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Postpartum Must Haves!! | What You Really Need After Delivery!

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The 9 Best Products from The Ordinary

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Postpartum Care Recovery Kit | What You Need After Baby | Postpartum Items You Need | Mai Zimmy

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The 9 Best Postpartum Products. Best Peri Bottle: Fridababy MomWasher Peri Bottle for PostPartum Care. Buy on Amazon. What it says on the travel bag is everything: “Trust us Best Post-Delivery Pad: Always Maxi Extra Heavy Overnight Pads With Wings. Best Cooling Pads: Tucks Medicated Cooling.

11 essential products for postpartum comfort and health. By Chaunie Brusie, RN | September 3, 2020. From soothing nipple balm to supportive undergarments, here are the best postpartum products you won’t hear about at your baby shower.

BabyCenter may earn a commission from shopping links. IN THIS ARTICLE. Rachel’s Remedy Down There Relief Pac. The postpartum stage is the most rewarding for a new mother.You get to hold this little human you had in your tummy for so many months and you finally get to feel, smell and look at them. The downside to postpartum is the period and volume blood one must experience after giving birth.

Don’t worry, though, below is a list of the best period products and pads to use during the postpartum. So I’ve separated my list of the best postpartum products into 5 sections: Vag Boobs Butt Stomach Other Stuff. “9 Best Postpartum Items For Mom And Baby” contains affiliate links, you can read my full disclaimer here.

I only promote products that my family and I use and love. Mother Love Nipple Cream-Best Postpartum Items. First on my list of Best Postpartum Items is Mother Love Nipple Cream. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this product. Here are our topic picks for the best postpartum recovery essentials: Best heating/cooling pad for engorgement: Hilph Boo Boo Buddy Ice Pack Best spray for perineal relief: Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray Best sitz bath for vaginal care: Frida Mom Sitz Bath Tablets Best wipe for hemorrhoids: Tucks.

Best Postpartum Maxi Pads Overall: Always Infinity Flex Foam With Wings Best Postpartum Pads for Stitches: Stayfree Ultra-Thin Overnight Pads With Wings Best for Postpartum Nighttime: Always Discreet Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear for Women Best Postpartum Pads for Sensitive Skin: Rael 100 Percent Organic Cotton Menstrual Overnight Pads Best Reusable Postpartum. While postpartum hair loss is natural, it might come as an unwanted surprise to new moms. If you’re looking for ways to treat or prevent postpartum hair loss, consider one of these products.

Note: Breastfeeding moms should consult with a healthcare professional before using any of these products. What are the postpartum essentials? Where’s the postpartum care kit registry? All throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, you’re preparing for the baby’s arrival. You have a baby shower.

Get all these cute baby products from clothes to toys. It’s all about the BABY. Not to say that the focus shouldn’t be about the baby. With The Spoiled Mama’s postpartum skincare, you’re getting the same effective, safe solutions that took care of you during pregnancy.

As always, our post pregnancy skin care is 100% toxin-free and made with organic ingredients, making it a “no duh” option for breastfeeding and postpartum moms.

List of related literature:

The green beauty industry has quickly embraced maternity and infant clothing, with an expanding selection of organic, herbal and/or paraben-free massage oils, stretchmark creams, diaper rash powders, and baby shampoos made without sodium laureth sulfates.

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Shortly after came “the nine pregnancy products you can’t live without,” linked to “the baby gear you’ll really need.”

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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 (877) 492-3666

Bibliography: oktay_bibliography

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  • I think one thing I would add is if you’re pretty sure of which hospital you’ll be giving birth at, you can usually call or go in person to do research on what exactly they provide for you. This can help you plan on what you actually need to bring with you.

  • I see HUGEE differences in what country you’re having a baby in. I’m Dutch and yes, we get pads, but cooling pads and mom washers? nope nope nope!! Only a wet towel for relieving, either warm or cold. So much better for the environment to!! Not much fuss and stuff and no need to buy things to! (Except for the towels ��)

  • This is probably a dumb question, but I hear a lot of women recommended the disposable underwear (the ones you said you never got into). I’m confused since it’s like a big diaper, do you go padless when wearing? Seems like it would be messy, but maybe both is overkill? I’m 25 weeks with baby #1 and so clueless about all of this! Thanks

  • After you first have her they may put a diaper on you. I’ve had two and one on the way and they put a diaper on me with my first two. ����

  • I honestly didn’t take care of my body during pregnancy and after I was just far too lazy and too sleepy lol I got like 3 tiny stretch marks and my body bounced back. My boobs though now that’s a different story they’re not bad like how I’ve seen others but they’re not perky anymore ��

  • My nurse lovingly told me boy he tore you from one end to the next. I had 4th degree lacerations and that spray bottle was heavenly

  • I cannot stress enough how natural and unmessed with lanolin is…. wool is shorn, heated in a bath, the lanolin floats to the top, is removed, sterilized and filtered, and bottled. That’s. It.

  • I’m 30 wks and thank goodness you made this video. I’m trying to remember everything I need, this is my 3rd pregnancy but I can’t remember everything I need because my last baby was 7 years ago.

  • So I just binged watched about every video you came out with related to things they don’t tell you �� I’m expecting my first child in August so… but you mentioned in the video about sitting in bath or the tub thing with epsom salt but in one of the other videos you say that you can’t take a bath for several days (maybe weeks) after giving birth. Is the bath/epsom salt thing for after this no bath timeframe?

  • I’m debating on buying earth mama products vs some dermoplast. Because I’m so sensitive in my lady part area I think natural products may be better. I lean more towards natural products anyways. Any suggestions ladies?!

  • Stop what you’re doing at go buy the Always incontinence disposable underwear. Best thing ever.. they’ll give you (most likely) witch hazel pads, dermaplast, peri bottle, and some of the disposable hospital underwear & they’re all amazing.

  • I didn’t get nausea from my prenatals when I started taking them at the same time everyday, with food and a lot of water! Just an FYI for all future moms also, amazing video, I’ve been scouring the web for stuff, and you helped so much!

  • Who else has given birth and seriously hated the ice pack���� I used it right after she was born but a few hours later when I changed my pad I said screw the ice pack I HATED IT���� padsicles all the way

  • What did you wear as a top over your leggings going home from the hospital? Because I can’t picture wearing leggings and a giant pad/depends.

  • I look forward to your hospital bag video as I need to prepare for it myself! I am 32 weeks now and will be scheduling my csection soon!

  • What size did you get your tummy compression leggings? Your pregnancy size or the size you were before? I was a small, currently a medium don’t know what size to get.

  • Those adult diapers are everything for the postpartum heavy bleeding! I felt comfortable in any position whether sitting, laying, etc. I loved this video and how honest you are. Most people don’t share this type of info which leaves new moms feeling embarrassed or alone with what’s going on. I’m pregnant with my 5th (and last!!!) baby so I was just looking for any new ideas. Good luck ❤️

  • Im having a serious breakout, and it practically happened overnight. My forehead looks like connect the dots and my cheek looks like brittle. I’ve never had this happen to this extent before and it’s killing what little confidence I do have��. What products should I use to get rid of this and help with some pigmentation I have from previous breakouts?

  • You look so happily vibrant! I really enjoy watching your channel.Your videos are a wealth of education for young first time mom’s who doesn’t know and for those of us who does. Very informative. Keep up the great work.

  • Even though you just gave birth you are still making videos that’s what I love about youuuu love you always and never give up!!!!!!!!! ����

  • Hey youtube, i’m 15 years old & pregnant. If you want to support my youtube channel and watch my journey I’ll really appreciate it ��

  • Hey beautiful!! You are soo overprepared which is a great thing cuz u absolutely never know another thing maybe to prepare for since this is your first is in the event u have to have a csection the after care is a little different etc also if your little one is having a hard time latching there are also things you can put on your nipples to aide in the latching/nursing process!! I wish you the best of luck sweetheart can’t wait to see her!! #mommyof2

  • 1 minute you say that nobody wants ice blocks, then when you pick up the Frida box, you say theyre amazing. Did you know that women from all income groups give birth? so if you want to help them, why are you spreading misinformation just so you can get paid by Frida. You should really be telling people to stock up on hospital products. If you showed this box to a nurse they would laugh at you and they have seen more births than dinners. Adverts just dressing themselves up as allegedly trying to help people when these are just paid pumpers

  • I loved the always descreet diapers i used them for my miscarriage cause it was so much blood they are comfortable and awesome to sleep in i at times forgot i had them on until id go to the bathroom lol

  • Happy Friday girly you look beautiful as always #notificationsquad #millersquad I think you did a really good job on getting all the things you need for after you have babygirl ����������❣️

  • I used the adult diapers With my first and loved them will be buying again this time around due in February:) I think they run big though

  • I had an emergency c section and ended up buying belly bands to tighten my stomach I was so sensitive whenever I laughed or bent down and bought tight underwear that goes over your belly button just to help out with my tummy so just in case! But prayers hope everything goes smoothly ☺️new subscriber and loving your channel

  • So do you put postpartum items on your baby registry? I thought about doing but I didn’t know if it was “ proper” to do so. Like do ppl just care about the baby or do care about the mom as well?

  • I am SO glad that you are talking about postpartum care in a positive and supportive light! Too many people make jokes about it and people talk about how nightmarish it is, so this is truly refreshing. But I also need to know that you are relaxing, healing, and being loved by the family…I would not be upset if you took a maternity leave ��

  • So glad I found your videos! Very helpful for a first time mom like me and out of all the postpartum videos, your video gave me less anxiety than most of them out there.

  • You are supposed to use belt unless you had a c-section. Simply because it acts as your abs, so your muscles are not working at all, which basically makes your recovery longer.

  • I have 6 kids and at the third child I discovered Lily padz after soaking enough shirts with all the other b pads (disposable and washable) they were a miracle! U can wear them all day and u don’t leak. I’m large chested so I also didn’t need the wet pad bulking up my u can’t see them at all like the other pads that leave a ring outline through ur shirt. The Lily padz are like the silicone nipple covers very descret and comfortable..oh, and luvs diapers are the best for no leaks over pampers,huggies…Good luck..u will figure it out… sounds like u have it covered and are well prepared…now get as much sleep as u comfortable can before that baby girl comes!!��

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  • Here in South Africa. The hospital gives you a list of what to bring. For both the baby and the mama as well as how much of each thing. So it’s so precise and was easy to buy and get a bag packed

  • I would think the HAKAA is better than the milk saver cause then you can pump your milk to itright? Sorry for the question I’m a FTM trying to gather all the 411 I can! ❤️

  • Get depends instead of the maxi pads! Trust me. You bleed so much and this way you don’t ruin underwear and sheets and they are so comfortable! I was mortified when a friend suggested it but quickly changed my mind once I tried it.

  • Hi! I just bought The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution, Alpha Arbutin, Niacinimade and Natural Moisturizing Factors.

    Any ideas on how I can use these? Is it okay to mix all of this?

  • What bought today: Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%
    AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution 30ml
    Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 60ml
    100% Plant-Derived Hemi-Squalane 30ml
    (Can any one tell me the order of which to use these and what nights please!!)

  • Very practical video. Thank you You guys have amazing products available in the States. Yes I know we can get most of it from Amazon but just to be able to walk into a store…

    BTW… your braides still look bomb.

    As always, sending you love from Africa ❤❤❤

  • So my labor and delivery was super easy, I had my baby boy three weeks ago, and my pushing experience was totally different that what I expected, i could feel my contractions still but bc of my epidural they weren’t painful and I knew exactly when to push and it was totally painless (first baby so I had no clue what to expect) and I had a very minor tear I got two stitches, I never needed any pain relief spray the tucks pads were amazing the first few days, I didn’t need a belly wrap my skin on my stomach was back to normal I was in my old pants in just a week, and I gained a pretty decent ammount of weight, I never even took anything for pain after my second day post partum, everyone’s experience is so different, take your time pushing!!! That’s the number one thing my doctor said it’s a marathon not a sprint you want to stretch out slowly down there if baby comes rushing out quick that’s how you tear more

  • The always discreet are a complete game changer!!! I recommend them to ANYONE that is pregnant!! They really absorb so much more blood and other stuff lol and they definitely feel more secure and comfortable than the mesh and giant pads!!

  • I don’t think you’ll need nursing pads at the hospital. My milk never came in for about 3 days and I was out of the hospital each time. ☺️

  • Quick tip for cracked nipples USE OLIVE OIL. I swear by it.. my mom used to never be able to breastfeed as long because she used to have blood and crackes a doctor advised her with olive oil.. just hydrate with it and before nursing wipe it with a tissue and there you have it.. it’s natural and accessible.����

  • I’m new to your channel and I’m due in September. Honestly THANK YOU so much for being so real & honest about what you really need. I love your entire vibe in your video and I will continue watching from here on out. Like you I’ve watched so many other videos and I was overwhelmed feeling like I needed to many things, but I appreciate how you’ve broken down what’s actually needed. Again THANK YOU! I’m going to be a first time mom so i definitely look forward to all your videos. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Of course the retinoid is always sold out… talking about here in Norway. Was told that it may be discontinued to be sold here due to laws and regulations as Norway is very strict on ingredients. Pinay ka ba?

  • Second time mama here, and I absolutely loved this!! Definitely utilizing a lot of these recommendations when we have our next sweet girl, thank you!

  • Omg I laughed so much at ur comments and that laugh is to prevent me from crying ��… oh GOD i am almost due and had no idea thing could get that bad and here I thought let’s get over the labor ��

  • Pro tip expectant mothers: Witch hazel IS key, so you can also put some in your peri bottle with the warm water.

    So how i would do this is:
    1. Pee
    2. Witch hazel/water from peri bottle
    3. You don’t wipe but you can pat dry. Sort of. I at least gave things a min to air dry a bit.
    4. Numbing spray. I liked the dermaplast from the hospital personally.
    5. Then you have your pad, so I would line it with like 3 tucks pads. And from there you can just pull up your pants. However, there are numbing creams I’ve heard of hospitals giving moms so they can alternate that and the spray, so if you have a cream i would squeeze that into your tucks pads and then pull up your pants after that lol.

  • Omg I learned so much from this video thank u and nobody told me I still have contractions after birth! ������ my first pregnancy ended up a miscarriage and I bled a lot for a few days and nobody told me about that either thank God I had a boss that understood that i needed a few days off I thought I’d b fine to go right back to work

  • This video is the best/most helpful/adequately informative post-partum video on YouTube. I went through several videos as I’m getting ready to deliver next week and this video is EVERYTHINGGGGG. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!

  • I’m due with my second in April and a tip I’m giving a go is bathing your lady parts in an orange pokeo tea bath. Its suppose to help soothe and bring down swelling so much so I’m giving it a go.

  • Ok I have a toilet that do that self cleaning thing with the water �� so could I just use that beside the spray bottle just wondering

  • I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby and your videos have made child birth not so much of a night mare for me! And not scary like others have made it out to be. I take classes every Thursday for pregnancy education. And you taught me more than I have learned… no one talks about postpartum!

  • Omg
    Now im scared!! Loved this videos why nobody talks about it making it all about the baby when mom also needs to be taken care of

  • This was a great video exactly what I need expecting first in november. Also loved these leggings! Where are they from? Did you like them?

  • Some of us aren’t having hospital births so it’s still nice to know what you end up using! I’m having a home birth so knowing what I need to pick up would be helpful! Just a thought�� thanks for sharing what you needed!

  • I found out I was allergy to witch hazel, so I did the sitz bath with regular warm water, worked just fine. I didn’t have a lot of that stuff when I had my kids, and it all turned out a okay.

  • A friend of mine, who gave birth to her 3rd baby a few months before I gave birth to my first, gave me some of her extra adult diapers and said try them and if you like just get some more. I was SO THANKFUL to have those, specially that first week, they feel like normal large underwear without having to worry about the pad moving around.

  • I’m expecting my second baby, and watching this video is reminding me of what I can expect. Sorry to say, but it’s no less scary the second time around.

  • I used the always discreet version of the adult diapers(same thing, just nude coloured)! They were amazing, very comfortable compared to the hospital pad and mesh undies, and I had no stress about leaking at all.
    I actually started wearing them when my water broke, I had small gushes every time I moved around/contracted/stood so it gave me the freedom to comfortably walk the halls and change my position without having to worry about my waters leaking anywhere. they also slip on and off really easy for cervical checks.

  • I’ll be getting induced in about 20 days and I’m scared,anxious and every other feeling you can feel with my first baby, I added some of those items to my list very helpful thank you ����

  • My baby boy is a few weeks behind arlo, although I had a c section, breastfeeding dident work:( and he was my 1st not my 2nd
    It’s just nice kind of knowing someone who is going threw /went threw the same things as you. Having a baby during this time was just so crazy. Your videos give me a little light in my day. THANK YOU!

  • I’m a mom of 6, soon to be 7, and I watched this mainly out of curiosity… I have to say, I can’t think of anything I would add, outside of a Cake Maternity nursing bra, if you’re above the standard DD size range or hate the seamless fabric like I do. All of my fave postpartum supplies got a mention, actually!! The Earth Mama spray, I discovered it has a nifty second use in that it clears up diaper rash wicked fast. This is pretty spot on for surviving the postpartum period comfortably… although I did use the ice packs much longer than you did, but didn’t tear with any of mine. Instead it just felt like I’d been kicked in the nethers by an angry mule lol.

  • A good friend of mine recently had a baby a few months ago and I know that she’s been dealing with Postpartum Depression. Do you have any recommendations of a care package I could creat for her or books you could recommend?

  • You are glowing, congrats once again mommy soldier because you pushed through and got little princess here, and this is very informative ��

  • I did so much research for my first kid that everything you have is exactly what I had and not perry bottle was probably the best thing that I invested in I did end up using the padcicles for a couple days after it just was soothing So I’m currently pregnant now I think I have everything and you just re-insured that everything I have was good ��

  • Man this is so helpful. And the newborn must have vid.
    Wrote out my list, thanks to you.. I’m a new subscriber and first time mom❤️ they gonna think imma a pro.

  • I’m so happy I found you �� I learning about skin care right now. I’m currently trying the oil control from Olehenriksen with niacinamide in the morning and Tatcha water cream products at night

  • thank you so much for your honesty and the detailed explanations! im due April 2020 with my first so I have no idea what im in for… like even you mentioning how the nursing bra unclips was new to me lol i was like “ohh so simple”. im definitely gonna buy that set of bras thru your link soon! i want you to get whatever commission comes from it bc your videos are so helpful!

  • Yes please! This would hs such a helpful series of videos for so many people. And the extra charges I wouldnt have even thought of! Good to know:)

  • hi, thank u for this vid it was really helpful!
    i’m a new to a serious and deep skincare so i wanted to know can i use both:
    Glycolic Acid(or Lactic Acid) AND AHA BHA peeling solution?

    also how this combo sounds?
    Niacinamide + Zinc serum
    Glycolic Acid
    Aha Bha peeling solution
    Hyaluronic Acid

  • I had an epidural when I gave birth and I just want to mention that a second effect of the epidural was constipation for weeks and hemorrhoids…oh boy that’s another think after all the suffering that you have to take off. but it went away.��

  • Please make a what to pack in your hospital bag! Im currently 21 weeks pregnant and I’m starting to make. a list of what I need to take and any advice will be helpful!

  • Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Amen to the tongue tie check! Second/third/fourth opinion check! Both my sons had one and it was hellish to feed my first especially! I’m due with my 3rd in September and it will be the no one thing to be checked and fixed…I’m sorry you had to experience that. Not fun when all your told is “breast is best!”

  • The Ordinary is my favorite brand in the world. I have used and reviewed a few of their products too. I don’t think there is another brand that can make a complete skincare routine for less than $30 over 2 months. It is to the point that I do not even look at other brands and I’m actually suspicious of brands that don’t tell you the molecules or percentages contained in their serums/cream. I’m not spending $50 on mystery cream. Great video btw!

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    Contact number +923325726341

  • Make some “padsicles” and wear them with adult diapers. All you need to make them is pads, witch hazel, aloe and an essential oil if you want. Freeze those babies and use them on your lady parts! They’re kind of like the Tucks but they last way longer. I loved Tucks but they didn’t stay cooling too long. And those belly shrinking bands are a gimmick. Mine didn’t do anything. I found it more comfortable to just keep wearing my maternity leggings since they are tight and kind of kept my belly from jiggling those first few weeks. And if you have a C Section you won’t want anything on your belly. But try it out if you think it’s worth it! And the Earth Mama perineal spray was my best friend. Stock up on the cold pads the hospital has too. They were stingy with them but I asked my nurse for a bag before I left and she hooked me up with everything!

  • Just feel the need to point out that witch hazel pads(Tucks pads and their generic counterparts) are totally MORE accessible than those fridamom ones…the witch hazel pads are originally marketed for hemorrhoids and can be found at any drug store, Walmart, target, etc. as well as amazon.

  • Jambeauty89 just had a baby. You should watch her videos. She is a first time mom too and was very realistic in her expectations. And how she prepared I am a mom of three my youngest just turned 9.

    In my diaper bag for my kids all I put was, diapers, wipes, 2 to 3 changes of clothes (because sometimes babies poo goes up their back) and then nursing pads, changing pad but honeslty a recieving blanket works too. Thats all you actually need.

  • Yea momma that spray is prolly better but they will give u all those perineal items at the hospital so jus get all the xtra freebies u can they also get u a sitz bath as well but hey I think I took home 3 of em lmao but the pads u pikd up r obv much much better then the hospital brands. Also the washable bedding pads gray idea cuz I went thru a bunch n wasnt even nursing lol. Trust me tho youll b bringing so much home along w/a ton of different diaper bags w/samples. So excited 4 u guys Good luck in sure youll do great!!

  • Please send me few things as I live in Pakistan we can’t have these things to make our life easy and very few people can afford to buy online or from out of country!!! In Pakistan after delivery they stick cotton down there and I’m mom to be please send me few things if u can

  • So glad I found your video! I just discovered this line and was so confused about where to start. I bought 5 products, 3 of which you mentioned (30 AHA, rose hop seed oil, and buffet) from them and I’m already ready to add them to my collection! I love how inexpensive yet high quality they are.

  • I will be 8 months this Sunday with my first baby girl and I am barely starting to show belly but stopped fitting in my normal cloths since 4/1.2 months it would bother me a lot. Thank you for the info Madison had no idea what to take to the hospital or what actually works for postpartum

  • My son is 6 weeks younger than Arlo.I started following you when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I’ve really enjoyed your channel and videos, especially this video!!! I invested in many of the items you swear by and SO DO I! The milky saver was a saver at the beginning of my postpartum. I just got my Kindred Bravely hand free pumping bra for when I go back to work. I also already owned a few nursing bras from target. You bought the same one I did! I was actually impressed I bought the items before you and then you did then you uploaded a video about them. Thank you so much Olivia for all the wonderful content!!

  • The hospital can give you dermablast (or maybe it’s dermaplast can’t remember) for down there. The blue one and it’s great and also numbs. I packed ibprophin and miralax because all the pain meds can make you constipated. A nipple guard can help for breastfeeding problems

  • What would be your set up with the always discreet diapers? Would you still use the nips witch hazel pads and perineal spray? Thanks for the video! I’m 36 weeks pregnant and finalizing my bag and this video was super helpful!

  • Which of this stuff did & didn’t you use? Also, I don’t see a hospital bag video; what did you pack that u actually needed vs what u didn’t end up needing?

  • There is so much missinfirmation in this video that i dont even know where to begin, i mean from the first 3 minutes of the video she already sais that the granactive is “prescription strenght” (wich you cant get otc) but the retinoid name in on the lable just because it has retinol + an ester (wich is not backed up by sience and is really not even potent), than she says that the glycolic acid is the one that penetrates the most out of all the acids wich is just so so so far from the truth, salicilyc acid is the only one that actually penetrates into the pores and she s using the peeling solution, the toner AND the lactic acid wich is WAY WAY WAY TOOOOO MUCH overexfoliation for tge skin, i can 100% say that her skins natural barrier has been eatten away like crazy, and especially that the peeling solution is right on the line of medical grade, that product is even illegal in Canada because it s consider medical grade and with that solution you are not supposed to use any other exfoliating product especially not 2 others every day besides the fact THAT RETINOL IS EXFOLIATING:))) so we have 4 products that exfoliate with one of them at medical grade level every single day (and the skin grows one layer of skin every 28 days and she is exfoliating one layer every single day, and that sais a lot), and than talking about the peptides serum, the only evidence of peptides being anti aging is when injected into the skin or on cells in a dish, not on actual human skin because the particles are too big to penetrate the skin to actually produce collagen so the peptides are not anti aging and they are only humectants on the skin, same with hyaluronic acid, and than, vitamin c and niacinamide are perfectly ok used together and there are a lot of products that include them both, the fact that you cant use them both if a misconception. And rosehip seed oil is only good as an oclusive because none of it actually penetrate the skin so no it doesnt really have benefits for the skin besides locking the water in. And no it actually doesnt matter how you layer products because at the end they all mash together anyway, the only time it matters how you layer them is if you re using something like vaselline or something so oclusive that nothing gets thrue, and everything i ve said is based on studies and my 8 years of experience as an estetician and working with dermatologists

  • I could not have survived without the whole earth mama brand������ their perineal spray and nipple balm is beyond amazing! Every other nipple balm discolored my clothes and definitely didn’t heal as fast! Don’t forget to pack chapstick in your hospital bag! Like way more than you think you’ll need!������ The belly wrap was a life saver, not only for skin reasons, but also because your organs are still out of sorts and it just helped me feel not so jiggly every time I moved!��

  • Wish you did better research….medical aesthetician here….retinol is not tretinoin also not LIKE tretinoin….tretinoin is the the gold standard when in comes to vitamin A deprived active….retinol has to work twice as hard to create vitamin a in our skin to induce collagen production….its like compare a leopard to a cat….also retinol is what you get in 99% retinol products so it’s not that special nor medical your comment with retinoid and retinol didn’t make any sense…I’m not bashing the product because it’s great for that price point but it’s not the most potent…you can get other serums with 2% or even 3 % retinol…although I still prefer tretinoin….the product is definitely overhyped…that’s why a lot of people dont see improvements especially when they used tretinoin before…also Deciem is owned by Estee lauder and Estee Lauder isn’t cruelty free….while the company( deciem the abnormal company ) is cruelty free….those acids, actives were tested on animal at some point…that’s regulations….Brandon truaxe was the founder of Deciem he died last year so hopefully we wont see a huge price increase / inflation in the future otherwise this is a great video

  • After you give birth and wear pads, what exactly is leaking? is it like pee, blood, discharge? No one talks about these things so thank you for the video!!!

  • Hello, Sasha! Great video. Please, I would like know the difference between emulsion and squalene. Have seen your DECEIM website, and read Granactive Retinoid 2% emulsion and the same but as squalene. Also, what about the percentages? If I get the 5%, should I be using less than if using the 2%? Please, let me know. Tks so much in advance.

  • Am in Ghana and the sitz bath is what first time mom’s use but ours is really hot water in a bucket with same salt and you are told to sit on it so the heat will heal u. It’s an old tradition here I did it with my first baby, had sex with hubby after 2weeks postpartum bcoz I didn’t tear and the bleeding sudsided but came back tho. I guess you guys are now learning about it.

  • I can’t thank you enough for your videos, watching them has been a big help. I’m actually almost due now, any day, and I was worried about what was going to happen afterwards, and boy I didn’t even think about the post-partum… Well, anything! It helps me not be as afraid, though I am still anxious about it.

  • I had my daughter 8/4 and I used the adult diapers and LOVED them. I will make sure to have them on hand if I ever have another baby. It was a game changer for me

  • Beautiful u got everything right on.. but the gurtle i would recommend colombian gurtles u can search for columbian gurtles on amazon they are seriously the best

  • Very detailed and informative! Was wondering, based on your experience:
    Which one/ones of of the 9 you mentioned would you recommend for Dark spots and Enlarged pores?

  • I took ritual prenatal vitamins during first and some of my second trimester… soooo much cod fish taste coming up throughout the day that made me more nauseous.

  • It’s so great that you are talking about this topic. For some unknown reason people just don’t talk about it when we all go through the same things. Let’s talk, share and help one another make hard times easier.

  • Hi dear, i have got few products from ordinary can u pls help in which order to use..hyaluronic acid 2%+ B5,rose hip cold pressed oil, matrixyl10%+ HA, aha and bha, buffet also pls recommend if i need anything more.. i have combo skin

  • 6:53 7:00 ���� I cracked up your reaction!! I hated that part too! �� Thank god it’s over but that’s we women have to go through sadly but dnt worry it will be over before u know it! Wish u the best & love your channel btw.

  • Hey, just want to tell you that you are super sweet and super relatable when you talk. I loved how forthcoming and honest you were while giving the glimpse of how those diapers would look. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to buy those but thanks a lot for clearing my mind. Have a happy motherhood and don’t worry even if some douchebag clicks ur photo and puts it on the net they won’t be able to derive any satisfaction out of it. All the best!!

  • I just bought
    AHA/BHA peeling solution
    Lactic Acid 10%+HA2%
    Granactive retinoid 2%
    rosehip seed oil
    which order should I apply these and I also have my cerave moisturizer.

  • I’ve done this before to but I want to know what you have to say and your tips haha. Its been 6 years since my first was born. Soooo its been a while for me

  • I am new to this and so confused lol. Does this combo sound good:
    -HA. In the AM

    Thank you!

  • Could you do a review on Cos De Baha? It is very affordable, just like The Ordinary. The difference with Cos De Baha is that they combine a few good ingredients into one product. However they seem to be very new and little marketing has been done, and as such there are not much reviews around.

  • Do you have tips for maternity bras, belt, and underwear? How about clothes during pregnancy? Please make a video about it. Am I not just finding it on your channel?

  • Dermaplast was my lifesaver and they gave one bottle at my hospital. It’s a numbing antiseptic spray and is what saved my life more than anything in the world! Also gum for the labor because you can’t eat and soft socks/slippers. For my kids those were my three main must-haves! ❤️❤️❤️

  • I got these products from them range yesterday. Im just wondering what’s your advice on the order/sequence of use between, Hyaluronic acid 2%, niacinamide, buffet, lactic acid 10% and the natural moisturizing factor? �� thanks in advance

  • I’ve been taking prenantals since I was 17 years old. I was told by a doctor that every woman of reproductive age should be taking them. I never stopped taking them even after having my two children. I never experienced any negative postpartum symptoms, like hair loss. And now that I’m 28 weeks along with #3 I will continue to take them.

    Fyi If you only start taking prenantals by the time you find out you are pregnant say 6-8 weeks along, its too late for the vitamins to help prevent neural tube defects as it takes up to 3 months for the vitamins to really do their job. Think long term ladies! ❤��

  • I never got the ice pack lol I’m pregnant with my third baby and thank you for the always depends tip. Can’t believe I went two pregnancies without them ����

  • Side note, not all hospitals are so generous, check with your local hospital first. Sitz baths were the best, tucks not so much, got an allergic reaction unfortunately.

  • You young women are lucky. We didn’t have all this stuff 30 years old. We only had the same stuff that the hospital gave you. The stuff you went out and bought yourself wasn’t available. Lots of time, messy and ruined clothes and sheets.

  • Its really interesting how things can be so different between countries. I accidently got pregnant when I was waiting for my husbands greencard. They didn’t tell you to use the witch hazel, cold pack, and tuck pads. With the perribottle the hospital gave you a straw that reached to the bottom of the bottle so you could use it without flipping it upside down. I can’t wait to be in the US for my next child so I can see the differences.

  • I know this sounds weird but I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and was wondering…for the bottle do you use it for #2 also since you can’t wipe down there?����‍♀️

  • After I had my daughter I ended up not breastfeeding for long. My breasts became so engorged. They were hot and painful. A friend of mine told me to put cold cabbage leaves in my bra. It was a lifesaver. There is an enzyme in the cabbage that draws out the milk. That was the best thing anyone shared with me. I never bled much after having my babies. The tucks pads and a witch hazel rinse really soothed everything. I read other comments and agree on the stool softeners.