a lot with my clarity and stress.

  • I would like to keep a journal for myself, but if it were to be discovered after my passing on, many people around me would feel horribly betrayed. Had I started writing a journal 20 years ago the way I should have, it would be almost 15,000 pages long by now, assuming I write about two pages per day

  • Thanks for these vlog. I have a motivation to start again to write and journaling, especially when I feel so down and no one to talk to.

  • Im not considering making a diary/journal…but people are telling me “you have a talent with words….you should write a diary…” But I feel like…idk,I don’t think I’m that good with my words,I’m just an average 15 year old… unfortunately I actually have had depression which never goes away,it can dissapear…but it comes back….but that’s besides the point,how the hell do i write something when I’m not eben sure 1.where I’d start and long will it be private before my family get curious about it…I’m not sure even with these reasons if I should make one…

  • I am the one in whose family no one reads the journal but then also hide it as 10 million dollars….lol!!!!������������������because i cant trust anyone in this matter

  • Also may lead to finger calluses like during exams n writing essay
    .. just saying. But phones may lead to carpal tunnel is that how u write it?? Lol ����������

  • Went and bought me a journal today and looked up journal videos and came across your channel im so in love im literally going through all your videos so i can start my journal journey soon

  • This video was so helpful! My oldest was diagnosed with ADHD/SPD a few years ago and I was actually just given the exact same diagnosis this week. Organization has been my downfall my entire life, so I am hoping that this more simplified version of bullet journaling helps me and eventually my son once I figure ot out for myself. ��

  • Love this video. You have the voice of a Yoga Teacher! Your voice is holding my hand into journaling and guiding me! Really great, passionate explanation! Thankyou!!

  • I remember started journaling in 1st grade. Now I bought one, a Star Wars journal I had for 3 years, although I have not writing in 2 years. Now I just got back to it. Listening �� to ambient music �� helps me focus ever since I practice mindfulness passionately.

  • One reason to write a journal that is essential, is for others to read it after we’ve passed on. Future generations can learn history from personal perspectives, successes and failures.

  • As a teenager, I have pretty bad mental health because I really love boys. Its been this way for years. I would get caught being obsessive a lot and I’d get in big trouble. Today it came into my head to start journaling, so I wrote down goals for June. My family LOVES the idea, and these videos just show that journaling is going to do so well for my mental health. I have high high hopes <3

  • This is so true! I look back at when I first started writing and my writing skills have improved also my thought process improved. Sometimes I felt so much anxiety from no one to talk to and so much to say and now I dont feel the need to socialize like I use to I’m okay with being alone. Life changing

  • When you mentioned journals as”archive of life”, it reminded me of my client, an elderly lady in nursing home who wrote journals her whole life, like since 9 or 10yo. When she moved to the facility, she took them with her but after a while they “got lost”. Most likely they ended up in trash or idk. I cannot imagine this would happen to my journals, it can be really something to deal with… so yeah, just to say that these archives of life can get lost sometimes.

  • I kept a journal from 15 to just after 30. I stopped and just got back and realize the value of keeping a journal. About 17 years are lost, but I can bring them back over time. At this time, I value having a medium to get my feelings out and to get pop ideas out and captured somewhere.

  • I decided to watch this to get my motivation back and I didn’t even need to watch 2 minutes of the video and I already want to start journaling again:)

  • Jesus Is the ultimate peace, I love your voice the way you speak. I agree on these 10 points you came up with, I have experienced of aswell but stopped writhing for a long period of time, but Thankyou for making this Vidoe to get me back into writing and I write to God and he hear my thoughts.

  • I’ve been journaling daily for almost five months and it’s amazing! I had a lot of trauma built from my childhood and it’s given me a lot of anxiety and depression, journaling just makes me feel so much better. I now believe that everyone should keep a journal!

  • Just started journaling and i must say I’m very shocked with how many pages i filled up. Your tips are spot on and will be watching more videos about this journaling Journey

  • Woah! I thought journalling at a young age would not be it. But, you proved me wrong. I wanna start journaling too, even though am 12 ; )

  • Hey, hope all is well. I was wondering if there was a way to contact you privately �� i tried instagram but realized its not active anymore. Anyway great channel

  • I’m a writer, in which I write stories and everything (at 13, I just did my first NaNoWriMo and won!!) and I can remember in 5th grade, my teacher told me I should keep one, as I had explained that I found it difficult. Anyways.

    I have a journal I started in 6th grade (never finished lol) and I bullet journal.

    So today begins….

    360 days of journaling. Viva la Pluto phooey on you (pls tell me if you get the meme)

  • I really like this video, it has a kind of nostalgic vintage feel and parts of it remind me of the films we’ve got of my childhood which were transferred from cine film to dvd, something about the music and the way you filmed the journals (I was born in 1963 by the way…soo I’m old lol